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April 13, 2023 22 mins

Meet Kelsey Longmoore!

She is the founder and dreamer behind Kilo Lima Code, an online Canadian building code resource library and community.

Kelsey is a multi-passionate human figuring out life and what feeds her soul.

Her niche in our industry is one many of us don't spend much time thinking about as a career path.

Let's get behind the scenes of the Canadian building code community and learn:

  • How Kelsey became a building code engineer and later transitioned into a design consultant role.
  • The value of experiencing aspects of our industry from the opposite side.
  • And how Kilo Lima will change the way Canada will understand the national building code.

If you want to connect with Kelsey, you can find her here:

This episode was edited by KT Podcasting. | IG @spacetobuild

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