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September 9, 2023 7 mins

Welcome to StratComm.Live - The Small Business and Nonprofit Marketing Podcast, the podcast that's all set to launch on September 11th, 2023. As we gear up for the big day, we're sharing some valuable nuggets to get you thinking. I'm Josh Hatcher, and I'm thrilled to break the ice by offering insights into nonprofit and small business marketing. Today, let's delve into the art of creating a show-stopping, best-selling eBook cover for your Amazon offerings.

The Emotional Connection: Your eBook cover should ignite an emotional connection with potential readers. It should make them want to invest in your book, compelling them to buy or download. Captivate their attention and make them feel wanted, included, or intrigued. Test your designs on people in your target audience to ensure they resonate and create the desired emotional response.

Professionalism and Quality: The professionalism and quality of your eBook cover matter immensely. A poorly designed cover can convey a lack of value, discouraging potential readers. Ensure your cover communicates the level of professionalism and dedication you've put into your book. If possible, consider hiring a professional designer or utilize high-quality templates to kickstart your design process.

Uniqueness and Standing Out: In the crowded world of eBooks, standing out is vital. Your cover must be unique and instantly recognizable, even in thumbnail-sized formats. Pay attention to legible lettering and consider colors that capture attention without being overly common. Strive for a design that's distinct and resonates with your target audience while setting your eBook apart.

Bonus Tip: Prepare for Print: If you're using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, don't forget to design your eBook cover for print as well. Amazon offers print-on-demand options, making it essential to have a well-designed print cover. Follow Amazon's specifications to ensure your print cover looks as professional as your eBook version.

Additional Resources: For more in-depth information on eBook covers, check out our blog post titled "Judging Books by Their Covers: The Art of eBook Seduction" on the Grand River Agency website ( It provides a wealth of insights and tips to enhance your eBook cover design skills.

Conclusion: Our podcast launch is just around the corner, set for September 11th. We encourage you to subscribe and, on the big day, dive into our episodes, leave ratings and reviews, and share them with friends who can benefit. At StratComm.Live, we're committed to delivering content that makes a real difference for small businesses and nonprofits. We believe everyone has a story to tell, so let's tell it well together.

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