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January 16, 2024 40 mins
Trigger Warning: The following content may be difficult for some audiences - it includes child/infant/pregnancy loss, domestic violence, and parental abandonment.   Kate Rawlings: gym owner, professional CrossFit athlete, single mom, and women's coach joins us to talk about survival and recovery. After many extreme life hardships, including major physical injuries, profound grief, and an abusive marriage, Kate has come back in full force. No one is ever going to keep her down!   Key Takeaways [00:01:31] Story of Strength 00:03:12] Rejecting the Standard Life Matrix [00:05:15] Starting a Business and Facing Life Challenges [00:05:51] Suffering an Injury and Identity Crisis [00:06:57] Dealing with Depression and Finding Purpose [00:08:09] The Impact of Personal Struggles on Business [00:09:17] Crossing Professional Boundaries and Personal Discoveries [00:10:24] Facing Family Rejection Over Sexual Orientation [00:11:26] Reconciliation and Personal Growth [00:13:1] The Impact of Coming Out [00:16:10] Coping with Grief and Loss [00:19:20] A Journey Through Adversity [00:20:04] Learning from Grief and Choosing Joy [00:22:26] The Trap of Comparison and Defining Success [00:24:52] The Myth of Constant Happiness [00:25:41] Discovering Purpose [00:27:03] Midlife Realization and Changing Paths [00:28:02] Identity, Value, and Role Confusion [00:29:17] Embracing Life's Unexpected Turns [00:31:40] Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Imposter Syndrome How to find us - Visit our website – – for show notes, which include links to books and other helpful resources. Like what you hear? Please subscribe, rate and review so others can find us, and make sure to follow us on social media. We're @hardnopodcast on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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