The Jodi & Jess Show: A MAD Podcast

The Jodi & Jess Show: A MAD Podcast

The Jodi and Jess Show: A MAD (Mom and Daughter) Podcast is designed to inspire, uplift, and add a little motivation into your busy day. Our episodes touch on topics that impact your life, such as a positive mindset, relationships, career, finances, health & wellness, parenting, simple living, and self-love. We are experts in helping people use their unique stories to create stand out personal brands that position them as the go-to experts in their industry. More than 60 million people from 22 different countries have been inspired and motivated by our unique story and personal branding. We have been featured on ABC’S American Inventor TV Show, Lifetime TV’s Health Corner, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS news, Forbes, Entrepreneur, M Magazine, and other media outlets, globally. If you want to learn the 5 simple steps our clients use to create a stand out personal brand, please visit:


June 6, 2019 57 mins

What happens when you are at your all time low? Drugs, alcohol, and thoughts of death due to transitions in life. Quinn Fontaine speaks out about his brave journey as a transgender man. Quinn found his purpose through comedy and helps promote the acceptance of ourselves, and each other. This is a truly inspirational story that will touch even the hardest of hearts. 


If you want to learn the 5 simple steps our clients use to creat...

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When a person hits rock bottom, the true test of their character is "how quickly they fail" and get back on the road to success. Kathy Perry's story offers pure inspiration of how she overcame obstacles and turned challenges into valuable opportunities to help other people. If you need a dose of inspiration and motivation, this touching real-life story is a must hear!


If you want to learn the 5 simple steps our clients use to cre...

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Do you believe in angels? Did you know that more than 80% of the population does? If you are not a believer, your beliefs will be challenged by hearing about real-life encounters with people who have passed over into the other realm, in today's episode, with Swami Tirtha "The Orange Cowboy." 

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Do you ever feel like someone is trying to change you or run your life? Serial author and celebrated relationship expert, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, helps you understand if you're in a relationship with a hijackal, and how to maneuver through this obstacle. If you are interested in learning what this term means, and how it can be negatively affecting your life, you'll want to listen to this episode!

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Emmy-award winning TV media veteran, Katrina Cravy, shares her inspirational story of growing up in a broken home, without enough money to help her pursue her dream as a journalist. When Katrina began viewing each obstacle as a challenge, she was able to find the silver lining on her journey, pushing through to even win an Emmy. Now, she shares her experiences, on a deeper level, and helps coach her clients to great media success.


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From a 1.7 GPA, to Top 8 podcaster, Justin Schenck shares his tragedy to triumph story. After being faced with incredible parental challenges, watching his father go to prison and his mom lose her battle with opioids, Justin found the courage to take a different path in life. His story is both inspiring and motivating, for all who listen.


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What prompts a single mom with 3 kids to quit her lucrative job to pursue her passion? Best-selling author and founder of the EBC, Teresa de Grosbois, shares her most intimate stories of how she left her corporate job, to pursue her passion in life - helping others. Despite her circumstances, being a single mom, Teresa took a leap of faith and went from mediocre to millions.


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Has anybody ever told you that you aren’t good enough, or that you can’t do something? This week’s guest explains how hearing his parents say these negative words about him, only fueled his success fire, and helped him break his negative beliefs through self-discipline and becoming a spiritual warrior. 4X Best-Selling International Author Neil Thrussell shares how he turned this obstacle into a valuable opportunity, to help others,...

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In today's episode, we talk about how two-thirds of the population don't like their current job. This means that a lot of unhappy people are enduring the daily 9-to-5 grind, with little to no happiness in their careers. Have you ever wished you could get off the hamster wheel and start your own side hustle, or make a career change that would give you purpose and help you live your life with intention? We have great news for you, be...

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July 17, 2018 27 mins

In today’s episode, we are going to help you discover some simple things that could make your life a little happier. Most people focus on materialist things, but we focus on the simple moments to give us pleasure and you can learn to do this in your life, as well. Whether it’s watching thunderstorms or taking a walk with our pets, we always try to find the joy in everything just by being present in the moment. What little things ma...

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July 17, 2018 26 mins

In today’s episode, we will be sharing how we are the Real Life Gilmore Girls. We have been seen on TV by over 60 million people in over 22 different countries and people always ask if our relationship is real. If you didn’t think that a mom and daughter relationships could be as ‘fairytale’ as Rory and Lorelai’s, we will show you how our real-life bond is incredible and true. If you haven’t ever watched the show, no worries, you w...

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July 17, 2018 31 mins

In this episode, we debunk common stereotypes that are thrust upon men and women, in today’s society. The question we ask ourselves is “why are we letting the media dictate how we look and feel about ourselves?” Do you ever wonder why you aspire to look a certain way? Is this because of the stereotypes that you have been taught, or is this based on your own values? Join us to discover how you can learn to love yourself from the ins...

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July 17, 2018 17 mins

Welcome to the Jodi and Jess MAD (Mom and Daughter) Podcast, designed to inspire, uplift, and add a little motivation into your busy day! In this episode, we introduce ourselves and give you an idea of the information that will be presented in our future episodes. 

The "Real Life Gilmore Girls:" we are a mom-daughter duo who are known for our incredible relationship, filled with mutual admiration and respect, with one purpose in li...

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