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June 3, 2019 56 mins
Draw a picture in your mind of a great leader. Do you see someone who’s charismatic, extroverted and full of energy? Some leaders fit that description, but a surprising number don’t match the stereotype. On this edition of “The Kris Lindahl Show,” Minnesota Wild president Matt Majka talks about his improbable journey to sports nirvana and what he’s learned about leadership along the way. Key among his insights: Great leaders never put themselves first. Instead, they’re quick to prioritize others’ needs and celebrate others’ achievements. Learn more about Matt’s leadership philosophy, his journey from Rollerblade to promoting the State of Hockey, why he thinks you can learn as much from a bad leader as you can from a good one,  why he sees profitability as an outcome rather than a goal, why you should never use a loss as an excuse, and why his advice to his younger self would be “Have a plan, but be ready for life to happen, too.” 

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