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June 22, 2022 28 mins

Mr. John Reeve is a CMMS Champion. With 21,000 followers on LinkedIn, he regularly shares knowledge on many topics, especially in asset management. Being the 2nd consultant hired by the company that invented Maximo, he spent the first 10 years consulting in project management consulting followed by 20 years on asset management with emphasis on Maximo software. During this time, he was issued a US Patent for maintenance scheduling “order of fire”, CR/CMML qualification from ReliabilityWeb, and, became the author of two books.

 He is very skilled at performing site assessments, gap analysis and creating long-range plans for excellence in maintenance. He specializes in CMMS design for reliability centered maintenance as a living program with specialization in advanced processes. His combined knowledge in both project management and asset management makes him unique in the consulting field.

 Mr. Reeve translates business requirements into powerful, yet easy to use solutions.  He quickly assesses customer requirements, reviews mission/vision statements, and integrates with industry best practices. His approach blends software/data, process/procedure and roles/responsibility. As someone once said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

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