The NoDegree Podcast – No Degree Success Stories for Job Searching, Careers, and Entrepreneurship

The NoDegree Podcast – No Degree Success Stories for Job Searching, Careers, and Entrepreneurship

No Degree? No Problem! The NoDegree Podcast helps those without degrees figure out the opportunities that are available to them. Get career advice and learn how to navigate and succeed without a degree. NoDegree interviews successful people without college degrees to figure out what made them successful. Learn how they got into their respective fields and listen to the advice they have so you can follow in their path.


May 23, 2023 41 mins

He wanted to be an engineer. But then Michael Hale Jr. realized that there was a lot of involved, so he changed his mind. Unsure of what career path to choose, he decided to go to a community college.

From working at a car manufacturing plant, to working his way up to store manager at Tim Horton’s to starting his career in sales. Listen in as he shares his insights and experiences that provide valuable advice for success, especially...

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In high school he wanted to be a pilot and had a love for all things Math and Physics. When Rishab Kumar immigrated to Canada, he made $10/hr as a gas station cashier. He wanted a career in tech but the cost of going to college prevented him from going.

Get insight into the opportunities that come with transitioning into tech, the challenges that come with transitioning between different tech roles, and learn about the resources ava...

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As a kid he wanted to be a musician. Brian Golod immigrated from Argentina to Canada. Initially he studied music but decided to switch to IT as he thought that would be the more successful path.

Listen in as he tells Jonaed about how he:

  • Took risks to move up in his career
  • Learned to trust himself
  • Left his comfort zone and learned new skills
  • Built trust in job interviews, even when he wasn’t the most qualified candidate.

Time St...

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She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after high school. But one thing Heaven Hamilton was sure of was that she didn’t want the huge debt she’d be left with. She took the community college route since the researched she did showed her that she’d save a ton by taking that route. As she entered the workforce, she observed that her college-degree holding coworkers didn’t make much more than her. She wanted a change from the job she ha...

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The world of work is changing, especially with the rise of AI. So students need to be equipped with the tools to adapt to the changing job market.

Jonaed joined Peter Hostrawser and Alli Privitt of the Disrupt education podcast to discuss the importance of learning skills and not just to past a test. 

Listen in as Peter and Alli discuss:

  • (4:57) Labor market are always shifting, here’s what you can do instead to adapt.
  • (5:41) Is AI ...
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From plumbers making over $1,000,000 to Collision Repair Technicians making over six-figures to welders working in the aerospace industry, Derek Cameron and Jonaed discuss career opportunities in the skilled trades industry and why parents should consider it as an option for their children.


Listen in as Derek and Jonaed discuss:

(0:00) Intro

(3:22) Want a recession proof career? Reasons to consider the skilled trades. 

(5:17) Make ove...

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His parents worked multiple jobs so they sent him back to the Philipines to be cared for by his relatives. Nicu came back to the US when he was 17 and later joined the military. After the military, he was faced with the decision to either go back to college or start to work. He chose the latter and ended up working at companies like Expedia, Microsoft and Sales force. Listen in as he tells Jonaed about:

Listen in as Nicu talks about...

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In high school, he wanted to be a scientist so when Renato Capasso went to university and enrolled in a biotechnology program. As he reflected on the experience his peers had after graduating from college, he concluded that going to college didn’t guarantee success, so he dropped out.


Listen in as Renato tells Jonaed about:

* Writing a book to supplement his income

* Travelling to other countries

* Starting a 6-figure marketing agency...

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He has no formal education. But being home schooled made Nathan Senn a diligent learner. He read science books, taught himself English, Algebra and programming. But by the time he finished high school he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do so he got a job. He tried a few things. He waited tables, worked in a pizza restaurant, he even did construction. He did all this while he continued to practice his programming.


Eventually he realiz...

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She attempted to go to college. But Brittney Ball’s mom couldn’t afford it, so she dropped out. She went on to work in retail and any other odd jobs she could find to do. At 5 months pregnant, she was living in a shelter.


Determined to not become another Black Single-mom “statistic”, Brittney’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a great example of how to not be defined by our circumstances in life.



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All her life, going to college to become a doctor was the only career she thought she could pursue. But when Jasmine started college, she quickly realized that being a doctor wasn’t the career for her. Since computers interested her she switched to computer science. But then COVID hit.  


Listen in as Jasmine tells Jonaed about the:  

* Financial struggles she faced that led to her dropping out of college  

* Structured study sessions...

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He interned as a salesman right out of high school. And although Jamaal started college, he never went to class. Since he preferred his job in sales, he dropped out. He read as much as he could about becoming a better salesman and by the age of 19, he was making almost $100,000 per year. Today he’s the co-founder of Black on Black Education, a nonprofit that advocates for student-centered approaches to education, something he didn'...

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Where he came from, only people with PhDs become software engineers. In high school, Danny Thompson wanted to be a garbage man. He grew up in the hood so he thought that the best job he could get would be a Union job. At 30 he worked at a gas station frying chicken but wanted a change. He was married and by the time he had kids, he realized $400/week wasn’t enough anymore. But he didn’t know what to do.


Listen in as Danny tells Jon...

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Here’s a little-known fact: your mindset could be getting in between you and the job (or salary) of your dreams. Maybe you want a raise. Or maybe you dream of a role you feel unqualified for. Whatever the case, if you’ve been wondering what to say and what to do, this episode will help you to figure it out.

Listen in to find out how to:

  • Negotiate your salary
  • Cultivate the right mindset to advocate or yourself
  • Use data to negotiate ...
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She gave college a try. But college just wasn’t a good fit for Alexsis Bass. Besides the fact that it was so expensive, she just didn’t see how she could apply and benefit from what she was learning. She dropped out of college the first time because she had a hard time navigating it all and she fell into a deep depression.

Listen in as Alexsis tells Jonaed about:

* Why she decided to drop out of college the second time

* What it was l...

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What if you never had to interview for a job again? Well, it’s possible and this week Teddy Burris spoke about not having to interview for ANY job he’s ever had, although he didn’t have a degree.

He got a scholarship to go to college but couldn’t afford room and board. So, he traveled from home to school everyday but it didn’t work out. He failed and decided it was best to just drop out.

Find out how this 65-year-old Social Media Str...

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His dad wasn’t in the picture. Wib Gridley’s mom was a single parent that sometimes worked three jobs simultaneously just to take care of her kids. By the time he was 16, his friends were stealing cars and getting in trouble. He realized if he went down the same path he’d either be dead or his life would be a wreak. So, he decided to drop out of high school. But he had a plan. He joined the military.


Listen in as Willtells Jonaed a...

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High school sucked and he hated it. Will Davis says he was never good at “organized learning”. As he struggled through high school, when he was 17 he accidentally stumbled into graphic design. And it all started with his love of American Idol.

Listen in as Willtells Jonaed about how he became a UX designer, earning almost $200k/year.

Support/Contact Will:

* Website:

* LinkedIn:

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In high school he wanted to be a rapper. And that’s what Jahmar Gale did for 10 years. But he had a plan: if he didn’t achieve the kind of lifestyle, he wanted by the time he was 30, he’d get out of the entertainment industry. So that’s what he did.

Listen in as Jahmar tells Jonaed about how he:

  • Was a rapper for 10 years
  • Started and scaled 2 businesses
  • Became a data analyst earning between $75,000 and $90,000 per year


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Since he grew up poor, LeRon Barton’s family encouraged him to pursue a career that would allow him to take care of himself. So, he put his love for writing aside and started college. But it just didn’t work for him so he dropped out and went headfirst into the workforce.

Listen in as LeRon shares the story of how he became a Technical Project Manager that earns $140,000/year.

Support/Contact LeRon: 

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