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April 10, 2024 40 mins

Public reading was a challenge because of his dyslexia. In this conversation, Gerald Rosengarten discusses his struggles with dyslexia and the challenges he faced in school. He talks about his early jobs in the clothing industry and his transition into wholesale and textiles. He shares the story of how he popularized the leisure suit and the subsequent decline of the fashion trend. Gerald also delves into his foray into real estate and loft development, as well as his experiences with trust and contracts in business. He emphasizes the importance of choosing a supportive spouse and surrounding oneself with trustworthy individuals. 

Key points discussed:

  • Struggles with dyslexia can be overcome with the right support and strategies.
  • Jumping on opportunities and taking risks can lead to success in various industries.
  • Building strong relationships and partnerships is crucial in business.
  • Choosing a supportive spouse can have a significant impact on personal and professional growth. Trust your instincts and follow your vision.
  • Success is not just about money, but about doing something that sustains you.
  • Inspire and provide direction to young people.
  • Perseverance and learning from failures are key to success.


  • 00:00 Introduction to Jerry Rosengarten and his journey
  • 06:00 Dropping out of college and finding employment
  • 24:25 Discovering dyslexia and finding a solution
  • 35:34 Advice for the 15-year-old version of Jerry


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