The NoDegree Podcast – No Degree Success Stories for Job Searching, Careers, and Entrepreneurship

The NoDegree Podcast – No Degree Success Stories for Job Searching, Careers, and Entrepreneurship

No Degree? No Problem! The NoDegree Podcast helps those without degrees figure out the opportunities that are available to them. Get career advice and learn how to navigate and succeed without a degree. NoDegree interviews successful people without college degrees to figure out what made them successful. Learn how they got into their respective fields and listen to the advice they have so you can follow in their path.


June 18, 2024 32 mins

 Lead Negotiator, Brandon Bramley, addresses common concerns that arise during this critical recruitment stage. Brandon and Jonaed dispel typical myths about job offer negotiation, discuss the importance of leverage, and provide insights on when and how to negotiate. They stress the importance of research, preparation, and professionalism during such discussions. They also highlight the potential for substantial increases in total ...

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In high school he wanted to be a rapper. And that’s what Jahmar Gale did for 10 years. But he had a plan: if he didn’t achieve the kind of lifestyle he wanted by the time he was 30, he’d get out of the entertainment industry. So that’s what he did.

Listen in as Jahmar tells Jonaed about how he:

  • Was a rapper for 10 years
  • Started and scaled 2 businesses
  • Became a data analyst earning between $75,000 and $90,000 per year


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Ever wonder what it's like to break into the tech world without a fancy college degree? Marcus shares his journey from barely graduating high school to becoming a self-taught developer. Forget the typical route —Marcus shares how he went from dreaming about mechanical engineering to hitting up a coding bootcamp and scoring interviews with a killer resume. He dishes out real talk on what it takes to be job-ready versus just intervie...

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Her parents weren’t worried about her education. But it’s not because they didn’t care. Alejandra Ayala is Mexican and says her immigrant parents’ main concern was to ensure they were providing a roof over their kids’ head.

Listen in as Alejandra tells Jonaed why she finally gave up on college and how an unlikely skill helped her to land jobs at places like Adobe, Disney and Google.

Get in touch and/or support Alejandra here:

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He got his start as an entrepreneur at the age of eight. He had a newspaper route. Today, John Viola is a successful soccer agent. This week he discusses the challenges faced and mistakes made along the way and emphasizes the importance of passion and hard work in achieving success. John also highlights the impact of AI in the soccer industry and the opportunities it presents. He shares inspiring stories of players he has represent...

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Do you want a good job? Most people feel that to get one, you need to follow a preset path. Go to college. Get a degree. But with information at our fingertips in split-seconds thanks to the internet, there are options.

In this episode Joel Bein talks to Jonaed about how Career Hackers is empowering job seekers to take charge of their learning and careers.

Listen in as he tells Jonaed about:

  • How to get a job without applying
  • How yo...
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Get ready to be inspired by Dustin Gutkowski, a hard-working roofer and successful entrepreneur, as he shares his story of personal/career growth and the challenges faced on his journey. Dustin dishes out wisdom on finding inner joy and hustling hard to make it big. From his gutsy leap into the roofing world to the heartfelt satisfaction of helping folks in tough spots, Dustin's story will have you hooked from start to finish.

Key P...

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He got raises although management said they weren’t giving raises that year. Scott Barlow has even transitioned from Operations Management to HR. He made career changes like that many times over a 20-year period. 

If you don’t know what to do after high school or you want to make a career change, listen in as Scott Barlow tells Jonaed:

  • How he transitioned from one career to the another in a different industry several times.
  • About ...
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Did you know that government contracting can be lucrative? In this episode, Chanel Rose, a seasoned expert explains how to break into this profitable industry. Discover what government contracting really entails and get insider tips on scoring those coveted contracts. Learn how to set up your business, snag contract opportunities, and sell your unique value proposition. Plus, dive into the thriving community and buzz surrounding go...

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Do you ever feel like the traditional education system just isn't cutting it? This week Nat Greene, the brains behind Futures Forge, talks about why that is and what we can do about it. Forget boring lectures and pointless grades – Nat's diving deep into why we need a fresh, science-based approach to learning that lasts a lifetime. From the hefty price tag of college to the lack of real-world know-how, he's covering it all. Plus, h...

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Public reading was a challenge because of his dyslexia. In this conversation, Gerald Rosengarten discusses his struggles with dyslexia and the challenges he faced in school. He talks about his early jobs in the clothing industry and his transition into wholesale and textiles. He shares the story of how he popularized the leisure suit and the subsequent decline of the fashion trend. Gerald also delves into his foray into real estate...

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This episode features Dr. Andrea Isoni, an expert in AI and data sciences. The conversation focuses on the journey to becoming a machine learning engineer or data scientist without a degree. The interview covers topics such as understanding Linux and the command line, learning programming languages, using frameworks like Django, and collaborating with others using Git/GitHub.

Andrea also shares insights on finding the right internsh...

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With tuition costs soaring, how can students make informed decisions about their education? In this episode, Mark Salisbury discusses the lack of price transparency in college tuition and the impact it has on students and families. He shares insights into the pricing strategies of colleges and universities, the distribution of sticker prices, and the misconceptions surrounding the value of brand name colleges. Mark also highlights ...

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Did you know you can work in Tech without coding skills? In this episode, Ty Smith unveils the world of reselling commercial B2B tech products and solutions. He reveals how anyone can enter this field without a college degree by partnering with tech distributors or brokers.


Ty stresses the importance of building relationships, exuding confidence, and avoiding chasing trends. He shares success stories of individuals who achieved fin...

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After leaving a toxic work environment, Suzanne Kelly vowed to never work for anyone ever again. She put together all she needed to start her own employment agency with just six months of planning. The years spent as a recruiter taught her the hiring process inside and out. She understands business and leadership. As a Chief Talent Advisor, she curates unbiased referencing for c-suite executives. When companies select their top tie...

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She outworked and outshined others around her with creativity and hard work. Monique Davis leveraged her experience recruiting models to break into the recruiting world. She's now the founder of Fresh Talent Sources, a sourcing and training firm that helps startups and small to medium-sized businesses get the best candidates to help their establishments thrive.

Need career or resume advice? Follow and/or connect with Jonaed Iqbal o...

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 Christopher Nesbit did web development from the tender age of seven. He's been an art teacher, a computer technician, a manager of retail stores, even a CNC technician. He's owned several businesses from web development to marketing. All of these experiences gave him a solid foundation for Industrial Marketing. Listen as he shares his NoDegree story with Jonaed.


Good work ethic, how did Chris get it?  [Timestamp 1:49]


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Jamar Jones, founder of Foureva Media, shares his journey as a rapper and entrepreneur. He discusses his high school experiences, his passion for music, and the challenges he faced in the industry. Jamar emphasizes the importance of hard work and investing in oneself. He also talks about his transition to the IT field and how his experience as a performer helped him in the workplace. Ultimately, Jamar started his own media company ...

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Imagine getting job opportunities WITHOUT applying for them. Seems too good to be true? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Jae Taylor, a tech executive who’s worked at famous companies like Microsoft, Expedia, and Salesforce, to name a few.

Listen in as he discusses how building a strong personal reputation is essential for career resilience, how it can lead to new opportunities and offer protection during layoffs or organization...

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