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March 8, 2024 55 mins

Picture yourself caught in the middle of a business deal that's more twisted than a daytime soap opera. That's just a taste of the drama we unpack on today's show as we share the story of a medical practice sale turned upside down by an SBA loan curveball. We'll walk you through the personal dynamics that threw the deal into disarray when a practitioner backed out, thanks to spousal influence, leaving us racing against time to secure a new partner. It's a saga filled with suspense, frustration, and a real-time lesson in negotiation that you won't want to miss.

Ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Join the club. Today, we recount our 'Absurd Adventure With Car Rentals,' where a quest for a rental ride morphs into a comedy of errors complete with a missing heart monitor and a potential theft. We'll take you on a journey from despair to laughter as we navigate customer service chaos and ponder the mysteries of lost belongings. Plus, we'll toss in a mix of political satire and demographics, revealing some unexpected insights about Trump's support base, all while giving a nod to the creative genius behind the parody anthem mocking the former POTUS.

Buckle up, because we're not just spinning yarns about botched business and rental car fiascos. We're also dreaming big about our future on the airwaves. Tune in as we explore the idea of cutting ties with traditional radio to launch our very own internet station, where we can let our Arkansas roots shine and maybe even have a little 'dead air' fun. It's a heart-to-heart about the media landscape and our passion for creating a space that's all our own, regardless of the financial outcome. So grab your headphones and join us for an episode that's as unpredictable as it is entertaining.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Hank Hill here.
Well, another week, anotherpodcast of the original
cancelled radio guys, this weekwith most of the technical watts
It's fixed.
Notice I said most.
Easter is getting close and wehave a new competition for you
to win copious amounts of cash,details inside Video, interviews

that will make you scratch yourhead, and lots more.
So enjoy, chris and Costello,the original cancelled radio
guys, the podcast.

Speaker 2 (00:45):
Hey, this is Chris.
Hey, is it Costello?
Don't mess with me.
I'm in a pissy mood, man, pissymood.
Christopher, don't piss offmood.
Man, don't mess with me, youpiss off today.

Speaker 5 (00:59):
You pissed off for mercy today.
Let me get you here.

Speaker 2 (01:04):
Now I'm going to play this scenario to you.
Alright, give me an honestanswer.
Okay, alright, you got it.
Alright, just say this was you.
We were asking this up, okay,alright.
So I'm selling my business,okay, and the buyer is buying it
he's getting an SBA loan, Iguess because, rein's not loan

and money's here like SBA'staking over, the government's
taking over everything for aloan.
So they came up does that havea medical practice?
They have a new rule that ifthe medical practice is not
owned, it's owned by anon-practitioner, which would be
They just do this in January.
The practitioner has to own 5%of the business.

So I'm going, he doesn't andthey're going.
We have to make thepractitioner 5% owner In order
for the SBA to approve this loan.
Okay, so we did it.
And all the practitioners shouldgo okay, you got to be 5% owner
It's not a profit sharing typething, it's just something.
So we get the deal done, youstay employed, you get money, we
can give you a little signingbonus of 5,000 for doing this.

Okay, just for signing yourname on the freaking paper.
I mean because he's 5%.
When you sign the paper it saysyou're a guarantor of that 5%,
meaning that if the buyerfaulted on the note, the
practitioner is on the hook for5% of the loan.
So, of course, he might not dothat for right.

So he saw he put together a sidepaper saying okay, he put his
5% and he put it in escrowalready and it sits there.
So if the buyer faults on thenote the 5% for the
practitioners in escrow, it'llpay for that 5%.
So there's no risk to thepractitioner.

That was you and I was askingyou say Dr Costello, dr Quack
So we invited him to that toyou and went okay, you have to
do that so this guy can buy it,but I'll stay there, you'll be
still working with me,everything will be the same.
You're going to get 5,000 forsigning your name for 10 seconds

and he's got an escrowcounselor covered, so there's
never any risk to you.
What would you do?

Speaker 5 (03:20):
Well, myself and every other listener that we
have at the moment wouldprobably form a line to the left
to sign up.

Speaker 2 (03:28):
Yeah, because you're covered, you're at no risk and
you get 5,000 for doing it.

Speaker 5 (03:34):
Not just 5,000, but you're making a residual anyway
aren't you?

Speaker 2 (03:38):
Well, you're going to get the.
Keep your job, you're going tomake money.
The new owner is coming inbecause he wants to do other
things, so he's going toincrease business.
You'll make more money.
Okay, right.
So you would say yes and youthink most of our listeners
would say yes, oh heck, yeah,I'm pissed off because our
practitioner goes.
He was ready, he's married tothis redneck bitch.

Okay, I mean just.
I mean total white trailer parktrash.
You ain't signing it.
You know, because she's got himby the you know what.
Okay, he's like mid 50s, she's29 okay when they met.
He was like mid 40s, he was 21and she got him hooked, he got

her pregnant okay and they'regetting ready to have their
fourth kid and she's only 29, sohe's and she threatens to leave
him once in a while if shedidn't do what he said, because
he's going crap.
So if she leaves me, I got I'llbe paying child support for
four kids for the next 18 yearsand I'm in my mid 50s already,
so it's like you know you'regoing to pay for them one way or

another, aren't you?
Oh yeah, he's got to jump and dowhatever she says, whenever she
says so so when she goes, youain't signed that, you ain't
doing it, I'm going to have tofamily lawyer look at it.
So her family lawyer what thefreaking family lawyer is.
So she won't let him sign it.
So when I'm just hella busy, wecome to a screeching halt.

Okay, right.
So I'm pissed off, right.

Speaker 5 (05:10):
It's, I can, imagine.
Oh no.

Speaker 2 (05:14):
I had to go out running an ad.
Okay, I said I run the ad.
I know my current practitioner,who's not signing because of
his crazy parked white bitchlife, is going to see the ad and
he did.
He goes.
So you've been looking toreplace me this whole time.
I said no, just look at theposting.
Three days ago because yourefused to sign.
So found a new practitionerwonderful person, I don't even

I'm hiring them.
Okay, by the way, I'm on flipover to this guy who's going to
be the new owner.
He's going to explain to yousome papers you need to sign,
plus the signing bonus.
So she's getting the paperstoday.
Let's see what she says.
And she says no, just justshoot me now.
Okay, where is it?

Well, then she says If you everlike to shoot shit and just have
just aim at me and just shootme now.

Speaker 5 (06:06):
I'll let you know tomorrow.
If she says no, let me know.

Speaker 2 (06:09):
I'll be pissed off, jesus God.

Speaker 5 (06:13):
Well, yeah, I would be too, and I do hope that's not
the situation.

Speaker 2 (06:19):
Yeah, because I really like the practitioner
Really good guy.
You know, yeah, I'm not goingto get that freaking my big
shred of work trash.
You know, he just just scooseverything up.
She's just up.
Yeah, that's just what they'redoing.
We moved to a new office amonth ago.
We had all these color schemelaid out, some nice wallpaper

and stuff, but you know, themanagement company, because we
signed a five year lease, isgoing to pay for all that, you
So she's got to step in a goodname and get a family family to
You will let him do the workand of course he's going ten
days we're two months now.
She changed the colors to buttugly screen.
She went out to Ross and boughtsome of the cheapest artwork
and hung it everywhere.

Oh no, oh wait, oh wait, itlooks like shit.

Speaker 5 (07:04):
Yeah, it looks like Ross, exactly.

Speaker 2 (07:08):
Pissed you off, gosh damn it.
That dude clearly looks like acheap dinner park crap.
Oh god, he stopped the guy fromsigning, so we're just on pins
and needles here, you know.

Speaker 5 (07:21):
I imagine I imagine who's great.

Speaker 2 (07:23):
She's a graduate.
You know, top ten in the classat University of Colorado, okay.

Speaker 5 (07:29):
Alright Comfortable there.

Speaker 2 (07:31):
Yeah, she's great.
She's smart as can be.
You know, looks good presents.
Well, I'm going, oh god, pleasesign the paperwork.
Please, please don't go stupidright, try to tell you park
trash guy.
But I really doubt that she'stoo smart for that.
So she's going to read ittonight.
So, if all goes, she signs up,hello, we're going to celebrate
party at your house.

Okay, now you're going to partyat my house, I'll get the flat

Speaker 5 (07:57):
oh, you said your house.
Yeah, we ain't coming to SouthCarolina.

Speaker 2 (07:59):
What kind of parties out there would be party miles.

Speaker 5 (08:04):
Well, I tell you what , you know what?
I went out for a ride on mybike yesterday.
Actually, I had to, because youwere just off too.
Is that it Actually?
No, because I mean, I was.

Speaker 2 (08:16):
I mean stay in the piss off mood, come on.

Speaker 5 (08:21):
Not for my blood pressure.
But here's the thing, right.
So the car gets run into anddamaged.
So I go and take it to the bodyshop and I'm supposed to get a
rental car.
Well, enterprise, you'resupposed to send a little bus
down there.
It doesn't arrive.
So I take an Uber.
I take an Uber to enterprise.

Okay, I get in there, I walk inthe door and I go hi, guys are
going to pick up my car.
Just about every one of them inthere to a man said we don't
have any.

Speaker 2 (08:53):

Speaker 5 (08:54):
I said you are a rental car company, right, and
you're telling me that you don'thave a car.
That's right, sir.
We don't have any.

Speaker 2 (09:05):
Oh well, during and after COVID that was pretty
normal, so I'm surprised to hearthat now.

Speaker 5 (09:11):
Well, that was just that, that particular place
So I said OK, well, I'mstranded here.
Yeah, well, I'm trying not tobe.
Do you remember that moviefalling down?
No, oh, really.
Ok, it was who's in that?
Well, that's what I'm trying toremember.
But any hill, google it, googleit.

It's about this guy who justhas a really shitty day.
It starts off with he goes intolike a McDonald's or something.

Speaker 7 (09:44):
Yes, sir, I I like some breakfast.
We stopped serving breakfast.
I know you stopped servingbreakfast, rick.
Sheila told me to stop servingbreakfast.
Why am I calling you by yourfirst name?
I don't even know who you are.
I still call my boss Mr, and Iwork for him for seven and a
half years.
But I walk in here all of asudden, total strange, and I'm
calling you Rick and Sheila,like we're in some kind of

I don't want to be your buddy,rick, I just want a little

Speaker 2 (10:12):
You can call me Miss Folsom if you want to Sheila we
stopped serving breakfast ateleven thirty.

Speaker 7 (10:18):
Rick, have you ever heard the expression?
The customer is always right,yeah, yeah.
Well, here I am the customer.
That's not our policy.
You have to order somethingfrom the lunch menu.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Speaker 1 (10:40):
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
, I'm sorry.

Speaker 7 (10:48):
I don't want lunch, I want breakfast.
Yeah well, hey, I'm reallysorry.
Yeah well, hey, I'm reallysorry too.
Get it going, let's getorganized.
Calm down, just calm down.
Everybody Sit down, sit downover there.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, mister,when are you going?

No, no, no, no, you sit downthere and you finish your lunch.
Come on, everybody just relaxand take it easy.
Come on, well, eat your lunch,please, eat your lunch.
You all need your vitamins A'sand B's, and it's an accident?
It's an accident.
It's an accident.
It's a trigger, it's sensitive,it's okay.

Speaker 5 (11:33):
Something and somebody drops coffee on him and
then somebody cuts him offsomewhere.
Basically, he ends up shootingup all these places.
Who's it?
Oh gosh, can't remember.
Look it up.
It was actually a very goodmovie.
It was about 20 years ago, so Iguess.

Speaker 2 (11:49):
Anyway, you're right on my site today, so you're
stuck there.
The Uber guy drops you off.

Speaker 5 (11:54):
The Uber guy's gone and you get no run of car.
So I'm saying to him okay, fine, what am I supposed to do now?
And there was just a total,total indifference.
I said tell you what.
You over there, move off thatcouch.
That's my bed.
I'm staying until I get a car.
I mean, I was, you see, now I'mjust starting to get pissed,
with a bit of humor.
Okay, I said, by the way, Iwant at least a full 50-inch TV

and maybe a cup of coffeewouldn't hurt either.
You know, and people arelooking me like well, this guy's
fucking nuts.
That's also true for themassage.
You should just go ahead andtake a massage, a massage by
some of the women in there.
I'd be dead.
They were eating.
Oh, my goodness.
Enterprise, car rentals, ladiesand gentlemen.
So eventually I get this guy.

I said look, I'm not leavingbecause I got no way to go
Why don't you try and find me?
You have to have a carsomewhere in your system.
I'll get another Uber and I'llgo get it.
So anyway that.

Speaker 2 (12:58):
You can walk through and logger what happened.

Speaker 5 (13:01):
Well, it's a long story.
We can get you one by threeo'clock, but you go and pick it
up over here at this place.
Okay, fine, terrific, you know.
So you can have it tomorrow.
I said, no, I need it today.
So, all right, three o'clock,terrific.
Now what was supposed to happenat three yesterday?
Yeah, we were supposed torecord, but that didn't happen.
But that's okay, and in themeantime I go and see my doctor

and nurse practitioner, who I'msure would be happy to help you
out, chris.

Speaker 2 (13:25):
Let me guess I showed you you have two weeks to live,
is that it?

Speaker 5 (13:30):
That's right.
No, that's the one.

Speaker 2 (13:33):
We can have a show every day.
I won't be so busy anymore,okay.

Speaker 5 (13:37):
So anyway, so all right.
So now we're home.
Right Now I'm home and I have anew car and no car.
No car, no car.
I've taken another Uber backhere and this is 30 bucks a time
This is getting expensive fast.
So I had to go to my doctor'sappointment.
So, all right, fine, get themotorcycle out right, go do my

doctor thing and come back.
And actually she said that shewrites as well.
We must, we must write together.
It'd be kind of fun, anyway.
So then they gets better andbetter.
It's like okay, time to go andget the other car or to get a
So then we travel, chris, Idon't know, 20 miles in yet

another Uber.
Get there, hi, I've come topick up my car.
What car?
The car that you were talking,we talked about this morning?
Oh, we don't have any cars,that's it.
And this is another location.
This is another location.
Okay, so, making making thisstory a little less as long as

so I keep my.
You know I'm keeping mycomposure because I've learned
it's far better that way.
But they can tell I'm like shesaid well, sir, we will do the
best we can.
I said you better, or I'm goingto start crying.

Speaker 2 (14:57):
So, and they did get me a car Boy crying for it right
So I think that's probably, butit worked well.
Where'd they find?

Speaker 5 (15:07):
the car.
So I have a little, a littleshit box of a car.
What is that thing?
It's a Hyundai box.
It's a little thing.

Speaker 2 (15:19):

Speaker 5 (15:20):
It's sort of it's a little black box with blacked
out windows.
We'll never get stopped by thecops.
That'll never happen.
So, all right.
So you think, okay, your daysgoing pretty well, costello,
isn't it?
Well, no, it's not, becauseeverywhere in the last month,
everywhere I have gone, I've hadto have my cell phone with me
which records my blood sugar andall that good stuff, and this

other thing that looks just likea cell phone, that is a heart
Well, I get.
You know how you get thatnagging feeling in the very back
of your brain.
I haven't seen that in a while.
I'm supposed to keep this thingwith me 24, seven, that's it.
You know, charging, whatever,and I've been doing that.
And it's like well, I tell you,it's not here, it's not there.

Oh shit, I end up calling upthe you all.
What three Ubers that I was in.
And, of course, the enterprisepeople who are absolutely not
very good that, by the way, isenterprise car rental, who
absolutely suck, and of coursethey don't have it.

Speaker 2 (16:27):
They haven't seen it, so you're pissed off, right.
Very pissed off there you go,pissed off All right?

Speaker 5 (16:33):
Well, because I'm liable for this damn thing now.
So some of them Are you losing,or do someone take it?

Speaker 3 (16:38):
I think so.

Speaker 5 (16:39):
I think somebody stole it because it looks just
like a nice cell phone and I,you know, I just probably wasn't
paying attention.
I had two cell phones with memine a cell phone, I had a back.

Speaker 2 (16:53):
Easton, where you live.
Somebody stole it.

Speaker 5 (16:55):
Yeah, well, it's actually a surprise.
Probably an enterprise carrental, I think it was probably
where it happened.
Did I mention it was enterprise?
You did yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2 (17:06):
You live in, you know Redneck, white Trash, south
So yeah, Well you know what.

Speaker 5 (17:12):
Actually I was looking at Charleston on.

Speaker 2 (17:15):
Oh see that those like there are good places to
live in that state Charleston,mount Pleasant, kiowa Island,
hilton Head.
Oh yeah, you want to live inColumbia.

Speaker 5 (17:26):
Yeah Well, I didn't have that much money.
Actually, I was looking at somehave to probably be North
Charleston, I think, but therewere some nice houses around
there, and then, of course, I'mlooking at Savannah as well, so
which I was doing initially andit would be better than North

Speaker 2 (17:43):
Oh, it would be okay.

Speaker 5 (17:45):
Oh, it's a lot cheaper down there too.
You don't want to be a NorthCharleston Now, okay, right
message received.

Speaker 2 (17:52):
Okay, you giving the hint this time.
Okay, to listen to me.
I am this time.
Yeah, listen to me on the NorthCharleston.

Speaker 5 (18:02):
Okay, right, not north Charleston.
Good, all right, it was good.

Speaker 2 (18:05):
So we both have reason to be pissed off, you
know so.

Speaker 5 (18:09):
You just let that a little bit go by the way.
But the thing I have learnedNot to let, not to get so
incredibly upset about stupidshit.
I can't do anything about itanyway.
I mean, you know, sometimesit's a little bit pissed off,
but I mean I used to be horrible, you know.
I mean, boy, I've oh shit, I'dlose it.
You know, my, my ears areturned bright red and I'd just

be like red fit To you know youcan't do that.
When you got high bloodpressure, my dear friend, you'll
fall over and then be a lot oftime again.

Speaker 2 (18:39):
But some things say things are so blatantly stupidly
bad and you don't want to getpissed off, but you just, you
just it's the best way to go.

Speaker 5 (18:52):
Yes, oh, I agree, I mean good scream.
Yeah, you know, as a matter offact, way horse.

Speaker 2 (18:59):
I was screaming yesterday.

Speaker 5 (19:05):
You know, when I was, when I my first tour over here
back in the 80s, we're in thisclub called the mabuhay in San
Francisco and, and I don't know,things must have just been not
going right or something.
So I just went outside and justjust just yell, I Shoot myself
10 or 15, 10 or 15 years laterI've moved to.

Well, I moved to America firstof all because I hadn't moved
yet and I end up in in VegasMust be good.
Probably 15 years later, Isuppose maybe more, and I meet
this guy called Darren who worksfor or used to work for on Cori
He used to work for lots ofbands, like we worked for Mollie
crew, we worked for BarryManilow of all people.

Anyway, we were pretty goodfriends.

Speaker 2 (20:00):
Manilow is working for Molliecrew.

Speaker 5 (20:05):
You know the gig, a gig is a gig, right anyway.
So you know we were talkingabout people.
We knew when we first met himand he's yeah, I remember you.
You're out the back of themabuhay screaming.
I go, you weren't there.
I said, yes, I was Unbelievable.

Speaker 2 (20:25):
Yeah, I'm good, scream costella.

Speaker 5 (20:26):
I had a lot to let out.

Speaker 2 (20:31):
You know there's good reasons to scream sometime in
Vegas, I mean cuz you knowthey're have this Bedbug issue
going on out there.
Well, this is guy.
He's saying it's an issue, okay, okay.
And he woke up screaming bloodymurder, probably like a
Costello scream because his nutsare hurt.
Okay, yeah, I mean I'm wastinghis nuts on fire and he looks
down and there's a scorpionstung him in the nuts.

Speaker 5 (20:54):
Oh, that's a big bedbug, isn't it?

Speaker 2 (20:59):
How do you get a scorpion up on like the 25th
floor of Venetian?
That's the same way.
Bedbug hit there.
I guess I like yes.

Speaker 5 (21:06):
Well, they can.
They can cry up and climb up awall currently.

Speaker 2 (21:09):
Guess, so I got stung by one inmy underwear drawer when I was a
kid, but I was on the.
I was on a ranch home on thefirst floor, you know.
So I live in the south.
Like you see, get all thoseweird things, yeah.
So I don't like to be they hurt.
I can imagine it's someone'ssinging you in the nuts, you
know, I really imagine nobody'ssoon to Venetian, for, but still

they got.
They got like 80% of the hotelshave bedbugs in Vegas.
They're really trying to solvethe problem and now you get
scorpion stinging people in thenuts.
It's a Four-star hotel.

Speaker 5 (21:42):
Do you think they're gonna?
He's gonna sue them.
I don't know whether he couldor not.
Of course he is.
Yeah, you can find an attorney,that doesn't Not be a problem.
Yeah, but there's some shit,cool, ed.

Speaker 2 (21:57):
I'm sorry.
You know what he, what hewasn't.
That happened, he was pissedoff man.
I About to get a super Tuesdaything going on.
Oh, I was thinking about youknow why Trump keeps hanging
A very simple reason.
Okay, uh-huh, two words.

Speaker 5 (22:18):
Well, yeah, that's all, that's there.

Speaker 2 (22:21):
No, that's all.
That votes for him.
Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, I was.
Barked Barkley was funny theother day because a lot of the
maggot people wearing shirts nowTrump's hoodshot, and it says
wanted from for president.
I'm going.
Oh god, charles Barkley, was Isee a bus?
You black guy wearing one ofthose things?
I'm gonna punch him in the face, we'll come out here.

Speaker 5 (22:41):
There there are people who, who, who, like yes,
yes, no way man I are listenwhat?

Speaker 2 (22:49):
why the hell would a black person support Trump?
He's, he's biased against you.
He's a big it.
I mean, what do you that stupid?
I was the same like like itlike an Hispanic going on for
the iPhone Trump?
Well, of course you're not hehas.

Speaker 5 (23:05):
I've made a few like that too, and you know why?
I'll tell you why.
His spanics are.
You are to what.
You know why?
It's because they they've comeover here, set up everything
nice and what have you?
Okay, you know, they obviouslyhad to go through all the shit
to get here and build a new life, and they resent the people who
just jump over the wall.
So well, we didn't, we went theright way screw you.

Speaker 2 (23:27):
You know what.
They jump over the wall.
Yeah, they get caught, they getdetained and they get sent back
Okay, I mean so?
I mean there's three groupsbasically who, just look at this
with the majority of thesepeople, denies it for Trump.
That was the blacks, hispanics,jews emails okay.

Speaker 5 (23:49):
Do you think the Jewish population support him?
They shouldn't either, really.

Speaker 2 (23:55):
They hate him, absolutely hate him.
I will be the greatestpresident that God ever created.

Speaker 5 (24:03):
Excuse me, I'm having a bowel movement.

Speaker 2 (24:06):
I'm pooping out of Trump.
Okay, yeah, whoa, really rich?
No, you're not.
You broke.
You got to pay all that moneyout.
Any cash you had is gone.
Man, yeah, yeah, yeah, you knowthis is freaking white people.
I mean, if you look at it, whatis it?
You went to a rally.
You saw what you saw.
I mean, you know it's there.

Speaker 5 (24:24):
I spoke to a couple of people there.

Speaker 2 (24:28):
Were they white.

Speaker 5 (24:29):
Yes, because that's, but there were some black people
there too.
I'm just like shaking my head,going what?
Just to point you to the woman.

Speaker 2 (24:37):
Primarily, I'm on killer's ass.
I'm on killer's ass.
They're just there out ofcuriosity, man, come on.

Speaker 5 (24:42):
Well, it could be.
I don't think so, would youlike.
I did take a little recorderwith me and I managed to get a
couple of questions out before Igot chased off.
What are?

Speaker 2 (24:53):
the feature.
We do from time to time, stupidshit.
People say, yeah, yeah, thiscould be it, right?
I mean, these are MAGA people.
Yeah, it's not that.
Maga people aren't collegeeducated, they're white, they're
They think he's going to dostuff for them.
He doesn't do anything to them.
He hates you, he's just out forhimself.

He wants to get president, soall those charges will go away.
There's four years of no onebugging him okay.

Speaker 5 (25:19):
Oh, and talking about bugging him or anything, of
course there's his wife.
Where is his wife?
So I decided to ask and this is, excuse me, sir, yeah, yeah,
you, hey, listen, do you knowwhere Melania is?
Trunks wife.

Speaker 6 (25:35):
I'd say it's none of your goddamn business God
forgive me for that thatoutburst you some kind of commie
, pinko Boy Boy.
Yes, pinko.
No, putin's not a Pinko commie.
We had him all wrong.
Downey is his friend, you know.
So he'd know, you know, youknow.

Speaker 2 (25:54):
So I heard commie Pinko in a long time.
That's kind of there you go,maga people.

Speaker 5 (26:00):
Okay, so there was that Shep.

Speaker 2 (26:03):
That went over well.
Yeah, okay, don't diss Melania.
Okay, that went well.

Speaker 5 (26:10):
You want to get out of there alive.
It was just, by the way, I haveto.
It was extremely windy, whichis why that's what you can hear,

Speaker 2 (26:19):
So there's a full bunch of blowhard idiots.
That's why it's windy.
So I'm just pissed off at whitepeople, Costello.

Speaker 5 (26:26):
And go ahead.
Costello here and I am in themiddle of South Carolina, in
Columbia, right now, wherethey're having the Republican
Trump's societies is alreadyone which is kind of interesting
and as I look around here rightnow, there's Secret Service and
Police and everybody, andmainly old people.

This is kind of weird.
But wait a minute, hang on Overhere.
Come here, young man, come here.
You look like a kind of Trumpsupporter, the kind of guy that
Trump would like.
Nice and young, he's the guy.
So you like older men?
That is what I'm taking.
He's the guy.
So what do you think of hispolitics?
You know immigrants and allthat kind of thing.

It's a bit of a racist past.

Speaker 4 (27:10):
Well, I mean, to be honest, I'm not really into that
, all political stuff, and I'mnot, you know, die hard nothing.
But if there's I mean I'velived through when he was
president and things were better, and how it is now it's just
for my future.
You know, I got to hold mywhole life ahead of me it just
thinks you need to get better.
You know he's the guy.

Speaker 5 (27:30):
I don't get it.
You know, apart from the factthis kid was too young to even
remember Trump's presidency,it's a political thing.

Speaker 2 (27:40):
He was like I'm not in it for the politics and stuff
What are you, stupid shit.
What are you there for?
You're in a political rally,old white men, apparently?
I guess not.
I probably won't stare at him,I'm not into politics and stuff,
but he's the guy, he's the guy.
Why is he the guy?
Because he said so, he said so.
I just do what he says.

Speaker 5 (27:59):
Yeah yeah, that's right, because we're a few days
I had all these fabulous ideasof things we're going to do and
some of them I did and forgotthat I did them, and this is one
of them, and, providing thatthis works and it should, I have
found, and actually this is agreat idea.
I think in the run up therethere are a lot of songs that

just poke fun at Mr Trump.
Okay, there are all.
There is one by my namesake,elvis Costello.

Speaker 2 (28:31):
Oh, he did one really .

Speaker 5 (28:33):
Well, no, but he wrote the song Veronica, and
this is kind of like a read upto it.
What's in that pretty littlehead of hers?
Does she even have a place to?

Speaker 8 (28:50):
survive Whether it used to be a girl from Slovenia
and her name was Melania.
Well, I heard she speaks fivedifferent languages If you count
hello and goodbye.
These days, I'm afraid shecan't even say for three.
No, please declassify.

Speaker 3 (29:10):
There is a pose some time before he dies.
Melania was testified.
She's only.
She could ask Michelle for onemore speech to plagiarize
Melania, melania, melania.

Speaker 8 (29:35):
With the trials that I did his money, wayne, did he
post on true social tonight?
Really, wake from a dream witha wolf at the door like Bonnie
or La Pichina?
Well, it was just a few shortyears ago.
She was trapped in the WhiteHouse with him and written on
her jacket was I really don'tcare, it was chosen by Melania.

When she told him she, was withchild the only days would
follow close behind as she wasforced to work on Christmas
shift she told the White Housegot him out.

Speaker 3 (30:21):
There is a pose some time before he dies.
Melania was testified.
She's only.
She could ask Michelle for onemore speech to plagiarize
Melania, melania, melania.

Speaker 8 (30:47):
Melania sits in her favorite chair and she sits very
quiet and still as he calls herMercedes, and that is not right
and her life's only goingdownhill.
But she used to have a carefreemind of her own, with a
devilish squint to her eyes,saying you can call me anything

you like, but my name is Melania.

Speaker 3 (31:11):
There is a pose some time before he dies.
Melania was testified.
If only she could ask Michellefor one more speech to
plagiarize Melania, melania.

Speaker 5 (31:34):
Melania Pretty good huh.

Speaker 2 (31:42):
Yeah, I thought it was great.
Could you really hear it?
Not a damn thing.

Speaker 5 (31:47):
Well, listen, you and I heard something really fun
What I think we'll do, we'llhave to have like a whole show
of all these songs, and you knowwhat?
Just true, well, it's an idea.
We'll treat it like, you know,like a shift, basically like we
used to do, and they can just beall songs by people who are

taking the piss out of Trump.
That, by the way, was agentleman called Patrick
I think we should definitelygive him credit for that,
because that is extremely Yep,that's not like bad.

Speaker 2 (32:22):
I like a love of good parody song man, I really do.

Speaker 5 (32:25):
You'll love this when you get to hear it.
That's why I pre-recorded itanyway.
So never mind, damn.

Speaker 2 (32:37):
Well, you know, I don't know why I could near,
because I heard, you know themag of people.
Why would I be able to hear thedamn song?

Speaker 5 (32:44):
Because it's coming off YouTube and not coming
straight off my computer.
That's why, and there used tobe a little box when we did zoom
There was a way to fix that,but I have not found a way to
fix it on this thing yet.
So there we go.
Chris is thinking you'd be.
He would be way moreenthusiastic if he could have

actually have heard it.
But next to the speak you'llhear it sometimes when you like

Speaker 2 (33:12):
Having a pissed-off day I was a bad thing, but I
love a good parody song though,so I'm Thanks to the your
wonderful engineering skills.
I wasn't able to, of course, I.

Speaker 5 (33:25):
Blame me.
Oh that's not true I.
A new shift going.

Hey, chris man, you got twosongs running at the same time.

Speaker 2 (33:49):
Oh and you're glad I heard nothing.
I mean, come on, I'm justmaking sure there's no dead air.

Speaker 5 (33:55):
You're very sure.
Well, I mean, you know, this ismy sampling young dude, two
songs together.
That was before sampling.
Don't give me that shit.

Speaker 2 (34:11):
Before sampling wasn't before BS before sampling

Speaker 5 (34:17):
It's old BS, yeah well look that one up.

Speaker 2 (34:22):
Here's the Castellas show on regular radio.

Speaker 5 (34:30):
That's right yeah, well, the only.
The one of the good thingsabout doing a podcast is
I'm not a fan of the Fun live.
You know, whatever happened,happened have you said, you said
every day you know was rightout there I, if that was a case,

I would have done somethingcompletely different, but now I
have learned just to relax andfind a way out of it.
And yeah, cut all that, cut allthat bit out and ends up on the
editing room floor.
And there you go.

Speaker 2 (35:05):
You can't be like these other podcasts.
We won't mention my name.
You know they, they, oh, snipit and do this.
It's just like all perfectsounding.
What fun is that, you know,have to find?
Is it when, when things gowrong?
That's what always makes it funthings.

Speaker 5 (35:21):
Then they do.

Speaker 2 (35:24):
They want to hear us screwing up.
They would hear things that gowrong.

Speaker 5 (35:29):
Well then, you know, have this big conflict of
interest here because you don'tcare, but I do.

Speaker 2 (35:34):
I do guess just that's just entertaining things
go why?
Because it happens every week.

Speaker 5 (35:42):
It does.

Speaker 2 (35:47):
Yeah, yeah, hey, it's , it's fun.
You'll find it funny.
It was when you, when you screwup, it's, it's funny, it's

Speaker 5 (35:58):
It's because nothing we do is scripted and everything
is just off the cuff.
So there, well, yeah, there'ssome things are.

Speaker 2 (36:05):
No, you don't have an idea of script stuff in mind.
We Well, we kind of work aroundit, do it a little bit, don't
do it.
We just don't know what's gonnabe you don't indeed talking of
which it's.

Speaker 5 (36:18):
It's coming to that time of year, spring, when young
men's thought turn to eggs andStuff and reproducing and doing
things like that, which hasabsolutely nothing to do with
our next competition.
Now, would you like to hear?

Speaker 2 (36:35):
about this?
I'm afraid to.
Yeah, we're talking aboutfertilization here.
Is that we're gonna be doing?
Be spreading our pollen aroundthere.
A little dip there.

Speaker 5 (36:48):
Here we go for that's probably illegal here in South
Carolina by now.
No, is it that?

Speaker 2 (36:54):
special man, you can.
You can spread your polleneverywhere, especially in your
own family.

Speaker 5 (36:59):
Yeah, oh well, yeah, but I mean apparently here even
I think let me see, you can'thave an abortion, you can't have
IV fertilization.
Let me see, an egg is a person.
So therefore, if I was a womanand I menstruate, I'm murdering
people, boy, hey, you know what?
Then they?
Oh wow, eggs, ladies andgentlemen, eggs, eggs,

particularly Easter eggs.
Now, if you know what an Easteregg is, a computer type Easter
egg, a Internet Easter egg and Ithink a lot of you probably do
this is something relation toour show, which every week it
does we like you?

Speaker 2 (37:42):
I can just I.
You laid about three eggs todayso far.

Speaker 5 (37:48):
We have put an Easter egg on our website.
Chris and Costello, comm.
If you can find that Easter egg.
It ain't big and I'll give youa clue, it ain't pretty.
But if you can find that Easteregg, simply email us, chris and

Costello, at yahoocom.
This is important because,chris, we're gonna have prizes,
Well, there's always price.

Speaker 2 (38:17):
Oh, here's the thing.
What color is our Easter egg?

Speaker 5 (38:21):
Ah well, you see, that's the thing.
And Easter egg Is.
I mean, don't go looking for anEaster egg, because that's not
what you're looking for.
What you're looking for issomething.

Speaker 2 (38:32):
It said that's listening.
We're looking for an Easter eggnow, when I was looking for a
store it's called an Easter egg.

Speaker 5 (38:38):
It could be the size of a pixel, okay, or it?

Speaker 3 (38:42):
could be.

Speaker 5 (38:45):
Well, that's the idea .
And so what do prizes mean, mrBailey?

Speaker 2 (38:51):
Well, of course, if we're talking prizes on our show
, we are talking about money.

Speaker 5 (38:58):
Yes, money.
So there you go.
Undetermined amount of moneywill be yours, but you've you
have to find.
And if you don't find it, ifyou think you found it, email us
at Chris and Costello atYahoocom.
You know what we're gonna haveto.

I'm gonna have to change that.
Well, we could make it a Chrisand Costello at chris and
Costellocom, or.
Dead aircom or dead aircom we.
Well, you know that radiostation we were gonna buy, we
We should call it dead air FM.

Speaker 2 (39:35):
Yeah, definitely you like that you should on your
Yeah, so so we're giving, we'regiving away money.

Speaker 5 (39:41):
Okay, we're giving copious amounts of cash Money.
You have to go to our website,which is chris and Costello, at.
Oh, chris and Costellocom.
I'm sorry, I'm getting confusedhere.
That's the website.
Go there and look Very, verycarefully and, if you see, if

you can find the Easter egg, allright, there's a bunch of you
out there.
I know exactly what I'm talkingabout.
Good, this is your chance tomake some money.
So how much?
So how much change?

Speaker 2 (40:14):
you have in your body .

Speaker 5 (40:16):
Say how much copious amounts of money Garranteed by
his willingness to be our nextpresident, who will not be
mentioned also, oh sorry,copious, copious, yes, in fact,
a copious dollar these days isworth about three in a bush.

Speaker 2 (40:40):
Bush then if then he was saying three in a bush oh
yeah, your neighbors hiding awindow.
Three in a bush.

Speaker 5 (40:46):
Which which one a bird in the hand is worth three
in a bush.
I Don't really make Three inthe bush.

Speaker 2 (40:54):
It's like you're telling your neighbors.

Speaker 5 (40:57):
It's an old English saying.
I wouldn't expect you to get ittalking to that.
We are on podcast radio now.

Speaker 2 (41:05):
All right, this is you have a list of markets, by
the way.
We so you know we can say outof folks what markets are we in?

Speaker 5 (41:11):
Oh, you would ask that.
I'll tell you what we are inthe South South America, the
American South market.

Speaker 2 (41:29):
The American South market.
We're the only one in the South.
Okay, so we're in Charlotte,right.

Speaker 5 (41:38):
That's what I was trying to tell you, but you kept

Speaker 2 (41:40):
But again, charlotte, atlanta, atlanta and
Jacksonville, I believe are weon in Scotland and Ireland yet
as well?

Speaker 5 (41:52):
Yes, yeah, yeah we're all over.

Speaker 2 (41:54):
We're all over that when we go to France.
Maybe it's time to go to France.

Speaker 5 (41:58):
We need to be in France all over the world on the
internet, but as far as beingactually on on the air, so to
speak, we're on the Americanside there.

Speaker 2 (42:12):
So, and we're also on the Ukraine now on station WD
UK duck radio.

Speaker 5 (42:21):
How long did it take you to come up with that one?
That was good.

Speaker 3 (42:25):
Duck 94.1.

Speaker 2 (42:31):
Oh boy, and come on the hits.
Yes, sir, the two-faced modelfor the turn emoji.

Speaker 5 (42:40):
All right, yeah, you've got to find the Easter
Copious amounts of cash sittingcopious.

Speaker 2 (42:47):
Over the world and we don't.
We don't even know where.
That's just that we're on topof it, man.

Speaker 5 (42:52):
We, we are only, we are on the air, on planet Earth,
man, we can put it that way.
Sure, I'll work.
It could, couldn't you?
In fact, they can even pick upFM signals all the way to them
to the moon.
I, oh, yes, they can.

Speaker 2 (43:08):
Yes, they can WLS.

Speaker 5 (43:11):
On the moon, on the moon, there we go, oh goodness
me Big were bad, but Nationwidewere everywhere.

Speaker 2 (43:20):
Did you know?

Speaker 5 (43:20):
that I said this the other day.
No, I'm sorry.
The other Kelsey brother wasgoing to retire and he did.

Speaker 2 (43:28):
Well, there was hints that after the he plays for
Philadelphia and they lost theirplayoff game.
Right, he was dropping hintsand stuff like that's it for me.
You're saying goodbye toteammates.
He didn't want to make itofficial yet because he wanted
to let Super Bowl get over there.
He wanted to take that tensionaway from his brother.
So yeah it's a good idea.

Speaker 5 (43:46):
Yeah, he did so.
He was crying and everything.
What is it with people thesedays Now?
I mean that was probablygenuine emotion, but have you
noticed on You're?

Speaker 2 (43:56):
telling stories about them as young brothers.
Again this going.
You know they did.
They show stupid.
You know how long hisretirement speech was that day.
I mean you saw bits and pieces.
It was freaking 45 minutes.

Speaker 5 (44:09):
Oh, bloody hell, I'd be slow, I'd be in the back.

Speaker 2 (44:14):
But what if there was Harry's self up there for 45

Speaker 5 (44:17):
man, I'll be yelling things like hey, listen, bow,
we're not all retired now.
Oh yes, we are One signatureaway, bailey.
One signature away, One away.

Speaker 2 (44:32):
Anyway, you said that he's gone?

Speaker 5 (44:35):
Yeah, he's, he's, yeah.
But you know, have you noticed,though, that these people,
especially on well, not mainlylike interview, ease on if he
was alive, jerry Springer onanything, anything, oprah or
something, and there's usuallymen and they start.
Sorry, I was going to do this,but my dog took a shit.

Oh Jesus, I'm going to live.

Speaker 2 (45:04):
I understand if you're retiring from you know
you've been.
You played football high school, college and you've been in the
pros for 13 years and you'reonly like your mid 30s and you
got to say goodbye because youjust it's an eight.
It's an eight, you just can'tdo it anymore.
The young guys take over onthis.
Your time is done.
So you got your whole lifeahead of it.
They kind of freeze people outbecause they're going.

I won't be doing footballanymore, so I'm sure we'll look
at that hairy monkey on, youknow, as an announcer somewhere.
You know.

Speaker 5 (45:32):
Well, I mean, I think that's that's, that's
What I'm saying, though, Chris,is all these other people you
know, on some of the, even thesesmaller markets, they have
these people you know.
Just just any interviewing they, they always seem to end up
Yeah, I wasn't Excuse me, man.
I mean, I'm famous, people doit too.

It seems like okay, cry on cue.

Speaker 2 (45:55):
Now I made this decision to retire from regular

Speaker 7 (46:00):
Did you?

Speaker 2 (46:00):
cry, Did I cry?
Did you cry?
No, there you go.
I mean they screwed it up sobad.
I mean radio wasn't fun anymore.
So it was like it was like timeago, so I was okay.
I think I had a great time, hada great run, but they've
deregulated it so much in this.
All homogenized now with, like,big groups owning large amounts
of stations, it's just not funanymore.

So it was okay.

Speaker 5 (46:22):
Exactly, exactly, so here's what we should do.

Speaker 2 (46:27):
You're in a brain, thought Okay, yeah, it would be
good yeah.
We were saying what.

Speaker 5 (46:36):
Okay, what I was?
I was just.
I was just thinking that weshould have our own radio
We tried this before, so let'ssend everybody to christen
costello at yahoocom If youthink that you would like a
christen costello radio station.
Well, you know, we're going tocheck into.

Speaker 2 (46:57):
They have this thing where it's on radioco, you know
where you can build your it'slike, it's like a radio thing
for radio people.
So I was reading some of thepeople who made their own
I've always wanted to own myown station, but you don't
really own your own station.
You're doing like an internetthing, you know, and you can
just lay down as much content asyou want music, or why would

Why would you put music on?
You can pick music up anywhere,unless you get some really like
us, like a bunch of really goodparody songs that people just
can't find or can't hearsomewhere, and that would be a
cause, you know.
But otherwise, you know, I meanthis, this radio thing is like
it's radio for radio people tohave your own radio station but
they get 50,000 freakingseparate stuff on there Once

against overcrowded like podcast.
You know there's too much stuffI'm actually listening to.
You know I'm listening to youknow I'm listening to.

Speaker 5 (47:47):
I had some really good ideas last night and I
didn't write them down.
So I'm going to take the samedrugs tonight and make sure I go
Same combination.
Maybe the same thoughts comeback to you right?
Well, I just you know I reallydid.
I thought, wow, that's a greatidea.

Speaker 2 (48:03):
We just wouldn't, we just do the redneck man, We'll
just get on that thing you seewe could, exactly.

Speaker 5 (48:08):
We could do that.
We could do it for an hour orwe could do it for 24 hours.
I mean, in fact, think aboutthis for a moment.
Right, you've got redneck FM,yeah, copy of written Chris and
Costello 2024.
So you could, you could havethat and and then, you know,
just just have 24 hours of itput together.

You know, over time, becauseI'm going to send it for 24
hours any more than I would.
So we make this thing right andthen, suddenly, you know,
people start to go what's thisredneck thing going on here?

Speaker 2 (48:42):
You know, I mean, the thing is so, so we did, we did
our own, we, we, we.
We've been wanting to do thisformat, so we do the redneck and
it's on.
It's an internet radio station,so so how do you go listen to
You got to, you got to sign on,you know, I guess you can hear
it through your, your phone, Iguess you do mobile.

Speaker 5 (49:01):
I guess, but it's just, it's just a lot of it's a
lot of.
You would find it as as as youwould, a podcast.

Speaker 2 (49:07):
But can you get it through your car radio so you
have good sound, you know?

Speaker 5 (49:11):
Sure, you can.
Yeah, you can.
If you can get it on your phone, you can get it in your car
Of course, it depends how oldyour car is.

Speaker 2 (49:20):
So we can do two formats or three formats.
We can do just Kristin Castello, fun stuff, okay, yeah, then we
can do the redneck.

Speaker 8 (49:28):

Speaker 2 (49:29):
And then we can do 100.5 dead air.
Okay, yeah, that would be mine.
It should be the easiestdownload we just just I gave it
to you.
I had this in the background.
I was like what are you doing?
What are you doing Hotline?
Oh gosh.

Speaker 5 (49:52):
We format.

Speaker 2 (49:52):
man, we got dead air, we have the redneck and they
just just just us as ourentertaining badass cells.
You know what?

Speaker 5 (50:00):
If you, if you go to YouTube, you will find the
people have actually put up likehours or 24 hours of nothing
and you know how many thousands,thousands, and there's one of
It has a like somebody rang abell, rings the bell.

So once a one on one is to theother end and people have
actually listened to it.

Speaker 2 (50:25):
I know there's just so much stuff out there, you
So if we're going to dosomething, we just got to make
it damn good, you know?
Oh, absolutely.

Speaker 5 (50:32):
Yes, oh and the well, that would be really, I mean
really kind of.
I mean to me and I guess to you, because you're a radio guy,
you know, I think, I think I'mjust going shit, that'd be great
And people say well, you know,we're going to make you money at
Well, I don't know if I reallycare about.
I mean, I do and I don't.
You know what I mean.

Speaker 2 (50:51):
I'm kind of fond of money, but it'd be nice to make
something Okay.

Speaker 5 (50:55):
I mean one.
All it takes is one of theformats to kind of like take off
or become a thing.
It'd be nice once we get like acopious check.
You know a copious check, yes,yes.
Well, copious checks usuallycome in little brown envelopes
and they jingle I mean.

Speaker 2 (51:13):
Mind you, I don't think we can get.
So we're going to look intothat.
So there's a possibility if youfolks that have an interest you
want to just go check it out sowe may put together the red
neck, the Kristen Costellostation and then, of course, the
dead air FM.

Speaker 5 (51:26):
A dead air FM and well, we could also go down the
political road.
In fact, you see, that wassomething else.
That was indeed one of thebetter ideas I had.
I thought, hey, let's do thisAll right, without actually
saying you know what politicalside of the fence we are on is
pretty obvious, but anyway.
But we can have a whole stationjust dedicated to obviously

silly songs about Trump, ormaybe make a good, good, good.
But all candidates out therethere's all kinds of fun stuff.
Yeah, I mean, we could justjust rail on them every time
they open their mouth and likeNovember, man, we get a long way
to go, and it's going to be anawful lot of stuff, I mean.

Speaker 2 (52:12):
I mean it could be we can get some fresh meat up
there and just make thiselection fun.
You know what I mean.

Speaker 5 (52:17):
Oh, God, don't they just?
I mean it's just, I mean that'swhat it's like.
Well, okay, trump, why don'tyou just quit then?
Or Biden, why don't you justforget how to get to the White

Speaker 2 (52:28):
And the hot room that you know that Michelle Obama's
going to step in and just takemore of Biden, and she shot that
Yes, he goes.
I'm not doing that.
Why would you want to do that?
You get this nice life andstuff.
I mean, a year ago didn't youyou up there up against Trump
and she did.
She want to hear the crap he'sgoing to say about her for the
next eight months.
Why would she want that?

Speaker 5 (52:48):
I think, I think.

Speaker 2 (52:51):
Yeah, I'm running against Michelle Obama.
Oh, she's black.
Oh God she's also a female.
I'm going to grab her by thepussy, Okay.

Speaker 5 (52:59):
I wonder where a husband is.
I would like to hear HillaryClinton come back.
I think that would be hilariousand I think it wouldn't be a
bad idea.
What do you think about them?

Speaker 2 (53:15):
Making themselves available again for the
selection cycle.
They did kind of like, beenquiet for a while.
So they're coming back to helpout.

Speaker 5 (53:22):
They're going to be visible, they're going to
campaign for the president, sowe'll see, we'll see, they'll be
there when he trips down thesteps from Air Force One.

Speaker 2 (53:34):
They'll be there to catch them.
It's an Arkansas.
You know what they like to do.
No, they like to bend over andsquint.
Don't you build?
Oh, you're going to take themup and squint.
You're going to take them upand squint.

Speaker 3 (53:44):
You're going to take them up and squint like big.
Oh, get it.
What's wheel Wheel down.
What's wheel Wheel, wheel WheelDead.
Air again Wheel.

Speaker 2 (53:51):
Where's the final screw Wheel Beer Down and off
the wing.
A little spoiler here More deadair.
Towload your grass Down and offthe wing.
That's market W Dimash Outside.

Speaker 5 (54:06):
They try to pick up thehua Wprz catalogus.
We need to pick up them.
They're coming back this wayagain.
They're not gonna come through.
They're gonna give me a mask.

Speaker 2 (54:19):
OK, get them in the bat Actually.

Speaker 5 (54:21):
After this game, you're going to have to wait a
minute, thank you thank youthank you, thank you thank you.
God, I'm sorry, god, it's afest.
And a final word from Mr Baileyyou did here, thank you.
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