The Superset - The Tonal Fan Podcast

The Superset - The Tonal Fan Podcast

From the people who brought you The Clip Out podcast comes The Superset podcast. Each we focus on the world of Tonal with news, tips, and interviews.


August 17, 2022 44 min

Monthly challenges are back.

The Tonal blog has tips for working out after you've had Covid.

Tonal has healthy cookout options.

Airplay is now available for mobile workouts.

There are updates to the live schedule.

Tons of new classes and programs are available.

Multi-Coach programs are now available.

Tonal Talk: Q&A with Dr. Brad Schoenfeld.

Tonal Talk: Get to Know Your Coaches.

Past guest and cancer survivor Shelly Swartz Black hit...

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The West Coast Coaches get downsized.

The Tonal blog has tips for people new to strength training.

There are no Apple Watch Complications for Tonal.

There are updates for movement replacements and tracking.

You can now use the mobile app to share your stats in style.

Tons of new content to check out.

Upcoming Tonal Talks include Meet The NYC Coaches and a Q&A with Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, PhD.

The August Challenge looks a little differen...

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  • From the Tonal Blog - How To Run Faster.
  • The final member of the Strength Made Me campaign is revealed.
  • Tonal is wanting feedback on the types of demos you prefer.
  • Mashable reviews the Tonal.
  • The new coaches go LIVE from NYC.
  • An overview of all the new content.
  • Coach Jackson has a touching post about his mother.
  • You can meet the new coaches in the latest Tonal Talk.
  • Read Between The Reps: How To Grow by Marcus Bridgewater.
  • Tonal Moms group ...
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  • Custom Movements can now be given descriptions! 
  • Programs+ is here!
  • Tonal has added new moves.
  • Don't miss Tonal's Workout Guide For All Body sizes.
  • We have details on the Tonal Eclipse Challenge
  • Tons of new content.
  • Tonal supports the Trevor Project with Pride Give Back classes.
  • The newest Tonal talk is Content & Curriculum with John Christie.
  • Book Club: One Live by Megan Rapinoe
  • The Tonal Community Calendar has been updated...
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  • Coach Jared got married.
  • Pablo’s burlesque doc gets distribution.
  • And it was nominated for a WOWIE Award. 
  • Tonal celebrates the opening of a store in NYC.
  • New Tonal gear is available for purchase.
  • Tonal T-Locks are back in stock.
  • There are updates to the Tonal Community Calendar.
  • Tips for a stylish home gym.
  • Beats Pro earbuds can pause your Tonal workout.
  • Lots of new content including Upper Body Push, Straight Up Arms, Naptime Tune Up, and ...
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  • Recapping the Tonal Strength Institute Summit.
  • Tonal reveals its strongest cities.
  • The Tonal blog debunks strength training for women.
  • Learn With Travis reviews the Tonal 2-years later.
  • New content including Sculpted to the Core, Spicy Leg Day, Intro to Arms, and more!
  • Coach Brendon talks about defining success.
  • Coach Natalie celebrates season two of Netflix's Bridgerton.
  • This month's book club is all about Grit.
  • Coach Gabby recent...
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  • The first-ever Tonal Strength Institute Summit has been announced.
  • Tips from Brendon Ayanbedejo has tips for improving your strength score.
  • The Tonal blog has some new transformation stories.
  • Tons of new content including "Coree Off The Floor," "Back For More," "Connect And Breath," and more!
  • The Tonal Moms group had a special event with Liz Lechford about Sex and Pelvic Floor Health.
  • All this plus our interview ...

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  • Tonal partners with Paralympian Brenna Huckaby.
  • The Tonal blog has tips for maximizing muscle growth.
  • Men's Health Muscle reviews the Tonal.
  • We have inspirational posts from Liz Letchford and Allison Tibbs.
  • You can now stream On The Go content without WiFi.
  • We have a recap of the latest new content.
  • This month's book club selection is Roar by Stacy Sims.
  • Stacy Sims will also be featured in two Tonal Talks.
  • The March Community Chall...
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  • There are new badges to earn.
  • The Tonal blog has tips for hypertrophy.
  • Tonal launches a new seasonal radio station for Black History Month.
  • Outside Online has a glowing review of the Tonal.
  • It's now even more convenient to sign up for Live & Encore classes.
  • Don't forget to check out the Community Calendar on FB to stay up to date on the various happenings in the Tonal FB community groups.
  • We have an update on all the latest c...
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  • There's a new way to do Feedback Friday.
  • There's new Tonal gear.
  • Tonal is making it easier to share your workouts to Instagram & Facebook.
  • Tons of new content including Dynamic Weight Mode Build, Full Body Burn, & Alleviate Soreness. 
  • Coach Jackson got married!
  • Coach Trace's Reverse Training Birthday Workout.
  • A new Ask Coach Nicolette is happening.
  • Community Coordinator Dia Woodbury is having a baby!
  • Vinny shows off his...
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  • Tonal teases a new challenge for 2022 but this time there will be nutritional support.
  • Various Tonal partner communities have debuted new content.
  • Tonal reminds us of various ways to maintain your equipment.
  • The Tonal blog reminds us of the importance of strength training for runners.
  • You can now use Amazon Music with your Tonal.
  • Tonal can now show you how many calories you've burned.
  • Tons of new content that includes Wake Up With Yo...
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  • Tonal kicks off Gratitude Week.
  • Tips on how to replace a move plus changes to the app.
  • A complete rundown of all the new content.
  • Coaches Jackson, Paul, and Nicolette have thoughtful posts to unpack.
  • Tonal makes Time Magazine's list of best inventions.
  • Rob Webb sits down with Venture Beat.
  • Sacramento is getting a Tonal showroom.
  • An article on Medium has some bad info about Tonal.
  • Lance Bass loves his Tonal.
  • Boxing champ Gervonta Davis i...
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  • Tonal's best sale of the year is here.
  • Tons of new content - including:
  • Coach Trace has a new Bodyweight Bootcamp.
  • Coach Kendall has new boxing.
  • Tonal is looking for feedback on their Social Zone.
  • There are lots of Tonal Talks to catch up on.
  • Tonal OTC member Eric Rosen is now a Tonal employee.
  • Kate is going to be in L.A. if you want to hang out.
  • Tonal Tips on untwisting your smart handles and pairing headphones.
  • Tonal had well-wishes f...
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  • Tonal takes us behind the scenes at dress rehearsals for live classes.
  • We take a peek at the Tonal Safety guidelines. 
  • New content including The Power Of Chains, Upper Body Intensity, Attack Your Core, and more.
  • Tonal spotlights the LGBTQ+ & Allies Facebook group.
  • There's another new FB group - Pets of Tonal.
  • Coach Nicolette and Coach Frances celebrated Latin Heritage Month.
  • Tonal's  Black Excellence Series continues with...
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  • Lebron James teams up with Tonal.
  • Tonal Live classes are almost upon us.
  • You can RSVP to live classes so you won't forget.
  • Tonal is looking to partner with niche groups.
  • The Tonal blog explores what's the best way to strength train - barefoot or with shoes.
  • New Tonal members can check out the Quick Start Guide.
  • If you're looking to find other Tonal members check out the Social Sunday in the OTC.
  • Coach Jackson was on the 15 Poi...
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  • What to expect when you're expecting a Tonal.
  • There are new items in the Gear Shop.
  • Aly Orady was on the Hurdle podcast.
  • New Features include smarter weight suggestions for high volume sets and info on replacement moves.
  • Lots of new content including Muscle Build Up with Coach Trace, Upper Body Fire with Coach Gabby, Yin Yoga with Coach Nikki, and more.
  • Tony Horton was spotted filming new classes.
  • Tonal is looking towards the communi...
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  • Tonal Community hits 20,000 members.
  • Aly Orady appeared on the How Success Happens podcast.
  • New Content: Tony Hortons's 20-In-20 program and more!
  • There have been some tweaks to the trainer.
  • Tonal Talk features "Stronger Than a Stigma" with Coach Pablo.
  • There are tons of Upcoming Events to be aware of.
  • The Ultimate Tonal Workout Guide has been updated.
  • The Tonal Blog talks about virtual fitness with friends.
  • There's a new...
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    Tonal adds four new coaches.

    Tons of new content announced.

    We have a new book club selection - "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker.

    September Challenge - Hyped Hypertrophy with Coach Nicolette.

    Tonal is looking for market research participants if you live in L.A.

    The Tonal app now lets you follow other Tonal users.

    Tonal adds new social options!

    All this plus our interview with Joe Wetterhahn!

    Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, ...

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  • A friendly reminder of the OTC's guidelines.
  • Tons of new workouts and programs.
  • Coach Jackson is letting YOU pick HIS workout.
  • The Tonal Blog spotlights April Ross and Alix Klineman's workouts.
  • More from the Tonal Blog - Sue Bird's total body workout.
  • How Tonal athletes fared in the Olympics.
  • The latest Tonal Talk spotlights data scientists.
  • Tonal is helping you find an accountability partner.
  • The August Challenge is here.
  • The T...
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  • Tonal launches a hotel finder.
  • The Tonal blog spotlights workouts for various athletics.
  • Forbes magazine sits down with CEO Aly Orady
  • Tonal gets their first legal chief.
  • Coach Jackson got married to Anya.
  • Coach Venus was featured in Health magazine.
  • Coach Pablo got a new puppy.
  • Andrew Tripppi, founder of the Tonal Dads FB group, now works in a Tonal showroom.
  • Sumner Paine hit the 25 million pounds milestone.
  • So much new content that we can&...
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