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May 31, 2022 20 mins

🌞 Lora’s summer vibe from a comfortable place. 01:03

😿 Working with women who have been betrayed. 01:51

👧 Magical childhood: little performer, perfectionist, and not used to being imperfect. 02:59

🚦 Warning signs we don’t see in time: it is not possible all the time. 05:27

💃 Dance as joy: choosing your career so that it brings us joy and challenges us.  07:20

🎯 Having a lot of passions: life is long enough to do it all.  ...

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💂‍♂️ Living in London: life is coming back to the good old days. 00:59

👩‍💼 Starting a new business during the pandemic. 01:47

🤩 People are the most important asset: talent consultancy and building HR systems. 03:09

👔 Talent associates and partnership in HR and recruitment. 04:47

😇 Nicola started in marketing then became a recruitment agent and consultant. 05:47

🌞 Remote working: freedom, flexibility, and new pool of tale...

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👠 Executive coaching and facilitate group training. 00:51

🏃‍♀️ Athletic Denise spends her time on traveling, running, and biking. 01:38

👩 Love for the creative environment and being critical of trainers made her a better coach. 02:59

🖥️ Pivot of facilitation and training online. 05:02

😇 Warm reception from her clients: fun part of their Zoomed day. 06:44

🌞 Celebrities in coaching, mediocre trainers and trainers who make t...

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🗽 From hustling in Central Park in New York to alternative therapy counseling. 00:39

🤩 Being patient with people opens so many doors. 04:02

😇 Flow of energy: recognizing stiff communication and people with blockages. 05:01

🩺 Charging for intangible: healing the root cause of an issue is sometimes uncomfortable. 07:13

🤓 Business model: one on one work, with observing and feeling the people and teams. 11:27

🌞 Words don’t de...

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📚 A whole stack of G. Wickman “Traction” books: it changed her life and business through “the Entrepreneurial Operating System.” 00:49

🎅 Interesting childhood: Cheri was born in Germany but her mom raised her three girls in Alaska. 02:09

🤓 Cheri is a bookworm in the family. 03:27

😇 She didn’t get into coaching and mentoring until she was 40: developing her potentials. 04:07

🌞 What EOS means for Cheri: making the business ...

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🥗 Supporting the local vegan restaurant. 00:52

🥑 Difference between veganism and plant-based way of eating. 01:22

💊 Chris is called Doctor Daigle because he is a fixer. 02:33

🔎 Growth architect or growth hacker: Glaringly Obvious Opportunities. 03:56

👽 Describing his business to a 3 year-old alien: so may D’s, Daddy. 06:44

📺 Advice for kids: turn off the TV and seek mentors. That will be enough to thrive. 08:00

💍 Shiny ob...

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🌞 Spring and summer vibe from Nina. 00:46

🧠 Two types of thinking among entrepreneurs. 01:33

👍 The right perception and response on things we don’t have control over. 03:27

⚠️ Procrastination has nothing to do with laziness but with reasons deep down. 06:18

🙋‍♀️ Story about insurance broker and how to overcome procrastination. 10:05

📈 Nina’s biggest financial success with a huge lift in income. 13:31

😇 She loves to perceiv...

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🦘 Life in Brisbane, Australia. 00:47

👔 Tim’s journey through entrepreneurship: “I got to start learning this thing called business” 02:12

👉 What you actually have to do while growing the business: growing by accident. 05:51

📈 Cash flow, the time factor, employees, and strategies relevant for business growth. 07:25

🤦‍♂️ Cash in the bank as the only business KPI: measurements and real reports for managing business. 08:57

😎 ...

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🚨 Are interns interned: what are real intern programs?  00:46

👉 Unpaid internship is dangerous: seven criteria around the Department of Labor's requirements. 02:23

😇 How Isabella helps employers to ensure real intern programs are in place. 04:10

🖥️ Annual membership for employers model: matching intern to employee through personality tools. 07:24

⚡ Peers mentoring and reverse mentoring: teaching employers to empower their ...

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👨‍🎤 Rich is our guest with the coolest look. 01:03

👔 His personal brand is connected with his personality. 02:05

😇 Some of the software ‘tragedies’ Rich is fixing. 02:53

👉 Tragic Media is a different company that focuses on top notch service.  05:04

🤝 Business model: Education, hard conversations, finding the core and creating strategy. 07:11

👨‍💻 After 13 years of changes in the web and market: from consulting to high e...

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🎵 The platinum album on Steve’s wall. 00:49

👕 Making money for bands: projecting sales for merchandise.  01:30

💸 Profit Accelerator software finds hidden annualized revenue in businesses. 03:54

🤔 Marketing as a number 1 issue for small businesses. 05:07

🕵️‍♂️ How do you operate? Sniper targeting in branding is crucial. 07:11

🤯 Owned and operated six different businesses: finding his passion. 08:17

👔 Jumping the cubicle: s...

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🌺 Legacy of helping others through her family history. 00:39

✨ A lineage of choosing specific work engagements. 03:33

👔 Mixed feelings on the job market: chaos and issues in the workforce.  05:35

👩‍💼 AnnaMaria has businesses for-profit and non-profit.  07:52

🤩 Prosperity Pathways: tips that are not taught but are essential to get a job. 08:24

💸 Her service prices are adjusted to people who depend on unemployment benefits....

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🌞 Doc Holden and all the great feelings about her name. 00:58

👩🏾‍🦱 Homeless on the streets of Atlanta: LaTarsha had a GED with six kids on the streets. 01:34 

😇 When your struggle outlasts your strength: using the principle of servant leadership.  03:30

👠 What Coretta Scott King, Felicia Pasha, and Michelle Obama mean to LaTarsha. 06:53

🤩 Learning the art of discipline even when your life is hard: helping people to chan...

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☕ What ‘Get the sh*t done’ means to Collin. 00:46

😇 He hated school, but he grabbed one opportunity. 02:01

👔 Creating his first 7-figure company with his girlfriend. 06:01

🎙️ Sales Cast: Colin recorded his podcast every day. 08:45

😎 Business model of podcasting: great source of content. 12:00

⚡ Podcasting is not fading out: building community. 15:35

📈 Running bootcamp is the bottleneck of growth. 17:30

🦄 Podcast hosts, just...

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👧 The amazing story about Chicke’s name. 00:40

🌞 Being a rebel from the beginning and being memorable. 02:08

✍️ Writing a book: how her grandmother visited a dictator’s wife in Brazil to get better prenatal care in 1940. 03:13

🤩 Passionate personal stories in your business are very important. 05:38

👩‍⚕️🏨 How a car accident in the family made her create a new business Hotels Nearby Hospitals. 06:36

⭐ Levels of passion and l...

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✈️ Wilbert was an APU mechanic for 40 years.  01:15

🤓 Pain made Wilbert create a tool to reduce it. 02:20

🤕 AbCollar: Distance between chin and neck is important for minimizing stress on the neck muscles. 03:11

🌞 The third party is making it locally, but Wilbert controls the quality process. 04:49

👔 Wilbert’s business model. 05:31

😎 People are telling him amazing stories about their different ways of using his product. 07:...

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🎸 Pelè’s guitar with a cutaway. 00:45

💰 Pursuing your happiness can also be profitable. 01:27

🎩 The hat: everyone in Minneapolis wears a hat, and it is all about the music. 02:34

⭐ Living in one more ‘music’ city - Austin, Texas and explaining the concept of tribalism. 04:23

🌞 Moving from music to personal development: the Velocity Jam tool. 06:05

✍️ Seth Godin’s blurb for Pelè’s book: permission marketing.  07:20

👩🏾‍🍼 Bo...

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April 11, 2022 21 mins

👨‍⚕️ Bob “the Retail Doc” chose his brand name a long time ago. 00:56

💎 SalesRX is an online retail training: stop chasing the shiny object. 01:43

👦 As a kid, he excelled in school but chose not to be a scientist.  03:44

🎼 Bob had many jobs as a young man, and he decided not to pursue his music conductor career. 05:04

🤔 Why polls online are generational and why Bob is skeptical of polls. 06:53

🌞 Retail is a game of being ...

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⏱️ Who is Scott Anderson in 12 seconds? 00:56
9️⃣ The nine companies Scott has owned. 01:45
🔥 Giving up too late or too fast, boredom and burnout in business. 02:43
👔 Burnout is a stress-related disorder and a formal mental illness.  04:51
🧃 The juice in business: Birthing a baby elephant and business is very stressful. 06:25
🚀 Most entrepreneurs want to move at the speed of light, but...08:39
😫 When...

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🎧 Kathleen loves listening to recruiting-related podcasts. 00:46

👔 Organizations need staff: the great resignation. 01:46

👻 Are job seekers finding themselves to be ghosted by recruiters? 03:11

🤯 No one reads cover letters: keywords, and the core questions in the interview.  05:20

🦄 The term recruiting is exchanged with talent acquisition. 07:42

😇 Matchmaker between employer and job seeker: how she builds trust with clien...

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