True Self Manifestation

True Self Manifestation

Angel Minuto is a licensed psychotherapist and IFS-Informed Transformation Coach, discussing all things manifestation, and Internal Family Systems/Parts Work. Each week she talks about how you can use Parts Work to tap into your True Self and work with the parts of you that have been sabotaging and blocking your manifestations, and frankly, your life, due to past programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs that they are holding onto. Learn how to build your self-worth from within, align with your True Self and the Universe, to manifest the life you've always wanted!


May 13, 2024 20 mins

True Self Manifestation with Angel Minuto presents the concluding part of the enlightening series: Unlocking Your Inner Magnetism, A Journey of Self-Love and Manifestation with the Connection Between Self-Love and Manifestation.

In this episode, Angel delves deep into the vital relationship between self-love, self-compassion, and successful manifestation. Drawing on the concept of being Self-led, Angel explores how aligning with one...

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In this episode of True Self Manifestation with Angel Minuto presents the first part of a transformative series: "Unlocking Your Inner Magnetism, A Journey of Self-Love and Manifestation." In this episode, Angel explores the pivotal role of self-compassion in manifesting desires, particularly love. By nurturing self-compassion, listeners learn to align with their True Self, fostering worthiness and readiness for love. 


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True Self Manifestation with host Angel Minuto presents an insightful episode on overcoming blocks in manifesting love. Delving into the subconscious, Angel explores how past experiences shape our relationship patterns and why we attract familiar dynamics. Through the lens of Internal Family Systems, listeners learn to identify and engage with their inner parts, fostering trust and alignment with their True Self.

The epis...

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March 25, 2024 22 mins

Dive into the journey of embodying your True Self with our latest podcast episode. Angel Minuto talks all about embodying True Self. What embodiment is, what gets in the way, and shares practices you can start using right now to begin embodying True Self. 

Learn how to live authentically, navigating beyond societal expectations, and embracing your authentic self. Discover 10 transformative practices that guide you towards self-aware...

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In episode 21 of the True Self Manifestation Podcast, Angel Minuto talks about our intuition. What it is, what it does for us, how to tell if it’s our intuition or a part of us stepping in, why intuition is so important for manifesting, and rituals and tools to help you with your intuition. This is a great episode! So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Show Notes
Blog Post-What Is Internal Family Systems?

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In this episode Angel discusses the number one reason why your manifestations aren't coming through and what you can do about this. It's a step that often isn't talked about or is clear enough to really grasp, until now!

By taking this step, we are healing and building trust with all parts of us, resulting in our parts allowing us to become Self-led. This means that our True Self is in the lead with our part...

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In this episode Angel talks all things New Year’s rituals. These are the most magnetic and aligned New Year’s rituals you can do to manifest your best life in 2024! These powerful New Year’s rituals help you align with your True Self and use that energy to be guided to choosing your word of the year, intentions, and then how to use the power of aligning with your True Self and the Universe to solidify how you want 2024 to look like...

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On this week’s episode, Angel Minuto has on special guest, Stephanie Pastore to demonstrate an IFS Parts Work exercise on one of Stephanie’s parts that becomes activated around certain family members and in recent relationship. They dig deep to find the root of why this part does what it does and worked with this part to shift this behavior. 

Stephanie has been working with Angel for some time now with her parts which contributed to...

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In this insightful podcast, Angel Minuto explores the profound concept of being self-led and aligning with your True Self. Titled "Finding Your Authentic Voice: Navigating Life as a Self-Led Individual," the episode delves into the importance of this mindset in various aspects of life, extending beyond the realms of manifestation.

 Discover what it truly means to be self-led, shedding light on aligning with your True Self,...

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Join Angel Minuto in this eye-opening podcast episode, "Breaking Free from Imposter Syndrome: Unleash Your True Self," as we delve into the pervasive impact of imposter syndrome on our lives and well-being. If you've ever felt like a fraud despite your achievements, struggled with self-doubt, or downplayed your successes, this episode is a must-listen.

 Explore the roots of imposter syndrome, often traced back to fami...

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The holiday season is just around the corner, bringing joy and warmth, but also triggering moments and family dynamics that can leave us feeling vulnerable and small. In this insightful podcast episode, delve into the complexities of family relationships with Angel Minuto, as  she explores the fascinating phenomenon of reverting back to childhood versions of ourselves when faced with certain relatives.

This episode sheds l...

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In this thought-provoking podcast, we delve into the concept of confirmation bias and explore how it can either work for or against our manifestations. Hosted by Angel Minuto, the show delves into the psychological phenomenon of confirmation bias, where people tend to favor information that aligns with their beliefs. Through engaging anecdotes and insightful discussions, the podcast challenges common narratives surrounding fear, se...

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In this episode I talk all about limiting beliefs. The thoughts that you take as fact.  Believe as absolute truth. The thoughts that dictate how you perceive yourself, others, the world around you. These thoughts are believed as absolute truth and they stop you in your tracks from doing things, reaching your goals, your hopes, dreams, living a fulfilling life. Limiting beliefs skew our perception of ourselves and the world around u...

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I have heard time and again from women using the Law of Attraction to manifest that they begin feeling disappointed in themselves and feel defeated when manifestation practices like LOA doesn’t work. 

 That disappointment and feeling of defeat lead them to be more self-critical. 

-They blame themselves for it not working. -They lose faith in themselves and in the Universe. 

-They give up. 

 Instead, they just continued with the daily g...

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Manifesting love is a big one! But if you notice something blocking you from you bringing in that right person, this is what it is. 

Relationship blocks are patterns and cycles in our subconscious that continue to play out in relationships despite wanting to manifest different results. There are many ways relationship blocks show up. You must get to the root of these blocks so you can manifest the relationship you truly desire.

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This episode explores the feelings we are trying to evoke with our manifestations. Feelings are powerful. If we can get into that state through visualization, we are opening ourselves up to the Universe letting her know that we are ready to receive what we are manifesting. By tapping into how this will feel when it comes through, we are teaching ourselves that it is possible to have and helping our parts see this as well.

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In this episode I go into detail about the subconscious blocks that sabotage our manifestations, how they impact our self-worth, and share personal stories and examples to better understand how past programming and conditioning evolve into limiting beliefs and become invisible scripts we unconsciously follow. I also share an exercise on how to determine what part is blocking your manifestations, and how to use True Self energy to w...

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June 5, 2023 21 mins

In this episode I go deeper into our shadow parts. Our shadow parts are parts of us that have been repressed or hidden in our subconscious. We don’t do this consciously; it is all subconscious. It’s because we pick up on things growing up from caretakers and people of authority. We experience pressures, societal expectations, and norms. These are often based on family expectations and values, but also based on gender, socio-economi...

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May 15, 2023 22 mins

In this episode I discuss how I’ve lost myself and how I reconnected to my True Self. I also talk about how you can reconnect to yourself using my free Mindfulness Check-In Guide. 

Sometimes it's difficult to access True Self energy because we are disconnected from our thoughts, emotions, and bodies. Connecting to ourselves, our True Selves, is one of the keys to manifesting everything you want! Let me show you how with this FR...

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April 24, 2023 26 mins

This episode we explore what it means to get curious, internally, and externally. I talk about why this is so powerful, yet often forgotten about. I also give you tips and exercises to get curious without judgment and how you can expand your curiosity. I hope you enjoy this episode!


Check out the show notes here.

Free Quiz- Unlock Your Power: Transform Your Limiting Beliefs
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