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March 14, 2024 22 mins

In this episode, Coach Mike Ricci interviews members of the CU Triathlon team as they prepare for their conference championship and nationals. Madeline and Devin share their journey into triathlon and their roles within the team. Coach KJ discusses her background in swimming and her transition into coaching. The team emphasizes the importance of fundraising to support their races and the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. They also highlight the team's focus on process-based goals and the importance of a supportive team culture. The episode concludes with information on how listeners can donate and support the team.


  • The CU Triathlon team relies on fund raising to support their races and subsidize costs.
  • The team emphasizes process-based goals and a supportive team culture.
  • Coach KJ has seamlessly transitioned into her role as coach and has brought a focus on swim workouts and maintaining team traditions.

The team is focused on preparing for their conference championship and nationals, with a goal of performing their best and enjoying the experience. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction and Team Background 03:06 Roles and Fundraising 05:55 Preparations for Conference Championship 09:03 Coach KJ's Impact on the Team 12:00 Coach KJ's Transition and Comfort with the Team 14:58 Coaching Moments and Frustrations 19:46 Fundraising and Support

21:30 Closing Remarks and Good Luck‍

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