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June 4, 2024 48 mins

When life gets hard (and let's face it, that's a lot of the time) it's incredibly helpful to have a mental health professional to talk things through with. Therapists can support us to manage heavy emotions, help us get unstuck, guide us to overcome unhelpful habits, move us towards the goals we have and so much more. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, burnout, boundaries, work or family challenges, a therapist can help. But access isn't always easy. Hurdles in the way of therapy include financial barriers, stigma, scheduling, finding someone who 'gets you', finding someone who's available and not feeling ready to actually sit down in a therapist's chair. 

This week's guest, Tammi Miller, wrote Paperback Therapy to bridge the gap between the need for mental health support, and actually sitting down with a therapist. In this conversation Tammi talks with Dr Jodi about the inaccessibility of therapy, the powerful role of a counselling, the book she wrote to offer an affordable alternative if therapy is out of reach for any reason and some of the tools within.



Jodi is a speaker, educator, and bestselling author specialising in anxiety and well-being. Learn more:

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