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May 7, 2024 55 mins

Ever find yourself trapped in a cycle of overthinking; going over and over the same situation in your mind without knowing how to move on? Maybe you worry a lot about things that might happen, or you're very good at jumping to the worst case scenario? Overthinking, rumination and worry can make life extremely difficult. The tendency to replay situations or events from the past, or worry about something that might happen, is common but doesn't have to be debilitating.

In this conversation, Dr Jodi talks with Carly Taylor to shed light on why we can get stuck in a cycle of overthinking and importantly, exactly what we can do about it. Carly uncovers the differences between rumination and worry, explains why we do it, shares openly about her son's rumination as he struggled with the challenges of Cushing's Disease, shares a powerful metaphor to help anyone struggling with overthinking to make change and more. 



Jodi is a speaker, educator, and bestselling author specialising in anxiety and well-being. Learn more:

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