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June 25, 2024 60 mins

Anxiety can make it hard to reach our potential. Even thinking about taking a personal or professional risk can send our heart rates up and our confidence plummeting. It's not that we're not good enough, that we're not trying hard enough, that we don't want it badly enough. It's not about willpower or determination. It's because of reflexive bodily responses that occur in the face of stress and pressure, and the uncertainty around how we'll be received. The popular belief that 'it's all in our head' simply doesn't hold true. 

In this powerful conversation Dr Jodi talks with Michael Allison, Founder of The Playzone. Michael's groundbreaking work brings the science of Polyvagal Theory to the area of high performance in all walks of life, including elite sport. Michael explains what stands in the way of us stepping up, stepping out, making big changes and shining in the ways that we want to, how to identify predictable patterns that show up when we're unsettled and the routines that can help anyone reach their potential.


Jodi is a speaker, educator, and bestselling author specialising in anxiety and well-being. Learn more:

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