What the Meta!

What the Meta!

Greetings MetaSapiens! What the Meta is your fun and informative videocast partner in figuring out what the metaverse is and can be. Join Jason Chung and Philip Milestone, two metaspace lawyers, wonks and educators, as they grapple with their virtual lives and identities and figure out how to engage with a new plane of existence. Helping them on their journey are a host of friends – top thinkers, personalities and renegades – who explain key concepts of life such as citizenship, property and love in the metaverse.


April 11, 2024 67 mins

Right on time, Philip and Jason delve into what happened in 2023. From huge news in the SEC-Ripple lawsuit to Sam Bankman-Fried being found guilty of defrauding FTX account holders, last year was a wild ride for distributed ledger technology (DLT). Helping Jason overcome his crippling fear of rollercoasters is this episode’s guest Josh Lawler, head of Zuber Lawler’s Emerging Technologies group and DLT guru. Join us as Josh answers ...

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Join Jason and Philip as they talk about their gaming chops (or lack thereof), what gaming means to them and what trends they foresee at the intersection of gaming and Web3. Then listen as they pivot to talk to a real expert in Alexander Lee, Senior Gaming and Esports Reporter at Digiday, a true final boss of industry knowledge and insights.

Together, they delve into the complex and often misunderstood realm of Web3 as it intersects...

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Our intrepid co-hosts, Jason and Philip, have finally realized that they are so, so old. To get a better understand of what an actually desirable demographic (Gen Alpha) thinks of the metaverse, they speak to Tycho Milestone, a whipsmart 12-year-old who explains exactly what he thinks of the current metaverse, how it compares to Fortnite and what the metaverse should be like in the future.

Editor’s note: Tycho Milestone is the proge...

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Jason and Philip are back! After a brief hiatus during which the metaverse dodged, ducked, dipped, dived and dodged, the duo are back to discuss recent tech developments and what it means for the future of the metaverse.

First up, they catch up on recent developments in crypto legal land before pivoting to discussing X and Threads and what billionaires capture of the public square might mean for engagement in the metaverse. This is ...

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Do you remember that cool scene in the Matrix when Morpheus beat Neo in the metaverse dojo and asked “you think that’s air you’re breathing”? Well, I wondered what the value of the property damage to the dojo was.

Helping Philip and Jason understand how to value things in the metaverse is Joe Brennan of Houlihan Capital – an expert in valuation in the real world and online. We go through a fake scenario to talk about why things onli...

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February 22, 2023 81 mins

Have you ever bought anything online and wondered “is this real”? Did you buy a “genuine” Rolex while vacationing overseas? Do you own a Bored Ape – but the JPEG version?

Safe to say then that you’ve probably wondered whether what you have is real and therefore valuable.

Special guest James Smyth of Prüf joins Jason and Philip to and educate on how blockchain can help with establishing and tracking the history and authenticity of phy...

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This episode, Jason reveals a love for Top Gun: Maverick and finds his dream “roll” learning about DnD. Philip explains what a dungeon master is, why collective delusion is really cool, and happily speaks up when Jason asks him to “talk to me, Goose.”. Both talk to Eben Matthews, founder of Macroverse, a Web3 entertainment studio seeking to revolutionize storytelling using new business and creative tools offered in spaces like the ...

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December 1, 2022 59 mins

This episode, Philip and Jason wonder if the metaverse is really just a bad video game and whether legs will attract people to Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual boardrooms. Guiding them on their journey of curiosity is investor, entrepreneur and author David Orban, who provides history and context relevant to Web3 and the metaverse and explains why everything new is actually old again. Something, something doomed to repeat history.

For more...

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November 14, 2022 60 mins

Ever watch two lawyers talk about art? This isn’t the setup to a joke - this episode Jason and Philip talk about their relationship with art and how art is operationalized and monetized in virtual worlds that need to be created.

They are joined by Robbi Firestone, an artist who has successfully sold her digital artwork via blockchain technology and someone passionate about how the metaverse could lead to worlds exploding with creati...

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October 18, 2022 63 mins

This week Philip and Jason talk about how difficult and weird it was to awkwardly interact online during the 90s, an era where slap bracelets and pogs ruled the world unironically and the most famous Kardashian was a lawyer.

They’re joined by Mark Jeffrey, a true metaverse pioneer who co-founded The Palace (thepalace.com), an online community with graphical avatars, with investment from Time Warner, Intel and SOFTBANK. The trio talk...

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September 26, 2022 69 mins

This episode, Jason and Philip are joined by Jonathan Stringfield, VP of Global Business Research and Marketing at Activision Blizzard and author of the insightful and genuinely helpful "Get in the Game: How to Level Up your Business with Gaming, Esports and Emerging Technologies." They discuss a bevy of topics including how gaming has traditionally been used to bring along new audiences to new tech, how the metaverse shouldn’t be...

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September 6, 2022 65 mins

Relationships are complicated. Relationships with people expressed as pixels are even more complicated. Jason and Philip discuss how strange human connections in a virtual forum can get before being joined by Dr. Joan Irvine, a multitalented consultant and Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy whose insights on sex, love and relationships in the metaverse come from decades of experience with online child protection and the adult entertai...

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August 8, 2022 64 mins

Our co-hosts, Philip and Jason, talk about how money works in life and the metaverse and how everything need not be about crypto or tokens. Good thing too as crypto winter struck during recording sessions. Learn how this impacted our humble show and enthusiasm for monetizing the metaverse at large.

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Jason and Philip are back to discuss how property might work in the metaverse and why real world conceptions of ownership and scarcity just don’t make sense in a virtual existence. Special guest Charles Smith of Nifty Island explains how his open, player owned, virtual world favors the creation easily exportable and exchangeable virtual assets to create a meritocratic metaverse platform. Warning: some reference of John Locke’s th...

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June 6, 2022 45 mins

Join our intrepid hosts, Jason Chung and Philip Milestone, two lawyers (but not your lawyer) as they start their journey into understanding the metaverse. Listen as dreamer Philip ponders metaphysics of the metaverse and practical Jason wonders how it a metaverse is defined and if World of Warcraft counts as one.

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April 9, 2022 1 min

Greetings MetaSapiens!

What the Meta is your fun and informative podcast partner in figuring out what the metaverse is and can be. Join Jason Chung and Philip Milestone, two metaspace lawyers, wonks and educators, as they grapple with their virtual lives and identities and figure out how to engage with a new plane of existence. Helping them on their journey are a host of friends – top thinkers, personalities and renegades – who expl...

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