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July 26, 2023 7 mins
Welcome to the latest episode of Who Are These Startups Podcast! In this exciting conversation, our Startup Coach sits down with Pedro Bento de Faria, the CEO and co-founder of Kelsen, a game-changing legal tech startup. Discover how Kelsen utilizes AI to generate long-form bespoke technical writing, catering to the needs of lawyers and law firms. Pedro shares his journey from a litigation lawyer to an AI entrepreneur, unveiling the driving force behind Kelsen's mission. Dive into the world of legal tech innovation and gain valuable insights into the future of the legal industry. Tune in now for a captivating discussion on AI's transformative role in legal writing! Links: Kelsen on the Web Kelsen on LinkedIn Startup Talk Podcast Check Out our Monthly Startup Investor Drinks TorontoStarts Entrepreneur and Startup Community Angel Investor List Venture Capital List Join us on Reddit TorontoStarts YouTube Channel Automated Transcript of AI-Powered Legal Writing: The Future of Law Firms with Kelsen The Startup Coach  Welcome to Who are the startups podcast shorts featuring founder interviews of Canadian startups. Welcome back to who are these startups? I'm the startup coach, founder of Toronto starch. And with me today is Pedro bento de Faria, CEO and co founder of Kelsen. Welcome, Pedro. Pedro Bento de Faria  Hi, thank you. Nice to be here. The Startup Coach  What does Kelsen do? Pedro Bento de Faria  So calcium or developing AI based software that generates very long form bespoke technical writing, the high value added stuff for the legal sector for lawyers and for law firms. The Startup Coach  Is Kelsen for a specific type of lawyer or lawyer firms or anybody in the legal industry. Well, Pedro Bento de Faria  the way we see it Kelsen could be used by anybody in the legal industry. But as we're going to market, we're targeting initially small and medium sized law firms. From there. After we get that foothold, we plan to scale up to larger law firms and in house legal departments. The Startup Coach  What is your startup story? Pedro Bento de Faria  Well, so I'm a courier. Attorney. I was a litigation lawyer for 10 years. And when you do litigation, most of what you do is either writing or reviewing other people's writing. And around 2019, when my son was born, I got really frustrated, because I couldn't fit to spend as much time as I wanted with him, because I was stuck in the office writing. And one day, I was stuck at midnight, an all night drafting session. And I realized that there had to be a better way to do these things. And that's when it struck me that we could use AI to produce these first drafts of long form legal texts, like pleadings, which is what we're doing right now. The Startup Coach  What drives you? Pedro Bento de Faria  Well, I find the idea of bringing something into the world that has never been done before. exhilarating, and specifically in entrepreneurship, because I was a lawyer before and most of what I did was solving other people's problems. The idea now of doing my own project, is is extremely motivating for me. The Startup Coach  How do you define success? Well, Pedro Bento de Faria  that are more abstract, macro level, for me success would be the ability to look back at my life and know that I lived my own life and changed my own goals. At a more micro level, I think that's a moving target. It's always changing once you get there, it has evolved. But right now, success for us would be launching our product and going to market in the next few months. The Startup Coach  I can see all different kinds of business models with this. What is the business model for Kelsen? Pedro Bento de Faria  So very simple, we're b2b on a hybrid monthly subscription. So basically, the customer the law firm will pay a base month's subscription plus a variable amount corresponding to how ...
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