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July 19, 2023 9 mins
In this episode of "Who Are These Startups," host Startup Coach sits down with Amy Lorincz, CEO and co-founder of Vope Medical, a groundbreaking startup in the healthcare industry. Vope Medical is developing an AI-driven software that aims to improve vision during minimally invasive surgeries. By leveraging computer vision, they eliminate the need for manual lens cleaning, ensuring seamless and efficient surgeries. Amy shares the startup's journey, from identifying the problem through interviews with surgeons to their unique solution. Tune in to learn more about Vope Medical's mission to enhance surgical procedures for both surgeons and patients. Links: Vope Medical on the Web Vope Medical on LinkedIn Vope Medical on Facebook Startup Talk Podcast Check Out our Monthly Startup Investor Drinks TorontoStarts Entrepreneur and Startup Community Angel Investor List Venture Capital List Join us on Reddit TorontoStarts YouTube Channel Automated Transcript of Vope Medical Who Are These Startups Podcast The Startup Coach  Welcome to Who are the startups, podcast shorts featuring founder interviews of Canadian startups. Welcome back to who are the startups I am the startup coach founder front of starts. And with me today is Amy Lorincz, CEO and co founder of Vope medical. Welcome, Amy. Amy Lorincz  Thanks for having me. The Startup Coach  What does Vope medical do Amy Lorincz  so we are developing an AI driven software that improves vision and minimally invasive surgery. This is compared to a mechanical cleaning process where a surgeon has to physically clean a camera lens, we're taking a different approach and leveraging computer vision to clean the image feed that the surgeon sees so that surgeries can go on seamlessly and efficiently. The Startup Coach  Is it for a specific type of hospital a specific type of surgeon. Amy Lorincz  It is for surgeons and patients and this is any surgeon that is performing endoscopic procedures, so procedures that require a small camera lens to see a picture of the surgical site. So for them, we're really solving the problem where as you can imagine, if you're performing surgery and can't see what you're doing, it's highly stressful and disruptive. And surgeons really want to focus on the procedures they're performing in their patients. So solving that problem for them. And then on the patient side with our software, we can actually reduce the time that they spend in surgery. So that's better from a healing perspective and patient safety perspective. So really developing the software for the surgeons and the patients. The Startup Coach  What is your startup story. Amy Lorincz   This startup started from a surgical innovation program at McGill, we interviewed 30 minimally invasive surgeons found that vision as a problem were typically 37% of the total time in surgery, surgeons can't actually see clearly what they're doing. So from there, we decided to address that problem with a different approach that is currently not on the market, and really validated that problem with them. And the product we're solving for using a computer vision approach and a software cleaning approach to cleaning this lens contamination. And from there really brought on different researchers on our team. So we have a PhD researcher Dimitri, who's our CTO from Mila, also Martin on our technical team to help us with the software development side of things. So that's pretty much how we started and where we're at right now. What drives you, I have a background in industrial engineering. So I've always been really interested in optimizing processes and systems and I also have a really big passion for the healthcare industry and making improvements there. So those two coupled and finding a solution to a persisting problem in the space that hasn't been solved yet is super motivating. For me,
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