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June 21, 2023 7 mins
Welcome to the latest episode of Who Are These Startups Podcast! In this episode, our Startup Coach sits down with Noah Crampton, the CEO of Mutuo Health Solutions, the brilliant minds behind AutoScribe. Join us as we dive into how Muto Health Solutions is leveraging AI to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Discover how their innovative technology streamlines doctor-patient interactions, saves valuable time, and alleviates the administrative burden on healthcare professionals. Get inspired by Noah's journey as a family physician turned entrepreneur, driven by a mission to solve the burnout crisis in healthcare. Don't miss this insightful conversation packed with valuable insights and the future of healthcare. Links: Mutuo Health Solutions on the web Mutuo Health Solutions on LinkedIn Mutuo Health Solutions on Facebook Mutuo Health Solutions on Twitter Startup Talk Podcast Check Out our Monthly Startup Investor Drinks TorontoStarts Entrepreneur and Startup Community Angel Investor List Venture Capital List Join us on Reddit TorontoStarts YouTube Channel Mutuo Health Solutions - Who Are These Startups - Automated Transcript SUMMARY KEYWORDS ai, doctors, startups, toronto, technology, mutuo, market, noah, founder, solutions, scribe, product, patients, solving, healthcare, administrative tasks, business, people, application, prototype SPEAKERS Noah Crampton, The Startup Coach The Startup Coach  Welcome to Who are the startups, podcast shorts featuring founder interviews of Canadian startups. Welcome back to who are the startups I am the startup coach, founder of TorontoStarts and with me today is Noah cramped and CEO of Mutuo Health Solutions and makers of auto scribe. Welcome, Noah. Noah Crampton  Thank you. The Startup Coach  So what does Mutuo Health Solutions do? Noah Crampton  We have a product called Autoscribe, which is an AI based scribe technology for doctors. So you can imagine you're at your doctor's office, and there's a microphone in the exam room attached to the computer in the exam room. And as the doctor is asking the patient questions, it listens to the conversation, and in real time generates a note that the doctor would normally type themselves. So it saves the doctor like up to 50% of their time on note taking, who is Mutuo Health Solutions for that just for doctors is for dentists, all health care. The nice thing about our technology is that the AI is very flexible. We built a lot of different note templates for any kind of health care provider. Right now we're targeting, you know, the standard physicians in the community, whether they be family physicians or specialists, but any any healthcare provider can use it. The Startup Coach  What is your startup story and what drives you? Noah Crampton  I'm a family physician, myself, and I wanted to solve my own problem. And we knew that AI was coming up with amazing solutions to problems. And one of them that I was passionate about was how much time doctors spent doing administrative tasks that are causing a burnout crisis in health care, doctors are leaving the profession because there's just so much paperwork that's being dumped on them. So I started researching this area about five years ago, and I collaborated with the computer scientists from the University of Toronto, and we started to prototype how to generate this AI scribe tool, and we got really good performance. And so during the pandemic, we refined the prototype into you know, alpha, beta, and did all the privacy, security and legal stuff required and healthcare and we've been in the market for the last four months with, we're now up to 10 users of our product, The Startup Coach  and how do you define success. Noah Crampton  So I'm here to make a big impact in healthcare, you know, certainly want to see traction with the tool, making sure that it provides value to clinicians.
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