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June 15, 2022 18 mins
Welcome back to Who Are These Startups. Podcast shorts featuring founders of Canadian startups, hosted by the Startup Coach. This episode features Visto.AI CEO and Co-founder Josh Schachnow. —— Who Are These Investors Podcast Startup Talk Podcast Register for Startup and Entrepreneur Events here Check Out our Monthly Startup Investor Drinks TorontoStarts Entrepreneur and Startup Community Angel Investor List Venture Capital List Join us on Reddit TorontoStarts YouTube Channel Starting A Business in Ontario: A Resources Guide For Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Scaleups Startup Pricing Strategies The Startup List Monthly Entrepreneur & Startup Investor Speed Dating Join us for Startup Pitch Battle Visto AI on Who Are These Startups Podcast Transcript (Automate) Visto AI on Who Are These Startups podcast final.mp3 - TranscriptWelcome to who are these startups podcast shorts, featuring founder interviews of Canadian startups. Welcome back to. Who are these startups with me? Today is Josh Shack. Now. Co-founder and CEO of Vista Way. I welcome Josh, thanks for having me, Greg appreciated. What does Vista do? We are an immigration tech company. So we we've been around for a few years. Now, you can find on our website, a lot of tools, if you're an aspiring immigrant to learn about the different programs and waste to come to Canada. But primarily what we focus on now is helping connect Canadian companies with skilled workers abroad more specifically right now Tech workers from abroad. So we've built a platform where companies can find interview and sponsor AKA bring through the immigration programs foreign Tech Talent into their Canadian offices. What is your startup story? Well, I'm an immigration lawyer by trade, I don't dress like it anymore. Part of what I like so much about the tech world, but I've been practicing immigration law out of out of Toronto, for the last five years. Five and a half years and was working primarily with tech companies, more and more of them started and continue to sponsor foreign Talent, just because of how competitive it is in, in Canada, North America. Now it's becoming Global how competitive it is in terms of the war on talent. And after a few years of working with a lot of tech companies and seeing the cool things they were building, I was just confused about why nobody was building, m e, n e, tachyon immigration. So I started this. So about two-and-a-half years ago, we started with more of a b2c focus but pivoted over the last summer to building this B2B platform that I just talked about and the team's grown, have a co-founder Alex to see to do we have a developer of Our Own in Mexico A few other contractors that we work with from around the world. Some awesome investors so it's it's grown a lot in a couple years and hopefully we'll continue to grow a lot more. What drives you? What drives me? I think, just solving big problems for a lot of people I like doing immigration work, but it wasn't, I guess so efficient in a lot of traditional professionals operating we're seeing this in a lot of Industries, right? Where Tech comes in and just kind of changes the way things work and changes, how efficient and effective things can be done. And so what really drives me, especially, as it relates to Visto is being able to help so many companies grow their teams. Because we know that companies are really only as good as their people and can really only grow as quick as they can. Add more great people. So, helping a lot of companies and helping a lot of immigrants because there's a lot of people around the world that weren't, as lucky as I am, as I was growing up and now I continue to get to live in Canada, which I think is in a, one of the best countries to live in in the world. And there's a lot of people out there who want to start Lives in different countries for any number of reasons. And what our platform does is help those people.
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