YOUR TIME IS NOW! | Abundance, Mindset, Life Coaching, Holistic Health & Clean Eating

YOUR TIME IS NOW! | Abundance, Mindset, Life Coaching, Holistic Health & Clean Eating

If you are craving inner peace, joy, abundance, and ease once and for all, YOUR TIME IS NOW! I am Allison Fitzpatrick, and I’m here to tell you that you are never stuck. You CAN start over again and again and still be wildly successful. You CAN accomplish anything. You CAN cultivate beautiful relationships. You CAN manifest a healthy body even when it seems impossible. Together, we'll delve into the transformative power of life coaching, navigating the landscape of personal growth, and harnessing the energy of holistic health. You can manifest not only a healthy body but also beautiful relationships and a life of ease, even when it seems challenging. Life is always unfolding for your benefit. I truly believe that and I'm here to support you in creating a mindset that amplifies your strengths and resilience, uncovers the secrets to sustainable change, and explores limitless possibilities. Again, life is always happening for you, you are more powerful than you know, and something truly beautiful is waiting for you on this journey. Join me as we navigate the pathways to abundance, explore the realms of holistic health, and embrace the transformative power of a positive mindset. Your radiant life is just a decision away—let's embark on this journey together and create the life you've always envisioned.


June 17, 2024 28 mins

“We are not meant to fully heal and never have struggles and challenges. The universe will bring us situations and feelings when we are meant to step into a new level of growth and consciousness. When we feel like we are falling backwards, we are actually in the midst of growth and we have to embrace that.“

Welcome to today’s episode of Your Time Is Now!, the last epísode of this season of the podcast, as I slow down for t...

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“I have learned to embrace this part of myself, learning to love the unknown. [...] I've learned that change is inevitable. And although the unknown can be scary, it can also be just a beautiful and exciting thing as well.”

I'm feeling really good and in today’s episode of Your Time Is Now! I want to share a bit about that. I started out the year not feeling 100%, but have since then changed things up and I’m fee...

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“The word that comes to mind is preventative. Our health care system is reactive and we're treating disease, so your body's already in the state of disease as opposed to looking for precursors or things that are starting to break down.”

I am so excited for today’s episode of Your Time Is Now! because I get to spend my 40th episode with my special guest Dee Davidson. She is a beautiful soul, a Certified Functional...

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“​​We can't have regrets for the mistakes. We have to welcome them and embrace them because they only make us better and they only make us stronger and they will always move us in to the direction of where we are meant to be in. Even when it doesn't feel that way.”

I know I have always come on here and shared stories about me, but in today’s episode of Your Time Is Now! I actually wanted to share a story about my...

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“What I have learned over the years and what I continue to do in my life as a whole with everything is I continue to believe in all the things I cannot see. I continue to believe that what I desire will show up in my life. Even when I can't see it, even when it seems impossible, I continue to believe I continue to have faith.”

Welcome back to Your Time Is Now! I’m finally back after a brief and unexpected hiatus from ...

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“Don't waste your life looking into the future and wondering when things are going to get better or wondering when your manifestations are going to come. Life is happening right now.”

During our time in Florida together, Scott and I have been dreaming a lot, about our desires, about what’s next, and more. We aren’t ready for some of it yet, but we have started the process of calling it in.

So, in today’s epis...

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I look at birthdays through this lens of what can I celebrate? How can I celebrate? What will bring me joy and what do I want to do for myself in this year to come? What will be exciting for me?

Today’s episode of Your Time Is Now! Is a very special one. I recorded it the day before my birthday when I turned 49.

Reaching the last year in my 40s, suffering a scary fall, and being an empty nester trying out the sn...

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“Can we learn to love the pieces of us that may not be for everyone? Because here's the thing: You will not be for everyone. When you are your true authentic self, you will open yourself up and you will call in those that are meant to be in your life. You will call in those that will love every piece of you. And how amazing is that?”

Feeling like I don’t belong has always been a huge part of my life, and probably your...

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“We can't wait for outside circumstances to change in order to feel better. We can't expect people to change in order for us to be happy. We can't wait for environments to change in order to feel good.  Our own happiness is up to us. It's up to me. It's up to you.”

To be honest with you, I have not been in the best of places this month of January. I‘ve been deep in my feels, spending a lot of time ...

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“You are the creator of your own happiness. Focus on what you can control and let the universe do its magic with the rest.”

Welcome back to the Your Time is Now! Podcast and to the first episode of Season 4. I am so excited to be back here doing this thing that brings me joy, makes me feel good, and helps me serve others. So, thank you so much for being here again, and happy new year!

Join me as I update you on li...

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“Every new year is a year of transformation. We are always shifting, and we are always growing and we are always changing every year. Be so grateful for all the lessons you learn this past year. Be so proud of everything you accomplished. [...] The time is now for a fresh start. Enter each new year with an open mind and an open heart.”

December for me is a month of reflection. It’s when we get to reflect back on all the th...

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“When we change, we often worry what other people are going to think of us, right? But here's the thing, you GET to change your mind. You get to change your mind on whatever you want, whenever you want.”
There’s a lot of shame and guilt that go along with changing one’s mind. Especially, when you’ve been saying that you'll never do something or saying “This is what I totally believe in!” for quite some time.
So, ...

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“If we had any advice for couples that were younger, and going through that time [with young children], where you are both working and life feels crazy, it's so important to make sure you are filling your cup on a daily basis in one way or another.”

I'm super excited for today’s episode of Your Time Is Now! because I have a very special guest with me: the one and only Scott Fitzpatrick, my beautiful, handsome, lo...

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“You are not alone. Friendships will come and go. Life is constantly changing. Some you won’t feel very affected by and some… you will grieve. People will come into your life for a reason. Some will be lifelong friends, some may stay for 10 years, 3 years, or 2 months. But they are always here to serve a certain purpose in our lives.”

There are many emotions and questions that come along with shifts in friendships. A lot o...

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“Don't put it down, put it away.” All those little piles add up to be a huge project. Every time you walk past them, they're creating a narrative in your mind because of the energy that they have. So, you're seeing it as failure. ‘Oh, I still have to put that away.’ Whereas when we just get to it, when we just get it done and then we commit to maintaining the space, then it makes it so that we feel successful every s...

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“Sadness will show up in our lives. And what I realized and questioned for myself was: Do we really allow ourselves to fully grieve these losses? Or do we just push some of these aside and pretend we are okay? Do we share our feelings with others and look for support? Or do we hold it in and again, just pretend everything's okay? (...) Do we allow ourselves to fully move through it?”

Becoming an empty nester has not b...

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“Trust me, I know it's hard to take a step back from your life and really look at the big picture. It's so easy for us to tell our loved ones: ‘You're not a failure. Everything will work out. You are worthy.’ But we also have to create those beliefs for ourselves.”
The conversations I had during the first Sacred Circle event - which was amazing, by the way - led to a lot of reflection around the things that happe...

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“There's going to be times in our life where we may feel like we aren't where we want to be. Whether it's where we live, where we are in our personal life, or where we are in our business. The problem is we get so focused and hung up on not being where we want to be that we forget that the now is exactly where we are supposed to be.”

For most of the summer, we lived at our beach house in the Cape and I expec...

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“Abundance isn't necessarily material things. So what is abundance then? Abundance is a vibration. Abundance is a feeling. Abundance is love. If we are not in an abundance mindset, we're in a mindset of lack or scarcity”
Welcome back to the Your Time Is Now Podcast and welcome to season three! I thought I would come on here today to chat with you about the topic of abundance because we all want that for ourselves, rig...

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“What if you woke up every single morning this summer and asked yourself ‘What will bring me joy today?’ And then you actually did it, making sure you're doing something for yourself every single day? How much more magical will your life be?”

I think sometimes we get so caught up in the chaos that life brings us that we forget things. We forget the tools we have, we forget what we're supposed to be doing, and we ...

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