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September 11, 2020 47 mins
What have the Romans ever done for us? Apart from straight roads, there a few other things still around today, including some non-Latin language fragments. 
It may seem a tenuous link to this week’s guest, Chris Bingham, CEO of Craggs Energy Group, but it opens a fascinating conversation that covers everything from his business start-up, to how to survive and succeed in business.
In conversation with Backhouse Jones Director Ian Jones, he explains how a derelict poultry farm, and a software business led to today’s ‘challenger business’ in the environmental and energy sector.
He talks about the benefits of starting a business from scratch, and why that enables innovation and drives mould-breaking pioneering ideas.
Chris also reveals why he chose to enter fuel distribution - a sector about which he knew nothing - and how solving a big problem became his company’s biggest seller.
He also reveals what’s behind his entrepreneurial spirit, which is driven by a deep desire to answer the question ‘how can we do things better?’ 
He sets out the difference between a leader and a manager - and the difference between leaders and entrepreneurs and explains why a failure to understand and recognise these differences can stifle a business.
It’s not all been plain sailing for Chris, as he talks about doing businesses in the USA - traditionally a UK corporate graveyard - and how the cultural differences almost broke his biggest-ever business deal.
Is there a difference between risk and gambling? And why are entrepreneurs less afraid of business risk? These are two points on which Chris expands as he talks about the need for not only stubbornness in business, but positivity too.
Finally, he looks ahead to fuel price, legislative and availability changes expected to come this autumn and Christmas - especially if there’s a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.
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