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March 5, 2024 57 mins

All kinds of groups these days are clamoring for unity, whether in sports, politics, or even moral standards. The problem with their pleas is that none of them have an objective standard by which to validate the unity effort. In Romans 15:-7, the Apostle Paul addresses the subject of unity within the Christian faith. There were apparently some within the Church at Rome who were mature, except in the area of recognizing their obligation to help the less mature. Paul makes it perfectly clear that we, as Christians, are to bear one another's failings or burdens with the express hope of building others up, rather than tearing them down. Ultimately, though, by preferring other's welfare over ourselves, to the glory of God, an establishment of camaraderie or unity that takes place within the Kingdom of God. The mature become that much more mature, and the weak are matured, as well, as they grow in the image of God unto the glory God.

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