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April 2, 2024 46 mins

In this episode we have Chris, who shares his compelling story of growing up in East Texas, his battles with alcoholism and drug abuse, and his journey to sobriety. Born in 1972 in Tyler, Texas, Chris grew up witnessing heavy drinking in his community  Despite a supportive extended family, Chris struggled with feeling uncomfortable in his own skin.  After several interventions in which he spent 12 months in a strict rehab center, Chris initially found sobriety at 22. However, after having another drink after 8.5 years of sobriety, he experienced a dark period of relapse. Chris openly narrates the challenging, yet ultimately successful, battle to regain his sobriety, his personal growth, and his current role as a father. He emphasizes the importance of persistence, the need for a strong support system, and how his views have changed over the years. This is Chris’s story on the sober motivation podcast.


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00:00 Welcome to the Sober Motivation Podcast with Chris

00:16 Chris's Childhood in East Texas: Family, Culture, and Early Challenges

02:26 Feeling Different and Out of Place: Chris's Early Struggles

05:34 Turning Points: From Trouble to Treatment

08:56 A Journey Through Rehabilitation and Recovery

16:41 The Road to Sobriety: Challenges and Triumphs

18:56 Embracing Fatherhood and Finding Purpose in Sobriety

20:27 Finding Joy in Sobriety and Community

21:26 The Slippery Slope: From Sobriety to Relapse

22:44 The Harsh Reality of Addiction and Its Consequences

25:18 Struggling to Regain Sobriety: A Personal Journey

27:39 The Turning Point: From Despair to Hope

33:22 Building a New Life: Sobriety, Family, and Career

37:22 Embracing Change and Helping Others

41:08 The Power of Community and Virtual Support

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