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April 10, 2024 53 mins

Have you ever found yourself thinking ahead to when no one will be home and you can eat whatever you want - or how much of whatever you want - in secret without anyone to see? Maybe you wait till everyone is in bed, or you “do good” while you’re at work when others can see. But when you get home and you’re by yourself, it’s a different story. That can bring on so much shame. 

The same can be true of drinking. One of my most shameful things from the past has been drinking more when I’m alone than when I’m with other people. The self loathing that can breed in the cover of darkness is intense. 

So today we are peeling back the layers of shame and secrecy with a special guest, my friend and fellow life coach, Yvette Salva. 

We explore her story of inner turmoil of leading a life as a fitness professional on display in the front of the room, while hiding painful secrets of anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism and addiction.  

In this episode, we'll cover the raw reality of hitting rock bottom, feeling addicted, and struggling to break free from the shame spiral. 

Yvette and I cover specific steps to go from feeling addicted to food and destructive behaviors to creating intentional systems that set you up for success. 

And at the root of it all is learning to love yourself on the inside first. 

One quick heads up: There is some adult language in this episode. I always tell you that the world needs more YOU. That you are meant to shine your light exactly as you are. And Yvette is New Jersey strong and brings it with some sassy language. So if you’ve got little ears in the car, maybe hit pause and come back to this episode a little later. And when you do, you’re in for some real talk and truth bombs. 

Are you ready to peel back the layers and break free from the shackles of shame? 


Aw yeah! Buckle up, buttercup!


Yvette Salva is a personal trainer and life coach who helps empower women to lead a healthy life. 

You can learn more about Yvette at her website

Or click the links to find her on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube

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