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October 17, 2023 45 mins

Since 2004, Theresa Buchheister has found themselves in a veritable slew of non-conventional New York City theatre and performance spaces. Their lifelong pursuit of creating collaborative,  experimental work has made them a beloved community leader. Today, Theresa has refocused their energy toward supporting other scrappy artists and career experimenters. Along the way, they’ve affirmed that theatre is most definitely NOT dead, and discovered that we can learn a lot by asking, “what are the barriers to participation?”

Tune in to listen as host Nicky Maggio//N chats with Theresa about how shifting their focus allowed them to gain a new perspective on our ever tumultuous industry. 

“You can still be specific and have aesthetic value and have no money. The Brick is creating a way for people to say, ‘I could do this too’, and actually try it and see if it's something they wanna do.” - Theresa Buchheister 

Episode Transcript


Theresa Buchheister (they/them) is a director, writer, producer, performer and curator from Manhattan, KS. They currently operate as Artistic Director of The Brick (an experimental performance space in Brooklyn), The Exponential Festival (a January performance festival of deep fringe art) and Title:Point (16-year-old theater company specializing in oddity, slapstick and dread). Theresa also curates ?!:New Works, a works-in-progress gathering for all performance mediums. They used to run Vital Joint for 4 years, which was home to a veritable slew of alt comedy, weird dance, strange film and more. They were a part of DIY Bushwick performance venue Silent Barn for 4 years and The Ontological in St. Marks Church for 10 years. Theresa makes a living doing voice over work, directing and voicing cartoons, audiobooks and podcasts (BoyGirlDogCatMouseCheese, Pokemon, How Music Works, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Arrow of Time, RecursiveCast, etc). 



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