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November 7, 2023 42 mins
Strib's Ben Goessling is in studio for most of the hour on the Vikings, followed by a truncated news segment!
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Paul the Fan. Then that's theway it's doing. Here is Ben Gesling

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a furnace and AC hook. Benjaminpret very very nice. I it's very
seasonal too. I suppose people aretrying to get heating ready to go with
all the cold weather. So yeah, it worked out nicely. Glad to
have them award. Let's uh,let's let's play Let's play off that.

Let's play off heating and cooling.So let's do a Josh Dobbs heat check.
The Saints are better and more organizedthan the Atlanta Falcons, So are
you expecting some form of cooling frontSunday with Dobbs? You know, it's
it's so hard to know because whatwe saw on Sunday was just so out

of the box that like, whatis it set precedent for yes, the
Saints are better, I think therewill be a little bit of cooling in
that regard. However, we havenot seen Josh Dobbs actually practice or prepare
for a game with this team,so there was I think things to build
on, especially given his athleticism andwhat he brings as a runner. I

think there were things where if youwatch it back, it's like, Okay,
he's got to throw there if he'sable to read through it and understands
kind of what he's looking for.But given the situation on Sunday, I
understand why he kind of just playedbackyard football or where he had to play
backyard football. I think with aweek of it, especially being at home,
there is reason to think they canplay and compete with the Saints.

It's a tougher challenge defensively, Ithink, but I also expect that a
week of practice, a week oftime to actually learn the offense, to
get with coaches, could help himquite a bit heading into this one.
Okay, now, what did withwith Dobbs just riding your instincts and now
you know, coming up for breathand having having some time to look at

some plays and you know, justlike look at the who will, where,
when and why specifically the where wherehe has been because I just said
him pastor though you know I'm not, I'm it's It's Sunday had some immortality
type game to it, or folkloreish type game like right, like the
Indianapolis comeback last year, Buffalo,that Bill's game last year, this one.

They're right, they're all they're kindof in the same basket. But
but I'm not just willing to shunshut or just pushed to the side.
The and and and look at certainthings from a strictly happen stance nature.
And and here's why is he comeshe plays for the Steelers, and Mike

Tomlin's the head coach, defensive mindedplays for the Titans. Vrabel's the head
coach, defensive minded Arizona. Jonathangannon defensive minded. Right, well,
I'm not disrespecting the offensive staffs orthe coordinators. However, it's easy to
get lost on a practice squad awhen you're locked into too much money with
Tannehill. You you like Clayton Tune, but not enough to use him full

time over Dobbs. And that's wherea potential star begins to ascend. That's
where his star starts to ascend.And in Pittsburgh they draft to pick it.
So he was in a weird spotfor defensive minded head coaches. As
I'm going to say with O'Connell todaywhen we sit down for x's and o's,
and it may be God's cartoon charactertaking it a step too far.

There's untapped talent here. There's thereis untapped ability and utilization here. From
speaking from a circumstantial standpoint, Yeah, And I think the thing that you
saw on Sunday two is this quarterbackstaff, from Grant Yudinsky to Chris O'Hara

to West Phillips up to Kevin O'Connellis as good of a kind of tree
of quarterback development as we've seen aroundthe Vikings in a really long time.
And that obviously starts with a guyin Kevin O'Connell that played this position in
the league. But they have agroup that is really really good at molding
quarterbacks. I think we saw it. Jaren Hall, I thought looked really

good in the drive that he hadbefore he gets hurt. We've seen them
kind of take Kirk to a differentlevel. I think the ability of this
group to make something out of whatthey have is higher than what we've seen,
certainly with and it's probably to beexpected when you've had defensive head coaches
in the two previous head coaches toKevin O'Connell and Mike Zimmer and Leslie Frasier.

So there's a little bit of thatthat I think goes into it as
well. But when you pair Dobbswith some of the things that we saw,
he certainly can move. He certainlycan I think make a lot of
the throws, certainly is big enoughto the position. And as we heard
and have heard and will probably continueto hear that there's no doubt about his
intelligence. I mean, the guyis like the one player in the NFL
that can say this isn't rocket scienceand actually know what he's talking about,

because I know what rocket science is. Oh as people usually use that phrase
and it's like, yeah, okay, well what do you know about it?
This guy actually does. Well,they need to move on to this
is brain surgery. Yeah, Isuppose they do with him, because that
would be the one that he wouldn'tbe able to say definitively. But I
think when you pair these things together, and especially if you get Justin Jefferson

back at some point, there's reasonto think it can work. And I'm
curious to see if he'll hang outof the job and all of those things,
because there's other quarterbacks in the mix. But I think overall, they're
in a better spot to just takewhat they have and make something of it
at the quarterback position than they've beenfor a long time. Right. And
I'm saying due to circumstance, he'sbeen in situations where he's third, He's

he's emergency third guy, yep,with no chance to ascend to the one.
Well, he's ascended to the onehere due to circumstance. He's six
' three, the the And anotherthing that just should not be just shrugged
off and pushed to the side isthe ability to get out of trouble because

of your strength, because of theleg strength and the arm strength. I
mean, I I you know,I saw part of one practice last week
but didn't look closely at Dobbs andyou know, watched him the entire prea
game. I mean he's got Imean, he's a thick, strong looking
man, yep. Unlike Jaron,he's sixty three. And you know,
let's chat more about that and maybewhat's real with Josh Dobbs around the corner.

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The keep KFA. Yep, butye, I mean pad or poison with

that defense, I thank you're poisonWith Josh Dobbs. I'm watching some Vikings
Falcons film with Ben Gessling the StarTribune in studio, and Ben's inclusion is
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Welcome to the Covenant. Indeed,friends, and we watched a play where

Dobbs and Nordo saw this from Ibelieve the name is Luke Brawn via Twitter,
who does good, good film work. And so Ben and I watched
that and Dobbs on the eighteen yardtouchdown run TJ. Hawkinson killed his guy.
There was a good pocket. Dobbslooked to be looking at him but
didn't throw it. Yep. Sowe're guessing here we're guestling here with guessing.

Why do you think he didn't throwthat? And he decided to run?
It was a beautiful run. Whydid he throw it? Well,
I wonder how much of it isjust not trusting it yet, not trusting
what he's seeing because he hasn't practicedit, and there's no timing with any
of these guys yet. Eventually youhave to get to a point where you
throw that. And Kevin O'Connell askedhim about this, Yes, said,
you don't want to take the runningstuff out of him, because that's a
weapon that he has, But youalso don't want to put him in a

position where he could get hurt,especially given the depth of quarterback, and
you need to just get the ballto your playmakers in time. And I'm
sure he knows that. I'm verycurious to see what that will look like.
If we're seeing those things those samethings next week where it's hey,
this is open, but he's takingoff and running it, then it's a
little more like, Okay, youneed to probably refine some of those things.

But I would chalk some of thisup early on to a guy that
just is getting thrown in there ina the whole situation. I mean,
even hearing O'Connell talk about it yesterdaytoo, in the degree of I've got
seven seconds to tell him something anddo I over coach him here or not?
And it's like, it's more themore details you get of how they

pull all of this off, themore incredible it is to me that they
did it. I mean, it'sthis is not just for anybody that's watching
on Sunday. It's not backyard footballtwo hand touch. They were basically I
used this line in my story.It reminded me of one of those movies.
I mean, Tom Cruisi has madea half dozen of these things where
it's Yep, I don't know howto I mean, this was like the
end of the New Top Gun.I've gotta fly this old plane that we're

not sure if it works, andI'm with this guy that's younger than this
plane is, and we have tofind the manual and figure out how to
get it out of here, andpeople are shooting at us. Yeah,
there was an element of that withthis thing, right down to like O'Connell
being the guy in his headset inthe Mission of Possible Movies. Hey,
I'm hacking into this door and openingit up for you. Hey, you're
gonna get this on this play.I mean it. It's incredible to me

that they pulled this off. Andthe more you more details you hear of
it, the more it's just like, you don't you can't really use it
as a precedent for what it's goingto look like in a normal week,
just because there was so much ofit that was just an escape act in
a lot of ways. O Connellwith with with the vulnerability, yeah,
the the let's say buy not Iapproach to coaching. In that press conference

yesterday, I was really really impressedwhen he said he rattled up the things
you just said, yeah about youknow, not being in the headset too
much, not muddling his mind.But then he also was like, and
I had to make sure I'm notmessing up the huddle. Yes, that
well, I'm I mean I've neverheard that. Yeah, I've never heard
it because there are so many coacheswho would be like, I don't give

a a bleep right that I'm messingup the huddle. They need to hear
from me, thank you, Andhe was like, no, no,
no, no, is I needto make sure he is as comfortable as
possible. You know where I'm goinghere? Yeah, for sure, I
mean he said, And I askedhim about the headset stuff, and he
said, I've got one eye onthe play clock and then one eye on
the huddle to make sure that I'mnot interrupting. Yeah, that I can

use my time effectively even all ofthe Like, it's good we're in no
huddle because I have more time totalk to you stuff you don't get any
I mean, you're not going tohave this on TV. There's no way
to understand it, and unless peopletell you about it and say here's what's
going on while they're showing replays andall this different stuff on the broadcast.
But yeah, there's so much thatwin into this and so much care that

had to be taken to get toa point where all of it came together
that it's it's pretty incredible. Imean, you know, we've both been
around this long enough that you thelonger you're around it, the more you
learn about how much you don't knowand how much shakedown detail there is that
goes into everything they do. Andthis one where I mean even he's talking
about I need substitutions to be onit. I need assistant coaches to have

packages ready to go so that wehave more time to get guys in or
less time. We can get guysin quicker so I have more time to
talk and we get in out ofthe huddle faster. I mean, that
level of detail is what it took. I mean they pulled it off in
the Buffalo game. You know.I guess we can say, hey,
never seen a quarterback have the ballstripped from him at the goal line.

Yes, to lead to a touchdownthat basically gave them the lead, but
it looked like it won the game. And yeah, they marched down the
field and they wanted to over time. You get tied up by Lebron stop
that. So we so so that'syou know, that moment like that probably
have been seen Indianapolis. Nobody's everseen a comeback like that because it was
the first in the history of theNFL, and with Dobbs. I mean,

really, I've never seen I don'tthink you have either, at least
with the vikings on the sideline duringthe game, with the offensive line going
no, my one twenty six isone twenty six, so don't jump aad,
you know, and then going throughthe because they didn't. I shared
this yesterday with the audience that whenI was watching Jaron Hall in the pregame,

it's about when you come into thevox box to join muss yep.
Right around that time, I gotmy binoculars on the adversary to memorize numbers.
But then they leave, so thenI swing over to the vikings and
there were you know, when theywere running the first offense against the first
defense. Maybe you saw this too, there were no fewer than three fall
starts. Yeah. Now they're obviouslynot false starts because it's practice, but

I can't say that I've ever anoften. And then Hawkinson jumps, my
bad gets back, you know.Then they do it, and then they
spread out and do a different andthen Addison or somebody or an offensive lineman
jumps. Yeah. So with Hall, just getting the cadence down was hard,
and then now new guy rolls inand they work on it during the

game on the sideline. Never seenhim, no, and I haven't either.
It was one of those things thatyou just aren't in that spot because
you do everything you can to notbe in that spot. I mean when
when you ask him about it afterthe game, I think I asked him
what was on the to do listwhen Jaren goes out and you know you're
going in, and I'm thinking,it's wow, I got to get with
receivers and go through, you know, just getting warm up, getting loose,

and he said, no, Ihave to practice the cadence. It's
like, oh, we don't evenknow how to start the car yet.
I mean, it was that levelof and I think Reggie Wilson from Carol
Levin posted the video of it thathas kind of made the rounds here,
but yes, it was that kindof thing of damn. So Reggie watched
the game from the field, Ithink so he must have been down there
for something or other, but yeah, all of that video, that's what

they're doing there. And Brian O'Neillafter the game said I hadn't taken a
snap of them all week, KaratBradbury's sitting right next to him in the
locker locker room, and Garrett's laughingand said, you didn't take a snap
with him. You're not even theone that has to staff the ball to
him. So yeah, it waslike as fly by night as anything you'll
see in the NFL. And Ithought of this yesterday. It's like we've
seen. There are two situations Ican think of in my twelve years on

the beat that are even remotely comparableto this. Where twenty thirteen Josh Freeman
obviously that's a disaster. That wasI think sixteen days after he was signed
that he started twenty sixteen teddy Bridge. While I get hurt, they trade
for Sam Bradford, he had likeeight days before the opener. They decided
we're not going to mess with it. We're going to put Sean Hill in

and give Sam Bradford, who'd beenin the league for like seven years,
number one pick in the draft,more time to loarn the offense. And
again maybe that's defensive head coach thinkingabout it differently, but this was Tuesday
to Sunday, guy who had notpracticed and didn't get any of the work
in practice because you're trying to geta rookie quarterback ready to go. So
wow about this. It's the collegestadium when it was TCF Banks Stadium.

Brandon is not the Vikings, butit was the Falcons. Mike Tice was
the offensive coordinator, and there theycome into the game down one or two
offensive linemen they lose one or twoin the game, and he has tied
end Levine Levine toy Lows playing playingleft tackle. I guess Everson Griffin basically

the entire fourth quarter. I mean, just the quirky nuance of things like
that. It's it's akin to tokind of what we saw a Georgia Dome.
Now we mentioned TJ. Hawkinson,how about TJ. Flight. I
mean it's I mean, he justI don't I don't know if if you
know, the the drops or ifhe's one of those players that pays attention

to social media or like stuff likethat. You know, people teasing him
and guiding him and you know,of course tying into the money. Yeah,
something got under his skin. He'splaying with his hair on fire.
He's breaking tackles, he's dragging playerslike Mark Bavarro and on the Josh Josh
Dobbs eighteen yard touchdown run we justwatched, well, I mean, Hackinson
broke off a hard rounde. Imean he just broke it off hard to

the right and there was a touchdownto be had there, but Dobbs chose
not to take it. So Hockinson'son fire right now. Yeah, he's
been and they've needed it. WithJustin Jefferson out, maybe there's a little
bit of that too, saying Ihave to go be the guy now.
But the catch and run, thetwenty nine yard are on Sunday. I
mean, those types of plays werenot things we were seeing before. The
drops have mostly receded, you know, mostly, There's still been a couple

of those. But he won theGreen Bay game, yep, which Aaron
Hall middle of the field. Yeah, yeah, the fourth third duck con
version there, yep, Yes,for sure, And I think they've needed
it. I think whether it's himseeing it on social media or maybe coaches
saying, hey, we need youto step up here. Hard to say,
but it has come at the righttime for them and certainly has been

a major difference from what we sawthe first three weeks of this season.
And finally on Josh, the twopoint conversion. Yeah, I mean until
you watch it back, which wejust did, you don't realize truly how
amazing Dobbs was on that play.Yeah, the throw, well, they
went play action and for the likewhat feels like the third consecutive game,

twelfth consecutive quarter, nobody's biting onplay action until it's it's kind of like,
well, you know, which couldbe different now with a quarterback who
can run, But it's kind oflike a you know, we know you're
not interested in running, right anduntil you are interested in running, we
have coached our players up to notbite. Yeah, they're doing a good
job at it. So on thattwo point conversion he goes play action and

of course nobody bites. And thenhe had a swivel. I mean,
that's I'll just end it right there. He had a swivel and you can
see him going through his reads,feels the pressure of Bud Dupree. Now
took but an hour to get awrong question. Barry Yeah, but Dobbs
is holding it waiting for somebody tobreak open, and he feels that pressure.

Saunters doesn't sprint, doesn't walk.It's not a dash. He kind
of sauntered out to the right.Saw Jackson, but he saw a part
of the end zone where if Ithrow it here and I throw it in
a good spot. And Jackson's anathlete, because I have no idea who
Tristian Jackson is well, and actuallyJosh Jobs mighty was probably thrown to him

all week on the scout team,right. You know, if Tristan is
an athlete and I throw it tothis spot, we got that too,
and that's exactly how it worked.And he had a swivel that was just
such a little small nuance related playin that game. Yeah, and you
saw a lot with the footwork thatyou can build on. I think that
drops the ability to improvise, theability to move around, the fact that

he keeps his eyes down field onthat where it's me see if something opens
up, I'm not going to tryto run for it. I'm going to
see if I can find a placeto go with this. There is certainly
stuff that I think they can incorporateinto the offense, and when he gets
more time, there's stuff to buildon there. I think for sure we
heard it yesterday at the end ofthe press conference. I believe it was

MAXI who asked him about Justin Jefferson, who's set to get back off of
the IR or he's at least eligibleto this week, And the way PA
framed it up, I think it'sthe way when you can kind of read
through or read the tea leaves whereKoc is very open and honest about situations
for the most part. But hewas very i'd say tempered and kind of

a bit holding back in terms oflittle cryptic setting expectations for JJ into this
weekend. How did you read it? Yeah, I did not come out
of that thinking that we are onehundred percent going to see Justin Jefferson this
weekend. I think either it feltfifty to fifty. Yeah, I think
fifty to fifty probably at best.If I was going to bet, I
would bet that he's not going toplay simply because of the way they talked

about it. And that could bea number of things that could be.
They may be hearing from his campof we don't want him to go out
there until we are one thousand percentsure he's ready. It could be them
saying we still need to kind ofput our best foot forward with him in
terms of showing and you hate tomake it about the money stuff, but

this is a factor here, Ithink in terms of you need to show
them you are going to do rightby him in the long term. I'm
sure that that is in the backof their minds, all right, and
just trying to have him healthy.If that's the case, yeah, okay,
and it might be well then youbetter not be talking out of both
sides of your mouth with Darisol.Sure, okay, because if you're pissed
off Darrisol went to Questionable on Saturday, worked out and then you know,

now it comes down to the individualsaying I can't go yep, so you
can't. You can't and yeah,okay, it's JJ. It's a skill
guy, right, but you knowwhat, left tackles are pretty freaking important
to Yeah, they are. Soyou can't talk out so much out of
your mouth if indeed that is happeningabout one guy feeling this way about his
growin and another guy with his hand. Yeah, that's true. If you're

going to have a standard, youhave to have it universally, and certainly
different players get different things, andJustin Telson's going to get that. They're
both guideline players. Yes, Ithink Darrosaw has become a guidelines not rules
player. I would agree with that. I think the way he has played
that position number one, it's apremium position. Number two, he's as

good as anybody in the league.So yes, you do have a little
more of that with them, withthose types of players, and I'm sure
with Jefferson to the specific injury whenyou're sprinting downfield that I mean, hamstrings
can come back and rear their uglyheads again. So there may be a
little bit of that to it too. And JJ is not a high end
run blocking receiver. No, wellyou now if a quarterback and wants to

run for sixty to one hundred,Yeah, to think about that too.
Ye. Yeah, you have tobe probably extended a little bit more in
some of those plays than you wouldotherwise. Yeah. Is there any element
moving forward? Because Jaron Hall playsand he starts the game and the first
it's a catch and run to JohnnyMunt, then it's a long reception to

Alexander Madison. Is do you findany element to what PA mentioned throwing and
playing with guys in practice and theconnection and chemistry there where Jordan Addison and
on the final drive, by theway, he was absolutely the go to
guy and he found that catch onthe sideline with the toe tap and it
was amazing. But the chemistry ofwhen you're in this backup slog and you're

dealing with trying to find guys thatwork and slotting them in and kJ Osborne
leaving the game with the concussion certainlyimpacts things, and Tristian Jackson was set
to come in. But is thereany element to that chemistry and practice leading
to some guys that normally you're nottalking about them in any frontline manner,
that they're getting opportunities in the gamebecause of those connection connections in practice.

Yeah, I think that's true,and I think you saw it in some
of those plays at the end ofthe game where you have to be able
to trust somebody, you have tobe seeing things the same way, you
have to have the timing right.All of that stuff comes into it and
there's just no time to develop thelevel of trust that you have to have
in a game. I mean,you may get it right by happenstance,

but yes, I certainly think allof that work they do in practice is
where that stuff gets built. Andyou see it a lot when they're at
the end of the practice days wherewhoever the backup is, whoever probably the
third stringer is, and in alot of cases this week it was Dobbs
as the backup is out there forextra work, with Grant Yudinsky saying,
let me get all of the throwsI didn't get in practice, and some

of that I think is typically witha receiver, you're working through timing,
all of those different things, andthis offense certainly relies on a lot of
that. So yeah, I thinkif you can build those things to the
degree that they're at least serviceable therest of the year, it's not going
to be the same as it isbecause and a guy that gets all the
reps all year round. But themore you can get to a point where

you had that foundational level of trust, I think that helps everybody. Okay,
Now, the box box was closeto the press box, so we
were deep in the corner right,kind of like the Arizona Cardinal Stadium.
Yep, tell me, I'm notthe only one in the world who thought
that was kJ Osborne who caught thatdeep pass And it was Madison. I
mean I said, yeah, Imean, you see a guy, they're
about the same size. I seedrats, he's split wide and he's and

it's down the field. Yep.I was like, damn gonna one on
the biness. Did you think itwas kJ or you know it was Madison.
I'm trying to remember. When Isaw the play, I was like,
boys wide open it. Yeah,I think there was a little bit
of like what's Madison doing out there? And I was thinking initially it was
like, Okay, he came outof the backfield, but then you watch
the replay, No, he it'sempty. He split out wide. And
I think the first quarter that gamewas I didn't see a lot of it

live because there were so many thingsgoing on, Oh, this guy's herb,
we got to write something for thewebsite, all this kind of stuff,
and obviously that's still haul in thegame at that point. But yeah,
there was a lot to that,and Madison talked about it yesterday,
just saying because the corner sits there, it went to single high, so
I think he's expecting I've got aone on one and he's gonna carry me
wherever I go. But he passeshim off and it's just wide open.
It was. It was I thinkhe was surprised that it was there too.

All right now, Nordo mentioned Maxieat the end of the press conference.
You might have been the last questionof the press conference about the quarterback
had Dobbs. Well, that wasyou, right, who asked if if
Dobbs had gone down, who withthe quarterbacks? Yes, yeah, and
he's like Okay, Cam Acre's greendot bit, all right, well we
got an Achilles. So then KevinO'Connell, you know, he because I

wasn't there, I was listening,Yeah, Like what was his facial expression?
Like was he being covert or becausehe talked a little bit. Yeah,
And then then he was like,well it probably would have been a
wide receiver or a running back yepwhen he said or a running back,
knowing that Acres was down, wellI would bet b no. Brandon Powell.

Brandon Powell, who granted, Imean, if you're worried about Jaron
Hall at six feet playing quarterback,you're with Brandon Powell five eight. Yeah,
but I mean it could be alittle scap back back there, but
a wildcat or something. Right,he was a running back in Florida,
a running back slash quarterback in highschool. Yeah. Jordan Addison, from
what I hear, was a reallygood quarterback in high school. Ryan right

was a bally Hood quarterback in northernCalifornia and in London, and in London
on his one pass to jail andbut like Ryan was recruited by decent schools
to play quarterback. And he's supertall. So if you were to bet
the whole thing, I'd bet BrandonPowell. Yeah yeah, I think you'd
probably have to go wildcat there.I mean, it's just somebody that you
would trust to handle the ball andtake the stap. I thought about Ryan

Wright a little bit, so I'mnot gonna lie because he has thrown it
and we've seen it looks good.Yeah, I mean it's what if you
put Ryan on a run pass option? Oh God, for see it coming?
Yeah? The uh? I mean, you know, I suppose to
get out of the way down.Touch push is definitely be automatic with the
plus size funner. That would beautomatic with Ryan Wright. I think if

they want to get the touchbush towork, making Ryan Wright your designated touch
push quarterback could be worth worth lookingat it. I hope Koc's listening to
this. Hey, the ideas arefree. Next time you have news,
you want to just text it tome. We'll call it even We'll be
good. All right. He didn't. And Daniel Hunter of late is boiler

room hot. Yep. And that'spretty cool. So what are you liking
about Daniel's game? Well, it'sbeen a number of things. I mean,
certainly the pass rush has been whatwe've expected to see, and he's
back in that role where he's notdropping into coverage a certain percentage of the
time. It's basically you kind ofknow what he's going to be doing,
and Brian Flores has said, let'slet you do this. But he's also,

i think, done it against therun. He had a couple of
plays yesterday. I think Andrew Kramerhighlighted this for his film review. He
basically bench prices John hus Smith onthe way to a run stop that you
are reminded the type of run defenderhe is, whether it's the hustle,
whether it's the physicality that just thewillingness to jump in for those things has

always been part of his game.And I think they have found a role
for him in the three four thatmaximizes a lot of what he did really
well as the defensive end in thefour to three. And it's just it's
been a good fit. And I'mcurious to see where that goes, because
does he look at this differently nowand say, hey, I've got a
good thing here with Brian Flores.If Brian Flores is in fact still here,
if he doesn't get poached for ahead coaching job somewhere. Does that

change his thought? Brought about thata little bit. I haven't really this
season until of late where I'm like, you know, well, I mean
it's like like I don't know,I don't know what potentially could be open.
I wrote it down for yesterday,but I didn't get to it.
What would be like the a topicthere? You would think of Las Vegas
Raiders, maybe for a Hunter Floresover Flora Flores, Like I'm thinking about

that a little bit. Yeah.Well, the one I wonder there are
so many players on this defense younever have played better in their Yes,
Harrison impressivej wanham Is, He's neverplayed this physically right down after down.
Patrick Jones is doing so many goodthings. There's like designated assist guys in

this defense. Well it's like Patrick, I mean, we're probably not going
to get that six sack bonus orwhatever, but you know what, we're
gonna win a lot of games hereby you doing ABC and D to help
the rest of the guys. HarrisArrison Phillips has never played better in his
career, right, Yeah, Soas far as where this goes with Flora
is I think the one I wonderabout is if and there could be a

lot of people in line for thisjob if it were to happen. But
no, No, the Patriots,oh hey, because oh hey, if
Belichick were to go, Flora hasraised his family. There was there for
a long time. I could seethat being a spot where if they call
the relationships you have there with RobertKraft in the organization, that could be
hard to say no. I don'tget the sense that he's going to just

jump at anything. I know HarryJones wants him to handle Michael Parsons.
He'll give him a leven million dollarsto do that. May do it.
I think he would have to bethe right situation. I don't think he's
just going to say, Okay,I want to be a head coach so
badly that I'm going to go takeanything I can get. I think he's
been happy with things here to thepoint where he can be a little bit

picky. I'm not saying he's goingto say no to everything because he wants
to be a defensive coordinator for therest of his career. I don't know
the situation well enough to know that, but I have talked to enough people
about it to think that he isgoing to be selective. I certainly think
he's going to have interest. Thequestion I think is going to be does
the right thing come through to thepoint where he says, this is my

second opportunity to be a head coach. Ye fair or not? I'm in
number two and I probably am notgoing to get number three. I just
that you don't see coaches get athird shot at it, so I would
imagine, and he's going to bevery picky instead of fairy high standard about
this has to be exactly right orI'm not going Thanks for the time,
my brother, and we will hearyou Friday with bumper to Bumper and Barrero

and once again we thanks Standard Heatingand Air Conditioning for Tuesday sponsorship of a
Ben Gesling joining nine to noon andyou can learn more at Standardheating dot com.
Have a good day, you twoman news do Nord around the corner.
Then about fifteen seventeen minutes from now, Chris Finch, head coach of
the Minnesota Timberwolves, joins nine tonoon time now for the Vikings Replanned presented

by the Minnesota Lottery. Play thenew Viking Scratch game for a chance to
win up to one hundred thousand dollars. Vikings assistant coach Mike Petton joins PA
after soda lottery. I'm in goodto be home Sunday against the New Orleans
Saints at US Bank Stadium. Aplayer I call Taysom the Trick. Sometimes
I think he's not a football player. He's like a trick in a bou

Ray game, Taysom Hill. Howare they using Taysom the trick these days
as usual? In a variety ofways. You know, he's the old
cliched you know, Swiss army knifeof their offense, can play tight end
at a high level, and thenhe's a dual thread at quarterback. I
mean, he's more than functional asa passer, even though they hasn't used

him that much that way. Andthen he just has natural ability as a
downhill runner. And it causes alot of stress for a defense. I
mean you have to prepare first fortheir conventional offense with their car and then
all those wildcat type variations that youcan get with Taysom, and it really
just you can do a good jobdefending it, but it really waters down
your preparation time. It's like bodypunches. You have to waste a lot

of time and your walkthroughs in yourmeeting time to account for all that stuff.
And they might only run it threeor four times in a game,
they might run it ten or twelvetimes. So it's something that I don't
think a lot of people realize,you know how much yay on the fan.
Who's the Nord? Brought to youby the casino at Canterbury Park dot

com. Learn more about all theevents going on. But it's poker,
blackjack, table games Tuesday night.Is it a Tuesday? Well, you
know there's gonna be BINGO, bn G e O m O usc AU
and you can go to Canterbury Parkdot com to learn about the casino at
Canterbury Park. We are your homefor Vikings football, where you're home for

Minnesota Wild Hockey, and we'll gofor sports as well. But how about
being home for the Howl and homefor Anthony Edward. Now with hey light
side twitched on to horse highline,he's gonna create a shot pulls the trigger
from eighteen Tupper's good. That wasan ot How about more from Alan Horton?
Still up fitted forty five to gohere at overtime one ten one oh

five, it's a five point advantageat drifts off the Anderson screen and looking
at drive spins in the lane topfall away with one hand, he throwing
up, He throwing in An's unstoppablethirty eight points temper Wolves leap by seven
target center on fire as the Wolvesbeat the previously undefeated Boston Celtics last night,

Pa and Anthony Edwards certainly on themarquee for a reason. Thirty eight
points. You heard it there,nine rebounds, seven dimes as well.
Rudy Rudy Gobert, by the way, off to an awesome start this season,
specifically defensively at a twelve fourteen twelvegame last night, nas Reed consistently
out playing Cat basically every night.Kat was awful from the floor. I

believe he filed out and the wholething sucks right now with big kitties.
So maybe his name could come upat some point in terms of just how
things need to continue to get betterfor him. And we have the head
coach on next segment, so he'lltalk about all the good, bad and
ugly of what transpired last night andmoving forward with the how. But one

hell of a game for the hometeam last night as they beat Jason Tatum,
shutting him down. Not the entiretyof the game, but big spots.
That's where defense comes to win gamesin big spots. Anthony Edwards on
five fouls had this great, greatone v one shutdown of Tatum last night.
Yeah, it was a cool victoryfor the Wolves. Wow. I

remember the moment. Did not realizehe had five thousand that moment. Jaden
McDaniels did as good a work insituations against Jason Tatum as I've seen a
player do against Tatum. I mean, Tatum is the highest of high ends.
He's awesome. I just I meanit's a league where people focus on
Lebron and Anthony Davis and Baby Stephand Kad with the Phoenix Suns and Joker

and they're the champions and EMBIID andrightfully so they're fantastic players. I mean,
Jason Tatum is a dog. He'sjust a scrappy off the dribble,
gets to the line, backs upfor three. McDaniels forced him in two
shots he did not want to take. Now when when a Chris Finch,
coach of the Wolves, joins aroundthe corner, probably ten minutes from now,

I'm going to share with him somethingthe head coach of the Celtics said
after the game. But I'm justI'm just going to paraphrase it when talking
about defense, where he what's thatcoach's name, Miszula or yeah, Misula
is Joe Miszula. Is he thecat that sprinted down? That's a pre
throw line extended in front of Finchand the idiot rep looked at him and

didn't have the guts to give hima tea. I believe coach right,
Yes, After the game, hesaid the Timberwolves defensive toughness outmatched the Boston
Celtics offensive toughness. What's the highestscoring team in the league? I think
on the Celtic, I mean theygot they're going great guns out there with

with Porzingis. By the way,I don't watch Porzingis play a lot.
I mean, we know who heis where LFL raised. We know he's
a stretch, big blocks shots,but I've never really like watched him for
a full game. He's a coolplayer, and Christops poor Zingis sometimes defense
outside of pretending he's not paying attentionso he can take two steps and swat

it into the fifth row, whichhe likes to do a lot. He's
he's just a cool cat. Ithink in some ways he's been hiding down
in Dallas and Washington. Maybe thesame problem. Correct, Yeah, so
in the Wizards as well, buthe's like, really, you're gonna play
this gaffer guy over me? Arehe out of your mind? The same
problem. There's a lot of NBAfans that will look at Anthony Edwards box
scores all year round, but heonly plays five six primetime games a year,

so it's like, oh, lookat this. And then he shows
up in the Denver series and hecontinues to ascend his star getting brighter.
Poor Zingis made the opening tap andI know you watched the second half or
later in the game, so heprobably didn't see this. He made the
opening tap a bit all right,so it's poor Zingis and stifled. I
mean, Chris stops is looking atthe refs and the players are all laughing,

and he's kind of like, really, so he he jumped too early
purposely, all right, well wegot to do it again. He did
it again, and he's laughing,stifled, smiling. The players are like,
oh a lot of that one.So then they finally got the jump
ball off and Christops Porzingis jumped tooearly, purposely stole the tap and then

the reps were like, come on, that's enough. They gave the ball
to the Wolves to start the game. So I has a bit to him.
Christophe Porzingis, who knew. Ilove that there's such a tie.
I heard them talking about on thePower Trip and I didn't realize it.
But they're totally right. Tatum BrownPorzingis make the move for him. They
got Drew Holliday now as well.The bench is just a wasteland mysterical who

yeah, I mean that's been Hawserbitten up. Pricher can play Richard's cool
in spots and sleep ball. Well, he's one of those bits where if
you sleep on him, I meanhe can shoot lights out. But like
the Houser bit, Well, Horford'ssupposed to be on the bench one to
functionuze guys Derek White, who he'snot playing right now personal reasons. Just

like that's two in a row.He was phenomenal in the postseason last year
within the short time they were init, and he was off to a
good start this year. He's aswing kind of guy who can plays small
forward and guard, and they missedhim last night because Harford had to play
too many minutes. You've always beena big v michaalch fan, right.
I remember him with the Pistons.Yeah, and the Raptors. Maybe maybe

the Raptors. Yeah. Moving onto Monday Night Football, here's a ey
light Herbert and the shotgun. Ecklerdo his right hand off to Eckler.
Eckler in an episode Touchdown Chargers Ecklersecond of the game assist to Khalil Back
and a lowie Gilban Matt money Smith. That is Chargers Radio twenty seven to

six is the final. They've getto four and four. The Chargers dues
Jets ball to four and four.Zach Wilson's just embarrassing awful throws last night.
His teammates let him down with baddrops. There's zero in the pocket,
there's no fight, zero confidence tothrow it downfield. His decision making
is terrible in who he targets.It's so unbelievably bad. And in the

end, down twenty one points,he wants to hit maybe Garrett Wilson.
Let's just let's let's make something happento feel good about ourselves. No,
he targets Michael Carter out of thebackfield for catches of six, seven,
three, five and four wow,and one for no gain. And then
Tyler Conklin, well, I waswatching this last night. Tyler Conklin gets

smacked at the goal line, tryingto score a pity touchdown at the buzzer
and he's held short of it.I mean, just between Daniel Jones,
he tears his ACL and the Raidersgame. Antonio Pierce is handing out cigars,
smoking him in the locker room.Everyone's feeling good now. The McDaniels
is gone, but Daniel Jones outfor the year with an ACL. You
got the Achilles with Rogers, andI had to watch Zach Wilson in primetime.

I think they're in primetime again nextweek. In one way or another,
it's just so bad and it's soawful. And meanwhile I'm sweating Josh
Dobbs and he goes out runs allover the place, and we're finding our
way to four in a row forKO. The quarterback situation in the NFL,
as we wrap up news to Nordis weird, and the quarterback would

be the point guard of the offenseand the point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves
would be Mike Conley and he playsfour. Chris Finch the head coach.
The Timberwolves are undefeated at home andthey beat the undefeated Boston Celtics last night
in overtime. Let's chat about itwith Finchy Finchy around the corner on KFAM
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