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January 18, 2024 48 mins
Ben Leber in studio to begin the hour, then truncated News, followed by longtime Bucs vox Gene Deckerhoff on the team's chance at upsetting the Lions this weekend!
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teachers that told me I never amouncedthe ninety. It's all the people that
lived above the buildings that I washustling when they call the police on when
I was just trying to make somemoney to speed my daughter. It's all
my peoples in the struggle. Youknow what I'm saying, saw Goodah,

it was all a dream. Iused to read word up magazine, something
Pepper and heavy t up in thelimousine, hanging pictures on my wall every
Saturday. Rap attack, mister MagicHolleyball. I let my take brop to
my tape time eat super Bowl homeworkway back when I had the ready black
Lumberjack with the hack to me superBowl the hard, the hard. You

never thought that hip hop, butthey get this bar. Now I'm in
the limelight because I ride height.Time to get paid. Blow up like
the World Trade or Siller the oppositof a wind. I remember when I
used to eat saltem Forget g Proossieb kick the tree, mass love pluffing.
I'm blowing up like a thought.I would call it crip saying numb

the same. But it's all goodSea, and the point is it's not
good at Dan get the hell outof here, and Brian mister, it's
an electic in the Mincing's only datfight. Come on, here's up.
Ben Lieber at Nacho liber via Twittervia x and I'm on TV Channel five.
Twin Cities Live three to four thirtyeach and every weekday, including today

TCL Yeah you know, Wayne,Twin Cities live three to four thirty.
Not you today on channel five.And and with the NFL playoffs here I
chatted with We chatted with Texans boxMark Vandermere about forty five minutes ago.
And win or lose and this isnot surprising, but win or lose against

the Ravens or winter or lose periodany anytime this season. They just feel
so fortunate and positive and happy tohave a rookie quarterback they know can play.
I mean it just it's like it'slike, Okay, we lost x
amount in a row, we hadthese injuries, but we got him.
Well yeah this is a problem,yeah, but we got him. It
is this the year the Minnesota Vikingsmake that move ooh with a right to

change the opinion. You're talking like, make them move up yeah, well
that's well yeah, I mean,I mean, like truly, I don't
think so. I don't think so, man, because because all of the
other teams that you there's a lotof other teams that are looking for quarterbacks.
So you're probably not gonna trade withone of those teams. And then

you know, all these other teams, you know you could, but they're
gonna know that they're gonna hold youover the fire and they're gonna say,
Okay, well we want X,Y and Z. Yeah, and if
it comes to existing player equity,we don't really have it right, you
know. So you can't really tradeplayers do. You're trading future picks.
And this is a team that's notjust now. You might be one player,
like quarterback, one quarterback away,like speaking of Kirk Cousins, you

might be one quarter back away frommaking a little run in the playoffs.
But I don't think anybody believes thatthis the roster as is right now,
is a super Bowl contending team.So you have so many holes to fill,
mostly on defense, that you probablyhave to think young, and you've
got to fill those needs through thedraft that I don't think that adding a
CJ. Stroud type of guy fixesall of your ills understood with one pick

understood. But it does bring currentin my estimation, if you're right,
current and long form positivity and hopeselling. And again, like I said,
yeah, we got to fix aBCD and F but we got this
guy is the starting point. Ye. And do I think the Texans are
going to get to the Super Bowl? Probably not. I'm not going to

say conclusively no, but probably not. But I mean, this guy with
Nico Collins and Dalton Schultz dropping passesand go on play action to Devin Singletary
just hung forty five on Miles Garrett. I mean so what I'm saying here,
and you know more about it thanme. It's thing can just change
so rapidly when you get a youngquarterback like that. And I'm cool with

Cousins playing quarterback here until he's done. But it is this a rare opportunity
given they pick rather high and theremay be generational guys to go get.
Okay, here's a real sinister thoughtthat I've never thought about until now.
Okay, and why are you lookingso deeply into my eyes? You're staring

loticly at my eye. Don't know, I don't think I don't think that
this would happen, but imagine,imagine, imagine the lever that you could
possibly pull right now, the verbiagewould have to be right with cousins contract.
But because I do think that ifthey do try to sign him,
which you know, Caasy said allthe right things about wanting to bring him
back on all this other stuff.But I think we all know now that

it's not necessarily about the dollar amount. It's about the terms of the dollar
amount. So however those terms getlaid out if there's not an no trade
clause put in there. Hmm,that's sinister, is it? It's sinister?
Is it possible? We are ina dog eat dog world? And
this is a this is the worstcutthroat business right. What if, because

of timing, was you sign KirkCousins to whatever friendly deal that you want,
fair friendly deal that you want,that all happens weeks before the drafts.
What if he's the equity that youuse to move up. What if
you sign him? What if yousign him with with maybe no real intention
of like truly trading him, Butif somebody comes calling and you make you

make the phone calls, and let'ssay that whether it's the Patriots, which
they they're looking at quarterback as well, it's certainly not going to be the
Commanders. But let's just say it'slike Arizona. You're like, hey,
Arizona at number four. Look,if you guys are looking to move on
from quarterback, and you guys candeal Kyler Murray, we'll move up to

the four spot for and we'll takeyour spot and then whatever else. And
then you feel like that you getyou know, third, maybe second,
third, third, best quarterback inthe draft, and you've you've targeted your
guy. What if that's a possibilitybecause and the only reason I say that
is because again, Daniel's not undercontract. You can't move him, right,

Harrison Smith, Uh, what doyou get You can't. You can't.
That's not like move up to thefirst round trade equity you could.
Nobody's nobody in the right mind wouldthink about doing that with Justin So you
can't move him. Hawkinson's coming offa pretty severe knee injury on a fat
contract. Who are you moving darrisawYou could move Darisol No, thank you,

I know. But then again,like okay, so you get you
get your crue, you get yourc j Stroud. Then who's gonna protect
him? I see so right?I mean in the in the most sinister
business way. You know, ifwe're talking I can succession type of moves
here. Yeah, you sign KirkCousins. He gives you the best draft
equity. You actually trade them ondraft Day to move up and get It's

a sinister and it's outlandish and it'senterprising, but it's fine because that's what
transpires this time of the year,and yours is mostly tongue in cheek.
Mine is not. When I saythis, if the Green Bay Packers go
to Santa Clara and beat the SanFrancisco forty nine ers and Rock Purty has

a bad game, then it maybe No, I'm not signing here,
and I don't care what you giveme, and I don't care how many
years I'm going to play for thatguy. So that's just another little aside.
When watching this seven fifteen on Saturdayor listening to it is I mean,

of course I have no steam anddo I believe it would transpire.
Probably not, but because I thinkthe Niners win. If the Niners lose
and parties and absolute disaster, well, I mean, think about next level
Shanny and a certain quarterback set tobecome a free agent. That that's that

that's a road down which I wouldtravel. That's a road I I would
travel as well. But I thenthe only then, the only studor that
makes sense to me is Washington atnumber two because if they believe what you
want, I don't know, believewhat you want. If they really think
that Sam Howell has has it,yeah, and they will take a quarterback
and they would't give him another chance. Yeah, especially when Ben Jonhson coaches

them he's going to need a quarterback. Okay, fine, but do you
go do you go quarterback again?At number two? That's maybe that's a
question of like, okay, we'llgo quarterback, but maybe with our second
pick in the second round, youknow, so to speak, because you're
gonna see there is there is definitelya gap between the top tier quarterbacks and
the guys. Yes, so likeso so you have Williams May and Daniels

and Jayden and Daniels l as youget. Yeah, and then outside of
that, I think the rest areprobably second and three. And I'm just
going to bring up one name,Bo Nix, and I'm not going to
pretend to be Lee Corso here,you know, wearing some wearing some duck
hat, you know, as Ichatted into this microphone, but both.
I mean, it's like you gotPanics, you got bo Nicks, potential
of McCarthy and so on and soon and so on and so on,

and the depth I do believe,I'm not going to say deepest ever,
but I do believe there will besecond and maybe third day quarterbacks. They
get into the right system with peoplewho believe in them the right way,
and they get the right skills setaround them and the whole thing and it
works, and it works quite well. So I do believe that is one
of those drafts. But I alwaysthought bo Nix was one of those guys.

You know, maybe not Williams orMay, but you know, Daniels
ascended quickly and more late in theequation than a lot of the others.
I'm not saying people are wrong,but but I haven't watched him enough,
but I always thought Nix was partof that mix. He's not. I
actually think I'll take it a stepfurther. I actually think that Jade and

Daniels and Bonnicks can be sort ofintertwined into whether you think that they're Tier
one quarterbacks. I know that,I know that Jaden has had this unbelievable
meteoroc rise to the Heisman, butI still think that he's got to be
a lot of these quarterbacks have tobe in the right system, right.
I think that, you know,the Patrick Mahomes type that can probably play

in anything. They can be theirown creator. I think that's that's Caleb
really. I don't know if yousee when when we went Nordon and I
discussed this a little bit last week, just quarterback, so you know,
I went back and looked at atwhat it took to go twenty seven to
ten to get Mahomes and and Iwas reading some of the drafts, speculation
and just conversation and stuff like thatabout Mahomes into the draft, and there

are a couple of things that weresaid Britten and you know, from college
to pro that are very similar toJaden Daniels reckless approach, yeh swash buck
lane. You know, just he'snot afraid to take chances, but it's
answers are calculated. I thought thatwas pretty interesting to read, you know,
from I think twenty seventeen, somethings they were saying about Mahomes and

it's similar to what they're saying aboutDaniels. That's pretty cool. No,
I think it's really cool. Thething is, like you can see you
can see the skill sets, howthey match up. You can see all
that. You can see the athleticism, you can see the movement, you
can see the arm. Yeah,you can see a lot of the same
thing with bo Nix. He's anathletic guy. You know, he can
move around, he can create,he can get out of trouble. You
know, does he can he makeall of the throws that you want him

to make with the velocity and theaccuracy. I don't know. I think
that's debatable. Yeah. I justthink that the thing is if you the
bottom line is for the Vikings,if you don't move up, I don't
think that you're in a position ateleven to take a quarterback. So it's
either it's either move up right,move up, and then you know whatever

you know self future draft picks.If Cousins returns and stays healthy and and
like you know, Jeffer's and missestwo games or Addison whatever, they're not
gonna they'll be picking in the twenties. So that what I'm saying is you
have a unique opportunity here if youare so inclined that you're closer to one,

two, three, or four thanyou have been, and I think
you will be in the immediate future. And it's a it's a group with
an analytical bent, and whether it'smargin rules or measure measure, I don't
know what goes into it. Ijust can't imagine, with all due respect
because I ador Kirk, and he'sreally good at what he does. But

you know, from a business standpoint, I just can't imagine the analytics add
up to a thirty six year oldoft an achilles injury at fat Cash.
I mean, I just it justI can't possibly imagine that the analytics that
are of now add up to somethinglike that. Yeah, I mean,

that's that's why this is going tobe such a talker. And then I'm
sure you guys have broken this down. What is a historically taken to go
from you know, ten, eleven, twelve up to two or three.
I mean, you're not getting you'renot getting broken that down. But that's
okay. You're not getting you're notgetting the number one pick. So let's
just kind of take that out ofthe window. The Bears aren't going to
deal with you. I don't thinkyou're getting the top two. You're not

getting okay, So let's what's ittake to get from eleven to three?
Like, what sort of equity doesthat look like? Again, if you
want to leverage you know, twofuture first round draft picks, and you
hope that those first round draft picksare going to be in the twenties,
Yeah, I guess that's syllable.That's thinking goes one two one two to
start one two one two to start, yeah, first and second first and

second, Yeah, to start tostart. Yeah, I mean, I
mean, I mean, if they'reif these guys are what all the right
people say, then two three,four years from now, you won't care
what you gave up. And bythe way, you you know, so
say okay, so say so.Say they move on with dob Daniel or

whatever. I hope they don't saythey do, well, then Cousins wouldn't
be the quarterback. The new quarterbackwould start day one. So now you
have a massed requisite cash to dosomething in free agency that you haven't been
able to do in quite some time. Splash, agreed, agreed, And

that's the thing, the timing ofall this is going to be very instrumental,
because you're gonna know. You're gonnaknow four or five weeks before the
draft whether or not you have thequarterback that you want, and so is
the rest of the league. SoI don't think they know now. I
don't think that they know. That'smy personal I don't think that they know
now either. So here's here's somethingfrom last year. So they take the
Houston Texans take Stroud at two.But then the Texans moved from twelve to

three to give will Anderson. Ohyeah, so Aris perfect. So Arizona
moving back, they traded their firstand fourth rounders and so in exchange for
first and second. So Houston givestheir second round of last year to Arizona
in exchange for a fourth. Sothey make that flop. So Arizona moves

back, Houston moves up. Thenhouston second becomes a fourth, and then
they also include Houston's twenty twenty fourfirst round and the third round selections.
Yeah, I'm done with that.So what was that? That was a
one four, one three? Hehas a swap for first. Yeah in
the current year, Yeah, yourone two becomes a later one and a

four, right, and then yournext year you give up your one and
your three. Is what that is? Now? The only question I have
not not to be too negative here, but what is the guarantee that the
Vikings are drafting in the twenties?I mean, even if there is,
because it is done, that's thething. Yeah, I'm saying, if
you have cousins and if you havethe or close to the iteration of the

offense we saw two years ago,then I believe it will be top five
ish passing game, and I believeit'll be closer to twenty twenty two than
twenty twenty three overall. And defensivelyspeak, even though I like the defense
more last year than I did theprevious year. What about you guys,

Yeah last season deniable? Yeah forsure. Yeah. So when I say
twenties, I mean I'm thinking,you know, nine to ten wins or
something, and then eleven when thatputs you in the twenties, that would
that that would certainly put you inI'm speculating. Yeah, no, no,
no, certainly, I'm just thinkingabout it from the standpoint where if
I'm the team right now that Iat this stage, if I'm bringing kirk

Back. I'm not. I'm nottrading up. Then I'm looking at one
of those potential defensive players and Iam talking about, well, I would
trade up for one of those twoand it's and it's super and it's it's
super anti climactic, and the fanbase will be mad. But I think
you you start the quarterback conversation withwhere will bo Nix go? Where will
Michael Pennix? Where we're JJ McCarthygoing. I know that's those are those

are tough names to listen to hisvikings fans based on what we've seen,
recency and otherwise. But I thinkthat if you're going to keep kirk around
and you start looking at the amountof equity that you have that first round
pick next year, as you continueto look at this depleted defense, you
continue to look at the money issues. Yep, the infusion of youth.

I just think that that's the firstand a third as we're talking about it.
That's not too bad. But firstand a third in the context of
what this team needs to get better, I think is really expensive. Yep,
it's expensive, but I've just seenit, and we've seen it too
many times in too many places.When you hit on the right quarterback.
It all comes together in a quickeramount of time than you think when you've

given up the mother load. Youknow. Oh, I want them to
solve this thing. But the keyto it is is I just don't believe
that they're going to take that bigswing. I think it's too easy with
the dead money on Kirk's contract thatthey're going to bring him back. They're
going to push the twenty twenty fournumber down and kick some of that dead
cap to the down the road likea can. And I think that's the

approach they're going to take because theywill look at the numbers, game of
bodies and what they need. Floresis going to be in his ear,
that being Quac and Koc for thenext three straight months talking about what they
need on defense, and I justI want them to take a swing.
I just don't believe they will.Okay, well, I understand, Well,

then, how deeply and how long? How hard can you preach analytics
if you ship all in on athirty six year old quarterback off of buster
Achilles? I mean, how hardcan you preach new school margin rules or
whatever. There's no way does thatamount of cash for that age off that
injury. Absolutely check all the boxesanalytically speaking of what they're thinking. That's

the essence of analytics, because he'sgoing to say, we're not shipping all
in on Kirk. We're gonna sendhim, we're gonna get him a two
year deal, and we're gonna letJJ McCarthy and it's gonna end up being
the value pick of the century.I want to talk about living on the
margins. How about JJ McCarthy midlate second or beyond, and that's the
future of this team. I thinkthat's how we'll be presented. I they
went that route, right, Yeah, I think it does come down to

and what we're finding out if youjust take this year's draft or this year's
playoff situation, all this other stuff, the quarterbacks and how these teams are
built to go into the playoffs,and you know, we're not talking about
the eventual Super Bowl matchup or eventhe winner, but just the remaining teams
that we have right now. Youif you want to look at that as

sort of the template to how tobuild the team, then yeah I could.
I'm I'm going along with Norda withwhat you're saying that let's build this
thing around Kirk for another year ortwo. And if you think that doing
your analytics on these quarterbacks, ifyou think the win probability of a bow
knicks all the way down to ato a Michael Pratt out of two lane,

if you if you think that theyare all if you're splitting hairs here,
well then you take the quarterback inthe second round and then you just
use your use your number eleven pick. You have your future picks, you
hold onto those. You go todefense with the number eleven pick, and
then you hope that kid from twolane can learn from from Kirk Cousins.
We mentioned that's Ben Libra at Nacholiber Via X Twin Cities Live three to

four thirty today on Channel five andeach and every weekday watch our beloved Nacho,
and we mentioned green Bay and SanFrancisco former Green Bay Packers tied in
Mark Chimura a little did we know? Does radio? And why don't you
set it up? You know moreabout it than Meme. Yeah, let's
head on over to Milwaukee. ESPNMilwaukee. I don't know what the time
slot is, but there's a radioshow called Jen Gabe and Chewie So talking

in the context of the game,how the Packers can find an edge against
these forty nine ers. Mark Chimuraoffers his thoughts. Pet Gabe, I
go back and it's little things likethis. And the reason we won in
ninety five when no one gave usa chance in San Francisco is because we
intimidated them. I mean, Ialways revert to Wayne Simmons. Wayne Simmons

kicked the crap out of Brent Jones, and then it got contagious and then
it carried over. That's why guysare gonna think I'm crazy. Well we
already thought that, So go ahead, a fifteen yard penalty And I don't
condone this, but I kind ofdo. In the playoffs, a fifteen

yard penalty for a late hit onbrock Purty is not a bad thing as
long as it's worth it. I'mjust saying, this is the mindset you
go into when it's battle, andit's it's kind of like the reverse of
hockey. What don't they do inhockey in the playoffs? Joshi shave their
beards. That and one other thingit don't fight. They don't fight.

They don't fight, right, Thisis kind of like sometimes a fifteen yard
penalty is worth it early in thegame if you knock the living crap out
of the guy and then he kindof like sticking your helmet in the ribs
of Nick Bosa is like I'm hearingghosts. Yeah, I didn't know you

could hear ghosts, but now Ido. Ah, being a former player,
what do you think of? Whatdo you think of Chewi's approach?
Here's the funny thing, is Iso this is the first time I've actually
heard his his audio. I've seenthis this in gooing viral and all these
oh clutch my pearls, like he'slook at all the horrible things he's saying

about about brock Perty and how hewants to go out and intentionally hurt him
and you know, injuring these quarterbacks. So that's what I actually thought,
that what he said the essence,not even the essence, like I had
not heard that. I've only seenthe captions and people reposting this with their
own clutch the pearls verbiage. Thatis not as bad as I thought based
on all the posts I've seen.He didn't call for him to uh to

get hurt. He's just saying football. Football has always been a psychological game.
Now the NFL is doing its damnedestto take it, to take that
part out of the game. ButI'm with him. Call this old school,
call this whatever you want. Intimidationin the psychological emotions of beating somebody

up and letting a team know earlyon, Hey dude, you're in for
a dogfight. We are, weare. Who's the old NFL films?
We're a bunch of crazed dogs outhere, right, Lawrence Taylor, Lawrence
Taylor. That's that should still bea part of the game. And I
don't know why that's not a partof the game. That's when you look
at what happened with even look atwhat the Packers did last week to the

Cowboys. The Cowboys shriveled. Iknow they shriveled because like, oh my
gosh, these guys are playing physical. Their offensive line is playing physical.
How do we how do we?Like? They can't come in here?
We've never lost at home like they? How dare they come in here and
play a physical style of football?Look, that's football. So if he

wants, if his opinion is togo out there and impose your will,
and if there's a if there's ahit, whether it's legal or illegal,
and you stand over the top ofRock Party and you get another fifteen for
taunting his ass and saying like,hey man, we're coming to play.
You guys get everybody's everybody's discrediting usbecause we're a seven seed and we got
this young team and where we haveno business being here. I have no

problem with that. He didn't callfor him to get hurt, not at
all. I mean offensive lineman peeloff defensive players all the time. Because
you know, this is another viralvideo that has been going around. You
know, an offensive lineman helps theirrunning back try to get some extra yardage,
and he puts his helmet right inthe back of the defensive player because

he's helping the ball here get afew extra yards. That's that's bs man.
Like you want to talk about playerssafety, but that's an intimidation that
that's a physicality, Like he's playingthrough the whistle, right. You may
not like it, but the NFLis gonna allow it. Like, I
think that within within those context ofplaying physical whether it happens between the whistles
or you know, look, youdon't even have to hit Rock Party after

the whistle. You just hit themhard. You're going to draw a fifteen
penalty, And to that, Iwould say, yeah, it's worth it
early in the game. Taking afifteen yard physical penalty, I don't think
is that that big of a deal. And I'm not saying that you have
to go preach it to your guys, but I'm just saying, if you're
preaching to your defensive players to goout, play physical, fast and aggressive,

and be relentless, and it sohappens that you hit the quarterback,
Oh, you hit them too hardand you drove them to the ground.
Who cares? Three and thirty threequestions? Thirty seconds? Here we go.
Dallas is sticking with Mike McCarthy.Is that surprising? It is surprising.
Yes. I thought that the waythat they came out so flat and

they just expected to win. That'sa reflection on his attitude and how he
prepped those guys for the course ofthe week. The Lions are going to
the NFC Championship Game, aren't they. It's looking like that they have a
they have a pretty easy path.Yes. And finally, do you give
Green Bay much of a chance atSan Francisco? Yes, because of the
same card that everybody's talking about howthey can. They can basically are they

can go out there and just letit fly. They don't care, they
don't have to play perfect that theyjust have to go out there and do
their thing. No, they havezero pressure and sometimes in the playoffs and
in big situations, being the dramaticunderdog is the best spot to be in.
And I got to say this samething with the Ravens. Everybody,
everybody wants that buy because especially nowwith seventeen games, but we have seen

teams come off bys regular season andfirst round buys and stumble because it's it's
hard to take that week off andthen find that playoff speed and that playoff
atmosphere. Sometimes that's harder than peoplethink. So it would not surprise me
if Green Bay jumped on them early. But the forty nine Ers are not
a team that's going to cower likethe like the Cowboys, so they're going

to take it right back to them. I do expect the forty nine Ers
to win this game, yep,but I think it could be a little
closer game than especially last weekend.Dallas brilliant have a wonderful time on TV
today. Okay, thanks Bud liberAt Nacho Liber via Twitter and we'll be
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play against players. He's a verygood penalty killer, poised guy. But

he adds speed to your back end. Great experience, good puck movement and
a guy that can play key situationsagainst key players. Speed on the back
end, no doubt about that.Well, Hey, this road trip coming
up, coach, it's Tampa.It's the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes.
That's a daunting task. We're gonnahave to be at our best to win.
You know, you have two teamsthat I believe are all three teams
that are all in the playoffs.Two of them are in the top ten

in the league. And so it'sgonna be uh, you know, top
teams that play the game the rightway. And you know, for us
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and I'll start here. Mike McCarthyappears to be back courtesy of Adam
Schefter yesterday Mark McCarthy not being fired. My hypothesis is that Jerry called Bill

and it didn't go well, andhow well we got Mike back because he's
won thirty six games in the lastthree seasons. Tough loss for them this
weekend, but Jerry Jones keeping MikeMcCarthy in the mix of your thoughts.
It surprised me simply because of howthe last game went you know, and
when you look back at the pastperformances of McCarthy with the Dallas Cowboys,
I mean, you got twelve winsseasons, you know, I mean maybe

three in a row or something likethat. But he's won and three in
the postseason. And you know,it's it's when I say this team is
as counterfeit as a three dollars bill. I mean, that's exactly what was
on display last game. They theybut they do it the big performances and
and killing teams out of nowhere orgetting killed out of nowhere, losing out

of nowhere. That's the MO.The MO generally comes back to the coach
when you've been there as long ashe has. Now, I mean,
they win a lot of games.They win a lot of games, and
that's that's key. I don't know. I'm surprised. I'm surprised and went
this way to the Minnesota Timberwolves winnerslast night, Sasser back the other way
with three. Now with two shuffles, it off to Mascala, float or

no. The Keels got the rebound, the horn sounds, and the Wolves
have come away with a one twentyfour one seventeen win over to the Detroit
Pistons. So after losing both gamesto Detroit last year, the Wolves respond.
They take care of business despite givingup a forty point first quarter.
Yeah, the game, the fortypoint first quarter. Now Wolves trailed by

just one after one. That's akey part because they ran away in the
second quarter. Kind of felt likethe game was always in hand, but
also always a bit tenuous pa againstthese awful Pistons where Jay and Ivy had
like the game of his career lastnight, it seemed like and kept things
at least close enough to flirt withdanger. Where the Minnesota Timberwolves five from

five from deep a team was fiftypercent from deep last night like that for
the Timberwolves. It was twenty sevenand twenty seven for Ant and Karl Anthony
Towns. All those big boards byRudy, I like when Kat shoots obviously
hits, but shoots a lot ofthrees. How many threes did he have?
Did did he hit last night?Any idea top of the head?
I believe he was five of five? Okay, So okay, yeah,

I really liked that as part ofas part of as part of the offense
organically speaking. But Finch after thegame you know, he was like,
I mean we did paraphrasing we didenough to win, but no, that
wasn't great, right, Yeah.And you know the interesting thing was I
had talked to Alan Horton earlier inthe week when you were gone on Monday,
and just the way this team vibessometimes is when Jaden McDaniels is eight

of eleven like he was last night, teams winning just about every game,
Wow, regardless of opponent. WhenJaden's taking eight or ten shots and he's
only hitting two of them, theteam's losing all of those games in some
cases, regardless of the opponent.That's brilliant. You heard it in the
in the final call there that thatthey did indeed lose twice to the Pistons

last year. So that's not goodfor business team not oning out bad teams
at least for a night last night, but they do get the victory and
resting themselves. Maybe that was partof a cruise control for the Howl because
they're back at it tonight at TargetCenter to host the awful Memphis Grizzlies,
who are awful because every single personon the team I think is hurt.
John done for the season, MarcusSmart got hurt. He's out in definitely

at this stage, they should beatthe Bad News Grizz at home and then
all sets us up for Saturday NightLights with OKAC in town. That should
be fun. The Saturday tonight theyshould win. The Saturday piece is good.
I mean, they just the gamesthat they're starting to have. As
I mentioned with Chris Finch yesterday,there is a burgeoning rivalry between the youthful

OKAC Thunder and the youthful Minnesota Timberwalls. They just they got a little something
going and it's building, so that'sgoing to be cool. Hopefully they don't
flop tonight. That's News Denor broughtto you by the Casino at Canterbury Park,
the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or at theMotor City Davy this weekend to take
on the Lions and one of thegreatest play by play voices in the history

of all football team announcer Gene Dekaroff, who works for the Bucks. He'll
be joining nine to noon to puta preview on that game and offer up
more when we continue at KFA nKA Fire, The Cannons way too on

Fire. The Cannons touchdown Tampa Bay. It's Warrick Dunn from thirty five.
Fire up the phone line down TallahasseeWay where they probably got a heat wave.
Because we want to talk to UncleJean about some playoff games. And
the Bucks are at the lion afire the cannons. He might be tending

to the tulips down there of Tampa. They got a heat wave. Hey,
here's Uncle Jean. Heat waves.Heat waves the most they left Harry
Line makefield through the ball to theways like cockball, the tackle fight doors
lorded t Hardy by Party Davids,Brake Harmer cover top on touched off Tampa

Bay, touched off Buccaneers tiving tacksRake ham Let's threat here it comes straps
to the it's tall touched off TampaBay. Chris Godwin, Oh my goodness,
yell that offense gets rolling. Andwhen Leavonte David is making life difficult

for players including Entwine Winfield Junior doingthe same thing. Uh, the heat
wave that is the Tampa Bay Buccaneersdefinitely is formidable and joining us now.
Uncle Jean Decker op thirty five yearplay by play voice for the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers. I am and have beenand will be his sirro good nephew.
As a playfellow play by play voice, thing goes, and how are things

down tallahassee way these day, Jean, how you been well, nephew,
it's been chilly. I've got everybit of clothing I could put on to
get outside of Tallahassey for well.Hit twenty four degrees yesterday last night it
was the last night it was amore moderate, you know, twenty nine
to thirty. But it's cold.It's even cold in Tampa. I think

they got down to about fifty two. But again we don't have Minnesota weather.
I mean, thank the Lord.I don't know if I've ever said
my goodness on a broadcast, butthat catch by Chris Chris Godwin, I
mean, it was phenomenal. Inmy mind, I just see I see
Baker Mayfield being crushed by a blitzinglinebacker. I mean he's fallen down and
hes it floats to the end.So Bears God would make of that catch.

But that's just the way the gamewin everything that the Buccaneers played clean
football, and generally, when youplay clean football in the playoffs, when
you win games twenty four degrees,you said over Nightgeene, Yeah last night.
Yeah, I had a little bucketthat I wanted my my vandas,
and every day I had about aquarter of an inch of ice on that
thing. Oh so so your wifeAnn or or you are one of the

six grand kids. I don't knowwho's charged with, you know, keeping
the bandas and the tulips and thepoppies. Okay, well what what did
you cover the poppies and the tulipswith when it gets down to twenty four?
Is it a blankets or and wrap? What is you don't have tuolips?
I've got one of those things likeyou have the hotel that's got wheels.

And I hang those ten vandas onthat thing. Are they right behind
me in my office right now?I don't want those things freezing. I
don't want them freeze them. Yeah, I understand, but but you also
you also tend to your outdoor flowersand plants and shrubs, and they're covered
up. They look like statues outthere with those those little canvas things you
put over there. Right Hey,you're uncle Jean, you're your your buccaneers

dismantled the Philadelphi Eagles, I meanfire the Cannons, the Bucks are going
to Detroit. Yeah, this isthe third third season in the last four
Paul, and this may be underthe radar by most, but the third
time in the last four seasons theBuccaneers have made it to the Division round.
And another nugget, that's the Buccaneersare the only franchise in the National

Football Conference that have been the fourstraight postseason play games. It sort of
goes unmentioned and unthought about. Butwhat makes it even even more of a
situations to the Buccaneers were I thinkLas Vegas had the Bucks making no more
than six wins this year, orsix and a half maybe was the number.

But the Buccaneers had that by Novemberand then ran through the month of
December and January going, you know, six out of our last seven games.
So, yeah, a winning seasonof shirt for coach Todd Bowles.
And right now he's got the Buccaneersin the right We're moving in the right
direction. This post game locker roomconversation. You can see it as he
talks to his team on Buccaneers dotCom. He's a straight shooter. I

mean, he doesn't get really excited, he doesn't get really down low and
he reminds me an awful lot ofTony Dungee. People used to say Tony
Dungee was leaning up against a lightpost, but he was on the sideline
because he never showed a motion.You know, in times about the same
one. Gene Decker off the longtimebox for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bucks
and Lions this weekend. Wait,you did a radio Gene, You did

a radio show back in the daywith Florida State coach Bobby Bowden and the
late great actor Burt Reynolds would jointhe show. Yeah, that was Bobby's
television show when I was hired toproduce Coach Bowden's TV show and also and
also it serves as the talent.But SEMLO Boosters hired me to produce Coach
Bowden show and back in the day, let me tell you, let me

fill a number out to you.SEVERL Boosters guaranteed Coach Bobby Boden seventy five
thousand dollars for his coaching show seventyfive. Right now, I think the
coach stable was making about ten milliondollars a year. But now that goes
back now to nineteen eighty four,so you know, things were different then

maybe that seventy five grand is worthone hundred and fifty out but nowhere hear
what coach? And I was doingUSFL football for the I'm not going to
miss the name. Er I'll callthe Buccaneers that name on Sunday and I
can't do that. But I wasdoing USFL football for the Tampa Bay franchise,
and Burt Reynolds was a part ownerof that team. Wow. He
would come to the games, andbecause he was a seminole and Vic frenet

I were both siminal announcers, andVic was a teammate of his back at
Florida State. He'd come up anddo an interview at halftime. See,
and we're out in Arizona and we'replaying the team I think they were the
Wreglers. I believe they were.They were Sun Devil Stadium. It's halftime,
Burt has an unce horige and he'sin our booth and everybody in the
stadium was waving to Burt Reynolds.And when I got back to Tallahassee,

I wrote him a letter and said, I'm producing coach bowdencteed showing I got
a couple of ideas I'd like totalk to you about And he sent me
just a lovely note and said,you know anything from Bobby, you let
me know and I'll do it.And for twenty six years he did great
moments in Florida State football. Werecorded those segments, twelve of them at
one location at one time. Wow, generally in Jupiter, Florida. We'd
go to his home and he hada studio built in that in that area,

and then we'd go to Hollywood.A couple of times we recorded in
Atlanta where he was doing a movieCoconut Girl, in Miami where he was
doing a movie. And yeah,Bert was a great guy. He passed
away too soon. He was eightytwo and passed away two years ago.
And you know, we lose BobbyBowden two years ago, we lose Burt
Reynolds a year and a half ago. The I'm the last man standing of
great moments in Florida State football didso. I mean you could call a

play and then talk about Jackie Gleesonand Sally Field and Smokey the bandit.
I mean, you could even goback to the Honeymooners with Jackie Leeson.
Right, we're old enough to rememberthat yeah, yeah, yeah, ah
Cranston and yeah yeah uh Jean,what with this game this weekend? What

what do you think about the challengeand and and the ascension of the Buccaneers
just ever so slowly and gradually,but it's been wonderful to follow. Well,
you have to point a thing ofone of the coaching staff and what
Todd Bowles has been the Remember heinherited the staff from Bruce Arians last year
because of the Bruce retired basically steppedaway from football late like like January,

late January, early early February,and then Tom Brady said, Okay,
I'm coming back. He had retired, and so so Todd had. He
took the entire staff at Bruce hasleft, and this year he made a
few subtle changes in the front office. Jason White, general manager, has
done just a tremendous job. TheBuccaneers was the most salary capped, uh

in purgatory of any team of theNational football They got they were like eighty
mil and so he couldn't couldn't goout and signed big for agents and put
him in place. He had togo find rookies and they did. And
then the biggest you know, thebiggest signing in Buccaneer history and perhaps only
second to the signing the drafting ofLeroy Selman. Our very draft pick in

seventy six was the signing of TomBrady to come play quarterback for the Buccaneers,
and he took us to you know, the playoffs three years in a
row, just being the fourth yearin a row. And then I think
the third best free agent signing,well, shir Kill Barrett was pretty at
goody at nineteen sacks but his secondyear, but it was the signing of
Baker Mayfield. And Baker Mayfield,remember this was a walk on. Nobody

offered him a scout of Dinas andhe walked on at Texas Tech. Then
he walked upon literally at Oklahoma.He won the Heisman Trophy, the only
only player to ever be a walkon to win the Heisman Trophy. And
he the number one pick in Clevelanddumped him after he took them to the
playoffs, and you know, theBrowns suffered the slings and arrows of like
thirty plus seasons and never go into the playoffs you won a game.

And so he's been like an underdoghis whole life, and he's got that
mentality in his player. His teammateshave rallied around him and Paul. Go
back to the Super Bowl run ofSuper Bowl fifty five run in two thousand.
Remember that was the COVID year.Not many fans in the stands,
but Tom Brady and the Buccaneers wereon the road for every game except the
Super Bowl, and they won everygame to earn that home ticket to Super

Bowl fifty five. And this haseerily similar to what happened in twenty twenty.
I hope. So I've got threesons. I only have two Super
Bowl rings about Uncle Jean in thatrun with a captain Cole Tom Brady coregt
me if I'm wrong here, Butthey almost lost the first game at fed
Ex to Taylor Heineke, Right,yeah, Taylor Heideck. You know,

we didn't know who was in aquarterback. Okay, the top quarterback had
been injured the whole season and wedidn't know. But you had to prepare
for both. And then Taylor Heidecke, who knew he could run the football.
I mean he was given his bestimitation of Jalen Hurts. I mean
he hurt the Buccaneers board with hisleft that he did with his arm in
that game, but the Bucks prevailedand then we had to go on the

road to play over the division championNew Orleans Saints. But it swept us
that year and we beat them withthe great Drew Brees and then they had
to go to had to go toGreen Bay, Wisconsin. The weather was
untied, but we were in abooth in Tampa. We had to broadcast
remote that year. And the Buckstook care of business by beating the Green
Bay Packers and won the NFC andpunched that ticket to the Super Bowl.

And then in the Super Bowl,a team that had just did Tyreek Hill
had two hundred yards receiving in thefirst quarter in the regular season meeting between
the Bucks and the Chiefs, andthen the Super Bowl made whatever Todd Bowles
and his defensive staff drew up.They kept Kansas City, the highest scoring
team in the league, out ofthe end zone. They scored three field
goals, that was it, andwon the Super Bowl rather handling. So

yeah, that was an in troubleon Tom Brady, now Baker Mayfield and
Baker Baker. I may have mentionedthis the last time we talked Paul,
but nobody to correct me if I'mwrong, But I read a clip somewhere
that he is the forty ninth highestpaid quarterback of the National Football leg Dang,
that's a base base guaranteed salary.Okay, right now, he has
incentives and he can make it.He just I believe it was about two

hundred fifty grand to getting kidding aplayoff agory, and you know he's another
one he can ching change ching.But I think more importantly than money he's
made, he's made a lot ofmoney in the way he's a number one
pick overall after him, but hewants to win. He wants to win
another another playoff game, another playoffgame, and he'd love to have a
Super Bowl. Right, so that'son the line. Jared Goffin, how

about this number one picks overall?Back to back draft? You got those
two tangulin in uh in Motown onon Sunday, Gretick Geane last one.
I got about a minute and change, but I want to ask it in
case we don't chat next week.You retired from Florida State University football and
basketball boxing at the end of thetwenty one to twenty two seasons. You

and your and I read this ina story you you and your wife Ann
have sacrificed his weekends for half acentury due to these jobs. And those
six grand kids are calling. Socould this run be it for you calling
Buccaneers games right now? I don'tthink so. I'm looking forward to twenty

twenty four and twenty twenty five.You know, twenty twenty five will be
the fiftieth anniversary of the Tampa Bucketersfranchise, And right now I'm leaning that
way. The Lord has blessed mewith pretty good health, you know,
aching back here and eight here,but nothing serious and never broken the bone
in my life, and even thoughI played competitive sports all the way through

little league and to college. ButI've been fortunate and hopefully the hopefully the
Good Lord will watch over me ifI continue to do buckety Foot by Merril
Reech. By the way, wevisited before the game's Monday night. Yeah,
and Meryll, this is his fortyseventh years of doing Philadelphia Eagles.
It's my thirty fifth, so youcan find those things up, Kelly,

like eighty years combined doing in football. We have been blessed. It's a
great way to spend a week preparingand spend three and a half hours of
excitement and get ready for the nextweek. It's it's been a great run.
I love you, ma'am and I'velooked up to you all of my
career. And thank you very muchfor the time and best to luck to
your bucks. Hopefully you're firing thecannons at Ford Field this weekend. Okay,

that's what I That's what I toldw JR Radio. Fire them cannons,
Go bock, go box, gonoles. Okay, nephew, you
stay warmed, my friend. Yeah, see your brother Jeene Decker off the
box for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.We go v to v vox to vox.
Reg Papa, who calls forty nineers
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