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May 29, 2024 7 mins
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Travis Mills, and I mean thiscould go a lot of ways. Ronnie
Jones, Rain Jones, Which isit? It is Ronnie Joneses. Thanks
for asking. It's a very coolspelling. Although I guarantee at one point
growing up you said to your motheror your father, why why did you?
Why did you go with this spelling? But I think it's a very

cool spelling. Well, thank youfor that. Well, you know,
I'm named after my dad. Mydad's name is Ronnie silt ro O N
N I E. But my momhad to be fancy. So here we
goug it. I dig it thoughshe gave it up to the man you
made you with and she tweeked thespelling. I love it. And tonight's
tonight Help. I'm in a secretyou know. I think there should be

a show Help. I'm in arelationship. I actually think that show could
be a huge hit too, Butwe're here to talk about Help. I'm
in a secret relationship, Season threeMTV. Great stuff and from two different
worlds. You guys really, Imean, Travis you tured with machine gun
call an actor or recording artist,huge social media presence, Ronnie you four

years working for the Department of HomelandSecurity. I mean, you need you
to together to do this type ofshow, but those are two different worlds.
How long did it take you togel? I think we jelled instantly,
and that's why that's why we've beenable to be on the road together
for so long. It's like,as soon as I met Ronnie, I

was like, all right, thisis it, let's do it. I
can echo that. Like it waslike instantaneous. When we had our tests,
it was just like, oh,this feels good. And when we
met each other in person it startedworking. It was just like it was
so natural. And then for threeseasons in and it feels like, you
know, he's my brother. Soit's great. I love it, but
I mean it's Ronnie you and particularlynot a lot of people go from the

Department of Homeland Security to being anactor. That's a unique transition. By
the way, I love the Politician. Wasn't that that show with dar Evan
Hanson with platte with a been plaid? Yes, Well, thank you for
watching. Yeah, my, youknow, my trajectory trajectory has been quite
interesting. But I'm truly just youknow, grateful for all the opportunities that

I've been given but clearly, clearlythe government was not was not my thing.
So yeah, yeah, yeah,four years there, that's something so
help. I'm in a secret relationship, which I understand it right out of
the gate. And I mean thatin the sense that you know, in
a day and age of cat fishingin a day and age of swiping in

a day and age of how muchdo you really know? And there are
a lot of people, particularly closerto my generation, I'd love to tell
me what age? What age isthereabouts? On the average? You guys
are seeing the most of you know, I'm divorced, I'm older, I'm
over fifty. And it's just like, there's only so much about my life.
I really I got nothing to hide, but there's only so much of

myself I'm willing to give at thispoint in my life. I got two
kids, I was married a longtime, but I do want to keep
certain things, not necessarily secret.But to myself, do you ever run
in what's the average age? Youwould say, there are are there players
like twenty five year old players?What are you running into the most?
I don't know if there's an averageage, but look, I want to

say, you're not out of theweeds yet, man, because you know
season one, right, we dealtwith the couple who actually turned out to
be your age, and the entirereason why she was hiding him was,
you know, she was married previously, she had kids. He was married

previously, he had kids, They'vebeen together for a few years. But
you know, he was hidden andthe reason was was because she was actually
not just a mom but a grandmaand she didn't want him to know.
There's something, you know, itkind of bittersweet about that. I don't

know it's self esteem, but maybeI'm a I am a sucker, FYI,
just so you both know, Iam a sucker. So maybe that's
why that that worked on me inthis day and age, though, I
guess it is a red flag becauseI would say, well, what's your
your Facebook? Your kid's got tobe all over your face? Are you're
not holding your kid? You're notholding your grandkid? On Facebook? But

I guess there I do see alot of Facebook pages where it's like,
wow, you show nothing clearly you'reyou're in the witness protection program, or
you you've got a lot of skeletonsin your closet. I've definitely run across
people in real and in my reallife on the show that definitely are a
bit more cautious when it comes tothe social media element of their relationship.

Right, they might want to keepit a bit private because they're they're just
starting out their relationship and they don'twant they don't want to put it out
there. But at the end ofthe day, I feel like all about
communications, right, it's being onthe same page for partner, and if
you're not on the same sea's beenthere in line. The trouble there lies
where questions start to come in.So if you're communicating with your partner and

you're saying, this is why I'mdoing this, but I'm allowing you to
meet my family, I'm allowing youto meet my friend, it's just the
social media parts that I just don'twant so many eyes on it. That's
that's okay. You got to talkabout it, and if you don't issues,
I love it. It's it's comicalbecause I'm thinking about one relationship I
had where she just went on andon, when are you going to change

your status from divorce to in arelationship? It meant so masture the status
change on Facebook? Yeah, Imean people put a lot of weight in
social media. Some people don't,some people do. And it's meeting your
partner where they are, and ifthere's a level of compromise that needs to
happen, so be it. Butalso if you're not comfortable with it,

you know, there there's another conversation. So it's all complicated, it's all
messy. You know, relationships getlike that sometimes, you know. Yeah,
give me the greatest one, andmaybe it's coming up in season three
Tuesday nights, MTV nine pm.What's the craziest one? And help?

I'm in a secret relationship. Personwas a serial killer, person was wanted
for something. Give me the craziestone. We're up against the clock,
but I'd love to hear you thecraziest one. You do have it?
Yeah, I think the most salaciousone was a gentleman that we helped name
Matt with his best friend in Minnesota. And there's a clip on the show's
TikTok page at MTV secret Ship becauseI guess the entire reason wasn't exactly real

at all, So you can goand watch clips and find out for sure.
But look, I mean we're noteven halfway through season three, so
you know, something else to popup on our radar. And you know
this season, this new Batch episodeis coming out right now. I think
it's the most real than ever.Yeah, people's you know, honest to

god relationships and wearing their hearts ontheir sleeves. Yeah, scratch on the
surface, looking forward to this.Travis Mills, Ronnie Jones. I appreciate
you both taking the time for comingon and for helping people navigate the dating
world when they've got some skeletons inthose closets. Again, it's help.
I'm in a Secret Relationship, thirdseason, MTV, Tuesday night, nine pm.
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