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3 Slim & Trim Dishes

January 7, 20169 min
Ellen and Carolina have chosen three nutrient-packed recipes with a healthy amount of calories to keep you slim and trim.All year long, experts advise recipes that help you become (and stay) slim and trim.  In other words, you should incorporate them into your eating lifestyle, whether you are trying to lose pounds or maintain your already healthy weight.  Hosts Ellen and Carolina have chosen three that are not only nutrient-packed with a healthy amount of calories but also delicious.Join them in the Family Food Kitchen for some lasting food fun.First is a salad, which helps you stay full. Salad:Baby spinach, or whatever lettuce you like to eatWalnutsDried cranberriesCrumbled blue cheeseChia seedsSliced tomatoesSliced cucumberCarrotsOlive oilFish:AsparagusSalmonLemonOlive Oil Bake in the oven altogether for a delicious dinnerOvernight Oatmeal:MilkOats in a jarAlmond or peanut butterChia seeds Flax seedsDried fruitsShake up in the jar, leave overnight in the fridge, and take out in the morning

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