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May 20, 2024 50 mins
MORNING HACK - It's great if you have a good relationship with your boss...but we'll tell you 3 things you should never say to your matter how close you are. RYAN'S ROSES - Her husband told her he’s been having an affair. But she doesn’t believe him. Sounds a little backwards, right? But there’s more to it…

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
From Hollywood to you, thank you for listening to us.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
Ryan Seacrest Air on Air with a Ryan Seacrest.

Speaker 1 (00:10):
So, Ryan Seacrest, Sicity and Tanya. I'm gonna I'm gonna
put out a little extra effort because we did that
American Idol show live last night till late late for me.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Yeah yeah, well then you went out.

Speaker 1 (00:24):
Well we went to grab a bite to eat afterwards. Uh,
and then I you know that it's that thing that
always happens to us for this show. It's like once
it's I mean, for me, once it's eight, I start
feeling like I can't be somewhere. But once it's nine thirty,
you're like, dude, I gotta go.

Speaker 3 (00:40):
Yeah, you start panicking a little bit.

Speaker 1 (00:42):
Oh, you gotta go. But everyone knows it now, all
my friends, all my coworkers and other stuff. They all
just know that. I don't even I just stand up
and say goodbye, even if it's in the middle of
a meal or something.

Speaker 2 (00:55):
Yeah, what you'd think after twenty years, it's understood.

Speaker 4 (00:59):
But it's not how people give your hard time, Like
didn't you want to stay?

Speaker 3 (01:02):
Like you want to stay and you want me?

Speaker 1 (01:04):
I mean yeah, no, no, because I knew I had this.
If I didn't have this, yeah, but no, but I
know this too.

Speaker 4 (01:10):
But you know you should go to bed, so you
do leave, but you you feel bad because you wish
you could stay.

Speaker 1 (01:16):
Right, I need to not feel all that and just
don't come.

Speaker 2 (01:21):
Or you can just power through like I do.

Speaker 1 (01:23):
Those days are over.

Speaker 2 (01:24):
I can't.

Speaker 1 (01:26):
I can't. It's just not worth it. It's really not
worth a power power through, power of it. It's like
some of my friends sometimes they're like, oh, I got
an early flight, let's just stay out till one. I
got an early flight. I'm like, no, what, How was
that fun?

Speaker 5 (01:43):

Speaker 1 (01:43):
How are you guys?

Speaker 2 (01:44):
A little little good? Monster Jam was really fun.

Speaker 1 (01:49):
Disney took the kids the monster what do you call?
Monster Jam trucks.

Speaker 2 (01:52):
Right right right at Sofi Stadium. It's pretty remarkable how
they do all the dirt, the tricks, the all the things.
And then yesterday we had family pictures at Golden Hour.
Oh it's been a minute since we've taken family pictures.
I think the day was six months old the last
time we all took pictures.

Speaker 1 (02:09):
To say, of all the people here, you have the
most energy, because do you do this? You work in
the music department here, and then you've got to run
a family in a household, and then you go to
Monster Truck World.

Speaker 2 (02:20):
Well that's fun for them, And all.

Speaker 1 (02:22):
Right, guys, let's get into it. We got a busy
one this morning. Got that May Grayow is saying, it's
going to burn off. I don't know when it burns off.
You let me know if it burns off while we're on.
It's going to burn off, they say, Ryan's roses her
husband told her he's been having an affair.

Speaker 2 (02:37):
Wow, okay, so then why are we making the call?

Speaker 1 (02:40):
Can we just sit in that for a minute.

Speaker 5 (02:42):

Speaker 2 (02:42):
I like it.

Speaker 1 (02:44):
What do you possibly like about you?

Speaker 4 (02:47):
I like that he came to his wife and said
I had an affair to me that show's character.

Speaker 1 (02:53):
I made a mistake those character. This is why, this
is why I don't recognize people sometimes on this show.

Speaker 3 (03:00):
But do get what I'm saying.

Speaker 4 (03:01):
It's different to go to like stand up and say
I made a mistake versus I got caught.

Speaker 1 (03:08):
But he's already diminished in the character department because he
has the affair. Yes, so he doesn't he doesn't get
like A isn't a good character?

Speaker 4 (03:18):
Okay, right, I get it, but I just I think
that there's a difference.

Speaker 1 (03:22):
Well, does anybody want to listen at seven forty, because
that's what we're gonna do. The guy said I had
an affair, but she wants us to call him because
she doesn't believe him. What this is twisted? She doesn't
believe him. Okay, so why does she not believe him?
Why is he doing it for attention?

Speaker 2 (03:41):
So she wants him to send the flowers to somebody else?

Speaker 1 (03:44):
We does she want this?

Speaker 2 (03:46):
Like, I'm so confused.

Speaker 1 (03:48):
I'm just telling you to be here at seven forty. Wow.
Ryan's ros Sysney, what happened last night? When were sleeps well?

Speaker 2 (03:53):
The California High Speed Reel Authority supported new recommendations for
a high speed segment between la and Anaheim. Next step
is an environmental review, which could take about a year.
I took it with five numbers but missing. The powerball
number was sold at a convenience store in Anaheim and
is worth three point one million. And the Long Beach

Pride Festival wrapped up after thousands celebrated diversity and unity
throughout the weekend. And that's what happened overnight.

Speaker 1 (04:22):
Ryan's roses This Monday and every Monday, and Ryan's roses
this Thursday and every Thursday. Seven. This one's twisted. I honestly,
I don't have all the information yet. Her husband said
him having an affair, and she doesn't believe him, like
he would make it up for what reason? What kind
of attention is he seeking? That's what we're going strange? Seven?

Now tisany what'st going on? Over?

Speaker 2 (04:46):
As you know, I have a new puppy. His name
is Diego, Diego dalmatian, six months old. We adopted him
in on President's Day weekend.

Speaker 1 (04:54):
Actually so cute.

Speaker 2 (04:55):
And so when we give Diego a walk, we'd like
to give him his time. He has to walk three
times a day, versus like our senior dog Set sometimes
go on to walk sometimes don't. They're just like roommates
at this point. So I'm walking Diego the other day
and he gets stopped by neighbors and it's like he
has like dog friends that he visits in yards and

all of this. It's like a whole thing. Twenty minute
walk and this one person from across the street is
like Diego, Like I don't know who she is. She
obviously knows Diego because Michael and I obviously trade off,
and she comes over and she's like a and just
making out with my dog.

Speaker 3 (05:34):
Yeah, and I.

Speaker 2 (05:36):
Was taking aback. I'm like, this seems strange. And then
after like about a minute maybe, like I don't know,
it seemed like a minute of this going on, I
was like, what's your name?

Speaker 6 (05:48):
Yeah, I don't know, it's like and then it made
me question myself and my love for Diego is like
I don't even make out with him like that like that,
she was just letting out as soon.

Speaker 1 (06:00):
As Michael was just Diego, Yeah, it's been really awkward.

Speaker 2 (06:04):
But she was just letting him go to town all
over her face, and I was like, this is strange.

Speaker 1 (06:10):
That's wrong. Am I wrong? No? I think they're degrees.
They're degrees to this. First of all, I get the
hold on like I get jealous when Georgia I love
somebody else me like I get.

Speaker 2 (06:23):
Just I felt that a little too.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
Yeah, I'm like, wait, you don't like get that excited
when I come home. Okay, that's a problem. But I
also think you're being a little territorial because I had
a little fluffer. You know, I spent a lot of
time in the gym a little fluffer come up to
me at the gym.

Speaker 4 (06:38):
That's a fluffer at the gym, like a little like
a dog, fluffy dog.

Speaker 2 (06:42):
Oh okay, I'm sorry, I was thinking other things.

Speaker 1 (06:48):
Huh, no, fluffy dog. You can you can bring the
dogs to the gym and a fluffy dog at the
gym and the fluffer comes up to me. While I
was doing my apps sit ups from the ground and
I started, I wouldn't do the you're one of those
And I didn't know the dog at all. I didn't
know the person that was the parent of the dog,

but I went in pretty deep because I'm a dog.
I'm like, I'm not afraid of it. And so I
think there are degrees of this, but I understand the
jealousy component of like, wait, don't love her him neighbor
more than you love me.

Speaker 4 (07:22):
But it is an interesting perspective because you're right, she
should have like said hi to you first, and then
you go into diego.

Speaker 2 (07:30):

Speaker 3 (07:30):
I do that all the time.

Speaker 4 (07:31):
I feel like I just go straight, especially because Sonny
likes to go towards the dogs.

Speaker 3 (07:35):
I'll just go straight to a dog. I don't even
introduce myself to the owner.

Speaker 2 (07:39):
Strange to me, they're like entering some person's bubble and
then making out with their.

Speaker 1 (07:45):
Dog is just no good news? Is you have a
dog lover neighbor? It could now there are a lot
of people. They are angry people at animals, which I
don't like them living there.

Speaker 2 (07:56):
Don't understand those people.

Speaker 1 (07:57):
If you're angry at pets, don't live next asseny or
me or it. I don't make it. I appreciate that,
though I appreciate other degrees of it. But yeah, I'm
very jealous when it comes to, Oh, you like them
more than me. Okay, let's get that morning hack. So
you're very close with theiatta our direct boss very close.

Speaker 2 (08:19):
Went a Dodger game last week, We went to.

Speaker 1 (08:21):
Monster game together, say best friends.

Speaker 2 (08:23):
Just Timberlake Friday night. Yeah, we hang out a lot.

Speaker 1 (08:25):
Okay, So no matter how close you are, these are
three things you should be aware. I've never say it
to your boss. Don't do it. These are bad. Don't
ever say that's impossible when you're asked to do something.
Don't never comment that something you know in your industry
is impossible.

Speaker 2 (08:40):
Don't say it right.

Speaker 3 (08:42):
It's also just bad energy to put out there.

Speaker 1 (08:44):
Don't say if I were you? If no, really I
say that?

Speaker 3 (08:49):
Yeah, Mark a lot too. I feel like, if you're
so inclined.

Speaker 1 (08:55):
Well yeah, but I will that's.

Speaker 2 (08:59):
Yeah, that's like telling them how to do their job.

Speaker 1 (09:03):
And did you ever say this? Did you hear about?

Speaker 7 (09:08):

Speaker 1 (09:08):
I do that all the time.

Speaker 2 (09:10):
That what's wrong with that one? Is it gossip? Beings?
Like you should have gossip?

Speaker 1 (09:13):
No, I don't think it's about a person. It could
be about a thought or a notion. I mean it's
about a person. It's bad. Like I sent I was
reading the Wall Street Journal app on Sunday morning, and
I sent an article about ad sales to Bob Pittman
and Rich Prestler, like, hey, you hear about this?

Speaker 2 (09:30):
It's almost like it's almost like if I were you,
and also did you hear about this?

Speaker 1 (09:34):
But together they didn't respond, not even to today.

Speaker 2 (09:39):
They did not that it's even worse.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
Yeah, what's up with that guys? Case in point, Maybe
it ain't like the group text of it. It's our
chairman and our CEO of my heart don't get anything
like oh yeah, good idea, that like great article or
an thanks for having for anything like silence? Yeah, now,
what didn't know my key card would work this morning

after jail, so we're here. Today's quote on the days
you only have forty percent and you give forty percent,
you actually gave one hundred percent. Stop beating yourself off.

Speaker 3 (10:15):
I love that.

Speaker 1 (10:16):
This FM headlines with sisiny Well.

Speaker 8 (10:19):
Disneyland performers who help bring Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and other
characters to life choose to unionize following a three day vote.
Red Lobster has filed for Chapter eleven bankruptcy protection days
after closing dozens of restaurants. Blue Origins Tourism Rocket launched
passengers to the edge of space for the first time

in nearly two years, and Taylor Swift was spotted with
a hickey on her neck.

Speaker 2 (10:44):
While performing in Sweet in this weekend. Swifty said it
was clearly visible. While singing Champagne Problems.

Speaker 1 (10:52):
On air with Ryan Seacrest, Happy one day for a start,
clean slate, Hope you got a rejuvenation and rest. I'm
telling you, guys, I was stuck in traffic on sunset
the other day, and right there next to me while
I was stopped on my right was a tattoo parlor.

Doors were open. There's a chair and an ashtray out front.
I guess the guy right who works inside. I saw
the guy inside wasn't didn't have any customers. And I
just never know when the universe is trying to tell
me something. All right, here you are stopped in traffic.
Here is this guy in there with no customers. The
doors are open. It's like calling my name to get
a tattoo, right, would have been easy. And I could

practically smell the smoke the cigarettes right from from the
crush cigarettes that were outside the tray. And I didn't
do it. Oh sure, yeah, I know you. I didn't
do it.

Speaker 3 (11:48):
And do you know what because he didn't know what
to get, I didn't know what to get.

Speaker 2 (11:53):
Well, and it's also permanent. And you want to maybe.

Speaker 1 (11:55):
I know that I saw Mark and Suelus's arms the
other day. I don't know, let me no, No, I do know.
I've seen them guys. Yeah, I mean, I'm sure I've
been in some intimate situations with the man. I know
he's in my dressing room, my former dressing room. He
uses my dressing room.

Speaker 2 (12:11):
It's not your dressing room anymore.

Speaker 1 (12:14):
It's Kelly and Mark. It's Kelly and Mark. Yes, I
understand that, but it was Kelly Line for seven years.

Speaker 3 (12:20):
He does not have so many room.

Speaker 1 (12:22):
It's got great tattoos. He's got great tattoos. Maybe I
should have m on about it. Anyway, he's got great arms.
He actually has a better body than I do.

Speaker 3 (12:32):
It's been pretty equal.

Speaker 1 (12:33):
No, no, no, google him like shirt off, shirtless, shirtless, up,
he says, google shirtless Marcan Suelo's pictures.

Speaker 3 (12:45):
Yeah, I see it.

Speaker 1 (12:46):
That's not rain Seacrest, not far off, way far off.
I don't know what. Thank you, by the way, but
it's a fantasy. It's not real.

Speaker 4 (12:56):
You have to look at yourself and really see amazingness.

Speaker 1 (13:03):
Michelle, what did all this over there?

Speaker 9 (13:09):
Okay, y'all have me cracking up this morning?

Speaker 1 (13:12):
What happened?

Speaker 9 (13:14):
So just listening to y'all, the joy that the three
of you bring me on my regular morning commutes. It's
just sitting here right now talking to you such just
so much fun. But I had a few little thoughts
about a tattoo for you, and with your love of
olive oil and all the high vibes that you send

to myself and all your listeners, I was thinking about
the symbol of an olive branch and it's peace and
it you could get a great drawing. I mean you
could wrap it around your bicep, your mark and Suelo's bicep.
You could put it across your chest, on your forearm,

and it's such a symbol of It represents what your
career has been, so many people's lives and all the
fun that you bring to so many people, and the
piece the message of joy that you send out resonate.

Speaker 1 (14:09):
When Michelle says it like that in her voice, it
sounds meant to Yeah.

Speaker 3 (14:15):
Now look, yeah, the olive branch.

Speaker 2 (14:18):
Would you keep the olives on there or just the branch?

Speaker 5 (14:20):

Speaker 1 (14:20):
No, I would like, I mean, let's have fruit on
this thing.

Speaker 2 (14:23):

Speaker 1 (14:23):
I got fruit on my tree. Yeah, well, Michelle, I love.

Speaker 4 (14:28):
Yes, there's such a really cute dainty one right here
that will look so good on your bicep.

Speaker 1 (14:33):
Dates would work.

Speaker 9 (14:36):
When I heard the story that you had, the universe
calling you with the empty tattoo parlor and should I
go in and the decision, I don't know what to do.

Speaker 7 (14:46):
I thought.

Speaker 9 (14:46):
I had a mini conversation in my head trying to
talk myself out of calling and recommending this olive branch. No,
they'll think of it, so don't don't call.

Speaker 5 (14:55):
And I was like, no, I'm going to call.

Speaker 1 (14:56):
Thank you. I appreciate that. Well, Michelle, we love you
for listening. We'll see how this goes. But one step closer.
Thank you. See when she says it, it sounds right
about it sounds thing. Oh that makes sense. Yeah, I
think you could do this. Go back to that shop.

I just sent you a picture. Will I regret it
though in a few years. No, just move on maybe me.
That's my mom.

Speaker 2 (15:27):
Now, don't ask your mom your praise. I know.

Speaker 1 (15:30):
Yeah, well I look, I mean she does not want
me to ever get a vespa.

Speaker 2 (15:35):
Well, yeah, would you ever get a vespa?

Speaker 1 (15:37):
There was a time I wanted one. I wanted one.

Speaker 2 (15:40):
Would Yeah, you would look cute in Avesta. Now that
I think the photos of you.

Speaker 1 (15:44):
I prefer hot cruising around on my vestment with an
Olive Brand's tattoo. You better motorcycles, you know, okay?

Speaker 2 (15:50):
You and your funny distinction show.

Speaker 1 (15:53):
Cycles y'all with those big wheels and.

Speaker 2 (15:55):
Picture Did you ever see the wedding planner with Jennifer
Lopez from like one hundred years ago, like Massimo, like
the one she was supposed to call me.

Speaker 4 (16:02):
Ryan mot but the distinction between cute and hot.

Speaker 3 (16:07):
Robbie says that too.

Speaker 4 (16:08):
He's like, every time you say cute, He's like, I
feel like I'm a dork. Why don't you use the
term hot?

Speaker 1 (16:12):
And I was like, it's interesting, yeah, because we want
to be hot, not always cute, fine, but not every
single time, especially when I'm on a two wheeled beast
of a Vespa with an olive branch tattoo, cruising down
the one oh one.

Speaker 2 (16:27):
What color would it be?

Speaker 1 (16:31):
A hunter green?

Speaker 7 (16:31):

Speaker 2 (16:32):
Okay, a hunter green? Okay, I match my picture hazel cream.
But yeah, a hundred green is nice. Okay, I like
that matching helmet.

Speaker 1 (16:39):
I can't get lost in this right now, We've got
to move on to Ryan's roses.

Speaker 3 (16:42):
I know where you could put it too. That would
be really great.

Speaker 2 (16:45):
They sell a bunch of Vespas on the Turbulevard by
the way, it's the whole shop.

Speaker 1 (16:48):
The mom doesn't want it too, Okay, guys, not for now.
Ryan's rose is coming up here. In just a second.
He said, I'm cheating. She doesn't believe him. So why
is he saying that? Why is he sabotaging in the relationship?
What kind of tension does he want? Like, what's the
theory there? First? Jeremy, Hey, Jimmy, I want to take
your quick call before we get to Ryan's roses. How
are you good?

Speaker 7 (17:08):
How are you good?

Speaker 1 (17:09):
So you have a question about your fiance? Is that right?

Speaker 10 (17:13):

Speaker 1 (17:14):
How can we help?

Speaker 10 (17:16):
Well, my fiance and are planning our wedding and we've
run into an issue. Unfortunately. You know, her dad hasn't
been in her life since she was young, and so
she doesn't want to have any dances dedicated to parents
since he won't be at the wedding. However, my mom

really wants to dance with me at the wedding. I'm
our only child, and you know, she's talked about this
ever since I got engaged. I told her about you know,
how my fiance doesn't want to do any dances, and
she's just super upset. So right, So, yeah, she understands
why my fiance doesn't want to have any dances, but

she's still pushing for us to dance, and I don't
want to. You know, I don't want my fiance to
be uncomfortable at our wedding, but I also don't want
to take this away from my mom. So I'm wondering,
you know, do you guys have any alternate ideas for
this or what do you think is the best way
to go here?

Speaker 2 (18:17):
You have to do it? Well, no, well, this is
a non negotiation. You have to do this.

Speaker 3 (18:22):
You don't have to do anything.

Speaker 2 (18:24):
You have to dance with your mom or your wedding
if your mom and you're her only child and your
fiance needs to come around and marriage is about compromise,
and this is one of your first lessons.

Speaker 1 (18:35):
You say, like, digging into this, this is all things worried.
I am, Yeah, I'm worried. Why is your fiance digging
into this?

Speaker 10 (18:51):
I don't know, it's I guess she just feels like
it's something. You know, it's going to bring up bad,
bad feelings for her.

Speaker 4 (19:00):
Yeah, you guys have to look at this from her
perspective too. Maybe it's like really painful. Maybe the relationships
she had with her dad is like really triggering and traumatic,
and and her seeing her husband dance with his mom
might make her really sad that she doesn't have that
with her dad, and she doesn't want to be sad
on her wedding day.

Speaker 2 (19:18):
She used to get over it.

Speaker 1 (19:19):
I am sisty on this. Jeremy, A right, Jeremy. But
we say she's get over, bro, that's gonna be a great, great,
great life together. You guys are gonna have so much
love and good times.

Speaker 2 (19:33):
It doesn't have to be like the whole three minutes
of a song too. Her half. Yeah, when I danced
with our parents, it was like a minute, like to
the first quarters.

Speaker 1 (19:47):
All right, I'll talk. But maybe.

Speaker 4 (19:50):
Maybe there's a compromise where there's somebody else in her
life that's maybe not her dad, but like that's a
good maybe somebody that's that is like a parental figure
in her life that she could do the dance with
the maybe they could do it together his dad or
his dad, his dad.

Speaker 1 (20:05):
Of compromise, compromise, But like whenever he gets so rigid
about an issue, guys, not rigid. Don't have to draw
a line in the sands. You're getting married, it's your families.
You're celebrating the supply. They tell me, this is the
greatest moment of your life when you get married.

Speaker 2 (20:20):
Tell me.

Speaker 1 (20:22):
It's kiss. It's time for Ryan's roses. We've been talking
about it all morning. Let's do it. Olivia Sherman Oaks, Olivia.
We have a lot of questions, but we sort of
distilled them down to a couple here and thanks for
coming on. You tell us that your husband told you
he's having an affair.

Speaker 5 (20:39):
Yeah, yes, I think.

Speaker 1 (20:43):
Okay, what really showed before that part? What did he say?
How did he tell you? What were the words?

Speaker 5 (20:50):
Okay, Well, so he was a little hazy on those details.
He just said her name was Brooke and that they
met at a grocery store and they've been sneaking around
since March. But he's not a ladies man. It just
felt a little desperate.

Speaker 1 (21:06):
Okay. Then my next question is why is he telling
you at an affair if he didn't have an affair? Oh?

Speaker 5 (21:13):
Okay, So I cheated on him about six years ago.
There he found out about it and we got through it.
He decided to stay with me, but things have never
really been the same, Like he checks my phone a lot.
The trust really isn't there, The romance isn't there anymore.

So anyway, the other day he came to me and
he said he had a confession to make, that he
had been having an affair for a few months, and
that he wanted me to know he felt terrible about it,
but that hopefully, now that we have both made a mistake,
that we can make things like they used to be.

I don't know. I think he's making it up. I
think he wants me to feel what he felt back
in twenty eighteen. And I think his theory is that
if we're even, that will help the marriage.

Speaker 1 (22:08):
Okay, we are not qualified, but we can make this call. Okay,
And you think it's revenge and even the playing field,
and that's going to make it stronger. So what do
you want to happen here? Do you want him to
be sending roses to another woman or you?

Speaker 5 (22:25):
I'm I mean having an affair would be worse if
he sends the roses to someone else. I know this
is really over.

Speaker 1 (22:34):
But if he isn't, But Olivia, if he's concocting this
thing because you did this and he's lying about the affair,
he's likely to make up a name to get you
to believe he's having an affair.

Speaker 5 (22:47):
I just want you to dig a little further. I
just feel like something's off. And look, if he isn't cheating,
I will get us in the couple's therapy. I want
to make this work.

Speaker 1 (22:57):
Well, of course you do, because you cheated right, bad
on you?

Speaker 3 (23:01):
Okay, no judgment?

Speaker 1 (23:02):
Well, yes, judgment? What what olive you hold?

Speaker 11 (23:07):

Speaker 7 (23:07):

Speaker 1 (23:08):
Sorry? Why can't I why why why can't have an
opinion that she cheated on them?

Speaker 7 (23:11):

Speaker 3 (23:12):
But I know, but I mean, it's not for us
to project.

Speaker 1 (23:15):
By the way, we do these every single day twice,
there have many times we do them a week and
we make judgments. Job we do every single mark. Am
I making this up? Don't We actually make a judgment
every single time we do this? And now times like
show no judgment, we are anti cheating as a show,
I would say.

Speaker 12 (23:34):
And yes, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about
we make a judgment. We do the premise of the
thing she reads out to us, and we judge them.

Speaker 1 (23:45):
That's what we do. It's not a no judgment segment.
We take calls and people judging the people like what
where did I come to the wrong old this morning?
I don't understand. You just throw these things at me
and I get me. This is where we judge. Judge, judge, judge.

Speaker 2 (24:05):
So this is a judge.

Speaker 3 (24:09):
Oh my gosh, geez.

Speaker 1 (24:15):
So Olivia reaches out to us to say, my husband's
having an affair with another woman. He told me that,
but I think he's lying.

Speaker 2 (24:22):
Yeah, she doesn't believe him because she had.

Speaker 1 (24:24):
An affair six years ago, and she thinks he's just
trying to get even, and she thinks he thinks by
getting even, it's gonna help the relationship. But she wants
to make it work. But she hopes he's not.

Speaker 2 (24:37):
Cheating, because she said, if he is cheating, then she's done.

Speaker 1 (24:40):
But I said, shocked me. That was my judgment. I said, well,
if he's cheating, he's done. She's like, but if he's
not gonna want to make it work, well, of course
you do, because you cheated and he's stuck around. I mean,
how many lives does a cat have? Here?

Speaker 5 (24:56):
I see?

Speaker 1 (24:57):
Do we even have time for this? Now? Olivia, we're
going to make the call. I want to get serious
with you. I need you to say, Ryan, you have
my permission to call, and then your husband's name.

Speaker 5 (25:07):
Go ahead, Ryan, you have my permission to call.

Speaker 1 (25:12):
Okay, be very quiet, let us try and find out.
My view is, if you think he's making up the affair,
he might make up a name here to send the
flowers to, just to get under your skin. So hold on,
here we go. Ok everyone?

Speaker 13 (25:30):

Speaker 2 (25:42):
Hello, Hi is this Gabriel? This is he Hi Gabriel.
My name is Stacy. I'm calling from Flowers on Ventura.
How are you doing this morning?

Speaker 7 (25:53):
I'm good? How are you?

Speaker 2 (25:54):
I'm good? Thank you for asking. We're a flower shop
on here in Sherman Oaks and deliver all over the
valley parts of LA and offering a promotion. It's a
free dozen red roses that you can send to anybody
that you'd like. They are free. I don't need cash,
credit card info, anything like that. We just hope that
if you like our arrangements, you come back as a
customer one day.

Speaker 7 (26:11):
I'm sorry, this is just not something I'm interested in.

Speaker 2 (26:14):
Are you sure that I don't need cash from you?
I don't need credit card info. It's they're absolutely free
and you can brighten up somebody's day. Is there anybody
in your life that you'd want to send roses to?

Speaker 7 (26:24):
I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Speaker 2 (26:26):
Not one person.

Speaker 1 (26:28):
Gabriel. Your voice is being broadcast in the radio. My
name is Ryan. Can I ask you some questions real
fast before you hang up?

Speaker 5 (26:34):

Speaker 1 (26:34):
Thank you? Your voice is being broadcast in the radio.
I have Sistany and Tany with me and your wife
Wilivia on the line. Just a couple of quick questions. Okay, So, Gabriel,
we have come to understand that you are having an affair.
Is that true?

Speaker 7 (26:55):
I told my wife about all that.

Speaker 1 (26:57):
All right? How long is the affair of been going on?

Speaker 7 (27:00):
Listen? This is not something I want to talk about
right now. This is this is none of anybody's business.
This is between me and my wife.

Speaker 1 (27:08):
Okay. So the thing is we know more than you know, Getril,
That's the thing, and so we are trying to get
to the truth here for the sake.

Speaker 5 (27:22):
Is Brook a real person or did you make it
up to make me jealous?

Speaker 7 (27:27):
Are you doing this on the radio?

Speaker 5 (27:30):
Just tell me the truth.

Speaker 7 (27:35):
I mean, you didn't seem very jealous when I told you,
because it didn't seem like the truth. No, I'm not
having an affair.

Speaker 10 (27:49):
Oh my god.

Speaker 7 (27:51):
Look, I can't believe you want to a this trouble.

Speaker 5 (27:56):
But it's because I love you.

Speaker 1 (27:58):
I will.

Speaker 5 (27:59):
I will spend the rest of my life trying to
make this up to you. I promise I will.

Speaker 1 (28:05):
So, Olivia, Gibril, why did you make up the story
of you having an affair.

Speaker 7 (28:14):
Listen, she had she had an affair six years ago,
and you know, it just crushed me and I just
wanted her to feel how I was feeling at that time.

Speaker 1 (28:25):
Do you feel like this is a relation you got
cheated on? Now you lie about cheating? Is this relationship healthy? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (28:32):
Six years later, you still can't let it go? Are
you ever going to?

Speaker 10 (28:36):

Speaker 7 (28:37):
Look, listen, this is between me and my wife. This
is this is not as an easy situation to have
dealt with. This is this is difficult.

Speaker 1 (28:43):
Okay, So I sound very complicated, and that's something that
we are appreciating. Holy here, But do you think you're
in a healthy place to make it work, Olivia Gabriel.

Speaker 5 (28:59):
Look, Monica gave you the number of a really good
couple therapists listen before. But it's time to try again
with somebody new. Will you please do that with me?

Speaker 7 (29:12):
Please? Yes? Yes I will, Yes, I will do that.
I will do whatever it takes.

Speaker 1 (29:18):
Oh my god, So, gabrit you've forgiven her of the cheating.
You're good.

Speaker 7 (29:26):
Yes, we need we obviously need therapy and to talk
about this more. But yes, I'm willing to do whatever
I need to do well.

Speaker 1 (29:32):
This is great, Actually, this is great, well done, and
congratulations because a lot of these calls end very differently,
where people are walking away, throwing it away and out
of no choice. But you two are saying, hey, you
cheated on me. I lied about cheating on you. I'm
not cheating on you, but you cheated on me, and
I forgive you for that, and Olivia forgives you for
lying about cheating on her. And that's where we are.

And this is in some way a beautiful thing.

Speaker 7 (30:00):
Thank you, Gabriel, because I.

Speaker 1 (30:02):
Believe the two of you, in the strangest way ever
want to make it work. Cute I cube, and uh,
we're gonna let you go. That's it. Thank you very much. Right.
It is a bit twisted, but look, we are not
in their shoes. We don't know. It sounded by the
end of the call like you have two people that

have unique situations in a marriage but really want to
make it work. A little desperation, a little fidelity washed
itself out to those two and they want to try
and dig in and see a therapist and make their
marriage last and work. So what happened? She cheated six
years ago? He comes to her and says, I cheated.

I'm admitting to an affair. She doesn't believe him. Turns
out he did make it up. He lied. There was
no woman named Brooke. He lied about having an affair
because he wanted to feel a little better about the
fact that she cheated, right, like even the playing field here, right.
But he did it knowing he wanted to make it
work in the marriage. Like he lied, knowing if she

did believe him, he was going to say, but okay,
we both did this, let's try and fix it. Turns
out she says to us, well, if he did cheat,
I'm out, Well, how can she say that after she
cheated and he stayed in? And that was my judgment, Tanya.

Speaker 3 (31:23):
I understand what you're saying.

Speaker 2 (31:26):
I do.

Speaker 3 (31:27):
I'm just saying you can't have it both ways.

Speaker 4 (31:30):
There are various sides to every story, but sistany in
a way.

Speaker 1 (31:34):
I saw beauty at the end of that call. I
saw one person go I made a mistake, one person
I made up some lies, but two people going, let's
make it work. That's what it's all.

Speaker 2 (31:45):
Yeah, but he's not over it.

Speaker 3 (31:46):
No, and I don't know that he ever will be. No,
and he you know what he said.

Speaker 2 (31:52):
He was like, you didn't even seem the sad when
I told you that I was cheating. Yeah, exactly, like
so many charades and games and it's like, what are
we doing?

Speaker 1 (32:01):
It's not healthy, but I do I did. At the
end of the call, here two people going, we're not
great at this, but we want to try and make
it work. And I appreciate that. I wouldn't have been
Gabriel in this situation. I wouldn't stuck around after six years.
I wouldn't have know. So Nikki Rinando Beach talk to
me here.

Speaker 11 (32:23):
You know, it sounds like a happy ending, but it
just seems like he doesn't trust her, and it sounds
like I think.

Speaker 1 (32:29):
You're going to be like his confidence is gone, he
doesn't trust her, and here we have a problem. She
called him desperate. Guys, remember she said he seems a
little desperate. She said that. But they want to try
and make it work, and maybe they can. I you
hope for the best.

Speaker 11 (32:49):
Yeah, no, I wish him well, but I just it
feels like this is a relationship that's not built on
anything good.

Speaker 1 (32:56):
Well, that's what Ryan's roses can be. Sometimes I'm silence
from Nikki there on that one. She's out. That's what
Ryan's roses is. Monday's Thursdays one week from Memorial Day. Tistney,
you have big plans. I hear.

Speaker 2 (33:15):
I do have big plans.

Speaker 1 (33:17):
I hear this because I think we're getting the day
off because you have big plans.

Speaker 2 (33:21):
Okay, everybody gets Memorial Day off.

Speaker 1 (33:23):
That's not true, actually, Mark, yeah, that is not true.
That is not true. We do not get Memorial Day off.
Yes we do, Mark, do we well, we don't. We don't.
You have to use a vacation day. I don't get
day off, right, it's not.

Speaker 3 (33:40):
It's not vacation day. It's not.

Speaker 2 (33:43):
Okay, it is, it's not.

Speaker 1 (33:46):
It's not for you.

Speaker 2 (33:47):
I don't know what kind of contract.

Speaker 1 (33:48):
I don't know, because you got a better deal.

Speaker 2 (33:50):
I gets holidays, you know I holidays.

Speaker 1 (33:53):
By the way, Christmas is a vacation day for me. Legal.

Speaker 2 (33:57):
That's strange.

Speaker 4 (33:59):
Because I broadcasters need like need to broadcast.

Speaker 1 (34:04):
But wow, I need to be here on Christmas Day
for all the news. Yeah. Anyway, but Sisney has big plans.
I know this because Belinda in my office said, Sisney's
got big plans, So you're going to take Memorial Day off.

Speaker 2 (34:15):
I'm taking I'm taking a good chunk of time off actually,
so I'll be gone for me.

Speaker 1 (34:20):
Yeah. I think we're not taking that much time off.

Speaker 2 (34:22):
A week and some change.

Speaker 1 (34:24):
Yeah, well, good for you. Remember when she signed out
to do the morning show.

Speaker 4 (34:29):
Immediately, but the vacation was already planned before she got
the job.

Speaker 1 (34:34):
These are nuances that I don't understand.

Speaker 3 (34:37):
You do not understand that trip, and then she.

Speaker 2 (34:40):
Got the job.

Speaker 1 (34:41):
She got the job and then went to celebrate, which
I kind of like that attitude.

Speaker 2 (34:46):
Honestly, it's not bad.

Speaker 1 (34:48):
Well, are you gonna tell us what you're doing where
you're going to? Should we? Wait? I can tell you.

Speaker 2 (34:51):
We're gonna be going to Italy and Greece.

Speaker 1 (34:54):
Hold on, She's going to Italy and Greece and we
have to use a vacation day for Monday. Man, come
with me? Oh man, who's we.

Speaker 2 (35:05):
Well, Michael and I and then we're going with a
few friends. The Italy part is friends, and then Michael
and I, just the two of us will be in Greece.

Speaker 1 (35:13):
Oh wow, all right. Anyway, I don't know why we sidetracked.
I was just trying to say, hey, guys, some people
might get a day off in a week.

Speaker 2 (35:19):
Yeah, but I do kind of have that like vacation
bug by in me. Yeah, like it's like the countdown
is on.

Speaker 1 (35:25):
I kind of have that every day. I look forward
to stuff like that. I need to look forward. I'm
the kind of person. I don't know if you spent
time with me, but if you do spend a lot
of time with me, you know, I'm a look forward
kind of guy. Oh yes, almost so much so that
I'm not looking now, I'm looking forward. So we're working
on that and just to look forward. Coming up, we
have some more of those pink tickets for you two minute

dras Stadium. Okay, Tanya, Okay. In the midst of the
May Gray, what trending report do you bring us?

Speaker 4 (35:52):
Sophie Turner. She is on the cover of British Vogue.
We've all seen the photos, we've read the articles. It
is they're so much in there. But this is really
the first time that she has like spoke since the
divorce from Joe Jonas. And when the news broke of
their divorce, we saw photos of Sophie hanging out without

her children, and then the same time we saw photos
of Joe with the kids, so like it really painted
this narrative to the press, to society, and everybody just
ran with it. And she said, those were the worst
days of my life. I remember I was on set.
I was contracted to be on set for another two weeks,
so I couldn't leave. My kids were in the States

and I couldn't get to them. And she said, a
picture might tell a thousand words, but it's not my story.
I felt like I was watching a movie of my
life that I hadn't written, produced, or start in. It
was shocking and I'm still in shock. And it really
just made me think about kind of what we do
with photos and pictures and videos. We see something and

we paint this narrative that really isn't the case. Like
she was saying, she was under contract for this show
to be there for two more weeks, so.

Speaker 3 (37:03):
She couldn't just like she couldn't leave.

Speaker 4 (37:06):
And then all this is unfolding, all these photos everywhere,
all these headlines, and it's like it just seems so
out of control.

Speaker 1 (37:13):
I'm thinking about I guess the feeling is it's like
being in the passenger's seat when someone else is driving recklessly.
If yeah, or someone else's driving in general, because you
have zero control, zero right. It's like, I mean, Sisney,
when your kids play a sport, you can't be out
there on the field to help out, zero control.

Speaker 2 (37:36):
Yeah, Or if they're up on stage dancing and I
want to help, you can't do anything.

Speaker 1 (37:41):
You're helpless. And this is with family, this is with kids.
And so it must, as she said, it must have
really eaten her up.

Speaker 7 (37:49):

Speaker 1 (37:50):
I don't mean I've met her. I don't know her.
I just know that she's close with Taylor Swift, right, yeah,
see them together.

Speaker 3 (37:57):
And she credits Taylor. She called Taylor her hero.

Speaker 4 (37:59):
She was like, she gave me a place to stay
safe with my children, and like, so Taylor's obviously that
go to girlfriend that everybody goes to when they feel
like they you know, when you're going through.

Speaker 3 (38:09):
A tough time.

Speaker 1 (38:10):
Do you get the sense that she has the ability
to give good guidance and advice Taylor.

Speaker 4 (38:15):
My question to Sophie is, like, you're seeing all this
stuff go on. You do have an outlet, like social
media is some sort of outlet. Like I'm wondering why
she chose not to put anything up any statements or like.

Speaker 1 (38:27):
Any good question. But sometimes that makes it worse.

Speaker 3 (38:30):
Right, I'm sure she has advised not.

Speaker 1 (38:32):
The potential to make it worse and you just don't know.
But when you've got your kids out there in all
of the news, that's tough, probably right. Yeah, that made
Grays the thing right now? And yeah, I like waking
up to it. Really just moved in.

Speaker 2 (38:47):
Nobody hasked it to do.

Speaker 1 (38:48):
But nothing looks so good in the gray. Uh, we
are paying your bills. That's gonna happen again at nine
to ten. Thanks for listening to us. Ryan's rose is
after nine o'clock this morning. If you are somebody wants
to hear Ryan's roses, or you've never heard Ryan's roses,
let me know after you hear Ryan's roses if you
want to hear it again. Rosie is a manabello this morning. Rosie.

Speaker 7 (39:11):
How are you?

Speaker 1 (39:12):
I'm good?

Speaker 14 (39:13):
I'm good.

Speaker 1 (39:14):
How are you super good? So, Rosie, I'm gonna stop
what we were about to do. I wanted to take
your call getting on the air because Sistney was telling
us the other day about hey, hangars. People who text
hey and then say nothing else, like just hey, full stop.

Speaker 14 (39:30):
It can be infuriating, right, and exactly frustrating.

Speaker 1 (39:35):
And so your son does this to you.

Speaker 14 (39:38):
So the other day when you guys.

Speaker 7 (39:39):
Were talking about it, I just I'm like, oh my gosh,
my boys.

Speaker 14 (39:43):
What they do is they go mom.

Speaker 1 (39:46):
So then I'm like yes, and they text you mom.

Speaker 14 (39:51):
Yeah, And then they don't know nothing for like like
a long time sometimes and I'm just like, are you serious,
Like what hello?

Speaker 1 (40:00):
Don't yelp back?

Speaker 14 (40:02):
Yeah, And it's just now I go what And I
put an exclamation mark, And that still doesn't give them
like a sense of urgency.

Speaker 1 (40:12):
Why do they say they do this?

Speaker 14 (40:14):
They just they get preoccupied or they get a call
or or oh they're scared that they because they're gonna
ask for money, and like Kanya said, they're not sure,
like okay, let's see what mood she's in.

Speaker 7 (40:27):
So if I answer yes, then they're like, oh.

Speaker 14 (40:30):
Hey mom.

Speaker 1 (40:31):
Oh they're testing the waters before they ask for the gifts.

Speaker 2 (40:34):
They're putting out feelers.

Speaker 1 (40:35):
Now here's the thing, Rosie. I do want to just
point out one view, and that is, isn't it better
your kids are texting you mom than not texting you
and doing their own thing without checking in. I like
it as a check in to be honest.

Speaker 14 (40:50):
Okay, so you know what, they're real, they're they check in.
They're older, they're twenty five and twenty three, and yeah
they're mama boys.

Speaker 2 (41:00):
That's good though, age for being that agent checking in
with you is really good. I don't know that I
was checking in with my parents when I was in
my Well.

Speaker 1 (41:07):
You can tell them your boys your mama's boys from
another mama's boy. I text my mom nah all the time,
just a and have nothing to say. What I just say,
man's mah. She knows it, knows it, and she knows that.
I'm just like, hey, I'm here, You're there. It's like
you yeah.

Speaker 14 (41:26):
Yes. The other day my olders was like you know, mom,
and I'm like what And then it took them about
fifteen and he's like I messed up.

Speaker 3 (41:35):
And then I'm.

Speaker 14 (41:35):
Calling and I'm like what, like answer, and then they don't,
like I can't right.

Speaker 1 (41:40):
Now, Rosie, Oh my god, I'm celebrating the relationship you
have with your twenty three and twenty five year old
boys because I love a good relationship with a mom.
I love it to have it. I want it, I
need it. If you don't have it, that can be
difficult and if you but now we're good, Well that's

what that's what you want a spot with your mom.
Better to go ahead and bridge that gap with mom.
Mom is important. Mom brought you here.

Speaker 14 (42:16):
Exactly like they You know, we had a road teenager
years are well.

Speaker 1 (42:25):
Rosie, thank you so much for listening to Monabella tell
the boys suck all right, Sysney, you were the big talk.
I did a meeting with Chase Bank for advertisers. Yeah,
you did a big promotion in Miami for Chase. Remember that,
I did, Wow, the talk of the meeting, like we
did a big thing with Siciny and Chase Bank in Miami,

in Miami, creating a little fomo. Yeah, you know, Tanya,
I do these meetings and I meet with potential advertisers
and usually when I meet there with them, they have
not advertised and they're maybe looking to advertise on the show.
And so by the way to the Chase family, JP, Morgan, Chase.
It was a pleasure of meeting all of you there.

And I started the meeting by looking at everyone's socks,
and a lot of them I thought were gen zers
and they were wearing ankle socks. And I was told
that ankle socks are out. But I brought this up
to JP Morgan, Chase Nice, the Chase bankers. They just
sort of smiled and laughed, and they looked to me

as if I was uninformed, and I just said I
read this, and Sissany and Tanya said they were kind
of out. I blamed you, and that's when they said, oh, Sissy,
we love her. She did this amazing promotion with Chase
bank and yeah, I love her, but she's wrong about
the ankle socks. So you missed the big meeting.

Speaker 2 (43:54):
JP Morgan, Chase, Well, invite me happy to come next time.

Speaker 1 (43:57):
Well, I think they scheduled during your music. No problem,
all right, speaking of siciny with the goods here connecting
on every level. This is something that got under your skin.
It's fired you up a little bit. You really did,
because think about this, because I don't do the math.

Speaker 2 (44:14):
That's the thing. We rely on technology to do the
math for us because we have that technology, so why not?
But now I'm second guessing every time I leave a tip,
because you know how sometimes if you're in an app,
or like at a restaurant or at a store, whenever
it gives you the option to leave fifteen percent, eighteen percent,
twenty percent, whatever it is. You don't even think about it, right,
You push the button? Yeah, no, you sign, you move

on with life. Well there. It came to my attention
on TikTok the other day and they showed me like this,
this is a certain restaurant. We're not going to call
him out. But this guy was showing like him paying
the bill, and he's like, look, my bill is twenty
seven dollars, and if I put twenty percent, it's adding
eight dollars and thirty cents.

Speaker 1 (44:53):
To this bill. And that is not what's twenty percent.

Speaker 2 (44:57):
So twenty percent of twenty seven should be five dollars
and forty sense, not just eight dollars.

Speaker 1 (45:01):
No, it's calibrated wrong or is was this a one off?

Speaker 2 (45:04):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (45:05):
This is a system wide issue?

Speaker 14 (45:06):

Speaker 2 (45:07):
So the other day, Yeah, the other day I was
ordering Instacart and then I went to go tip the
driver and then I panicked and I was like, oh,
let me do the math. Now I'm wasting time doing math.

Speaker 1 (45:17):
It was great, it was right. Yeah, Well I think
this is something today. Anybody who's getting their coffee, well
coffee can prety calculate pretty well, But anyway's getting a
meal today for lunch with your coworkers, Like, hit it
and check it and check it and tell us if
it's if this was like a one off or if
this is more of a system wide issue.

Speaker 3 (45:35):
Right, I assume it's literally never checked it.

Speaker 2 (45:39):
I've never never in my life thought about it either.

Speaker 1 (45:42):
Businesses can get inside there and tinker with it to record.

Speaker 4 (45:46):
Well, maybe they round up what would be twenty percent
of thirty dollars, Well, that.

Speaker 1 (45:51):
Would be six dollars ten times too. Thank you, Sisney
did it much faster. That's why you advertised for the
bank chase. You got the wrong guy. I don't know.
I don't know, but I think this is like a
citywide test today on County La County. Next drive through
our work, I'll check it.

Speaker 2 (46:11):
I mean the little dollars add up. Yeah, it's not right.

Speaker 1 (46:15):
I'm going to another drive through.

Speaker 2 (46:16):
And it's not even about the money. I love tipping big,
I really do. It's the it's the fact that they're
lying to us. Yes exactly, Wait what drive through?

Speaker 3 (46:25):
Are you working?

Speaker 1 (46:26):
Going to pop into a drive through?

Speaker 10 (46:28):

Speaker 2 (46:28):
I love doing new things for you, Yeah, I kind of.

Speaker 1 (46:31):
I was so into the drive through. I'm just going
to show up in another one. Yeah. I might be
a fast food restaurant, might be a coffee shop. I
don't know.

Speaker 2 (46:38):
It's gonna be a cool promotion that we could do
with you. Like, you never know where you're gonna pop up,
but if you do pop up, you come with thousands
of dollars.

Speaker 4 (46:47):
People like Ryan's roast, not Ryan's roast, but like roasted coffee.

Speaker 1 (46:52):
Not like a roast. Oh sure, Ryan, Ryan through, Ryan through.

Speaker 2 (46:59):
You never know he's gonna come through, and then you
come through with the money.

Speaker 1 (47:03):
But I have to tell you, I had so much
fun working on Star Warcks Drift Through that I'm gonna
do it again, all right. Yeah, if you have a
drive through that I could drop into, I just just
spent an hour or so taking orders and pass I
know I need to pass them through the window because
I love looking inside people's cars.

Speaker 5 (47:18):
M h.

Speaker 1 (47:18):
That was because you're tall, You're like higher than the cars.
You can see what's in between their seats and in
their seats. It's rat I've never morning well. I did
that one at Star Wrecks and in the morning, Buty's
in there, Jammi's a lot of people were, yeah, oh,
when you think back, can you remember what we did
this morning? It was a lot the Ryan's roses. Of course,
also a lot of you all want those pink tickets.

I'm not surprised about that, so good news. We'll have
some more of those tomorrow. And we're paying your bills
of course, got that happening. You know, if you have
not sent me your name, then I can't call it.
So you've got to go to KISSFM dot com keyword bills.
I'm not so sure everybody's clear on that, but you
got to go there so I have a name so
I can call it. And at that point you tell
me which bill you want me to hook up, and

that's a thousand dollars, right, uh So, think about what
what's weighing on you. Everybody who wins thinks they weren't
going to win. Just know that there's not one person
that calls back and says I knew I was gonna
win today. They all can't believe it. So if you're
that person, then try to be that person who can't
believe it when you win. Makes sense, Yeah, show Tanya

the extra efforts.

Speaker 2 (48:25):
Well, I'm really marinated in the fact that you're right.

Speaker 1 (48:28):
Well, I don't know what it's about, but great, thank you?

Speaker 2 (48:31):
Right about what right about people not knowing that they're
going to win?

Speaker 5 (48:35):

Speaker 1 (48:36):
I thought you meant just a broad.

Speaker 2 (48:39):
I wouldn't just throw that out.

Speaker 1 (48:42):
Everything you said today, from the point of view, was right.
All right, let's go to the back room. I got Mikayli.
See Ruby, who's stuck in the corner there collect collect
slammed the door so much. We must have been entertaining her. Hey,
what do we miss in the back room? Been so

busy over here in the main studio.

Speaker 15 (49:03):
We were talking about tattoo regrets. But we actually were
like brainstorming what tattoo you should get, and we thought
maybe like a tin fish or like a little sardine somewhere.

Speaker 9 (49:14):
I like it.

Speaker 1 (49:15):
Yeah, a sardine's a good idea. Those are cool looking,
maybe cool looking. Where would I get it? Maybe like
the lower back, lower back? Sabotage my tailbone? No, okay,
I just want to ask you a question. If you
were to see a dude with three sardines over his tailbone,
what would that I just wouldn't.

Speaker 2 (49:35):
I would run in the other direction.

Speaker 1 (49:37):
That's like, No, that's like a you're trying to tell
somebody something.

Speaker 4 (49:40):
You either need it on your arm or like on
your leg across your thigh, but like up high. So
when you wear short shorts you see it, but when
you wear normal shorts you don't.

Speaker 1 (49:49):
Mm hmm, Like on my what do you call this
thing that's tight? My hip flexer? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (49:55):
My friend Nelson has a tattoo there.

Speaker 1 (49:57):
You know it hip flexer? Yeah, but I don't know
it's about? Is hip flexor tattoo?

Speaker 3 (50:01):
Where's your hip flexer? Hold on this?

Speaker 1 (50:03):
The part is so tight halfway like it's the top
of your thigh.

Speaker 2 (50:08):
Yeah, yeah, right there, or like a sexy sardine neck tattoo,
neck tattoo. Ruby's trying to sabotage you. I wouldn't take
any advice.

Speaker 1 (50:16):
Of the location. She's actually trying to do some good here.
How irresistible would that be? A sardine can on my neck?

Speaker 2 (50:24):
Go get your lower back tattoo and let me know
how that works.

Speaker 1 (50:27):
She's full of good ideas. Thank you for me for
looking after me. Appreciate that she's being authentic, which the
rest of you would be sometimes.

Speaker 2 (50:35):
Please, my middle name is authentic.

Speaker 1 (50:37):
All right, let's get out of here, Sydney's authentic over
there's going to take you to eleven. Sure M see
you tomorrow.
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