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May 16, 2024 47 mins
MORNING HACK: Our days are made up of sitting, standing, walking and sleeping...and at 6:55, we'll tell you exactly how much you should sit, stand, walk and sleep every day! LUCY HSU - She is a California teacher who visited every country in the world!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
From Hollywood to you.

Speaker 2 (00:02):
Thank you for listening to us.

Speaker 3 (00:03):
Ryan Air on Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Speaker 2 (00:09):
It's Ryan Seacrest with you. Ciny is out sick. This
is a real bomber, this virus.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
Yeah, but I do feel like we're all in the
clear at this point.

Speaker 2 (00:20):
You do. Yeah, okay, No one's a doctor, so how
can we can? I even ask? Like I even took
that as serious for a second. No, you don't know.

Speaker 1 (00:30):
I feel strong.

Speaker 2 (00:31):
You told me it kicks it like a week later,
it kicks in.

Speaker 1 (00:35):
I felt the incubation was quite long. Yes, right, Well,
Hi Tanya, Hi, good morning. You look ravishing today.

Speaker 2 (00:42):
What if you what is so? Okay? What happened? What
is this? It is the so what do you call
this thing?

Speaker 1 (00:48):
It's Alex Earl Light.

Speaker 2 (00:50):
What does that mean?

Speaker 1 (00:51):
Everybody knows. Everybody knows what that means.

Speaker 2 (00:53):
Okay, Well for the one person that doesn't explain.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
Alex Earl, who's like, no, oh, so that's Alex Cooper.
Oh but funny that you say that, because she does
have a podcast under her network, which is it's called
Daddy hot Mess. No, Alex Earl's podcast is called hot Mess.

Speaker 2 (01:12):

Speaker 1 (01:13):
Anyways, Alex Earl is a TikToker, very famous TikTok fames
or yes. So anyways, she brought this light to the
world and ever since she posted it, everybody uses it.
And it's like this little pocket you can put in
your purse and it makes all your photos and videos
just look gorgeous.

Speaker 2 (01:27):
A lot to carry around with you all day.

Speaker 1 (01:29):
It's a little pocket. It's supposed to go Oh my gosh,
what she can't just unclip it? These are my Alex
Earl lights.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
Okay, well, thank you very generously. Let me borrow one today.

Speaker 4 (01:37):

Speaker 2 (01:37):
So you clip it like a chip clip, exactly like a.

Speaker 1 (01:40):
Chip clip on anything. You can put it, mostly people
put on your phone, so you're supposed to clip it
on your phone like when you're taking photos and videos.

Speaker 2 (01:46):
It adds to light. Well, tell me selfishly had just
one all show yesterday, and generously today she's come in
with some extra ones.

Speaker 1 (01:54):
So I always have two because they die really quickly,
so I always have one charging and one going.

Speaker 2 (01:59):
Okay, well, anyway, it's very bright, especially for this hour
in the morning. But I put on my phone. Let's
see if my photos look any different.

Speaker 1 (02:06):
Alex Earl, it's gonna look, let me tell you something.

Speaker 2 (02:09):
Does she make these?

Speaker 1 (02:10):
No she does not. They're literally on Amazon.

Speaker 2 (02:12):
Oh my god.

Speaker 1 (02:13):
Yeah right, I'm telling you. Yes, it's game changing. So
you can thank me later. I know what I'm going
to get you for Christmas.

Speaker 2 (02:22):
I have to tell you. It's a little You can
turn it down a little bit.

Speaker 1 (02:27):
You can turn the brightness down up and down that
we'll be careful. But there's buttons on top smacking it. Yeah,
but you can turn it down a little bit.

Speaker 2 (02:36):
Okay, well maybe you can help me.

Speaker 1 (02:37):
Yeah, I'll help you.

Speaker 2 (02:38):
Thank you, Alex. You're welcome, high back room. How are
you good?

Speaker 3 (02:44):

Speaker 2 (02:45):
Dude? Morning. So I was reading something here. It says
women can and men can't. That's right, when it comes
to sexing up your voice, women can and men can't.
I was like, well what does that mean? So Albright
University researchers found that women were able to deliberately manipulate
their voices while counting from one to ten to sound

more attractive. Guys tried it and they were rated as
sounding less attractive. How would you change your voice to
sound more And what does that mean? Is that the
suck talk slower?

Speaker 3 (03:17):

Speaker 2 (03:17):
In my mind if I wanted to sound better looking.
I would stop talking, but I would shop. I would
also try and sound a little deeper.

Speaker 1 (03:28):
Deeper. Yeah, I think I would go slower.

Speaker 2 (03:30):
Okay, so count to ten normal. I think start normal
and then get to what you think would.

Speaker 5 (03:36):
Be that one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine ten.

Speaker 2 (03:49):
Five was really a shift? All right?

Speaker 6 (03:53):
Here we go.

Speaker 2 (03:55):
One, two, three, four or five, six, seven, nine ten.

Speaker 1 (04:02):
Yeah it worked, yeah, I think so.

Speaker 2 (04:06):
Who wants in on this?

Speaker 1 (04:07):
Yeah, I think it works.

Speaker 2 (04:11):
Marianna, let's go one to ten.

Speaker 1 (04:14):
I want to.

Speaker 7 (04:15):
Say like a three, dude, no.

Speaker 2 (04:20):
Rating me, bro, I'm.

Speaker 1 (04:22):
Sorry, no, do it.

Speaker 2 (04:24):
So she's saying, on a scale out of ten, my
sexiness was.

Speaker 1 (04:27):
A three, which is not great.

Speaker 2 (04:29):
No, it's not. It's lower than your five.

Speaker 1 (04:32):
Yeah, I can count down.

Speaker 2 (04:33):
Yeah, we want to count up? Oh up? Okay, okay,
So one, two, three.

Speaker 8 (04:38):
Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, we just go slower.

Speaker 2 (04:45):
I think you need to be so Tani was a
good example of that. Thank you so much. You want
to get on this. Let's get another mail. I know
you don't need it to I and she made me
do it. One two, three, four, five, six seven, Oh
my god.

Speaker 1 (05:00):
I'll make it stuff.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
I just caught the virus. I caught se virus, sement
a vomit, hold my hair.

Speaker 1 (05:08):
Honestly it was good though. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (05:11):
All right, Robbie and Tanya are splitting up chores.

Speaker 1 (05:16):
Yeah, i'd be careful. How you lit the little cheeser.

Speaker 2 (05:19):
Over there before seven o'clock. We're gonna do it at
eight thirty. I can't wait because you're splitting up chores.
I'm so into it.

Speaker 1 (05:27):
That's what happens when you move in together.

Speaker 2 (05:29):
What happens when you move in together you like split stuff.
It's called it's called what do you call that? When
you're no compromise, compromise, compromise, It's called the rest of
your life. Yeah, till death do your part. I've been
studying my lyrics.

Speaker 1 (05:42):
Yeah, I know. We do have to talk about getting
you ordained at some point.

Speaker 2 (05:45):
I think, I am.

Speaker 1 (05:46):
Can you google that it doesn't expire at some point?

Speaker 2 (05:49):
I don't think so. I think we actually did before
you you ordained me. It's very simple. Could you also
renew my driver's license photo for you? So that's coming on.
I want to say hello to a gym called Fit
from the ground up on Washington and Greenwood and Montabello.
They got us on. I hear reports of that. By
the way, if you're listening early in the morning on

some I'm plugging into, I'm giving I want to give
a shout out to anybody that's up getting it done early. Yeah,
Jim's coffee shops, bakeries, Beignier spots. Halfway through May, we
are making it happen Wednesday, May fifteenth, May Gray, This morning,
sunshine later, Tanya, what do we miss overnight while we
were sleeps?

Speaker 1 (06:27):
Eight high school students were taken to the hospital yesterday
after taking edibles on a field trip to the Librea Tarpets.
The teens are expected to be okay. The popular wedding
site Wayfars Chapel in Rancho Palace Berdes will be dissembled
permanently due to landslides and erosions. And Kate ln Clark
made her professional debut last night with the Indiana Fever
of the WNBA. She scored twenty points, but the Fever

lost to Connecticut. The La Sparks kick off their season
tonight in Long Beach. And that's what you missed overnight.

Speaker 2 (06:55):
I don't like the May Gray, and I don't like
the June Gloom.

Speaker 1 (06:57):
I don't either.

Speaker 2 (06:59):
And it's also like, while we're on the air, i'd
rather be you know. And then when JoJo's on later,
it's sunny, beautiful and he gets to look out at
that beautiful view of the building that's one foot away
from us.

Speaker 1 (07:12):
There's a stock out there too.

Speaker 2 (07:15):
If you could they put the building extra to us closer,
I don't know, it seems. Yeah, it's not a great
view anymore. Remember it used to be a great view,
but then they built phase two of this complex.

Speaker 1 (07:26):
Yeah, if you step out to the other room where
we have our what is it called, there's a nice
view back there.

Speaker 2 (07:33):
There is a good view for those producers and they
should be grateful. Yeah, they get to see the Whole Foods.
And every time I drive by the Whole Foods, I think,
you know, you don't really shot where you work. You
shot where you live. But every time I drive by
them like I'm in a shop there.

Speaker 1 (07:45):
I always do that. When I leave work, I'm like, oh,
I need to go.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
You don't want to go there because you want to.

Speaker 1 (07:50):
Get you need to be in my car for thirty minutes, right,
But that's really inviting, I know, And it's a big
one and the nice wood finishes on the outside. Yeah,
it's really big.

Speaker 2 (07:59):
Calling me to shot. But you don't really shop where
you work. You shot where you live, correct, So they
should have not put that there.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
Well, A lot of people live round.

Speaker 2 (08:07):
It's also residential, a lot of people. I also want
to go to time and all of it, but I
never do. There's a restaurant down here too all of
the time, but I'm always out of time. I don't
want to go there, so I never get to go. Yeah,
but it looks nice, all right, Tanya and Robbie. Have
you guys heard in the back room all the time
breaking You were just there yesterday?

Speaker 7 (08:28):

Speaker 1 (08:28):
How was it the back room?

Speaker 2 (08:29):
I was good? What's it like to have your life
lavish the back room? Which all of in time? T
h y am me one of my favorite herbs fi
if you want to play, if you want to add
that to the wheel, favorite herbs, fun game, favorite summer herbs.
You play that people? Her name that herb? All right,

Tanya Robbie are breaking up chores?

Speaker 1 (09:00):
Have you heard why you do it like that?

Speaker 2 (09:02):
Because Mark told me to say it like that? Did
it really? Yes? He put it on the sheet like
that splitting up.

Speaker 1 (09:08):
Sure, Oh my, you little instigator over there.

Speaker 2 (09:12):
He put a big comma. Yeah, so I was paying
attention to punctuation.

Speaker 1 (09:15):
Yeah yeah, yeah. So we're not splitting up, but we're
splitting up chores.

Speaker 2 (09:17):
But I think it's no one thinks you're splitting up.
We're just thinking putting up chores.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
So when you I've never like lived, I mean, I've
never been engaged.

Speaker 2 (09:27):
You've never lived with a boyfriend, never lived.

Speaker 1 (09:30):
With a boyfriend. I've always had my own place, and
up until right after we got engaged, I still had
my own place. So Robbie's house was his house and
my apartment was my apartment. And so when we moved
in together, we kind of just I kind of kept thinking,
like this is his house, so he'll just handle everything,
you know what I mean, like if something breaks or
something whatever.

Speaker 2 (09:48):
Thenized part of the marriage, right.

Speaker 1 (09:52):
I realized it a couple of weeks ago because there
was a lot of stuff going on and he was
like sitting staying home from work to like meet with
all these different people to fix this and fix that.
And I was like three days in a row. I
started to feel kind of bad and I was like
maybe we should start splitting splitting some of these chores up,
you know, like if something so that is, that's that's
where we're at right now.

Speaker 2 (10:11):
I know your responsibilities, not even doing all the chores,
splitting them up.

Speaker 1 (10:15):
So if it's something that like is something that.

Speaker 2 (10:18):
We are, how do you decide who gets what?

Speaker 1 (10:20):
Yeah, so, like the dryer was broken, and I'm more
knowledgeable about our washing stuff, so I took that one
on because yeah, but if it's like insect related, like
we had some sort of insects around, he is in
charge of that. Okay, if it's the internet and stuff
that he's in for that, you know, so it's kind
of like whatever we're more interested in, we kind of

take What if there's a plumbing issue, so weirdly, I've
been taking that on because because I don't particularly like that,
but the plumber that Robbie has is a very nice
man and so I enjoy having him around.

Speaker 2 (10:58):
Did you clog your toilet just that? No?

Speaker 1 (11:00):
No, No, I'm just saying like it's it's it's an easy.

Speaker 2 (11:03):
Let's let's play this out. So Tanya Robbie first time
she's living with somebody, and they're splitting up chores. What
if you find a rat, whose is that Robbie's Okay,
let's see what if something drops into the garbage disposal,
Who's is that Robbie's trash? Who's is that Robbie? Well,
it doesn't sound like it's a compromise.

Speaker 1 (11:21):
Okay, what is it, like somebody stains the couch Tanya?

Speaker 2 (11:24):
Okay, that's one of three, or like she've run out
of chores? That so Mark, it's not worth splitting out chores.
It's Robbie's doing two thirds and she's doing a third
that she finds splitting it for the dryer guy. That's
all that sounds like, no, no, no, no.

Speaker 1 (11:45):
If it has to do with any sort of like lighting, Tanya,
Like what like changing bulls earl light?

Speaker 2 (11:55):
Yeah, Robbie, you're not looking good for the Instagram post.
Here's I'm gonna take. I got this chort alex light
for you.

Speaker 1 (12:00):
Everybody gets Alex eorl lights.

Speaker 2 (12:02):
It's going to be a match made in heaven forever.

Speaker 1 (12:03):
I like it, but it is a thing when you
get married and like splitting up chores and stuff.

Speaker 2 (12:07):
I think that's the first of many. Up next, the
correct amount each day to spend on sitting, standing, walking,
and sleeping at your morning hack, here's how you should
split it up. Twenty four hours or in a day,
sleep eight hours, sit, no more than six hours, stand
at least five hours? Are you getting that light physical
activity two and a half hours?

Speaker 1 (12:27):
What does that mean?

Speaker 2 (12:29):
What's exercise two and a half hours? Somebody's like walking,
moving around the office, your work outside, whatever doesn't count
as your workout. That's a lot.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
I definitely don't.

Speaker 2 (12:38):
This is I'm not getting this either. Eight of sleep,
no sitting, six maybe standing five? Don't know. Light physical
activities two point five no two and a half no
exercise two and a half. I would be lightheaded.

Speaker 1 (12:51):
Yet I can barely it to the fifty minute mom
right and.

Speaker 2 (12:54):
With an inclimate at thirty today's quote. The sooner you
figure out which chairs don't belong at your table, the
more peaceful your meals will become. Edit edit uninvited, uninviteca,
uninvite as you did. Wow, oh, you uninvited her for
shrimps and meat. Since she's not.

Speaker 1 (13:12):
Gonna not invite her, it just did not invite her.

Speaker 2 (13:14):
Shrimpson meat sounded good to her.

Speaker 1 (13:16):
Sho hey Otani's former interpreter, pleaded not guilty the charges
of stealing nearly seventeen million dollars from the dodger's bank
account to pay off illegal gambling debts. LAPD is teaming
up with Hyundai to offer free security software updates and
then etching for Hyundai owners. The updated anti theft software
is meant to stop thieves from stealing Hyundai's Amazon's self

driving robotaxi unit is being investigated after two of its
vehicles breaked suddenly and were rear ended by motorcyclists. And
Netflix debuted a teaser trailer for the third season of Heartstopper,
featuring a preview of Billie Eilish's track Birds of a
Feather from her new album Hit Me Hard and Soft
on air with Ryan Seacrest.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
Yeah, that make gray is going to burn off. Don't
know when it should. Temperature wise, it's decent and warm
as you get inland, paying your bills, So on the
tens all morning. Susie's in Culver City. Hey Susie, how
are you?

Speaker 6 (14:14):

Speaker 3 (14:14):
Am great?

Speaker 9 (14:15):

Speaker 6 (14:16):
How are you super good?

Speaker 2 (14:17):
How can we help you this morning?

Speaker 9 (14:19):
Well, it's a good question. So I got a graduation
announcement in the mail from my cousin's daughter, and I
don't really know her at all, and it's kind of
too complicated to get into. But my sister and I
have never really been close with that side of the family.
And it's not a fude or anything. We just don't
live near them and rarely see them anyway. The announcement

included a QR code for her Venmo and I sent
you guys the photo.

Speaker 3 (14:49):
I mean, isn't that like TACKI.

Speaker 9 (14:52):
Like, kind of like the tackiest thing ever. I mean,
so basically it just feels like a cash grab, like
I don't don't even know her, and it was really sweet.

Speaker 2 (15:03):
Here's here's the thing, Susie. Yeah, if you think it's tacky,
then it's tacky. I have to I have to go
there because it is a little bit in the eye
of the beholder. And you know, things that are convenient
can be tacky. Things that I think are cute can
be tacky. Things that I think are stylish can be tacky.

Speaker 1 (15:23):
But first of all, it's like so easy for you
as a guest, But how how much easier can somebody
make it for You're always wondering what do I get somebody?
What do I bring somebody.

Speaker 2 (15:34):
They literally see a turnkey.

Speaker 1 (15:35):
Turnkey you could do it right now while you're on
the phone with us.

Speaker 6 (15:39):
Yeah, that's true, that's true.

Speaker 9 (15:41):
I guess it just feels like I don't know her
at all and they're like live on the name or something,
you know, so just I don't know, it just feels
I just feel am I obligator? If I don't, am
I like the bad guy?

Speaker 1 (15:55):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 2 (15:56):
Well, I don't. I'm a tiny on this. I don't
think it's so tacky. And I've just completely done to
win eighty because I said, if you think it's daky,
it's taky. But I don't think it's that. I think
it's convenient. All right, Susie, Well, good luck on that one.
Thank you very much for listening to us and calling
on that. Speaking of which, I'm just wondering, what do
you guys? Are you registering for your wedding? What I
need to be thinking about, Tanya.

Speaker 1 (16:17):
I honestly I haven't gotten that far. But yeah, I
think we'll register.

Speaker 2 (16:20):
So you're gonna register and ask us for silverware and
blenders and pots and pans.

Speaker 1 (16:26):
Probably not, We'll probably do like a honeymoon fund or
something so you.

Speaker 2 (16:30):
Can ask us to pay for your honeymoon.

Speaker 1 (16:33):
I don't know, we haven't gone down the path of
a register. If we're going to or not, I have
no idea, but I'm assuming we are.

Speaker 2 (16:39):
I've never heard of a honeymoon fund. Is that something
that people do?

Speaker 1 (16:41):
We've been doing that a lot lately. Yeah, with once
you go to that, we're yeah, that we're attending a
lot of people.

Speaker 2 (16:46):
Do we all pitch in for your trip?

Speaker 1 (16:47):
Yeah, not for the trip, because you already have the
trip planned, but it's like a different excursions on the trip.

Speaker 2 (16:52):
So basically we pitch in for all of your holidays
for the rest of your marriage. Exactly. All right, we're
paying your bills. Basically. It's national chocolate chip cookie bab.

Speaker 1 (17:06):
Why didn't you tell me this yesterday? I could have
brought in chocolate chip cookies.

Speaker 2 (17:09):
Probably because subconsciously I don't want you to bring them
because then I want to eat them because it's my weakness,
my kryptonite. Okay, if the genie came and he said
you have three wishes, one wish would be I could
eat everything and never gain any bloat.

Speaker 1 (17:24):
That's what your wish would be.

Speaker 2 (17:24):
One wish would be I don't know. My second would
be probably be something like be invisible, No, no, more thoughtful.
And the third would be to have three more wishes.
Why doesn't anyone ask for that?

Speaker 1 (17:35):
Or one hundred more wishes?

Speaker 2 (17:36):
Yeah? Why why don't you ask for that? Is that
the rules? I think it's.

Speaker 1 (17:39):
Probably one of the rules.

Speaker 2 (17:40):

Speaker 1 (17:42):
You wouldn't want to fly?

Speaker 2 (17:44):
Flies scare me? Like I'm always trying to swap them.

Speaker 1 (17:47):
No, like fly around? Like, let's say you want to
go here tomorrow, just fly.

Speaker 2 (17:53):
No, I'm tired. I want to just be right here. Okay,
I would be present? Maybe I asked for that? Could
I be present? Genie? All right, let's go. Lucy Sue
is on the line with us from San Jose. So
Lucy Sue is who we want to be friends with today.
She is like our one, can we be your friend
person for the show today? She's the second grade teacher

and she's gone to one hundred and ninety three different countries.
I was looking this up. About four hundred people in
the world, I guess, have been to every single country
and more than six hundred people have gone into outer space?
Is that crazy?

Speaker 1 (18:27):
That is so wild?

Speaker 2 (18:29):
Four hundred I've been to every country more than six hundred.
I've gone to outer space, Lucy Sue. Can we be friends?
How are you.

Speaker 9 (18:38):
Hi? Ryan?

Speaker 4 (18:40):
Oh my goodness, I'm so nervous talking to you. I've
been a fan of yours, I don't know since American
Idol first came out. So we can definitely be friends.

Speaker 1 (18:49):
I can definitely be friends.

Speaker 2 (18:51):
Thank you very much.

Speaker 4 (18:52):
Well, you you ever need a contestant for Wheel of Fortune.
That's my favorite show of all time, So just throw
get out there.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
Well, we give away trips and prizes and cash, and
you have been to wherever we're going to give away.
You've been there, so you'll know exactly where to go.
All right, Well, I got to talk to you about this.
How did you do it? How how could you carve
out life to get to one hundred ninety three countries?

Speaker 3 (19:16):

Speaker 4 (19:17):
I always want to tell people that I didn't start
off with the intention to go to every country in
the world. My goal is just to travel and see
as much of the world as possible. And I didn't
get my passport until I was twenty three years old,
and I like to share that so people know it's
never too late to start and you know, once I
started taking about one to two trips a year, and

as a teacher, I have all these summer holidays and
Christmas holidays. I was just working a lot of extra jobs.
I do want people to know that if you have
a goal, you have to work towards it. So I
was doing a full time teaching career with you know,
tutoring every day after school for several hours, and with
my music degree, I was teaching private piano lessons, and

I was even doing delivery. So when you have a goal,
you just like go for it and you just make
it happen. I started just going to the very common
places like France and Italy, and after a few years,
I decided to venture off to different continents. And then
my goal started to change, like I wanted to visit

every continent. And as you keep achieving more, your goals
starts to evolve. And I started to meet a lot
of other travelers that were very knowledgeable and learning how
to backpack and use credit card points and redeem flights
every year staying at hostels, I started looking into volunteer

exchange programs where I could live for free with locals,
and yeah, you just keep finding different ways and getting
smarter as how long did.

Speaker 2 (20:53):
It take you to get to one ninety three, nineteen
and a half years, half years? Who visited every country
in the world. What one that surprised you that you
would go back to.

Speaker 3 (21:08):
Oh, that's a tough question.

Speaker 4 (21:11):
One that I would go back to that surprised me
It would probably be a place that I didn't expect
it to be so beautiful. So the first time I
went to Madagascar, I just was expecting to see a
lot of lemurs, And once I got there, I realized
they have beautiful beaches in the north, and they've got
these amazingly beautiful, stunning bow bob trees, and they've got

amazing limestone creations, and their landscape is so varied, and
you could do a lot of backpacking, and you could
do a lot of amazing hikes. So I didn't think
an island off the coast of Africa could be so
varied and have so much to offer. So Madagascar is
definitely some place I would like to go back to
back And you.

Speaker 2 (21:55):
Went to Antarctica just quickly running out of time here,
but quickly what was that like?

Speaker 4 (22:00):
It's very cold, of course, and lots of penguins, and
the one thing I remember is doing the polar Bear plunge.

Speaker 6 (22:06):
You got to do that.

Speaker 1 (22:07):
Oh the water.

Speaker 4 (22:10):
And yeah, I just go for it. See so that's
just my attitude.

Speaker 3 (22:13):
Just go for it and so give up.

Speaker 2 (22:16):
What a great, great spirit. Very few people have done
what you have done. About four hundred people have visited
every country and you did it. And you're also a
California second teacher. Lucy Sude, thank you for coming on
to share the good story. I'm happy that we can
be friends, and thank you for following us for all
the years.

Speaker 4 (22:34):
Yes, of course you're a star.

Speaker 1 (22:37):
Thanks for calling your star.

Speaker 2 (22:38):
Thanks Lucy, bye bye.

Speaker 4 (22:41):
Bye, thank you.

Speaker 2 (22:44):
I wonder if we could do that?

Speaker 1 (22:45):
Yeah, she should create like an Excel sheet.

Speaker 2 (22:48):
I just feel like, I don't know, in ten years,
could that be our show?

Speaker 4 (22:53):

Speaker 1 (22:53):
I mean wow, he really?

Speaker 2 (22:55):

Speaker 1 (22:56):
You really like get going?

Speaker 2 (22:58):
No, couldn't it be? Couldn't that just be the show
like every week like Honor.

Speaker 1 (23:03):
With Ryan Seacrest takes the Continent?

Speaker 2 (23:05):
Yeah? Whatever, TV radio podcast, whatever that the show is,
can we just do that? Yeah, somewhere different every day.
I think every two weeks. I actually been somebody could
take fifteen years. I brought to you by brought to
right forward. Ford's everywhere. They'll bring us everywhere. They'll take
us there, They'll get us to Madagascar. On the Wheel

of Games, you can play yodel the hits, Name that nugat?
What's in my hamper?

Speaker 1 (23:31):
I mean, what is in your hamper?

Speaker 2 (23:34):
Let's see where it's gonna land it? Oh, it's is
it Piers?

Speaker 1 (23:40):
Is it Piers?

Speaker 2 (23:41):
We always land on this one. I want to play.
I wanted to play something else.

Speaker 1 (23:46):
I wanted to play What's in your hamper?

Speaker 2 (23:48):
What about Name that nugat? That's fun too.

Speaker 1 (23:52):
Everybody loves that Boone or Stray Raccoon.

Speaker 2 (23:56):
That's the one you're on. Kiss it's gonna play the
game that we spun to play its Is it Pierced?
We spun the Wheel of Games, which has password match Game,
Top five Breakfast, Here's Benson, Booners, Stray Raccoon has uh
Dodger Giveaway Nights Real or Made Up? Has yodling the hits?
What's in my hamper? But it didn't land on that land?

Is it pierced? Cat? Yes, good morning, We're gonna play
Is it Pierced? Are you ready?

Speaker 3 (24:23):
I'm ready?

Speaker 2 (24:24):
All right, here we go. Simple. You gotta get three
right before you get three wrong? For those six Flags tickets,
Harry styles right ear? Is it pierced? Oh?

Speaker 3 (24:35):
Yes, it is nice?

Speaker 2 (24:38):
Doge Cat's belly button? Is it pierced?

Speaker 3 (24:43):

Speaker 2 (24:44):
It is? Sis nose is it pierced?

Speaker 6 (24:52):

Speaker 2 (24:53):
No, it's not. All right, that's all right. You got two, right,
you do the next one?

Speaker 1 (25:00):
What is that?

Speaker 2 (25:00):
I know that's why.

Speaker 1 (25:03):

Speaker 2 (25:05):
I don't know what it is.

Speaker 1 (25:06):
I'm not That is the part of your ear that
sticks out next to the opening.

Speaker 2 (25:10):
Okay, good?

Speaker 3 (25:11):
Yes, yes, yeah, hurt cragus.

Speaker 2 (25:16):
Yes. All of these are taken from photos from Instagram
and the Internet. Yeah, I did not. I learned something
new and a new body part I've never heard of.
Get Pierce.

Speaker 1 (25:28):
I don't want to pierce Myra.

Speaker 2 (25:29):
Does anyone have a tray guy pierced in the back room?
Did you know what a trae guy's was? Is?

Speaker 1 (25:36):
No? No, yes I did?

Speaker 2 (25:38):
Oh Wowkat from me telling plug all right, Cat, hold
for one second. Congratulations, you're going to six Flags. A
four pack for you, and maybe we'll play on those
other games one day.

Speaker 1 (25:50):
Cross my fingers for what's in my hand for next
On air, with Ryan Seacrest.

Speaker 2 (25:59):
Ssneys out. So Tany and I are running it for
me and me here and it's fun. And Systney, we
miss you. The virus, he said, we couldn't catch. One
of us is going to get it next.

Speaker 7 (26:14):
Then I know, I'm so nervous because I'm using her stuff.
So I'm saying to touch your eye or your mouth.
I wiped everything down, but I'm still nervous.

Speaker 2 (26:22):
So Colette, let's get into it. Here, get into it.
Tany's engaged, Ruby's engaged. You are you told us you're
very close. Yeah, and but you had to have a
chat with your boyfriend. You had to have a chat
with your boyfriend. Okay, he just touched your eye, by
the way, did you not see that? I realized he
just touched your eyes.

Speaker 7 (26:42):
Literally, just said I'm just gonna like to sit on
my hands, like let's just like not touch anything.

Speaker 1 (26:46):

Speaker 7 (26:46):
But my story with my boyfriend, So he originally told
me that he bought the ring, and I thought that
was sweet because he was like excited and that's why
he told me. And it was kind of like reassuring
to know it's coming. But everyone, literally everyone in the
office when I told him was.

Speaker 1 (27:01):
Like no, no, bad.

Speaker 7 (27:04):
No, and so I was like, Okay, I don't want
to hear any more about the proposal because I do
want to be surprised. I want to like cry during
the proposal. But we were, uh I know, I think, well,
I am a crier, but I'm worried if I know
too much, I won't cry.

Speaker 10 (27:18):
And he drove.

Speaker 7 (27:20):
He had me drive with him to his grandpa's house,
and I was like, why are we going to his
grandpa's house? And we were there and we were socializing,
and then I asked him afterwards, like why did we go?
And he's like, oh, I want to pick up your
ring because I had it delivered there so you wouldn't
see the package.

Speaker 1 (27:30):
And I was like, why did you tell me? Now
I know?

Speaker 7 (27:33):
Now I know it's in the car with me, and
I was like all I wanted to do was like
grab it and look at it.

Speaker 2 (27:38):
And he needs you want you want him to you
want a gag order on him? You want to talking
about I asked him.

Speaker 7 (27:44):
Iim like, I know you're excited, but like please stop.
He's just like he just keeps like hinting at it,
and it's like too much.

Speaker 2 (27:51):
I understand Tnny otherwise, like there's no surprise, Like, yeah,
I knew it was there, and here it is, and
you want to have that moment of like shock and
your heart drops and the butterfly is all that.

Speaker 1 (28:00):
I think you're still going to have all that. Honestly,
it's like so overwhelming that moment even if you I
didn't know it was coming, But even if I did know,
I think I would still be just as emotional.

Speaker 7 (28:11):
And I do like that we're talking about it like
a little bit because it shows that we put thought
and you know, like, are we've put thought into this decision.

Speaker 1 (28:18):
It's a big decision.

Speaker 2 (28:19):
So yeah, Mikayla, you've seen the ring. Here what I have.

Speaker 10 (28:26):
When we went out to dinner and me and Raoul
we walked to a different working garage and he showed
me the ring.

Speaker 1 (28:33):
It is a cue.

Speaker 2 (28:35):
I thought, you didn't want to know, this is unbelievable.

Speaker 1 (28:40):
Show to your friend.

Speaker 2 (28:44):
All right, Well, we know it's close because it's like
literally in Michayla's pocket.

Speaker 9 (28:48):

Speaker 2 (28:50):
In the back room, in the bathroom. Matter of fact,
I thought, ill, of course, Mikayla, welcome to the studio.
She's gonna sit in Sysney seat from the back room.
How's it feel? He's good? Yeah? Did she have any
did she leave any things behind any?

Speaker 1 (29:10):
Did you sanitizer so use it because.

Speaker 2 (29:13):
She was sick?

Speaker 1 (29:14):

Speaker 2 (29:15):
Jenna, how are you this morning?

Speaker 6 (29:18):
I'm good? How are you?

Speaker 2 (29:19):
We're doing great. It's Tanya Ryan Michayla from the back
room and for Sisiny, how can we help you?

Speaker 6 (29:25):
So my I need some advice on how to talk
to my sister because she started talking to this guy
and they met through a friend and they went on
a date. But now every time like she like tries
to ask him to hang out again, he like always
has an excuse and he takes forever to text her back.
And I just don't think that he's interested in her,
But she like really keeps making an effort, and I

don't know how to tell her that I don't think
he's interested anymore.

Speaker 2 (29:51):
Why do you need to tell her? Why can't you
just figure it out?

Speaker 6 (29:55):
Well, I mean, she hasn't figured it out yet, so
I don't want her to keep like in I keep
texting him over and over again.

Speaker 1 (30:02):
You know, Yeah, I get that I needed people to
step in for me.

Speaker 2 (30:07):
Well, Jenna, I mean to me it's pretty clear the
guy is not into her, and so do you have
a problem just basically doing what you You just communicated
it clearly to us. Can you just do that with her?

Speaker 6 (30:22):
I mean I can. I just don't want to hurt
her feelings, you know, So I didn't know, like if
there's a way I should approach it.

Speaker 2 (30:26):
Well, yeah, I think you spin it and you say,
not meant to be universe isn't aligning. This is something
that you'll probably find out later why I mean all
those things. So it looks like this is the right
thing for her to see clearly on and just move
along or like take.

Speaker 1 (30:42):
It into You don't have to necessarily say about her.
You can say, you know, I just don't think this
guy's giving you what you deserve. You deserve so much more.
I agree.

Speaker 6 (30:51):
Oh yeah, that's that's good. That's a big take.

Speaker 2 (30:53):
Someone deserves a fight for you. You said, Yeah, okay,
all right, well, Jenna, good luck, Thank you get to
it this morning. Thanks for listening to us. Appreciate you
reaching out about that. I love anyone who calls us
about something so sort of close personal, personal, family vulnerable

that it lets us chime in before they go do
it in the wild tickets. As you know, partly sunny today.
Hig's in the mid seventies, low eighties, and let's gonna
be pretty nice, So that puts you in a better mood.
Sysney has been out sick last couple of days. Where's
the wheel, It's beIN the wheel of who's gonna get
it next? No Oh, landed on Mikaylah.

Speaker 1 (31:49):
What does that mean you get next?

Speaker 2 (31:52):
Remember, this is the virus that no one can catch,
but catch is. You can't catch me now, but you
caught it. This is dark. I'm just telling you wash
your hands.

Speaker 1 (32:02):

Speaker 2 (32:04):
I'm feeling right me too. I was feeling on Friday.
Told me Tiny told me it's going to take a
week to kick in to me. She did, everybody's a
doctor around here, so true. We believed Sysney. She's like,
oh no, but adults can't get it right.

Speaker 1 (32:25):
I was like, okay, cool, sweet, and.

Speaker 2 (32:27):
I believe Tiny, And she said I'm going to get
in six days.

Speaker 1 (32:29):
So I'm just saying the incubation era is still within us.

Speaker 2 (32:34):
Would anyone like to come with me to get their
ear wax taken out?

Speaker 1 (32:37):

Speaker 2 (32:37):
No, I think I'm going to do that.

Speaker 1 (32:40):
Where do you go for that?

Speaker 10 (32:41):
I've done it before for David, like the little candy.

Speaker 1 (32:44):
I've done the candle before too.

Speaker 2 (32:46):
I'm going to go to the doctor. Oh, I'm going
to go to the ear nose and throat specialist, just
just I think they can get a lot.

Speaker 1 (32:54):
What method do they use?

Speaker 2 (32:55):
I don't know what they do, but I can't see
it because it's inside my ear. But I feel like
it's for the meat doing it on my own.

Speaker 1 (33:01):
Do you use tips daily?

Speaker 2 (33:03):
Not really, but I do sometimes, and I feel like
that's bad.

Speaker 1 (33:05):
I use them every day.

Speaker 2 (33:07):
We can know you shouldn't be, but you shouldn't be
this pushing it back in there. Okay, let's we'll make
the ear noose, throat doctor appointment. But let's get too
h Ruby's in and you say, there are many things
that we've always been told about earthquakes. She brought this
into us. You're gonna give us a little quiz here, Tanya.

Speaker 10 (33:23):
Right, yes, yeah, but as it turns out a lot
of them are not true.

Speaker 5 (33:26):

Speaker 10 (33:26):
You hear all these different sayings, all these different things,
but it's not always right. So, for example, animals can
sense when an earthquake will strike.

Speaker 2 (33:35):
I've always been told that your dog's gonna know before yeah,
true or false true false? Why is it false? False?

Speaker 10 (33:42):
Studies show there are no perceptible behavior changes in animals
before an earthquake.

Speaker 2 (33:48):
But my dog is special. Your dog knows. My dog
feels the seize maicshift before we do. What else? Earthquake
true or false?

Speaker 10 (33:56):
So you can tell a quake is coming because of
earth quote unquote earthquake weather.

Speaker 2 (34:01):
Well, we all say that, and we say it on
the air like we are meteorologists as well.

Speaker 1 (34:06):
Definitely earthquake weather true or false true true false.

Speaker 2 (34:10):
Then why do we say it?

Speaker 10 (34:11):
I think it's one of those things we just like
everyone does it and says it, so we just continue
to like do it and say it.

Speaker 2 (34:16):
It's like we're doctors now we're meteorologists.

Speaker 10 (34:19):
So the California Office of Emergency Services says they can
happen at any time in any weather, so it doesn't
matter if it's like a little gloomy or it's gonna
rain like all those things.

Speaker 2 (34:30):
It's not true. I actually glibly say it, like I
know what I'm talking about. Oh yeah, this earthquake especially,
I love to correct to people from out of town. Yeah,
you're visiting. Oh this earthquake weather.

Speaker 10 (34:40):
Yeah, we say it in the back room too all
the time, like, oh my god, no, wonder it was
earthquake weather.

Speaker 2 (34:47):
Okay, what else? Truth? False?

Speaker 10 (34:48):
So doorways are the safest place to be during an earthquake.

Speaker 2 (34:51):
Ji, everybody knows that you go to the door jam.

Speaker 1 (34:54):
True true false?

Speaker 2 (34:56):
Are you kidding me? Yeah?

Speaker 10 (34:57):

Speaker 2 (34:58):
Doctor Lucy tell us to go to a doorjams.

Speaker 10 (35:00):
I think a desk is better. I feel like in
school they told us.

Speaker 2 (35:03):
That, No, somebody's walking around telling me about earthquake weathering,
get in the door jam? Who is it?

Speaker 1 (35:09):
So they are? They are no safer than any other
part of a building.

Speaker 10 (35:12):
The best thing to do during an earthquake is drop
cover and hold on.

Speaker 2 (35:18):
I don't trust me to cover me, Like I'm not
I'm not recover me now, Like, not gonna do much.

Speaker 1 (35:23):
I know you should really put your hands behind your neck.

Speaker 2 (35:26):
Oh yeah, like here, Yeah, but then my head's exposed. Hmmmm,
I'd like to protect my head.

Speaker 10 (35:35):
The next one is a big earthquake could cause California
to sink into the ocean.

Speaker 2 (35:39):
True or false? Totally true?

Speaker 1 (35:41):
Yeah, true false?

Speaker 2 (35:44):
How they know? They don't know?

Speaker 10 (35:47):
They know earthquakes can spark landslides that slightly change the
shape of the coastline, but they don't say that we're
going to completely like fall off.

Speaker 2 (35:57):
Well, they don't know because it's never happened. What it's
the last one in an earthquake quiz. We've gotten none
of these, right, Tony.

Speaker 10 (36:02):
The last one is California has the most earthquakes in America.

Speaker 2 (36:06):
True, sure, true, that's false. Well okay, wait then what
is it.

Speaker 10 (36:11):
You're right Texas? No, no, you're right, it's false. California
is second to Alaska.

Speaker 2 (36:19):
Oh yeah, that's trickery.

Speaker 1 (36:24):
Yeah, I was kind of tricky.

Speaker 2 (36:25):
All right. I need to take this quiz home because
I missed every single one of them and today's not
earthquake weather. So enjoy it. Sitting in Sisney's chair, she's
out sick. Feel better, siciney, feel better, Sisney, Madiana. We've
been rotating everybody from the back room. It's now Madiana's
chance to sit in chair.

Speaker 1 (36:45):
Yeah, I'm excited.

Speaker 2 (36:47):
Welcome to the main studio, Mariana. Thank you. Just so,
Tanya has blonde hair. His Ney's hair got blonder. Did
your hair get blonder?

Speaker 8 (36:57):
No, it's just the tips but I never, like really
wear my hair down, so so.

Speaker 2 (37:01):
It's always blonde only at the bottom. Yeah, dark tips. Okay,
what do you call that?

Speaker 8 (37:07):
Like a bollage kind of That's what I said.

Speaker 1 (37:10):
You should have your hair.

Speaker 2 (37:11):
They won't mean a bollyage, mind you should.

Speaker 1 (37:13):
I definitely think you should.

Speaker 2 (37:14):
Yeah, but it works. I have shorter hair than you have,
very long hair.

Speaker 1 (37:18):
Your hair is kind of naturally doing it already, Like
it looks lighter for some reason.

Speaker 2 (37:22):

Speaker 1 (37:23):
Yeah, I think maybe from the sun because it's been
so like nice out I've.

Speaker 2 (37:26):
Been I've been basking in the sun. Well, I guess
a little bit over the weekend. Maybe, yeah, you should.

Speaker 8 (37:32):
Plus summer's coming up, like I think, like blonde is
a summer type of yeah, any of.

Speaker 2 (37:37):
My summer vibes, right, m m yeah. So Mediana has
come to the realization from what I'm being told by
your friends in the back room that you, uh, you
do something. Do you know what it is that you do?
I do something, well, I do a lot of things
like you. They these are not me, these are their words.
But sometimes you're self sabotaging yourself.

Speaker 1 (38:01):
Who's snitching out there?

Speaker 2 (38:02):
Mark? Do you want to explain you avoid attractive guys. Oh,
so guys you're interested in you go the other way.
So it was Mark. It was Mark. Well, Mark likes
to take topics from the back room and bring him
in here. I think this is what I'm but I
don't understand what they're trying to tell me. What are
they telling me about you avoiding guys you're attracted to?

Speaker 8 (38:20):
So a lot of times I notice that when I
go out and guys that I find attractive will even
sometimes look at me and they'll give me like the
eye contact, but I always break the eye contact. I'm
always like avoiding them, like just kidding, don't talk to me.
And I don't know why I always.

Speaker 2 (38:36):
Do that because it feels strange. I mean, yeah, Tony,
we've done that all our lives.

Speaker 1 (38:42):
No, I love eye contact from contact? How do you
do that?

Speaker 2 (38:49):

Speaker 1 (38:50):
How do you just not break icontract and wide and
stare at your soul?

Speaker 2 (38:54):
But oh god, that's there. I think there's like a
half version of that. Don't go full speed staring into
their soul, right, but maybe maybe don't look away so fast.
What do you think that's about? Is that just about
you getting nervous or is it about you really don't
want to meet someone I think I get nervous.

Speaker 1 (39:11):
Yeah, but also you don't really want like the hot
hot guy in the bar.

Speaker 8 (39:15):
Yeah no, no, no I don't yeah no, because he's gonna.

Speaker 2 (39:18):
Be just the theory on that is that he's not
going to be focused.

Speaker 1 (39:21):
Yeah no, you know, just I don't know. You know,
you want to study eddy not hatty hand.

Speaker 2 (39:27):
Yeah, let's practice eye contact. Tell her exactly what to do.

Speaker 1 (39:31):
So you lock eyes and then you just open them
really wide.

Speaker 2 (39:37):
But no, no, those are too wide. That starts to scare.

Speaker 1 (39:40):
You'd be surprised.

Speaker 2 (39:42):
It's intriguing.

Speaker 1 (39:43):
Don't you want to intrigue? I do, Yeah, teach me.

Speaker 2 (39:47):
They also partly thinks you have a knife.

Speaker 1 (39:57):
It's a fine line, there's.

Speaker 2 (39:59):
Yeah, there's like a and there's a happy medium there is.

Speaker 8 (40:03):
But okay, so when a guy does stare at you,
it does mean they want you, they want to talk
to you, right, yes, okay, I'm not confusing that.

Speaker 4 (40:09):

Speaker 2 (40:10):
No, when a guy looks at you, looks at his
brus and then looks back, that's like speaking. Yeah, so
then somebody's got to do something about that. If you
got to walk over he's got to walk over if
missed on any of it either, I understand. I don't
like it either.

Speaker 1 (40:23):
It's so much easier on the apps. You just like
heart their photo.

Speaker 2 (40:27):
Are you on an app?

Speaker 1 (40:29):
I deleted the app.

Speaker 2 (40:31):
I didn't know how to work it, so.

Speaker 1 (40:34):
I can irritate it.

Speaker 2 (40:35):
You have a choice, get back on the apps? Are
star into their souls a non blinking look? Got this
may gray sunny later, highs around seventy eighty Inland, So yeah,
let's go back. It was. Was it in the middle
of the show on Friday? Yeah, the Mill Show Friday?
Where sisiny? I mean you could tell she was feeling

like queasy.

Speaker 1 (40:57):
Yeah she was not feeling well, but she was a trooper.

Speaker 2 (40:59):
She was pound through for sure. But anytimes someone says,
you know, I'm feeling queasy, I mean queens is like,
what is Queen's right?

Speaker 1 (41:08):
Like nauseus is one thing, queasy is aqueezer.

Speaker 2 (41:11):
I mean we said, well, if you feel queys, you
shouldn't be here. Yeah, for your own you know well
being and ours right right because and I don't know what,
I guess Queen's gonna Are you gonna get ill? You
need to go to the what what do you need?
And we were assured by doctor Ciciny that it is
not contagious. Uh and so so far I don't want

to jinx anybody. But so far has anyone got the queens?

Speaker 1 (41:36):
So far, so good. I feel like we're in the
queens Ease queeze free queize mark, Are.

Speaker 2 (41:42):
You queiz free? I'm queezed free? Thank you? Backroom, no queas,
no queaz.

Speaker 1 (41:47):
I will say, the first day I had some phantom symptoms.
I think you don't like you think you have something
When someone coughs.

Speaker 2 (41:53):
I coughed too, and I think gave it to me.

Speaker 1 (41:56):
Yeah, but I didn't. I did not get the queens.

Speaker 2 (41:58):
Let's grab Cisiny now here at her U at her
home where she has been resting. Siciny, this thing has
taking you down. How are you doing?

Speaker 3 (42:07):
Hi, guys, I am so much better.

Speaker 2 (42:11):
Yay. Were you surprised by because I kept thinking, Oh,
she's like in a day or two, she's gonna feel
better over the weekend. Were you surprised by this bug?

Speaker 3 (42:19):
Yes? One hundred percent surprise. That's why I didn't even
think to call my doctor until day three and then
she finally prescribed me like anti all the thing pills.

Speaker 2 (42:29):
What were your symptoms? For everybody listening, what were your symptoms,
because this was one your household was sick.

Speaker 3 (42:35):
Correct, Yeah, and that's I got it from. Technically Asa.
Don't want to call her out, but I love her,
But technically Maxim's the one that brought it into the
home to begin with. We actually avoided it. Everyone was
great for like a week, and then Asa picked it
up at school and then you know, being a mom,
like holding her while she's throwing up, getting her vomit

all over me. It was literally two days later that
I was down.

Speaker 2 (43:01):
And did Michael get it?

Speaker 3 (43:03):
No, Michael did not get it. He was not sleeping
in the same room as me. And we've just been
disinfecting the entire house basically the.

Speaker 2 (43:12):
But you sound better, Yeah, No, I was down.

Speaker 3 (43:16):
I have not been in my bed like that since
since I got COVID four years ago. It was, it was,
it was, and.

Speaker 2 (43:24):
We didn't want to say we thought there were hints
of that.

Speaker 3 (43:28):
I'll spay the details, but you can just imagine. Look
up neuro virus and you still see what the symptoms are.
I had all of those, including the body aches and
the chills, and like it hurt to just get up
and walk like it was.

Speaker 2 (43:39):
It was just for clarity. This is the virus that
you said adults can't catch from kids, right.

Speaker 3 (43:46):
No, this was a different one. But yet I was
a little cocky in the sense of me saying like, oh,
my kids can always get sick and I never get
whatever they get, and all that is not true. The
neumal virus is something that take over.

Speaker 2 (44:00):
It's like a demon by to me, I'm glad you're
feeling better. So does that mean we plan on you
in here tomorrow?

Speaker 3 (44:06):
Yeah, I haven't had symptoms for about two days and
my doctor said to wait two more days is to
be safe, and so I am.

Speaker 2 (44:12):
I am good to go, And yeah, Tanya's got her
seat right next to.

Speaker 1 (44:16):
Your Actually, but Sisney told me what it was. I
did google it, like I researched it, and I basically
have to share food or like I have to share
food with her to get it.

Speaker 2 (44:26):
Well, don't share.

Speaker 1 (44:26):
Food with her, Like I can't just get it by
like her breathing on me.

Speaker 3 (44:30):
No, that's insane. Like I literally like had like my
daughter's you know, vomit in my hand. Yeah, like how
I got it?

Speaker 2 (44:37):
And so see Mark doesn't Mark are pretty like? He
gets cringey when you say that, you talk about the
word yeah, cringes, he gets all awkward about it. All right, well, reality,
we're about to do a bunch of music here, so
we're going to let you go, rest up, feel better.
Glad to have you back. We missed you.

Speaker 3 (44:56):
I miss you guys too. I missed the station and
miss everything. I'm ready to be back.

Speaker 2 (45:01):
Lots of stuff to catch you up on. We'll do
it tomorrow.

Speaker 1 (45:04):
We love you, Glad you're feeling better.

Speaker 3 (45:06):
Oh and thank you for the care package. That was
so nice of you, guys. Thank you, You're welcome.

Speaker 2 (45:11):
Thank you Sis, bye, and thank you Tanya for executing that.
Honey made the calls on it gonna roll out of here.
Thank you for being with us this morning, on this
middle of May, fifteenth day. Tomorrow, we're back with the
Ryan's Roses. So I'm looking at the different emails, and
there's a lot of people that want peace of mind.
So here's the story. Seven forties, when we do it.
She found an additional delivery address in their Postmates account,

no reason for it, and she doesn't like what she found.
When she did a little digging. That's seven forty seven
forty Ryan's roses Tomorrow. Systey's also going to be back.
She's feeling better after the what virus she had? The
neuro virus?

Speaker 1 (45:48):

Speaker 2 (45:49):
Yeah, and you looked it up. What you learn about
the neuro virus.

Speaker 1 (45:51):
It's called Wikipedia calls it the winter vomiting disease.

Speaker 2 (45:56):
Ah, yes, not say that word anymore.

Speaker 1 (45:59):
This what do you want me to say? The winter
us queezy disease, the wintern is queezy disease.

Speaker 2 (46:06):
Yeah, all right? What do we miss in the back room?
We were very focused over here on the show back.
What was going on back there?

Speaker 1 (46:13):
Colli and Mariana arguing over the seat?

Speaker 7 (46:17):
Oh yeah, So Marianna and I switch positions, so when
I do phones, she runs the boards and then when
you know, we switch positions every day, and she puts
the seat down so low.

Speaker 2 (46:26):
Are we talking about the toilet seat?

Speaker 1 (46:28):
No, like our office chairs.

Speaker 7 (46:33):
She puts it down so low, and I'm just sure
she's taller than me, and so I'm always having to
lift the seat up and then she comes in and
brings it down.

Speaker 1 (46:40):
So that's what we're currently talking about.

Speaker 2 (46:42):
I mean this is substantive things going on back there.
All right, Well, I hope you guys work it out.
We want peace. Peace with the seating around here kind
of makes me glad we're in this room today.

Speaker 1 (46:53):
Our seats get messed with too, don't don't. We gotta
watch this video and see who's who's coming in.

Speaker 2 (46:58):
Yeah, that's your you can do that. I'm gonna let
everybody go. I'm a great day. Thank you for being
with us. Gabby's gonna take you till eleven o'clock here
on what two point seven? Kiss at them. Thanks for
listening to On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Make sure to
subscribe and we'll talk to you again tomorrow
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