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May 17, 2024 42 mins
MORNING HACK - Are you traveling alone this summer? We have 3 tips that could really help you avoid problems! HOMETOWN HUSTLER - Out of Atwater Village - she was a freelance flutist teaching flute and orchestra in schools and after having her first baby, a friend suggested she start her own music classes. Now, she offers unique music classes in L.A. specifically designed for young children to support their development!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
From Hollywood to you, thank you for listening to us.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
On air with Ryan Seacrest, Billy I just got new music, Congratulations,
Billy Eilish hit Me Hard and Soft is out now
We've got tracks all day long. On Kiss FM Morning,
Good Morning Morning. I'm a scary pump today. Let's get
a scary pump? Scary? Can it just be like anxiety?

Like it's like Mark, you've run a scary pump. I
don't think in the definition you're using. Okay, well, but
it's like people say, oh, I'm gonna you know he was.
They were so good on stage, they killed it, they
ate it. Yeah, it's so good. It's sick. Like all
these words really don't mean what we say them to me.
They mean the opposite. Scary is not scary. Scary is

like great. Scary is like girthy, Like let's have a
scary good time. Ye are you Jen? Who's Jen Alpha?
Back there? Who's the youngest gen back there in the
back room? Mariana, Marianna, you ever you ever tell you

your you don't have a boyfriend? You ever yourself? Get
a scary pump?

Speaker 3 (01:17):
What's a scary pump?

Speaker 1 (01:18):

Speaker 4 (01:18):

Speaker 2 (01:21):
Okay, so you ever say, let's have it, let's make
today so scary. No, why would I want a scary day?
Means good? It's the new way of saying it is.
I think it is. Somebody in the gym told me
that I was getting a scary pump? Was this person
at the gym?

Speaker 3 (01:40):
Yeah, let's start there.

Speaker 2 (01:42):
He worked at and he worked. No, it's like we're
gonna have a scary good time tonight. It's Friday. That
kind of vibe.

Speaker 3 (01:50):
No, I haven't heard of it.

Speaker 2 (01:52):
Between that and Marked, I texted and I have bad news.
Ankle socks apparently are out. They've been out for a while.

Speaker 5 (01:59):
Really, yeah, I was told very directly those are not cute.

Speaker 2 (02:03):
No, yeah, ankle socks are out.

Speaker 3 (02:06):
Yeah, it's been like ten years.

Speaker 2 (02:08):
No, okay, it's not been five years.

Speaker 5 (02:13):
And why doesn't you don't like this one of my Tanya,
what's one of my great body features?

Speaker 3 (02:18):
Your ankles?

Speaker 2 (02:19):
Thank you? And you have really good feet? Oh, thank you?
And Tanya, you want to talk about my legs? So
are we going to do that.

Speaker 3 (02:28):
Next albums too?

Speaker 2 (02:30):

Speaker 5 (02:32):
So, but you know, cruse socks are scary popular right now?
So ankle socks are out?

Speaker 3 (02:36):

Speaker 2 (02:37):
Anyway, good morning, good morning.

Speaker 6 (02:39):
Honestly, that was a hard one for me too. But
I I get I gave up the ankle socks a
couple of years ago, but I.

Speaker 2 (02:46):
Still have some tubes.

Speaker 1 (02:48):
I can't do hot sometimes I'm still gonna wear my
ankle socks.

Speaker 2 (02:50):
Everyone can just relax. I do. Look at guys that
look cool and they do have socks they pull up,
they look cool.

Speaker 5 (02:59):
Yeah, I don't look cool my workout here. Gotta deal
with that anyway. Wow, let's make it a good day.
It's gonna be scary fun Susney, are you fully recouped
from me?

Speaker 2 (03:09):
Yes, I'm great, nervous bug or whatever. I'm very very
very much back in action any But no, Michael never
got it.

Speaker 3 (03:17):
No, I mean, can you knock on what?

Speaker 2 (03:19):
Like? You don't want to be good now? I have
a little bit of it, just to like a taste
of it.

Speaker 1 (03:24):
I do not like when Michael's sick. Why because it
makes my life a little bit harder. And I have
about a twenty four hour like, okay, I'll like nurse
you and then like come on, let's go.

Speaker 2 (03:35):
You gotta get back. Yeah, you gotta get back. We
need you. So if he was down for five days
to be a real problem.

Speaker 1 (03:40):
Yeah, he definitely nurtures me a lot more than I
probably nurture him.

Speaker 2 (03:44):
Oh, these are great admissions this morning. Yeah, I love
him well, Therapist, I love him too. He's like the
sweetest guy and he's got a great sense. You know what,
it's always struck me about your husband.

Speaker 5 (03:55):
Michael Sydney while we're on it, Like everything he seems
to have have a like a approach of levity to things,
Like things just sort of roll off his back.

Speaker 2 (04:05):
You know. It's like he doesn't get too bogged down,
has fun, has a laugh exactly. He makes me laugh
every day, like we get tense around here.

Speaker 3 (04:12):
Yeah, it's like a balance though.

Speaker 2 (04:15):
It's great. I might FaceTime him later. He would love that.

Speaker 5 (04:21):
Yeah, on a Friday, it's May Gray. May Gray needs
some Michael spirit sprinkled on us.

Speaker 3 (04:26):
Yes, I know that marine layer is so thick.

Speaker 5 (04:29):
I don't like it. I don't like the way it
makes anybody feel. I like the way it makes the
town look. The city doesn't look good in the graad.

Speaker 1 (04:35):
I just taught the twins what like May Gray meant
and what June Gloom meant, and then like what's July
and what's the Then we started going through every single better.

Speaker 3 (04:42):
July, you can finally see the sky.

Speaker 2 (04:45):
Oh, Scott July.

Speaker 6 (04:47):
He just made it up right now, But I'm sure
someone has.

Speaker 2 (04:51):
You're on one. I like it. It is Rained Seacrest,
and it is Sicini, and it is Tanya in his
back room tubs is engaged.

Speaker 5 (04:59):
A lot people didn't know it. I can't say yesterday
when I was out in the wild on the street
walking that people stopped me. I can't see that, but
I feel like they wanted to that. They wanted to
stop and say I was listening. I heard about tubbs.
I had no idea that was a reaction from us
engaged two months ago. We just found out. My mother's
beside herself that she didn't know.

Speaker 2 (05:21):
The two months, just keeping it a seat two months.

Speaker 3 (05:25):
It's pretty admirable, quite honestly.

Speaker 2 (05:27):
Well, I guess you didn't want what.

Speaker 5 (05:28):
You didn't want photographs or you didn't want to be
followed by the paparazzi. You didn't want to expo, you
didn't want it to blow up, right, you didn't want
to steal the headline.

Speaker 2 (05:35):
Yeah, it's like a vault over here.

Speaker 5 (05:37):
Oh wow, all right, let's see what we're doing today.
Billy Eilish's new album is out. It is so good.
So did you see her? You weren't here, Niche it
was I know.

Speaker 2 (05:47):
I was so bummed. So she came in to kiss
and here in Burbank and I had a chance to
see Billy and her mom.

Speaker 5 (05:53):
And Billy said, here's what I wish with this new album.
I wish that people for the first listen, they listen
from start to finish in sequence. And her mother. I
love that too. Mom is with her by her side,
managing the action. You can trust momorse. So that's good.
It's good for them to come by. You should have seen.

I mean every Billy Idish comes in. Biatta is there?
John Sykes, the corporate guys, they came in. You ever
seen him come like he came in. It was a
big deal. So thank you Billy for coming by. Now
what else is today? This National Walnut Day. I don't
know how you feel about your nuts, but I love nuts.

It's what It's one of the things that I look
forward to. I crunched them late at night and I
have a problem and I do this.

Speaker 2 (06:42):
I'm starting to do it more often than I should.

Speaker 5 (06:44):
I eat nuts right before I brush my teeth, and
the eye have almonds, and the skin of those almonds
is a real critter to get out with my flass.
I'm digging deep with the fluss to get those things out.
But I can't help myself. Sometimes I like a crunch
before I sleep.

Speaker 6 (06:58):
Oh, walnut is very beneficial for many reasons, and I
feel like it's often not selected.

Speaker 5 (07:05):
I think, well, I mean, if you get the nut,
it's impossible to get out of its shell.

Speaker 2 (07:09):
You gotta buy them already.

Speaker 3 (07:10):
Yeah, you have to buy that.

Speaker 2 (07:11):
I'm never gonna mess with that.

Speaker 5 (07:13):
Uh So, all right, that's happening. We're paying your bills
all day today. It's another hometown husterer Atwater Village?

Speaker 2 (07:19):
Are you up this morning? And Atwater Village we're going there.

Speaker 5 (07:23):
And sisiny as you look at what happened when we were
sleeping last night.

Speaker 2 (07:26):
What do you have?

Speaker 7 (07:27):

Speaker 1 (07:27):
Billy Eilish's third studio album, Hit Me Hard and Soft,
came out and we have tracks for you all day
on Kiss and Lunch.

Speaker 2 (07:35):
Coming up here again. At seven a m. Suspect was
taking into custody about.

Speaker 1 (07:40):
An hour ago after driving into oncoming traffic and crashing
into several cars on the four or five Freeway in.

Speaker 2 (07:48):
The Brentwood area, and.

Speaker 1 (07:50):
An NFL insider says one factor the NFL considered when
putting together it's twenty twenty four schedule was Taylor Swift.
The source says the NFL to Taylor Swift's concert schedule
into account, hoping she could get to as many Chiefs games.

Speaker 2 (08:07):
As possible, and that's what happened overnight.

Speaker 5 (08:10):
Always everybody this morning looking good, ready for one good.

Speaker 1 (08:12):
I feel like these next few weeks are just gonna
like get really busy. That's graduation season, things like that.
It's just that things are going to fly by.

Speaker 2 (08:20):
I'm in the mood for summer.

Speaker 3 (08:22):
Everybody is.

Speaker 2 (08:23):
I'm in the mood for like summer summer.

Speaker 5 (08:26):
The people saying, I kind of like it when you're
talking to people and they're getting ready to take a
day off to go to Disney, or an afternoon off
to go to six Flags, or just maybe going home,
maybe going home a little early on a Friday because
it is summer.

Speaker 2 (08:43):
I like that by.

Speaker 3 (08:43):
Summer is a vibe.

Speaker 6 (08:44):
You know that there are a lot of companies in
LA that do summer Fridays.

Speaker 2 (08:49):
Why do we don't do that.

Speaker 6 (08:51):
Uh No, our company does not, but I have some
friends who do. They have their companies to have summer Fridays,
so basically every Friday in the summer, there's I don't
know what weeks it goes from, but they get off
at two.

Speaker 3 (09:04):
They get off at two instead of five.

Speaker 2 (09:06):
That's fun. Yeah, oh that's great.

Speaker 5 (09:09):
Put your phones down if you're one of those companies.
Talk to our guys. Okay, exactly.

Speaker 2 (09:16):
I love a family meeting.

Speaker 5 (09:17):
You know, before seven o'clock we tend to talk about
significant others a little more than after because they might
be listening. We're hoping that Michael's not paying too close
of attention right now.

Speaker 1 (09:26):
Right now, No, he is knee deep and probably breakfast,
getting the kids ready for school.

Speaker 2 (09:31):
All of that.

Speaker 5 (09:32):
Okay, so what is the issue and let us weigh
in because we want a happy home.

Speaker 3 (09:37):
Happy He would go either way on this.

Speaker 1 (09:40):
I'm the one that's kind of well, maybe I want
him there. So my one of my really good friends, Heather,
who was my college roommate, like the San Diego State University,
put us together at random in a dorm and she
and I got along so well that we ended up
being roommates all five years of college.

Speaker 2 (09:57):
Wow, that never happened.

Speaker 1 (09:58):
It never happens, and so he's like near and deer.
She lives up in Norcow. She's getting married this August.
Another one of our really good friends, Kaitlin, which I
think I've spoken about before, is also invited to the wedding.

Speaker 2 (10:10):
We all went to college together.

Speaker 1 (10:12):
So Kailyn just had a baby less than a year ago,
and I think in her case she doesn't either have
a babysitter or have anybody to watch the baby. So
she said, what if you and I just go to
the wedding together and we don't bring our husbands. It
never crossed my mind until she said it, but then
I was I was like, well, then, I don't know.
I kind of want Michael there, and I'm in it's
weird limbo, Like my best friend wants me to like
share a hotel room to her to have a girl's weekend,

but I kind of want to be there with Michael.

Speaker 2 (10:35):
Strange to me, after that many years of marriage. I
would think that after as many years as you've been married,
that you would love and look forward to these. For example,
my sister loves her husband.

Speaker 5 (10:44):
She loves her daughter, but like sometimes we have to
do a trip for the Bryan Seacrests Foundation is a
different city, and she is so excited to lay in bed.
I'm six to seven and have a cup of coffee
before having to get somebody ready for school or pack
a lunch or something like that, and so too.

Speaker 2 (11:01):
Well, that's why I'm thinking, why not go we live
those early dorn dats. You can't do that with Michael. No,
it's fun. The guy needs to be tested every once
in a while to keep the kids. Oh, he can
keep the kids. Fine. I'm just saying, like these tests
are nice. Yeah, I'm on the fence. Really, I don't
know what to do. Are you sure? Is there another

thing here we're not seeing?

Speaker 5 (11:22):
Because the normal me for you, for you, for me,
the you that I know would kind of look forward
to having a little girls time.

Speaker 3 (11:31):
I think you're right.

Speaker 1 (11:31):
Usually I would, but this year has been so busy
for us that him and I haven't had much alone
time alone.

Speaker 2 (11:38):
This is with Heather, a.

Speaker 3 (11:41):
Nice romantic weekend away with your husband.

Speaker 6 (11:44):
No one do that differently, No, that's what weddings are.
They're like a nice romantic weekend away.

Speaker 5 (11:49):
You know, it's very difficult to have this much knowledge
about relationships, and nobody ever listens.

Speaker 1 (11:53):
I like being at a wedding with my significant other,
like you'd want to dance with them.

Speaker 3 (11:57):
Your advice is leave your significant other.

Speaker 2 (12:00):
No, it's balance.

Speaker 3 (12:01):
I understand the balance.

Speaker 2 (12:03):
I understand the balance. She needs to have a little
heather time. It's fine, and you also.

Speaker 1 (12:09):
Barely any other time she's the bride, it would be
Kaylin time.

Speaker 5 (12:14):
Technically, one year I said yes to go into a
wedding and I was with one year.

Speaker 2 (12:23):
One year.

Speaker 5 (12:24):
One year and I was with the groom and uh,
I said, you know, the groom and I we hung
out a couple of beers. I decided that I crashed
with the groom and uh, we had a lot of
time together. So we spent the night. We spent the
night before the wedding together.

Speaker 2 (12:40):
Yeah, that's the same room. Is it normal? I think so.
I don't know about really, have you ever spent the night?
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (12:47):
That's what we did before our wedding. I spent the
night with all of my girlfriends, Like that's.

Speaker 2 (12:50):
A common thing for the groom and the groom's friends.

Speaker 1 (12:53):
Michael spent the night with all of his guy friends.
The night before a wedding, it's just me and the groom.

Speaker 2 (12:57):
I'm sure you see what.

Speaker 3 (12:58):
You gotta do.

Speaker 2 (12:59):
Just everybody to think before the rings.

Speaker 5 (13:03):
Cozy, all right, don't get any ideas here.

Speaker 2 (13:09):
I did this one time.

Speaker 5 (13:11):
It's like looking at me, like, if you want to
should we get double occupancy?

Speaker 2 (13:16):
Are your morning connecting rooms?

Speaker 5 (13:19):
Your morning hack is next? If you're traveling alone this
summer interesting. You can meet people, you can have great experiences.
You can make lifelong memories, but make them good memories
by taking the steps to avoid any issues. Have you
ever taken a vacation by yourself or a trip alone?

Speaker 2 (13:38):
Sy just work trips, Tanya.

Speaker 6 (13:42):
I've taken trips to like weddings alone. I wouldn't necessarily
call it alone because like when I got to the wedding.

Speaker 3 (13:48):
I knew people there, but I was still alone. Going.

Speaker 5 (13:51):
I've done it and I last forty eight hours. Yeah,
before I'm stir crazy. I need to talk to something.

Speaker 3 (13:57):
Yeah that surprises me, honestly.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
Espis you had done it two days.

Speaker 6 (14:01):
Know that you need to talk to someone. I feel
like you would really enjoy the like side.

Speaker 5 (14:05):
I don't need someone I could talk to anything. It
could be a computer, it could be a person.

Speaker 2 (14:09):
I just need a plant.

Speaker 5 (14:10):
I could be a plant anyway. So here's what they say,
good memories. Take these steps to avoid any issues. Scan
your important documents and email them to yourself so you
always got them.

Speaker 2 (14:20):
That's great. Email them so you can just search email.

Speaker 5 (14:23):
Don't post on social media until you leave each place
because you know that reindeer show. And split your cash
and cards in different bags. I do this so if
you do lose something, you don't lose them at once.

Speaker 2 (14:39):
That's true. Like Tanya, if you were going to hold
my wallet, I wouldn't give you everything.

Speaker 3 (14:44):
Well what you could trust me?

Speaker 2 (14:46):
No? Not you?

Speaker 5 (14:47):
What if someone picks your pocket then I'm out of
luck anyway. Tips for traveling Today's quote Uncomfortable conversations create
a healthy relationship.

Speaker 2 (14:55):
Not a big fan though.

Speaker 6 (14:58):
It's true though Tanya is cleaning this first conversation.

Speaker 2 (15:03):
Make you grow this FM headlines with siciny yeah.

Speaker 1 (15:07):
La Mayor Karen Bass has ordered an immediate surge in
public safety personnel on buses and trains to cut down
on crime. California is offering drivers up to four hundred
dollars to test a per mile fee known as road charge,
which officials hope would be a fair and sustainable way to.

Speaker 2 (15:25):
Replace the current gas tax.

Speaker 1 (15:27):
The City of Downey will no longer fly the LGBTQ
plus Pride flag after the city council voted to adopt
a neutral flag policy restricting the types of flags allowed
to be flown on city property, and the Mirage Hotel
casino on the Las Vegas Strip will close this summer,
transforming into the Hard Rock Las Vegas by twenty twenty seven.

Speaker 5 (15:52):
On air with Ryan Seacrest, Tanya's got a trending report
coming up in a few minutes.

Speaker 2 (15:58):
What do you have that training report about?

Speaker 3 (16:00):
How do you feel about hall passes?

Speaker 2 (16:02):
No? Okay, let's get into it.

Speaker 6 (16:04):
Interesting, okay, because Catherine Schwarzenegger has one Schwartzenegger.

Speaker 2 (16:10):
Find I find the name. I stumble sometimes I guess.

Speaker 6 (16:13):
It's Katherine Schwarzenegger, Pratt, Schwartzeneger, Schwarzenegger, Schwartzenegger, Schwartzenegger.

Speaker 5 (16:18):
Can you say free Can you say free throw line?
NBA Finals free throw line? I screwed that one up
and say three frow line, free throw line, throw throw line,
free throw line. I was talking about me. I was
talking about basketball and which is already a risk. Yeah,
and I called it the three frow line.

Speaker 2 (16:35):
You do get three points? No, not from the free
throw line? No right, not three? So the three throw
line is two points or one point free throw line,
but the free throw line isn't it connected? So the
three frow line?

Speaker 3 (16:49):
So no three four line?

Speaker 2 (16:51):
Tonya stop? Yeah, I know what he means. I know
what he means. Three frow line.

Speaker 5 (16:56):
You shoot your penalty shots, sometimes you get one. Somebody
just get one on one the three frow line, Yes,
three throwing.

Speaker 6 (17:03):
I know you're gonna mess me up with this because
now I say, Kristin Cavaleri, Cavalieri's.

Speaker 5 (17:10):
Because of you, Kristin Cavalari and put her on the
air and we can talk to her.

Speaker 6 (17:13):
About it's Cavaler would just have Christian.

Speaker 3 (17:18):
Have her number. Do you want me to text her?

Speaker 8 (17:22):

Speaker 1 (17:22):
I want to hear it, yeah, caller like Ryan does
on the the speaker.

Speaker 5 (17:27):
Uh So, anyway, three frow line one point, two points,
three point line, three points?

Speaker 1 (17:33):
I understand that, But isn't that line connected to the
free throw line?

Speaker 2 (17:36):
It kind of like jan don't you watch basketball?

Speaker 5 (17:40):
Yeah, because I see back there like waving your hands
about this, so explain to what I'm trying to.

Speaker 2 (17:45):
I understand basketball.

Speaker 3 (17:47):
There is a three point line.

Speaker 2 (17:49):
Yeah, but that's not connected. It's outside the bigger ring.
It's outside. Okay, you win, let's get Marie here. But anyway,
I have strung.

Speaker 5 (17:57):
I too struggle saying Schwarzenegger and free throw line. There
are a lot of things that actually, if I say fast,
I can't say.

Speaker 2 (18:05):
Well, sometimes I'll change.

Speaker 5 (18:06):
If I'm giving a speech, I'll change my words because
I'm afraid I'm gonna run them together in tongue time
myself smart. I used to not be able to say.

Speaker 2 (18:14):
We will be right back, we will be we will
be right back. We will be right back. We'll be
right back as hard if you're saying it fast hard
because you ask it. Yeah, it's like I'm talking to
the pets that are watching come here. Thank you for
ever ruined that for me. Next time you have to say,

we were right back, right back, we will be right
do you ask we wabbit, it will be Marie. Is
there anything saying because we're having a hard.

Speaker 4 (18:48):
Time this morning?

Speaker 5 (18:49):
You know that's who we are a little imperfect. You're
in Santa Fe Springs that rolls off the tongue.

Speaker 8 (18:56):
Doesn't it. Try teaching that to your five year old
son in kindergarten.

Speaker 2 (18:59):
Oh, is that a struggle?

Speaker 8 (19:02):
He had to learn his address and uh yeah, pretty
long street name and city. So I had to apologize
to him for years after that.

Speaker 2 (19:11):
Well, you are calling because you had the same virus
as our assistant did. The neuro virus.

Speaker 8 (19:18):
I did a few months ago, just out of the blue.
It woke me up dead out of my sleep and
I wasn't sure if it was heartburn at first, and
then I just started coming and did not stop for
it was only a little over a day. I mean,
it was just stop from both ends. But the only

reason is I have a family member who is in
the medical field, and I called him and I said,
I need an IV. I'm getting dehydrated, and he came
over to give me an IV and he happened to
add what is called zoflan. I don't know if you
guys have ever heard of it, and.

Speaker 9 (19:58):
He put that in the IV, and within minutes, when
nausea and my bobbine were gone.

Speaker 1 (20:04):
I finally got prescribed something similar or maybe that.

Speaker 2 (20:07):
Like three days later, I.

Speaker 9 (20:10):
Called on Dancetron which is the generic name.

Speaker 5 (20:14):
Yeah, I have a question for both you and Siciny.
How do we you have not had it? Avoid getting it?

Speaker 9 (20:20):
I don't think you can because I don't even know
where I got it.

Speaker 1 (20:23):
Well I knew where I got I got it from
my daughter, But you just don't want to be in
contact with anybody that already has it. No, and as
you found No, I know for sure got it from
Asia because I was like well, holding her.

Speaker 9 (20:41):
And that's the thing when kids start school age, there's just.

Speaker 10 (20:44):
No way to get around it.

Speaker 8 (20:45):
You're gonna get.

Speaker 2 (20:45):
It, Tanya.

Speaker 5 (20:46):
I hear people say that it could lay dormant inside
us for four weeks from no.

Speaker 1 (20:50):
They my doctor told me, after symptoms and wait two
more days and then you're clear.

Speaker 2 (20:55):
Well I don't know.

Speaker 9 (20:57):
Usually these symptoms within twelve hours of exposure, so yeah,
I'm not sure about that now.

Speaker 3 (21:05):
I think we would have had it by now, but
I was stressed the first day.

Speaker 5 (21:08):
Uh well, murray, Siciny. We're very happy you made it through.
It sounded horrible. Yeah, and we love you for LISTI
marine and face springs. It's the weekend. We have made it. Tony,
what's in your big satchel of food for this Friday.
It's up there on the counter. It looks like you
brought in the whole weekend's worth of meal.

Speaker 3 (21:27):
So first of all, I just bring the same satchel
every day.

Speaker 2 (21:30):
No, that's a larger satchel than normal. No, it's the same.

Speaker 3 (21:34):
It's the same satchel.

Speaker 2 (21:35):
It's growing.

Speaker 3 (21:35):
I don't have a new one like for the day
of the week anyway.

Speaker 6 (21:38):
Inside it right now is coconut yogurt, berries, granola, and
some almonds.

Speaker 2 (21:45):
Great. Yeah, your little mini fridge.

Speaker 3 (21:48):
Yeah, it's like my little mini fridge.

Speaker 2 (21:49):
Our detail trible Excel is about to do something here.
It looks like a scary pump. All right, that's coming
up in a few minutes.

Speaker 5 (21:55):
Also, we are going to play match game for six
Sikes Magic Mountain tickets.

Speaker 2 (22:00):
I want to do that. Keep it here, Tanya the
Trending Report.

Speaker 6 (22:03):
Okay, so how do we feel about the idea of
a hall pass? So this is essentially one person that
you were allowed to cheat on your partner with if
the opportunity presented itself.

Speaker 2 (22:14):
Chance letter finish and then I want to get it.

Speaker 6 (22:16):
So Chris Pratt was talking to Entertainment tonight and he
said she knows every word of his music. I didn't
even know that until we were doing a little road
trip and she started putting on Usher, and man, she
knows every single word. So I guess Usher's her hall pass.
I can't blame her. So Usher is Catherine's hall pass.
But to be honest, I feel like there is a

world in which Katherine and Usher could be at like
the same party at some point.

Speaker 3 (22:43):
Do you know what I'm saying? It's like, but this
is like not real.

Speaker 2 (22:45):
He's like, joke, there's no chance.

Speaker 3 (22:47):
Well, I know, I know that's what the thing is.

Speaker 6 (22:49):
I do think a hall pass in general is made
or said in jest. It's a joking thing that you
say with your partner. But when I started to think
about it, I was like, I don't need even think.
I like the idea of a hall pass. Like if
somebody asked me who my hall pass was I and
I said it's bloody blah uh, I would feel kind of.

Speaker 2 (23:09):
Icky about that. Yeah, like you're already cheating.

Speaker 3 (23:11):
Yeah is that weird?

Speaker 2 (23:13):
No? I don't.

Speaker 5 (23:14):
I think it's all you know, when people are cute
about it and they're talking about it, it's it can
be funny, but I don't. I think the concept is
not okay, and it's a little weird being in Los
Angeles when a lot of the hall passes you could
see maybe uh, Disneyland.

Speaker 2 (23:30):
Right, like what if you run.

Speaker 3 (23:34):
Or your coffee shop.

Speaker 5 (23:37):
I don't like I maybe as a kid, I liked
the idea. I thought it was funny and cute. I
don't like the idea no.

Speaker 2 (23:44):
Because I I I have insecurities.

Speaker 3 (23:47):
But also like, what's.

Speaker 6 (23:48):
What's the difference between hall pass and celebrity crush?

Speaker 3 (23:52):
Is there a difference?

Speaker 5 (23:53):
Yeah, because somebody crosses just like something that you.

Speaker 3 (23:58):
Rush on, you know, crushing.

Speaker 2 (24:00):
I'm not you're thinking of them twenty four to seven.
But you said hall pass is the word cheat. I
think we've decided that's a bad word. Yeah, right, right,
right right. I don't like it.

Speaker 3 (24:09):
I don't like it either.

Speaker 2 (24:10):
Wow, I too.

Speaker 5 (24:11):
They're in the circle of all this stuff, they're still
too close, right, like they're gonna run into.

Speaker 2 (24:19):
Uh sure at pilates exactly Like if you if he's
your ball pass and you see him doing a pilate,
that's practically like that's a lot right, you're right there,
You're right there. You're like it's a glimpse into everything.
It's not great, So I vote against it. Is anybody
in the back room like the hall pass?

Speaker 4 (24:38):

Speaker 3 (24:38):
No, I'm shocked by this.

Speaker 2 (24:40):
I'm shocked by your shockedness of this.

Speaker 6 (24:42):
Loyal Lions, I thought, because it's like fun, it's like
a fun little Kitchie question, like.

Speaker 3 (24:46):
Who's your hall pass?

Speaker 2 (24:48):
But it's not.

Speaker 3 (24:50):
Is it fun? Do you have one?

Speaker 1 (24:51):

Speaker 3 (24:51):
No? I don't have one?

Speaker 2 (24:52):
Why not?

Speaker 6 (24:54):
Because I I think I I think I did up
until this point, and then I was like.

Speaker 3 (24:58):
I don't like it.

Speaker 2 (24:59):
What about Robbie? He does not have one? You ever
talked about his?

Speaker 3 (25:03):
No, he has a celebrity crush.

Speaker 2 (25:05):
But and is that the problem?

Speaker 3 (25:09):
No, I don't think so.

Speaker 2 (25:13):
I don't think so everybody.

Speaker 6 (25:16):
It's like Margot Robbie, Like, who doesn't have a crush
on Margot Robbie?

Speaker 2 (25:20):
So, but it's sort of like in your head.

Speaker 6 (25:23):
Yeah, you know it's back there. What what if they
see each other someday?

Speaker 3 (25:28):
You know?

Speaker 2 (25:29):
Well, I think it was trust Margaret Robbie and it's
totally faithful. I'm not worried about it. Wow, Friday's feel
back to Onion Skuin. Yeah, a little therapy, Sash Wow, Yeah,
ankle socks are out and being told gen Z not
having it.

Speaker 1 (25:46):

Speaker 5 (25:46):
Someone posts on TikTok you can always tell gen zs
from millennials because of their socks. Apparently gen Z whears
cruse socks. Millennials where ankle socks.

Speaker 2 (25:54):
I always I guess what are you wearing right now?
Would you like for me to show you?

Speaker 3 (26:00):
Yeah? I would actually, Oh, he's got a cruise sock on?

Speaker 2 (26:04):
All right? Wow? Because I was the one that saw
this in the news, changed my sock this morning. I
were ankle socks. I know. I still do appreciate an
ankle sock.

Speaker 3 (26:15):
I'm not gonna lie.

Speaker 2 (26:16):
Well, you're gonna be laughed at. It's okay, I'll take it.

Speaker 3 (26:21):
That's right, you do you.

Speaker 2 (26:24):
I'd rather be on trend, even if it's not me.
I'm trying to you know.

Speaker 3 (26:28):
I'm gonna try to be someone else.

Speaker 5 (26:30):
I'm gonna pose to be a millennial or I'm posing, and.

Speaker 2 (26:33):
I'm proud of posing. By the way, let's not shame.

Speaker 1 (26:36):
Posers like they're not a poser if you like a
creuse sock or an ankle sock, right.

Speaker 5 (26:43):
I do a lot of things as a poser to
look and appear generationally younger.

Speaker 3 (26:49):
That is so funny.

Speaker 5 (26:53):
Like I stood in a coffee shop line in order
to fly because I thought I.

Speaker 2 (26:59):
Was a cold order.

Speaker 3 (27:00):
It is totally trendy.

Speaker 6 (27:01):
But you know what is interesting because trends are essentially that,
Like we all do follow some trends.

Speaker 2 (27:07):
But even broader.

Speaker 5 (27:08):
I don't really think you should be making fun of
people that are just trying to stay in their youthful
generational stage.

Speaker 6 (27:18):
No one's making fun of those people. I was just
telling Sysney, like, yeah, like you do you if you
don't want to wear them or you want to wear them,
wear them.

Speaker 1 (27:27):
I have to be in the mood for a crew sock.
If it's too hot, I want my ankle sock.

Speaker 5 (27:31):
I'm gonna pose all weekend in I don't know, different socks.
Sock Jen, how are you having to world kinds of
socks this weekend? What are you doing in Wittier this morning?

Speaker 10 (27:40):
I am I'm a social worker. I'm just wow.

Speaker 2 (27:45):
Great, Yeah, it works a lot.

Speaker 4 (27:47):
Trying to get a second job.

Speaker 10 (27:48):
We do a little party gig on the side, but
dropping off these big numbers for parties.

Speaker 5 (27:55):
Well, thank you for the good work you're doing that
good social work that you're doing. I'm sure that's rewarding
but challenging.

Speaker 9 (28:02):
Yes it is.

Speaker 2 (28:04):
Jen. We're gonna take your mind off of everything for
a minute. We're going to play something called the match game.
It's meant to be fun. You're contestant number one. Let
me get Alyssa here contestant number two in West Covina, Alyssa,
good morning. You are contested number two. How are you doing?

Speaker 4 (28:18):
I'm good?

Speaker 2 (28:19):
How are you super good? A? Listen? Tell us about
yourself there in West Covina.

Speaker 4 (28:24):
Oh well, right now, I'm just relaxing. I just had surgery,
so on my covering. Are you okay? Oh yeah, I
kidney cancer?

Speaker 2 (28:34):
But who.

Speaker 5 (28:36):
Seems that seems like a big deal. Did they got
the tumor and you know it didn't spread?

Speaker 4 (28:44):
I won't know until I go back in finightments.

Speaker 2 (28:47):
Oh well, we are praying for you, and thank you.

Speaker 5 (28:52):
I hope you stay in good spirits so that you
can take this thing down because none of that sounds fun.

Speaker 4 (28:59):
Yeah, it's I'm trying. Well, let's see you guys every morning.
So you guys are amazing, Thank you.

Speaker 2 (29:06):
Thank you.

Speaker 5 (29:07):
We got a little lighthearted moment here to take your
mind off of all of this, and what we're gonna
do is play the match game. We're gonna give you
a phrase with a blank in it. Our panel of Sisney, Tanya,
at Ruby and Tubs will write down what they think
should go in the blank. Then we'll hear your answer
and see who you match with. Okay, okay, Elisa, you wait,

stand by Jen, you're up first.

Speaker 2 (29:29):
Here we go.

Speaker 5 (29:30):
So, Jen, yours is chicken blank. Don't say anything, Just
think about a chicken blank. Chicken a blank? Now what
is the panel going to say? You're trying to match
up with what their guests and your guess is chicken blank?
What'd you say?

Speaker 2 (29:46):
Chicken stripped, chicken strip? She said?

Speaker 5 (29:51):
All right, let's go to the panel Sisney, chicken broth,
a tidy chicken strip, chicken thigh ruby, chicken strip.

Speaker 2 (29:59):
I said, chicken and I love those with raw diced
onions on. Yes, Tobs, it comes down to you for
chicken strip, I said, chicken soup. All right, Well, no worries, Gjen.
We're gonna go to a Lisa.

Speaker 5 (30:11):
Now, Alisa, yours is blank potato blank potato No, no,
don't tell anything. Hold on, Okay, everybody's everybody, We're good,
everyone was done.

Speaker 2 (30:23):
Okay, baked potato go into the panel, Sysney baked hot potato,
No tiny, baked baked potato, I had the last night actually,
and Tobs just for fun. I was gonna say, baked
potato and Ruby for fun. Baked potato. Baked potato wins. Alisa,
you get the tickets to six Flags Magic Mountain. Jen,
I'm gonna give it to you too. Yeah. I mean,

everybody's basically trying to make it happen. And Alisa, we
are thinking about you and sending thoughts. Okay, good luck,
You're gonna love you. Yes, we love you. Big hearts
all right. Kind of defeats the purpose of a competition,
but yeah, but it's fun. Oh why not? We must
have a ton of them because I keep giving them away.
So why not. I'm a hustle looking at a hometown hustler.

Shall we do that?

Speaker 5 (31:09):
Let's meet this hometown hustler Leah Paul of Sweet Potato
Music in La.

Speaker 2 (31:16):
So it's a great inspirational story.

Speaker 5 (31:17):
The wholetown hustler is focusing on people doing.

Speaker 2 (31:19):
Something that they love.

Speaker 5 (31:20):
Maybe they quit their regular hustle to do this, and
they're making ends meet and they're paying their bills and
they're actually enjoying their work, which is something I think
not everybody does, but you want to try and do it.
And Leah Paul is in Atwater Village, our hometown hustler.
Leah Paul, Good morning of Sweet Potato Music.

Speaker 2 (31:38):

Speaker 10 (31:39):
Good morning Ryan, So nice to be here with you.

Speaker 5 (31:41):
It's great to meet you. So let me give a
little context and then I'll have you explain this. But
your previous gig was a freelance flutist and you talk flute.

Speaker 2 (31:50):
Yes, what ages did you flute?

Speaker 9 (31:52):

Speaker 10 (31:54):
All ages but elementary school, middle school, high school. So
I worked as a teaching artist throughout LA for a
few different nonprofits, and I private students, and then I
also would do studio work here and there and write
my own music, so all kinds of fluting.

Speaker 5 (32:10):
Mick, Well, then tell me about this life changing moment
you had your daughter and that's when the dream began
to unfold.

Speaker 10 (32:18):
Yes, I had my daughter in February of twenty seventeen,
and I had a bunch of new mom friends and
they were like, you should start a music class, and
I was like, I don't know, I don't really feel
like I'm a singer, you know, I'm an instrumentalist. And
then I just started to think about my older students
and how sometimes it was really hard to teach them
things like pitch or rhythm, and I was like, what

would I want my baby to be doing, you know,
to grow up to be a musician. And I just
felt really suddenly inspired, and I wrote a bunch of songs,
and I got my mom friends together and I tried
them out and they all really liked it. So I
just started holding classes and word of mouth kind of
spread from there.

Speaker 5 (32:57):
Okay, so you write original children's songs like this. This
is an original if you've got your kids with you
right now, let's spell pizza.

Speaker 2 (33:04):
But do we want to eat pee?

Speaker 1 (33:07):
I cz a? What is our favorite great p I
cecy a.

Speaker 3 (33:13):
I love it.

Speaker 2 (33:15):
It's spelling pizza. It's spelling pizza.

Speaker 1 (33:17):
Fasta pizza dough ready, key change, key change.

Speaker 2 (33:27):
Everybody loves a key change.

Speaker 10 (33:28):
Yeah, a parachute to make the pizza in class.

Speaker 2 (33:35):
Wait wait, here's teeny tiny apple seed ready with your kids?
Ten tiny apple seed.

Speaker 7 (33:40):
I'm a teeny tiny apple seed pizza so warm any ground?

Speaker 10 (33:47):
I need some water and sunshine and.

Speaker 7 (33:55):
Now I'm a sprout.

Speaker 5 (33:57):
So the dream here coming true and I love it.
You want to have your own school of music, you
want to tour for kids across America?

Speaker 2 (34:05):
What's next?

Speaker 10 (34:06):
I would love to franchise the program and get you know,
people in other states and cities, teaching my classes and
doing a lot more concerts for kids, and keep making
really great and directive content for kids.

Speaker 2 (34:19):
I love it. I love that you're doing this.

Speaker 5 (34:20):
And if you are inspired by any of that music there,
check her out at Sweet Potato Music La and Instagram
for your kids. Our hometown Hustler if you want to
nominate somebody like Leah Paul here, it's hometown Hustler at
KISSFM dot com.

Speaker 2 (34:35):
Thanks for coming on. That was a lot of fun.
I'm gonna play the pizza song one more time after
be say goodbye.

Speaker 10 (34:39):
All right, thank you so much for having me.

Speaker 2 (34:41):
Thanks by just good people doing good.

Speaker 10 (34:44):
Stuff there, pe.

Speaker 2 (34:55):
Pizza, Pizza do Are you ready? Yeah? What do we
please play with your kids today?

Speaker 3 (35:16):

Speaker 2 (35:16):
Tanya and Becca Cysney.

Speaker 5 (35:18):
You were not here for this, but in a few
minutes we debated the other day between Tanya and her
best friend Becca, but she's got a lot of best
friends because I had a best friend up. Her best
friend actually come up to me in the gym. Who's
Charlie Pooth's sister, Charlie.

Speaker 6 (35:33):
Booth sister, Sophia carson sister.

Speaker 2 (35:37):
I was like, checks out.

Speaker 5 (35:41):
This famous person's sister. And she comes up and says,
I'm Tanya's best friend.

Speaker 2 (35:46):
Oh it was.

Speaker 5 (35:48):
Becca said it was definitely all when I said say
Charlie at the end, and that whole exchange.

Speaker 3 (35:58):

Speaker 2 (35:59):
Tanya asked, Becca, did you hear about this?

Speaker 10 (36:00):

Speaker 1 (36:00):
I did hear about this, and then I saw it
on social and so I actually have my opinion.

Speaker 5 (36:05):
All Right, we're gonna get into it because over the weekend,
Tany asked Becca if she could go dress shopping with her,
and Becka said she was not available all weekend. And
then Tanya comes back had Peeper over for a barbecue.
Beckett thinks twy shit have invited her. Right, it's all
smoothed over, but it's interesting.

Speaker 3 (36:21):
The internet's divided teen.

Speaker 2 (36:23):
Tanya team Beckack. A lot of the team stuff going
on right now. Weekend watch list, come on the weekend, watchless,
just watch.

Speaker 5 (36:34):
Trying to find something to watch this weekend let's see
what's on our radar, Systiny, what are you watching?

Speaker 1 (36:39):
So this is an easy watch. It's on Netflix. It's
called Mother of the Bride. It stars Brooks Shield and
Miranda Cosgrove and it's about Miranda's wedding, but Brooke Shield
is her mom. And then when she gets there she
realizes that the groom's father is this guy that she
used to date from like college.

Speaker 2 (36:54):
Okay, so that's a little love triangle.

Speaker 1 (36:55):
And then can I throw one more in because I
just watched it last night and it's so good. What
Kevin Hart's Mark Twain Awards Ceremony on Netflix last night?

Speaker 2 (37:04):
Or I watched last night, but it's hysterical.

Speaker 1 (37:06):
It has like every comedian from like Dave Chappelle to
Chelsea Handler to Jerry Seinfeld, like it.

Speaker 2 (37:11):
Was awards show format or no, no.

Speaker 1 (37:14):
No, it's just like he's being honored. So it's like
a whole it's like a festival of comedians. Yeah, it's
really really cool. Everyone does like about five minutes a
stand up. It's really really funny. All right, what's that
on Netflix as well?

Speaker 2 (37:26):
Got it? Tanya the Office?

Speaker 6 (37:29):
Yes, So we don't have a show that we're like
watching right now. We finished all of The Traders, and
so we were kind of debating, and I went to
Instagram to ask people what we should watch like a
good series, and so many people recommended The Office, And
I've never seen a single episode of the Office, so.

Speaker 2 (37:46):
It is shocking.

Speaker 6 (37:47):
We decided to take that on. All nine seasons are
on Peacock right now, so we're going to start that.
But I also wanted to rescind my recommendation of last
week of Baby Reindeer because I got to the episodisode
and I just could not finish it, so I don't want.

Speaker 2 (38:03):
Yeah, I saw, I saw your text about that.

Speaker 6 (38:06):
Yeah, so Baby Reindeer is not for everyone.

Speaker 2 (38:11):
Okay, Ruby made on Netflix on your weekend watch list.

Speaker 3 (38:14):
Yeah, so this is.

Speaker 7 (38:14):
Actually from twenty twenty one, but Margot Robbie produced it
and it's about a single mother who turns to house
cleaning to basically make ends meet because she's trying to
escape this toxic relationship.

Speaker 3 (38:25):
So I just started it.

Speaker 2 (38:26):
But it's really really it's really good. Yeah, I've seen it.
It's very good.

Speaker 5 (38:29):
I'm watching The Veil, I'm watching Sugar, I'm watching Man
in Full, I'm finish all of it and American Idol
is my pick for you this weekend, ABC, It's a
grand finale. Either Abby or Wheel or Jake will win it.
Got bon Jovie, New Kids on the Block. Nick Frodyani.

Speaker 3 (38:49):
A ticket friend of the show.

Speaker 2 (38:54):
Nick Froddiani, Tanya's hall pass.

Speaker 5 (38:56):
You can make an appearance so Tinya might be in
the audience.

Speaker 2 (39:00):
I don't know you want to bring Robbie.

Speaker 3 (39:01):
Okay, it's not a hall pass. It's like a past hall.

Speaker 2 (39:06):
You're the one that brought this whole hall past thing up,
and we're the lory advocate for it. Sissy and I
are not into it. You're so into it.

Speaker 3 (39:14):
I'm so not into it.

Speaker 2 (39:15):
All right, I'm just gonna quickly bring everybody up to
speed if you missed it. We had a debate the
other day between t Rad and be could Tilly your
best friend over the weekend? So, Tanya, what happened? You
asked back about what to do?

Speaker 10 (39:26):

Speaker 2 (39:26):
And then what I asked.

Speaker 6 (39:28):
Her probably Thursday of like before the weekend, Hey are
you around this weekend? I'm thinking about going dress shopping.
Are you available? And she basically said that she had
her sister's birthday. Who lives in Orange County, so I
know she's gonna be gone for that. And then her
girlfriend Haley was moving in on Sunday, so to me,
that's her being busy over the weekend. I ended up

having a barbecue and having two of my other friends
come over, to which she wanted to be invited. But
I didn't invite her because I thought she was busy
all weekend, Okay, And that's where we left it.

Speaker 2 (39:58):
And then she got upset that she was not invited.

Speaker 3 (40:00):
Yes, she wanted to be inviting Listiny.

Speaker 5 (40:02):
I actually feel for Becca on this because I understand
why she wanted the invite.

Speaker 1 (40:06):
I okay, So here's my opinion on this whole situation.

Speaker 2 (40:10):
They're both wrong.

Speaker 1 (40:11):
What I my first gut instinct is team Tanya. I'm
kind of like she was right, Like, Okay, she said
she was busy this, this, that. However, Tanya knows, of
all people, Tanya is one of the most sensitive people ever.
So for someone that is always sensitive and then cries
when she's not invited to something, she should know what

kind of hurt Becca would have felt by not even
lobbying her.

Speaker 5 (40:35):
Test the right point because Becca came in here and
said look, guys, this is about.

Speaker 2 (40:39):
If the roles were reversed, been devastating.

Speaker 3 (40:43):
If the roles were reversed, I would have been so much.

Speaker 2 (40:45):
Beka did advocate that you're a little bit more. I
don't want to use the needy word. She said. That's
what she said.

Speaker 3 (40:50):
They am more needy. That's fair.

Speaker 5 (40:52):
And so she said if the roles were reversed, it
would have been tragic, and that was the point she
was trying to make.

Speaker 2 (40:57):
She wants balance of output.

Speaker 3 (40:58):
Yes, she does.

Speaker 1 (41:00):
So you should have just been like, hey, I know
you're probably busy, but if you're not barbecue tonight at
six pm, but you know someone who.

Speaker 6 (41:05):
Also doesn't like rejection. I didn't want to set myself
up for that rejection.

Speaker 5 (41:09):
Lauren, Team Becka, you were already rejected the whole weekend.
Can I read the things here for the people who
were listening? Lauren is team Beca. M c's team Tanya.
Tany did not take mind reading classes, she said, Okay,
Stephanie is team Beca. Sorry Tanya, but I get the
thought process. If you're with your bff, you always invite regardless.

It's like an unwritten law. Yeah, Gina, Team Tanya, Why
invite and makes someone feel like they have to attend Amber.
I would use this side with Tanya on this, but
now knowing Tanya has done this to Becca so many times,
I'm team Beca Aleini.

Speaker 2 (41:46):
They know you've done it so many times.

Speaker 5 (41:48):
Aleeni, I'm with Tanya and Logan to wrap it up,
I'm not sure whose side I'm on on this. As
soon as I heard shrimp, Oh, it was so they're
a barbecue shrimp Logan's. As soon as I heard shrimp,
I lost focus of the converce.

Speaker 2 (42:00):
I started thinking about this strength. Thanks for listening to
On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Make sure to subscribe and
we'll talk to you again Monday,
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