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April 29, 2024 8 mins

Actress Jenifer Lewis talks appearing on 'The Masked Singer' and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You're on with Mario Lopez.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
It's up.

Speaker 1 (00:04):
You're all with Mario Lopez joining me now on Zoom
the Cleocatra from The Mess Singer author and actress Jennifer Lewis,
Welcome to the show. How are you, Jennifer?

Speaker 3 (00:12):
Oh, I'm doing so good. Wasn't that fun? Leo Catra?

Speaker 1 (00:16):
I love it? I love it, and I love your
background right there, beautiful.

Speaker 2 (00:20):
Oh thank you. It's just my little old house.

Speaker 3 (00:22):
Okay, okay, nineteen decades in the business.

Speaker 1 (00:26):
I absolutely love that. I mean, you're a savvy veteran.
You perform on Broadway, you backed up Bet Middler. What
made you want to do a mass singer?

Speaker 2 (00:34):
You know, I have to tell you.

Speaker 3 (00:35):
I don't know if you heard about the accident in Africa,
but I couldn't even walk when they called. Oh, but
my friends wanted me to get up and go have fun.

Speaker 2 (00:44):
I had a little accident.

Speaker 3 (00:45):
While I was vacationing in Tanzania, and I was actually
convalescing for a year and a half.

Speaker 2 (00:52):
But I'm back. I'm back walking.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
I'm not running great to hear walking, I'm doing my
high kicks. And so when they when mass singer, all
my friends were like Jenny. I know you're still in pain.
I know you're still on medication, but get up and
do something you love to do, which is entertained.

Speaker 2 (01:11):
So I said, okay, here we go, Mass Singer.

Speaker 1 (01:14):
Good for you, we'll entertain you. Did I know that
costume was bulky.

Speaker 2 (01:17):
But were you? Hey, Mario, guess what what's that?

Speaker 3 (01:23):
Because I couldn't walk at the time. Mass Singer was great.
I told them they had to bolt me down to
the floor and I'm actually in a harnessed under the
clear captra outfit. Oh you'll see it. I'm only moving
from my torso you know, Jennifer Lois would be all.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
Over the stage. But I still couldn't walk at the time.
Oh wow.

Speaker 3 (01:45):
The Mass Singer accommodated me and it worked out really well.

Speaker 1 (01:48):
What would you have saying if you have if you
would have moved.

Speaker 2 (01:51):
On, I was gonna sing I call him when you
need me. My hunts so fine. I was gonna do things. Hey,
there you go. But you know Matina Turner's Mama and
the What's Love Got to Do with It movie?

Speaker 1 (02:05):
That's right.

Speaker 2 (02:07):
Yeah, that would have been fun.

Speaker 1 (02:08):
Oh that would have been well. You were fantastic on
that congrats on a fun run there, and and you're
also part of this new animated movie for Netflix called
uh Spellbound. What can you tell us about that?

Speaker 3 (02:19):
With Nicole Kitman, John Lithgo and Javier Bardet.

Speaker 2 (02:24):
I heard them, Oh my god, and we go, oh
my god.

Speaker 3 (02:27):
Mario, we're singing this amazing song called step by Step.
You know the song be prepared from Lion King. Yes,
a Scar sings it. It's like that, it's gonna be
that big. It's such a great step by step step
being a new direction, your own perfection. Hey step, it's
gonna be so good. John Lithgow and I sing and

it's it's wonderful. It's wonderful.

Speaker 1 (02:53):
Oh, congrats on that. Is it released it yet?

Speaker 2 (02:57):
No, I don't think so.

Speaker 3 (02:58):
It is going to be on that licks and I
know we've rapped, so the movie is ready.

Speaker 2 (03:05):
You know, animation takes a lot of time.

Speaker 3 (03:07):
You know, I'm doing thirteen animations right now, Mario, in
thirteen different voices from Mickey Mouse, Fun House to.

Speaker 2 (03:15):
Rug Rats to Big Hero six and then I just
got a new one. Wow, it's starring Gabrielle Union.

Speaker 1 (03:24):
Wow, that's awesome. That's the best gig ever. Because you
can show up how you want.

Speaker 2 (03:30):
Thomas J.

Speaker 1 (03:31):
Johnson exactly. That is awesome. Good for you, look at that.

Speaker 2 (03:36):
That's uh.

Speaker 3 (03:37):
I'm really grateful and I'm really happy because when I
couldn't when I was recovering from the accident, you know,
I could just walk in my closet at the core.

Speaker 2 (03:46):
So it was a great gig.

Speaker 1 (03:47):
Great absolutely, And of course you appeared in both Sister Acts.
I love both those movies.

Speaker 3 (03:54):
Yeah, they're getting ready to do a Sister Act three,
so I'm told that's what I was here, and I wasn't.

Speaker 1 (03:58):
Ask you if that was true.

Speaker 2 (04:00):
Were not? Okay, I gotta tell you.

Speaker 3 (04:02):
When I went on the View, whoo, people was like,
you know we're gonna do that movie, right. I was like, yeah,
but I'm sure they're gonna call and I think I'm
not sure, but I think Tyler Perry is gonna produce.

Speaker 1 (04:15):
Oh awesome.

Speaker 3 (04:16):
I just haven't heard anything about it yet, but I do.
We'll tell you this, but next month they're doing an
anniversary of Sister Act two on the View.

Speaker 1 (04:28):
Oh that's great.

Speaker 2 (04:30):
That's gonna be fun.

Speaker 1 (04:31):
Yeah, yeah, that's great. Now, I love that movie.

Speaker 3 (04:33):

Speaker 1 (04:33):
Remember young Lauren Hill in that for sure.

Speaker 2 (04:35):
Oh she was amazing, wasn't she She was? She was
What a voice? What a voice?

Speaker 1 (04:41):
And of course you played Tupac's mom in Poetic Justice.

Speaker 3 (04:46):
If we were on a channel, I could cuss on.
I could repeat that line. Let me tell you, it's
a famous line where I cuss out Toupox a girl.
Don't think even in character, I wasn't scared to cuss
him out.

Speaker 2 (04:58):
He was a nice guy.

Speaker 1 (04:59):
I actually ha opportunity to be a nice guy.

Speaker 3 (05:02):

Speaker 2 (05:02):
Do you know he showed up, he knew his lines.

Speaker 3 (05:06):
He was a gent professional, so professionals I aborted.

Speaker 2 (05:11):
I adored it.

Speaker 1 (05:12):
Oh that's awesome, that's awesome. You mentioned your your injury.
I realized it was almost like a near fatal injury
just a couple of years ago.

Speaker 2 (05:21):
And you're walking.

Speaker 1 (05:22):
Around now, and are you back by one hundred percent?
You're still working on stuff.

Speaker 3 (05:27):
I'm gonna be real honest with you. I'm almost ninety five.
Let me tell you something, Mario, I'm that girl baby
Jennifer Lewis with a limb.

Speaker 1 (05:42):
Nuh, I can't see that.

Speaker 3 (05:45):
And I want to say this to your audience. It's
because I did bodywork all my life. Take care of
your bodies.

Speaker 1 (05:55):
That goes a long way.

Speaker 3 (05:56):
That's why I was able to recover most of my
healing would cellular memory.

Speaker 2 (06:03):
Now, mind you.

Speaker 3 (06:04):
Every physical therapist that came in my house could not
believe my attitude.

Speaker 2 (06:11):
Listen, Mario, you know me. I didn't know how not
to come back.

Speaker 1 (06:17):
That's right.

Speaker 3 (06:18):
It never it really never crossed my mind to be
a victim.

Speaker 2 (06:22):
Now. Was I scared yet?

Speaker 1 (06:24):

Speaker 3 (06:25):
But I was unafraid. See that's that's that, Jennifer Lewis
that I was quite.

Speaker 2 (06:33):
Yes, I was vulnerable.

Speaker 3 (06:35):
I was in a lot of pain, but I got
off the medication because need I say how addictive it is.
But also I said to my people, if I can
feel it, let me fix it.

Speaker 2 (06:54):
Let me fix it. Good for you.

Speaker 3 (06:56):
I know what the body's supposed to feel like, from
yourga to pilates, the cycling, swimming. You know, I've always
been an athlete. That's why I still have the high
kick that everybody loves.

Speaker 1 (07:07):
Hey, now, well you look amazing. Congratulations on everything. I
look forward to seeing you in person, hopefully soon.

Speaker 3 (07:15):
And I want to I want to I want to
mention Mario. I'm writing the third book about the accident
in Tanzania. You know, I had to be airlifted to
another country. Nine hour surgery, Oh my god, God, six
days in ice. You it was a nightmare. But when
I got back to the States, Oh, and I want
to mention, doctors without borders came and hehut me out

of the pit.

Speaker 2 (07:41):
Hey, and there were wild animals.

Speaker 1 (07:43):
Oh my gosh, and there's that, and.

Speaker 2 (07:45):
It was pitch black. It was crazy. You can't make
this up. But the bitch is back.

Speaker 1 (07:52):
Yes, she is, Yes, she is. God bless you, God,
bless those doctors. Jennifer, Thanks so much for hanging out today.

Speaker 2 (08:00):
So great to see you. I adore.

Speaker 1 (08:02):
Likewise, my dear, hope to see you soon.

Speaker 2 (08:04):
God Baby.

Speaker 1 (08:05):
Now with Mario Lopez
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