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June 17, 2024 4 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Your execution on the Donkey of the day is something
to go give you to read.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
He gave me donkey other day and I deserve that.

Speaker 1 (00:07):
You need to know.

Speaker 3 (00:08):
You need to tell them.

Speaker 1 (00:10):
I am you have the boy.

Speaker 3 (00:11):
Tell them it's time for don'tky of day.

Speaker 1 (00:15):
It's a read. But you're so good at charlamage. He
wants Charlomagne to.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Damn Solomon, who gives a dusk the other day too.

Speaker 1 (00:25):
Then well, sexy rad I should have worn y'all two.
This one is dark, sadly Donkey of to Day from Monday,
June seventeenth goes to a man named Joseph Stewart. He
has a suspect and the killing of Deliah didn't Witty
fifty six years old, sending healing energy to her family.
She was the victim of a hit and run because
Joseph allegedly struck her with a vehicle and kept it moving.

He didn't stop the help, He didn't call nine one one.
In fact, he kept doing his job. What was his job?
Let's go to Fox to Detroit for the report police.
He could at least stop turned the wrong and look,
just kept going.

Speaker 3 (00:58):
Delia didn't Whitties widow has not slept much since his
wife was hit and killed run over last week by
a delivery driver a block from where she lives, the
same block they met on forty four years ago. We
believe that he knew that he had hit someone, and
he continued his course of travel to finish his delivery.
Detroit Police Commander Rebecca McKay says this outspect Joseph Stewart

didn't call nine one one either. It was paramedics who
happened to be in the area spotted her off lynn
Wood near Davison Street. Delia did not make it. She
always had a fear of this intersection because at eleven
years old, she witnessed the trauma of a lifetime.

Speaker 2 (01:37):
My grandma wife's time. Mama died at the end of
that corner the same exact way, Or told. Delia's husband
just clings to her purse, stay and night. He can't
believe this is real life.

Speaker 1 (01:47):
I hope he run so doing what he did to
my wife. Rest in peace, Delia Dinwiddie. I'm not here
to judge Joseph. I'm just here to ask questions. I
understand you take pride in your job. You're probably the
best Peacha delivery man and all of Detroit. You want
to make sure those pies get the people hot, fresh
and in the timely manner. But sir, if you hit
a human with a vehicle and don't stop because you
have to make sure someone gets their red sauce and

mozzarella pizza, like, are you serious? I understand being scared,
but lying to yourself about it not being a problem
doesn't make said problem go away, especially when you know
you just you know, hit somebody and just left them
laying in the street. I just want to know what
part of the human brain says delivering this pizza is
more important than acknowledging I just potentially might have hurt someone, Okay,
potentially might have killed someone. You chose pizza over a person,

Pepperoni's over principals, cheese, over your own conscience. And what
makes the story even more tragic because you just heard
it this woman was killed or two things. She was
killed on the same block she met her husband at
forty four years ago, so think about how long they've
been together. And according to Fox to Detroit, you just
heard Dilia was killed at the exact same intersection her
own mother was killed at, also by a vehicle decades earlier.

Can you imagine you're already dealing with this general trauma
of losing your mother in that way, and then you
lose the daughter the exact same way decades later. The
woman had a fear of the lynn Wood and Davison
intersection because of what she saw at eleven years old,
watching her mother get killed by a car there. Her
granddaughter spoke about it, and she said she always said

she didn't want to die over here, and she did
not want to die like that, and she did both.
That is scary and also makes me really think about
how your thoughts truly can become things. But that woman
couldn't shake the trauma she saw, not without professional help,
and even with professional help, watching your mom die like that,
of course you're gonna think about that for the rest
of your life, and you damn right, you're gonna hope

and pray that you don't go out the same way. Joseph,
I just need to know what was you thinking? Now.
If Joseph is convicted, he could spin up to fifteen
years in prison. Think about that. Joseph went from delivering
a hot and ready, nine inch meat level pizza the customers,
the now possibly becoming a meat lover getting delivered nine
inches hot ready or not? All because he lack compassion, Okay,

and love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them,
humanity cannot survive, and the lack of humanity in this
story proves that quote to be true. Please give Joseph
Stewart the biggest he hulled, so damn sad, beyond that,

beyond beyond beyond that. All right, well, thank you for
that donkey today. Yes, indeed,

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