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June 20, 2024 7 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It's started the donkey as the day. I ain't trying
to be donkey today no more. They should be embarrassed
by what they already did. I'm not making these people
do these days called Donkey of the day, and it
really caught me off guard. Damn Charla Man who got
the Donkey of the day today? Yes, Donkey of Today
for Thursday, June twentieth, goes to all you individuals I

saw yesterday on social media upset that Timberland and Swiss
signed a deal with X. If you haven't heard, X,
formerly known as Twitter, announced on June teenth it reached
a distribution deal with Timberland and Swiss to bring show
based content from Versus to x now. X's Inc. Similar
deals with the WWE and Range media partners, both of

which revolve around sports content. X's media deals, according to Forbes,
are means of supplementing its advertising revenue. Bloomberg projected the
company was on pace to generate two point five billion
in AD revenue last year after bringing in more than
six hundred million in AD revenue and each of the
first three quarters of twenty twenty three. Big business. So

that's just some context to the business. But let's get
back to why we're here. I have one simple question,
How in the hell are y'all criticizing Swiss and Tim
for doing business with X while being on X. Y'all
don't want Swiss and Tim to be on X, but
y'all are. Tell me how that makes sense to you.
I spoke to a few people yesterday and they all
was justifying why it's okay for them to be on X,

telling me things like, we've been here before, Elon bought it,
and I don't make I don't make X no money,
swissen Tim making their money. If you are a user
of X, you making X money, knock it off. Okay.
They get the type of ad revenue they do because
they have three hundred plus million followers, and if you're
an active user on X, you're one of those followers. Okay.
I had someone tell me there is a difference between

using X to amplify my voice and paying to use
the platform to get more eyes on it. So tell
so tell me. If you can use X to amplify
your voice, why can't swisten Tim use X to amplify
their business. Look, if there was a mass exodus of
black people from X, and I would totally understand everybody's
complaint would be extremely valid. But y'all over there, Okay,

y'all on there right now, y'all gonna be mad at
me saying what I'm saying and gonna tweet at me
on X. Okay, that's probably one of the reasons X
is an attractive partner for Swiss and Tim because there's
a bunch of black people over there on that app
every single day. Yes, I hear all your complaints about
Elon Musk. You say he's the man who pushes accounts

that degrade black people. He attacked DEI, he attacked black doctors,
black pilots. All valid criticism. Okay, I hear all of it.
But if that's the case, why are we on X?
Why are you on X? Why do you use it
every day? Do you not realize how crazy it looks
to criticize Swiss and Tim about being in business with

X while you are actively on X, not to mention
you own a tesla. Okay, but that's the story. What
I'm simply saying is it's amazing how we can justify
our own bs for doing something but get mad at
others for doing exactly what we are doing literally using
X to voice your frustrations about Swiss and Tim being

business with X. And this is not in defense of
Swiss and Tim. Okay, I don't have an opinion on
their deal either way. This is about the hypocrisy of
you negroes, and it's a shame we can't see our
own hypocrisy. One day we will learn to give each
other grace, but I doubt it, I truly do. You
can criticize the Elon must call you want. You can
criticize him on his platform, that's fine, but he don't

give a damn because he's getting out of you what
he needs to be successful. He needs subscribers and he
needs engagement. As long as he's getting that, he don't care.
So if you really got a problem with Elon Musk,
if you really don't like Elon Musk, if you really
got a problem with X, don't use it. It's that simple.
It's a choice. Okay. I don't use X because it's

not good for my mental health. I don't want to
be subjected to all those different opinions and thoughts about me.
Are anything else. My team will post stuff on X
from time to time, and it's all promotional stuff, but
I don't personally use it, don't have it on my phone,
don't want it on my phone. But best believe Swiss
and Tim do the right versus. You know, if they
do the right versus, I'll find a way to watch

and so will you. And if you are one of
those people saying I'm not supporting versus anymore if it's
on X, if you're choosing the boycott versus for being
on X. If you want to quit versus for being
on X, but you don't have any of that same
energy for X. If you don't have that same energy
you know for them Teslas you drive, thenness he Haw

is for you. Okay. The moral of the story is
it is not fair to ask of others what you
are not willing to do yourself. So if you don't
want Swiss and Tim doing business with VERSUS, lead by
example and you don't do any business with X. Okay,
Oh I said that wrong. If you don't want Swiss
and Tim doing business with X, you lead by example

and you don't do any business with X. Okay, Because
best believe, if you are an active user on X,
you two are contributing to the business of Elon Musk,
please give everyone complaining about Swiss and Tim doing business
with X while being active users of X the biggest
he hull not run the X and X me they

call it what they call it now, they still call
it tweeting. Run well, run the ex and tweet me
our exit me. Okay, idiots, digital digital d heads, Jesus,
you chose violence this morning. I don't care. I think
you need to go see it therapist today. I will,

all right. I have plans to get up, get up,
get up my schedule, I have plans to all right,
just making sure all right, Well, thank you for that
donkey today. Yes, indeed, where's jes on the toilet? I'm
looking at just on the zoom screen the noid you
see is an empty chair? Well, oh no, yeah, she is,
she is, she is. She's a toilet. Yeah. She put
the toilet with the that got like the water water eyes. Okay,

all right, she's pregnant man, all right, all right, Well
up next is just fix my mess? Eight hundred five. God,
she came up the bathroom. I don't know what's going
on here? Going on? Yo? That was classic the way

Justice Wolf got the bathroom. All right, just fix my vessus.
Next eight undrink five eighty five five one Did you
change your sweatshirt too? Was it that bad? No? I
need the whole time. God, just fix my message. Next
is the breakfast logan B Donkey Today is sponsored by
renowned personal injury attorney Michael the Bull. LAMB is soft.

Don't be a donkey when you need a FIGHTERR on
your side. If you ever injured, go to Michael to
bull dot com. That's Michael the Bull dot com. And
when you mess with the Bull, you get the haunts.
Wake that ass up. Ear in the morning Breakfast Club

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