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Speaker 1 (00:07):
Morning Show for the nine Day, better known as the
People's Choice, the Saluto on my life skin Brothers out there,
just hilarious.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
That's what the world I ask. Just don't do no
what man Charlemagne?

Speaker 3 (00:17):
To go?

Speaker 2 (00:17):
Don't you everybody come to the breakfast club. I call
this the hot seat, Yo, yola, lie backfist sub It's
like being on Americans from Port.

Speaker 4 (00:26):
Don't feel like my wrist southerns.

Speaker 1 (00:27):
I never thought to me every time I go to
a revers club, I have no kumpy like the food.

Speaker 5 (00:33):
Morning, Good morning Usa yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo.

Speaker 2 (00:44):
Just hilarious. What up your Charlemagne the god peace to the.

Speaker 6 (00:48):
Plane in his Friday, good morning, good morning.

Speaker 2 (00:54):
How y'all feel out there?

Speaker 7 (00:55):

Speaker 8 (00:55):
Happy as Friday? I am blessed black and Holly favorite.
I'm happy as Friday. I'm tired. I see just hilarious
broadcasting from a home. Confinement. Don't confine it.

Speaker 9 (01:04):
No, this is my office and my home. Don't play
with me.

Speaker 2 (01:09):
Good morning, good morning?

Speaker 9 (01:11):
How are you?

Speaker 2 (01:11):
I am blessed Black and Holly Favorite.

Speaker 1 (01:13):
How you feeling, Jess, I'm good, I'm glad. I have
to deal with traffic today.

Speaker 8 (01:17):
You never no traffic in the morning, yet what in
New York White excuse me, may on traffic in the morning?

Speaker 1 (01:22):
Traffic told all I have to pay seventy eight dollars
to get in.

Speaker 2 (01:26):

Speaker 8 (01:27):
But don't get comfortable because we like seeing you here.
Don't get comfortable. That's the first thing I said that said,
don't get comfortable. She needs to get comfortable because she's
about sixteen months pregnant.

Speaker 2 (01:36):
Sixteen months so once the baby.

Speaker 8 (01:38):
Comes, she's going to be home on maternity leading, right,
So yeah, she needs to be comfortable in that little
space for about ninety days.

Speaker 9 (01:44):
I got an appointment today, so this one is in Maryland.
So that's why I'm here. That's why I'm out there.

Speaker 8 (01:50):
How long is maternity we nowadays, I don't know. In
corporate America, I'm not sure.

Speaker 2 (01:54):
You know.

Speaker 9 (01:54):
The last thing I heard was twelve weeks. I do
not I'm not trying to be don't it.

Speaker 2 (01:58):
Or twelve weeks? Maybe twelve weeks, I'm not sure.

Speaker 9 (02:02):
In LA.

Speaker 6 (02:02):
But you know, maternity leave is she's not supposed to
work like she can't show up on the screen at all.

Speaker 2 (02:07):
That's what this. That's maternity lea. You can do whatever
she want, but.

Speaker 9 (02:10):
She can do what she was saying. Let's I want
to want.

Speaker 2 (02:12):
To and then this paternity leave too, so like fathers
don't have to go to work too.

Speaker 9 (02:18):
Oh who said that?

Speaker 2 (02:20):
No, that's not true.

Speaker 9 (02:21):
I don't know who said that.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
Oh, I'm sorry. I thought there was a paternity leave,
asked Chris, you ask Ris?

Speaker 8 (02:28):
No, Chris got to drive them trucks now. People need
that rodup people need their goods. Okay, sorry, truck driver.
When do truck drivers take off?

Speaker 1 (02:35):
By the way, if they own their own company, if
their owner operator, then they make their own schedule.

Speaker 9 (02:41):
So I guess if they work for a company, it
was just like any other job.

Speaker 1 (02:46):
But if you're owner operator, you own your own company,
you make your own schedule, you have employees to drive
for you.

Speaker 2 (02:51):
It is amazing.

Speaker 8 (02:52):
If you say something about truck driving, just just know
all the truck on everything.

Speaker 2 (02:57):
I'm telling you.

Speaker 8 (02:57):
We got to do this show man, the real you,
No housewives, the real truck driver, Wives of Baltimore, Real
Trail Truck Real Housewives, The truck drivers we do have
that show Housewives and truck Drivers. I bet that show
will be interesting your truck driver wives, It will truck
driver wives and the side chicks who loved him.

Speaker 2 (03:18):
You better stop it where you play.

Speaker 8 (03:21):
You can play too much. All right, Well, let's get
the show cracking. We got front page news.

Speaker 6 (03:25):
When we come back, more gonna be joining us, Morgan
would And we have a Today.

Speaker 2 (03:30):
Is Iggy is Elia's birthday? Y'all dropping the clues bomb
for Iggy is Zelia?

Speaker 9 (03:36):
Well ever shadow to nobody?

Speaker 7 (03:38):

Speaker 9 (03:38):
What it was?

Speaker 1 (03:39):
Just hello people birthdays that we actually like? No, you
take iggys that all here to drop a clues bumfer.

Speaker 8 (03:46):
I just did definite to mess with you. Happy born day,
Prince too today, French born day?

Speaker 6 (03:51):
Well, Setty wife allan a sway Lee Kim wh'll just
couldn't let it get her shine. That's a damn But
play Aggy song. Well, we got a world premiere this morning,
so we can't play hig you right now. It says
been j I d lights out being lights out.

Speaker 2 (04:12):
Okay, let's hear it. This ain't no, this ain't no
CARDI disrecord.

Speaker 8 (04:16):
Is the cardis record?

Speaker 2 (04:19):
Turn it off?

Speaker 8 (04:20):
Tell you all right now you introed it. That's how biased.
I am letting you know it right now. You intro
is the Cardi diss record. I'm turning it off. Let
me listen, let me hear it.

Speaker 2 (04:27):
If I ain't one one line, I'm turning it off.

Speaker 6 (04:30):
That's lights out B s J I did. Now that's
off the bad boys? What is it for bad boys?
For soundtrack?

Speaker 7 (04:35):

Speaker 2 (04:36):
Tough tune.

Speaker 8 (04:37):
Tough tune that sounds like a big record, beer, I
dig it. Great way to make people forget about that
horrible dis record you didn't put out the other week
against the Cardi b Stop it out?

Speaker 9 (04:45):
Was not out?

Speaker 2 (04:50):
Why you turn the future just now that I don't know.

Speaker 8 (04:56):
Oh you got a mute mutua mutual ZOOMU chure zoom.
Yeah on the bottom lefl you to zoom.

Speaker 2 (05:01):
You don't need it. Let me see. Okay, yeah we go,
you go there, you go? All right, Well, let's go.

Speaker 8 (05:06):
I was listening for any Cardi subliminals too. I was
gonna turn it off. Stop it. Let's get in some
front page news now quickly. Last night, the Boston Celtics
beat the Dallas Mavericks one seven eighty nine in the
Celtist Look damn good Forzingis is back.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
He was balling last night, so they looked good last night.

Speaker 8 (05:23):
Boy Bazingias dropped twenty last night. But you know, I
never judge a series off the first game. But I mean,
it is gonna be tough for the Mavericks.

Speaker 2 (05:28):
It is. It is gonna be tough for the Mavericks.
But sit back and enjoy the show. That's right, Morgan, Well,
good morning, Good morning y'all.

Speaker 10 (05:34):
How y'all feeling happy Friday baby again?

Speaker 11 (05:38):
Yeah, let's jump into it.

Speaker 10 (05:40):
So former President Trump his campaign is beginning to vet
potential running mates. Reports say the vetting process has focused
on four possible candidates, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, South Carolina
Senator Tim Scott, Ohio Senator jd Vance, and North Dakota
Governor Doug Bergham. Trump's short list is said to be
not complete just yet, with other possible names including South

Dakota Governor Christy Noam, New York Congresswoman at least Stephanic,
and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. The
Trump campaign says anyone who tells you they know how, who,
or when President Trump will choose his VP, they're lying
the Republican National Convention is set to be held July
fifteenth through the eighteenth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and we're expecting

that a decision should be made by then.

Speaker 2 (06:27):
I would think politically, that's a great move.

Speaker 8 (06:29):
Our career suicide, just depending on what happens in November,
and even even.

Speaker 2 (06:36):
Yeah, I guess this based off what happens in November.

Speaker 11 (06:38):

Speaker 9 (06:39):
Moving on.

Speaker 10 (06:40):
A Black owned restaurant in Saint Louis, Missouri, is facing
some backlash over its age restrictions. At Bliss, only women
thirty and older and men thirty five and older will
be permitted in the restaurant. This is after seven pm
Wednesdays through Wednesdays through Sundays, and yes, they're.

Speaker 11 (06:55):
Checking IDs at the dope.

Speaker 10 (06:57):
The restaurant managers, Marvin Pete, spoke to k SDK News
alongside with assistant manager Erica Rhodes about why an age
restriction was implemented.

Speaker 11 (07:06):
Let's hear from them.

Speaker 1 (07:07):
It's just something for the older people to come do
and have a happy hour and come get some good food.

Speaker 9 (07:12):
And I have to worry about some of the young folks.
They bring some of that drama.

Speaker 2 (07:16):
Of course, we have been getting a little backlass.

Speaker 9 (07:19):
But that's okay because we're sticking to our code.

Speaker 6 (07:21):
We're going I'm not mad at I can't wait to
go down. I'm not mad at the bug did.

Speaker 2 (07:26):
Drop on the clues bond for those people thinking about
us old folks.

Speaker 6 (07:29):
I'm not mad at that they have restaurant age limits,
they have plates, they have places where older people can live.
To the fact that they're doing this, I don't have
a problem.

Speaker 8 (07:37):
We don't understand why we acting like we don't understand.
I understand forty six and today twenty I'll be forty six,
and I can't do math.

Speaker 2 (07:45):
What's today? Today is a sixth, seventh, seventh, I'll be
forty six on the twenty ninth. What's that? Twenty two days,
twelve twelve days? No, boy, you said twenty.

Speaker 11 (07:56):
At the end of the month.

Speaker 2 (07:57):
We got it. Yeah. I am mad at what they're doing.
I am mad at.

Speaker 8 (08:06):
You want to go somewhere because once the once them
kids in them pooh shisty mask and then bubble coach
pull up. Anyway, I leave to get the hell about that.
I'm in the wrong blake.

Speaker 10 (08:16):
Somebody gives Charlot may a reservation some place that he
wants people to visit his restaurant and feel like they're
on a resort. Of course, their menu items feature West
African and Caribbean food, so yeah, cool.

Speaker 11 (08:29):
That definitely sounds like a place to be.

Speaker 10 (08:31):
In other news, a new study found that majority of
Americans have a negative view of tipping. Bank Great Senior
industry analyst Ted Rossman says over a third say tipping
culture has gotten out of control.

Speaker 11 (08:42):
Let's hear from him.

Speaker 12 (08:43):
Some of the big pain points are those pre entered
tip screens that we encounter at coffee shops and food
trucks and elsewhere. Thirty are annoyed about those. We're seeing
a lot of crazy tip prompts, Like the craziest I
encountered was being asked to tip at a self checkout
at Newark Airport. I didn't feel bad hitting no on
that one. It's not so much an optional thing anymore

where you have to go out of your way to
put money in there. It's really you have to go
out of your way not to tip in some settings
when you get prompted on the payment terminal or in
the app.

Speaker 2 (09:16):
I agree.

Speaker 6 (09:16):
I think it's getting to the point where people feel
like you have to tip. But tipping was supposed to
be a way of thanking somebody for good service.

Speaker 3 (09:23):

Speaker 6 (09:24):
If somebody does good service, as somebody goes over and beyond,
you give.

Speaker 2 (09:27):
Them a great tip, right and if they doesn't, if
they don't, you don't.

Speaker 6 (09:30):
But now it's to the point where they want tip
for everything, and that's it's getting attle ridiculous.

Speaker 8 (09:35):
Agree, if you prod like you said, if you provide
me a good service, I'm gonna tip you regardless. What
you should be focusing on is making sure that you
are doing a great job for whoever you are waiting on.

Speaker 6 (09:46):
Well, not even just waiting on. It's it's it's like
he said, it's gas stations. It's any place I didn't
no need to tip the gas station attended, like.

Speaker 9 (09:53):
Everywhere I got those.

Speaker 11 (09:56):
That's the main person to ask you a question real quick.
We're fast, Like what you look on the screen?

Speaker 8 (10:02):
Oh okay, uber East drivers, waiters? Uh what else do
I tip?

Speaker 7 (10:09):
You know?

Speaker 8 (10:09):
But you know who I mean. I mean, I don't
understand tipping. I don't want to say don't understand tipping.
I'll be thinking about it, like if you're already paying
somebody for a service, like let's say.

Speaker 2 (10:17):
A greeter at an airport. You're already paying them for
the service.

Speaker 8 (10:21):
I'm with you, why am I tipping? I still do,
but I just be wondering why am I doing that?
Because you're already paying them.

Speaker 11 (10:26):
To your point, if they go above and beyond for you, you.

Speaker 2 (10:29):
Know, yeah, there you go.

Speaker 9 (10:31):
Bad about it.

Speaker 10 (10:32):
But you know if it's like, oh, you're really soliciting
me to do it every time, it's like, okay.

Speaker 6 (10:38):
But put you tip you a bab, You tip you
the person that does your hair right, and they're getting
paid for that service.

Speaker 8 (10:42):
But that's different. It's the same thing as the greater
that's different. What's the difference my hairline? You ever seen
me with my hair grow out a little bit? You
don't have a hairline, that's my point.

Speaker 2 (10:50):
Okay, that's right.

Speaker 8 (10:52):
When I'm suiting my barber tie, he's always there for me.
So you know when that little bit of hair grew
out and you can see how bad my headline is receiving,
we need them in all night definite.

Speaker 9 (11:02):
Okay, you're world there, you can get it here.

Speaker 1 (11:04):
Ain't nobody ask you, ain't nobody Wednesday morning?

Speaker 10 (11:10):
All right, Well, the major problem is percentages are up,
as you know, as we get older.

Speaker 9 (11:15):
So there you go.

Speaker 2 (11:16):
That's right, all right, Well that is front page News.

Speaker 6 (11:19):
Thank you Morgan, thank you, Seana Bet everybody else, get
it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one
oh five one. If you need to vent, phone lines
wide open again. Eight hundred five eight five one oh
five one is the Breakfast slugan morning.

Speaker 13 (11:32):
The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it
off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one five one.
We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 2 (11:44):
Hello, who's this hey? Yo?

Speaker 14 (11:47):
Land up from five seven.

Speaker 2 (11:48):
Seven five seven? What's up the Lando? Get it off
your chest now.

Speaker 14 (11:51):
I just want to give a big shot all the trumpet.
You know what I'm saying. We make We're making it
happen this morning.

Speaker 2 (11:56):

Speaker 8 (11:57):
All the truck drivers out there, man, and all all
the truck driver wives like just hilarious.

Speaker 14 (12:01):
No doubt everybody.

Speaker 15 (12:03):
I just want to know when we're gonna bring that
car show.

Speaker 14 (12:05):
Down to the seven five seven. You know what, I
got a food truck. I said, Well, when you bring
your car show down to the seven five seven?

Speaker 8 (12:12):
The seven five seventh been called on a lot and
I think I think I'm gonna try to do it
next year.

Speaker 6 (12:16):
I'm not sure when. Maybe I could get the Hampton
Coliseum to do it. But yeah, everybody from the seven
five seven, you don't went to ham University, so I
got that's my second home down there, So I'm gonna
I'm gonna try to put a play together to get
it down.

Speaker 14 (12:27):
There, though, no doubt, because we got food truck, you know,
saying I think we got the best food truck down there.

Speaker 2 (12:31):
All right, we'll pull up in New York, New Jersey.

Speaker 8 (12:33):
You a truck driver, you know, Minter, It's August seventeen,
pull up down here.

Speaker 14 (12:36):
And I'm not there truck driver. I'm an order hauler.
So you know you need them cars. Boo, that's what
I do.

Speaker 8 (12:42):
Say no, say no more. Hit me in the DM
and you in the truck. Now blow the home for us.
Hey there your brother out there on the road.

Speaker 14 (12:50):
All right, man, be safe.

Speaker 8 (12:53):
Old people love saying a after everything, anything that excited
him a little bit.

Speaker 2 (12:57):
A why we always do there? A hello? My colecto
medication in a hello, he's get it on the chest.

Speaker 16 (13:10):
Hey it was good.

Speaker 3 (13:12):
V Charlamagne of God and Jess hilarious.

Speaker 2 (13:15):
What's up?

Speaker 9 (13:17):
Good morning?

Speaker 2 (13:17):
Everything good?

Speaker 7 (13:18):

Speaker 3 (13:19):
I wanted to get off my chest. I agree with
the topic that I was talking about with the tip,
you know, I just had to experience yesterday. I went
to a Jamaican restaurant to get us small and than
they expected a tip.

Speaker 2 (13:32):
Nah mmmm yeah, I look what it now? Who now,
wait a minute, were you in the restaurant eating?

Speaker 7 (13:38):

Speaker 3 (13:38):
No, no, no, that's a take off.

Speaker 2 (13:40):
Oh yeah, so mean tip for what? Want you the chef?

Speaker 6 (13:44):
They want you to tip the person at the front
for you know, wrapping it up and tipping the chef
for doing any job.

Speaker 2 (13:49):
And that's yea.

Speaker 3 (13:50):
I will never understand that.

Speaker 10 (13:51):

Speaker 3 (13:52):
Yeah, but before you cut me off, I want to
go to your car show. D they Yeah, my daughter
birthday is the six Teams. That's gonna be a little
trip off there. I'm from Connecticut.

Speaker 2 (14:03):
How was your daughter?

Speaker 3 (14:04):
She's seven, she's gonna be seven.

Speaker 2 (14:06):
I got you, brothers. It's stay on line, all right,
All right, thank you appreciate. That's right.

Speaker 6 (14:10):
My car show is August seventeenth in the New York,
New Jersey metro area. And like we said, we have
all types of cars, American muscle, old Cause, new cars,
celebrity cars from Cardi, b Offset, French Montana, fifty eight,
Boogie Cashco Bend Base Wag. There's rides for the kids, jumpies,
there's food trucks. It's gonna be a family fun weekend.
And if you haven't got your tickets, click the link

in my bio to pick up your tickets.

Speaker 2 (14:33):
But I got you, brother, Get it off your chest
eight hundred and.

Speaker 6 (14:36):
Five eighty five, one oh five one. If you need
to vent, hit us up now. It's the Breakfast Club.
Good morning you, EDDI, get us in.

Speaker 2 (14:41):
Vote the Breakfast Club. This is your time to get
it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. I
hate the way that you walk, the way did you talk.
I hate the way did you dress? Everything when me
is best? Call up next? Eight hundred five five one.
I'm what the coach of philing? Hello?

Speaker 15 (15:02):
Who's this yo?

Speaker 16 (15:04):
This is branded from tomb branded.

Speaker 2 (15:06):
What I've getting off your chest? Brother?

Speaker 16 (15:08):
Bad perst Off? That be a tracked?

Speaker 2 (15:10):
Was weak? You thought it was weak?

Speaker 16 (15:11):
Falling again, falling asleep. It's a radio hit. It's cool,
but it ain't for it ain't for the people who's listening.

Speaker 6 (15:19):
But think about it me. It's some bad boys photo.
You gotta think of it in the movie. It's probably
some inspiration seen in the movie soundtrack Get Good.

Speaker 14 (15:26):
It's a soundtrack head it's all good being.

Speaker 16 (15:29):
Need to just say something and address it and make it,
make it cool. But it is what it is. The
next thing I really called to talk about, what is
the difference situation? It's too inserved proper service. The barbers
get the tips. The real people who still doing the service,
we know that hits them and the other people to
hit that, they could scratch that up. You already know.

Speaker 8 (15:51):
I get what you're saying. It's for people who are
really of service, right, But like you said, what's the difference.

Speaker 6 (15:56):
Like, so, if your barber cuts your head, your barber
gets paid for to get but then you tip them.
So if that's the case, you should be tipping everybody
got to cut the grass.

Speaker 8 (16:06):
You should tip the lady that walks you through the airport.
You should tip the people that are actually working. Because
the ball is a little different though, because the reason
you tipping the ball is because you really just want
the barber to always be happy in the bar. Like
I don't know about y'all. But like my ball would
be like like there for me, you know, because you
know we'd be having a little things to do at
the last minute.

Speaker 2 (16:24):
There for real, man, you having absolutely you know.

Speaker 8 (16:29):
So it's different with the bable, like bable is different.
I put the ball in the same category as the
doctor and the dennists and dermatologist. I got the barber
up there. That's where the ball at in my life.
I don't know about y'all, know about you just with
your hairdresser.

Speaker 1 (16:42):
I tip my girls sometimes, but sometimes I feel like
if I get my head done, then I gotta go
back and fix it myself. I'm not tipping you because
sometimes that's just how it is. Now what makeup is
different too, Like if I get my makeup done and
I don't have to fix it myself, I'm tipping you.
Like sometimes you have to go over your own, like
go over and work after you just got some work done,
and that's not how it's supposed to be.

Speaker 2 (17:04):
But yeah, that's what Charlemane.

Speaker 6 (17:05):
I always took the ball because like you said, it's
it's not just when you when I need it.

Speaker 2 (17:10):
He posted, And your ball is an artist.

Speaker 8 (17:12):
You gotta paint, you gotta pull out his paint brush
and put your you know, put that stuff on top
of your head. Like that's different. He do a different
type of job.

Speaker 1 (17:21):
I seen somebody in the comments yesterday just on a
picture on Envy picture like can you just grow some
head up there? I was like, oh my god, no
you I saw that when the picture.

Speaker 2 (17:33):
Of you, remember I cut my hair down. I get
a one. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (17:36):
One of your fans was like, just please grow a
little bit more right, all right, all right, you ain't
even delete the comment.

Speaker 9 (17:43):
You didn't even delete it. That's gonna use him.

Speaker 2 (17:46):
I let people live.

Speaker 8 (17:47):
I don't.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
I don't.

Speaker 8 (17:47):
I don't stop using so much pain, use paint. What
do you talk using paint? Don't You ain't busting rhymes?
Shut down to buster.

Speaker 2 (17:53):
It's not the same dying.

Speaker 8 (17:56):
Hello, Hey Lyric, good morning, good morning.

Speaker 6 (18:00):
But tell us about this me and guy you're about
to tell us about that just made fun of me
and hurt my feelings.

Speaker 17 (18:04):
Ah man, Okay, So I just want to shout Charlamane
out for yesterday at the Strand Bookstore for his bookstore.

Speaker 16 (18:11):
First of all, he let.

Speaker 18 (18:12):
Us amazing discussion with Ivy Rivera, and we all had
a really good time listening and understanding what he was
saying about his journey. But on top of that, the
strand and all the employees and everything sold everybody in
attendence that he would not stay to.

Speaker 19 (18:27):
Talk to people afterwards or to talk to people afterwards.
They said that it was like some of the last
minutes changing the program. So I remember I got there
early and we were talking about how like not you know,
how said we were, And afterwards I literally see Charlot
say can I talk.

Speaker 17 (18:41):
To people and then talk to everybody in.

Speaker 18 (18:44):
The room and say that afterwards.

Speaker 16 (18:45):
So we thought that was to night.

Speaker 2 (18:46):
So we appreciate you all, love Lyrical. I appreciate you
for coming out man, thank you very much. Hope you
enjoyed a book I did.

Speaker 17 (18:52):
I will, and also I enjoyed this talk last night.

Speaker 18 (18:55):
And by the way, on Lyrical Fait poetry on Instagram,
if you could follow me back.

Speaker 20 (18:59):
I know you just supposed to be on the range dress.

Speaker 18 (19:02):
I appreciate that.

Speaker 2 (19:03):
I will, I sure will. I'm gonna go do it
right now, get it off your chest. I'm gonna I'm
gonna be tomorrow.

Speaker 8 (19:08):
So I'm gonna be at Rundell Mills and Rondo Arrondo.
I'll be at just Arroundel. I'll be in a ROUNDU.
So don't say meals yeah und.

Speaker 1 (19:20):
Mails not roundale mills like no, come on your kintry coming,
just saynds.

Speaker 8 (19:25):
I'll be in a roundo tomorrow at the Books a
Million at two pm in Handover, Maryland. Man so go
to watchmall talks sucks dot com to get tickets for that.
I'll see you all tomorrow at Rundell Rondo.

Speaker 9 (19:37):
No envy shut It's a roundel.

Speaker 6 (19:39):
Arundel tomorrow, two pm, Books a Million, Get it off
your chest. Eight hundred and five eighty five, one oh five.
When we got just with the mess coming up? What we're
talking about?

Speaker 9 (19:48):
Yes we did. I will let you know soon as
we get back.

Speaker 2 (19:52):
It's the Breakfast Club. Good morning, the breakfast Club.

Speaker 8 (19:57):
What's the world most dangerous morning to show to Breakfast Club?
Charlamagne to God, Just hilarious DJ and vying Tom for
j just with themes us.

Speaker 1 (20:04):
Is real, whether it's hilarious Jessica Robin Moore, just don't
do no lines.

Speaker 4 (20:07):
Don't do that.

Speaker 11 (20:10):
She'll spend nobody.

Speaker 2 (20:13):
World which jes worldwise on the Breakfast Club. She's a
coaching ship.

Speaker 8 (20:19):
She was able to get y'all to see something and
understand something that nobody.

Speaker 2 (20:24):
Could get you to see this time to set it off.
All right.

Speaker 1 (20:28):
So as we know, Chris Brown, one of my axes,
kicked off his eleven eleven tour on Wednesday in Detroit
and during the opening during opening night, he spoke to
the sold out crowd and had something to say for
all the people who claimed his career was over.

Speaker 19 (20:52):
I just want to tell y'all, how much would you
appreciate this?

Speaker 9 (20:55):
Appreciate you all this coming, even.

Speaker 2 (20:58):
Watch some videos, whatever it is. You supported me and
you supported my career. People.

Speaker 10 (21:06):

Speaker 1 (21:06):
Now, Look, it was a little confused to me because
I understand people had something to say about you know,
a lot of people were saying, yo, his career's over,
career was over.

Speaker 9 (21:15):

Speaker 2 (21:15):
When did they go though? Because he sells helf tours
every year.

Speaker 9 (21:19):
Every year, every year. It was it's speculation, it's people
that have said it.

Speaker 1 (21:23):
But this is confusing to me because for a minute
I thought that he even had spoken on like him
being blackballed or whatever, like because you know under you know,
since two thousand and nine, he's been under the public
scrutiny ever since you know that Rihanna thing, and then
as recently as February, he's been on Instagram about dealing
with people and companies living in the past, like you know,

like the whole NBA thing when he reached out to
him and to perform and then told him like, no,
you can't, and then the whole thing with ruffles like
it was like that's what he was getting at, Like, Yo,
I'm I'm black balled with certain companies or whatever.

Speaker 9 (21:57):
So I get it. I don't know if you that's
totally different from saying all his career is over. But
but that bought a little bit. Yeah, I agree with that.

Speaker 6 (22:06):
Corporate companies I guess are not with him. But I
mean he sells out arena toys. I mean from the
top to the bottom, pause and top to the bottom.
His record still so good.

Speaker 8 (22:16):
And the reality is he may be canceled in some
people's world. It may be some folks who don't like
Chris Brown, but there's clearly millions of people who do.
And that's what That's what I want all of us
to understand. I don't care about who don't like me.

Speaker 1 (22:27):
I'm too focused on the people that do correct, That's right,
that's right. So yes, and I'm going to that show.

Speaker 2 (22:33):
Show another thing that you said that was confused you
said your ex.

Speaker 9 (22:38):
Yes very much.

Speaker 2 (22:39):
So does he know that? Yes?

Speaker 9 (22:41):
You know what are you talking about?

Speaker 7 (22:42):

Speaker 9 (22:43):
But I'm with a new Chris. We have to Yes.

Speaker 1 (22:48):
Anyway, Malcolm as seemingly escorted out of Power Premiere a
video surface don't line of Malcolm Ay's seeing uh thrown
out of the Power Book to Ghost Premiere even and
that's crazy because he not even on that one.

Speaker 9 (23:01):
So how you getting thrown out of the event for
a show you not even on?

Speaker 7 (23:05):

Speaker 1 (23:07):
He actually is on Raising Kane and as Uncle Low,
so he isn't a power in universe. But he's just
not on Power Book too, and has not much context
surrounding the video. But you see Malcolm being walked out
of the venue by two or three police officers and
venue security. He's cooperating, but it's visibly upset about a
situation and being combative with the office with the offices.

Speaker 2 (23:27):
Who got him kicked out. Kane, who was no, let's
go to the audio.

Speaker 9 (23:32):
I don't know, yo won't.

Speaker 2 (23:36):
So why did you listen to them? You won't you
don't what I know. You don't and that's the problem.

Speaker 11 (23:43):
You just listening to whether talk to you don't want
to listen?

Speaker 10 (23:46):
Right, black man.

Speaker 2 (23:53):
Can see you know inst you know who I am
does not work. I haven't seen any know who I
am work yet.

Speaker 10 (24:00):

Speaker 1 (24:01):
So here's the thing, right, Okay, Now, he got into
it with somebody in the the It don't say who
it is, don't say whether it's Tariq whatever, whoever. But
he got into it with somebody in there, and they
knew the person. The cops knew the person who we
got in who we got into it with. So maybe
that person was on Power to Power book two, but

they didn't know him. And that's when he started to,
you know, feel like, wow, another black man is like
that staffing problem.

Speaker 9 (24:28):
You don't know who I am.

Speaker 2 (24:29):
And Michaelraney Jr.

Speaker 9 (24:31):
I don't think Michael Rainey Jr. Would would fight Malcolm as.

Speaker 1 (24:37):
Yeah, we're little swollen in the video. You know, you
look a little fit, You look a little swoll. But
I don't know, and I know it wasn't fifty, so
I have no idea who it was. But apparently the
other the officers knew him and not uh, the guy
from them.

Speaker 2 (24:52):
I want officers.

Speaker 8 (24:53):
Whenever somebody says you know who I am, I want
officers to start saying, yes we do, and we don't care.

Speaker 15 (24:59):

Speaker 9 (24:59):
I want the office is saying, but do you know
who we are? Because it really don't matter that right.

Speaker 3 (25:06):

Speaker 1 (25:07):
Yeah, But we only got a couple of second left,
so I'm just gonna go in and shout out my
show this weekend, My shows this weekend. We got three
shows at the New York City Winery and New York,
New York. Make sure you get your tickets for tomorrow
and Sunday, y'all. Jesse Larry's official dot com. We got
two shows tomorrow, one show on Sunday.

Speaker 2 (25:27):
I can't wait.

Speaker 9 (25:27):
This is gonna be a new venue that I'm in.

Speaker 1 (25:29):
I don't know if you're all familiar with the Winery,
but I heard it's really really nice and it got
good a lot of good reviews.

Speaker 8 (25:34):
I'd be so concerned about you when you do these
show already, just because you're pregnant and you know you're
busting your ass every morning to get up to do
morning radio and you're still on the road doing your
stand up specials, and I know it's hard because you
feed swollen, your nose swollen.

Speaker 2 (25:48):
You know you're breathing heavy.

Speaker 9 (25:50):
First of all, No, I'm not breeving happy. My nose
is swollen.

Speaker 2 (25:54):
But you're working hard. It's all. I'm the same.

Speaker 9 (25:56):
Thank you so much. That's not all you're saying, but thank.

Speaker 8 (25:58):
You, man, I said, I'm I'm proud of you because
I know it's a lot. Why kids, you just say
you're just doing a good job and we don't want
to him. I'm proud of her and I'm proud of her,
and I know it's a lot. You ain't got to
do the feat And by the way, I've told her
this off the air anyway, I'm just saying it doesn't
make it because every time she says that, I think about.

Speaker 2 (26:17):
It, like, damn, just really out here working.

Speaker 8 (26:20):
Thank you.

Speaker 2 (26:21):
I am to support my sister.

Speaker 6 (26:24):
Please now right, thank you. Well, that is just with
the mess. When we come back, we got front page news.
Morgan will be joining us. Or don't go anywhere to
the breakfast club.

Speaker 3 (26:31):
Go morning.

Speaker 2 (26:32):
You're checking out the breakfast club, boring everybody.

Speaker 6 (26:35):
It's DJ NV Justeilaris Charlamagne, the guy. We are the
Breakfast Club let's get in some front page news now,
some quick sports sports. The Celtics beat the Dallas Mavericks
last night. One O seven eighty nine. Porzingis is back
and the Celtics looked.

Speaker 2 (26:49):
Good last night. So it's gonna be tough with the
math man. The Celtia's too big, too long coast Damn
and Morgan y'ah saw that pause. But on Friday, that's right.

Speaker 10 (27:05):
Yeah, So veterans and world leaders were in Normandy, France
yesterday to mark the eightieth anniversary of D Day. President
Biden spoke about the sacrifices made on that fateful day.

Speaker 11 (27:15):
Let's hear from the President.

Speaker 2 (27:16):
Here the coast of Normandy.

Speaker 21 (27:19):
The battle between freedom and tarranny.

Speaker 2 (27:21):
Would be joined here. On that June morning, the testing
was at.

Speaker 21 (27:27):
Hand, nearly one hundred and sixty thousand Allied troops to
send it on Normandy. Many state the obvious never came home.
Many survived that Longesttay kept on fighting for months until
victory was finally won.

Speaker 7 (27:44):

Speaker 10 (27:44):
So the date June sixth, nineteen forty four is what
the President was referencing. More than nine thousand made the
ultimate sacrifice in that and despite the loss of German
troops defending beaches were defeated, enabling more than one hundred
thousand soldiers.

Speaker 11 (27:59):
To begin the long march to Berlin, and attended.

Speaker 10 (28:01):
A ceremony at the Normandy Cemetery and Memorial, which is
on a bluff overlooking Omaha Beach. It contains the remains
of nearly ten thousand American troops who died overseas during
the war. Biden was joined by French President Emmanuel Macron,
who presented survivors with.

Speaker 11 (28:18):
The Legion of Honor.

Speaker 10 (28:20):
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also spoke at the solemn ceremony, saying,
the sacrifices must never be forgotten.

Speaker 11 (28:26):
Let's hear from Lloyd Austin.

Speaker 2 (28:27):
Our memories must never do and our results must never fail.
We still seek the.

Speaker 13 (28:35):
World where aggression is a sin, where human rights church
Satan bred, and where all people can live in freedom.

Speaker 10 (28:42):
The average age of World War Two veterans is just
under one hundred years old. This is a major commemoration,
and major commemorations are held every five years.

Speaker 11 (28:51):
This year's event, though, they said, could be the.

Speaker 10 (28:53):
Last to include veterans who actually fought in that battle.

Speaker 2 (28:57):
It's great to think that.

Speaker 8 (28:58):
It's so many World War Two lecterers that are still
here right, are still alive.

Speaker 7 (29:04):
Some of them.

Speaker 8 (29:04):
Was on stage yesterday with a President Biden. President Biden,
he looked that young in years.

Speaker 2 (29:10):
You do what he looked young.

Speaker 11 (29:11):
It's terrible. So he feel right in we'll speaking of
fighting battles.

Speaker 10 (29:16):
Former Baltimore State's Attorney Marilynd Moseby is planning to appeal
her perjury and mortgage fraud convictions.

Speaker 11 (29:22):
Mosby filed and noticed on Thursday to get her case
heard and a federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia.

Speaker 10 (29:27):
A federal judge last month sentence mostly to three years
of supervised release, including a year of home detention, after
two separate juries found her guilty of charges related to
a scheme to buy a pair of Florida vacation homes.

Speaker 11 (29:40):
Mosby is also appealing in order to forfeit.

Speaker 10 (29:43):
One of those homes because it was obtained through mortgage fraud.

Speaker 8 (29:47):
As she should have feel she got what twelve months
house arrested. If I'm not mistaken, Yes.

Speaker 11 (29:51):
When you think about other people who have been convicted recently.

Speaker 8 (29:55):
President Donald Trump, it's gonna be in to residency. I mean,
you know, what his sentence is. I mean, when you
you look at somebody like Marilyn Moseby and you see
she got twelve months home confinement, you wonder what, you know,
what they're going to do to Donald Trump. I just wondered,
just because he's a former president, you know what kind
of privilege.

Speaker 2 (30:11):
Does that give you?

Speaker 7 (30:12):

Speaker 2 (30:13):
You know, I can't wait.

Speaker 11 (30:14):
We're watching.

Speaker 2 (30:15):
Yeah, I can't wait to see flew to the good
sister Marylyn Moseby.

Speaker 11 (30:18):
Though, Yes, and Jess, have you decided on a baby
name yet?

Speaker 10 (30:21):
If not, Caitlyn Clark's popularity is influencing baby names. A
new report from the website Baby Center shows the name
Caitlin is up almost sixteen hundred spots as a girl's name,
and Clark is up fifteen spots as a boy's name.
A former Hawkey's basketball star now with the w NBA's
Indiana Fever was selected as the w NBA Rookie of

the Month in Nay.

Speaker 11 (30:45):
So, what do you think, Jess, Clark or Caitlin sound
good to you?

Speaker 9 (30:48):
No, that's great for another community.

Speaker 2 (30:54):
Also, Kaitlyn and Clark are very basic names, by.

Speaker 9 (30:56):
The way, Yeah, it is Kaitlyn Clark.

Speaker 2 (31:00):
I'm good. You think Kaitlyn Clark has done more with
the name Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn Jenner.

Speaker 9 (31:05):
No, don't even hold the torch. Don't play with Big
Jenna like that.

Speaker 11 (31:10):
Angel reads. What about Angel for the baby?

Speaker 1 (31:12):
Maybe I like Angel, but that's that's like, you know,
that's still calm. Yeah, I know a lot of Angels.
That's not angels.

Speaker 9 (31:21):
I don't know. I don't know. What about Angelo for
a boy?

Speaker 8 (31:25):
We don't know.

Speaker 10 (31:26):
I'm all I'm here for always. You know, unisex names.
Morgan is unisex, so I love a good unisex names
you like. I like Morgan Yeah on paper, you.

Speaker 8 (31:35):
Know, just like I don't want to be connected to
none of your national at this point, all names of
you in sex to yo.

Speaker 2 (31:44):
Yes, okay, you know about God Sarah.

Speaker 9 (31:51):
So what you're saying is Kate could have kept Bruce still.

Speaker 2 (31:55):
Bruce, my girl, Bruce? No, my girl Bruce. Oh my goodness.

Speaker 10 (32:00):
So well that's your front page News and Morgan would
follow me on social at Morgan Media, m O R
G Y and Media, and for more Deuce coverage, follow
at Black Information Network and bi innews dot com.

Speaker 7 (32:11):
Thank you.

Speaker 2 (32:13):
When we come back.

Speaker 6 (32:14):
Eight hundred five eight five one oh five one shout
to the O G bun b. He was in court yesterday,
uh and he was testifying against a man who uh
had a gun to his man who did a home
invasion at his house, but had a gun into his
wife's head, put a gun to.

Speaker 8 (32:29):
His wife, Queenie the queen. He thought that it was
an Amazon delivery delivery guy.

Speaker 9 (32:33):

Speaker 8 (32:33):
And the guy came in and put a gun in
her head and said, B word, give me everything that's right.

Speaker 2 (32:38):
And that's when you know. I don't know if y'all
remember when bum Bee told the story here on bro
Let's play. Let's play some people who just said, let's listen. Well,
she doesn't start him out. I don't get to the pistol.
So now you heard you heard the commotion downstairs? Yeah?

Speaker 22 (32:48):
Yeah, And I'm in the bathroom, like you know, just
to be honest, I'm on the toilet, you know what
I'm saying, And so I hear what's going on, and
I'm like, this is it. This is the moment I
always talk about. Somebody's in my house right now threatening
my wife. So I hop off the toilet, I run,
I go get the pistol. And the whole time I'm forgetting.
I don't I'm not taking into consideration that I'm we
need to pooh right now. So we're when the three

story place, and so I go up to the third
floor to get the gun, and when I come back
down to the second floor, I don't hear anything.

Speaker 2 (33:15):
So I go down the stairs.

Speaker 22 (33:17):
I cocked the gun just to make sure one was
in the chamber, which it usually is, and there was,
so that one bullet, you know, ejected out and flew
out the pistol, and I turned the corn and she's like,
bun don't go out there. That's not even a thought.
I'm going out there at this time. I don't know
if it's two dudes, I don't know how many people
it was. I don't know what's on the other side
of that door, but whatever it was threatening my wife.
So I'm finna go out there and address it's right.

Speaker 6 (33:39):
So yesterday in the Commons, people were saying, Bunnet snitching,
that's not the OG call.

Speaker 2 (33:43):
Let's discuss it.

Speaker 6 (33:44):
Eight hundred five eighty five, one oh five one. If
it's me, I'm a point, I'm using my finger him.

Speaker 8 (33:49):
Let me tell you something gonna be there exactly what
he was supposed to do. Not only did he shoot
the man, and that young man is lucky he not dead,
but the grace of God, he not dead. Not only
did bun Be shoot the man, he let the white
man deal with him. That's what my daddy used to
always think. Not only am I gonna pop your ass,
I'm gonna let the white man deal with you after that,
and that that's just great like that.

Speaker 2 (34:08):
Let's discuss eight hundred and five eight five one five
one is the Breakfast Club? Good morning, the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 13 (34:20):
It's topic time called eight hundred five five five one
to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 10 (34:28):

Speaker 6 (34:28):
Everybody's DJ Envy Jess hilarious, Charlamagne the guy we are
the breakfast Club.

Speaker 2 (34:33):
Now if he just joining us, we're talking about the
O G. Bun b yesterday he was in court.

Speaker 10 (34:38):

Speaker 6 (34:38):
Now this is from a situation that happened a couple
of years ago where there was a home invasion.

Speaker 2 (34:43):
His wife went to the door.

Speaker 6 (34:44):
She thought it was an Amazon delivery guy, and a
young man pushed his way in, held his wife at gunpoint.

Speaker 2 (34:50):
He came down from using the bathroom, uh, and shot
the guy. They were in court and bun B yesterday
testified and was talking about, well, let's just hear it.

Speaker 23 (35:00):
She gave him be the king, and I just get
think it's so a'all again because she shit deserves.

Speaker 2 (35:06):
She didn't ask this up.

Speaker 23 (35:08):
The next morning, she out of head and went down
to the kitchen. I heard her scream and I went
down and see what was wrong. And she had an
actor and she was crying, and I was like, what's wrong,
What's what's wrong? You like, I can't I can't choose
a shitty furiously, I can't.

Speaker 7 (35:25):
I can't, you can't.

Speaker 23 (35:27):
I can't beleive I'm serious. And it was from that
point where we realized that she didn't even be in
that house. It is because you know, there are times
where she gets closed off.

Speaker 2 (35:42):
So we're asking eight hundred five eight five one oh
five one.

Speaker 6 (35:45):
After seeing that yesterday and reading the comments, people were saying, oh,
bonnus nitch, and that's not that's not street ethics, that's
not the code of the street. So we're asking eight
hundred five eight five one o five one, what are
your thoughts now? Salute to Bumbe and his wife, Queenie.
I mean that's something that she has to deal with
and he has to deal with for the rest of
their lives. To feel that way, to feel like, you know,
anytime the doorbell rings, is it really an Amazon drive

and it's really ups or is it somebody else trying
to do a home invasion?

Speaker 2 (36:10):
So let's start off with you, Jess, what's your thoughts.

Speaker 9 (36:13):
I think that's weird to consider him a snitch.

Speaker 1 (36:16):
He handled the problem and still in court about it,
like it don't that's my wife, Like she could have
been killed, Like you know what I mean, that took
care of the situation, but it's a bigger situation.

Speaker 9 (36:28):
This man broke into my house.

Speaker 6 (36:29):
Yeah, I'm not mad at Bumbee. I mean I actually
salute him. Yeah, he handled it. He grabbed his pistol,
shot the guy. The guy got arrested and now we're
in court and I got to explain what happened. I
don't have no problem with it, not at all. That's
that man tried to break into his house, could have
killed his wife. That gun could have went off by
an accident. You scared the isshy out of my wife,
and now my wife is traumatized forever because of it.

Speaker 2 (36:51):
Nah, you gotta go sit your little ass down.

Speaker 9 (36:54):
Yeah, I think snitching is like it has a different definition.

Speaker 1 (36:57):
It's when you commit a crime, or somebody around with somebody,
you know whatever, commit a crime and then you tell
on them, like you know what I'm saying like this,
I don't know. It's just a different situation. But I
think it's clowned out to call him a snitch. That's
a crazy yeah.

Speaker 8 (37:14):
Man sending healing energy to queen. He's sending healing energy
to Big bun Be. Two people who did not deserve
anything like that to happen to them, two of the
nicest people you ever want to meet.

Speaker 2 (37:22):
I just saw him recently. We was down in Orlando
for a cheerleading competition.

Speaker 8 (37:26):
You know, my oldest daughter the cheerleader, and I believe
one of their grand babies is a cheerleader. So here's
the thing, At what point do you need gros grow
up like bue is the grown ass man, a grandfather,
professor of business, owner, Salute the Treilburgers. He did exactly
what he was supposed to do. You attempt to run
up in my house, you put a gun to my
wife's head, I'm gonna shoot you, Okay, if God with you,
then you won't die. And then after that, I'm calling

the local police department and telling the white man to
come pick your stupid ass up. And then when they
need me to testify, yes, I'm taking the stand and
explaining exactly what happened. You negroes want justice but hate
the justice system. I'm a tax paying American citizen. I'm
not following y'all silly ass street codes.

Speaker 2 (38:04):
F out of here. Bube did exactly what he was
supposed to do. Anybody that thinks otherwise as a.

Speaker 6 (38:09):
Child, nine on one, what's your emergency? Come get him out, man.
He bleeding all over my guy. Now he bleeding all
over my kitchen. Man, Come get bleeding all over my garage. Man,
come get him before you die.

Speaker 8 (38:19):
That's right, hey, One time I can tell his story
sleuthing my dad, cowboy Longs going to South Carolina. He
was upstairs in his house and somebody broke in his house,
and my daddy had his pump shotgun.

Speaker 2 (38:31):
Put that gun to that boy, made him lay on
the ground, called the police and.

Speaker 8 (38:35):
Told the police y'all better get here in five minutes
before I blow his stupid ass brains out there.

Speaker 2 (38:41):
Okay, yes, thank god they got them five minutes.

Speaker 8 (38:44):
Yes, absolutely, by playing with these kids, man, I ain't
playing with nobody kids, adults, no one.

Speaker 2 (38:49):
You break into someone's house, you get what you deserve.

Speaker 8 (38:53):
And guess what, you broke the law and you will
be handled accordingly by the law as well.

Speaker 9 (38:58):
What are you talking about, and that's protecting your home? Yes, life.

Speaker 8 (39:02):
Yes, let's go to the phone lines. We have Trino
on the line training good morning, Good.

Speaker 24 (39:06):
Morning, Envy, Dazzle Maine, good morning.

Speaker 2 (39:09):
What's your thoughts?

Speaker 24 (39:11):
Okay, so my thoughts on the hole gun be saying
I don't feel like he was wrong and these you know,
just like the cancel culture. These people nowadays always want
to say, oh, somebody's missing that. If my ninjas didn't
do it, I would be like, jess what you say,
Rale Maine here a clowns. So I mean, what was
he supposed to do? Just sit on the toilet and listen.

Speaker 2 (39:31):
Yeah right, you're absolutely right, Thank you, Trina. I'm with you. Treaton.
We got uh Bobby, good morning.

Speaker 18 (39:36):
What's going on?

Speaker 2 (39:38):
All right?

Speaker 14 (39:38):
So check it?

Speaker 2 (39:39):
Check man, so man, check it. I know where you're
going with it.

Speaker 15 (39:42):
Go ahead, man, Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right, So check
it first the foremost, your man, and answer the phone.
I told him, I said, Yo, I disagree with it,
but that's not true. I only said that because I
wanted to get off. I totally agreement with this.

Speaker 2 (39:56):
That's right.

Speaker 15 (39:57):
First of the boy, my name is kid J Ball.
The man was gonna let me wrong. That's I told
him that. So that's why I told him that. But
first of all, the reason why this stitch. This that's
the thing of gotten out of hand, dude. You know
what I'm saying, Like even hustlers back in the day,
if somebody walked up robbing your grandmom, or wait for
somebody in the street, you know what I'm saying, the

police will come to the husband and let go who
gets this, hey, give him up. You know I'm saying this, this, this,
that's the thing that's gotten out of hand.

Speaker 8 (40:26):

Speaker 14 (40:26):
You know, everything ain't stitching.

Speaker 15 (40:28):
I'm gonna rice his gun on him. Man, somebody wanted
him come to my crib. I'm letting it off and
then I'm calling the police and I'm gonna let them know. Yo,
this is wrong. Man, Come on, we older out here.

Speaker 7 (40:40):

Speaker 25 (40:40):
This is the this, SI's the thing.

Speaker 4 (40:41):
This is this new ball out here is back.

Speaker 8 (40:43):
Man, Hey, my brother, we're not even older. We grown
his house, right, I'm forty five, be in his fifties.
That man is a grandfather. He's a professor. He was,
he's a professor. This man has a business trail Burghers.
He's protecting his house. At what point do you people
grow up and evolve? Anybody got time for that man?

I let the be. That man did exactly what he
was supposed to do, and and and I don't know
too many men that wouldn't make that same decision twice
on Sunday, that's right. And my favorite part is gonna
be calling nine one one after I let that hammer go.
My favorite part is gonna be calling nine one one.

Speaker 2 (41:19):
You hear me. I love to sit in the court well.
First of I wouldn't love to sit in the rom
because I wouldn'tant that to happen us.

Speaker 8 (41:24):
But if I had to, I'll sit in that court
room and I'll be pointing both fingers and I'll be like,
it was him, your honor, That is the one I shot.
That is the one who broke in my house, put
a gun to my wife. And you know what, I
don't have No, I don't want you to have no
mercy on him, none whatsoever.

Speaker 6 (41:39):
Eight hundred five eight five one oh five one. If
you're just joining us, we're talking about bum Bee. He
was all over the blogs yesterday. He was testifying against
somebody who did a home invasion.

Speaker 2 (41:49):
You have to move, Yes, think about that.

Speaker 8 (41:52):
He's grown people that move, They move out of the
house to traumatized delive.

Speaker 2 (41:56):
In that house.

Speaker 6 (41:57):
Yes, nah, bro, you gotta pay five eight five one
oh five one. I've seen some of the comments on
he was snitching. We just had him dumb ath, little
internet box man. It's the Breakfast Club the Morning.

Speaker 2 (42:12):
Let's say, if y'all talking about it, you know we
talking about it.

Speaker 13 (42:17):
It's topic times called eight hundred five eight five one
o five one to join into the discussion with the
Breakfast Club Morning.

Speaker 6 (42:24):
Everybody's DJ Envy, Jesse, Hilarry Charlamage, the God.

Speaker 2 (42:28):
We are the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 8 (42:29):

Speaker 2 (42:29):
If you're just joining us, we're talking about bun B
the O G bum B. Now.

Speaker 6 (42:33):
Yesterday he was testifying about somebody did a home invasion
on him and his house and his wife and put
a gun to his wife's head.

Speaker 2 (42:40):
Let's hear him break it down. She cave, and I
just get a deserved it. She hadn't asked this up.

Speaker 23 (42:50):
The next morning, she got out and went down to
the kitchen. Stream went wrong and sh actor and she
was crying. I was like, what's wrong, what's you right?
I can't I can't shake you.

Speaker 2 (43:06):
Furiously, I can't, I can't, you can't.

Speaker 23 (43:09):
I can't believe it was seriously And it was from
that point where we realized that shouldn't even be in
that house. It is because you know, it returns when
she's closed off.

Speaker 6 (43:25):
So we're asking eight hundred and five eight five one
on five to one, and the comments people were saying,
it's snitching. I don't think it was snitching. I think
he did what he was supposed to do as a man,
as a provider. He held his house down, he held
his wife down.

Speaker 2 (43:36):
He shot the dude, held him for the police to come,
and then the police got him. They it is on you.
Dude has a tattoo on his face that says heartless. Bro,
Don't we're talking about who?

Speaker 8 (43:45):

Speaker 2 (43:46):
Look the dude in court? Yes? Yeah, I mean listen, man,
God bless him. He lucky he ain't dead.

Speaker 8 (43:51):
You know what I'm saying because truthfully, that's what should
happen to you when you're break into somebody's house. When
you break into somebody's house and put a gun to
anybody in that house, you should actually die right there
on the spot.

Speaker 26 (44:00):

Speaker 2 (44:01):
But you know, let's go to the phone line. Hello.

Speaker 4 (44:03):
Who's this Hey, this is Parker from Virginia Beach.

Speaker 2 (44:06):
Hey, Paulker from the seven five to seven. What's your thoughts?

Speaker 4 (44:09):
Look, man, bumbe is justified. Somebody broke in my crib
last week. I called now one one. They told me
to hide in the closet. I'm like, I'm not hiding
no closet. So I took upon myself to approach the intruders.
We got to a little shootout and I'm snitching because
I hit one of them. But I gotta go to court,
they called them. But I gotta go to court next week.

Speaker 2 (44:28):
What state you in? Virginia? He said?

Speaker 10 (44:31):
I know.

Speaker 2 (44:31):
They got to stay in your ground law in Virginia.

Speaker 4 (44:33):
Oh yeah, broke. But when the police came, they was like,
with your weapon that they were trying to Well that's.

Speaker 2 (44:37):
Because you black? What bro How many people were there?

Speaker 4 (44:42):
It was two people?

Speaker 8 (44:43):
I wish you would have killed them both. I wish
I wish you had killed them both. But you know what,
being that you didn't, God has a plan for them.
And you know what part of that plan is you
taking that stand and letting them people know that those
are the two individuals that broke into your house.

Speaker 2 (44:57):
Now let them go get their fifteen to life. They
they couldn't shoot.

Speaker 4 (45:01):
Yeah, I couldn't hide my closet.

Speaker 2 (45:02):
Man, I'm like, nah, So was this at nighttime? Was
this daytime when you sleep in? What happened?

Speaker 6 (45:07):
I'm just curious. It was about four, It was about
four in the morning, and they kicked down the door.

Speaker 4 (45:12):
Yep, kicked the name woke me up instantly. I called
now one one instantly because I knew it was something wrong.
And they told me to hide in my closet.

Speaker 8 (45:19):
Hide in the damn closet. What's the point of being
a legal gun on a license gun on it? Then
you got a hide in the closet. What kind of
gun you had?

Speaker 3 (45:26):
I got a glock?

Speaker 2 (45:27):
Okay, like forty or nine?

Speaker 7 (45:29):

Speaker 2 (45:29):
Okay, I mean shot you had to let off?

Speaker 4 (45:31):
Oh I emptied the clip.

Speaker 2 (45:33):
It was a shootout.

Speaker 4 (45:33):
So my whole house was tore Dan.

Speaker 2 (45:35):
So they were shooting back. They were shooting back and
not running.

Speaker 4 (45:37):
They were shooting back. Yeah, what they were kind of.

Speaker 8 (45:39):
Imagine imagine that you break into somebody house and didn't
start shooting back at them like they like, they don't
got nobody's defending their house.

Speaker 2 (45:45):
But that's what I'm saying. That guy, the guys couldn't
shoot because he'd been shot. And where'd you shoot the guy?

Speaker 4 (45:49):
Oh yeah, yeah, I'm not sure why I hit him
at but the police that I did hit one because
it was like a blood.

Speaker 2 (45:54):
Trail, and they caught both of them and just the
one guy.

Speaker 14 (45:56):
They caught both the tain't the stand.

Speaker 2 (45:58):
Let the white man do away him?

Speaker 14 (46:00):
Man about that, man, I appreciate y'all.

Speaker 9 (46:05):
Yes, sir, he ain't gonna take no stand. He kept laughing.

Speaker 2 (46:09):
I heard that laughter. I think he's traumatized. Yeah, he's traumatized.
Hes gonna take the stand. That's one of my biggest fears.

Speaker 6 (46:14):
Like when I'm sleeping at night and in the alarm
golf or the chime golf. It's one of my biggest
fans that when I look at the camera's not gonna
be my kid. Now, mean, because you know of my
kids coming to night or whatever they're doing. That that's
one of my biggest fare I'm gonna se a pool
shisty mass and I just gotta.

Speaker 9 (46:28):
Gotta look him in the eye, right, she said, So.

Speaker 2 (46:34):
You gotta look him in there, and you're here for
a good time, for a long time.

Speaker 9 (46:39):
I see you.

Speaker 2 (46:43):
Hello, who's this?

Speaker 27 (46:44):
Hey, Elsie?

Speaker 2 (46:46):
Good morning? What's your thoughts?

Speaker 17 (46:47):
Good morning?

Speaker 20 (46:48):
I think that he did the right thing.

Speaker 24 (46:50):
Like, you know, people can't keep a treat. He's past that,
he's going level where Keith the Street doesn't apply to
him no more. So he was civilian at this point.
She's got three story homes, that's right. Taking a suit
like got to go all the way down to the
first floor to pop somebody.

Speaker 2 (47:05):
And that's something.

Speaker 8 (47:06):
At some point we got to realize that, you know,
we need to unlearn a lot of this stupid ass
behavior that we learned growing up. And we got a
lot of dumb ass s freet code. Some of y'all
ain't even street dudes, and following these stumb ass s
creet code, you ain't no criminal dope, you ain't committing
committing no crimes. You ain't no drug dealer, you ain't
no gangster, So why can't you take the stand and
tell on somebody? Man't get the hell out of here.
I wish man, please please, What is the moral of

the story. The moral of the story is I am
an eyewitness, okay, all right?

Speaker 1 (47:34):
Yeah, and protect your family. You gotta do what you
gotta do to protect yourself and your family.

Speaker 2 (47:38):
That's right.

Speaker 1 (47:39):
What is even if that means taking the stand or whatever.
You know what I'm saying, going to court that has
nothing to do with street code honestly went through.

Speaker 8 (47:48):
And also, bummy, you gotta protect yourself because I mean,
I don't know what, Yeah, I don't. I don't think
they're trying to charge him with anything, but you know
they can nowadays.

Speaker 2 (47:54):
You never know.

Speaker 8 (47:55):
You defend your your own house, and the next thing
you know, you in court, you know, for letting for
letting the gun flies, letting the gun go. So it's like, yo, yes,
take the stand, tell what happened to your family? Keep
it moving man, salutor bunbe, salutor queeny. I'm sending them
nothing but healing energy. I am so sorry that y'all
had to go through that, and I hope that you
know that brother gets everything that he deserves in court.

I hope that you know, he gets every single year
that he deserves, and I hope that he learned something
while he's in prison and comes back.

Speaker 2 (48:21):
A better man. All right, well we got just with
the mess coming up. What we're talking about?

Speaker 1 (48:25):
Yeah, so ray J sat down with Club Shin show
up on Club Sha.

Speaker 9 (48:30):
He let us know something about his sister.

Speaker 2 (48:32):
All right, we'll get into that. Nextus to the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 3 (48:34):

Speaker 2 (48:35):
We've played this over you, Jess Chris Brown Morning, everybody,
We all to Breakfast Club. If he's just joining us.

Speaker 6 (48:42):
If you don't know, Jess Learry's O favorite artist of
all time is Chris brown Man.

Speaker 9 (48:46):
She just liked Chris his period, Chris Brown He's very talented.

Speaker 2 (48:50):
What's your what's your what's your what's your husband name?
Your future husband name Chris. Okay, let's get to Jest
with the best youse is real.

Speaker 9 (49:00):
Her lines just a robber Moore just don't do no lines,
don't do that.

Speaker 2 (49:08):
World which jets worldwide managment on the Breakfast Clubs the coach.
She was able to get.

Speaker 1 (49:15):
Y'all to see something and understand something that nobody.

Speaker 2 (49:19):
Could get you to see.

Speaker 9 (49:19):
This time to set it off, all right.

Speaker 1 (49:23):
So, like I said, ray J sat down with Shanning
shop at Club shashe you already know, tongues get a
little loose when they get on that couch. So you
spoke about a lot of things going on in his life,
but the standout woman was when he was speaking on
his relationship with Brandy.

Speaker 2 (49:38):
Things off of Brandy now, see emotional what I mentioned her?
What's going on?

Speaker 23 (49:42):

Speaker 28 (49:42):
Nothing, I just it's just Brandy's goals since the beginning
have been totally different from yours. Yeah, and there's a
lot of things that I'm involved in I just don't
coincide with. Yeah, you know what I'm saying. And as
much as what she is lately eating, certain events that
I think they've been having. I mean, I haven't got
the in fight, and I'm good with that. But I

understand why I haven't lately because it's just a lot
of the I'm doing now, it's just a different it's
a little more left field, a little more dramatic, a
tabit distasteful at time.

Speaker 2 (50:17):
Brandy don't want to be around her ratchet ass brother
ray J.

Speaker 8 (50:21):
Okay, little Willie Ray Willie Ray know what Junior out
here wild you got transgenders fighting on TV, midget selling,
fentonyl paraplegic shooting at each other.

Speaker 2 (50:30):
They ain't even got no arms. The Tronic network is crazy.
Brandy don't want nothing to do with it.

Speaker 9 (50:35):
This is Zeus two point oh man. Yeah, so I
do get it.

Speaker 1 (50:40):
And then if you hear what he said, he said lately,
so it ain't like that she's always been this way,
you know what I'm saying. Like this is he's lately
haven't been invited to anything that they have, you know
what I'm saying. And then everywhere he go, he got
cameras with him, so she could be heavy, you know
what I mean. Some people just don't don't rock with that,
especially not whatever thing he got going on on Tronics,

the network, you know, it's it's a market for that.

Speaker 9 (51:04):
But that ain't Brandy style, you know.

Speaker 8 (51:06):
So and Brandy never been on the same playing field
like they've always been in two totally different lanes.

Speaker 2 (51:13):
Yes, yeah, but they always supported each other.

Speaker 9 (51:16):
Yeah, she supports and me supports her. He's always there
for a system.

Speaker 1 (51:19):
But yeah, like I said, when they get up on
that couch, they they start saying things here, you know,
So yeah, and then as a little brother probably does
affect him at some point, like, yo, you should support
me with whatever I do.

Speaker 9 (51:32):
You know what I mean? Why can't I come around?

Speaker 2 (51:34):
You have para shooting at each other.

Speaker 9 (51:37):
I know, you know.

Speaker 1 (51:39):
We can tell ray J is spoiled. Though he is spoiled.
That's what I can tell. I don't know about y'all,
but I can tell that like he is that that
spoiled one that want attention to all the time. And
if he don't get it, he gonna take it, so period,
just show up.

Speaker 2 (51:55):
What about producers just texting? I don't think this is
a good comparison.

Speaker 8 (51:58):
But somebody said, somebody said Brandy is given Tony Braxton
and REYJ is giving Tamar.

Speaker 2 (52:02):
I disagree.

Speaker 9 (52:03):
No no, no, no no no.

Speaker 6 (52:05):
No no no no no no no no, Tamar I
ain't never been as ratchet as No, she had a
little ratchet but but but not on ray J, not
like Willie ray Yeah.

Speaker 1 (52:19):
Yeah, and Tony is is really really bougie to me,
very upity. So I wouldn't even put Brandy on that level.

Speaker 9 (52:27):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (52:27):
Tony a little different. Tony, look at you? Why you
praying like huh? You didn't say that, right, you know
what I mean?

Speaker 9 (52:33):
Like you know, so I don't. I'm not sure.

Speaker 1 (52:36):
But moving on, sug Knight speaks on public response to
Diddy's allegations.

Speaker 7 (52:41):
So we know.

Speaker 9 (52:41):
We got a podcast it's called Collect Call with sug Knight, and.

Speaker 1 (52:45):
You spoke on how people are reacting to Diddy's allegations
as what we said.

Speaker 7 (52:52):
The former forever that he was sick. That's why it's
different when it comes in here, well get hurt. I
think they shouldn't all blame everything on effected that the
in the industry knew nobody. Everybody, his crew knew nobody.
Is he date knew about it. So don't push away
from him now. Like I said before he was a girl.
It was an assistant, but I said he beat the

I described I took here how she said all this
stuff happened, and Friddy God and Jimmie I Bean came
and talked to her and said she got to take
his money and settle and Scope gave her to check.
But now they were very puffy and not bring home
or charges with anyone else. He was doing this to
a lot of black women, mixed women or different races,

so they don't think our people valuable.

Speaker 1 (53:37):
So the biggest thing in that audio that caught my
session is that he said, you know, uh did he
was an FBI informant or whatever, But people breeze right
on past that, and it was basically talking about all
the other people involved. Basically, like he said, it shouldn't
all be put on puffy puffy puffy. Everything is not
because the one man can't do all that by himself

or can't keep all of that, you know, in by himself.
So he was like the people that you know, it's axis,
the girls that he dated, his security, the team people,
his artists, like everybody knew things. So he pretty much
thinks all of them should be held accountable as well.
And we know Sugar and Diddy they haven't had the
best friendship. They actually haven't been friends, you know, over

the years, so it's interesting to see should Knight take
this approach. But we do remember, well I don't know
if you all remember, but when the stuff started coming
out about Diddy said, my reaction was actually different because
my first thing that came to the first thing that
came to mind for me was he has his sons
and he has his daughters. My first reaction was about
the kids. The thing is, I feel bad. It's a

I feel bad. Oh, I feel it's a bad day
for hip hop. It's a bad day for the culture.
But it makes us all look bad like you're talking
about in terms of hip hop.

Speaker 8 (54:51):
So yeah, I don't know if Diddy was is an
FBI informant or was an FBI informant, because my question
would be who was he telling on you know what
I mean?

Speaker 2 (54:59):
Like, who would he be.

Speaker 8 (55:00):
Bringing down as the FBI in format But I do
agree with Sug when he says everybody around him is
the blame too, Like everyone in this circle.

Speaker 2 (55:07):
If you if you witnessed any of this behavior and
kept it to yourself, then you are part of the problem.
But bro, how can Sug say that when Shug did
some wild'n out issu and he had worried about the messager,
should they be liable as well? Sugar Hunt shoes in jail?

Speaker 6 (55:22):
But none of the he's saying that everybody around him
should be liable too? Was who was with ship when
he hung?

Speaker 2 (55:29):
I didn't.

Speaker 8 (55:29):
I didn't say I don't. I'm not saying they should
be liable. I'm just saying that they are part of
the problem abuse. That the abuse that continues, and you know,
in order to break those cycles, somebody has to actually
break the cycles. If you have if you are around
Puff and you know you were in that circle and
you witnessed any of this behavior and you kept it
to yourself and never said nothing, you are part of
the problem.

Speaker 6 (55:47):
It's just hard to hear that from Shug because I
know Sugar was a major problem in his own things,
and there was people around him, and none of those
people were held out me.

Speaker 2 (55:53):
Y'all be worried about the messenger, not the message, right, Like,
I don't I.

Speaker 9 (55:57):
Get what Sugar is saying. I understand me.

Speaker 1 (55:59):
You're in jail already, so it's like, you know, but yeah,
I definitely get it. And then that the security guys
that he was talking about, that's the guy that's been
like doing people podcast, right.

Speaker 9 (56:11):
Jimmy Levine or Jimmy Levine, he's executive.

Speaker 1 (56:16):
Oh okay, okay, somebody want to puff old Roger.

Speaker 9 (56:23):

Speaker 2 (56:24):
A couple of Roger Roger.

Speaker 9 (56:26):
Bonds coming out now saying things that they've seen and everything.

Speaker 2 (56:30):
The big I would hope he's big secure Roger By
I don't look that big. But you're talking about that,
I know.

Speaker 7 (56:36):

Speaker 1 (56:36):
So basically these are the people that Sugar's like, all right, yeah,
lock him up to, like you know what I mean,
not just Puff. He ain't say Puff, ain't I mean
Puff is innocent. He just said there's other people that
needs to be held accountable as well.

Speaker 9 (56:48):
So that is just with the mass.

Speaker 8 (56:51):
Thank you, yes man for after the hours Friday.

Speaker 2 (56:57):
So you know what that means.

Speaker 8 (56:58):
It's freaky, freaky freaky Friday. Heay, So let's spok a
little penises. Why don't we what this is the second
thing you said about penis is this? First of all,
it's a news story. Respect my journalism. Shut up, don't
get it. Days next, I'm gonna let you have your penis.

Speaker 2 (57:15):
If you're like to enter the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 11 (57:19):
I really go Bronx.

Speaker 2 (57:23):
In the bron.

Speaker 25 (57:27):
Not shutting us down.

Speaker 2 (57:28):
The craziest people in America come from.

Speaker 23 (57:33):
The Bronx and all the pol Why does the Sunshine
State consistently produce such strange news?

Speaker 7 (57:40):
If I catch a wizzard that.

Speaker 8 (57:46):
It is just one of the many wacky news stories
out of flour.

Speaker 2 (57:49):
On the breakfast club? Why just caught Kodak in there?
Man co act.

Speaker 8 (57:56):
Then if I catch you out, traffic and women mut
Jimmy out and y'all go suck.

Speaker 2 (58:02):
Want a bumper Kodak, black boy Kodak.

Speaker 8 (58:05):
A wild boy dog here today for Friday, June seventh,
goes to a Florida man named Xavier Peewee. Hearns, Now,
what does your uncle Shalla always say about the great
state of Florida?

Speaker 2 (58:15):
Say it with me.

Speaker 8 (58:16):
The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and
all of Florida, and today is no exception. Now, Pee
Wee has been arrested after he allegedly was exposing his
ball headed gigglestick to multiple shoppers while at Target and Walmart.
First of all, both of those institutions are supposed to
be safe spaces. Dropping the clues bombs for Walmart and
Target two places of peace. Walmart in particular, if you

read my first book, Black Privilege, you're reading me speak
to you read about me speaking to how much Walmart means.

Speaker 2 (58:45):
To someone like me.

Speaker 8 (58:46):
I grew up in a small rural area amongst Corner,
South Carolina eight point three. All day, that's all we had,
you know, after midnight, So the last thing I want
when I'm walking around Walmart is for someone to be
flashing their blue vein custom chucker at customers. Okay, now
he According to Fox thirty five Orlando, little pee Wee
exposed himself at least two times in one week. All right,

Deputies met with a woman who claimed that Xavier Peewee
Hearns had been staring at her and touching himself in
a neighborhood Walmart.

Speaker 2 (59:15):
I literally had somebody tell me that yesterday, Nyla sitting
right there.

Speaker 8 (59:21):
Nyla told Niyla, tell what happened yesterday to you if
I'm making this up.

Speaker 29 (59:25):
Yesterday, I was on a zoom call in Starbucks around
fourteenth Street, and a homeless man came in and started
jacking off in his pants, like right behind.

Speaker 2 (59:33):
Me, shaking hands with the milkman in Starbucks.

Speaker 8 (59:37):
To do that in a place like Starbucks where people
are asking for extra cream.

Speaker 2 (59:41):
Is psychopath behaved.

Speaker 8 (59:43):
Okay, But back to little pee Wee out here flashing
his little wee wee all right, little pee wee, little
wee weed. Now, now, I don't know if it's little
or not, Okay, pauls. All I'm saying is his name
is pee Wee. So I'm just assuming, all right now,
I don't want trigger one. I don't want to trigger
anyone out there who has a bite sized ballooney pony.

In fact, for everyone in the petit penist population, here's
a little something you can say whenever your captain Winki
is the topic of discussion.

Speaker 2 (01:00:12):

Speaker 8 (01:00:12):
In fact, let me show some compassion also to women
out there who are in love with men with cute
little Chico sticks. Were gonna talk to y'all in just
one second, but don't refer to it as small. Just
say it's a rare miniature and in high demand. Okay,
small is insulting. Use words like cute, petite, slugger, slugs cool,

you know the little bats. No, maybe millimeter monster, all right,
that would give me some confidence. All I'm saying is,
you know, pee Wee, you clearly picked the wrong crime
to be committing.

Speaker 2 (01:00:45):
With a name like pee Wee.

Speaker 8 (01:00:46):
I would think that if you are a person who
likes to go around exposing your sexual organs to people,
you would be doing it because you got something you
think the world would like to see.

Speaker 2 (01:00:54):
You probably should be doing porn.

Speaker 8 (01:00:55):
But in case that's not your calling, I would think
you would flash people something you know, we actually.

Speaker 2 (01:01:00):
Want to observe.

Speaker 8 (01:01:01):
Now, Xavier peewee Hearns is being held at the Charlotte
County Jail without bond. Damn, he can't get no bond,
not even a small one, a little something. Listen, Anyone
who may have been exposed to pee weeze little liquid
data is asked to call the Sheriff's office at nine
four one six three nine two one zero one. I'm

not making this up. If you have been exposed to
peeweez low penis, you are being asked to call the
Sheriff's office at nine four one sixty three nine two
one zero one.

Speaker 2 (01:01:33):
Please give Xavier peewee Hearns. Damn.

Speaker 8 (01:01:36):
I want to say the biggest he hull, but that
don't feel right. Hey's the biggest he hull. Now, let's
play a game of guess what racing?

Speaker 29 (01:01:49):
All right?

Speaker 8 (01:01:50):
Xavier Peewee Hearns from Florida, was arrested for exposing his
penis and target in Walmart j and D.

Speaker 2 (01:01:57):
Guess what racing here?

Speaker 6 (01:02:02):
Man, I'm stuck. You're just nasty breaking. Yeah, you're just
discuss him then, okay, okay, say small people just hilarious.

Speaker 8 (01:02:19):
Davie Peewee Hearns from Florida was arrested for exposing his
penis and target and Walmart cuss what race is.

Speaker 9 (01:02:28):

Speaker 8 (01:02:30):
Okay, okay, okay, okay, all right, okay, very very stereotypically both.

Speaker 2 (01:02:40):
Uh you want to see his much shot just hilarious,
dj nvy.

Speaker 30 (01:02:44):
Both of you are absolutely incorrect view Hearns is black
Florida black too, all right, damn because the boy out
here spreading them fall stereotypes of people.

Speaker 2 (01:03:02):
Shut up. And first of all, what Mac at Mac
don't want? Come in here now?

Speaker 9 (01:03:10):

Speaker 2 (01:03:10):
Come in Mac?

Speaker 10 (01:03:11):
I do you know?

Speaker 9 (01:03:13):
I do know one one Asian?

Speaker 2 (01:03:18):
What's his name?

Speaker 9 (01:03:19):
Timothy D I got?

Speaker 2 (01:03:20):
Okay, now you know how Mac Mac? I don't know why?
Why what.

Speaker 7 (01:03:29):
I heard?

Speaker 2 (01:03:30):
You heard about this.

Speaker 7 (01:03:35):

Speaker 1 (01:03:37):
Just that I don't do no line, just rob more,
don't do no line. So, first of all, if you
ain't see it, you heard about it because it was
it was all around the camp.

Speaker 2 (01:03:47):
Now you don't know nothing.

Speaker 8 (01:03:53):
He shull should be in jail right now.

Speaker 2 (01:03:56):
He exposed himself to you.

Speaker 1 (01:03:58):
He just see it like I really had to see
because I said I was like because we was cool,
we ain't never do nothing.

Speaker 2 (01:04:04):
But we was cool.

Speaker 1 (01:04:05):
And I was like, I made a joke about all
Asians being you know, having and he was like, yeah,
all right, not me. And I was like, yeah, yeah,
all right, let me see and he showed me and
I was like, damn.

Speaker 2 (01:04:24):
Stuff right now, I hadn't. I don't give a damn
what what happened?

Speaker 1 (01:04:29):
Next day I sold everybody and nobody could believe it.
The only people who didn't care was Chico Callos in DC,
but everybody else cared.

Speaker 9 (01:04:37):
It was like, oh.

Speaker 2 (01:04:39):
Damn, I don't even in my house. I don't even
care what he got. I don't be like, yo, whatever,
drop it off.

Speaker 9 (01:04:46):
Bron Nick didn't believe it, pencils.

Speaker 2 (01:04:53):
Because I don't write penn is nowhere. I don't damn
I don't don't add up Paul.

Speaker 9 (01:05:00):
No, even Nick couldn't believe it. Nobody could believe it.

Speaker 2 (01:05:04):
Well, let's talk to let's talk to the ladies for
a second. Man, because it is Friday, so you know
what that means. It's Frankie, Frankie, Frankie Friday. Are you
a young woman out there?

Speaker 8 (01:05:15):
Are a woman out there that is dating someone from
the petite penis population. You love them, you love him,
but he's lacking in that area. You love him, but
you know that he's lacking in that area. He is
a part of the petite penis population. So what's the question?
But you love him, how do you tell him? Or
do you tell him? I just want to know how
you're coping. I'm just want to be a safe space
for you this morning. I know that you know you

don't really have a shoulder to cry on. I just
want to help them cope with what they're dealing with
this morning. That's all all right, Ladies out there, So.

Speaker 1 (01:05:47):
He's trying to see he so you're trying to ax women, like,
how do you tell a man is penis is small?

Speaker 2 (01:05:52):
How do you just deal with the situation? You love him, man,
because if you have.

Speaker 1 (01:05:57):
To tell you don't have to tell him man, he
already know. The question is is it too small for you?
If it's too small for you, how do you tell
him it's too small for a year?

Speaker 6 (01:06:04):
I like that, damn eight don't drink five eight five
one five one. Ladies, if you're dealing with this, you
want to vent a little bit.

Speaker 2 (01:06:11):
Just space. This is a safe space, that's right. You
might be entitled the conversation, but we'll discuss. It's the
breakfast It's freaky Friday. God damn it, the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 8 (01:06:23):
It's freaky, fat, freaky Friday's freak.

Speaker 2 (01:06:30):
Call in that eight hundred five eight five one oh
five one. We want to hear from you on the
Breakfast Club morning.

Speaker 6 (01:06:38):
Everybody's DJ, en Vy, Jesse, Larry, Charlamagne, the guy.

Speaker 2 (01:06:41):
We are the Breakfast Club. It's Friday, so you know
what that means. It's freaking, freaking freaky Friday.

Speaker 6 (01:06:47):
Freaking freaky, freaky Friday comes from Charlemagne wanted to know
how should he be dealing with This is not coming
from Charlemagne.

Speaker 8 (01:06:54):
This is just me looking out for people in our community,
because there are a lot of women out there who
are deep, who are in love with men who are
of the petite penis population.

Speaker 6 (01:07:03):
Because you hushed, I said, we read your books, so
we know you have a small penis, don't. I'm surprised
there's average There's a lot of women on the line
that enjoy small penises.

Speaker 2 (01:07:13):
Let's talk to them. We have May on the line. May,
good morning, good morning. Hey we were talking about small
penises this morning. Yeah, so stupid. What's your thoughts made?

Speaker 26 (01:07:25):
I mean me personally, I like pet penister. Your cousins
enjoy them, yeah, I tell them, like, I like guys
little penises?

Speaker 7 (01:07:37):
What what? What is that?

Speaker 2 (01:07:37):
What is the reason?

Speaker 25 (01:07:38):
I really don't know.

Speaker 20 (01:07:39):
I really think it's like the less rich and hits
the spot for me.

Speaker 26 (01:07:43):
I mean, and I just enjoyed it personally, I like.

Speaker 8 (01:07:47):
Well, you know, well, you know, the baby Bears porridge
was considered just right for people. I don't know if
you'll ever saw the story of the Great Little Bears,
that little baby bear porridge.

Speaker 2 (01:07:55):
It was just right.

Speaker 20 (01:07:56):
I don't want to say baby, that's kind of weird.

Speaker 2 (01:07:58):
But I understand what you yes, ma'am, Thank you mama.

Speaker 9 (01:08:02):
We have a lot of petite but what you said
just I don't know about the petite penis. I mean,
it's skinny. I don't want to feel like a pencil
up there.

Speaker 6 (01:08:13):
Career Ashley, good morning, ay y'all, Oh my god, I
got through.

Speaker 2 (01:08:20):
Good morning. What happened with you?

Speaker 17 (01:08:21):
As I just congratulations? So basically what happened. We were
having a discussion after an argument, and I told him
that we two we argue way too much for you
to have a small penis, was I'm used to yah,

and you give it very much?

Speaker 2 (01:08:43):
Rowboat you called him a talk boat.

Speaker 9 (01:08:45):
Oh my, and then just said add an argument.

Speaker 2 (01:08:49):
Jesus, So y'all broke up right there? Actually after, did we?

Speaker 10 (01:08:55):

Speaker 17 (01:08:55):
Not right after, but maybe like two weeks after that.
He asked me to marry him, and then I gave
the ring back after a week because about.

Speaker 9 (01:09:05):
Petty stuff and hum, because of the penis.

Speaker 17 (01:09:10):
That and arguing. We're arguing about petty stuff. And we
didn't live together or anything like that. Like he was
still living with his parents. I was still living with
my parents, so it's not like we were arguing about
like real life stuff.

Speaker 2 (01:09:24):
I was like, I'm not what was his reaction?

Speaker 17 (01:09:29):
He just said, oh.

Speaker 8 (01:09:32):
Yeah, I mean, because that's the sad point. When you
tell somebody they got a little penis, ain't nothing we
can do about it.

Speaker 2 (01:09:35):
You know you can.

Speaker 8 (01:09:36):
You can order them pills out the back of the
sauce of the right. When I was young, I ordered
them out the back of the double XL the Magna
r Rex pills, and you know they got the little
exercise you could do when you grab your penis, Okay,
flash it and scratch it.

Speaker 9 (01:09:46):
But I mean, you know they also with side effects
even that, So don't try him.

Speaker 2 (01:09:52):
That's not true.

Speaker 6 (01:09:52):
Actually said, wow, Well he probably knew he had a
smaller penis. He probably heard that before. That's why he didn't. Uh,
he just didn't say anything back.

Speaker 8 (01:10:00):

Speaker 17 (01:10:00):
Actually, well, if you're going to have a small penis,
you don't need to be arguing with me about living.

Speaker 24 (01:10:07):
Back it up so we can have great make sick
or Yeah.

Speaker 8 (01:10:11):
You can't have a petty penis and be bringing up
petty arguments all the time. She got a point though,
I'm not gonna lie.

Speaker 2 (01:10:17):
Don't be a point. No, she don't not like that.

Speaker 9 (01:10:22):
No, she don't have no point.

Speaker 1 (01:10:23):
You just because my my pen is little, I can't
argue about something, Patty, are you crazy?

Speaker 2 (01:10:29):
We're gonna use that. We're gonna use that audio. So
we we got D on the line. D good morning.
So you like small penises?

Speaker 10 (01:10:38):
D I do.

Speaker 25 (01:10:40):
It's actually my appropriate okay, and my experience. It's only
one guy that's been able to release a splash.

Speaker 8 (01:10:50):
Waterfalls that was big ew Okay, okay, what's what she's saying,
y'all is there's only.

Speaker 2 (01:10:55):
One man that's ever made her that was a big
sign and that was a small I mean.

Speaker 25 (01:10:59):
I don't know if I can say that on the radio.
But as far as the guys that are bigger down there,
it's only been one. All the rest were smaller, and
people will be surprised because I have a big ass.
I like bigger meat.

Speaker 2 (01:11:15):
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Okay.

Speaker 10 (01:11:17):
I like this. I like this.

Speaker 8 (01:11:20):
I like the fact that y'all are lifting up the
petite penis population this morning.

Speaker 1 (01:11:24):
I like, come on South calling it petit. It sounds
like weener when it's like like we we when it's petite.

Speaker 9 (01:11:29):
Okay, now listen me. Personally, medium is cool. I'm not.
I don't want it too small and I don't need
it too big.

Speaker 1 (01:11:36):
I don't need to feel like you're trying to knock
my walls down, and I don't need to feel like
i'm getting you know either, you know what I'm saying.
So medium is is perfect, Like I wouldn't be up
here in time. Oh yeah, it's to the petite penises.

Speaker 24 (01:11:49):
Like what.

Speaker 8 (01:11:51):
Well, I mean, I'm a medium person. I prefer me
I'm medium all over, like I'm medium ugly. I got
medium sized peenis.

Speaker 2 (01:11:59):
Do you prefer medium. Leave alone.

Speaker 1 (01:12:01):
Eight hundred he is nine medium, she said, no more,
eight hundred five eight.

Speaker 8 (01:12:10):
We're talking small penises this morning. Let's discuss some more.
It's the breakfast slog.

Speaker 2 (01:12:14):
Good morning man, it's freaky Friday like that.

Speaker 11 (01:12:19):
Look, I'm free, said.

Speaker 7 (01:12:20):
Call in now.

Speaker 13 (01:12:21):
Eight hundred five eighty five, one oh five one. We
want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club morning.

Speaker 2 (01:12:26):
Everybody is DJ Envy Jess, Hilarry Charlamagne, the guy. We
are the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 6 (01:12:30):
If you're just joining us this morning, we were talking
small penises. H Jess said she prefers medium size, and
Charlamagne said the same, And we were asking eight hundred
five eighty five one oh five one, how do you
deal with small penises? All right, we have Rock on
the line. Rock Good morning, Hey, what's up.

Speaker 2 (01:12:47):
We're talking small penis this morning.

Speaker 16 (01:12:48):
Talk to us, Hey, so what's up the Rock?

Speaker 7 (01:12:51):
Good morning everybody morning.

Speaker 2 (01:12:53):
When they called it radio, it's your girl Rock, I
just say this is Rock.

Speaker 7 (01:12:58):
My bad.

Speaker 2 (01:12:59):
I'm on a podcast.

Speaker 7 (01:13:00):
I do that all the time. I introduced myself.

Speaker 27 (01:13:01):
Okay, okay, but listen, the one guy that I dated
with a small pp problem, I never seen it as
a problem. He compensated with so much love and so
much of firm affirmation, and we always vibe like he
always made sure to.

Speaker 7 (01:13:16):
Take care of me, whether he's getting at me in
the bedroom with.

Speaker 27 (01:13:19):
That, he always took care of me beforehand, So it
really didn't.

Speaker 2 (01:13:22):
Matter, honestly, Okay, I like that.

Speaker 6 (01:13:27):
Chantel good morning, Hey, good morning, Chantel talked to us.

Speaker 2 (01:13:31):
What's your thoughts?

Speaker 7 (01:13:32):

Speaker 20 (01:13:32):
So it was my child's father. I was dealing with
him well. I knew him for Lois middle school, so
we being had that steeling there and then I hit
him up on Snapchat one day and want to, you know,
mess with him. And when I got the package, it
was like, what the world it was? He fooled me.
So then it was like, okay, I still deal with
it because I liked him before I got to know him.

We was friends first. So what made me deal with
the package is the fact that we was frizzed. I
was feeling his vibe or whatever. So the sex really
didn't mean that they're for real because I liked him.
But after we broke up and moved on baby Mam
and Dady job, I told him real quick, you got
little fleet, bleet bleep. Don't people try to come at
me like that because you can't even talk to me

loud because your package big enough.

Speaker 7 (01:14:16):
I don't like that.

Speaker 2 (01:14:17):
I don't like when you bring it up when you're
mad at a person.

Speaker 1 (01:14:19):
Now, yeah, I don't like That's that's how I can sympathize, right,
That's how I got my son.

Speaker 9 (01:14:23):
But I never do that and his father face and
nothing like that. While we was mad, it was just like.

Speaker 7 (01:14:28):
I like him.

Speaker 1 (01:14:28):
Sometimes you compensate in other areas when you know you
have a we wei, so it's like, okay, let me
treat her right.

Speaker 2 (01:14:35):
You know, you realize that you just said damn, Jesse,
you realize that you just said yes, and you know
so that.

Speaker 9 (01:14:44):
My man still got pictures to this day though, like
you know what I'm saying to this day.

Speaker 2 (01:14:49):
But you had to damn, but you told your you
told Rome this before.

Speaker 9 (01:14:53):
Yeah, I'm like, we no, you know, I don't even
know like how we have a baby. But it's.

Speaker 1 (01:15:03):
That is terrible, all right, at y'all gonna make it
bigger than with it, Well, y'all can't make it bigger
than what it is. I'm just saying, y'all gonna y'all
amplifying this too much. Me and rom already know you
know what I'm saying, Like we've already talked about this.
It's whatever, But he keeps them.

Speaker 2 (01:15:18):
Bitches, you know, make me more mad than saying it's small.

Speaker 8 (01:15:21):
If you just be like, it's not giving, it's just
not giving your pens.

Speaker 2 (01:15:25):
What do you mean it's not given?

Speaker 15 (01:15:27):
Not giving?

Speaker 8 (01:15:27):

Speaker 7 (01:15:29):

Speaker 2 (01:15:31):
Damn man?

Speaker 27 (01:15:31):
And dan?

Speaker 1 (01:15:32):
Ye like when it's small and crooked, it's like, yo,
come on, because you know women do like curves, but
you have to have some length of a curve.

Speaker 9 (01:15:39):
If you just shure and crooked, it's like, oh my god, it's.

Speaker 2 (01:15:43):
Small and crooked. That's a comma. He asked.

Speaker 8 (01:15:48):
He's sixty nine in God out there with small peep's.
We apologize to they have this traumatized you. We apologize
if you got a feeling. We apologize if you feel
a way this morning because of this conversation. Salute to
the BikeE side gate. All right, population now, but what
you need to know that you are appreciated. It's a
lot of women that was calling up here, you know,
and they like what you are gimming. Okay, so respect

to you.

Speaker 6 (01:16:11):
All right, well, yeah, all right, when we come back
damn past the ox, past the ox.

Speaker 8 (01:16:16):
We'll do it when we come back, Nile Simone, feel good,
that's so sad. We'll do We'll come back and feel sad.

Speaker 2 (01:16:22):
You feel down after? This topic says a lot about you.

Speaker 9 (01:16:25):
What you working with, because over there, what the hell's mac?

Speaker 2 (01:16:31):
You got depressed?

Speaker 9 (01:16:33):
Mag wouldn't know what he working with.

Speaker 2 (01:16:35):
Jesus mac hain't seen it in yees you know.

Speaker 10 (01:16:42):

Speaker 2 (01:16:42):
Back what you're not gonna talk about me? About you?
I'm mind is bigger than yours. It's like relax. Well
now let's get to pass the ox. Yeah, djus big

n n.

Speaker 11 (01:17:11):
Y l A Friday.

Speaker 2 (01:17:12):
Are you feeling all right?

Speaker 11 (01:17:14):
Little tired?

Speaker 2 (01:17:15):
Been busy? Okay, okay, what you got for us today?

Speaker 11 (01:17:17):
Today? We're gonna start off.

Speaker 29 (01:17:19):
I had this song on repeat all week is by Nippa.
He's a UK singer featuring Larry June.

Speaker 2 (01:17:24):
Such a vibe, very dope recond. I think Denzel Curry
is very very underrated.

Speaker 29 (01:17:30):
Yeah, I don't know what it is a lot of them,
A lot of them, I would say, like his class
of rappers.

Speaker 11 (01:17:36):
They're like elite, but they just don't get the mainstream attention.

Speaker 2 (01:17:39):
Who else is in this class?

Speaker 26 (01:17:41):
J D me like that.

Speaker 2 (01:17:43):
It's very dope. Everybody of his name is very, very dope.
I like the Denzel's last project.

Speaker 10 (01:17:48):
What was it?

Speaker 2 (01:17:49):
The Melt? Which one? What was the last one?

Speaker 11 (01:17:53):
You put up walking on it? I know what you're
talking about.

Speaker 2 (01:17:55):
Melt my eyes, Melt my eyes.

Speaker 9 (01:17:57):
It's called melt my eyes.

Speaker 11 (01:17:59):
Right to your future, My I see your future.

Speaker 9 (01:18:01):
That one was great.

Speaker 2 (01:18:03):
Cry is dope, very dope.

Speaker 11 (01:18:04):
Yes, agreed, all right, next we're gonna actually keep it
very in New York. I had Jim Jones on my
podcast this week and say, why.

Speaker 2 (01:18:13):
Because it gets good music ahead because we're in New York,
but all over the country we're one hundred market.

Speaker 11 (01:18:19):
Oh yes, I'm sorry, I forgot.

Speaker 2 (01:18:23):
Right club club, big.

Speaker 11 (01:18:26):
Radio Hall of Famer there.

Speaker 8 (01:18:27):
You don't ever play with us in your life, okay.
And I'm from South Carolina.

Speaker 29 (01:18:32):
Anyway, Okay, Yes, So this one's gonna be Jim Jones
new joint called two Turn. It's the Summer Anthem, and
I just had it on my podcast We need to Talk.
We had a really great conversation. I really like this
energy and I appreciate Jim Jones because a lot of
like the O G's in New York City, act like
they don't see your motion or just try to act

like they're too good to talk about outside.

Speaker 11 (01:18:54):
Yeah, it's real cool, so like just the gym for that.

Speaker 2 (01:18:58):
But nikky niky Jim is one of these.

Speaker 8 (01:19:03):
Jim's literally one of the most underrated executive producers, one
of the most underrated creators, one of the most underrated
pickers of beats, one of the most underrated rappers like
Jim Jones is an artist for real, for real.

Speaker 2 (01:19:17):
No, and he's always in the studio.

Speaker 6 (01:19:19):
I got about I would say maybe ten Jim Jones
records on my phone right now that he hasn't put
out that. I'm gonnaute ou, Jimm, I'm gonna put the
one out what you did the cares one sample.

Speaker 2 (01:19:26):
He goes hard, but he's always recording and he's always
working so solute Jimmy Jim is.

Speaker 8 (01:19:30):
Jim is a person who I would like to see
uh and I know he's doing it, but he's I
want to see him work with more artists from New
York to create a sound like Jim. Jim is a
person that can still create culture like Jim has a
there's a culture to Jim Jones that is still so
New York but also still fresh to what New York

is now. So I would like to see him, like,
you know, being that uh, that architect for this this
whole new era, because it's New York lacking and culture,
just a.

Speaker 11 (01:19:59):
Little lacking in culture. I think it's sure yet No,
not really because there's little pockets. But I get what
you're saying.

Speaker 29 (01:20:06):
In the point of like in Atlanta, all the old
g's are still there pouring into like the new generation
in hip hop.

Speaker 11 (01:20:12):
So Atlanta and Atlanta has a culture.

Speaker 2 (01:20:14):
What is New York's culture right now? Drill, Yeah, y'all
a little bit though, because Drill slow down a little.
But I will say this too. A lot of the ogs,
like you said, don't live in New York anymore.

Speaker 6 (01:20:24):
Yes, right, A lot of them moved out, whether it's Florida,
they moved to Atlanta, moved to Cali. So it's like
you don't have the olds pouring into the young artists
like like you would see in Atlanta.

Speaker 2 (01:20:33):
Yeah, you know, even if you see a Memphis.

Speaker 8 (01:20:36):
So even that you see in Houston move to Jim
Joe y'all need to get in the studio and the
gym with Jim and the gym carried up, get your
whole everything right now.

Speaker 29 (01:20:43):
And then I got one last one. I'm sneaking here.
It's Aria Star and give y'all with last heartbreak song.
Ario just dropped her project and she's really that girl
her in Tyler and Timson of course. Okay, Aria Star,
all right, So make sure you guys tune into the
certified playlist.

Speaker 11 (01:20:59):
It's available Apple Music.

Speaker 29 (01:21:00):
You can get to it by following me on Instagram
at Nilo Simone N y la S y M O
N E E E. And then this Juneteenth I'll be
at Cafe Itrizuli were having an open mic. So if
you're an artist who's interested in getting on the certified cruise,
Radar pull up its first come, first serve and it's
a blackout, so we're black to celebrate unification amongst us

on juneteenth.

Speaker 8 (01:21:23):
Word June teenth. Oh, so you're not gonna be able
to go to Kendrick Lamar's concert.

Speaker 11 (01:21:28):
I'm really sad. I don't know if you saw, though.
I don't think they want the locals there.

Speaker 29 (01:21:32):
It's like they didn't want us there.

Speaker 2 (01:21:36):
They want the locals. They don't want us there.

Speaker 29 (01:21:38):
Yes, yes, yes, yeah yeah, So I don't know, you'll
probably be okay, man, I don't know. I don't want
no smoke with anybody from the West Coast right now,
I get.

Speaker 2 (01:21:46):
It all right, Well, thank you Nyla.

Speaker 27 (01:21:48):

Speaker 2 (01:21:49):
Now it's time for the People's Choice mixtion that we
throw it back on a Friday.

Speaker 6 (01:21:52):
And I got to remind you guys, of course, my
Car Show goes down August seventeenth. If you haven't got
your tickets, early bird tickets are available. Celebrity call old
school cars loose cars, I mean kids stuff for family fun.
Your kids will have a great time. So if you
haven't got your tickets, get it and let's get to
the mix to Friday. Y'all the Breakfast Club, your mornings
will never be the same.

Speaker 2 (01:22:13):
Good morning. Everybody is DJ.

Speaker 6 (01:22:15):
Env Jeselari, Charlomae the God. We are the Breakfast Club.
Now it is a Pride month, and every day we
wrap a gate.

Speaker 9 (01:22:23):
Yes we do, and today we're wrapping a big freeda A.
Y'all know her. That is New Orleans' own. I love
her to death. Me and Charlomae have both worked with
her a couple years back at the.

Speaker 2 (01:22:33):
BT Awards yp BT Show.

Speaker 9 (01:22:36):
It's a staple in.

Speaker 1 (01:22:37):
Her city and all around this country. That's right, you already, No,
I love your big Freedo celebrating.

Speaker 2 (01:22:43):
You today, Freed. All right, when we come back.

Speaker 1 (01:22:46):
Also, hold on, y'all can catch me at the City
Winery this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

Speaker 9 (01:22:52):
We got three shows.

Speaker 1 (01:22:53):
Make sure you get your tickets at esslarriisofficial dot com
or Citywinery dot com. Forward Slash New York City. Hey,
I will see y'all tomorrow and Sunday.

Speaker 2 (01:23:02):
All right, when we come back. We got the positive
notice the Breakfast Club. Good morning morning.

Speaker 6 (01:23:05):
Everybody is DJ Envy, Jesse Laari Charlamage the guy. We
are the Breakfast Club. Hopefully you guys have a great
week in the Weather's getting so much nicer out there,
so enjoy, get your ass outside, take the kids out,
the family out, and all that good stuff.

Speaker 2 (01:23:19):
That's right. Make sure you feed your son too.

Speaker 8 (01:23:20):
Man, if you listen to the Brillian Idiot's podcast, you
know what I mean when I say I hope that
you feed your son. Because here's the thing, there are
gonna be a lot of people out here that stink
because it is getting hot. And when you say that
you got to go home to feed your son, that
means you need to go home and freshen up. And
instead of just saying somebody is stink, just be like yo, man,
somebody's son hungry. Right, that's those are good ways to

say somebody has a smell all right Now, Tomorrow I
will be at a Rundell Mills.

Speaker 2 (01:23:49):
Did I say that right?

Speaker 9 (01:23:50):
A Rondo? Yep, you almost got it.

Speaker 2 (01:23:53):
Arundel Mills.

Speaker 8 (01:23:53):
I'll be at the Books a Million at Arundel Mills
at two pm tomorrow, Okay, in hand Over Maryland, mining
copies of my new book, Get Honest or Die line
Why Small Talk Stucks. You can go to watch smalltalksucks
dot com right now to get your tickets for that.
And when I say tickets, all I'm saying is when
you buy a book, then you get to come to
the event. I'll be you know, signing copies and taking pictures.

So I see you all tomorrow, Handover Maryland, Arndo Mills,
two pm, Books a Million.

Speaker 2 (01:24:19):

Speaker 8 (01:24:20):
I have a chapter in my book called tree Hug
the Block where I talk about the benefits of nature.
And I want to tell y'all man this weekend, give
yourself a gift for five minutes of contemplation and awe
of everything you see around you. Go outside and turn
your attention to the many, many, many miracles that are
all around you. Okay, it's just a five minutes of
a day regimen of appreciation and gratitude that will help

you to focus your life.

Speaker 2 (01:24:44):
Okay, you will be in all of your life after
you do that.

Speaker 8 (01:24:46):
All right, that's that's a that's a great technique from
the good uh, the good man doctor Wayne W.

Speaker 2 (01:24:51):
Dyer who's no longer with us. So enjoy your weekend, y'all,
have a blessed day. Breakfast club.

Speaker 9 (01:24:56):
You know, I'm finish for y'all.

Speaker 7 (01:24:57):

The Breakfast Club News

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