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June 6, 2024 97 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
That's hilarious. And Charlemagne, they're looking. Thank y'all for being
like coach leads family.

Speaker 2 (00:09):
The Rector Club is where people get the information on
the topics, on the artists and everything like that.

Speaker 1 (00:13):
I'm winning And like you guys were nice.

Speaker 3 (00:15):
Everybody got me all nervous, like you guys, let's not go.

Speaker 1 (00:19):
Yeah, you locked in to the world's most dangerous morning show.
If you want to breakfast club, we're gonna bring it
one hundred and twenty.

Speaker 4 (00:26):
Might as well not come up here like, oh Jesus,
this is what I'll do up that's right, get about
the bids and listen to the greatest show on Earth.

Speaker 1 (00:34):
Good Morning Usa. Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo. I don't know how many
yos he does. You're hilarious. Well, ain't nothing. Whatever Charlemagne had.

Speaker 2 (00:47):
In the second is Thursday.

Speaker 1 (00:52):
Yes, that's good endow. I tried. It was too many
year olds. I couldn't count to the yos. Yeah, how
you feeling? I feel good?

Speaker 5 (00:57):
I actually look I had a lot of rest yo men.

Speaker 4 (00:59):
I went to the movies last night, right, and we
saw my sister Naya, and we saw the movie Strangers.

Speaker 6 (01:06):

Speaker 1 (01:06):
You know what I hate about movies?

Speaker 4 (01:08):
Or they keep remaking movies that they've been making over
years and they're so predictable. I hate what I can
sit in the movie and be like, Yo, this is
gonna happen and everything.

Speaker 1 (01:17):
I hate that.

Speaker 6 (01:18):

Speaker 4 (01:18):
That's why y'all be wondering why I'm on TV, because
it's nothing good in the theaters.

Speaker 5 (01:22):
Every now and then we'll get a good one. So
you didn't really love it?

Speaker 4 (01:24):
No, I went to sleep. If I go to sleep,
that mean it's not catching my attention.

Speaker 1 (01:28):
You're just not pregnant, just tired. You just yeah that too.
But Yo, it just wasn't good, yo.

Speaker 7 (01:33):

Speaker 1 (01:34):

Speaker 8 (01:35):
Well, yesterday was my son's tenure to your birthday and
he's a huge Michael Jackson fan.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
Oh my god.

Speaker 8 (01:42):
So I took him to see the Michael Jackson Musical
on Broadway.

Speaker 1 (01:46):
And when I say he had such an amazing time,
I mean it was.

Speaker 8 (01:50):
It was so dope, just to see how they transitioned
from song and just go through Michael Jackson's whole life
him starting off with the Jackson five and him performing
at the Apollo to you know, growing up to the Grammys,
him doing it on his own, and his toxic relationship
with his father and how he kind of disliked his
father because his father was really pushing him to do
things and he wanted to just be a kid and

his father wanted perfection. And how they go through all
of that, and they go through the dance moves and
they did the of course the moon walk and that
that legendary lean.

Speaker 1 (02:18):
That he does. My son times to do it all
the time.

Speaker 8 (02:20):
Yeah, bus his ass all the time to the dance
and thriller and it was just a dope good show.
It was a feel good show, like we had We
felt great after the show, like we were really really
rocking my wife, my daughter and him and he was
just he was just so excited to go for his birthday.
So if you do get a chance to come to
New York or you live in New York, the Michael
Jackson Musical is dope.

Speaker 1 (02:41):
It just brings you. It brings back memories.

Speaker 8 (02:43):
It doesn't matter what age you are, because everybody knows
Michael Jackson songs. And it made me think when Apple
did that one hundred Greatest Albums. There's no way in
how Michael Jackson wasn't number one. Yeah, there's knowing way
in hell Michael Jackson was not number one on that list.
No disrespect to Lauren, respect to anybody on that list.
But I can't figure a better album than any of

Michael Jackson's album whether it's the Thriller Album to Off
the Wall album. He just had hits and countless hits
and no skips, and the way his mind was of
making these records.

Speaker 9 (03:13):

Speaker 1 (03:13):
Now there's this. They couldn't tie Michael Jackson's shoes lit alone.

Speaker 8 (03:17):
Yeah, but you know what I was gonna do this morning,
But I figure y'all caught me a clown, especially you.

Speaker 1 (03:21):
I was gonna dress up by Michael Jackson like that
because I was so hype. But I got home because
I was hype.

Speaker 2 (03:25):
I was gonna wear the black pants with the loafers,
with the with the white socks.

Speaker 1 (03:29):
I was.

Speaker 4 (03:29):
It's not his birthday, his anniversary, and I think he
was just gonna do it.

Speaker 1 (03:33):
I was just gonna do it. Okay, let's get the
show started right now? All right, Well, let's get the
show started.

Speaker 8 (03:39):
Marlon Wayne's comedian Marlon Wayne's he been joining us. He
has a new special, Good Grief is streaming on Prime Videos.
So we're gonna be kicking it with Marlon Wayns. Marlon
Wayns has a bunch of these specials. He said that
the last time he said, he said, they're already done
in his head, so he just has to.

Speaker 1 (03:53):
Knock him out and do him. And this is one
of them.

Speaker 8 (03:55):
So we're gonna kick it with Marlon Wayne's in the
second and Front page News, Morgan would'll be joining us
at Oco anywhere.

Speaker 1 (04:00):
It's the breakfast club. Good morning, Mourning.

Speaker 2 (04:01):
Everybody is dgg jess, hilarious, Oh hilarious.

Speaker 1 (04:06):
I heard did you hear the mixtape?

Speaker 6 (04:08):

Speaker 8 (04:09):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Charlemagne the guy.

Speaker 1 (04:11):
We are the breakfast Club. Let's get in some front
page news.

Speaker 2 (04:16):
Good morning Morgan, Good morning, y'all.

Speaker 1 (04:26):
Well let's get into it.

Speaker 9 (04:27):
Former President Donald Trump's election subvergeon case in Georgia is
now on pause. A Georgia Court of Appeals and definitely
pause the case against the former president and several of
his co defendants until a panel of judges rules on
whether Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis should be removed
Trump's legal team is pushing to disqualify Willis over her
relationship with a special prosecutor she hired to lead the case. Now,

Trump and more than a dozen of his allies are
charged with racketeering for efforts to overturn the twenty twenty
election in Georgia. That's good news for a former president
Trump that you know that cases on paus.

Speaker 1 (05:00):
But with the good news comes the bad news.

Speaker 9 (05:02):
Trump's gun license will likely be revoked after the guilty
verdict in his hush money trial. He was convicted on
thirty four fellow accounts of falsifying business records, and gun
licenses are usually revoked after convictions. Yeah, so a spokesperson
where the New York Police Department set his gun license
for New York City has been suspended upon his indictment.
Of course, he is scheduled to be sentenced on July eleventh.

Speaker 1 (05:25):
We have this echo.

Speaker 8 (05:27):
I don't know why this echoes is there, but I
would say, why does he really need a gun license?
He has security twenty four to seven, right, and we
pay for that security, So he definitely doesn't need a
gun license.

Speaker 9 (05:36):
It's true, but you know they you know, that's their thing.
You know, talking about the rights and what rights are
being restricted in this and that.

Speaker 1 (05:42):
So right there we go.

Speaker 9 (05:44):
And speaking of firearms, YouTube is restricting some firearm content
for young users. Rightfully, So the company announced that starting
June eighteenth, content showing homemade firearms, automatic firearms, and certain
accessories will be age restricted. Content showing how to remove
safety devices will also be banned under the new rules.
A big tech watchdog company, the Tech Transparency Project, called

the move a step in the right direction, but question
why did it take.

Speaker 1 (06:09):
So much time?

Speaker 9 (06:11):
Yeah, and just when I thought we were done with
Corey harris Man, the man who went viral for joining
court via zoom while allegedly driving on a suspended license.

Speaker 1 (06:18):
But then later it found out.

Speaker 9 (06:19):
That it was a clerical air that the judge lifted
the suspension two years ago and all that stuff. Well,
he's back in jail because apparently he never had a license,
only a state issued ID.

Speaker 1 (06:28):
Judge J. J.

Speaker 9 (06:30):
Cedric Simpson Simpson of Washtonaw County and made the discovery
after going through court records.

Speaker 1 (06:36):
Let's hear from him.

Speaker 10 (06:39):
But I'm tell you, first of all, with any referends
to your client having had a license.

Speaker 3 (06:47):
On that Day, and so indicame you misunderstanding as to
whether or not he had a license.

Speaker 1 (06:55):
Now you're making very clarfation the court effect.

Speaker 11 (06:59):
He is never had as yeah, and it's never had
a license to any other forty nine states.

Speaker 10 (07:06):
Whilst that fall off the script, he's never had a
license in point of fact, when they.

Speaker 1 (07:15):
Suspended new license.

Speaker 12 (07:16):
And what people don't understand when they suspended his license
sacking out, they don't suspend a license.

Speaker 1 (07:22):
They suspended the privilege to drive in the stead.

Speaker 10 (07:26):
Hence, for example.

Speaker 13 (07:27):
Hope he had had a Kentucky license, he would be
able to drive.

Speaker 1 (07:31):
Everywhere that Kentucky would allow him to drive. He just
shouldn't drive in Michigan because his privileges is big that strict.

Speaker 9 (07:37):
Yeah, So apparently in Michigan you can have an ID
which that might have been the clerical error which he
needed to renew at the time, or a driver's license,
but you cannot have vote.

Speaker 1 (07:47):
So Corey Harris, you need to wrap this story up
at this point. So he never had a license, that's
what he's saying. He never had a license, got a license.

Speaker 8 (07:54):
So when Charlemagne gave the donkey to Day, was true.
He never had a license, but then Charllemage took it
back because we thought he had a license, but with
saying now that he never.

Speaker 5 (08:01):
Had yes, so they got to give him the donkey again.

Speaker 1 (08:05):
Damnit man. Alright, Jesus, damnit man. All right, Well, thank you.
I'll see y'all next hour. All right, And I just want.

Speaker 8 (08:14):
To tell everybody that governing hoche you right now, she
actually suspended the congestion pricing. So you know, the congestion
price was special start at the end of the month. Yeah,
so right now it's suspended. It's probably suspended because it's
a it's a politics season and they want to make
sure that nobody's voting against the Democrats saying the Democrats
did something wrong. So as of right now, it's suspended,
so we don't have to worry about the congestion pricing.

And if you don't know what congestion pricing is, they
put all these devices up all over New York City
so when.

Speaker 1 (08:41):
You actually drive in the city, you get charged for it.

Speaker 8 (08:44):
So if you get charged for coming over the bridge,
you get charged for being in the city. And this
was a big plan because a lot of the other
cities around the country, we're looking to see how much
money it's raised and how it reduced traffic. So the
fact that it stop will save people hundreds and thousands
of dollars yearly, so that it's a good thing.

Speaker 1 (09:00):
So drop a bomb for Governor Hoo. I don't know
if I said the name. I'm coming to color Hoe
chick one of the hole cool. All right, well, get
it off your chest.

Speaker 8 (09:08):
Eight hundred five eight five one oh five to one
if you need the vent phone lines or wide open
again eight hundred five eight five one o five one.

Speaker 1 (09:16):
Charlamagne to be here in the second. It's the breakfast Club.
Good morning, the breakfast club.

Speaker 3 (09:22):
I'm telling, I'm telling what you doing.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
Call of you if this is your time to get
it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.

Speaker 1 (09:30):
Eight hundred five eight five one five one. We want
to hear from you on the breakfast club. Hello, who's
this height?

Speaker 14 (09:38):
This is Don Sho Don shot?

Speaker 1 (09:40):
What's up? Get it off your chest?

Speaker 14 (09:41):
Brother's going on? Man, I'm just calling about them congestion
prices out there. What they what I heard that the
cab drivers roll down on them on the governor or something.

Speaker 8 (09:51):
Yep, yeah, So SAE one hundred yellow cabs came to
the I guess the President's house or her job.

Speaker 1 (09:57):
Damn yeah.

Speaker 14 (09:58):
So I like how they did that. They protesting because
I just don't like how they're sending all that money overseas,
but yet you're still taxing us. I'm not understanding when
you when you're sending it over there to for the wars,
billions and billions of dollars, but yet you're taxing us

because I'm over I'm over here in Jersey and you
taxing us just for what to stay in the city,
chill partly in the city, and we're trying to make
especially them cab drivers and drops and the lift drovers
that that's nuts to me.

Speaker 1 (10:30):
You know.

Speaker 8 (10:30):
The crazy thing about it is is Charlemagne says this,
and I agree. When you go to these other countries,
A lot of these other countries they don't have as
many cars.

Speaker 1 (10:38):
As we do.

Speaker 2 (10:38):
Like they they pretty much forced you to use the
public transportation, whether it's the subway or the train system
or you know, the bus system. But it's so much cleaner,
it's so much nicer, it's so much safer, and and
I feel like if it was that clean here, I think.

Speaker 1 (10:53):
People wouldn't have a problem with it.

Speaker 2 (10:54):
If the crime wasn't as crazy here, I don't think
people would have a problem with it. But if I
got to risk my life to come to work every
day because I don't know who's gonna be on that
subway with me, I'm good.

Speaker 1 (11:05):
I passed. Yeah, And the.

Speaker 14 (11:07):
Crazy and the crazy thing about it is just just
one main problem that New York cast that just has
yet to be resolved. And that's just the rats alone.

Speaker 1 (11:17):
Well, thank you for calling it, brother.

Speaker 14 (11:19):
Shout out to you on DJ ANDVW for you coming
to you coming to Jersey Atlantic City soon. Any more
real estate seminars anything I'm trying to ask. I'm trying
to pull up me and my peoples.

Speaker 15 (11:29):

Speaker 8 (11:29):
I'm doing a car show August seventeenth in New Jersey,
which is gonna be like a family fund, So if
you got kids, come on out. We try to make
it affordable as possible. I just know that the prices
of everything that's going up, So if you got any
kids five and under, free, it's free parking. It's gonna
be every celebrity car that you could think of, from Cardi,
b Offset, Cash Co Bain Baswag, French Montana, fifty and more.

So I would love to see you out there if
you can get out there.

Speaker 1 (11:52):

Speaker 11 (11:53):
Hello, who's this ja from Indy JA?

Speaker 1 (11:57):
What's up? Get it off your chest? Brother? Yeah.

Speaker 11 (11:59):
So when you went to go see take your son
and see Michael Jackson, you made me think about, man,
we got to be more open and put our kids
onto more stuff, to the arts, because we got to
expose them the different stuff beside sports and video games
and you name it, because then we could raise the
bar and change the expectations of our future.

Speaker 1 (12:16):
Yeah, if you're just joining us.

Speaker 2 (12:17):
I was telling earlier that I took my son to
see the Michael Jackson musical.

Speaker 1 (12:20):
That's his favorite artist.

Speaker 8 (12:22):
But the thing with Broadway, Broadway is just very expensive,
so it's hard to afford those tickets. Those tickets are
expensive to go on Broadway. So that's why I know
a lot of people you know, don't necessarily go. But
that Michael Jackson.

Speaker 2 (12:35):
Musical was just it was just like a huge family reunion.
People have such a good time.

Speaker 8 (12:38):
And like I said, I can't see how Apple put
you know, uh didn't put Michael.

Speaker 2 (12:43):
Jackson's album number one. Just his influence, the music he made,
It's just seen that twice. You should have saw it when,
oh boy, trev Jackson was on it. Not Trevor Jackson.
Miles was my last name, Miles Frost. Oh my god,
it was dope. When I went there yesterday, it was
like Charlomae here a.

Speaker 1 (13:00):
Couple of times. Yeah right, I took my mother in law.
My father in Law's not what I took the second time.
But now that that play is incredible.

Speaker 8 (13:08):
Now please get it off your chest. Eight hundred and
five eight five one oh five one. If you need
to vent, hit us up now. It's the Breakfast Club.
Good morning, the Breakfast Club. I'm going to get it
off your chest.

Speaker 1 (13:20):
Wake up. Whether you're man or black, time to get
up and get something. Call up now. Eight hundred and
five eight five one o five one. We want to
hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this?

Speaker 6 (13:32):
Hello, Breakfast Club? This Land of Tie from Rover Ruge, Michigan.
I just wanted to give a shout out to the
Breakfast Club. DJ Hanvey Jes, congratulations to you, Thank you,
and Charlotte maneat God. I want to actually tell you Man,
I watched you on the Eleventh Hour on the Stephanie
Rule last night.

Speaker 1 (13:50):
Yeah, I was on there last night. Yep, okay, okay, yeah.

Speaker 6 (13:52):
I watched you on the eleventh Hour last night, man,
and I'm my first time called a long time listener,
and I watched you on Stephanie Rule, and I watched
the whole interview, man, and it was just so gravitating
to everything that you were staying. And you know you're speaking.

Speaker 2 (14:06):
About your book, the name of the book, Get on
die line, why small Talks sucks?

Speaker 1 (14:12):
Get out, yes, yes, get on it or die line.

Speaker 16 (14:14):
Yes you was. You was speaking on some things.

Speaker 17 (14:16):

Speaker 16 (14:16):
They're just like so gravitating to me. And I just
want to give you your flowers now, man, your deep brother. Man,
I listened to you all the time. We are about
the same age. I'm forty five, man, and you know
you just you are the cultures. So I just wanted
to give you a shout out. And uh, I actual
don't want to pick up that book too. I want
to pick up the book too.

Speaker 2 (14:35):
So it's available right now, man, get on, get on
this a dieline, why small Talks sucks? Wherever you buy books,
and thank you everybody out there for making international bestseller.

Speaker 1 (14:43):
Man. I really appreciate you absolutely. Hello, who's this.

Speaker 14 (14:46):
Good morning, Good morning, Good morning, DJ.

Speaker 1 (14:49):
MVY Morning on Jersey. What's up brother, yoh this morning?

Speaker 14 (14:55):
If you remember you had told me my intro imitation
was tracked.

Speaker 1 (15:00):
Do it again, let me hear do it again, then
let me hear it.

Speaker 17 (15:05):
No, I'm not doing it again. You said it was
tries this.

Speaker 18 (15:07):
The more you trying to imitate Charlotte Man, that.

Speaker 14 (15:11):
Was not it.

Speaker 1 (15:11):
That was trash. To I can't do. I couldn't do
to Yo yo yo, I couldn't got to know to
yo that trash. He just gave up early.

Speaker 16 (15:20):
But I got your I got tickets to your show.

Speaker 3 (15:23):
You have.

Speaker 18 (15:24):
There's everything like trucks, like food, all that extra.

Speaker 1 (15:28):
Yeah, so the show. The show is August seventeenth, and
it's a family fun day.

Speaker 6 (15:32):
You know.

Speaker 1 (15:32):
I got six kids, so I invite everybody to bring
their kids.

Speaker 8 (15:34):
And we're gonna have food, trucks, all types of cars
cast from Cardi, b Offset, French, Montana, fifty Cash Co,
Bain based Wag just to name a few bikes, trucks,
food trucks. We're gonna have amazing food there.

Speaker 16 (15:47):

Speaker 8 (15:47):
And of course it's like a kiddie park for rides
and a section for jumpies, obstacle courses, gaming trucks, and
we actually shout to East Jeep. They're gonna be actually
giving somebody a family in need a free lease for
two years. So they're gonna have a call for two years,
absolutely positively free. So like I said, it's parking is free,
kids under five for free. There's gonna be free haircuts
for kids. We just try to do something where we

have fun as a family and also give back. So
if you haven't got your tickets, we still got early
bird tickets. Get your tickets. And and Homie, I can't
wait to see you.

Speaker 17 (16:16):
Brother, Yeah, all right, I'll have a good thing.

Speaker 1 (16:20):
You too, brother, Homie. I can't wait to see you, brother.
Undercover cop.

Speaker 2 (16:26):
Please don't buy no weed from this man, Helmie, I
can't wait to see you, brother. This guy's wearing a
wire y'allah.

Speaker 8 (16:33):
I almost came in just like Michael Jackson today. I
was so in a Michael Jackson moved after watching the
night and.

Speaker 1 (16:38):
We've been telling you to go see that play man.

Speaker 5 (16:40):
I just haven't had time but come in dressed up
like him, don't.

Speaker 1 (16:44):
I almost did the loafers with the White Sox. I
almost did No.

Speaker 2 (16:48):
That play is incredible that players don't tell you and
if you would have saw with Miles from Miles is
a Superstar.

Speaker 1 (16:53):
But it's still a fantastic, fantastic place.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
You know.

Speaker 2 (16:55):
It's funny about with Michael Jackson because everybody be like,
you know, they'd be like Bill Coley was about to
buy a MEC That's why he took him down. Michael
Jackson really owned half of the music industry beat like
literally black artist, white artist, that did not matter. He
literally owned half of the whole music industry publishing. And
if you look at even what's going on now with
him and the irs and his family and how they're

trying to keep the family from the money, it's like that.

Speaker 1 (17:19):
Was the person they would take out or tip to
take out.

Speaker 8 (17:22):
But and then he The dope thing about it is
when you watch the show, you see how much he
bet on himself. Like when he did it that that
dangerous tour, he was like, oh, you have this this
amount of money to spend. He was like, all right,
well let's let's you know, sell a catalog, let's you know,
mortgage out. Never Land ran to I wanted to happen
my way. So it was pretty dope, man, it was.
It was very very dope. If you get a chance,
definitely go check it out. Get it off your chest.

Eight hundred five eight five, one oh five one. Now
we got just with the mess coming up.

Speaker 4 (17:49):
Yes, Adrian Bronner basically told us something that the judges
would be interested in.

Speaker 8 (17:55):
Boy, no, boy, all right, we'll get to that next.
It's the Breakfast Club. Come morning, the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (18:04):

Speaker 8 (18:04):
Everybody's d j M geselry charlamage to god. We are
the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (18:09):
Let's get it just with the.

Speaker 16 (18:10):
Message us real.

Speaker 6 (18:14):
Know what just don't do?

Speaker 1 (18:16):
Just is gonna bring the numbers on the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 15 (18:22):

Speaker 4 (18:25):
That wasn't my newest intro, but thanks for bringing that
one back. Lord Dirk opens up about rehab journey. So
an interview of Lord Dirk is circulating. Shout out to
bat Grid and brown girl grinding and this is what
he had to say.

Speaker 1 (18:38):
But we got word that you were you were rehabbing. Yeah,
can we talk about that a little bit like.

Speaker 6 (18:42):
Good, be good?

Speaker 1 (18:43):
I'm I want to embrace it, know what I'm saying,
Because they helped me a lot, helped you a lot. Yeah,
I want people to not run from or be shot
from you. You know what I'm saying, What was that
like for you? I won't even say it was tough.
It was tough at her, but it ain't. It ain't
that tough because I really knew what I wanted. I'm saying,
I knew what was going to be back and then
what was that'll? What did you want? I wanted better.
I want to be a better man and better follow
the better leader, you know, but more action. So they

had to make sure their self is good before you know,
anybody else, before we have what was your mental state?

Speaker 2 (19:11):
Like moving fast, making excuses, letting the joys take over
me saying yeah, just like the codeine and everything is
is that?

Speaker 3 (19:19):
Is that?

Speaker 1 (19:19):
What it was was codine? Yeah x X. But it
don't make me, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 4 (19:24):
The clues bonds a little dark Man absolutely see Black
Men healing, and hopefully the rest of the generation followers
Little Dirk's lead.

Speaker 1 (19:32):
Nobody actually huge in rehab because he has.

Speaker 8 (19:34):
A huge influence with the youth and the fact that
they see that his one of his idols, one of
their idols, is actually you know, trying to get better
and being better and going to rehab and taking care
of himself is mental and his health.

Speaker 2 (19:44):
Yeah, you've been talking about that. The last album was
called what Almost Healed? Almost Almost Healed? Yeah, and yeah, man,
just look at that brother. That's a great, great thing
to say during managemental health man.

Speaker 4 (19:54):
And he checked himself into rehad when he realized he
needed help, you know. So I think that's that was
good that he had the will powates do that. Kendrick
announced his upcoming performance, so Kendrick said he outside. Yesterday,
he calmly dropped a post in his Instagram story announced
that he'll be doing a show in La June nineteenth.
The event is called Kennon Friends, but he didn't reveal
where any of the friends will be. The pre sale

tickets go on sale today and they become available to
the general public tomorrow.

Speaker 1 (20:21):
Meanwhile, Drake deleted.

Speaker 4 (20:22):
All his Kendrick this is from Instagram, so people thought
like he was moving on from the beef from the
Beef for whatever. But then he shared a picture of
himself with the caption that said the only yes man
around me is my role ex Daila.

Speaker 1 (20:34):

Speaker 4 (20:35):
People think the caption is addressing the fact that Kendrick
questioned the loyalty and strength of Drake's crew.

Speaker 2 (20:41):
Let me tell you something, man, June tenth, at the
Forum in LA, Kendrick Lamar crazy performing not Like Us
for the first time. That's God, bro Like, that's one
of those things that you might you might have to
get on the flight to go see.

Speaker 1 (20:58):
Yet you can get tickets. I'm sure it's probably sold
out by yeah the right, the pre sale tics are
already on. Yeah. Absolutely, I know.

Speaker 4 (21:08):
I said I can't fly wild like, I can't fly
no more. I'm gonna lead the stomach home and I'm
gonna like, I really would love to go.

Speaker 2 (21:14):
I would love to go to I gotta be in
l A on the fourteenth for a book Stigner, but
I would I would fly back out there for that
June Team technical black ass. Kendrick Lamar on June Teeth
doing not like Us.

Speaker 1 (21:24):

Speaker 2 (21:25):
Can you imagine Kendrick saying to a crowd of black people,
y'all can't say I don't know man by racial y'all
might want to stay home.

Speaker 1 (21:34):
I don't know. That's juge teeth. That's gonna be black
any black black And there me.

Speaker 4 (21:39):
Wow, good Hopefully we do get there, we're able to
go and see that Adrian Browner threatens opponents. So Adrian
brown is set to fight Blair Cobbs on Jam seventh,
actually tomorrow at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
in Florida.

Speaker 5 (21:53):
And they did their final press conference before the fight.
Things got crazy.

Speaker 13 (21:57):
Oh, don't play no games because my guns with him, bro,
and and I'm dead serious, bro, And all I gotta
do is point and they gonna blow and me and
my we didn't already beat bodies, and they still looking
for me, and every charge been acquitted. So don't come
up here playing. Don't don't make no false moves. I'm
not playing.

Speaker 1 (22:14):
I'm not no.

Speaker 13 (22:15):
I was smacked to shout you. So we're gonna promote
the fight, but just be respectful. Don't do no dumb
And I'm serious, bro, I'm dead serious. Shoot in your
sh You ain't about none of that.

Speaker 1 (22:26):
You was a boy. He's I'm gonna show you June seventh.
He's angry, you big mad. I'm gonna beat that off
your nails, bore. You can use the physical boy, are
you fighting the game? Jesus, that's crazy.

Speaker 4 (22:41):
Hopefully don't get beat the beat up. The dude is
really he is for real, That's what I'm thinking. Yeah,
it sounds like yeah, and I would love to see that, Like, yeah,
I can't just him if we don't know, I don't know,
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (22:55):
Allegedly, how literal do we take Adrian Broun Because I
I saw like media I posting things like he plee
potentially a minute to the murder. But I'm like, I
grew up with Mike Tyson talking crazy before fights, you
know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (23:10):
I mean, Mike Tyson said he'll eat a couple of kids.
You and the butt tell you love me? Yeah, but
some people rather be dead. Some people like it.

Speaker 5 (23:20):
I got bodies that they still looking for me for
Like what shut what are you talking about?

Speaker 4 (23:26):
They always doing to get beat up somewhere and then
be on on on line time over y'all did it
for the hood?

Speaker 1 (23:31):
No you didn't. You didn't even do it. My god,
remember Deontay Waders said he want to kill somebody in the.

Speaker 2 (23:36):
Ring boxes talk crazy. So I'm just wondering how literal
should we take it? And then if it wasn't Adrian Brouna,
would we be taking it literally. If anybody did that,
we'll say he's a fool, like you sound crazy, I
got bodies.

Speaker 1 (23:50):
I beat that.

Speaker 2 (23:51):
I gotta quit it for it was talking crazy before him.
Fight boxes talk crazy before their fights.

Speaker 4 (23:56):
Yeah, well that I do remember Devin Haney father like
my son better kill him, kill him, and that was
looking at him like.

Speaker 1 (24:03):
What whatever, dude, boxes talk crazy before fights.

Speaker 2 (24:07):
I don't know how literal we should take Adrian bro
we take it as anything other than entertainment.

Speaker 1 (24:10):
But why would you shoot him because you're gonna get that.
I just want to fight.

Speaker 3 (24:15):

Speaker 2 (24:15):
If Adrian actually does have bodies, that's stupid. That's like
rap right putting it into there. So if he actually
does have bodies, that's stupid. Has he ever really been
acquittable body?

Speaker 1 (24:24):
I don't know. I never heard of that. We never
ever heard of that. Never. That's what I'm saying, Like
the dude just want to fight. I just want to fight,
big man, like.

Speaker 2 (24:34):
You like, maybe you better win that fight, boy better
because if you lose that fight, remember when you humped
on that dude in the ring time like that, remember
that time.

Speaker 1 (24:45):
It ain't the dude in the ring I do. That's right,
you better win that fight. Be okay, that guy right
there now.

Speaker 6 (24:53):
You want to go.

Speaker 1 (24:57):
All right, Well, that is just with the mess. We're
gonna hit below the belt too fighting when we come back.

Speaker 8 (25:03):
We got front page news and then Marlon Wayanas will
be joining us as the breakfast slogan morning pinning everybody's
dej nv just hilarius Charlamagne gad we are to breakfast club.

Speaker 1 (25:12):
Let's get in some front page news. What up Morgan,
Good morning, y'all.

Speaker 9 (25:16):
Senate Republicans are sinking a Democratic led bill to protect
access to contraception. The bill, which would prohibit the government
from restricting access to contraception, failed to get enough votes
to move forward on Wednesday. Republican Senator Ted Cruz of
Texas said the legislation is unnecessary as there's no serious
effort to restrict birth control. Let's hear from Ted Cruz.

Speaker 19 (25:35):
They want to use this as an issue in November
to scare people, and they don't want to talk about
their own radical record. Instead, they want to falsely claim
somebody is coming to take contraception. That is deliberately false
because this is not about protecting this right. It is
about politics for the Democrats hiding their own radical view.

Speaker 14 (25:56):

Speaker 9 (25:56):
So on the other side of the out, Senatemajority Leader
Chuck Schumer said publican arguments against the bill were feeble
and predictable. Let's hear from Senator Schumann.

Speaker 1 (26:05):
This is not a negotiable issue. This is an issue.

Speaker 20 (26:09):
There should be that right period, not half that right,
not three quarters of that right. Not for some things,
but not planned b etc. Bottom line is simple. This
is one of the most important issues facing America. Ask
all the voters, and we have an obligation not to
sweep it under the rug, but.

Speaker 1 (26:27):
To move forward. You can't be unperseting that they feel
that way.

Speaker 2 (26:31):
I mean, because you know, I'm sure they're worried that
reproductive rights will be Furson threatened.

Speaker 1 (26:35):
You know, have a Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade.

Speaker 9 (26:37):
So absolutely, yeah, speaking of random threats or lack thereof
or whatever, this is the Congression of Black Caucus is
condemning a Georgia Republican's against George Floyd. Floyd was the
black man who was whose death by police four years
ago trigger at nationwide outrage and calls for police reform.
But on Monday, GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green posted on

x that Democrats were still worshiping convicted felon George Floyd.
The Congressional Black Caucus responded that her comments were unhinged
and unacceptable. The caucus said George Floyd did not deserve
to die and that a member of Congress should have
the decency to acknowledge his humanity.

Speaker 1 (27:16):
Just shameful. She just talk about talking too much.

Speaker 9 (27:19):
And a Wisconsin father who stormed the stage at his
daughter's graduation is facing a restraining order from the superintendent
he rushed, and a video gone viral. At Baraboo High
School's graduation, Matthew Eddie rushed the stage in an effort
to prevent his daughter from shaking the superintendent's hand.

Speaker 1 (27:34):
Let's hear audio from that incident. Excuse me, get away
from me.

Speaker 15 (27:43):
You need to get right now.

Speaker 1 (27:49):
I don't.

Speaker 9 (27:55):
Yeah, you can hear the crowd, Uh, pretty disgruntled, the
graduates and students and parents. So the father in this
case is white, the daughter is white, and the superintendent,
Randy Briggs, is black. Many people are calling this racism
because that's certainly what it looks like. But it's also
being reported that the father didn't want his daughter to
shaking the superintendent's hand because he didn't like the way
the superintendent handled bullying at the school that year. The

father was charged with disorderly conduct and a temporary restraining
order has been filed, with a hearing pending on June fourteenth. Now,
Wisconsin state Representative Francesca Holnk took to x saying no
one should have to endure this type of gross and
racist conduct. Dailey Wagner, a spokesperson for the school district,
set in a statement, our primary focus remains on celebrating
the achievements of our graduates, and we want to ensure

that the significance of this milestone and the hard work
of our students are not overshadowed by this unfortunate event.

Speaker 1 (28:47):
Did you guys see that video?

Speaker 15 (28:49):

Speaker 4 (28:50):
I saw it, But the last comment like about because
I also saw it in a comment too that the
dad didn't want her to shake his hand.

Speaker 1 (28:57):
But in the video he moved the superintendent.

Speaker 4 (29:00):
Yeah, okay, so maybe I didn't watch the whole thing
because he told the little the girl one didn't she
stretch out? She stretched out her hand and he was like, nah,
don't touch me or get away from me. So in
what part of the video does her dad say, don't
like I don't get it. Her dad rushed the stage
before she.

Speaker 9 (29:15):
Staged it, moved superintendent's hand and he basically, you know,
prevented her from shaking her hand, and she looked embarrassed
by the whole.

Speaker 1 (29:22):
Ordeal, honestly, all right, but yeah, they rushed.

Speaker 9 (29:26):
The guy rushed the stage preventing his daughter from shaking
the superintendent's hand, supposedly due to the way that the
superintendent handled bullying. And apparently there's some other issues that
are coming out of that school district. But this just
seems like racism from you know what it looks like.
So we'll keep an eye on that to see what
else comes out. That's your front page news.

Speaker 1 (29:46):
I'm Morgan.

Speaker 9 (29:46):
Would follow me on social media at Morgan Media and
for more news coverage, follow Black Information Network and bi
in news dot com.

Speaker 8 (29:54):
All right, thank you Morgan. Now, Charlemagne, you was a
little late today, so you missed the first front page news.
So question, did you hear about the brother Corey Harris?
He never really had a license, of course, So what
do you do? You could you game a donkey and
you took it back.

Speaker 1 (30:05):
Now I gotta give him donkey today again.

Speaker 2 (30:08):
You know you will hit me yesterday making me make
sure I see what's going on.

Speaker 1 (30:12):
With this situation.

Speaker 2 (30:13):
Okay, They was like, oh, hell no, you took back
a donkey, Now you gotta give it to him again,
poor Corey man.

Speaker 1 (30:18):
And then he's gonna just lie on the church.

Speaker 2 (30:20):
But you know what I'm saying, talk about he was
the Church of God fearing man, and you know it
hurt his standing with the church. Okay, Cory, all right,
all right, well guess what I think? He really does
have some type of high blood pressure. And no, how
do you even know he got a wife? Now the
man that he was taking his wife to the doctor.
How we know you're telling the truth about that?

Speaker 15 (30:43):

Speaker 1 (30:44):
All right, Well we come back.

Speaker 8 (30:45):
Marlon Wayns will be joining us. We're gonna kick him
with Marl and Wayns. His new special Good Grief is
out now on Prime Video. It's The Breakfast Club, Good Morning,
the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 3 (30:57):

Speaker 1 (30:57):
Everybody's DJ env just I is Charlamagne the guy. We
are the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 8 (31:02):
We got a special guest in the building, Marlawans, Welcome back, brother,
what's happening how y'all doing people?

Speaker 1 (31:08):
How you feeling? I'm good? What's Charlamagne?

Speaker 8 (31:10):
Charlomagne had a book signing and oh wown't make it back?

Speaker 3 (31:15):

Speaker 15 (31:16):
So I don't get to I don't have to hear
his instigative mouth today. Okay, good with family?

Speaker 1 (31:21):
Yeah yeah, anyway, like we were saying, that's right.

Speaker 4 (31:26):
So good grief is out all right. So when you
think of grief, you never think of good. So what
what was your How did you come up with good grief?

Speaker 15 (31:35):
I mean, Charlie Brown fan, you know, and I just
and it's just like I felt like at this point
in my life, a fifty like life, forty seven, life.

Speaker 1 (31:43):
Just started getting hard. You know, you go through things.

Speaker 15 (31:46):
If you live long enough, you're going you go and
see some dark times, Ain't that right, Charlamagne?

Speaker 1 (31:52):
Dark time?

Speaker 15 (31:56):
You know I'm talking about this kid what it used
to be. Anyway, what I'm saying, he ain't here to
defend this. I'm gonna give you Dunky of to day.
Dunk here of good Day goes to Charlemagne to God.

Speaker 1 (32:06):
For not being here for this interview.

Speaker 15 (32:08):
And you know, I love you, brother, but it's wrong
for you to be missing flights you know better, you
know better, get your ass on the flight and be
here when Legends is in the building and my photo
is right there.

Speaker 1 (32:21):
All right. So I'm a split.

Speaker 15 (32:22):
Donkey of the day with Charlamagne because he did put
my photo on the wall. But why you put me
looking like lok dog and why my eyes bugged out
like that? I know, like country rain. Here's the thing,
My whole thing here, guys, is what I talk about.
Find grief is good because I wanted to give people

like something like I'm I think for me as a
as as an artist, I want to be bigger than
just like jokes. I need to give him something that sticks.
And I think life experiences a little bit of lesson
and a little a lot of bit of like God
here and there. People need that right now. And I
want to rescue people because depression is real. And I

was battling depression when I lost fifty seven fifty eight
people I loved in three years. And then I lost
my parents. So I was just like, like, I missed
my mama so much. I couldn't even say the word mother.
I couldn't say mother, I couldn't I'd say I started crying.
I cried like Daniel Klua, I had them to get

out tears on you last time you were here.

Speaker 1 (33:29):
I actually, you know, I think you got the call
that he was It was.

Speaker 8 (33:33):
It was bad because I remember when you came up,
they were like, well, he just got the call, so
we don't know if he wants to continue with the interview.

Speaker 1 (33:39):
And you still continue with the interview, right, So I
got to call. My dad died fifteen minutes before I
was going on stage.

Speaker 15 (33:45):
And it was a small club, it was Flappers in
La and I was just kind of working out, getting
ready for a bigger show. And right then and there
I got the call my dad died and I had
two shows. So I was like, I cried in my car,
I took a bath. I did what my dad did
when he had hard days. I talked to God and
then I was like, all right, let's go do this

because my dad wouldn't want me to cancel the show.
He go, you better make that money jet and so
I hoed my parents, I do the work, and then
on stage I let the audience know, thank y'all for
letting me get through this. And it was a great night.
You got two stand ovations and it wasn't because of
the tears. I didn't use the tears to get the
standing ovation. I got stanmd vation on him, Joe, because
then after it, I was like, my dad is dead.

Speaker 8 (34:27):
Now is it therapy for you? Because you talk about
it a lot in this special Right. And my son
who just turned ten a couple of days ago, Right,
he was very close to his grandmother. He lost his grandmother.
So for a birthday he was crying, right, And he
cries a lot when he thinks about her. Right, I'm
not as sensitive as he is, so it gets to
the point where I don't know what to say anymore.

Speaker 1 (34:46):
So last night I was like, you're being selfish and
he's crying.

Speaker 7 (34:49):

Speaker 1 (34:50):
He looks at me like what because you know if
he wants people said, you're being selfish?

Speaker 16 (34:53):
You go what you me?

Speaker 9 (34:53):
I go?

Speaker 1 (34:54):
You know, if grandma was here, she would be in pain,
she would be hurt. She had dementia. I said, right now,
she's in heaven, look down and she ain't in pain.
So you wanted to come back down here in pain?

Speaker 15 (35:02):
So to gave you this son a guilt conscience. He
may have never cried gain, but but you know why
he loves her so much. Because people parents, as they
get older, they get nicer. I don't know if they
trying to work their way into heaven or what, but
they get nicer. My mom and dad, like your parents
and your grandparents, ain't gonna be as nice to you

as they are to your kids.

Speaker 1 (35:26):
You get the sweetest, sweetest version of them. So she
whipped your ass. He didn't. He didn't get no fingers.
He's like him. I was the best. She gave me candy.
You know what I'm saying. But you know so. But
it's it's good to teach him. Laughter, man, let him
watch the special.

Speaker 2 (35:41):
Well I would have, but see, I think you pulled
out the a K forty seven mins. You're just shooting
at everybody like you watch it and not scared somebody
gonna put you in the face, Like.

Speaker 1 (35:53):
Jesus. I just here's the thing.

Speaker 15 (35:54):
I only talk about people that either I could beat
up or I know I could run from. I know
Shaq can't catch Okay, you can't catch me.

Speaker 1 (36:02):
He can't.

Speaker 15 (36:04):
He can't even catch Charles Barkley or Kenny Kenny dismiss
and you see his legs.

Speaker 1 (36:10):
You can't. How you not be able to catch this
Kenny dismissed legs on backwards. That's my boy.

Speaker 15 (36:21):
He shot every disease, every disease you gave the shock
Shack got a good sense of humor, he goes.

Speaker 1 (36:31):
Shack. No, he don't know. Nobody understand what he's saying.
But he's my guy. Shock is the first one. Huh.

Speaker 15 (36:37):
Now that makes your problem. But I hope I can
outrun him. No, I'm in trouble.

Speaker 1 (36:47):
But here's the thing.

Speaker 15 (36:48):
And I talk about magic, right, But what I didn't
put in the Special that I because for timing is
and this is honestly, I say Magic is a hero.
I look at magic and I'm like, yo, because let
me tell you something like the whole special, the theme
of the special, life sometimes deals you a really bad hand.
You don't always have pocket ass. Sometimes you got a

two and a ten and you sitting there and you
gotta play the rest of your hand the rest of
your life. It's not about your cards. Magic has taught everybody.
It's not about the cards you get dealt It's about
how you play your hand. That man's more successful now
than he's ever been. I look at him like a hero.
Really he is magic. Yeah, Like I'm for him to
conquer that in front of our eyes. I think, like,

that's a hero story. Now, of course I got these jokes,
but the point is he's a hero.

Speaker 16 (37:37):

Speaker 15 (37:37):
You said he shouldn't be here. You say he shouldn't
be here. He said be dad. I didn't say that.

Speaker 1 (37:43):
I said someone else. But I'm telling the joke. But
like you said he shouldn't be here, I didn't say
that like that.

Speaker 15 (37:50):
I love him, okay, I do. I love them, but
these are these jokes, man. I think everybody needs to
learn to laugh again, even at dark stuff. We need
to be rescue. They're not doing comedies. People ain't doing
real jokes no more. Everybody trying to just do this
happy fodder that I'm here for these jokes. And if
you got a problem, then hey man, I'm sorry. Some

people are gonna be offended by your jokes. But if
I tell a joke in ninety nine and a crown
full of one thousand people and nine hundred and ninety
nine people laugh, that's a damn good joke and that
one person walk out, that's a sensitive moment. Now if
I tell a joke and nine hundred and ninety nine
people walk out and.

Speaker 1 (38:28):
One person laughing, you gotta change that joke. So for me,
I heard a lot of laughs. So I'm gonna do
them jokes. And if somebody's sensitive then and I get canceled. Great.

Speaker 15 (38:38):
Cancel means you wasn't my fan to begin with. Cancel
means you don't understand my point of view. Cancel mean
get your sensitive ass away from me, because I don't
want to tell my jokes to your ass anyway. I'm
trying to bring back that old school New York stand
on the block, stand on the street corner, talk about
each other and laugh it through. That's how we came up.
We talked about each other. Since when we can't talk

about each other like, oh, you're fat shaming, well, excuse weight.

Speaker 1 (39:04):
Period, you shame shaming. And look at our society.

Speaker 15 (39:10):
Look how bad things have gotten because we ain't keeping
it real no more, because we ain't saying what's on
our mind. Because everybody's sensitive. This next generation is gonna
be a bunch of I'm not raising my children like that.
I'm raising them a sense of humor because life is
gonna get dark. And if you don't know how to
laugh at inappropriate things, even your childhood things, that hurt
you the most, you gotta learn laugh about and if

you don't, then you have a really long, tough, hard life.

Speaker 1 (39:35):
All Right. We got more with Marlon Wayiams. When we
come back. It's the Breakfast Club. Good Morning Morning.

Speaker 8 (39:39):
Everybody's dj n V, Jessearie Chalamine, the God. We are
the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it with Marlond Wayne's Jess.

Speaker 1 (39:47):
And especially you do say that you're not in therapy.
Is that a joke?

Speaker 15 (39:49):
I am in therapy, Okay. I do therapy sometimes two
times a week, depending on what you get on my nerves.
The things you ever seen your whole therapy session, talk
about somebody, everything, be good in your life.

Speaker 16 (40:03):
You know what? Did you know?

Speaker 3 (40:07):

Speaker 7 (40:07):
I do.

Speaker 15 (40:08):
I checked myself. Some weeks it's like I have a
great session, be like thirty five minutes long. He was like, yeah, man,
we we ain't got to talk next week. And that's
why I got But some when I was hurting, hurting,
I'd have two therapy sessions a week, sometimes with two therapists.
Shout out to Delana, shout out Rodney, doctor doctor Collins.
And I think black people people, period, not just black Latinos.

Speaker 1 (40:31):
I'm black. Yeah, why you look Dominican to me? I
swear I'm God. I'm gonna do your twenty three and
me play something South, some music. I bet your as.

Speaker 15 (40:46):
He told you, I'm black. You gotta y'all want you
to do your twenty three and me do your twenty
three in me.

Speaker 1 (40:52):
It's all right, I'm telling you I'm black.

Speaker 15 (40:55):
You look like my nephew Damian. That Dominican. I'm telling
you Dominican. Y'all shamed to say.

Speaker 1 (41:01):
I'm serious. When you get older, you're gonna be talking like.

Speaker 3 (41:09):
You do.

Speaker 1 (41:11):
You like bacla Have you ever ate Baclaud? It's the
stinkst fish you get. It smells like stripper pole.

Speaker 3 (41:18):
It is.

Speaker 15 (41:20):
It's the nastiest fish. And if you eat that and
you go, oh this is good, But no, I want
to get I want everybody to get back to laughing.
Social media has stripped us of our own personal identities.
We're so busy trying to compete and be everybody else
that when understanding that somebody's programming us.

Speaker 1 (41:42):
We have no more individualism, we have no more point
of view.

Speaker 15 (41:46):
We gotta have beefs because we don't realize, like everybody
can't think the same. We live in America, and America,
you are allowed to think different. That's the beauty of
our country. And so they're stripping us of that. Now, everybody,
you can't say that, you can't say this. You could
say whatever you want. If you got real friends, they're
gonna disagree. But guess what if we laugh at something.

What we found was something in common. Laughter is bonding.
And if you want to be depressed, look at there's
no more comedies on TV, barely, there's no more comedies
in movies. There's something happening to our society because people
think they're sensitive. Corporation is the thinking people are sensitive,
so they're not letting comedians do what they do. And
it's like, yo, everybody moved out the way. Let me

do these jokes. Now, everybody can tell these jokes. Now,
I have thirty five years in the lab. I'm a
joke scientist at this point. I know what two parts
of this and one part of that or blow up
in your face. I know how to tell these jokes.
I've been doing it so long now I know my
next three specials, like I'm dropping this one June fourth.
I filmed it at the Apollo eleven eleven. The next

week I went out and did a brand new hour
based off of and I knew what it was like.
If I've shot skintlls to I know my next hour
after that and the next hour after that. That's how
good I'm getting on this stage. I've done it too long,
so I know how to tell jokes. And that's why
I tell young comedians stay on the road. Stay in
the road, because one day, when you talking to the
networks and you talk to the studios, you got to

be the scientists in the room when they go, you
can't say that, sure I could, I did this joke
at this place, Come to this show I'm doing, Come
watch how this show, how this works. And then they go,
you can't say that, And then you have to go, well,
how about if I said it like this? And that's
how you tell your joke. Don't tell me I can't
say it, tell me how I can say it. And

I'm just here right now to bring these jokes. I'm
bringing this laughter. People need to laugh, and they need
to laugh at real dark and things that hurt.

Speaker 8 (43:42):
And nobody has because I mean in the specials you've
done before, I mean you didn't win at so many
people from Shock to Magic Johnson and I.

Speaker 1 (43:49):
Love these guys, Will Smith.

Speaker 2 (43:51):
Nobody is out of all the people that you have
win it in the last couple of years, nobody has
put stepped up to you and called you checked you,
chin checked you, chest checked you nothing. Run into all
these people all the time. I said nothing. He might
slip through the back.

Speaker 15 (44:06):
That's what he knew that I was on something right,
Like when I did God Loves Me, did a whole
special about Will and Jada.

Speaker 1 (44:12):
Will did a whole press too on Bad Boys for Jada,
did a whole press too al a book.

Speaker 15 (44:18):
They talked about everything else. Nobody mentioned Marlin's special. Why
because they know I did it with love. Will and
Jada know me. I'm not and Chris Rock know me.
They know I'm not trying to bury body. I don't
have ill intentions. I'm just telling funny truths. You want
me a lie, I'm telling you what happened, and it's
not even about them. Every special I'm doing right now
is about me. You just so happened to be in

my journey. But and here's what happened. But I don't
get that because they know I do it with love.
I'm not doing it to break them down, not doing
it hurt they business.

Speaker 1 (44:50):
I'm not doing it. I just just what I see.
Have you spoke to them at all or have you
haven't seen them?

Speaker 3 (44:54):

Speaker 1 (44:55):
But I don't think Will has a problem with me.

Speaker 9 (44:57):
Is he here?

Speaker 1 (44:57):
Are you trying to get me jo?

Speaker 15 (44:59):
I'm just saying because your Martin gonna bite me on
my leg. No, I did bel air after I did
the special. Man, if We'll got a problem, I would
have he would have did me like it did V.

Speaker 1 (45:12):
I would have been.

Speaker 15 (45:14):
You don't think they would have something like my place?
Your goddamn mind, click, Jesse Williams. Woman took my role?

Speaker 1 (45:23):
What about family members?

Speaker 15 (45:25):

Speaker 8 (45:25):
Because in the special you said your mom raised five
comedy legends and a crackhead.

Speaker 15 (45:30):
Well that's for the audience to figure out which one
is the crackhead. Damn it may be me, for all
you know, it probably is No. But see, that's the thing.
I'm an equal My brother raised me to be an
equal opportunity offender. That means everybody gets it, including myself.

I'm not afraid to throw myself under the bus. I'm
not afraid to say that I'm a lesser man. My
next special, I throw myself under a bus. It's crazy,
but it's real and it's funny, and you realize that, No,
I'm not here to just like hurt people's feelings. That's
punching down. I'm doing punchlines and sometimes you might hit
a person of two. These are punchlines and somebody gonna

be affected by it. But I gotta swing.

Speaker 1 (46:13):
Is my job.

Speaker 15 (46:14):
You it's like me watching a fight and asking the
box and not to throw punches me. You know, you
you there's a fire and you asking fireman not to
go on that building. I gotta go on that burning building.
I got it as a comedian. I gotta go in there.
Why Because I'm saving lives. There's a laughing there that
people need and I'm gonna go get that. And if
I got to burn up in the process, hey that's it.

If I get to cancel, great, But I gotta do
my purpose and my purpose to go get them jokes.
And sometimes the jokes are gonna be on me. But
if y'all sensitive, then I ain't ask them to watch
my special. Nobody have to tune in. But my special
is on Amazon Prime right now. Just drop special number
four and it's on Amazon Prime, and I think it's
my best work. And what I just think, the more

you do it, the better you get. The more I
release material, because once you do it, you can't This
ain't hip hop. You can't do the same jokes.

Speaker 1 (47:03):
You gotta do.

Speaker 15 (47:04):
So every time I've released a special, it makes me
dig deeper. So that's why I told my brothers about
ten years ago. I said I'm want to drop a
special every two years, and Damon said they gonna be terrible,
like watching that book was sel. I was like, you're stupid,
You're stupid. And we was in Mikonose. I remember we
was in Mikono and I was like, I see something

and I think that's what I want to do. I
know my skill set. I know I started stand up late.
I know my skill set as an actor. I know
how to remember ninety pages of a script. I know
how to rehearse for a sitcom and in three days
I have to learn an entire script and put it
on his feet. I think I can do this where
I can. I can write a special and perform a
special and get it done in five months, six months,

and it'll be dope.

Speaker 1 (47:48):
Because I know story, and I know character, and I
know I know my voice now. And so they were
like you crazy.

Speaker 15 (47:54):
I said, I'm gonna do it. You just get to
a point where you just respect each other and go
all right. If you see it, then show me. And
I'm showing like this is my fifth special, fourth special
in eight years.

Speaker 1 (48:04):
Yeah, we got more with Marlon Wayans who we come back.
It's the Breakfast Club morning.

Speaker 8 (48:09):
Everybody we on the Breakfast Club and we have Marlon
Wayans here.

Speaker 1 (48:13):
Now. Charlamagne would say.

Speaker 2 (48:15):
You talked about donk here today? Yes, sir, what what
did doc say? He would be like, what are you
dealing with that grief? You know, because your parents has
passed away. You gotta put the lifts on it.

Speaker 1 (48:27):
And everything is good. But the's doing. But are you
dealing with the grief the right way? But are you
have you dealt with the grief?

Speaker 7 (48:34):

Speaker 15 (48:35):
You can't defend yourself, Charla Man, that was great, Thank
you me. Yeah, I'm dealing with the grief. Two therapy
sessions a week and you know, crying when I have to.
And and you know, I recently did a movie, a
Jordan Peel movie that comes out. It's called Him Coming out.
I can't talk about it right now. Well, Jordan Peel

will kill me like he does people in horror movies.
But I can't talk about it. But it's a great
movie and justin tipping the directors amazing. Tyreek Withers kills it.
Crue is insane, It looks beautiful. Everything about this movie
is like, I'm so blessed as an artist to have
this platform that is my therapy, whether it's telling jokes
on a stage or a lot of times as a comedian,

you take the things that hurt you and you throw
them inside a safe and you don't cry. You go,
what's funny about this? And you hold on to that
and you go on stage you tell these jokes. When
I go do dramas like doing bel Air and doing
him Bro. When I go in there and I open
that safe and I get to release all that pain.
Now my performances, man, they it's come crazy coming. It

is coming because it's multifaceted and it has depth life.
Pain has given me death, and God has given me
this platform besides doing the work in therapy. Because mental
health is important, people like go to your therapy prayer
knowing God like literally when I'm really hurting, I'm really lost.
My dad told me something before he passed. My dad

was Joe Witness. My dad always taught us God. My
father was like, if you ever miss me, or you
ever have a question, open up your Bible right there.
Any question you ever have, go ask God. If you
know my father, you will know your father. So whenever
I'm lost, opened up that book, man, my mother always said,
because she wasn't Joe Witness. My mother was like, yeah, yeah,

it's in the Bible. But God is in every book.
And whenever you want to find me, you open any
book and I'm there.

Speaker 1 (50:30):
And that's my mother. Like, now I can't even read
green eggs and ham. I smelled backwards.

Speaker 2 (50:37):
Ma, Now when did you realize you were getting old?
And I'll tell you when I realized you were getting old?

Speaker 1 (50:43):
When you did it? I'm sorry. I never realized I'm
getting old. This news to me? What's going on? I
look youngest, look young on my faces? Good.

Speaker 8 (50:51):
You did an interview and you said you're done with wild,
crazy sex. He got the point right now, He's like,
he's getting old, I'm done.

Speaker 1 (50:58):
Was that the point?

Speaker 3 (50:59):

Speaker 1 (50:59):
What was that point right there? Did you get a
hamstring pulled. No, I got a bulging disc and I
was just like this circus love. I ain't. I ain't
doing all that. I don't need to be up here
and I don't need to do it.

Speaker 11 (51:12):
Why your leg all?

Speaker 15 (51:14):
I want to?

Speaker 1 (51:15):
I don't, I don't. I'm serious.

Speaker 15 (51:16):
I'm got to the point in my life I really
want to netflix and chilling like, No, I don't want
to now, I'm gonna calling you over for that. I
want to watch the movie. I don't want you to
touch my penis. I just want to sleep.

Speaker 1 (51:28):
Is that good? Let's talk about the movie till I
go to sleep. But I don't. I don't want to
do all that. Yeah, I don't need to. I did it.

Speaker 15 (51:36):
I could do that like once a month. I have
a great session. But not everything. Just some people don't
know when to tap out.

Speaker 1 (51:43):
You keep looking for young people.

Speaker 15 (51:44):
Listen, you're gonna get to a point where you're gonna
be like, I don't want no young on me. I
want stretching me all out to be Damn. I just
want a little quick thing, smoke my new point and
go to bed. Yes, and I know you're doing a
special on your daughter. Yes, myself transitioning.

Speaker 1 (52:05):
Yep, yep, yep. Yeah, yeah, I'm still confused that myself.
I'd be like, so, but son, how was that in
the house because you play too much? Yes, oh, they
know what it is. They know what it is. They
know they know what it is. You never take it serious.
I can tell they like I'm transitioning and I could
just you got too many jokes to be serious. They

know what it is.

Speaker 15 (52:27):
Here's the thing, just like with everybody else, my sense
of humor. Everybody knows I come from a good place.
I'm not trying to bash, hurt. I'm not trying to exploit.
I'm not trying to sell tickets because of drama.

Speaker 1 (52:41):
I'm love. Have you ever known me to being beef
with people? I don't. I don't do all that. I
don't I don't do. I'm I'm love. My'm wired for love,
no matter.

Speaker 15 (52:50):
What the situation. I can talk to people. I beef
with Charlamagne. That the only time you try to get
me on Twitter and I got your ass. But we'll
talk about that another day, donkey. No, But I come
with love. My child they've been a part of their
dad's love. They know my sacrifice, they know how hard
I work. They know that I would do anything for them.

There's nothing they ever need for and they just trust
me and they know my dad loves me. And whats
most important is I support them.

Speaker 1 (53:21):
Now. I had a hard week, you know when this
was happening.

Speaker 15 (53:23):
I had one hard week of which I talked about
and that's the next special skittles that will be out
next right now, check out my special number.

Speaker 1 (53:32):
Four Good Grief on Amazon Prime only.

Speaker 3 (53:37):

Speaker 1 (53:37):
So, some people would be like this, I have one
more question. Damn.

Speaker 8 (53:41):
You know it's so many in your family that are
comedy legends. But thought about going on twarf and do
like a whole to work like you know all the.

Speaker 2 (53:50):
Way you guys together, like you know, so I won't
come up here, but everybody else just go on through
and like it could be like a whole big thing,
make a lot of money, and you know it could
be put on Matt Flick.

Speaker 1 (54:01):
You have a fund out that momy he roasted man
not being here.

Speaker 15 (54:07):
I'm kid a day, but yeah, one day I would
love to do. We me and Sean and Keenan actually
did a tour. We did a small run. We did
about maybe twenty cities and it was the four of us.
I would open do twenty minutes, then Sean would come
on do twenty. Keenan would come on and do twenty,
and then Damon would close with like twenty five to thirty,
and we got five and then afterward.

Speaker 1 (54:29):
We all go on the stage and let the audience
ask us questions.

Speaker 15 (54:32):
We got five standing ovations every show because I was like,
I'm gonna go out there and light this up. I
gotta start the show off, and I would get a
stand ovation in my first twenty and then Sean.

Speaker 1 (54:42):
Would be like, okay, stupid, I'll show you.

Speaker 15 (54:44):
And then Sean would get his standovation, and then keenanull
be like, okay, what should I do? And then Keene
get his standovation and Evil Damon, yeah, well, I'm gonna
add ten minutes to this and I'm gonna make the
audience feel like hes bomb. And then he would do
his and get his standovation, and then we we went
out and did we should have taped this? We should
have recorded because it was a classic moment. And then

they was like, I don't like splitting all this money.
I feel like Earth went in fire didn't make me die.

Speaker 1 (55:12):
I make more than all this I'm out and name
and left, and then Kanan was like too much traveling
from me. I'm gonna go get get money somewhere and
watch Netflix. And Sean.

Speaker 15 (55:25):
It was just me and Sean and we was just like, well,
you know, white chicks too, that's what we're gonna want. Yeah,
we're gonna definitely Now now you know everything, the dust
is settling. Now we're looking at them and going all right,
now it's time to We're gonna form vultrying to get
this together. Y'all about to see that because the world.
I realized that the world has slowed down, comedy has
slowed down, and the world needs our point of view

to be injected back into so we could learn to party,
learn to live, learn to laugh.

Speaker 1 (55:52):
Again at inappropriate things. Nothing like the nineties.

Speaker 15 (55:55):
Nineties we had Lemon Color, we had Martin, we had
Wayne's brothers, we had Prince. Everybody was making fun of
everything and we was having a lot of fun. And
we're gonna bring that back.

Speaker 1 (56:06):
Yeah. Absolutely. We appreciate you for always coming up here, man,
Thank you, thank you.

Speaker 15 (56:09):
Follow me on Instagram at Marlon Wayan uh in, Twitter
at malowyans or x. What does it call TikTok mala
Wayans and uh, thank y'all for always having me up here.
I appreciate you guys, and uh give the shout out
to Donk here today. Charlamagne, who didn't show up for
his brother's appearance. That's messed up.

Speaker 1 (56:28):
It's Marlon Wayans. It's the Breakfast Slo good morning, Good
morning everybody. It's Steve j n V.

Speaker 8 (56:34):
Jess hilarious, Charlamagne the guy. We are the Breakfast Club.
Let's get to Jess with the message needs.

Speaker 1 (56:39):
Is real weapons, clarience, Jessica Robber Moore, just don't.

Speaker 15 (56:42):
Do no lines, don't do that talk.

Speaker 1 (56:48):
Talk the world which jess world wise talk on the
Breakfast Club. She's the coaches Ship.

Speaker 4 (56:54):
She was able to get y'all to see something and
understand something that nobody could get you.

Speaker 1 (56:59):
To see this time to set it on.

Speaker 4 (57:02):
Thank you, Monique, Okay, Scarlet and beer, what's up? Scarlet
went live throwing subliminals about people being inspired by her
creativity and taking her flow.

Speaker 1 (57:13):
That's what she said. My music is fire. I'm creative,
my free styles fire. It's inspiring. People want to they
see my freestyles.

Speaker 2 (57:26):
They look at my birthplay and my catchiness, my catchy
phrases and my music, and they're trying to take it.

Speaker 1 (57:33):
That's the problem. And you doing that and posting it,
you're gonna see it, that's the problem. Like, are you.

Speaker 3 (57:45):

Speaker 1 (57:46):
That was Scarlett?

Speaker 4 (57:47):
Scar But people are speculating that she's talking about beer
because shortly after Bea shared her CARDI discs. That's when
she tweeted that, and she also tweeted, Yo, this girl
stole my whole world place.

Speaker 5 (58:00):
I'm gonna slap the is shot of her when I
see it. Get the foul.

Speaker 1 (58:03):
Scarlepi, scar you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 4 (58:06):
So, after Scarlet went live talking about people stealing her style,
Beers shared a video to her TikTok of her and
Scarlet singing BEA's new song together. The caption said, my
sis at Scarlet with the good vocals were ready, hashtag
lights out, hashtag bad boys because we know BEA's song
is the leading song.

Speaker 1 (58:25):
For the Bad Boys movie. Oh be a song? Yeah yeah, yea, yeah,
yah yeah, yep yep, So that's her new song.

Speaker 4 (58:30):
Fans and fans in the comments started saying, Scarlet look
crazy for Southern beer if she's actually cooler, But Scarlet
seemed to respond subliminately by tweeting some lyrics from Cardi's
verse on the one to be remixed, and then after
that she posted, I'd be so cute so I pose
for a picture. So it's definitely something there be with everybody.

Speaker 1 (58:49):
Now, I guess.

Speaker 2 (58:51):
The last thing you want to do is be for
two young ladies from the Bronx. Yeah, okay, Yeah, you
gotta scar from the Bronx.

Speaker 1 (58:57):
Yes, I think yes, but now I think she is.

Speaker 5 (59:00):
Yeah, but yo, I don't sink she's gonna say nothing
bad to her.

Speaker 1 (59:04):
Yeah, I wouldn't, yo.

Speaker 5 (59:06):
She had an Adrian Browner as soon as I see
I'm a smack.

Speaker 1 (59:09):
Yeah bagel somewhere Yeah yeah yeah, So okay, be an
egg and cheese.

Speaker 4 (59:15):
May, oh my god, stupid jelly Roll traveling issues. So
jelly Roll recently did an interview upon Jovie, Oh My
Love for a interview magazine. During the conversation, he spoke
on having problems booking an international tour because of his
criminal record. He said in quotes, It's funny America has
finally agreed to let me leave and give me a passport,

but some countries won't let me come because of my felonies.

Speaker 1 (59:40):
We're working on that.

Speaker 4 (59:41):
Jelly Roll has reportedly been to jail around forty times
for drug related charges. He was also arrested at sixteen
for aggravated a robbery and was tried as an adult.

Speaker 1 (59:50):
That's a lot of artists, though, a lot of hip
hop artists kids states. Yep. He's optimistic that this will
work out eventually.

Speaker 4 (59:56):
But like you said, it's a lot of rappers, other
rappers who have been denied entry to other countries because
of their criminal record.

Speaker 1 (01:00:02):
Damn Max Game, Lil Wayne COOLi old all of which of.

Speaker 8 (01:00:05):
Them, not particularly Black fifty Good. It was Tony Yayo
win Uncle Murder. I believe Fifth Good.

Speaker 1 (01:00:11):
I don't know why I let Uncle murder anyway. Have
been murder denied?

Speaker 4 (01:00:17):
Yeah, uncle, but I have been at at some point,
have been so yeah, we know fifty can go somewhere
now and beaten, but have been denied before.

Speaker 2 (01:00:26):
I bet you Uncle murder be fine. So he got
to give his aliases, He give his real name, be Cool,
But what's the aliases?

Speaker 1 (01:00:30):
Uncle murder?

Speaker 16 (01:00:34):

Speaker 3 (01:00:34):
Yo yo?

Speaker 1 (01:00:36):
Yeah, so you're bringing murder and drugs in our country.

Speaker 8 (01:00:38):
I don't know where he is, and you know Toronto's
probably one of the biggest ones. Toronto does not let
many people in it all on your record, Yeah, Toronto
is huge.

Speaker 1 (01:00:46):
With that turn you right back at the border. That's
all of them. Country is lost. You don't want to
let in g un it. You don't want to let
in jelly roll. That's your right.

Speaker 4 (01:00:53):
Bill Boards Hot does Women Rappers list. So Billboard they
created it first ever Hottest Female Rappers list. Now it's
important to note that they named this Hottest Rappers so hottest. Yes,
that's not best rappers, that's not of all time or
any specific decade.

Speaker 1 (01:01:09):
And this is what it is.

Speaker 4 (01:01:10):
Number one, Nicki Minaj, number two, Sexy Red number three,
Megan Stallion number four, Doja Cat number five, Ice Spice
number six, Littlerilla number seven, Cardi B number eight, Lotto
number nine, JT number ten, Flow Million.

Speaker 2 (01:01:26):
I don't mind that list because you know, if you
look at the criteria, says they cover the first six
months of twenty twenty four and their criteria is quality
of records, chart success, buzz within the culture, notable business endublas,
and touring success. So yeah, Nicki Minaj is on a
mean and in the fact he's on a worldwide arena.

Speaker 1 (01:01:46):
Just releasing the album a couple of months ago.

Speaker 2 (01:01:48):
I'm not mad at that sold out too. I probably
would have changed the top three just a little bit.
Nicki Sexity absolutely. I think I gotta put Dojie Cat
at three, and I have put Meg at four.

Speaker 1 (01:02:02):
Yeah. Well, I would have put Doja at two.

Speaker 7 (01:02:05):

Speaker 5 (01:02:05):
I would have put Nikki Doja Sexy.

Speaker 1 (01:02:09):
Yeah, I would have put Doja over Sexy because Doja's
on tour two.

Speaker 2 (01:02:12):
Yeah, Sexy is one of the biggest sexies records. Coach
Coach of Buzz is popping old club now, I would
leave Sexy number I'm not mad.

Speaker 1 (01:02:21):
I think Raft should have been on there somewhere.

Speaker 2 (01:02:23):
I think Ration should have been like number nine, number ten,
and I but my top five definitely would have been
consistent of Nikki number one, Sexy, Dojah, Megan and Gloriala.
That would have been top five, and Cardy would have
been six.

Speaker 1 (01:02:35):

Speaker 4 (01:02:36):
Yeah, Gloriala is six, Okay at the moment, right now
the moment, I'm look confused at being eight low low
on that list.

Speaker 1 (01:02:45):
Yeah, that's low.

Speaker 2 (01:02:46):
A lot of a lot of the low, but but
a lot of is not active, right, now you know
she got she got a project coming on that I
heard of. The I heard is amazing. So my man,
go Grizz. I saw go Grizz in the airport a
couple of weeks ago.

Speaker 4 (01:03:00):
And next hour, I have another list that's crazy and
may be offensive to some people. The top dirtiest cities
in America.

Speaker 2 (01:03:08):
So it's the list that ain't too bad to say,
top dirtiest people. Now that the top dirtiest looking people.
That list will get you.

Speaker 5 (01:03:16):
How somebody can even measure that? Like how can who
do you go before it?

Speaker 1 (01:03:20):
And be like, yeah, all right, you're number One's one
of the dirty being you put all heads together, I'm
sure come up with a number one.

Speaker 2 (01:03:29):
No, when we come back the next the next journey,
we're gonna talk about who's I'm dirty looking? Top ten
dirtiest looking people get a donkey too, man, Yeah, after
the hour, I need that dirty looking Corey Harris to
bring his after the front of the congregation. Now he
pissed me off, man, because this is exactly why I

wrote this book for people like him, grown ass adults
who be lying to theyself and then volunteering them lives
to other people. Okay, that's why I wrote, get on
at the die line. Corey Harris need to come back
to the front of the congregation. We would like to
have another word with him after we done tunk the
donkey back.

Speaker 1 (01:04:03):
You imagine tomorrow they say it was another clerical error.

Speaker 8 (01:04:10):
Donkey the day's up next, and don't forget just fix
my messes coming up right after. You can get on
the phone lines right now eight hundred five, eight five,
one oh five one. If you need just to fix
your mess you're having problems or whatever it may be,
caller up now.

Speaker 1 (01:04:22):
It's the Breakfast Club. Good morning, the Breakfast Club. Your
mornings will never be the same. Your execution on the
Donkey of the Day is something to go hold for you.

Speaker 5 (01:04:31):
The reason he gave me donkey other day and I
deserve that.

Speaker 1 (01:04:35):
You need to know.

Speaker 5 (01:04:36):
You need to tell them.

Speaker 1 (01:04:37):
I am you have the boy. Tell them it's time
for Donkey of the Day.

Speaker 2 (01:04:43):
It's a read.

Speaker 1 (01:04:44):
But you're so good at charlamage.

Speaker 4 (01:04:47):
You wants charlamadel Ma, who do you give a dusk
the other day to now?

Speaker 1 (01:04:53):

Speaker 2 (01:04:53):
Sexy red donkey to day for Thursday June six, goes
to Corey Harris before I give Corey Harris the final
boss credit he deserves for being stupid. I must take
back he hauls I gave to the Honorable Judge Cedric Simpson.

Speaker 1 (01:05:05):
Take it back, Eddie.

Speaker 2 (01:05:09):
I got a take back the one I gave to
the sagan Off Friend of the Court and the Secretary
of State of Michigan.

Speaker 1 (01:05:14):
Take it back for them too. Please.

Speaker 2 (01:05:18):
Basically everyone that Corey Harris lied on in regard to
his case of driving under a suspended license. Okay, I
can't believe we are here again. I gave Corey Harris
and the judge donkey. Then I took back Corey's donkey
and gave the judge he haw again, and added the
Saganaw Friend of the court, all because Corey lied.

Speaker 1 (01:05:38):
Now, if you've been following the timelines and you know
on May.

Speaker 2 (01:05:41):
Thirty, if I gave Corey Harris and Judge Cedric Simpson
donkey of the day because Corey was in virtual court
for driving with a suspended license, but he was on
the video.

Speaker 1 (01:05:50):
In the courtroom driving.

Speaker 2 (01:05:51):
Yes, I repeat, he was in virtual court for a
suspended license and he was on the video driving.

Speaker 1 (01:05:56):
Let's go to local news for for the original report.

Speaker 12 (01:05:58):
Police some court proceedings went on zoom. You really never
know what to expect, and this judge did not see
this coming.

Speaker 15 (01:06:06):
Mister Halas are you driving, Ashley, I'm pulling into my
doctor's office.

Speaker 1 (01:06:11):
Actually, just give me one second.

Speaker 12 (01:06:13):
You can see the shock on his face. Judge Cedric
Simpson nearly speechless. The defendant, Corey Harris, had a suspended license,
yet joined the court proceeding from behind the wheel. The
judge needed to get something straight.

Speaker 1 (01:06:26):
I'm looking at his record.

Speaker 10 (01:06:27):
He doesn't have a license, he's suspended, and he's just driving.

Speaker 1 (01:06:31):
That is correct, you're in.

Speaker 10 (01:06:32):
I don't even know why he would do that. So
defendant's bond is revoked. In this manner, defendant is turned
himself into the Washington kind of deal. By six pm
to day failure to turn himself in while we resulting,
the bench wearn't with.

Speaker 1 (01:06:44):
No bond sitting there looking stupid. That should have been it.

Speaker 2 (01:06:48):
By the way, now, the reason I gave the judge
donkey was because I felt you should have had some
sympathy for Corey, because when we thought Corey was telling
the truth, you know, he said he was going to
the doctor, and you can clearly see he has high
blood pressure, high colleft for all, probably a little bit
of diabetes and a whole lot of beetle juice around
the eyes. You know beetlejuice from the Howard Stern Show. Now,
Corey came back a couple of days ago and said
it was the court fault. Corey said he was actually

a victim of a clerical era and his suspension should
have been lifted two years ago.

Speaker 1 (01:07:14):
Liar, let's go to seven News Detroit for the report police.

Speaker 17 (01:07:16):
I was thinking about getting my wife medical help.

Speaker 3 (01:07:20):
Corey Harris said that's why he was behind the wheel
earlier this month when he appeared before District Court Judge
Cedric Simpson, who knew Harris was appearing on a charge
of driving while licensed suspended. We spoke to Harris by
phone today and he said the doctor wanted to see
his wife for some ongoing medical issues that had worsened.
Corey Harris was cited for driving while license suspended. He

said it was suspended for unpaid child support, but Harris
told us he thought his license had been reinstated.

Speaker 15 (01:07:48):
They was supposed to been lifted in two years ago,
but they didn't.

Speaker 3 (01:07:54):
In January twenty twenty two, a judge rescinded that suspension
on his license, but for some reason that information never
got to the Secretary of State.

Speaker 1 (01:08:04):
Is very embarrassing.

Speaker 6 (01:08:06):
And with the type of ties that I have with
the church, lying on the damn community is very embarrassing,
just just lying.

Speaker 2 (01:08:17):
I took back coreys he Haw and my diagnosis a
high blood pressure, high cholesterol in a little bit of diabetes.
Couldn't take back that I said he looked like beetlejuice
around eyes, because he really looks like beetlejuice around eyes.
But lo and behold, yesterday Corey Harris was in court
and because of the court appearance, he's right where he
needed to be at the moment, and that's jail because
Corey lied to us all for no reason.

Speaker 1 (01:08:37):
Let's go back to seven News Detroit for the report police.

Speaker 3 (01:08:40):
The judge came ready to set the record straight with
Corey Harris, who has claimed that he thought the suspension
on his driver's license was removed two years ago.

Speaker 1 (01:08:48):
That court and its friend of the Court did nothing wrong.

Speaker 10 (01:08:53):
His driving privileges were unsuspended in twenty twenty two.

Speaker 1 (01:08:58):
That required mister Harris to do something he didn't do.

Speaker 3 (01:09:02):
It The judge said Harris never paid his clearance fees
with the court or the Secretary of State to lift
the suspension.

Speaker 1 (01:09:09):
But that's not all. He has never had a Michigan
We asked Harris.

Speaker 3 (01:09:13):
Yesterday if he ever had a valid driver's license. He
claimed he didn't remember.

Speaker 1 (01:09:18):
You ever recall having one having a driver's license. I believe,
I don't know.

Speaker 6 (01:09:25):
I can't say yes.

Speaker 15 (01:09:27):
There was no error by anybody.

Speaker 1 (01:09:30):
It was a failure on the part of mister Harris
to do certain things that.

Speaker 7 (01:09:35):
He didn't take care of in an arbor Kimberly Craig,
seven News Detroit, trying not to say the word say
it now, do it now?

Speaker 1 (01:09:46):
It's just a phrase. He get one a week. I
get one a week. Yes, one day. Actually, Nigga's going
to nig Why.

Speaker 2 (01:09:54):
This is just a reminder for me after why I
wrote this new book, Shameless Plug, the national bestseller, Get
I Start Died Lining Why Small Talk Sucks, Available everywhere
you buy books now, Amazon, Barnes and Noble's Books Million Go.

Speaker 1 (01:10:05):
Get you a copy by the audiobook however you want
to consume it. I don't care. Just know that I
wrote this book for grown ass adults. Like Corey Harris, who.

Speaker 2 (01:10:11):
Lied to themselves and then volunteered those lies to other people.
Corey had zero reason to tell people that the coach
made an era. He had no reason to tell people
it's been hard for him at church because of this situation.
He volunteered all those lies and for what on the
zoom looking all crazy showing all his six the possibly
eight teeth, and now he's in jail.

Speaker 1 (01:10:31):
I hope you can get your stating for your cholesterol
in jail.

Speaker 2 (01:10:34):
Corey, Okay, you know you never paid your fees to
the clerk's office, all right, so a clearance was never sent.
And yes, in case you're wondering, in Michigan, a person
can have suspension on their driving record and also not
have a valid driver's license, And if that person was
able to obtain a driver's license, they would still not
have the privilege of driving until they cleared their suspensions.
Let me tell you something, man, I've said this to

you all before, and I will say it again. Stop
believing what you see online. That's a reminder of myself.
Nothing is real. I don't even know if this is real.
It's just the latest development. I don't know who said it, first,
but it was either Mark Twain or Denzel Washington, and
they said, if you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed.

Speaker 1 (01:11:15):
If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed.

Speaker 2 (01:11:17):
This is very true, but in twenty twenty four, we
need to say, if you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed.
If you read the newspaper, you're missing informed. But if
you get your news from the internet, let me inform
you that this news is probably a damn lie. Please
let Ringy mar give Corey Harris the biggest he huh.

Speaker 1 (01:11:33):
Hee ha he ha, You stupid motherfuck? Are you dumb?

Speaker 2 (01:11:38):
Look how easy it is for someone just to put
a narrative out there. Corey spun what we saw in
less than twenty four hours. The internet ran with the
fact he drove with a suspended license, and he came
out with the spind and the internet ran with that.

Speaker 1 (01:11:51):
And the judge said, no, all.

Speaker 2 (01:11:52):
Of y'all, run y'all asses right back to the courtroom
and let me tell you what's going on.

Speaker 1 (01:11:56):
And now run his ass back up to jail.

Speaker 4 (01:11:58):
But how does this even get pass? Like the courts like,
how do you? Because he went to traffic court, he
was going. So if he never had a license, how
was they ever even able to did he permit?

Speaker 15 (01:12:10):

Speaker 2 (01:12:10):
Like like I said, in Michigan, a person can have
a suspension on their driving record and also not have
a valid driver's license.

Speaker 1 (01:12:18):
I don't know that's weird, that is trained.

Speaker 8 (01:12:21):
I don't think the courts ever said anything. I think
just people just started spinning it. Yeah he started, Yeah.

Speaker 1 (01:12:27):
We listened to. So now he's back in jail, right
where he needed to be.

Speaker 5 (01:12:31):
So he's not even gonna hear you regive him done.

Speaker 1 (01:12:34):
Oh no, They hear me in the jails all the time,
all the jails out there. They hear me in the jails,
and they him online hear me in the jails. All right,
I gonna say they hear me in the jails.

Speaker 2 (01:12:42):
Okay, I can tell you. You know, I could say
something right now, but I'm not gonna say it because
I don't want that to happen. I could be like
this pinching. But when you walk by and say, liar,
all right, thank you for that down the other day,
this got stipid.

Speaker 1 (01:12:57):
Court and get his little butt pinched. Liar, all right,
up next, just fix my mess?

Speaker 3 (01:13:03):

Speaker 1 (01:13:04):
I feel your pants on fire. That's what the pinsion is.
I'm not telling you what the pinch is.

Speaker 2 (01:13:07):
But for no reason, a little butty pants on fire,
her pents on fire.

Speaker 8 (01:13:14):
Five one O five one. Just fix My Mess is next.
There's a lady named Carmel on the law line that
wants to talk to you. She's pregnant, Carmelo. Carmel is
her name. She's pregnant, but she got pregnant by a
married man. Oh no, and she wants to know what
to do.

Speaker 1 (01:13:28):
Okay, man.

Speaker 2 (01:13:29):
Ghost Face Killer got a new song on his album
called Plan B that's phenomenal that talks about that I'm
still all right, I prompt you, and he literally says
to the woman on them song, and you know I'm married.
It's been forty eight hours and you ain't took it yet.
We talk to Carmel when we come back. It's the
Breakfast Club. Good morning, the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (01:13:47):

Speaker 8 (01:13:48):
Everybody's the j n V. Jess, Hilarry, Charlamagne, the guy.
We are the Breakfast Club. It's time for Just Fix
My Mess and we have Carmel on the line. Carmel,
good morning, morning, and what's your question for Jess?

Speaker 18 (01:14:01):
Okay, Hey, Jessy, I want to be so much.

Speaker 14 (01:14:04):
I'm so happy to speak to you.

Speaker 1 (01:14:06):
Thank you. What's going on?

Speaker 18 (01:14:09):
Okay, So I'm almost three months pregnant and I miss
this guy. In January, I didn't know that he had
a wife, and so we got into the relationship want
to talk in and like he would actually call ourselves
falling in love. Now he's telling me he don't want
the baby, he don't want to be with me, and
he's respecting.

Speaker 14 (01:14:30):
Me to have an abortion. I'm torn between the two
because like.

Speaker 18 (01:14:32):
I don't want to have a baby by marry man
and he don't want to be with me, But at
the same time, I want to keep my baby.

Speaker 14 (01:14:39):
So I really just don't know what to do.

Speaker 1 (01:14:41):

Speaker 5 (01:14:41):
Okay, So when you found out that he how did
how did you find out.

Speaker 1 (01:14:45):
He was Mark? Did he end up telling.

Speaker 18 (01:14:46):
Yeah, he told me what was going on, and he
didn't want to keep lying to me and he didn't
want to keep it from me, So yeah, he told me,
and I was sick, Like I was sick about the
situation because you could have called me back from the beginning,
and I would You could have gave me the option
to divide if I want to still deal with you,
but you can give me that option.

Speaker 14 (01:15:03):
You let me fall in love with you.

Speaker 5 (01:15:05):
Yeah, how long were y'all into the relationship when.

Speaker 1 (01:15:07):
He told you he was married?

Speaker 14 (01:15:09):
About six months?

Speaker 1 (01:15:10):
Damn? So you were already pregnant or no? No, I
was not right.

Speaker 4 (01:15:14):
So you proceeded to still have sex with a married man,
act that he told you whether he was falling for
him or not, you know, because you got pregnant. The
truth of the matter is you got pregnant after he
told you that he was married. So did he ever
say he was gonna leave her or whatever? Regardless of
any of that.

Speaker 1 (01:15:29):
He's married.

Speaker 4 (01:15:30):
And I've been through a similar situation. I found out
after I was dating a guy, but I left right
after I figured.

Speaker 1 (01:15:38):
Out he was married. So it just is what it is.

Speaker 5 (01:15:40):
You know, I talked to the wife all of that everything.

Speaker 1 (01:15:44):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 9 (01:15:45):
I did not.

Speaker 4 (01:15:46):
I'm not comparing me to you, you know what I'm saying.
But after they make it known that they married, Yeah,
you you have to dip first of all. It's yeah,
your dignity and who you are as a woman.

Speaker 5 (01:15:57):
You know, now you pregnant and Haidt wonted told you that.

Speaker 18 (01:16:00):
Yeah, he's making it very clear. He's telling me to
make appointments with the bortion clinic, called him and see
he's gonna give me the money for it and everything.

Speaker 5 (01:16:08):
And I'm just like wow, because you think you meant
more to him? Huh, Yeah, I really did.

Speaker 1 (01:16:13):
Yeah you did.

Speaker 4 (01:16:15):
It's what you know, before you became a liability, you did,
you met more to him.

Speaker 5 (01:16:20):
He never planned to leave his wife. He planning to
have fun with you and have you.

Speaker 4 (01:16:25):
You know, it's this fun little side piece, you know,
little girlfriend on the side. But a baby is something
different that that's a bigger commitment. And he already got
that at home. And that's crazy.

Speaker 1 (01:16:35):
It's like, I understand with his wife.

Speaker 18 (01:16:39):
He don't have with his wife. So he's like okay.
At first, just at first, it was oh, yeah, okay,
well we're gonna do this and that and the third
and then now it's oh, I don't financial emotions and
all kind of stuff's gonna come into play and what
I'm gonna tell my wife. And I'm like, you knew
this beforehand, Like you knew all of this beforehand. We
discussed this of the possibilities of what can happen.

Speaker 4 (01:17:02):
Yeah, I totally understand. But you knew before you got
pregnant that he was married, you know, Yeah I did.

Speaker 1 (01:17:10):

Speaker 4 (01:17:11):
So I can't tell you to keep all get rid
of your baby because you're gonna keep that baby anyway,
But I think you should consider the child and what
life will look like for the child and not just
you and this man. Definitely weigh all your options, but
think of your child first.

Speaker 1 (01:17:29):
Depend in abortion might not even be accessible over her now,
she go to any state and get it done. But
how you mean she can go to anything and get
it done. She cannot, She can't, but she can go
to the state that allows, depending what she had, but
may not be accessible. And how old we can fly
out house somewhere? How old are and how old is he?
What state you in?

Speaker 18 (01:17:50):
I'm in Florida, Jacksonville.

Speaker 1 (01:17:52):
I think does severely restricted? Severely restricted? How far are you?
You're almost three months?

Speaker 6 (01:18:00):

Speaker 4 (01:18:00):
I mean, like I said, I'm not for telling anybody
to get rid of their child or keep their child,
because you're gonna do what you want to do, as
you should, but just think of what life would be
like for that child.

Speaker 5 (01:18:12):
And I'm very disgusted at him as well. You know
what I'm saying. But I'm disappointed in you as well, almost.

Speaker 18 (01:18:22):
In myself too, Like, don't think that I'm just I'm
definitely not okay with this.

Speaker 1 (01:18:27):
Sure, how long were you with him?

Speaker 14 (01:18:29):
Only six months?

Speaker 18 (01:18:30):
Like I've only known the man.

Speaker 2 (01:18:33):
I'd like the record to show that abortion is while
abortion is illlegal in the state of Florida, but it's
severely restricted and they have abortion bands.

Speaker 1 (01:18:40):
After six weeks. Yeah, so that's what I got for you, babe.
But yeah, you got it.

Speaker 4 (01:18:48):
You gotta leave that man alone though, either way, no
matter what you do, like, you gotta leave that alone
because he already showed you that. Not that you're not
more important than him than his wife, so not important
to him.

Speaker 1 (01:19:00):
You're probably gonna you say that you're looking at him.

Speaker 18 (01:19:03):
He don't need to.

Speaker 3 (01:19:06):

Speaker 18 (01:19:06):
He don't need to call on me.

Speaker 5 (01:19:08):
And you twenty six, you know you're twenty sixty thirty four?

Speaker 13 (01:19:11):
He nah?

Speaker 1 (01:19:12):
You nah? Nah? What do you do you work?

Speaker 18 (01:19:15):
Yes, I'm a traveler.

Speaker 5 (01:19:17):
You're traveling. Say it again, na, girl, Yeah, you you
got things going on.

Speaker 1 (01:19:23):
You're good. You live by yourself?

Speaker 14 (01:19:25):

Speaker 21 (01:19:25):
I do?

Speaker 18 (01:19:26):
And so in like I'm never home and so when
I am home, I'm spending time with him, and I
never understand how he's away from her.

Speaker 14 (01:19:34):
But it's crazy.

Speaker 4 (01:19:36):
Yeah, that that ain't for you to understand or trust me.
Men got magically forty eight hours in one day to cheat.
I'm telling you, if we only had ten hours a day,
they will find another, you know, some time to cheat.

Speaker 1 (01:19:48):
So no, you got a lot going on, and you're.

Speaker 4 (01:19:51):
Already not home now, and you know, how would life
think again, how would life be for this child?

Speaker 5 (01:19:57):
You're right, you know, good luck call mel Yeah, good luck, babe,
thank y'all, no problem.

Speaker 2 (01:20:02):
And she called it like thank y'all for nothing. Pretty much,
can have no advice. Just six But I'm still stuck.
I'm in a state that is severely restricting abortions. Okay
to bortion bands after six weeks? What am I gonna do?

Speaker 1 (01:20:17):
Well, that's honestly, because she really she do want to
keep it and she should.

Speaker 8 (01:20:21):
Eight hundred five eight five one o five one. Just
fix my mess when we come back. A gentleman uh
needs help telling his wife that he doesn't want to
do an on anymore. What we'll talk about it when.

Speaker 1 (01:20:33):
We come back. Good morning.

Speaker 8 (01:20:35):
Everybody is dj Envy, Jess, Larry CHARLAMAGNEA God, we are
the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (01:20:41):
We got Brian on the line, Brian.

Speaker 17 (01:20:42):
Good morning's going on?

Speaker 14 (01:20:44):

Speaker 1 (01:20:45):
We can hear you, Brian.

Speaker 17 (01:20:46):
All right, So long story short, I just want to
know if you let your wife start playing around back
there and now you actually like it, she doesn't like
how much you like it. I think that her.

Speaker 5 (01:21:03):
How do you tell her you don't want her to
do it anymore?

Speaker 1 (01:21:06):
I do tell her that you actually like Oh, how
do you tell her that you actually do like it?

Speaker 17 (01:21:11):

Speaker 5 (01:21:13):
Just tell us she been doing it so you can
like it. I'm as summon, right.

Speaker 17 (01:21:17):
Yeah, but it's kind of like I'm more like excited.

Speaker 4 (01:21:22):
Like that's a necessity in the bedroom. Like at first,
so at first you wasn't with it, and then she
kept pegging you kept you know, getting getting packed.

Speaker 1 (01:21:30):
What is she doing? Is she playing with with it?

Speaker 3 (01:21:33):

Speaker 1 (01:21:33):
What is she doing?

Speaker 17 (01:21:34):
She turned out with one finger.

Speaker 1 (01:21:39):
Okay, and gradually went through it. Is it a peg?
Like other objects of just a question message?

Speaker 14 (01:21:49):
I was.

Speaker 1 (01:21:50):
All I did was quote the man here he goes.

Speaker 17 (01:21:52):
It's just a little you know finger.

Speaker 4 (01:21:55):
Now I'm like, but now you want it all the time,
because that an area of sensation as well for a
woman or man.

Speaker 5 (01:22:03):
So yeah, you want to let her know that you
like it. And now she can't stop.

Speaker 1 (01:22:09):
That's right, she's throwing up signs in that bookie, So
that's what she wants, that's what you want, how to know?

Speaker 17 (01:22:18):
Yeah, I think I just have to go and have that.

Speaker 1 (01:22:20):
Though nobody to be just but out. They're not taking
you seriously, trying to give you advice, and you know
he get objects in his butt all the time.

Speaker 4 (01:22:31):
Yeah, but I honestly really felt like you should just
talk to and tell her this is something that that
she opens you up to and that and that you
like it.

Speaker 9 (01:22:40):
You know.

Speaker 1 (01:22:41):
So if do you think she's gonna leave because you
like it a little too much?

Speaker 17 (01:22:45):
I would never really at first. Yeah, it's like talking
about do.

Speaker 1 (01:22:54):
Yeah, you ain't gay. It's a woman doing it to you.

Speaker 8 (01:23:02):
Man, So Brian, act like Jess as your wife, and
how would you have that conversation?

Speaker 1 (01:23:05):
Go, well, you are.

Speaker 17 (01:23:06):
Stupid, Get hold I got it up at the door.
It's kind of like.

Speaker 4 (01:23:14):
Up daddy making ro okay, okay, Well I just think
I just think it's something sexual that's you and your
wife or your girl, you and your wife.

Speaker 5 (01:23:23):
There are men out here who actually really do like that.

Speaker 4 (01:23:27):
And if you're married and that's something that you like
and you wasn't with it before, but your wife turns
you on some type of way to it, be honest
with It'll be like, yeah, now you got me open.
Now you got me wanting to literally know it is
what it is. So just be honest. I'm not thinking
you gay.

Speaker 1 (01:23:40):
I don't care. You ain't my husband. I was just saying,
we don't, no, and that's it's the kink.

Speaker 4 (01:23:45):
And then and then your butthole is very much a
place of sensation, said, yeahs.

Speaker 1 (01:23:52):
The sensation is like we have, we had plenty of
men who are open to that. You ain't gotta be gay.
You ain't gay, right, you ain't getting right.

Speaker 5 (01:24:01):
So it's possible to love butthole pleasures without being gay.

Speaker 1 (01:24:06):
B let's go. I just had all and remember man,
objects in your wrists seem closer than they up here.
I hate this, had a real place to do that

on my session, professional help. And you're joking. I'm just joking.
Ain't nothing wrong with that?

Speaker 5 (01:24:31):
That's your know you tombo to what you what else
do you like? To put up dead, like what's wrong.

Speaker 2 (01:24:37):
With your Ain't nothing wrong with that. That's your wife.
It's no king shaming. That's what you'all you do in
the bedroom. God bless, that's right. Charlam had been there before.

Speaker 1 (01:24:45):
Don't you know what? He called them people for a
wife that ain't.

Speaker 4 (01:24:47):
Nothing to ask like, that's he just wanted to know
because he wanted to know, like, Yo, does that make
me gay?

Speaker 1 (01:24:52):
Because I do like it? And his pride mom he
said something about Atlanta to Yeah.

Speaker 4 (01:24:58):
He was like yo, because he be thinking like, oh
my god, with all this going on these days, he like,
there's no way I'm gay. I just wanted he wanted
that clarification, like does that make me gay? Because I'm
starting to like the butthole playing text relations.

Speaker 1 (01:25:13):
Yes, that's your wife. But you know the world that
we live in, we got men going crazy.

Speaker 9 (01:25:19):

Speaker 5 (01:25:19):
He probably like, Yo, I'm gay, but I'm not. So
he had to get clarification.

Speaker 1 (01:25:24):
Just remind yourself.

Speaker 5 (01:25:26):
In the gayest morning show, he called that is not true.

Speaker 1 (01:25:29):
It is not the Gas Morning Show. Yeah right, it
was dreat is right down the hall. Just fix my mess.

Speaker 8 (01:25:33):
Eight hundred and five eighty five one O five one
and don't forget uh in less than thirty minutes. We
also reprogade, so one gay day, right, but why the
hell did you?

Speaker 1 (01:25:42):
Did you see what he did?

Speaker 2 (01:25:43):
Because it's a no rewinded tape back he goes in
less than thirty minutes.

Speaker 1 (01:25:46):
We also reprogate, like, why would you would you do that?
Play that big tape back and watch.

Speaker 10 (01:25:53):
What he did.

Speaker 4 (01:25:54):
I didn't rock, you did get a little a little rock,
you got comfortable in seed.

Speaker 1 (01:26:00):
But now during Privy Repergay to Day, yes we did.

Speaker 4 (01:26:03):
We're celebrating one gay day. Yes, and I'm gonna have
the gay for you when you come back.

Speaker 8 (01:26:08):
And let's than thirty minutes, so keep a lot as
the breakfast Clove, good board, it the breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (01:26:16):
Good morning everybody. It's dj n V. Just Hilarius Charlamage
the guy. We are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to
Jess with the mess. News is real. Whether it's just Hilarius,
just ca Robin Moore, just don't do no lines, don't
do nobody. Why Jess worldwide mess on the Breakfast Club.

She's the coaches ship.

Speaker 4 (01:26:39):
She was able to get y'all to see something and
understand something that.

Speaker 1 (01:26:43):
Nobody could get you to see this time to set
it off.

Speaker 4 (01:26:47):
Okay, So, woman declared dead found still breathing. A seventy
four year old woman named Constance Glance.

Speaker 1 (01:26:53):
Was is it something I was playing? It sounded like right, yeah,
I don't hear no more.

Speaker 4 (01:26:59):
Oh okay, because I'm used to have one that's your
pregnancy is no, it's now something college it was?

Speaker 1 (01:27:05):

Speaker 4 (01:27:06):
So, a seventy four year old woman named Constance Glance
was pronounced dead at her nursing home, and we have
the news report a four.

Speaker 21 (01:27:13):
Year old woman who was initially pronounced dead but later
found to be breathing has passed away. The Lancaster County
Sheriff's Office says Constant Glance died around four pm yesterday
after being taken to a local hospital. LSO is now
investigating how Glance's body had contact with multiple individuals after
being declared debat. So far, they don't believe the funeral
home is at fault and we're just doing their job.

Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon has ordered an autopsy on Glance,
which could take up to twelve weeks to fulfill.

Speaker 4 (01:27:43):
This is the crazy thing, okay, So our body was
sent to a funeral home, but two hours later they
discovered that she was still breathing. So at the funeral,
at the app at the funeral hoes and they performed CPR,
rushed to the hospital where they declared her dead for
the second time.

Speaker 1 (01:27:57):
Like she went dead. She's reading that she died again.
So probably was like, why y'all rushing me? I'm going
just leaving.

Speaker 4 (01:28:03):
Yeah, but no, but when you plan well not not
she was playing, but it was just like she died,
came back to life and then she.

Speaker 1 (01:28:11):
She taking her time.

Speaker 4 (01:28:12):
She'll get there when she get there, Yeah, I know,
but they have to. But they had to rush her,
like to the hospital to see if they could revive her.
If you if you dead at first and now you
like cyc them back, like you know what I'm saying,
We don't know.

Speaker 2 (01:28:23):
Clearly God did not want her to be revived, and
she may not ever want to be revived either. Imagine
that you die, then you wake back up and you're
like no, no, no, no, send me back, and.

Speaker 1 (01:28:32):
Then they can think that she planning past them, like
they don't know. They have to see, you know, they
have to revive her. They can't just leave it like that.

Speaker 8 (01:28:38):
I wonder how many times that actually happens, though, somebody
that they think is dead and they sent them and
then they realize it's not.

Speaker 1 (01:28:43):
I don't know if that happens often. I don't know.
God bless her. Yeah, God she gone now like it's done.
She's a better place. Oh you said, okay, God bless her.

Speaker 4 (01:28:54):
Police did clarify that the corner was not sent to
the nursing home that she was at because she was
in a nursing home before, and she was receiving hospice care.

Speaker 1 (01:29:02):
You know, so n home since she was dead.

Speaker 4 (01:29:04):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the situation didn't require a corner
to perform an examination because when you go to hospice,
that's basically the last pace you go before.

Speaker 1 (01:29:12):
You on, you know what I mean.

Speaker 4 (01:29:14):
And then the physician reportedly had seen Glance in the
last seven days and was apparently willing to sign her
death certificates, so they may have seen her condition and
was like, okay, all right, so we are you know,
willing to sign you know, so you know, seventy four
that's actually young, that's young, that's not Yeah, did you work?

Speaker 2 (01:29:34):
I did?

Speaker 4 (01:29:34):
I did work in the funeral home, I did, I like, no, no, no, no,
It's just that the bodies were still moving depending on
how much in balming fluid that you put in certain limbs,
like the body still move, and I just never came
back like bodies still hard, like they can birth, like
the body gases can release from the body.

Speaker 5 (01:29:54):
You like how you did and you think like you farting,
you know, But that's that's another story.

Speaker 4 (01:29:59):
That's Sean Kingson, spotted at his home in Florida following
his release from jail.

Speaker 1 (01:30:05):
Y'all, look, I've seen that picture.

Speaker 2 (01:30:08):
Crazy look like he looked like Saucy Santana after Saucy
Tantana get home and take his bro off.

Speaker 1 (01:30:15):
He is built like somebody on y'all. Look at that.
He looks like on a little bit, look like a
big ass plant.

Speaker 15 (01:30:22):
But that.

Speaker 1 (01:30:25):
I'm glad, like glad that he's on. But that is
so funny.

Speaker 2 (01:30:29):
Satish Santana took a picture underwear, Like where did that
picture come from?

Speaker 1 (01:30:35):
I don't know, but he's clearly outside. Boy.

Speaker 17 (01:30:37):
You know who you are?

Speaker 2 (01:30:38):
Him, Saucy him and Saucy and big sexy. You need
to form a group called the Big Max. No, no,
you are so dumb him today.

Speaker 4 (01:30:47):
He is serious to they always catching him and his mother.
His mother had a wig when she they captured her
and then they caught him.

Speaker 1 (01:30:56):
She needed why are you outside like that? That's outside
your house? Show you want to show sheep?

Speaker 5 (01:31:09):
Okay, no, So let's get to these dirty cities.

Speaker 4 (01:31:12):
Okay, yeah, yeah. So number one is Houston, Texas. Number two. Yeap,
I said Houston.

Speaker 1 (01:31:19):
That's what they said.

Speaker 4 (01:31:20):
Is listen a study, a recent study done by lawn
Starter named Houston the dirtiest city in the United States,
with Newark.

Speaker 1 (01:31:26):
Coming in second. Newark is beautiful.

Speaker 4 (01:31:30):
We didn't say it's not beautiful. It's a lot of
beautiful dirty bitches walking around with.

Speaker 1 (01:31:36):
Trade of truth.

Speaker 2 (01:31:36):
Is always clean enough in Houston, though. So there might
be something that's one man, but that's a storm store
that not from dirt.

Speaker 1 (01:31:46):
He named one. He is he always cleaning up.

Speaker 5 (01:31:51):
I just imagine him on the highway picking up cups, like,
what are you talking about?

Speaker 1 (01:31:56):
Number three?

Speaker 4 (01:31:56):
San Bernardino, California, Number four, Detroit, Michigan, Number five, Jersey City,
New Jersey, number six, Bakersfield, California, Number seven, San Antonio, Texas,
Number eight, Fresno. Kelly nine Oklahoma City, ten Yonkers, New York,
eleven Shreveport, Louisiana. Hey, go ahead, say fifty cent cleaning up.

Number twelve New York, New York.

Speaker 1 (01:32:22):
I agree.

Speaker 4 (01:32:23):
Number thirteen Birmingham, Alabama, fourteen Ontario, fifteen Los Angeles. I
don't even know what it is. At number sixteen, Modesto.
We're gonna skip the California one. It's my bad, y'all.
But number eighteen Hollywood, Florida. Number nineteen is Las Vegas,
and twenty is Fort Lauderdale, Miami.

Speaker 1 (01:32:40):
I don't even Fort Lauderdale defined dirty. Yeah, what makes
what makes them think of city is dirty?

Speaker 4 (01:32:45):
Okay, it's because it's it's based on pollution, living conditions, infrastructure,
and customer satisfaction.

Speaker 1 (01:32:51):
New York is dirty.

Speaker 2 (01:32:53):
It's disgusting, especially for all the money that people spend here, Yeah,
and tolls and tickets and everything else.

Speaker 8 (01:33:00):
And just drive across a bridge in New York. Just
look how nasty, disgusting and dirty and how filthy it is.
New York is filthy.

Speaker 2 (01:33:05):
That is true because there's certain cities you go to.
It's like, man, this looks clean, Like Charlotte looks clean. Dallas,
Texas looks clean. You know those places actually look clean.

Speaker 1 (01:33:13):
Orlando looks very clean. It depends where you are.

Speaker 4 (01:33:17):
Okay, but y'all, I'm gonna tell you one thing. Bottomore
City wasn't on that list.

Speaker 1 (01:33:22):
Oh yeah, how you know that?

Speaker 6 (01:33:24):
No, it's not.

Speaker 1 (01:33:25):
Don't have a player with my city late that that's
just what the ma.

Speaker 8 (01:33:28):
All right, thank you, jess up. Next we got the
People's Choice mixed. I gotta remind you, guys. August seventeenth,
my cast show comes back to New York, New Jersey.
I wanted to clean the cities, as they say, well,
well halfway clean. And of course it's a family fun day.
You just said New York, New York.

Speaker 1 (01:33:44):
It is live. It is live for no reason. But
this part of New Jersey is very clean. Okay, it's Secaucus,
New Jersey, which is right down the street, so they
dirty too. Kids five and under are free. Of course
we do. It's a family fun day.

Speaker 8 (01:33:58):
We have rides, games, obstacle courses for the kids, food trucks.
We have amazing food in every car you could possibly
imagine with celebrity carts. And also, if you haven't got
your tickets, early bird tickets are still available can't wait
to see you guys.

Speaker 1 (01:34:11):
Let's jump into the mix the Breakfast Club. Your mornings
will never be the same morning, everybody.

Speaker 8 (01:34:17):
It's j NV, Just Hilarius, Charlamagne the guy. We are
the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (01:34:22):
Now. Every day it is Pride Month. We reprogate a
day and every day is not Pride months.

Speaker 8 (01:34:27):
I'm sorry this day, this month, every day, this month,
every day Pride month. This month is Pride month, and
we reprogate a day.

Speaker 4 (01:34:34):
What we got today, we got Chicago's own my girl
Flame Unrow. She's a comedian, hostess, EMC and actor with
more than two decades honding the art of a female
impersonator across the country. The most challenging role has been
a single parent to three academically gifted and creative children.
Flame describes it as an AM dad, PM drag I

Love Her. Flame has been featured and and Had They
Ready stand up comedy series, which her episode received an
Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Director for a Variety Series.

Speaker 5 (01:35:08):
She also was on Deaf comedy jam b ET's Comic
View with JB.

Speaker 4 (01:35:12):
Smooth, and currently she has a podcast on Charlemagne's Black
Effect Podcast network called Laugh and learn Happy Pride month.

Speaker 8 (01:35:20):
Flame, Salute to Flame. All right, when we come back.
We got the positive notes, so don't move.

Speaker 1 (01:35:25):
It's the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 8 (01:35:26):
Good morning morning, everybody, get sej Envy, Jess, hilarious, Charlamagne,
the Goud. We are the Breakfast Club again. I just
want to salute to everybody that supported the car show.
I just want to say thank you again. I can't
wait to see you guys August seventeenth. Bring the family out,
your kids, grandparents, it doesn't matter who it is, your parents.

Speaker 1 (01:35:43):
We have a lot of fun. It's a family day.
My whole family is dead, you know.

Speaker 8 (01:35:46):
I got the whole family, six kids, nanny, mom, dad,
everybody comes through. So we just have a great time.
So I can't wait to see you guys this year. Now, Charlamagne,
you got a positive note.

Speaker 3 (01:35:56):
I do.

Speaker 2 (01:35:56):
But first I want to tell y'all in New York
City tonight, I will be at the Scran Bookstore at
seven pm with the good sister Ivy Rebera Okay, she
will be moderating that conversation man seven pm tonight at
the Strand Bookstore in New York.

Speaker 1 (01:36:10):
And I want to tell Maryland that.

Speaker 2 (01:36:11):
On Saturday I'll be at the Books of Million and
what is it just Arundel Arrondo, Arrondo Mills. I'll be
at Arrondo Mills and Handover Maryland at two pm at
the Booksimillion on Saturday, So go to whysmalltalksucks dot com
to get tickets for that. And I'll be in La
on June fourteenth at the Barnes and Noble at the
Grove at seven pm. So those are my last few

dates on this first run of the tour Man, So
go to why Small talksucks dot com.

Speaker 1 (01:36:37):
To get your tickets. Now in Vegas, I thought you's
a Vegas. I moved on to Vegas. I'm just gonna
do press that day instead of going to Vegas.

Speaker 5 (01:36:44):
And this weekend I will be at the City Winery
in New York, New York.

Speaker 1 (01:36:48):
Get your ticket y'all.

Speaker 4 (01:36:49):
This Saturday and this Sunday, June eighth and Junior nine,
I had three shows. We got one on Sunday because
I gotta be back here Monday morning early this seky
on radio. But June's eight on Saturday, we got two shows,
So make sure you get your tickets at at just
hilarious official dot com.

Speaker 1 (01:37:05):
That's right, but the positive notice simply this.

Speaker 2 (01:37:08):
A lie can destroy a relationship in a second, but
it can take a lifetime to rebuild the trust.

Speaker 1 (01:37:13):
Remember that all you've grown ass and don't liars out there.
Cut it out, breakfast club fits. Y'all finish or y'all done.

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