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Speaker 1 (00:03):
It's important.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
We got one of the biggest things in American.

Speaker 3 (00:07):
Culture, like us, thank everybody.

Speaker 2 (00:11):
The Breakfast Club, want to shake it.

Speaker 1 (00:12):
Up the like CRUs Breakfast Club family Guy.

Speaker 2 (00:17):
Just hilarious.

Speaker 1 (00:18):
I'm the wild car and Charlemagne the God.

Speaker 4 (00:21):
I'm a lovable lab.

Speaker 5 (00:24):

Speaker 6 (00:24):
I'm loving that energy up there right now.

Speaker 1 (00:27):
Sometimes you gotta pop out. This shows then.

Speaker 7 (00:28):
Now let's begin. Good morning Usa yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo.

Speaker 1 (00:39):
Just hilarious. Good morning, Charlamagne the Guy.

Speaker 8 (00:42):
Peace to the planet is Tuesday.

Speaker 1 (00:46):
Yes, it's Tuesday.

Speaker 4 (00:48):
Somebody got their head done for Chris Brown last night.

Speaker 9 (00:51):
This is a wig and somebody lost their somebody lost
their voice for Chris Brown last night.

Speaker 4 (00:57):
Why do y'all do that?

Speaker 2 (00:58):

Speaker 7 (00:58):
Y'all know, y'all, y'all know you can't here.

Speaker 10 (01:01):
What are you talking about?

Speaker 4 (01:02):
Who you singing loud?

Speaker 10 (01:03):
For myself?

Speaker 7 (01:04):

Speaker 10 (01:04):
Yeah, Well not singing to you, Chris Brown.

Speaker 4 (01:07):
Well guess what you speak for a living now?

Speaker 1 (01:10):
And I mean.

Speaker 9 (01:13):
Like that sometime tellings like that sometime it was a concert.

Speaker 10 (01:16):
It was good. It was fun. It was amazing.

Speaker 11 (01:19):
It was some stars and hours just voice please fabulous Monica.

Speaker 10 (01:24):
Monica's daughter came out me. I was there. It was amazing.

Speaker 1 (01:29):
He looked out, he saw me.

Speaker 7 (01:30):
He was like, oh you can congratulations.

Speaker 10 (01:33):
On a baby.

Speaker 1 (01:35):
Oh that's dope.

Speaker 10 (01:37):
It was the song but he was singing from Oh yeah.

Speaker 2 (01:41):

Speaker 9 (01:41):
Everybody said the show was amazing, said it's one of
the best shows they seen this year. That his performance
is dancing and singing, they said, everything.

Speaker 10 (01:46):
Production, Yeah, it was amazing.

Speaker 1 (01:51):
Man. Hello, what's the lucid? Chris Brown?

Speaker 4 (01:56):
In the morning? That's how flame? Probably not in the morning?

Speaker 10 (01:58):
Flame sound like a man, just sound like I gotta
ever think you?

Speaker 1 (02:03):
Oh my god.

Speaker 9 (02:04):
Well, miss comedian Miss Patt will be joining us. We're
gonna kick it with Miss Patton a little bit.

Speaker 4 (02:08):
Speaking of women who sound like man, Miss Pat will
be here.

Speaker 2 (02:11):
What are you.

Speaker 1 (02:11):
Talking on this morning? You all on this morning? Jesus?

Speaker 8 (02:16):
That'll be here season four the Miss Patt Show is
starting soon, that's right, and season two of.

Speaker 9 (02:20):
The Judge Show. What's the Judge Show? Miss Pat settles it,
Miss Pat sells it? Yes, yes, So we'll be kicking
with Miss Patten a little bit and you know what,
you know, we always talk about trade schools, right, and
how important trade schools are, and sometimes we always say that, hey,
college might not be the answer for you might want
to look at trade schools, sou to Lincoln Tech. You
know what without last night my air conditioning, my robe.
You know what I call the h VAT guy. You

know who came last night, the age vac guy. You
know who charged me in on the leg, the age
vac guy.

Speaker 7 (02:45):
Because I needed it.

Speaker 4 (02:46):
As he should, right as he should.

Speaker 9 (02:48):
That's why, you know, we should always look at trade
schools because those are jobs that sometimes people forget about,
but those are the ones that people need regardless about.

Speaker 8 (02:55):
Those get about trade school and all of us youse
plumbing every day, all of us, you electricity every day,
all of us use back every day, a drive, healthcare
like healthcare, healthcare, or a nurse, right nurse Okay, yeah, yeah,
I don't.

Speaker 4 (03:08):
I don't know how you can ever forget about trades.

Speaker 8 (03:10):
We literally, literally those people make our lives easier every
single day.

Speaker 9 (03:16):
Yeah, because it was hot, it was hot, it was hot.
Conditioning though, No ES Central.

Speaker 10 (03:23):
Oh gonna say what conditioning?

Speaker 1 (03:27):
No, it's central, Es Central it's like Central.

Speaker 7 (03:29):
So she was like, it went on my room.

Speaker 1 (03:31):
It was a different zones.

Speaker 9 (03:32):
Takeow and you know what you get out of Baltimore.

Speaker 1 (03:36):
Yo, let's get the show cracking.

Speaker 9 (03:38):
We got front page news when we come back, ball
and would will be joining us?

Speaker 1 (03:41):
Is the breakfast Club? Good morning mourning everybody. It's the
j n V.

Speaker 9 (03:45):
Jess hilarious, Charlamagne the guy. We are the breakfast Club.
Let's get in some front page news. Let's start off
with some quick sports.

Speaker 1 (03:52):
Last night.

Speaker 9 (03:53):
Congratulations to the Celtics, drop a bomb for him. They
beat the Dallas Maverage one O six eighty eight and
Jalen Brown was the MVP of the finals. Did you
watch the game? I did watch the game, he too. Yeah,
the Celtics were great.

Speaker 2 (04:06):
It looked amazing.

Speaker 8 (04:07):
Yeah, I mean we knew that though we knew the
Celtics in five at least against the mass and very
anti climactic. Though what you mean it was nothing to it.
It was just like damn the NBA Finals. It was
an easy game for them, That was an easy series.
It was an easy playoff run for the Celtics. They
only lost three games in the whole playoffs.

Speaker 9 (04:25):
But that's why people feel like sometimes the NBA throws
games because how they just lose by what forty the
night before, two nights before. I don't know about them
throwing games. Man, they lost by forty. There's no way
that squad.

Speaker 2 (04:35):
Can lose by forty.

Speaker 4 (04:36):
I mean it happened. Sometimes people have bad games, all
of them.

Speaker 7 (04:40):
Yeah, when you off you all right, Jaylen Brown, When
you off to the.

Speaker 8 (04:43):
Team, you offered the team. When you OneD the team,
you onned the team. And you gotta think the Maps
and think about the situation. The Maps were playing with
their back against the wall, they were at home in Dallas, forty,
they were energized. It happens, I mean, it happens. How
can that same team lose by thirty? How can that
same team lose by twenty plus? It just blew you
out by forty.

Speaker 4 (05:01):
It happened.

Speaker 8 (05:01):
But Boss is just an amazing team. But anyway, congratulations
to Boss, to the Celtics. But the w NBA got
way better storylines, tell you that much. I don't care
what y'all for the NBA. Y'alls kind of trash This year.
They gonna be Kyrie And storyline wise, NBA was kind
of trash. Compared to what women's college basketball doing this year.
I'm not gonna lie. The storylines are much better in
the w n b A right now, that's just a fact.

Speaker 1 (05:23):
Well, good morning, Morgan.

Speaker 12 (05:25):
Good morning y'all. So yeah, let's just go ahead and
get it to a tale and cut into my time, Sorr.

Speaker 1 (05:30):
I'm just kidding.

Speaker 12 (05:31):
The White House is disputing the character of a video
that critics say a show President Biden having to be
led off stage. White House Press Secretary Karine John Pier
is questioning the authenticity of these types of videos. That's
here from the Press secretary.

Speaker 5 (05:47):
We're seeing these deep fakes, uh, these manipulated videos, and
it is again done in bad faith. President Obama President
Biden have a relationship. They are friends, They're like family
to each other. And I think that's what you saw.
You saw the President put his hand behind on the
back of a President of Biden and they walked off

the stage.

Speaker 8 (06:12):
What's wrong with helping an eighty one year old man
off the stage if that man needs help, even if
he doesn't.

Speaker 12 (06:17):
Nothing that's wrong with it. I don't think that's the point.
I think is the fact that there are deep fake
videos going out so that you know, during an election year,
we want to deal We don't want to deal with
the misinformation. You don't want to be putting things out there.
You yourself talk about messaging, messaging, messaging. We don't want
the wrong messages out there, right, So we want to
make sure that whatever we're consuming, you know, as civilians,

as Americans, or whatever the case is, is authentic. And
I think that's just what it boils down to.

Speaker 4 (06:43):
I agree.

Speaker 12 (06:43):
So of course, you know, I guess.

Speaker 4 (06:44):
I got to see one of the deep fake videos.
I haven't seen one yet.

Speaker 9 (06:48):
Because the show was a sign of you know, when
people feel that way, sometimes people it's a sign of weakness.
He's eighty one, but people feel like that, and they've
been saying that he's old, he doesn't know what's going on, oherent,
he's you know, has to So the fact that he
has to get help to walk off the steps, that's people.

Speaker 4 (07:03):
Don't think that's a problem. So what he's eighty one,
that's who, that's who we elected. We knew that getting
off the state.

Speaker 9 (07:10):
A lot of people feel like they didn't elect him.

Speaker 12 (07:13):
Well, speaking of a lot of people and other news
coming up out of our home state, Jess of Maryland.
Over one hundred and seventy five thousand marijuana convictions in
Maryland have been pardoned. Maryland Democratic Governor Wes Moore has
signed an executive order issuing the pardons on Monday. Let's
hear more from Governor more when.

Speaker 13 (07:31):
It comes to cannabis, rolling out one of the best
and most equitable legal markets in the country is incredibly important.
But that rollout must go hand in hand with pardoning
past conduct, and Maryland is going to lead by example.

Speaker 4 (07:49):
We are taking actions that.

Speaker 13 (07:50):
Are intentional, that are sweeping and unapologetic, and this is
the largest such action in our nation's history.

Speaker 4 (08:02):
Dropping the clues bond For Governor Wes Moore.

Speaker 12 (08:05):
I love it and I love to be a Marylander,
I'm telling you so. He went on to say that
the pardons won't turn back the clock on decades of
harm that was caused by this war on drugs. But
he went on to say also that it will, you know,
it will. It will try to heal some of the
economic injustices that have been impacting black and brown people disproportionately.

You know, communities of colors have been communities of color
have been denied housing, jobs, education, and things like that
because of these type of charges or whatever on their
cre It doesn't even have to be a charge, it
could just be on the record, no firsthand. So, of course,
cannabis was made legal in Maryland last July, and it
continues to be legalized across a lot of states.

Speaker 4 (08:48):
I like it as strong.

Speaker 8 (08:49):
Very important to note that it's just people convicted of
of misdemeanors though, But I'm happy that the misdemeanors are
gonna be wiped away because it removes barriers to housing
and employment and educational opportunities. But I do want to
talk to our guy, Governor Wes Moore because I like
Wes more like, I like him a lot. I want
to talk to him though, because I just want to
know why, you know, can't this legislation be stronger, like
what's keeping people from going extremely hard on it? In

regards to non violic marijuana offenders, if you a non
violic marijuana offend a period in the state of Maryland
or any state where weed is.

Speaker 4 (09:18):
Legal, you should be pardoned. You talking about fellow and all. Yeah,
it shouldn't just be formisting meanings.

Speaker 8 (09:23):
And if you are incarcerated for those offenses, you should
be released and it should result in having past convictions
automatically explosion from your background checks. So I just wonder
why you know they don't take those big, big steps.

Speaker 12 (09:35):
Well, we need the state, he said. Maryland is paving
the way. Maryland is set in the tone.

Speaker 4 (09:39):
So I like this.

Speaker 12 (09:40):
I like to see that hot stuff. Hot stuff he is.
And speaking of hot stuff, millions are facing a massive
heat with this sweek that could shatter record temperatures. The
National Weather Service says some places could experience the longest,
most intense heat weight they've seen in decades. The highest
risk are in the Great Lakes region in the northeast Chicago,
go to Troit, New York City, Boston, Cleveland, and ten

could feel fifteen to twenty degrees above normal this week.
So just a few tips. Make sure you're wearing sunscreen,
stay hydrated, limit your time outside because that can also
impact the air quality. Check your car, you know, of course,
roll down your windows if you're in your car, use
ac check on loved ones, elderly kids, stuff stuff for that.

And watch for illness because it's about to get real
out here. It's gonna be a hot summer.

Speaker 1 (10:28):
All right, Well, thank you Morgan.

Speaker 12 (10:29):
That's your being your news for the six am. Thank
you see y'all.

Speaker 9 (10:32):
Know Liz, we'll see your next hour. Everybody else, get
it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one
oh five one. If you need to vent full line
to wide open again. Eight hundred five eight five one
oh five one. Get it off your chest. It's the
Breakfast Club. Good morning, the Breakfast Club. This is your
time to get it off your chest. Eight hundred five

eight five one five one. You want to hear from
you on the Breakfast Club?

Speaker 14 (10:59):

Speaker 7 (11:00):
Who is this.

Speaker 15 (11:01):
Family? It's your boy Dingo.

Speaker 1 (11:03):
He didn't go. What's up?

Speaker 2 (11:05):

Speaker 10 (11:06):
Get off your chest?

Speaker 16 (11:06):
Hey man, this has been a minute, and talk to
my family in a long time. I hope you all
are doing great.

Speaker 4 (11:12):
That's Black and Holly Craig.

Speaker 15 (11:13):
Brother, beautiful Charlamagne graduations on the book, my brother, it
is fantastic.

Speaker 16 (11:17):
The press run excellent. Make sure you come in Chicago, brother,
because I will come out.

Speaker 2 (11:21):
I am.

Speaker 8 (11:22):
I'm coming in July, Paul, I'm coming to Chicago, Texas
all that in July, yep.

Speaker 16 (11:26):
But that okay, I need to be there. I will
be there for you.

Speaker 2 (11:29):
My brothers.

Speaker 16 (11:30):
Shout out to you.

Speaker 10 (11:30):

Speaker 17 (11:31):
Congratulations and they my boy, what's up?

Speaker 1 (11:34):

Speaker 16 (11:34):
Our show season is coming back? When are you are
we doing anything in the midwestern here?

Speaker 2 (11:39):

Speaker 1 (11:39):
Are we doing Memphis, Louisiana and New York?

Speaker 2 (11:43):

Speaker 16 (11:44):
I can probably drive out to the south of one
of them, so well, we'll keep until with that one, man,
because I definitely.

Speaker 15 (11:49):
Want to bend over.

Speaker 16 (11:49):
There with your dog. All right, brother, mister Jeff hilarious.
How are you lovely?

Speaker 10 (11:53):
I'm okay, good morning.

Speaker 16 (11:55):
Oh boy, you don't lost your voice and everything.

Speaker 14 (11:57):
You enjoyed that.

Speaker 16 (11:57):
Conflict at short of you know, boy, Okay, that's what,
that's what stuff. I appreciate that. Hey, well, congratulations on
the baby. I'm so happy that you're a part of
the show.

Speaker 14 (12:07):
Keep doing the good work.

Speaker 16 (12:09):
But anyway, y'all, I just want to say I appreciate y'all.

Speaker 17 (12:11):
I miss y'all.

Speaker 14 (12:12):
I haven't been talking to.

Speaker 16 (12:13):
Y'all in a minute.

Speaker 18 (12:14):

Speaker 16 (12:14):
If y'all in the Chicago area, y'all stay full. And
this heat is crazy with y'all. A SE's in the windows,
get them acs and the compis is not a game
out here.

Speaker 8 (12:23):
It is ridiculously hot and putting the owner and on
absolutely get it off your chest.

Speaker 9 (12:28):
Eight hundred five eight five one oh five one. If
you need to vent, hit us up now. It's the
Breakfast Club.

Speaker 2 (12:33):
Good morning, the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
He'n ray right.

Speaker 6 (12:39):
Ray yo, Charlotte mane, yasy, what.

Speaker 11 (12:41):
Up are we lying?

Speaker 2 (12:42):
This is your time to get it off your chest?

Speaker 14 (12:44):
I got an indoor pool, out door pool.

Speaker 2 (12:46):
We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 11 (12:48):
Get on the phone right now.

Speaker 1 (12:49):
He'll tell you what it is.

Speaker 2 (12:51):
We live.

Speaker 14 (12:53):

Speaker 2 (12:53):
Who is this yo?

Speaker 6 (12:54):
There's tone?

Speaker 17 (12:55):
Good morning everybody.

Speaker 6 (12:56):
How y'all doing?

Speaker 4 (12:56):
What's up?

Speaker 19 (12:57):

Speaker 1 (12:57):
Get it off your chest?

Speaker 5 (12:58):

Speaker 17 (12:59):
I wanted to.

Speaker 14 (12:59):
Come on that Joe Biden's situation, right.

Speaker 17 (13:02):
And I think I think it's important after this presidency. Right,
we really set an age limit on these people who
were voting in the office.

Speaker 20 (13:12):

Speaker 17 (13:12):
We convicted. We we we gotta freaking Victor Simmons. That's
eighty and then we got a demensia Joe, that's eighty one, Like,
come on, what are we doing?

Speaker 8 (13:24):
I don't think America ever expected this or they never
put anything in place for it.

Speaker 4 (13:28):
That's what I'm getting.

Speaker 17 (13:28):
That's what I'm gay, and that exactly so that's what
the point I'm making is now that these are the
two choices. Like, like, I don't know if I don't
know too much about this politic man, but I just
think we gotta like put something in place to where
I think anybody of sixty is too old.

Speaker 4 (13:46):
I'm with you. That's you know, it's interesting though.

Speaker 8 (13:48):
There's plenty of jobs you know that they that they'll
probably tell you that you're too old for.

Speaker 4 (13:53):
Are you just know you might be too old for?
And there's plenty of jobs that we know.

Speaker 8 (13:57):
You can't have all of these convicted uh, have all
these convicted convictions and still get so.

Speaker 17 (14:05):
Last day, un last last thing?

Speaker 2 (14:06):
Did your hang up here? Because I know you quick
with it.

Speaker 17 (14:08):
I think that's why I love that Trump is running
because it shows the hypocrisy that America always has had.
But it really shows now. If you're gonna let a
completed seller run the president, you gotta.

Speaker 2 (14:22):
Take it off.

Speaker 17 (14:22):
Like apartment applications, you gotta take off job applications. You
got were certain ones, certain ones, but you gotta just
take it off because it ain't it ain't it ain't right?

Speaker 2 (14:31):
All right? Thank you?

Speaker 1 (14:32):
Brother? Hello? Who's this?

Speaker 14 (14:34):

Speaker 2 (14:34):
This is real?

Speaker 1 (14:35):
Y'all doing this morning Israel. What I getting off your chest, bron.

Speaker 14 (14:38):
I don't want to say. You know, Democrats people want
to tell us not to leave by line. I like,
everybody can't see Joe Biden, is you just eighty one?
Heiny't God bless them, you know, But that don't mean
you capable. You know, and you know all the persons
to run this country. You know, we see what's going on.
You know, you can tell us it's not happening. This
is not happen, but we see it. We I mean,

we actually out here living it. I'm actually seeing people
having to put their grocer back at the cash register.
You know, people fairly can forward inergy thios now you know,
so quick quick kin on my leg and telling me
it's ranger you got you got walls breaking out of
every well and one old things. You know why you
know why nobody don't like Trump? Why if that man
was the only one in the pants. You're the only

person in the past fifty years that didn't get us
in No Wars. It was this big money, was decent
contractors run the world. He's the only person in the
past fifty years that didn't give us the father no Wars.

Speaker 2 (15:34):
The only one.

Speaker 4 (15:35):
Okay, all right, think it is.

Speaker 6 (15:38):
Who old thing?

Speaker 14 (15:38):
Please y'all do me this one solid Ta taor Kamala
Harrison start coming down here in Atlanta, geman up by traffic,
especially on Friday in her rush hours. She is not
that important. You may take you may take you into
your white husband. You're important to him, but you're not
that important to us.

Speaker 8 (15:57):
The most important woman in the world that when you
try to get home with traffic, try to get home,
to get home yesterday?

Speaker 14 (16:04):
Yes what Tyler brothers stay California, who still lucked up
in massive conservation. But we take with just d eight.

Speaker 8 (16:12):
Tell them that I understand what you're saying, but I mean,
just technically, she still is the second she's the most
powerful woman in the world. So it's the vice president
of the United States of America. Like, come on, I
understand what he's saying, but come on, he's gonna get home.

Speaker 1 (16:23):
Listen traffic.

Speaker 8 (16:25):
The times people can't see past their own lives. And
I wish, I wish elected officials understood that they can't
see past their bills, and they can't see past you know,
their lives. You don't inconvenience them in no way shape
or form so MS Vice President Harris stay out of
the land on Friday and start making traffic.

Speaker 9 (16:40):
Back, but take a helicopter where you gotta go. You're
making traffick or reasy.

Speaker 2 (16:44):
Hello? Who's this? Yeah?

Speaker 6 (16:45):
How are you doing this? Isation calling out a call
out a woman to North Carolina?

Speaker 1 (16:49):
What's up, Jason? Get off your chest?

Speaker 6 (16:51):
Yeah, man, it's just a positive.

Speaker 3 (16:52):

Speaker 6 (16:53):
Uh, I'm gonna say out there when you when you
down your own self and things work out, so I'm
hit you back, technician, and I'll started my own LLC.

Speaker 4 (17:03):
Okay, congratulations today.

Speaker 6 (17:06):
Yeah, and today is my first job on my own,
working on my own for my LC.

Speaker 4 (17:12):
Well, congratulations.

Speaker 1 (17:13):
What you want to do today? What you gotta do today?

Speaker 14 (17:15):

Speaker 6 (17:15):
Well, comes some call me last night saying that they
are they unit are up working. So I'm gonna go
out there troubleshoot it and get it done. Make sure
make sure come from here abby.

Speaker 1 (17:26):
Okay, Well, good luck man, and congratulations on starting your
new LLC. Thank you all right, better get it off
your chest.

Speaker 9 (17:33):
Eight hundred and five eight five one oh five one.
If you need the vent, you can hit us up now.
We got Jess with the mess coming up. We'll be
talking about.

Speaker 11 (17:39):
Ben AFFLECKX spend's Father's Day with his ex wife Jennifer
and I.

Speaker 9 (17:43):
Jal whoa yep, all right, we'll get into that next.
And uh yes, Jesse Larrus lost the voice last night.
She was out hanging with Chris Brown. She was singing
to Chris Brown all night long at his concert and
now her voice is gone.

Speaker 1 (17:55):
But we'll get to it next. The Breakfast Club.

Speaker 2 (17:56):
Good morning, the Breakfast.

Speaker 4 (17:58):
Club, Good morning everybody.

Speaker 1 (18:02):
It's the j n V.

Speaker 9 (18:03):
Jess Larry Charlamage, the god we are the Breakfast Club.
Let's get to Jess with the mess you.

Speaker 14 (18:07):
News is real?

Speaker 1 (18:08):
Whatether's larians just to robbing more.

Speaker 9 (18:10):
Just don't do no lines, don't do something.

Speaker 1 (18:15):
Nobody world why Jess worldwide matter.

Speaker 2 (18:21):
On the Breakfast Clubs.

Speaker 4 (18:22):
He's the coaching ship.

Speaker 21 (18:23):
She was able to get y'all to see something and
understand something that nobody could get you to see.

Speaker 7 (18:29):
This's time to set it off.

Speaker 11 (18:31):
So shout out to Rob four nine. He did something
incredible over the weekend for Father's Day.

Speaker 22 (18:38):
To another story you'll see only on six New Orleans
native rapper Rob four nine gifting some New Orleans fathers.
This weekend, just in time for Father's Day by paying
the bonds for some non violent offenders who are fathers
over at Orleans Paris Jail, a cause important for the rapper,
who says he remembers how tough things were for him
as a child.

Speaker 19 (18:59):
I agree, my dad was incloserrated and I know how
much like him being out could have helped my life,
being able to help duds that could get out of
petty crimes that have been in there eight months, nine
months behind, three thousand dollars and four thousand dollars, Like
that's nothing you can change the little kid life.

Speaker 2 (19:15):
That's dope.

Speaker 10 (19:15):
Yeah, that is dope.

Speaker 11 (19:16):
He started his new annual concert during Father's Day weekend, too.

Speaker 1 (19:21):
Man just voice to AI, dropping a clue bomb for
roff N.

Speaker 11 (19:26):
He also said he knew a lot of people who
grew up without their dads. In a gesture like this
can make a huge difference.

Speaker 1 (19:32):
Yeap, I can tell that you're touching about to cry.

Speaker 2 (19:35):
I get it.

Speaker 1 (19:35):

Speaker 11 (19:38):
A Lotto speaks on BBL, so she recently got on
social media to explain why she got a BBL when
she was twenty one. She's twenty five now, but she
reportedly decided to addressed the situation after social media users
kept criticizing her for posting gymself.

Speaker 23 (19:55):
I gained a little weight because I signed my idea
when I was twenty about to be twenty, and I
was just having money and like eating out y'all normal foodies.

Speaker 1 (20:04):
So now I have the funds to like feed this
foody in me and stuff.

Speaker 23 (20:08):
So I was just I came a little way and
everybody on it interet was calling me bad bodies stuff.

Speaker 1 (20:14):
So I feel like that played the role.

Speaker 23 (20:16):
I started being a little is to care about my body,
I guess. And yeah, people were saying I'm built weird.

Speaker 1 (20:23):
It was like, oh you built like yo white jeans.

Speaker 12 (20:25):
That was and I was just.

Speaker 1 (20:28):
Young and impersonable.

Speaker 23 (20:30):
Yeah, to answer the question, I guess that's that's kind
of wild.

Speaker 8 (20:35):
Well, somebody tells you that you bad, built, built weird,
I can see how that can impact your mind set
because it just sounds crazy. It's one thing to say
somebody fat while you out of ship, and you say
you just built weird, like a kid just took a
bunch of legos and threw something together.

Speaker 10 (20:47):
Yeah, she's in a public guy. She was in a
public guy.

Speaker 11 (20:50):
She was young. She's twenty one, and they kept saying
that about her. Do you remember that? And but she
also said, like she already told us from day one,
and she got to be the she only got one
like four years ago, right. But she also said, like
people she know, bitch set's on there, third and fourth
and fifth one and she don't get one over here.

She being a gym. So sometimes these girls don't understand
when you get a BBR and surgery, you can't just
go back to eating like you did. You have to
stay in the gym and you got to take care.

Speaker 9 (21:21):
I don't follow a lot of a lot on ig,
but I hope she shows herself in the gym.

Speaker 11 (21:26):
She doesn every time. That's where the criticism came from.
Every time she posts like a selfie in the gym
or a video, somebody is always like, but you go
and get bbls like she's got she got one.

Speaker 9 (21:38):
So the reason I say that follow so the fact
that they follow her can see that she's actually in
the gym working out, and hopefully they take them same.

Speaker 1 (21:46):
Steps supposed to. How many bb do you need before
they get it?

Speaker 2 (21:49):

Speaker 11 (21:50):
Listen, some people just never feel like satisfied.

Speaker 8 (21:55):
I got hired in the same contractor to do the
same thing over and over again, Right, would you hire
the same contractor to fix the same thing over and
over and over?

Speaker 4 (22:03):
But it's you.

Speaker 1 (22:04):
You got to stop eating over and over again.

Speaker 11 (22:05):
And some girls, Yeah, some girls will go I know
girls in the industry and other industry will get light
like two times a year, three times a year, jesus,
just because it's easier, it's more affordable. You can put
it only away. Yeah, and people are too lazy to
get in the JYMP crazy.

Speaker 1 (22:24):
Yeah, getting to bb lay away is crazy, like ten
dollars a month or something.

Speaker 10 (22:28):
I don't know the plan on there.

Speaker 1 (22:30):
I'm just saying, well, I.

Speaker 11 (22:38):
Do appreciate the fact that she say natural girls matter,
and so does BBL girls matter. So she always praised
natural girls for winning and you know, encouraged fans to
do what's best for them.

Speaker 4 (22:48):
All bodies matter, even the badly built ones.

Speaker 11 (22:52):
Oh good, Okay, So Ben Afflex's Father's Day with another woman.
This woman is this wife okay, Jennifer Garner. But he
spent time with her and not his current wife.

Speaker 1 (23:06):
Is what the.

Speaker 11 (23:06):
Problem seems to be lying with With people online, she
showed Jlo showed Ben Affleck some love on Ig with
a post called him the family's hero.

Speaker 10 (23:17):
While she was supposing on Ig, he was supposted up
with his X.

Speaker 11 (23:21):
But the kids was there too, so she Jennifer Garner
was seen walking up ste was rental property. To be clear, they,
like I said, they were murdful a whole and they
do have kids. But Jaylo was not there, and she
reportedly went to General Loan that night again, but I

don't know.

Speaker 10 (23:42):
Yeah, I don't know.

Speaker 1 (23:43):
That was just something, but no, she wasn't with him.

Speaker 8 (23:46):
All these stories are touching just this morning. You can
hear it in her voice, choked up the Jennifer on
the verge of tid. I know how you feel about
Jalo and Ben Affleck.

Speaker 4 (23:54):
I understand.

Speaker 1 (23:58):
Yeah, So that's just the mess. Thank you, Jess.

Speaker 9 (24:02):
Now if you're just joining us, just went out to
Chris brownlast night this morning, and she lost her voice
and she was singing all night long and she lost
a voice. That's why it sounds emotional and touch this morning.

Speaker 8 (24:13):
BBL story and who else you did? Somebody else you
did that bought you the tears?

Speaker 4 (24:23):
You see what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (24:24):
Yeah, my goodness, all right, thank you, Jess.

Speaker 9 (24:26):
Now when we come back, we got front page news
and then the comedian Miss pattleby joining us.

Speaker 1 (24:30):
That don't go anywhere. It's the breakfast Club.

Speaker 2 (24:31):
Good morning, you're checking out the breakfast.

Speaker 1 (24:33):
Club, everybody.

Speaker 9 (24:35):
It's DJ Envy, Jess, Hilarry Charlamagne, the guy. We are
the Breakfast Club. Let's get in some front page news again.
Last night, if you're just joining us, the Boston Celtics
beat the Dallas Mavericks. They win the NBA Championship. Congratulations
to them. They won one O six to eighty eight.

Speaker 1 (24:52):
Very anti climactic NBA Finals.

Speaker 8 (24:54):
I mean, the Boston Celtics only lost three games throughout
the whole playoffs, so they ran through everybody. But like
I said earlier, the WNBA got way better storyline, way
better storyline.

Speaker 2 (25:05):
Than all the NBA.

Speaker 1 (25:07):
Yeah, all right, well what else you got Moregan?

Speaker 2 (25:09):
Good morning?

Speaker 10 (25:09):
Good morning?

Speaker 12 (25:10):
She sh I hope to impress with my storylines. She's
shown me. New York Senator Chuck Schimer says he's going
to push Congress this week to restore a ban on
bump stocks.

Speaker 5 (25:19):

Speaker 12 (25:19):
Schumer argues the bump stocks causes gun related tragedies. Across
the US. Let's hear more from Senator Schumer.

Speaker 20 (25:27):
Gun bump stocks like the one that took so many
lives of people in Las Vegas risks, public safety risks,
public tragedies will certainly cost human lives.

Speaker 12 (25:38):
So the bump stock allows a semi automatic weapon to
fire much quicker. As he mentioned, there was a bump
stock used in that deadly Las Vegas mass shooting in
twenty seventeen. Now, the Trump administration actually banned bump stocks
following that mass shooting. However, the Supreme Court on Friday
rule that the federal ban on bump stocks is unlawful.
So yeah, that's absolutely crazy. Meanwhile, June is National Gun

Violence Awareness bump and the Black Information Network has launched
our firearms safety awareness campaign, Lock It, Store It. This
comes as new federal A new federal study shows nearly
half of all US households are not storing their guns properly.
The study, published by the CDC, looked at data collected
from gun owners across eight states, and it found that

up to forty three percent of households stored loaded guns,
which is not considered safe, while half of those households
stored loaded guns did not put them unlocked containers, so
they need to be not loaded and of course stored
in a like a safe or something like that. So
the CDC says firearms are the leading cause of death
of children in the US. So guys gonna use them,

you know, make sure you're safe. You're safe.

Speaker 1 (26:48):
Yeah, I agree with the bump stocks.

Speaker 9 (26:49):
There's no way that those those you should be able
to fire that many bullets at one make make a
regular rifle semi automatic.

Speaker 1 (26:56):
That's very dangerous for sure.

Speaker 12 (26:59):
So gears, let's go back to sports, you know, make
things a little more lighthearted. The NFL's popular docuseries Hard
Knocks this season will feature an entire division for the
first time. So Hard Knocks in season, the league announced
all four AFC North teams will get spotlight cameras will
follow the Baltimore Ravens, Yes, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, and

Pittsburgh Steelers for you, jess, I guess and during the
regular season. So last season, the AFC North became the
first division to have all of its teams finished with
winning records. Hard Knocks in season with the AFC North
will premiere on HBO and Max in December. Look forward
to that and speaking of sports, just a housekeeping no,

iHeart is celebrating the launch of iHeart Women's Sports. Starting today,
you'll hear women's sports updates with everything you'll need to know,
from w NBA to NWSL to golf, softball, everything in between,
and of course the summer games. We're launching iHeart Women's
Sports podcast with great lineup including athletes and journalists to
host the shows like Good Game with Sarah Spain. Big

shout out to the founding partners Capital One, Elf Cosmetics,
and elf Skin for helping us give women's sports the
attention that it deserves. Open the free iHeart app and
search Iheartwomen's Sports.

Speaker 1 (28:18):

Speaker 12 (28:19):
You would love that, right, Charlemagne, because you was just
talking about how WNBA has all the headlines this year.

Speaker 4 (28:24):
Yeah, I'm all in for women's basketball.

Speaker 8 (28:26):
I don't know about the other women's fort I don't
know nothing about the other women's for women's basketball for show, but.

Speaker 12 (28:31):
You know you can learn about it here on iHeart.

Speaker 8 (28:34):
If it's exciting, if they got somebody I'm interested in
watching women's basketball, definitely got people I'm interested in watching.

Speaker 12 (28:41):
Well, that's your front page news. I Morgan Wood You
can follow me on social media at Morgan Media, m
O r G y and Media, and make sure you're
following the Black Information Network at Black Information Network andbi
in news dot com. Thank y'all, Thanks.

Speaker 4 (28:54):
Morgan, all you Morgan.

Speaker 9 (28:55):
Now, when we come back, comedian Miss Pat will be
joining us. Now The Mispat Show is back for season four.
It's out right now we're gonna kick.

Speaker 8 (29:02):
The new season of her other show. Uh, Miss Pat
settles it.

Speaker 1 (29:05):
That's right, yes, So we're gonna talk to her when
we come back, So don't move.

Speaker 9 (29:08):
It's to Breakfast Club The Morning the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 7 (29:15):
Agreez up like a.

Speaker 8 (29:16):
First and she's you don't even know introduction.

Speaker 17 (29:21):
She has came in.

Speaker 9 (29:24):
Good Morning the season four the Miss Past showing b
ET plus thank.

Speaker 4 (29:29):
You keeping the lights on that b T you hear me.

Speaker 3 (29:32):
I don't know why y'all keep lying on me. Tyler
parents over. I'm just over the sweeping the floor. Oh yeah,
I forget Tyler Pat Well, I say past sweeping the floor.

Speaker 7 (29:42):
But I'm glad to be season four. I'm glad.

Speaker 1 (29:44):
Are you feeling I'm feeling great.

Speaker 3 (29:47):
I'm feeling great. I'm just doing TV and I'm doing
a tour. I'm starting my second theater tour called Hot
and Flashy.

Speaker 4 (29:54):
Why flashy?

Speaker 3 (29:55):
What's the because I'm grown, because I'm hiding flash Why
you greased up like a common body? Walking people looking like.

Speaker 7 (30:11):
A walking walking here? You look like a deal don't
look like, oh my god, got it? Greeze up? Like
are you?

Speaker 3 (30:23):
I don't do deal thoughs, but keep talking. I don't
need them fake but eyelashes in the wig.

Speaker 8 (30:30):
What makes this show so successful, miss cause it's truthful.

Speaker 7 (30:34):
People can relate to it.

Speaker 3 (30:35):
You know, it's the first time somebody like me ever
being on TV to say what real people are thinking.

Speaker 7 (30:40):
You know, we've seen all the moms.

Speaker 3 (30:41):
Before who played mama, who did great jobs, but you
always say that ain't my mom, that ain't have my
aunt talked to me? And I think when they put
my big, crazy black behind on TV, I was able
to I gave the people a voice that never had.

Speaker 7 (30:55):
A voice on TV before. So that's all. And that
when people come home and tell me all the time
to think that we dig.

Speaker 3 (31:00):
Into you know, we dig into timeless, station, abortion, convicted, felling,
everything that real people go through in life or know
somebody who went through in life.

Speaker 7 (31:09):
So I think that's why people love the show.

Speaker 4 (31:11):
But it's a comedy, is don't you laugh?

Speaker 3 (31:19):
Because I ain't gonna say here until y'all read your book,
so don't lie. I ain't read. I read my whole
book one time because they paid me. The people dog
my behind you read slow. I was getting paid hourly.
I was not take all the time I needed to pay.

Speaker 7 (31:39):
Them does and a's and and I don't care. I
was getting paid by the hour, and.

Speaker 3 (31:49):
At that time, that was the most I ever got
paid by the hour. So you thought I was gonna
read that thing. I didn't even rehearse the usually I
rehearsed to make sure I pronounce the words right.

Speaker 7 (31:57):
I said what you paid me an hour? There's gonna
be a long.

Speaker 10 (32:01):
Week, yep.

Speaker 11 (32:02):
So the fact that you visit all of those traumas
on your show, has it ever been anything like That's
been very emotional for you to fild everything.

Speaker 7 (32:09):
It's very emotional dealing with Jordani Cooper.

Speaker 3 (32:13):
The first season, we was gonna do an episode about
my mama boyfriend touching us and my mama just turning
away like cause you know, predators come.

Speaker 7 (32:20):
In and they groomed the family.

Speaker 3 (32:22):
You know, they come in, they see what type of
needs you got and what we needed. We needed a
father figure, we need somebody to help those grocery rent
and that predator came in and he did what he
wanted to do with my sister and me. And when
I got when we told all moms, she just looked
the other way. So, Jordan, we wrote a whole episode
in the first season, and this is my first time
ever being on TV. I'm like, oh, I don't think

I'm ready to visit that. So we visited the second season,
which broke me all the way down because I was
already dealing with a lot of trauma from my kids' father,
who I was twelve he was twenty two, marriage shot me.

Speaker 7 (32:55):
So we was telling all those stories.

Speaker 3 (32:57):
Then you want me to tell the childless station story
on top of I was like, we got to back
some of this uff before I have to go to counselor.
So we took that out. We did it in the
second season, which which which was great.

Speaker 4 (33:06):
Jordan said, there's a healing that happened this season. What
do you mean by that?

Speaker 8 (33:10):
He said, there's a healing that is exact quotes. There's
a healing that's going on in front of the lens.

Speaker 3 (33:15):
It was I dealt with my mom because my mom
used to say really bad things to me. You know,
I'm lighter skinned my sister's darker skin. But to me,
my sister always been way more cuted than I was.
My sister had long, curly hell, she was just beautiful.
She don't crack now, but.

Speaker 7 (33:29):
Jesus, I cracked.

Speaker 24 (33:37):
She was beautiful, pretty bad, Jesus.

Speaker 3 (33:51):
So my mama used to say ugly things to me
because I acted really bad, and she would always talk
about how ugly my skin was. And I'm fifty too,
and I still can hear my mom and my mind
saying bad things to me. So I think that's one
of the reason why I worked so hard in life,
is because the things.

Speaker 7 (34:09):
That my mama said to me.

Speaker 3 (34:10):
So we did a whole episode where my mom come
back as a ghost and she and she what she
put on me. She want me to put on my
kids because her mom put on her. So there in
the episode, you see me break a generation a curse.
And at the end I broke down, and I remember
fighting and I said, Jordan, don't push me down. And
at the end, I just broke down crying, and I
just just remember saying I hate this.

Speaker 4 (34:32):
Damn. All of that came back.

Speaker 3 (34:34):
Up, all of that because you know, I never went
to counseling, and I've been through some stuff. So to
deal with what I've been through, you know, And I
told somebody this the other day. I said, my sister
dealt with what we went through doing drugs and alcohol.
I dealed it by just shutting the door on it. Well,
if you shut that door on it one day, that
dog gonna open my cup and all what you had
behind that door is gonna eventually flow out. So when

I got the Miss Past show and started telling Joy
my life, he just keep bringing all of.

Speaker 7 (34:59):
This stuff out.

Speaker 3 (35:00):
But it is a healing because it's stuff I never
talked about. Oh, I never really dealt with. So I
think I healed along with the audience.

Speaker 8 (35:08):
But there was other ways that you like you coped,
Like I know you said your sister did drugs. Did
you do anything else?

Speaker 7 (35:12):
Yeah? I hate look at me. Chick Filake was waiting
on me to say that I'm not true.

Speaker 3 (35:20):
No way, I'm gonna come to your next time fast
next time. No, it's not that is not true. I
try it gave me golfstar.

Speaker 9 (35:33):
When did you feel it comfortable where you could talk
about all these stories, because some of these stories you'd
be like, damn, you don't know if you want to
laugh with you or you just.

Speaker 10 (35:40):
Want to cry and be sad.

Speaker 3 (35:43):
You know, I do it like my comedy. I'm just
an open book. I'm not ashamed of nothing.

Speaker 7 (35:47):
I've talked. I've been through. You know, I was on
stage last week.

Speaker 3 (35:51):
I mean the other night I was like, oh, yeah,
had crabs gonna red fleebody?

Speaker 7 (35:53):
Like what?

Speaker 3 (35:54):
And so I was talking about the whole thing about
young girl shaving the vagina. Well, I'm fifty two.

Speaker 7 (35:58):
Your mama and me.

Speaker 3 (36:00):
We didn't shave off of John unless we had crabs
gonna risk.

Speaker 1 (36:03):
No, that's true.

Speaker 4 (36:05):
Born in nineteen seventy. The first points I saw I
had bush.

Speaker 7 (36:08):
Yes, the playboy man had bush.

Speaker 3 (36:10):
And they don't have shaved them if they had crabs.
But now that everybody just walking around with a bird vagina,
So I don't get it. Just a ball head didn't
look like a bird. Mine looked like a beat if
I ever seen it. Because I got a flap in
the front.

Speaker 7 (36:29):
Yo, I put a mirror down now and it. Don't
fog up. It looked like a little bird. I don't
do that.

Speaker 1 (36:36):
We got more with Miss Pat when we come back.
Don't move. It's to breakfast club. Good morning morning. Everybody
is DJ N v J.

Speaker 9 (36:43):
Selarry Charlamaine the guy. We are the breakfast club. We
still have Miss Pat in the building.

Speaker 12 (36:46):
Ch Are you having fun?

Speaker 2 (36:49):
You know what?

Speaker 3 (36:50):
Life is great? My husband is retired. I just moved
into my house.

Speaker 4 (36:55):
Time an time finish.

Speaker 1 (36:58):
I finished it, okay.

Speaker 3 (37:00):
Two and a half years because I was too cheap
to high contract was your own contractor? It's like fifteen
thousand square feet? Okay, some stuff? Put some stuff back
in there. I'm a d I WY and I keep
telling these people you need to give me a dy
show because that's what I like to do. That's what
I used to do before when I when I immediately

stopped stealing, I started doing d I Y and I
love it.

Speaker 7 (37:24):
So I built this house. My husband thought I was crazy.

Speaker 4 (37:26):
I know you went over budget because you was.

Speaker 7 (37:27):
There wasn't no budget. Okay, what no budget?

Speaker 3 (37:30):

Speaker 10 (37:31):
You do tour, you do TV. You're a construction worker.

Speaker 1 (37:34):
Construction work?

Speaker 11 (37:36):
How do you balance that and still be able to
be a white mom like all of that.

Speaker 7 (37:41):
I've been married thirty some years.

Speaker 3 (37:43):
So when you've been married thirty some years, you just
really deal with somebody that you know to.

Speaker 7 (37:46):
Watch TV with.

Speaker 3 (37:48):
So when I come home, I mean, look, I'm at
the point I was just telling somebod. I'm at the
point where I just told my husband we can no
longer sleep in the same bedroom because I'm tired of
sharing toilets with him. I'm tired of sharing the bed
when he snore. Uh, he's on the zip. He ain't
losing nothing but air. So I just want to be

by myself.

Speaker 9 (38:10):
Wow, So what did your husband say when you said
you no longer want to be in the same room.

Speaker 3 (38:13):
He facetiming each other, right, he is on one side
of the US, so his bed having a ride to
the new house yet, So we'll see how that works. Well,
we definitely got separate toilets. I'm tired of sharing the
toilet with him.

Speaker 2 (38:33):

Speaker 3 (38:33):
But I'm just I cannot. I just want peace, That's
all I want. You're gonna, y'all.

Speaker 7 (38:38):
Gonna eventually get there. You're gonna eventually get there.

Speaker 10 (38:41):
And that works for both of y'all.

Speaker 7 (38:43):
You and I don't know if it worked for him yet,
because I think you think I'm b.

Speaker 4 (38:48):
You just need breaks from each other every now and then.

Speaker 7 (38:50):
I go on the road every week. My husbands will retired.

Speaker 3 (38:52):
He just take care of the house, so I think
he I think we get enough breaks.

Speaker 7 (38:56):
I've been gone since the last week, so he won't
see me until Monday next week. We talk every day
I get up there.

Speaker 3 (39:02):
You don't have a routine that I've always had because
of it's the same drug dealing mentality that I got.

Speaker 7 (39:08):
I always wake up early in the morning.

Speaker 3 (39:10):
I don't sell drugs anymore, but the first person I
call is my husband because I know my dad's gonna
get busy and sometime I'm on the other side of
the world, and I just wake him up every morning
at six o'clock its side, and we'll talk for an
hour or two.

Speaker 7 (39:23):
And then I know I talked to my husband.

Speaker 4 (39:25):
You was waking up to do radio. But what happened?

Speaker 7 (39:28):
They quired me, fire me before I could quit. I
knew that was coming from this here. Yeah, you know,
I told.

Speaker 3 (39:40):
I told them, I said I'm leaving August, and before
August could get there, I was blown away. I never
thought I was gonna get fired from that job. I
had no idea, no with me and Shamila and have
no idea, no idea at all. I just knew they
was gonna renew her contry and I was gonna go
on by my business cause I was never there and
I could never be there. But that's what happen when

you work with a hater. And I'm just gonna go
and say it. I don't even care because that came
about whooped my head. You know who the hater is,
Tilga Tiga was the biggest damn hater. I mean, Jess,
I mean, you had a good show and you messed
it up because of your ego. And I think it's
because I w was coming there and saying I know it,
because I didn't care.

Speaker 7 (40:18):
I said, look, I don't need a jump. I work here.
Then my husband chick. I ain't never spent the check
up here. I'm working for my husband.

Speaker 1 (40:24):
A chick.

Speaker 7 (40:25):
I ain't never seen it. I ain't never spend a
V one of three chick.

Speaker 3 (40:28):
This this is my husband chick, and it is you know,
when you work with somebody, it's just jealousy. To me,
it was jealousy, really I'm just gonna put it out
there and if you call.

Speaker 7 (40:37):
Me, we could fight in the street.

Speaker 3 (40:39):
It was it was, it was jealousy. I bout a
g wagon. Your truck call more than both of my cars.
I said, well, buy you another car so we could
be equal. Damn yeah, you know then you get Another
thing was is that we was all equal, so you
couldn't talk down to nobody. And you won't gonna talk
down to me, no way, because I would have whooped
you like hey bacon to day when I went back

on Section eight.

Speaker 7 (41:01):
I used to always want to get fired so my.

Speaker 3 (41:03):
Rent can go back down the free crap.

Speaker 7 (41:07):
But I was.

Speaker 3 (41:08):
I was really When they walked me in now and
they said we're not renewing your contract because I said
I was leaving in August, I was so shocked. I said,
y'all gonna find me. Wow, do you know these people
get up to listen to me. Don't nobody listen to
this crap hit podcast TV shop, and you're gonna find
a person who had the most going on with your

Nie and Shamille.

Speaker 1 (41:30):
You gonna leave the DJ.

Speaker 7 (41:34):
You want to DJ just to spend.

Speaker 4 (41:35):
Workers at least reach out to you and say thank
you for.

Speaker 7 (41:38):
I blocked that.

Speaker 3 (41:39):
He sure did happy. I said, don't you I'm not Shamille.
You don't play with me. I mean, you know, Shamil
was nice. I think she still talked to him or whatever.
She's nice because I still talk to her all the time.

Speaker 7 (41:50):
But I'm not. I'm not.

Speaker 3 (41:51):
You know, you get one time to play with me.
I'm fifty two years old. I don't have time to
play these games with you. You low down, you're dirty.
And anybody who go over there and work for him
and the show ain't doing. The show was doing wow
when I got there with that number fifteen.

Speaker 7 (42:04):
When I left, we were two and three. You gonna
fire us.

Speaker 3 (42:08):
You should have got fined a long time ago. But
keep your little show because I ain't never needed it anyway.
My my my team was like, why are you going
on there and work for that old dead ass station?
Made me wake up and take unnecessary balls.

Speaker 24 (42:24):
You know, I had to get up and.

Speaker 1 (42:25):
Take a back.

Speaker 4 (42:31):
I know it wasn't gonna work.

Speaker 8 (42:33):
Why when you came and did the the week care
Miss miss Pack came into the week here, that's competition
and she was only supposed to come.

Speaker 4 (42:42):
In for one day. In competition, competition.

Speaker 7 (42:46):
You was in my city.

Speaker 3 (42:47):
You because I listened to I listened to y'all every morning.
Now and what you got me fired?

Speaker 4 (42:52):
Yes, one out there?

Speaker 7 (42:56):
Oh my god.

Speaker 3 (42:57):
When I got back on hal broken loose, oh my god,
it was only you did the what is that report, y'all?

Speaker 14 (43:01):

Speaker 7 (43:03):
Did the rumor report? I said, what the hell is
the rumor report? Did report? They pull on the tape,
I said, that's the rumor. I thought I was just
up there talking. I said that just told me to
set in on this. You know that they understand you
a start.

Speaker 1 (43:20):
The radio was promoting her show at the time.

Speaker 7 (43:22):
I was promoting my show.

Speaker 1 (43:23):
Show just came back.

Speaker 3 (43:24):
I was promoting my show and I'm always in that,
and you know he would say, well the show, I said,
this show says your name. It does not say my name.
So I worried about keeping the mispassed show on. That's
why I make my money. I don't make no money here.
I mean I made money that, but it was for
my husband. That was I did that because I like
doing it. And then you're gonna tell me not to

go on one of the biggest shows to promote my show,
to promote my I said, I told him this. I said,
it really didn't hurt you because people would have liked
me and probably would have came over there and listening
us in the morning.

Speaker 7 (43:55):
You're stupid food.

Speaker 4 (43:57):
And it's not like you wasn't shouting them out. It's
not like we said, hey, don't shout out your radio.

Speaker 3 (44:00):
Yeah, but it was it was a jealous you with
the competition. Ain't I don't compete.

Speaker 7 (44:04):
I'm fat.

Speaker 3 (44:05):
I came over here to tell people watching Miss Pants show,
I don't compete.

Speaker 7 (44:08):
I eat me boy, you.

Speaker 3 (44:14):
Rappers want to whoop your ass, I'm gonna have to compete.
It's gonna have to get just I wish you weren't
pregnant so we could job.

Speaker 4 (44:23):
You wouldn't want to do your own.

Speaker 1 (44:25):
I would want to.

Speaker 18 (44:26):
Do my.

Speaker 3 (44:30):
I'm a morning I'm a morning person. I'm I'm sleep
by six thirty. Fight if I'm just at home, But
I do.

Speaker 7 (44:35):
I did.

Speaker 3 (44:35):
I learned a lot over there, and I really like
doing radio. But you know, it is what it is.
They let me go. They acquired me, but it was
day loss. It was it was day loss. I got
a fourth season.

Speaker 7 (44:46):
I got season two of the Misspass Stles it.

Speaker 3 (44:49):
I got other things going on. Shamil became a housewife.
I said, well she got that house while I said, oh.

Speaker 7 (44:54):
I know you.

Speaker 3 (44:55):
Now you got rid of everybody who could have brought
somebody to that dead ass state and some.

Speaker 8 (45:00):
Ms Pat would have been on her sports season and
she men would have been the housewife.

Speaker 4 (45:03):
Right now in the morning, and.

Speaker 3 (45:04):
I'm the second season of the Miss Patt Settles It. Yeah,
I just finished taping it.

Speaker 9 (45:08):
We got more with Miss Pat when we come back.
It's the Breakfast Club, Good Morning, Good Morning. Everybody is
DJ NV, Jesse, Larry Is, Charlamage, the guy we are
the Breakfast Club was still kicking it with Miss Pat.
The Miss Pat Show, Season four is out right now, Charlamagne.

Speaker 8 (45:21):
Is it true that you never wanted to be famous
because because your mom used to always tell you that
you wasn't gonna.

Speaker 3 (45:25):
Be Yeah, it was fame was something. And I don't
consider myself famous now. I consider myself with a lot
of jobs because you know, it's just it's the way
my mama beat me down. She always said I wasn't
good enough. She always said I was so in my head,
I never saw myself like other people. And my husband

told me, he said, that's why you don't want to
do a lot of things, because I was scared to
get out there. I wanted to make the money, but
I didn't want to be up front. And then when
I got this TV show, it really put me out there.

Speaker 7 (45:58):
And I don't even know.

Speaker 3 (45:59):
I was shy, Like if you want to take a
picture with me, I'll do it, but then I'll be
like why.

Speaker 7 (46:04):
I used to ask myself why, and people.

Speaker 3 (46:07):
Would come up to me and he's like, almost, pay
you so great, You're telling my story, and I'm like,
now I'm telling my story, so.

Speaker 7 (46:12):
It Fame is something I had to get used to.

Speaker 3 (46:14):
Like I don't go to the black walmarts because they
won't leave me, so I try to go way out
in the white neighborhood cause white people they treat faint difference.

Speaker 7 (46:22):
What's something? It's past black people shaking on your pulling
on your with get your hands on. Ain't nobody you
think I ain't shake up.

Speaker 1 (46:42):
I ain't gonna take too many.

Speaker 7 (46:47):

Speaker 3 (46:48):
I'm gonna take one of my boobs out and dropping
on your head and break your damn neck.

Speaker 1 (46:52):
What's wrong with it?

Speaker 3 (46:53):

Speaker 19 (46:55):
To me?

Speaker 2 (46:55):
All morning?

Speaker 1 (46:55):
That's I'm glad when you come up here, listen you
and just got my back.

Speaker 4 (46:58):
I love it how that b T?

Speaker 3 (47:00):
I love BT? I do, I really do. I'm being honest,
you know what. And let me just say that this
is our best season ever. I don't know why we
why it took four season to really get in for
black people and other people to really get on it.

Speaker 7 (47:13):
This is our most washed season ever. Wow, we kicked nothing.

Speaker 1 (47:16):
But the ass A lot though yourself though, like you
have done what you had to do.

Speaker 9 (47:21):
Like most of the time where I see you or
A running to you, or if I see you on
the red carpet, or even if you hit me in
the DM, this is not because BT said.

Speaker 2 (47:28):
That you do it.

Speaker 3 (47:29):
Yeah, when you see me doing certain things, a lot
of it is time.

Speaker 7 (47:32):
It's just it's me out of my pocket.

Speaker 3 (47:34):
I don't I didn't wait to BT get me on late,
now hire me a PR person late.

Speaker 7 (47:38):
I didn't even want me. Same thing with you guys.

Speaker 3 (47:40):
First time I asked to come over here, the note
back was she ain't famous enough?

Speaker 7 (47:44):
Who is she who said that? Shut your ass up?
You said that? And then I.

Speaker 3 (47:48):
Run into him at a Lad Daniel party and lead Dan,
you're in to do something.

Speaker 4 (47:56):
Yeah, he's been to a party party ever in my life?

Speaker 7 (48:00):
Is everybody denying Diddy party?

Speaker 1 (48:01):
Did it through?

Speaker 7 (48:02):
Nice party?

Speaker 3 (48:03):
That don't mean you got taken in the room, That
don't mean somebody touch you.

Speaker 1 (48:07):
That just means he was at a didnit party? I
mean everybody act like.

Speaker 3 (48:10):
If you go to a Diddy party, you had to
do something to Diddy to be at the party.

Speaker 7 (48:14):
I never I don't know, but you probably did go.
But don't deny it. I never been to the party,
you never got invited to.

Speaker 1 (48:21):
You look like you went.

Speaker 7 (48:23):
Over that grease.

Speaker 8 (48:24):
Then I'm gonna tell you, and I tell.

Speaker 7 (48:30):
You I think you would listen about not tell you that.

Speaker 3 (48:34):
Wendy William that was.

Speaker 7 (48:42):
The episode. What did you have to do to keep that?
Windy Willie, I've heard a few things depict the health
and plastic said, you want to keep what you want

to do that because.

Speaker 3 (49:07):
That was that's what Pop Charlemagne in the world. You know,
I mean one a Diddy party, But tell us what
you did. You had to take one funny TV. I'm
telling you why this is gonna get us some medicaid. Man,

I'm telling the truth.

Speaker 7 (49:29):
Man, All of a sudden, let you go. She let
you go, and every saying pick you the reason why
she got demention?

Speaker 8 (49:39):
Man cut it down to forget.

Speaker 7 (49:50):
Get that to what is it?

Speaker 14 (49:52):

Speaker 2 (49:52):
That's funny.

Speaker 7 (49:53):
Isn't start claiming?

Speaker 4 (49:57):
What if did he start claiming?

Speaker 7 (49:58):
He battled?

Speaker 8 (50:02):
He bad because but nobody ever said Miss pat wasn't
famous to come up here.

Speaker 4 (50:06):
Nobody said yes.

Speaker 3 (50:07):
You did, yes, because I asked. I asked. The answer
was no. I saw you at that lead down your
thing and lead DWN you introduced.

Speaker 7 (50:14):
You're like, yeah, come on the show.

Speaker 3 (50:15):
And I'm like, and my my my thing was I said,
because y'all didn't know me, y'all wasn't really for me.
And I say, I'm a wi read rabbit. You read
rabbit after we sent it to you, after you let
me know.

Speaker 7 (50:25):
So I have. All I had was a book. I
really didn't have no show or anything.

Speaker 3 (50:29):
And I said, you ain't gonna never forget me because
I was mad because I tried several times to get
on here.

Speaker 7 (50:34):
I'm glad I'm over here now.

Speaker 4 (50:35):
But the publishers are lie and say that the publishers
if they do reach out, I.

Speaker 7 (50:39):
Have no publishers at the time I could afford.

Speaker 4 (50:40):
Now they was talking to I don't know who. Back then,
nobody said that.

Speaker 7 (50:45):
If they did, you said it because you didn't even
know me.

Speaker 1 (50:48):
I'm sure they did.

Speaker 7 (50:50):
Thank you.

Speaker 1 (50:52):
Miss Pat came. Miss Pat came so early.

Speaker 9 (50:54):
She was introducing her story for the first time to us,
and we would like, but I.

Speaker 8 (50:59):
Had read Rabbit the first time you came here. I
had read rabd You came with your you came with
your daughter at the time. That was the first time
she told the story. And then it just started going
from there from his pack.

Speaker 3 (51:08):
Yeah, because y'all said no, because I think it wasn't Yeah,
because I thought you didn't like because you were going
to catch a flight and you kept turning around you
I'm gonna miss my damn flight.

Speaker 1 (51:16):
Yeah, read the book.

Speaker 7 (51:18):
He read it.

Speaker 4 (51:19):
I did read the book.

Speaker 7 (51:20):
That's so much in that book.

Speaker 8 (51:21):
You remember this day because I was sitting there reading, like, damn,
this woman done been through it?

Speaker 1 (51:25):
Just have you been through a lot?

Speaker 7 (51:26):
Niphot off, Yes, I did, hand so dope.

Speaker 9 (51:29):
I think a year later I sent you the bet Awards,
the Red Coffee Awards, and they and this is how
crazy it was. B E T didn't even know who
Miss Pat was to show so early and I called me.

Speaker 1 (51:38):
I called you over.

Speaker 4 (51:38):
Remember you knew the story because you show. Fox had
picked it up.

Speaker 7 (51:42):
It was Fox Show, and then it was Hulu. Hulu
shot the pilot.

Speaker 3 (51:46):
And then BT and thet got it at the vault
because they threw it in the vault.

Speaker 7 (51:49):
When I said, when I called my son, and that.

Speaker 3 (51:52):
White man said, I ain't gonna be do that, I said,
it's just like all of your kids a school shoot
the white people. They threw it in the vault and
then BT came and got it. And we've been popping
ever since.

Speaker 9 (52:03):
But we love you, Miss Pat, and you miss we
support you for anything that you do.

Speaker 1 (52:08):
We support you.

Speaker 7 (52:09):
We appreciate you.

Speaker 3 (52:14):
You know what he do He will text bank. He
used to then text back, but not true. You you famous?

Speaker 1 (52:21):
What was this path called? Check up on me? Sh birthdays, holidays?
Just make sure I'm all right.

Speaker 3 (52:26):
I forgot to tell you having to have it father Day.
I forgot to text you yesterday. Thank you having fall Day.

Speaker 4 (52:32):
Thank you YouTube.

Speaker 7 (52:37):
A little different than the top of from Wendy.

Speaker 1 (52:42):
We can never leave you alone, y'all?

Speaker 7 (52:45):
Y know, would I thank y'all.

Speaker 8 (52:49):
That's gonna be That headline would be so funny. Miss
pattycuses Wendy wims.

Speaker 7 (52:54):
What take that bat? Don't put that out? Tell voluntarily?
He wanted it. That was his first radio job.

Speaker 4 (53:09):
Wasn't yes, it was did? I worked in South Carolina?

Speaker 7 (53:11):
Yeah, that don't count.

Speaker 2 (53:12):
And I'm like.

Speaker 3 (53:13):
Listeni four seasons by putting the rests and the New
York was more famous than you and big Foot was
your favorite. I ain't never had to do none of that.

Speaker 4 (53:35):
Oh my god, that woman is Miss pat.

Speaker 7 (53:39):
I know of you.

Speaker 3 (53:43):
She want rights, I don't memory.

Speaker 7 (53:48):
Y'all will give me.

Speaker 8 (53:50):
Miss pat show on B E T Man again, Miss Pam,
we love you, Thank you, pulister.

Speaker 9 (53:57):
Breakfast club is Miss Patley. This, gentlemen, let's get the
yes with the best ness, real.

Speaker 7 (54:02):
Whether lines just a rat more.

Speaker 9 (54:04):
Just don't do no lines, don't do talk.

Speaker 3 (54:08):
Talk world worldwide mess.

Speaker 2 (54:14):
On the breakfast clubs. She's the culture ship.

Speaker 21 (54:16):
She was able to get y'all to see something and
understand something that nobody could get you to see.

Speaker 17 (54:22):
The time set it off.

Speaker 11 (54:24):
So Tams the singer recently did an interview with COURTI.
During the interview, she's spoken while she wears baggy clothes
while she's working.

Speaker 25 (54:33):
I was going to a lot of studios in Lone,
meeting people I've never met, meet people that I don't know.

Speaker 7 (54:39):
They don't know me.

Speaker 25 (54:39):
I'm unknown because of my objective, which is I want
I just want to make music. I don't really care
about politics or anything here. I want to be here
to learn. And if me being attractive is disturbing you,
it's stopping me from me achieving my goal.

Speaker 10 (54:55):
I'm going to help you. When I go to the studio,
I wear like.

Speaker 7 (55:02):
I mean.

Speaker 25 (55:04):
Because I want you to know me. And most of
the time it works. Why because they can't tell she's
just here to what.

Speaker 10 (55:14):
I agree with that.

Speaker 2 (55:15):
I get it.

Speaker 1 (55:15):
Sad though, but I get it.

Speaker 10 (55:17):
How is it said?

Speaker 9 (55:18):
Because you should be able to wear what you want
to wear, and I feel uncomfortable or a man feel
like you're trying to seduce some more, trying to hit
on you at the studio when you just.

Speaker 4 (55:26):
It's sad that she has to feel like that about men. Yes, yes,
I feel you.

Speaker 11 (55:30):
I mean, in my line of work, stand up, I
wear baggy clothes to take away from like my body
and stuff too, because you're not really paying asition to
the jokes. And then honestly, female comedians have not been
known to be sexy and all of that, and so
like this new error. So like, yeah, I'm sorry, I'm

saying that.

Speaker 10 (55:52):
No, no, no, am I in a new era.

Speaker 4 (55:54):
No, I did not say that. What are you talking about?

Speaker 1 (55:57):
What did you say?

Speaker 8 (55:57):
I said, I'm listening to you anyway.

Speaker 11 (56:01):
Yeah, so like back in the day, yeah, like you know,
well you always had some more. She dressed down up,
you know, she dressed great, you know, but female comedians
weren't known to be sexy. You get what I'm saying
until this new era. You know, you got like heels
and boobs out cleavage all that I choose not to
do that. I'm a tall girl anyway too, But I

still got my days where I want to do that.
But the stage is not where I'm gonna do it,
because you're not gonna focus on my jokes. You won't
focus on this ass, this BBL and that's not just okay,
I'm trying to make you laugh, not make you wanna f.

Speaker 8 (56:35):
Me tell you boys, oh I thought you were talking
about us as one. No, I thought you trying to
make us laugh.

Speaker 11 (56:43):
Is this your Kashawn Rock sentens to thirty days in
jail in twelve months probation in LA for an assault
with the deadly weapon, not a gun. She was originally
being charged for battery, but they dropped those charges. These
charges allegedly them from assaulting James Wright at Tamar Braxton's concert.

Remember that half ended when she went yeah, and she
thought she wasn't gonna get caught up for that. But Atlanta,
that man pressed charges. Yeah, yeah, that was in Atlanta,
but she, uh, she's in l A.

Speaker 1 (57:16):
Oh, so they gotta take it to a They.

Speaker 11 (57:18):
Originally arrested her for something in l A down that
happened downtown, but they dropped those charges and now she
has to stay in there for thirty days damn for
what happened in Atlanta. But she's also waiting to be
extradited to Oklahoma. I face drug charges.

Speaker 3 (57:36):
I don't know.

Speaker 11 (57:37):
Let's call her and see this is this is what
I have?

Speaker 1 (57:41):
Is what it is?

Speaker 10 (57:42):
All right?

Speaker 2 (57:43):

Speaker 11 (57:45):
Another news Morgan Freeman. Every time I just he and
Morgan Freeman, I'd be like, oh my god, sleeve, Like I
think about it, not that he's a sleeve, but Morgan Freeman,
he just has such a righteous civil rights.

Speaker 1 (57:59):
Naw, I see what you're saying.

Speaker 7 (58:00):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 4 (58:00):
It's an adventure servant name. Yes, yes, you work for free.

Speaker 11 (58:04):
And he's also reminding us that he hates Black History Month.
During an interview with Variety, Morgan Freemen doubled down on
older comments that he made about Black History Month. He said,
I detested the mere idea of it. You're gonna give
me the show this month in the year, and you're
gonna celebrate my history. This whole idea mix my teeth. Itch,

it's not right. I didn't know teeth cood it his gums.
But he's old enough to think whatever he wants. Back
in twenty twenty three, he told The Times, black History
Month is an insult. Also, African American is an insult.
I don't subscribe to that title. Black people have had
different titles all the way back to the N word,
and I do not know how these things get such

a grip, but everyone uses African American.

Speaker 1 (58:50):
Well, Morgan don't want y'all bringing up his past.

Speaker 8 (58:52):
He's like one of the last living black people who
was around for a lot of that history. He's two
hundred plus years old. So you know, y'all be talking
about a lot of stuff that might trigger him.

Speaker 7 (59:00):
Excuse me, the.

Speaker 11 (59:02):
Stuff that making Steve bitch. To be clear, he doesn't
hate his blackness. He supports everything, even with Denzel Washington said.
He's when Denzel said, I'm very proud to be black,
but black is not all I am. You can't define
me in that way. You can't define me in that way.

Speaker 10 (59:18):
That's what he said. All right.

Speaker 11 (59:20):
Moving on to the last Denzel Washington story, I made
us how we don't have no audio.

Speaker 10 (59:25):
I'm struggling.

Speaker 11 (59:27):
Denzel Washington recalls working with Whitney Houston on Preacher's Wife.
So we know that movie came out nineteen ninety six,
The Preacher's Wife. They did that together. On Saturday, Denzel
shared his experience filming with her while talking at the
African Black Film Festival. He said, I always felt like
I wanted to protect her. You know, she wanted to

be so tough, but she really wasn't. That's all, okay,
that's what he said.

Speaker 1 (59:56):
That's just what the mess. No, that's what he said.
I was saying. He said, that's all, okay, that's what
he said.

Speaker 8 (01:00:03):
He's just joining us justice doing a lot of stories
that are touching her. Now you can hear it in
her voice. She teked me why he said that.

Speaker 11 (01:00:14):
So basically, he wanted to shed light on the fact
that he saw that she was like battling pain or whatever.
And we know Whennew Houston from Newark, she's always been
that damn girl and all of that. We know her
becaussing out, Wendy, stepping into it, stepp into anybody got
a problem with her being snappy. However, she was going
through things. You know, she was criticized a lot. So

I think what he was saying addiction, Yeah, but that, yeah,
that's also adding to it. But I think her toughness
was like kind of like a defense mechanism because she
had to defend herself against everything. They didn't like her, Bobby,
he was saying she was gay because of robbing, the
drug addiction, everything.

Speaker 8 (01:00:57):
And she probably didn't want people to really see her
because she was walking around with a mask on. But
clearly she was dealing with a lot of demons that
we found out about later after. Yeah, so a lot
of that can be, like you said, a defense mechanism
and projection to keep you from seeing who she really is,
and him.

Speaker 11 (01:01:14):
Working with her, he had to get to know her,
I mean, and he probably saw right through the heart theory.

Speaker 10 (01:01:22):
Yeah, so that's all.

Speaker 1 (01:01:23):
Okay, that's just what the message. Yeah, now if he's
just joining us.

Speaker 9 (01:01:27):
Just went out last night to see Chris Brown perform and.

Speaker 10 (01:01:30):
Shouted me out from the stage.

Speaker 1 (01:01:32):
Who she says, We didn't see that video yet, anybody recorded.

Speaker 11 (01:01:36):
It's gonna be online today. I didn't record it because
I was just so happy to see him, right, And
it's a part where him and two other dances they come,
they in the air and they fly from stay to
stage and he was like just shud a baby at
I was like, no, boy.

Speaker 1 (01:01:56):
Had a whole conversation while he was in the air.

Speaker 10 (01:01:58):
He didn't hear me. I heard him because he had
the brother was like.

Speaker 4 (01:02:00):
No, boy, really, I know your sister, No, you did
this really happen? Who else was with you?

Speaker 10 (01:02:07):
Taylor and Chris me.

Speaker 9 (01:02:12):
So so just so just lost her voice last night
singing Chris Brown records. So that's why her voice sounds
a little harse this morn. Absolutely all right, are you
looking at her like that? Man, I'm just looking I'm
not looking big.

Speaker 8 (01:02:25):
Will you give me a donkey. Two man before after
the hour, we need a young woman. She's not young.
She's seventy one years old. She's from Florida. Her name
is Patricia Whitehead. She needs to come to the front
of the congregation.

Speaker 4 (01:02:35):
This is a.

Speaker 9 (01:02:35):
Good reason to not shock up. Okay, okay, all right,
we'll get into that next. It's the breakfast slucome on.

Speaker 2 (01:02:42):
You're checking out the breakfast club.

Speaker 1 (01:02:44):
Can you make sure you're telling to watch out of
Florida man.

Speaker 8 (01:02:49):
The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and
all of flour Yes, you are a donkey.

Speaker 1 (01:02:56):
A Florida man at tapped an ATM for.

Speaker 24 (01:02:58):
A very strange reason.

Speaker 7 (01:03:00):
They gave him too much money.

Speaker 5 (01:03:01):
Florida man is arrested after that, say he rigged the
door to his home in an attempt to electric hit
his president lights.

Speaker 7 (01:03:06):
Police arrested in Orlando.

Speaker 12 (01:03:07):
Man, we're talking a.

Speaker 4 (01:03:08):
Famdo it's the practice club, bitch.

Speaker 1 (01:03:10):
You don't here the day with Charlam Hayne, the guy.
I don't know why y'all keeping letting him get.

Speaker 8 (01:03:14):
Y'all like well, duvall donky today for Tuesday, June eighteenth,
goes to a seventy one year old Florida woman named
Patricia Whitehead. What does your uncle Shawla always say about
the great state of Florida. The craziest people in America
come from the Bronx and all of Florida, and today
is absolutely no exception. Now, if you're from the country,
like I'm from the country, South Carolina, to be exact,
you already know Charleston Mount Corna eight forty three, All

day slew to the Metro as well Columbia South Carolina
eight oh three drop on a clues bomb for South
Carolina can. Okay, if you're from the South, then you've
probably heard the term shocking up. You know what shocking
up is, right, Jess, Yeah, you know what shocking up
is NB.

Speaker 2 (01:03:49):
Right, Yes, sir.

Speaker 4 (01:03:50):

Speaker 8 (01:03:50):
When you start living in the same house with you
be without being married, very frowned upon by some older folks.
They feel a person will never buy the cow if
they getting the milk for free. That's probably not even
a politically correct thing to say nowadays, especially.

Speaker 4 (01:04:04):
Around fat people.

Speaker 8 (01:04:05):
Okay, because if you part of the big back briade
and you shacking up with someone, the last thing you
want to be referred to as is a cow Well,
if you are a person who is again shacking up,
If you know someone who is shacking up and you
want to convince them that shacking up is not the
best options, and you need to send them this story.
See Patricia and this man shared a residential space and
she became angry with him because he did not clean

up after himself. That right there has to be one
of the top reasons couples can't live together. If you
messy and I'm clean, then it's damnar I possible to
live with a messy person.

Speaker 1 (01:04:36):

Speaker 8 (01:04:36):
For example, when you're in a relationship and your partner
as a joky person, that's cute.

Speaker 4 (01:04:40):
When y'all don't live together, you think they so funny.

Speaker 8 (01:04:42):
Until you live with them, then that joking every day
in your life might become annoying.

Speaker 4 (01:04:46):
Okay, that's what living together means.

Speaker 8 (01:04:47):
You have to experience the reality of that person, not
the fantasy. All the little distinctive things that make your
partner an individual, you have to deal with them, okay.
And if you don't like what the person is doing,
you have to have a conversation about it.

Speaker 4 (01:05:00):
But you have to tell him or her.

Speaker 8 (01:05:01):
Okay, are they about the habits that bother you and
suggest new solutions to live with your partner. And if
you are a person okay once again, who doesn't like
mess who likes to keep a tidy house, a person
who's messy.

Speaker 4 (01:05:13):
Is damned and possible to live with.

Speaker 8 (01:05:14):
Now, you just heard me say that you have to
be able to have conversations about the habits you don't
like and your significant other. Your significant other, okay, your
boo that you were choosing to shack up with, well,
Patricia Whitehead and must not like conversation because, as I've
told you before, this man she was shacking up with
was messi and he didn't clean.

Speaker 4 (01:05:32):
Up after himself.

Speaker 8 (01:05:33):
And let's just say Patricia didn't like that. Let's go
to new Channel eight on your side for the report.

Speaker 4 (01:05:38):

Speaker 26 (01:05:38):
It was just after nine thirty Thursday morning when Tampa
police officers responded to this home after reports of a
shooting in the one thousand block of East twenty sixth
Avenue in Tampa.

Speaker 7 (01:05:50):
Shots rang out and a man was killed.

Speaker 26 (01:05:53):
Tampa police say seventy one year old Patricia Whitehead got
into an argument with the man who shares the same house.
Please say, white Head became angry with the victim, claiming
he didn't clean up after himself. A woman who told
us she's the wife of the victim, says he's been
worried for some time about Whitehead.

Speaker 11 (01:06:12):
Somebody told me he told the landlord and people in
the house if he dies, she killed too.

Speaker 1 (01:06:19):
She the one did.

Speaker 26 (01:06:20):
Whitehead is now charged with one count a first degree murderer.

Speaker 8 (01:06:24):
Wait a minute, now, I'm extra confused, he said the
wife of the victim, So why was.

Speaker 4 (01:06:29):
He living with another woman if you had a wife, right?

Speaker 7 (01:06:35):

Speaker 8 (01:06:35):
I know the economy is bad, but people always remember
you shock up at your own wrist, and being shot
and killed is one of those risks. The crazy thing
about this is this woman with seventy one. I don't
know how old the man is, but women in Florida
have a life expectancy at eighty, so I guess she's assuming. Hey,
I only got nine years left, so if they give
me life in prison, that's technically just a nine year sentence. Now,
I am a person who has shocked up before. My

now wife and I absolutely lived together before we got married.
I don't have a problem with it. Some people say
you shouldn't invest in what's simply a dating relationship with
a live in arrangement. Some people say to women, do
you really want to move in with a man and hope,
wish and pray that eventually he marries you. Some people say,
do you really want to perform WiFi and husband duties
on a daily basis without the title of wife and husband?

Speaker 4 (01:07:16):
Some people saying, Florida, do you really.

Speaker 8 (01:07:18):
Want to shack up with your mistress when you're married
and then to have that mistress shoot you because you
didn't make the bed, because you didn't wash the dishes,
because you're just leaving your clothes all over the place
and not hanging them up. These are all things one
must consider when shacking up. Patricia Whitehead would now be
shacking up with someone in the penitentiary. I don't believe
I have to say this, but this is twenty twenty four,
So in case you're wondering, you should never shoot anyone

simply because they didn't clean up after themselves. You should
never hurt anyone who didn't clean up after themselves. You're
gonna throw the rest of your life away and choose
to be in the penitentiary for the rest of your
life because a person made a mess. And if you
have a wife, you probably shouldn't be living with another woman.
I'm just saying, please get Patricia Whitehead the sweet Sounds

of the Hamiltons.

Speaker 27 (01:08:01):
Oh no, you are the dog of the day, all
the dogge all the day.

Speaker 21 (01:08:15):

Speaker 8 (01:08:19):
I'll be doing these stories sometimes and I get confused
in my head, and then I be thinking to myself, like,
why am I trying to make sense of This is Florida.

Speaker 1 (01:08:25):
It is Florida.

Speaker 10 (01:08:26):
Oh, I know, I'm checking up.

Speaker 4 (01:08:28):
You're shocking up currently, Okay, all right.

Speaker 7 (01:08:36):
That's it.

Speaker 8 (01:08:36):
Okay, ain't nobody's sitting no vision look like No, ain't
nobody looking like?

Speaker 4 (01:08:43):
I thought there was more to the story. You know,
you're shocking up.

Speaker 1 (01:08:46):
That's okay, all right.

Speaker 11 (01:08:47):
Ain't going No, I ain't gonna do she did because
he cleans up after me in his south.

Speaker 8 (01:08:53):
Problem and he's very handy, and he's not married, I
would hope not the.

Speaker 1 (01:08:59):
Lady who was living with the story you just did
that guy was married.

Speaker 8 (01:09:04):
Yes, yes, I don't understand that, but it's Florida, So
I'm not gonna try to make it make no sense.

Speaker 1 (01:09:08):
You know, he was going somewhere with them. He's handy, what.

Speaker 4 (01:09:11):
Are you talking about because he max it.

Speaker 7 (01:09:13):
I ain't say that.

Speaker 4 (01:09:14):
You follow that boy? You said he's handy, he is handy.
What I got to doing anything?

Speaker 13 (01:09:18):

Speaker 1 (01:09:19):
I was somebody building and doing construction and stuff like that.

Speaker 8 (01:09:22):
First of all, I didn't say nothing. I text you
the other day. I said, what you're doing? You said,
watching Chris work? Did I reply?

Speaker 2 (01:09:27):

Speaker 8 (01:09:28):
But you know what I was thinking. But I ain't
reply nothing. Did I did I say anything? I didn't
reply back.

Speaker 4 (01:09:32):
You should. You should congratulate me on my restraints.

Speaker 7 (01:09:36):
I was watching for the guy.

Speaker 4 (01:09:37):
I don't know what house.

Speaker 2 (01:09:39):
I don't know that.

Speaker 4 (01:09:40):
Literally, I said, what you're doing, she said, sitting there
watching Chris work. I ain't even replied back. I said, okay.
I just thought to myself, all right, I got it
right here.

Speaker 9 (01:09:50):
I hate y'all. Ben, all right, thank you for that
dog in the day. Now, when we come back, Isaac
Hayes the third will be joining us. He's the owner
and founder of fan Base, which is a social media app,
of course, and we're gonna talk to him next.

Speaker 1 (01:10:01):
It's the Breakfast Log.

Speaker 2 (01:10:01):
Good morning, the Breakfast.

Speaker 9 (01:10:03):
Club owning everybody is DJ env Jess Hilarious Charlamagne to God.
We are the Breakfast Club. We got a special guest
on the line right now. We got the brother, Isaac Hayes,
the third welcome brother.

Speaker 2 (01:10:15):
What's good?

Speaker 12 (01:10:16):
What's up?

Speaker 1 (01:10:16):
How you feeling?

Speaker 2 (01:10:17):
I am feeling excellent.

Speaker 8 (01:10:19):
How about you, guys, Blessed Black and Holly fav But
Isaac Isaac is the founder creator of fan Base. For
people who might be new to fan Base, I think
just tell them what fan base is.

Speaker 15 (01:10:29):
Fan Base is a social media platform that I found
in that allows anybody to have followers and subscribers on
the same page. We've raised about eleven million dollars in
three rounds and we're raising seventeen million dollars right now
on start Engine for our latest round. So it's really
a successor to what I call with TikTok and Instagram
are What.

Speaker 8 (01:10:47):
Is the benefit for like the non creator to switch
to fan Base. I understand the creative benefit of fan Base,
but what's the benefit for a non creator to switch
the fan base versus using other social media apps.

Speaker 15 (01:10:58):
Well, I think the first thing is that most everybody
content is suppressed on all these platforms, and so there's
a change that's happening where people feel like they are stifled.
Even the average user just doesn't seem like they're getting
visibility for the content that they make. So we want
to make sure that, you know, we provide an opportunity
that nobody's content is suppressed.

Speaker 2 (01:11:14):
We don't run ads.

Speaker 15 (01:11:16):
I just want to make sure that everybody has an
opportunity to see all their content. So it's just it's
just like any other social networks, free to download, free
to use, doesn't cost anything. So I look at it,
like I said, as a transition from all these platforms
that you know, shadow band, you you know, crush your
content and don't allow you to really connect with people.

Speaker 9 (01:11:32):
Now, I was going to ask that a lot of
people have been in the last couple of months really
been complaining about a lot of these social apps because
they're saying that they are suppressed that you know, you
could tell that they want them to pay for advertising
and it's not really getting this stuff out like that.
What's going to stop fan base from doing the same
thing later on?

Speaker 15 (01:11:50):
Well, I think that the current platforms have to charge you.
I mean, you have to think that the Instagram has
now charging you three hundred and fifty dollars a month
just to get visibility. And that's because they run ads.
Ninety seven percent in of their revenue comes from advertising,
and so I'm like, you know, we can't we can't
have platforms like that.

Speaker 2 (01:12:05):
We don't run ads.

Speaker 15 (01:12:06):
And so since we're a rep share platform that has
subscription and love, love is like digital currency, so you
can tip somebody for all their content on the on
the platform. So it's really super easy. You know, you
give somebody a love, it's about half a penny. Those
add up and you can like stuff for free. So
we don't really have to worry about suppressing content because
again we don't run ads. I always say that these

platforms have to suppressure content because they work against you,
Like you know what I'm saying. So why would Instagram
lets you reach a million people where they're about to
charge target to reach a million people? So that's why
they suppressure content. And so for me, that's one of
the reasons why we don't do that.

Speaker 4 (01:12:41):
What do you mean when you say they charge you
three fifty a month Instagram?

Speaker 15 (01:12:44):
So metaverified has a new program now where they're charging
you three hundred and fifty dollars a month just to
be visible in the feed, like in the search.

Speaker 4 (01:12:52):
And all this other stuff.

Speaker 15 (01:12:53):
It's really tight on these platform It's getting crazy right now,
Like you know, it's time for a change. Anyway, though,
I think none of these platforms can last forever. I
think for us, especially why I found it fan base,
is that black culture is so much a part of
what makes social media popular, and we don't own any
of these platforms. Again, I've said this before, like you know,
this is a black founded, but not black only app.

So I take into care consideration that black culture needs
a place that it can be global and not be
stifled and exploited. And so that's the reason why, you know,
I'm doing it a little bit differently. We just it's
time for it's time for us to own some infrastructure.
I'm just I'm over everybody you know having disagreements or
issues with TikTok and Instagram, and those are always going
to be problems unless we own the infrastructure's platforms, which

is why, like I raised capital and build the platform
to begin with.

Speaker 8 (01:13:38):
I agree with you, it's the stupidest thing in the
world when I see people say things like I think
Elon Musk is racist, and I don't like Elon much,
but you're saying it on x YA idiot, right.

Speaker 15 (01:13:48):
I mean, we can complain as much as we want to,
but until we until we change and transform our thinking
about you know, what what we value. I think building
building black wealth is one one of the things that
you know, we have to really focus on. And the
fastest way to build wealth moving in the future is technology.
And so if you're gonna get mad at Elon Muskin
yell at him on his platform, that doesn't make sense.

So there has to be alternatives. And we've never been
here before. Again, I say this all the time. Fan
Base is really one of the first of its kind
where we've never seen a black founder start a social
media platform from the bottom up. I spent my own
bread to build this thing, we scaled it up, we
raised capital, and so now I want to get people
an alternative because we also have, you know, the ability
that people own this platform. We have over fifteen thousand

investors that have invested in fan Base have gone to
start engine on their own shares in the company, and
we got to build this black wealth or we're going
to be customers to our own creations. We will never
have a seated the table at all.

Speaker 4 (01:14:41):
What is this seventeen million dollar rega?

Speaker 2 (01:14:43):
What is it?

Speaker 4 (01:14:43):
Regga raise reggae?

Speaker 15 (01:14:45):
So well, I'm the first black man to raise ten
million dollars in reg CF. So regulation A crowd funding
is where you go up to the next level where
you can raise up to seventy five million dollars in
a year. So right now we're raising seventeen million dollars
and the minimum to invest it's three hundred and ninety
nine dollars. So when you hear about these people that
own part of these platforms, these already rich guys, these
angel investors that were part of Uber and PayPal and

Instagram and all these platforms that are you know, enormously wealthy.
They were rich to begin with. But with equity crowdfunding,
which is something extremely important, we have this DEI attack
that's going on right now. Equity crowdfunding allows us to
invest in ourselves, to work together to fund our own companies.
And so the regulation aid that we're doing on start
Engine allows us to be able to do that. So

now the people own the platform, the users are the
people that own part of the platform, and who better
than to give you know, like I said, ownership to
and the people that make the platform successful.

Speaker 2 (01:15:38):
There's so many creators.

Speaker 15 (01:15:39):
If I was a creator, an average user, anybody, I
think investing and understanding why we need to be able
to do this is something that you know, we got
to lock in and focus on. So I tell everybody
go to start engine dot com slash fanbase. If you
want to invest, you'll have equity. Again, we've already raised
about one point three million in this new seventeen million
dollar around, but we're taking it to seventeen million, and

so we're gonna be able to, you know, build fan
base enormously faster and better.

Speaker 9 (01:16:04):
Now, what should been some of your biggest challenges when
it came to fan base so far?

Speaker 15 (01:16:09):
I'll say this, right, I think that some of the
biggest challenges is that he's actually getting people to understand
their content has value. Like we're transitioning, Like think about
all the content creators that existed for the last ten years,
and then stop and think about cost and not cost
that's probably making about eight hundred grand a month off subscriptions.
He's like two years old, right, but the generation before
him that we're trying to get brand deals and all

this kind of stuff. They don't understand that subscriptions are coming.
You know, if you're not paying attention and understanding that
your content has value, you're going to get lost in
the shuffle. You're gonna be left behind because someone like
Kai and all the younger creators that are coming forward,
they're making money off subscriptions. They're making millions of dollars
off subscriptions. That anybody can do that. You can do, that,
I can do that. You might not have as many

subscribers as Kai, but you can still be on the
platform where Coy's got millions of followers, but he has
people that also want to support his content. And so
I wanted to provide a global platform for anybody to
have that capability. And also with what we did. What
I did was I invented in that peer to peer
purchase subscription. I have to say this every time, Like
before fan Base, you cannot subscribe to a person using

Apple or Google the app story only you can only
buy a game, or you can only subscribe to like
Spotify and Netflix. But I made it so that you
can subscribe to people and that changed everything. And then
Apple and Google changed their model because again, black people
innovate in everything. They changed their model and they allow
the instagrat to do it in TikTok and x and
all these platforms.

Speaker 2 (01:17:29):
Now you can describe from your phone.

Speaker 15 (01:17:30):
But that was done by this black man here in Atlanta,
Georgia to be able to do that. So I take
pride in being somebody that innovated the space.

Speaker 9 (01:17:37):
On that way, we got more with Isaac CA's when
we come back, don't move, It's to breakfast Club, Good morning,
owning everybody. It's DJ nv Jess Hilarious, Charlamage, the god
we are. The breakfast club is still kicking away. Owner
and founder of fan Base, Isaac's Charlamone.

Speaker 4 (01:17:52):
So with the money that you've raised so far, where
does that money go to?

Speaker 15 (01:17:55):
So what I'll explain to people right now is is
that when you see fan Base, nothing speaks better for
fan based in the app itself. And so fan Base
has six content creation tools like six verticals or content
creation of functionality. So we got stories, live posts, long
form video which is like YouTube flicks which is like
short form video, and then audio chat rooms. And so

when you really see the app, you think that, okay,
these guys are raised about ten or eleven million dollars
and they built something that most people would say would
cost fifty million to be able to build, and we
got staying power. I'm not gonna be unapologetic that a
lot of these companies that have been that have been
funded by venture capital VC's and actually coming and give
companies thirty five million dollars and they've blown the money

in eighteen months and had no product nowhere near as
close to fan base. And so what we do is
we spend our money wisely, we continue to scale the app.
We have other functionality and features that we're doing. We're
adding URTMP streaming, so just like Twitch and Rumble, you'll
be able to stream your video games and kick you'll
be able to do that. So we just keep adding
and buildings to the platform. And we have almost seven

hundred users. I know that people don't know that, but
this is really, like I said, a one of a
kind social media app that people don't understand what's being
done and how we're breaking the mold.

Speaker 9 (01:19:10):
Now, if people do want to log I'm trying to
get logged on my fan base right now.

Speaker 1 (01:19:13):
It wouldn't let me log in. That happens all the time.
But I was going to ask you. So for people
break down what fan base is.

Speaker 9 (01:19:19):
If they don't know what they can do with it,
why would it benefit them over other apps?

Speaker 1 (01:19:23):
So they get a better understanding.

Speaker 15 (01:19:25):
Well, first, the first thing I say is you can
create a fan base account and we file the patent
on a migration toil that allows you to copy all
your content from either Instagram or TikTok and paste it
over on your fan Base page. So then now you
put your content in a place where somebody can tip it.
Anybody up, any regular person can tip it. So on
fan Base you have followers and subscribing. And what's important

about that is as AI comes into play and more
people start to lose jobs, I think content creators in
IRL content, which is in real life content, is going
to be something that people are really going to rely on,
Like the gig economy is going to explode because people
can make you know, the Keith Leads of the world,
the people that discover that they have a talent or
a knack to be able to do this, and so

being in a position to already monetize from day one
if you so choose, if you just want to use
fan Base as a platform where you connect with your
friends and have fun.

Speaker 2 (01:20:13):
You can do the exact same thing.

Speaker 15 (01:20:15):
But I think we have to understand that content has
value and they're gonna be a lot of money. There's
gonna be a lot of money made in the next
few years. Again, people are gonna become billionaires off subscriptions.
I know it sounds crazy, but I'm telling you right now,
there will be billionaires made off people subscribing to other
people's content, just like we subscribe to Netflix and so again,
creating generational black wealth and being able to do this

because again, we are we are left behind. We are
we are you know, I see these younger creators. I
see the the the Aiden, the Rosses who got equity
and Kick. I see all these these people that have
equity in these companies. Charlie Emilio, Bryce Hall, they have equity.
But I don't see that, you know, I don't see
the academics as equity and Rumble or I don't see
Constona has equity uh in Twitch and so again, I

think for users to be able to use the platform
and then also become investors, it's something that's extremely important.

Speaker 8 (01:21:04):
You know, I'm an investor in fan base, you know,
I got to say that, right, So how do people
what is the process of investing in fan Base?

Speaker 15 (01:21:13):
So when you invest in fan base, you go to
start engine dot com slash fan base, right, and then
the minimum to invest is three hundred and ninety nine dollars.
That money sits an escro. You don't have it. We
don't have it. After there's a process where everybody does
a background check on the person investing, and then you'll
get an email saying do you run an invest.

Speaker 2 (01:21:30):
In fan Base?

Speaker 15 (01:21:31):
You'll get that email and then once you click that,
that money goes into a dispersement queue. And as soon
as we take that money and put it in our account,
you are investing in fan Base. And so again, we
have over fifteen thousand investors around the world that have
invested in this platform. I keep telling people like, when
these companies have these exits and you hear you know,
these platforms sell for billions and billions of dollars, and

regular people are going to be able to exit fan
Base eventually, either we're going to go public or we're
gonna get acquired. That's the eventuality of what we're going
to do. So again, I want highlight on investing in
how important this is because you me, everybody has the
ability to increase the value of fan base by simply
using the platform, but then you own a piece of it.
And we you know, again, we have about one point
eight trillion dollars of wealth that's spending power that we

have in the black community every year, and we should
take some of that money and start investing in multiple
companies and other companies that we can fund through equity crowdfunding.
Equity crowdfunding is going to be something that I think
the black community's got to focus on a lot more
because what happened with the Fearless Fund, what's happening with DEI.
They're trying to shut us down. We only in twenty
twenty three black, black, black startups got less than half

of one percent of all venture capital. So think about that,
less than half of one percent of all venture capital
went to black founders. So we have to start funding
our own businesses and look out for ourselves. I'm over
the whole plan of you know, we're trying to beg
to have a seat at the table and Instagram when
we make the platforms.

Speaker 4 (01:22:54):
I'm tired of that.

Speaker 15 (01:22:55):
So again I encourage everybody to invest in fan base,
use the platform.

Speaker 2 (01:22:59):
We're not going to stop.

Speaker 15 (01:23:00):
We've been going for like I said, for the last
three years, and so many other platforms have come and
gone and failed.

Speaker 2 (01:23:06):
But we're still here because we know what we're doing.

Speaker 15 (01:23:09):
We're building community and we're making a change in what
we do with social media.

Speaker 1 (01:23:13):
So how do people invest if they wanted to right now?

Speaker 15 (01:23:16):
So go to start engine dot com slash fan base
and there will be you'll pull up on a fan
base page on start Engine and just click get equity
and that's it. You'll get equity in the platform. You'll
have some shares, you have some ownership. And remember, these
raises tend to go viral. I say this all the time.
There hasn't been a raise that I've done. But we've
reached our goal and everybody's like, is it too late
to invest. I'm like, nah, don't wait, We're going all

the way with this thing. So invest as soon as
you possibly can, because again, the rais is gonna close.
We're gonna go on to the next level and continue
to build the platform. So if you want to have,
you know, an opportunity to invest. Again, there's a lot
of disposal income I'm not gonna tell you how to
spend your money, but I'm definitely telling you that, you know,
three hundred ninety nine dollars is the ability to have
equity in the platform. And there's another stat that I

say all the time when we think about this raising
seventeen million dollars, twenty eight thousand, five hundred people investing
six hundred dollars, and this platform has millions of listeners,
millions of viewers. Right, so, twenty eight thousand, five hundred
people investing six hundred dollars, it's seventeen million, one hundred
thousand dollars. We reach our goal like that, and again,
with that kind of capital, we will catch Instagram, we

will catch TikTok, and then we will surpass them because
we're doing things that they're not doing it. We're inventing
and creating things in social media that none of these
platforms have done so and we're not stopping. We're doing
it right here in a right here in Atlanta, Georgia.
So we're gonna keep pushing do that.

Speaker 4 (01:24:31):
All right, my guys.

Speaker 1 (01:24:32):
Appreciate you, brother.

Speaker 2 (01:24:33):
Thank you guys. Man. I appreciate you.

Speaker 9 (01:24:35):
Getting your third fan basis the Breakfast Club, Good morning,
the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 2 (01:24:42):
Get the.

Speaker 11 (01:24:44):
US is real, Lions just ca Robin Moore just don't
do no line, don't do.

Speaker 12 (01:24:49):
Pup them nobody, pulp them?

Speaker 2 (01:24:53):

Speaker 4 (01:24:54):
Why Jeff World? While mess talk on the Breakfast Club
to the coaches ship.

Speaker 21 (01:24:59):
She was able to get y'all to see something and
understand something that nobody.

Speaker 24 (01:25:04):
Could get you to see.

Speaker 2 (01:25:05):
The time to shut it off.

Speaker 11 (01:25:07):
So con Stanett pulled up on Northwest for our eleventh birthday.
The clips and pictures that we saw seem innocent, but
social media users, of course went in on him for
hanging out with a young girl consebortedly twenty two years old,
and he kind of on his live stream to address
the criticism, which I think is clawned out.

Speaker 7 (01:25:24):
But chat everybody who made yesterday weird. Here's the thing.

Speaker 10 (01:25:28):
I am Moor's favorite streamer, Bro, so rest today.

Speaker 1 (01:25:32):
All she wanted to do was meet me Bo.

Speaker 7 (01:25:34):
That was it.

Speaker 1 (01:25:35):
Literally, all she wanted to do was to meet me.
So anybody who was making it weird, like that's the
weirdest thing.

Speaker 8 (01:25:40):
Ever, Because like Bro, I have a whole bunch of
parents who whose who's our daughters and sons whould want
to meet me both, and if I could have, I
would just meet everybody.

Speaker 1 (01:25:48):
You feel what I'm saying. We had a great time yesterday,
Rod jumped tomorrow, I would that I had one. I
can't go that shit.

Speaker 3 (01:25:55):
I met North, She's great, bro like, she has a
good group of friends of our her like everything is right,
but like the law, just tomorrow, it's gonna be like
thirty minutes plus.

Speaker 1 (01:26:03):
So if I want to see how today, wait, yesterday
it was epic.

Speaker 11 (01:26:06):
I don't see how God be so excited. But like, no,
I'm not mad at that. If you're her favorite streamer, yes.

Speaker 10 (01:26:15):
Like why did people?

Speaker 11 (01:26:17):
Why would somebody even equate that to him hanging out
with a younger girl.

Speaker 10 (01:26:21):
Her friend's parents were there, her parents were you know.

Speaker 9 (01:26:25):
But her parents can afford it. Her parents can afford
it if he if they paid, or she's Kim Kardashi
and Kanye's daughter. Yeah, why wouldn't he do that?

Speaker 8 (01:26:32):
Y'all crazy, Shut y'all Poe asses up? Okay, I and
the words of Little Duball. Shut y'all, Poe asses up.

Speaker 2 (01:26:39):
Acc your wage.

Speaker 4 (01:26:40):
He wasn't hanging out when an eleven year old.

Speaker 8 (01:26:42):
The fact that you think something is wrong with that
says more about you than it does God. When parents
have the means and they can afford to have people
come to their kids' birthday parties, they do or celebrity
and by the way, it ain't even about parents with
the means, right when you hire old the clowns or
older people in outfits like dressed Mickey Mouse and mini mounts,
it's the same exact thing old clowns.

Speaker 7 (01:27:05):
I'm saying old clown.

Speaker 8 (01:27:09):
As a person that Yeah, eleven year old they what
looks up to your now. Absolutely birthday party was probably
popping or whatever it was.

Speaker 1 (01:27:16):
He was there, absolutely, Yeah, they did in New York.
They did it.

Speaker 10 (01:27:20):
Her group of.

Speaker 11 (01:27:20):
Friends were happy and everything. So yeah, Nick Cannon, d
DG and Lance Gross speak on supporting women and they were.
They spoke on more specifically, how to support your lady
while she's experienced postpartum.

Speaker 9 (01:27:37):
What have you done in the house support her when
she was going through that postpartum journey.

Speaker 28 (01:27:40):
She's just being patient, man, Just keeping that in mind
when you going through something with her, you know, or
going through you know, like maybe y'all might have a
little disagreement or something, or you know, we might butt
heads here and there, but you know, I try my
best to be as patient as possible.

Speaker 10 (01:27:55):
That's a great one.

Speaker 1 (01:27:56):
I would add to that. The next pid is being present.
You gotta be there, you gotta be president. And that's
that's what being a man and being a father is about.
That's the fine you know, for your woman.

Speaker 7 (01:28:05):
That's a fine lance.

Speaker 1 (01:28:07):
I would say, being understanding and gentle.

Speaker 28 (01:28:09):
You know, if you don't understand, try to create an understanding.

Speaker 10 (01:28:13):
How did Nick Cannon get thrown in there?

Speaker 4 (01:28:16):
You got thirteen turn.

Speaker 11 (01:28:18):
Yeah, I understand that. But he's talking about the present
for all the kids and all the moms. How Nick,
it is not even enough time in the day.

Speaker 4 (01:28:27):
I would add that they say be a good listener.
It's money.

Speaker 11 (01:28:30):
Say that, you know not in that clip Yeah DDG.
Kind of plate for that too.

Speaker 4 (01:28:35):
And be patient.

Speaker 1 (01:28:36):
Yeah, patience number.

Speaker 11 (01:28:37):
One definitely Fat Joe makes Chris Brown comparison that Joe
hopped on his Live shared thoughts on Chris Brown.

Speaker 18 (01:28:46):
If Chris Brown never got into the controversy, would be ona.
We wouldn't be calling him Michael Jackson man now, not
like Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson, he's the most reality singer, artists, performer,
hit makes up of our time. There's nobody even close

to Chris Brown, and it's sad we moved past it.
It's been twenty something years that I know, if there's
no more incidents, we're gonna let this lifetime go by
without saying the truth.

Speaker 11 (01:29:23):
First of all, it was fifteen years ago. And I
know every time Chris hear somebody bring up Rian, I
know he'd be like, yo, please please. I know what
Fanjoe was trying to be, like, yo, please just stop.

Speaker 4 (01:29:39):
Also, but duh, I love you, Joe. But we've been
saying that.

Speaker 8 (01:29:42):
And I'm not gonna say Michael Jackson, but I would
say that, you know, uh, the closest to the other
levels entertain.

Speaker 4 (01:29:47):
I'm not gonna say closer to.

Speaker 8 (01:29:48):
I would say like Beyonce Rihanna level, like like, yes,
there's a there's a whole other tier Chris Brown should
be in.

Speaker 10 (01:29:56):

Speaker 11 (01:29:57):
I don't like the comparison from like older to like
saying like, oh, we will be calling Michael Jackson.

Speaker 1 (01:30:03):
We can't.

Speaker 11 (01:30:04):
It's only one, right be there's only one with me.
It's only one of us for the whites. You know
what I'm saying, like it.

Speaker 1 (01:30:09):
Can't be black people like Elvis too, I'm sure, well yeah, but.

Speaker 4 (01:30:12):
Not like Michael was the most universal artist ever.

Speaker 11 (01:30:16):
But that's what I'm saying. He is to us what
you know, I guess what helps was to them or whatever.
But everybody loved Michael Jackson, everybody, and you can't really
compare them to Yes, he is the most talented, the
most like.

Speaker 1 (01:30:28):
He can do anything, absolutely dance, But.

Speaker 10 (01:30:32):
Why can't he just be in his own category? You
know what I'm saying.

Speaker 9 (01:30:35):
But people always like to compare right where. You're a
basketball player, they're gonna compare you to Michael Jordan. If
you're a boxer, they're gonna compare you to Floyd Mayweather.

Speaker 1 (01:30:42):
If you're a.

Speaker 9 (01:30:43):
Soccer, they're gonna compare you to mess It is. It's
the great and we're.

Speaker 4 (01:30:47):
All prisoners of the moment.

Speaker 8 (01:30:49):
And the reason I say we're all prisoners of the
moment because this is a two months ago y'all was
saying this about us after the super Bowl, after the residency.

Speaker 9 (01:30:55):
Yes, they didn't compare to Michael Jackson as far as dancing,
because they didn't. They said he's a he's a performer,
but not like that it's two different.

Speaker 11 (01:31:05):
Cool, but I should have got seven moves and he's
just doing real slick backwards and fools, listen, you know
how to put him in reverse and do him slow
and then speed it up and then't do it.

Speaker 8 (01:31:15):
You can't name R and B singers with better catalog
than us musical catalogs Mary J.

Speaker 4 (01:31:20):
Blige? Who else are Kelly? That's it? Who else?

Speaker 1 (01:31:24):
R and B are we talking about?

Speaker 7 (01:31:27):
We're talking about because he's talking about before me.

Speaker 8 (01:31:29):
I mean we're talking about what we were talking about
catalog because when we talked Michael Jackson talking.

Speaker 1 (01:31:35):
About the stories about we're talking entertaining.

Speaker 10 (01:31:37):
Yeah, I was getting made boy, I got seven moves.
Like I said, are we talking about and whatever?

Speaker 4 (01:31:42):
I said, musical catalog?

Speaker 1 (01:31:43):
He talking about singing, and we well.

Speaker 9 (01:31:46):
You know, changing the goal post. You're talking about entertaining
and dance. I'm saying, I said to change that. You're
talking about singing, change the goal post.

Speaker 8 (01:31:53):
We're talking about performing entertaining, because said because Fat Joe
said nobody he got a better catalog than Chris Brown.

Speaker 11 (01:32:02):
That's why I said that, Okay might whisper all around
in the same shut up because he's gonna be like
because yes, like no not only time, and my voice
is coming back.

Speaker 10 (01:32:11):
You're so.

Speaker 4 (01:32:13):
I like the better when he was leaving. Let's go
to commercials, all right.

Speaker 9 (01:32:17):
That is just with the mess Thank you, Jess. You're welcome,
all right up next to the People's Choice mix.

Speaker 1 (01:32:22):
Less go.

Speaker 2 (01:32:24):
If you're liked into the breakfast club good.

Speaker 1 (01:32:27):
More than everybody is. J Envy just hilarys Charlamage to God.

Speaker 9 (01:32:31):
We are the breakfast Club. Now it's time to rep
a gate a day. And who we reping today?

Speaker 11 (01:32:36):
We are celebrating Sheena, my best friend because this girl,
I don't know if it's like a celebratory moment, but
she was supposed to go to Chris Brown with me
because she's a Chris Brown fan as well, but he
wouldn't date her because you.

Speaker 10 (01:32:51):
Know she's stood.

Speaker 11 (01:32:53):
She decides to cancel on me last minute to go
to Miami with some other friends who I imagine to
be gay. You know, but you choose your sexuality with
a bunch other people that you don't even know. Just
call you'all in the same community. Do not mean that

you know them. I've been her best fifteen years. I've
been with you before the keys.

Speaker 7 (01:33:19):
Can you excuse me?

Speaker 8 (01:33:21):
She gotta go with it. She gotta go with people eating.
You ain't taking it to get dying the hunt.

Speaker 7 (01:33:27):

Speaker 11 (01:33:27):
She went to Baltimore Pride. Now you're in Miami living
you miss Chris Brown with your book my boo because
my best friend didn't go.

Speaker 8 (01:33:37):
Yeah, because your best friend want to have her obu.
She had to go look for a little stud muffin.

Speaker 10 (01:33:41):
Don't nobody want her? No, no, sheena no.

Speaker 11 (01:33:46):
She gonna learn today though I will never ever again
to know where else Chris Brown is.

Speaker 1 (01:33:51):
She can't hear you right now because she's chilling in Miami.

Speaker 4 (01:33:53):
With one five to beat baby. Well that's what we broadcasting.

Speaker 11 (01:33:58):
She listens to the show every day about it, and
she goes to YouTube and also she listens. But I
don't like that. So this is the uncelebratory moment for her.
But she's still, however, is a lesbian.

Speaker 8 (01:34:11):
So happy bray, thank you, she and we appreciate you.
Stud life tat it on my Jesus did and not have.

Speaker 10 (01:34:17):
No life sating archives.

Speaker 9 (01:34:21):
All right, when we come back, we got the positive
notice to the breakfast club. Good morning Morning, Everybody's dj
n V Jesse, Larry Charlamagne, the God We are the
Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (01:34:29):
Salute to Miss Pat comedian Miss Path for joining us
this morning.

Speaker 4 (01:34:32):
Salute to Miss Pat.

Speaker 1 (01:34:33):
It's hilarious her crazy as Season four of the Miss
Past Show was out right now.

Speaker 10 (01:34:37):
And season two of Miss Pat settles it.

Speaker 2 (01:34:40):
That's right.

Speaker 8 (01:34:41):
And yeah, make sure you go pick up my new book, man,
Get Honest a die line while small Talk stucks available
everywhere you purchase books now. And I want to salute
this young woman who gave me this shirt that I
wore yesterday. It was a run us Our Reparation shirt.
And she has a sight called the black Print Official
dot com th h E B l K Printofficial dot com.

And she has the run us Our Reparation shirts man,
and she has a special checkout code for Juneteenth. It's Juneteenth,
twenty four. Don't know the system. She came to the
my book signing at the Grove Barnes and Noble on Friday,
and I like this shirt, man, so I told her
I will salute her.

Speaker 4 (01:35:21):
So salute to her.

Speaker 1 (01:35:22):
All right, get a positive note.

Speaker 8 (01:35:26):
I do the positive notice simply this dark times teach
you a lot. That's why you can't regret what you
went through, but rather be thankful for all those lessons taught.

Speaker 7 (01:35:35):
You have a blessed day, breakfast, club bit you don't finish,
or y'all dumb.

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