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November 6, 2023 12 mins
Buck Sexton breaks down the latest headlines with a fresh and honest perspective! He speaks truth to power, and cuts through the liberal nonsense coming from the mainstream media. Subscribe to never miss an episode of The Buck Sexton Show

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Speaker 1 (00:11):
You're listening to the Buck Sexton Show podcast. Make sure
you subscribe to the podcast on the iHeartRadio app or
wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to the Buck Brief.
Let's dive into it. First off, updates on the Biden
crime family, and then the realities of the Democratic Party
with Cuomo out there making the pitch to people that

you know, he would have been a position to run. Yeah,
that's right. He would have been in a position to
run against Biden in this election, which would seem to
be rather bold. But when you understand what the plan
is here, what the plan has been all along, it
actually makes some sense. So we're going to dive into it.
Let's do it. First off, Biden, the Biden crime family.

You have James Comer out there here here he is
saying the Bidens have two problems, the crime and the
cover up. We're working with Judiciary Committee. Jim Jordan's really
investigating the Department Justice more than we are. He's on
the Oversight committee, so we're coordinating everything. We communicate daily.
You've got two problems here for the Biden You've got

the crime and the cover up, and I'm focused on
the crime. Jim Jordan and the Judiciary Committee's focus on
the cover up. We're going to work together and our
efforts to hold this family and this administration accountable for wrongdoing. Okay, now,
yes that's all true. But they're never going to get
the DOJ to move on Biden. And it's not even

clear they could move on Biden given that he is
the president right now, and they're just going to put
up this wall, which is what we talked about the
other day of Oh, it's not Biden's fault. He didn't know,
and he just loves his son, and his son is
an addict, and his son didn't know, So yeah, that's
where all of that is, right, that's how all of
that shakes out. They're not going to be able to

bring Biden down. I mean, here here's Comer saying that
it's the lies never stop, which is also true. When
I said the laptop is legitimate, they said it was
Russia disinformation. When I said we you know, they said
that Joe Biden had never met with or spoke to
any of these people that sent his family money. Through
our seven month investigation, we've proven he met with and

spoke with every single person. We've proven that most of
the money happened while Joe Biden was Vice president. We've
proven that the Biden family got millions of dollars from China,
even when he lied to the American people in the
Trump debate and said his family never took a penny
from China. I mean, the lies that we've exposed are
never ending. So the lies never stopped. Yes, But that's

how the Democrats roll. That's not going to change any times.
And there's nothing about that that we can look at
and say, you know what, enough is enough. The Democrats
are willing to push aside in this decrepit incumbent president
and do something. Oh, that's just not going to happen.
Joe Biden is the incumbent and he is their guy

for this election. That's increasingly clear. I've been saying it
on this on this podcast series for a long time,
as you know, got a lot of heat from people.
They're like, oh, no, it's going to be Newsome, it's
going to be Michelle Obama. Now now it's going to
be Joe Biden. Barring a major health issue, a true
major health issue which could happen to anyone at any

point in time. But when you're in your eighties. Obviously
it is a much more likely scenario that health could
fail in a major way. So you have you have
Joe Biden, more information coming out about you know, the money,
and it's all about repayments of loans. Where's the original loan?
I would ask that question. This week there was something

about how Biden you know, in the finances, Joe Biden
got money, but it was repayment of a loan. Where's
the original loan? It just doesn't hold together, folks, It
doesn't make any sense. But they were trying to almost
like a mafia boss needs to be far enough away
from the realities of the you know, the real getting

the hands dirty stuff, so that he can't get sent
away for it. You know, Hey, do the thing with
the guy for the thing, you know, and then it's like, oh,
I didn't give the order for you know that mob
hit right. This is Joe Biden was the frontman in
a sense, and he was what they were selling. But
the people who were doing the selling, namely you know
Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's brother, they you know, the other

people who were Hunter Biden's business partners, they were the
ones making the day to day decisions on the ground,
if you will. And so that way, Joe Biden is
somewhat insulated. Where did all the money come from for
all these homes Biden has and you know, millions and
millions of dollars and paying all these expenses. Yeah, that's
not something that they're going to look too deeply into.

But as I've said all along, Democrats, corruption doesn't bother
them at all as long as it's their team in power.
They wouldn't even care. It would not bother Democrats one
bit if they found out that Joe Biden had gotten
directly a check for ten million dollar from a Chinese
communist party cut out. They want Joe Biden if it's
that or Donald Trump as president. They don't care. It's

Joe Biden all the way. That's not like it would
change any of their minds. I mean, what I'm really
saying is even a smoking gun situation of Biden corruption
wouldn't really change anything for Democrats. And you'd say, oh,
but what about independence? They won't Republicans win, you know,
because the media will just lie about it. We'll see,
that's not a smoking gun, that's a piece of artwork,
that's a replica of a firearm that has you know,

false false smoke coming out of it. It's a it's
a projection, it's a three D image, it's a mirage,
it's an NFT whatever, that doesn't matter. They'll just lie
about it, just like they lied about the Hunter Biden laptop.
So that's why when we talk about a smoking gun,
people say like, oh, well, when that happens, as far
as Democrats are concerned, there's no such thing. They will

go Clintonian on this, meaning well, that depends on what
the meaning of is is right, Remember that they'll just say, yeah, no,
I don't see any smoking gun. I don't even see
what you're talking about. And they absolutely will not care.
There is no level of Biden corruption that could be
exposed that would change Democrats opinions of how they would

vote when it comes to Biden and Trump. You would
see almost no change with all. I mean, I think
you would see a ninety nine percent continued support for
Joe Biden, even if there was something that showed that, yeah,
this guy was just getting payoffs from foreign governments to
sell influence. Because you know what, the Democrats would also say,
did he do anything, did he do anything in favor
of those companies. Oh okay, well that certainly wouldn't be

the standard under Donald Trump. Right, well, where's the quid
pro quo? It certainly wouldn't be this center. They were
running stories in the Washington Post on how Trump was
corrupt through the Emolument's clause of the Constitution because there
were foreign dignitaries who would eat meals at the Trump hotel.
Think about that for a second. You sit down, you

have a stake at the Trump Hotel, you know, eighty
dollars on it or something or whatever it was, and
you know, you get your tab. What do you think,
What do you think happens? Then you spend one hundred
dollars at Trump will tell you think you get to
walk over to the White House banging the door, be like,
I spend one hundred dollars, so sign the treaty. No, right,
that's idiotic. But these are the kind of arguments that
were being made about Trump, very different when they're making

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All right, Cuomo, Governor Cuomo, remember him from New York
State Governor Cuomo. He was doing presentations during COVID like this, Well,
what do I mean by what do I mean by presentation?
By presentation, I mean he would have the slide up

on the screen and he would say, look at the numbers,
high numbers, a lot of COVID, a lot of COVID.
We need ventilators. Turns out ventilators are actually horrible and
killed a lot of people. But we need you know,
they'll bring the COVID numbers down. I'm giving you a
daily update. He was horrible on COVID, but they didn't
fire him for that. They find him because he touched
the stomach area of a woman on a security detail

and kissed another one on the cheek I think at
a wedding or something like that. Nothing that anybody I
think ever heard, and they said, oh my gosh, that's
really that's super serious. But that's why they got rid
of him. And he's out there now trying to make
a bit of a comeback. Here he is saying saying
that if he were still in the Mixes government New York,

he'd actually be running running against Joe Biden. Hey, what
Biden's calculus was? He was accused of Tara Reid, other
women came out, he smelled my hair, et cetera. He
wanted quickly to distance himself from this, which is ironic
because this same attorney who represented the Tara Reid case

is the main attorney who drove this case against me.
And he could have said, you know what, I went
through this. Let's take a deep breath and actually get
the facts before we ask a governor to resign. So
would you be running against him right now? If? Probably?
Probably would even with him sitting in office. Probably, And
do you think some other Democrats should do that? I

think this should be a democratic now, my friends. That's interesting,
isn't it. If he could make a comeback, or rather,
if you were in a position to make a run
at the presidency. The comeback might come later, he says
he'd be willing to do so. That's shocking, isn't it.
That's pretty amazing stuff. It means that he thinks he

could be a part of the new Democratic Party realignment
that may come if Biden loses. You know, what I
think is very much hoping that there's a Biden loss here.
Clay and I've talked aout this on the radio show.
He says, Newsome, I totally agree with that. I think
Cuomo wants Biden lose as well, because if Biden loves
he's gonna remember there's all these people around him, and
the Biden orbit and the Obama holdovers, the Obama administration there,

they're out of power, right, They're not able to sort
of ensconce themselves deeper into the system over four years,
and so you could have a whole new apparatus on
the Democrat side, a Newsmian Newsomian apparatus, a Cuomo these
are hard ones to do, Quomian apparatus, quomo Ian. You

could have these Democrats in an open twenty twenty eight field,
again assuming Trump wins, trying to create their own dynasty.
So I think that's a big part of what Cuomo
is trying to gear up for here. We'll see absolutely
see more of that in the days ahead. Look, have
you ever been to believe my friends, it's an amazing country.

It's fun, it's beautiful, it's really you know, a great
value you should check it out. Belize is fun because
you can float through caves, down a jungle river, you
can climb an ancient Mayan ruin, swim with nurse sharks
and rays. It's just a couple of hours from a
lot of major US cities like Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston.
You can enjoy rainforest and white sand beaches in the

same day. But don't take my word for it. Go
check it out. Learn a little bit about this wonderful country.
I'm sure you're gonna want to visit, and maybe you
want to invest in some property there. Go check it out.
Belize isfun dot com. That's the website, belize isfun dot com.
Thanks for hanging for the buck brief, Have a great weekend.
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