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December 16, 2022 31 mins

Kara Frederick, Director of Tech Policy at The Heritage Foundation & Former Facebook Intelligence Analyst  and Carl Szabo, NetChoice VP & General Counsel & Professor of Internet Law at George Mason University’s Scalia Law School break down the latest drop from Twitter and the suppression and silencing of opposition voices to the left. Even now the MSM will not cover the news from the Twitter files and internal memos squelching the first amendment for many. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Where we could see setbacks along the way as well.
We shouldn't take anything for granted. What is clear is
my economic plan is working and we're just getting started.
I think we'll see a substantial reduction in inflation in
the year head it's going to take a year. Well,
I believe by the end of next year you will
see much lower inflation. So signs are pointing in the

right direction. We do not appear to be in a
recession at this point. The data do not indicate that
freedom is back in style. Welcome the reluming Sean Hannity Show,

behind the scenes, information on breaking news and more bold
inspired solutions for America. A light hour two Sean Hannity Show,
eight hundred nine pot one, Sean, you want to be
a part of the program. So what do we do
when our FBI is trying to influence in the lead
up to an election all these big tech media companies

and kind of persuade them in a way that well,
you don't want to be a victim of hacked materials
or disseminating false information from Russia or China, and then
all of them in unison decide, oh, we can't run
with the hunter. Biden laptop story published just weeks before
the twenty twenty presidential election. Because we're told by the

FBI that this isn't a good idea, because that's what happened.
I've been through the FBI putting their thumb on the
twenty sixteen election, and now we have two presidential elections
in a row where they're putting the thumb on the
scale in terms of one party over another party. You know,
we had Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter. He told me, no,

Twitter doesn't shadow band Listen to this. Let me ask
about specific questions. Has Twitter ever been involved in shadow banning.
We do not shadow ban according to political ideology or
viewpoint or content period. Every model that we have on
the network is really looking at the behaviors on the network.

We take those behaviors as signals, and I do want
to point out that these signals evolve minute like, minute
by minute, hourly by hourly. These are not scarlet, permanent
letters that people then take on as a badge and
will never be ranked high in search or not allowed
to trend or ranked high in conversation. So these are
models that are looking at behaviors and behaviors of bad

faith actors who intend to manipulate, distract, divide a conversation,
or to unfairly amplify their content which they didn't earn.
So those are the signals that factor in. And we
do rank search, we do rank trends, and we do
rank conversations. Accordingly, that does not affect one's timeline. If

you follow someone on Twitter, you're going to see them
in your timeline. Now, we do rank the timeline for relevance,
so it might take some scrolling to see everything. You
can also turn that ranking off in the settings so
you can see everything in recentcy order. And then of
course Elon Musk had a little call on show and
what did he say? He said, Yeah, the very definition

of election and ofference is the suppression of information, which
is what happened at Twitter, but not just a Twitter,
but all these big tech companies. And this is Elon
Musk even saying that it got so bad that Twitter
served as the arm of the Democratic National Committee. You
are basically exposing collusion between a political party and in

one fire that's called the Biden team contacting Twitter. I
mean that is an election into ference, isn't it. Yeah?
I mean, clearly, if if if Twitter is doing one
team's bidding before an election, shutting down to senting voices

UM on a pivotal election. That is a very definition
of election interference. And what the hell else would you?
Of course, it's like, yes, um, you know that. Frankly,
Twitter was acting like an um of the Democratic National Committee.
It was absurd, all right? Joining us now, Kara Frederick

is with US, director of Tech Policy at the Heritage Foundation.
Also with US, called Zabo is the Net Choice VP
and general counsel and professor of Internet Law, George Mason University,
Scalia's Law School. Welcome both of you to the program. Uh,
let me ask you, mister Zabo really simply did the

FBI by going before all these big tech companies and
the lead up to the twenty twenty election, they were
weekly meetings and telling them that they might be getting
hack materials or phony information from Russia or China or
hostile regimes? Did they in that sense? Were they preparing

these companies for the Hunter Biden laptop story because they
had the laptop since December of twenty nineteen, eleven months prior.
Do you believe that was done by design? Sean? Thanks
for having me on that's what keeps us all up
at night. That's the outstanding question, and that seems to

indicate what we're learning from these Twitter files that are
being dumped by Elon Musk, as well as what we
heard from Mark Zuckerberg a couple of months ago that
the FBI had been approaching all of the social media
platforms that they had information for over a year, and
that they were essentially engaging in coercion of social media platforms.

Press the story, and that you know, as an attorney,
I can't give you a definitive yes or no, because
I think the information just isn't out there yet. But
I am excited because just the other day, Representative Jim
Jordan began sending out letters to the tech CEOs to
figure out what the heck the Department of Homeland Security,

the FBI were saying to these platforms. And then I
look forward to when Republicans take the gabble in the
new year, when Representative Jordan, Representative Comer can haul the FBI,
the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice before
them and really find out and get to the bottom
of how much the FBI engage and potentially coerced the

suppression of the Hunter Biden locked up story. I mean,
it's that big a deal because now we even have
a survey saying that people would have voted very differently
had they known this story was true. Karl, let's get
your take. Yeah, We've had multiple polls indicating that this
has explicit political implications, not just in you know, across
the electorate, but its wing states in particular. So I

think it absolutely had I mean, most of American voters
think that this constituted election interference. Um, and that's separate
from the polls I previously mentioned. And you know, you
hear the FBI equivocating at this point. They're saying, oh, no, no, no,
we just made suggestions. We can't force private companies to
make decisions. But when they're putting the thumb on the
scale in this way, a private company is going to

feel compelled by the government to actually make these decisions.
On the Hunter Biden was explicitly mentioned, according to the
former head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth. Zuckerberg said
he can't remember if Hunter Biden wasn't invoked, but as
Karl said, that FBI a propaganda dump that he admitted
to on broken U you know the writings on the
wall there for him. Yeah, well that's right. He admitted

that on Rogan number one and number two. This guy
Yoel Roth that worked at Twitter. He specifically remembers being
told that it be about Hunter Biden. Remember, there's one
of the piece of the puzzle because the FBI also
knew that Rudy Giuliani had the story. They also knew,
because they had all of Rudy's files, that Rudy was
actively working to get this information out publicly. You know

when Rudy got when his house got raided, they took
everything but Hunter Biden's laptop. How interesting is that part
of it? But the FBI already had their copy for
eleven months. Are we really to believe that in eleven
months they didn't authenticate whether or not that was really
Hunter Biden smoking crack or with hookers, or talking about
his dad and implicating his dad in this you know,

potential payer play scandal or influence pedaling scandal. That complaining
that half his money income goes to dad. We know
he gets all these millions of dollars from from hostile
regimes with no experience whatsoever. Wasn't that what Ukraine was
all about. He goes on, Good Morning America. Yeah, do
you have any experience and energy? No, any experience in

natural gas? No oil? No, Ukraine? No. Why do you
think they're paying you millions? I don't know, That's what
he said. And then Joe, of course leveraging a billion
taxpayer dollars to fire the prosecutor, which that turns out
was investigating his son. But he never talked to his son,
according to Joe, about his foreign business dealings. Does that
seem credible to you, Carl, because it doesn't seem so

to me. Absolutely not. I mean, and let's keep in
mind it's not just the FBI. You had all these
dinosaurs from the Clinton administration coming out of their caves
to denounce the hundred buying laptop as something that seems
like Russian disinformation, and those individuals I look forward to
getting hauled before Congress and asking what was your basis?

Were you influenced? Did you coordinate? How has that done?
But Sean, it doesn't just stop there. This is happening
every single day in this current administration. Let's look at
what happened when Elon Musk decided to acquire tw the
Biden administration immediately called for the creation of the Disinformation
Governance Board, led by Mary Poppins. That's not a coincidence

that Democrats getting really scared that Twitter is going to
be opened up and it's no longer going to be
exclusively for promoting the information that they want. Simultaneously, you
have just the other day kurneh On, Pierre White House
spokesman coming out and saying they're keeping an eye on
what Elon is up to. So this level of coercion

didn't just stop with the Hunter Biden store is continuing
today to keep the finger on speech online. And this
is what I look forward to getting more information on
and this is where we need to begin overall shrinking
the size of the federal government completely. Kara was exactly right.
There are many levels that the government can use to

pressure businesses to suppress or promote speech. You have calls
for the Pedaltry Commission to stop, you want my acquisition,
You've called from Scipias to reverse the acquisition. So there
are a lot of levers that the government has, and
what we need to do as a people, as I
hope this next Congress will do, is start to actually
shrink the side of the US government is overly bloated,

is way too controlling of the levers of power across
the country. All right, quick, Frank, we'll come back. We'll
talk more about Twitter and the FBI putting the thumb
on the scales of presidential elections. We continue our discussion
about Twitter with care Frederick and Carl Zabos with US
eight hundred nine Pot one. Shaun is on number. If
you want to be a part of the program. I

have great respect for the FBI. Friends in the FBI,
had relatives in the FBI. The FBI Kara should be
the world's premier law enforcement agency. Now Jim Jordan in
the Judiciary Committee is now going to have to investigate
whether or not the FBI has been politicized and whether
or not the DOJ has been weaponized. Based on what

we know, it certainly seems like it's widespread, doesn't it.
Oh yeah, And that's the story of this administration's DJ
especially we saw, like you said, the FBI. I've quoted
this before, but Victor Davis Hanson has said the FBI
is now acting like the Praetorian Guard. So you have
them cleaning up after Hunter Biden. Remember he had illegal firearms,
one of which was dumped in his in dumpster by

a paramore. You have them cleaning up over James O'Keefe
at Project Verituff, trotting him out in his underwear because
he had Ashley Biden's diary, and the FBI clean that
up as well. So that is, to my mind, a
different FBI than the one that we grew up with.
And the DOJ in particular, when they're instituting terrorist tags

on parents who object for the CRT is being taught
in their schools, then you have a huge problem when
domestic terrorism is treated as stuff the Left doesn't like
and written into not just DOJ, but but DHS as
well too. This is an agency problem, by the way,
that impacts somebody in micro here. Linda, our producer, she's

like a tiger mom, and she's at every school board meeting.
I'm sure she's on the list of domestic terror possible
potential domestic terrorists because I think you know, if you
dare teach her her precious child Liam, anything she doesn't
approve of, God help you exactly exactly. And that's what's
happening in Biden's America today. He's using these intelligence agen

fetes to clean up his message, to do his dirty work,
to do the less dirty work, and Americans on a
wall stripe should rise up in absolutely not so. Jim
Jordan Carl has a solution, he thinks, and he's introduced
legislation called Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act. Now, I
like that. You would think that would be covered under

the First Amendment, but apparently it's not. As we witnessed
this election presidential election, the more recent one in twenty twenty,
and we witnessed in twenty sixteen as well, and I
talked at length about how the FBI used an unverifiable
dirty dossier. They couldn't give Christopher Steele the million dollar
bounty to prove that it was authentic and accurate and true,

but they used it anyway as the bulk of information
to secure not one but four FIZO warrants, putting out
applications with information that was not verified, even though it
says on the top of a FIES application that this
information is verified. And by the way, nobody in the
FBI got held accountable for that. Yeah, the Jordan's bill
that you allude to is a fantastic step forward. Look

I used to be a federal employee. Don't hold that
against me. But one of the things that I learned,
and much like how the FBI used to be, is
public service, public trust. You work for all Americans, not
a political party. Today, we have federal laws called the
Hatch Act, which precludes federal employees from engaging in political
activity while they're on the job. Now, one thing federal

employees care a hell of a lot more about than
their politics is their pension. And what Represent Jordan's bill
does is goes straight after their pensions, straight after their job.
To make it very crystal clear that whether you're in
the White House, whether you're in the executive perhaps the
FBI is the Department of Homeland Security, regardless, if you
engage in coercion of social media platforms for political purposes,

you will lose your job. You will face incredible penalties,
not to the agency, not to the reputational harm of
your bosses, but you personally will lose your job. You
will lose your pension. And that's how we make it
crystal clear to these rogue, woke federal employees that there
are repercussions not for the reputation as the agency, but

for them personally. That's what it Representative Jordan's bill does.
It's a great first step forward in stemming the tide
of what we're seeing and re establishing trust in the government.
Unbelievable times we're living in. Thank you both for what
you're doing. I think the information that you're putting out
every day is really waking people up to exactly how
bad a lot of this has men, and how bad

it is, and what we need to do to fix it. Kara,
Thank you, Carl, thank you. We appreciate being on board.
Eight hundred nine four one, sewn on number. You want
to be a part of the program. This is the
Sean Hannity Show. I twenty five to the top of
the hour. Thanks for being with us, toll free, it's
eight hundred nine four one, Sean, if you want to
be a part of the program. So sweet baby. James

and I had a conversation with a mutual friend somebody
we've known for a long time. His dad happened to
be in radio for many many years. His name was
Roy Masters, kind of around the Barry Farber Barry Gray era.
If you're into the history of talk radio, and I
remember hearing a David Master's dad at night, scaring the

hell out of me, you know, talking about good and evil,
and I'm like, you know, it's late at night, the
room is dark, and I'm like, wow, this is scaring
the crap out of me. But it was fascinating radio.
And what got me into radio was staying up late
into the night, driving my parents crazy. My parents would
come in my room. Usually they would tell my friends

turn that television off. For me, it was turned the
radio off. And I never wanted to turn the radio off,
but anyway, so I had a passion and an interest
in this. A lot of the discussion was about fear
and about how human beings lived their lives in fear.
And then I've noticed over the course of what twenty
seven years on television and all these years I started

radio in nineteen eighty seven, was the first time I
got behind a radio microphone. I guess I'm showing my
age here. And I noticed that at different times, people,
especially on TV, are so nervous, they just are like petrified.
I was down. Remember the Terry Shivo case. I told
the story on the air before. So there was a
nurse that had taken Kara Terry Shivo, and the question

was whether or not she should be taken off life support.
Her parents did not want that to happen. Her ex
husband did want that to happen, and there was suspicion
surrounding him. Nothing was ever proven, but at the time,
this lady was very confident as a nurse of Terry
Shivo that she believed she saw life in her so

she agreed to be a guest on the show. She
sits down and literally she is shaking like a leaf
if you look. If you ask most people what the
number one fear is, it's public speaking. She's shaking like
a leaf, this poor lady. And and she goes, what
do do do? Why? I say so, I'm like, all right,

this is gonna be a really really crappy interview. Hum,
because she's not gonna and it's gonna she's gonna be embarrassed.
I was not trying to embarrass anybody. I wanted to
help her. So what I did was I kind of
tapped her on the shoulder, just slightly harder than a
normal Hey, how are you pat on the back. And
then I noticed that she like looked at her shoulder,

and all of a sudden, the shaking stopped, and then
I said, then I shook her hand, and I shook
it just a little tighter than you normally would. I'm
not trying to hurt anybody. And what I was doing,
very consciously, was trying to break this pattern that was
going on in her mind, and that is that she
was swimming in a sea of thoughts. Those thoughts were

creating feelings of fear, and the feelings of fear then
got her mind spinning even faster. And it says pattern,
it's it's thoughts create feelings, Feelings create thoughts, etcetera, etcetera.
And anyway, that's what what Roy Masters used to talk
about on his show. And his oldest son David wrote
a book, How to Escape the Prison of Your Mind

and how the war between Good and Evil has waged
in the battlefield of your mind, and sweet Baby James
and I were talking to David and I said, well,
why don't you come on the air and talk about it,
and he's with us. Now, we're gonna put a link
on Hannity dot com. If you want to get a
copy of the book, you can read it yourself. It's
on Amazon dot com. We'll put it on Hannity dot
Com and anyway, David Masters, welcome to the program. What

a fantastic opening, Sean. And what I want to say
to you and sponsors this that the reason why you
are resilient is because your thoughts are your own. Other
people have not been able to impose their thinking, their
negativity on you. But if they had, they would have
disabled you. They would have crippled you. And that has

not happened. You're stronger than you've ever been. But you see,
most people do not realize that all of their thoughts
are not their own. Now, most people can say, at
some point, God, where did that thought come from? And
at that moment there is a potential to gain control.
But if you don't realize that there are thoughts constantly

attacking your mind, we are undermined attack all the time.
And this is the reason why is because once they
can penetrate your defenses, they can begin to know, they
can actually calculate the outcomes of how you're going to react.
And so one of the things that I try to
explain to people is that in World War One and

World War Two, there was a condition called shell shock,
and it continued into the Korean War and other wars.
But by the way, that made me called PTSD today. Right,
That's exactly right. It's known today as PTSD. But I'm
saying to you, and I know you agree with this,
there's no difference between shell shock and culture shock. Post

traumatic stress is affecting everyone and the intended result of
systematic worry about economic collapse, crime and corruption, sexualizing children,
social violence, uncontrolled national security, territorial integrity, unemployment, health education, housing,
food security. It's all weaponized. And what they're doing is

the more we are reacting to this without realizing it,
the more upset we become. Every time we see this happening.
The distress is hypnotic and the intended the intended end
result is drug addiction, mental illness, and suicide. And these
are the results that we're seeing today. Sean, So, I
work with people at the Fox News Channel. I don't

know if you know this. This past year, I became
the longest running primetime cable news host in the history
of cable news. And nobody's more surprised about that than me.
They should have fired me after three days on the job.
I was so bad at it, but I am. And
when new people come to work at Fox, and they
got that first article written about them that's negative or

there's a pejorative in there, or there's a sentence, or
or they said something that people made fun of, but
whatever it happens to be. And they'd come to me
and they'd be upset and they'd be anxious, and they'd
wonder if they're going to get fired, and how do
you deal with this? And I'd always tell them, I'd say, look,
when you get home tonight, just google my name and

the first thing that'll probably come up is Sean as Satan,
Sean Hannity Satan. And inevitably every person i'd give that
advice to would come back in the next day they say,
how do you put up with that? I'm like, I
don't eat it. I don't pay attention to it. And
I said, if I do see it, I either laugh
at it or I just don't care. And I said welcome,

And then I would always end it with welcome to
the big leagues, because this is what you're gonna get
if you're putting yourself out there in the public eye
on a platform as big as Fox. And I think,
what if I did learn anything, it's that I don't
let people impact my feelings, my mood on any given day.
Sometimes my kids can piss me off, but that's a

different story. Linda pisses me off some days, sweet baby
James occasionally when he won't answer my task text messages.
But in all reality is I realized that I don't
have to react to these people. I don't care what
they think. You know, there are certain people that I
care what they think, but not those people that want
to ruin my day every day. Well, here's the secret, John,

and you know this, and that is that you do
not resent them. You don't let them get under your skin.
But see, with the average person and does not know
that they're under attack. You see, you know that you're undertacked.
You have a conscious awareness that they're trying to demoralize you.
And that's what they're trying to do to our nation.
As we all know. They're trying to demoralize this in

every possible way, and they will find your vulnerability. And
people have a number of vulnerabilities. One of those is
their children. Look what they're doing in the school system.
They're teaching your kids about drag Queen's story hour. Now,
the average parents says, that's insane. That's evil, But how

many people actually stand up to it? Well, when people
get upset, guess what, you become an inferior person. When
you're upset, you actually allow them to put their nonsense
on you and in you, and then you walk around
trying to figure out what happened to me. And you know,
there's a famous saying from a far leftist from South Africa.

His name is Steve Vico. He said, the most potent
weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind
of the oppressed. Well, here's abortion a woman. Here's what
they did in the abortion movement. You're oppressed if you're
forced to carry a baby, So what do you do?
You abort the baby? In the oppression, they take these
psychological techniques, they put them in your mind, and then

they make you believe that that's actually a solution, when
it's only the beginning of another set of problems. Sean,
all right, quick break, we'll come back more with David Masters,
who was with us, How to Escade the Prison for
your Mind. We have a cop if you want to
copy and get one on Hannity dot com, Amazon dot com,
bookstores everywhere. As we continue, all right, more with David Masters.

His new book is How to Escape the Prison for
Your Mind, How the war between good and Evil is
waged in the battlefield of the Mind. Anyway, it's up
on Hannity dot Com if you want to get your copy.
I think the lesson for most people is is you've
got to understand that at the end of the day,
you can't let other people impact your life, your feelings,

and that you have to have a degree of self
control yourself, and that it is within us to control ourselves.
We do have the ability. We're not animals, right, we
have the ability to discern right from wrong. We are
aware that we exist unlike the animal kingdom. And at
some point I think people have to learn. You mentioned
something earlier that I think is very pivotal. You got

to learn to forgive other people. You've got to not
let them bother you. And you also have to live
in a position mentally, emotionally, and I learned a lot
of this through my martial arts practice, where you are focused,
dialed in to the moment. Right now, the only thing
in my mind, David, is talking to you. That is
the only thing I'm thinking about. I'm not thinking about

TV tonight, I'm not thinking about sweet baby James making
weird faces at me. I'm thinking about what we're discussing
here and listening to the words you're telling me, because
they're I think they're pretty powerful. Well, I tell you
that one of the things that I learned over many
years and I've been in the game that you're in.
I produced six of the top ten radio shows in

the history of radio, not yours, unfortunately, I wish I had,
But I was also under assaulved from the people that
I was working from, people that were very angry, people
that were very manipulated, controlling. The only reason I survived
a particular host who was very popular at one time
was because I didn't care either. I didn't have to

live with that person. At the end of the day,
I could go home and forget about everything that was
put on me. This person threatened assume me every day
that I tried to help him do a great show. So, yes,
if you learn how to control your reaction, which is
really what this book is all about, how to escape
the prison of your mind. Don't let people, or don't
let them invite you into your own prison through a

ridiculous and unnecessary emotional reaction. And so what I've done
with this book, Sean, is I put the complete Russian
textbook on psychopolitics in here. There's been a roadmap that
existed since the nineteen twenties. It's called brain watching, a
sensis of the Russian textbook on psychopolitics. It's in my
book with notes of examples of how they've done this

to us. By the way, I was glad you put
that in there. I've read that previously. I read that
years ago, yes, and it's a roadmap how governments control
people exactly. But here's the thing. What I've also put
on my website, which is Escape your mindsprison dot com,
is there's a exercise, a concentration exercise that helps you

to step back and learn to be objective, which is
it puts a firewall between you and the insanity that's
coming at you. And that way, you don't you don't
agree with unconsciously with the pressures that's coming at you,
and you don't you don't walk into your own prison,
which is what people are doing. And then when you're
in that prison, if you don't know how to get out,

then you look at the world you say, well, there's
no hope, I might as well just end it anyway.
That's some pretty depressing thought. But sadly, a lot of
people I think are miserable just because of the way
they think. Well, and but why do they think the
way they do, because they've allowed influences that you have
not allowed, Sean Hannity, you knew that if you started
to allow those influences to penetrate you, that that would

erode your self confidence, and it would it would cripple you,
to keep you from telling people the truth that you
tell them. Do you realize how many people that you've
affected in a positive way. I listened to your show
literally almost every day, and I hear people saying, Sean,
when I started listening to you, I was a liberal,
But when I started thinking about the reason that you
were laying out the logic that you bring to this program,

you have liberated so many people. And but each one
of us has the same potential to do that to others.
And that's why I wrote this book. Well, the book
is phenomenal. It's up on Hannity dot com. Also, David
has his own website, It's how to Escape the Prison
for your Mind. What's your website? Escape your Mind's Prison
plural www dot Escape your Mind's Prison dot com. And

there there's a concentration exercise that will immediately begin to
relieve the stress because it's the struggle, it's the quicksand
of the mind that you sink into when you struggle.
Once you stop struggling, your mind begins to release and
you begin to be able to reason and see clearly
and make choices the way Sean Hannity does well listen
through the grace of God, right, I mean, it's it's

kind of like, you know, this is what I was
raised Catholic, but am more of a nondenominational Christian at
this point in my life. But you know, they talk
about praying unceasingly and if you keep your mind on
more heavenly things, godly things, it's it's almost in and
of itself, an impenetrable shield that you've created for yourself

where you know what other people are doing and saying
can impact you, affect you, change you, alter you, ruin
your day, whatever it happens to be. But anyway, it's
a fascinating discussion, a great read. The synthesis of Russian
mind control techniques are very very interesting and I think
you might recognize some of our own media in there

as well, and things that are done and said, they're
and repeated and that people begin to believe. But David
Masters appreciate you being with us. We have it up
on Hannity dot com and I'm glad you could take
the time to be with us. It was a great honor.
Thank you very much. Sean appreciate it all right. You
have a great Christmas, a great holiday season you and
your family.

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The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Every week comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

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