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May 21, 2024 16 mins
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It's Mojo in the Morning Show.One of the cool things about being able
to do this radio show is thatwe give you many different ways to listen
to us. You can listen tous live on Channel nine five five one
to four point five s and Xninety two point five KISSFM, or the
podcasts that are available on the iHeartRadioapp. But you can also listen to

the after show stuff that we do, which is the More Mojo podcast and
the Slightly Messy podcast and that wedon't podcast. And I've got a big
announcement to announce to you that theMore Mojo podcast is coming back in June.
So the More Mojo podcast, whichis the after show podcast, is

coming back in June, and thereare going to be some things that we're
going to do a little different thanwe did before. Before it used to
be just us cracking the mic andtalking about that day show or whatever.
We're going to do it in away where the members of the show are
going to each get to host theMore Mojo podcas and it will rotate then
and then everybody else will be onthe show, as you know, co

hosts of it with the person whois hosting that week leading the charge and
the topic that is brought up orthe things that we bring up on the
show. It will be about stuffthat happens behind the scenes. It will
be about something that's on your mind, that might be something that you wanted
to bring to the air but maybewe're too embarrassed to do it and thought,

you know what, I'll bring itto the podcast, or something that
might be too dirty in the caseof probably Kevin every week. So that
will be coming in June to theplace that you get podcasts and get Mojo
in the morning podcast. You'll justsearch more mojo for that, and we'll
make an announcement on the first day. And then what I think what we'll

do is we'll just do like arotation of it. So we'll start off
and I don't even want to bein the rotation because I always feel like
I'm hosting everything. I want tobe able to sit back and not have
to guide the path, and Iwant to have you guys be able to
do it too, which I thinkwill be fun. Oh yeah, it
will be a good time. SoChelsea and I do a podcast together called

the We Don't Podcast, and thisweek's podcast brought up some interesting questions.
It also brought up some interesting stuffabout the format of this podcast. If
you've never listened to the podcast thatI do with my wife, it's something
that has gotten you know, verybe I guess, very vulnerable moments of

our relationship and very honest moments aboutour struggles and our relationship. And it's
talked about, you know, divorce, it's talked about hiring attorneys. It's
talked about kids and our arguments withour kids, it's talked about emotional times
with our kids. Well, italso has brought out some of the interesting

parts of my wife and our relationshipwhen it comes to radio. And this
week's episode, if you have notheard it yet, Chelsea says that I
prepare everything and she hates it likethat because of radio, and you know
how we do so much prep onour show. I always want to prepare

pretty much all the stuff that wedo, including the stuff that we do,
you know, on this podcast.So we did something completely different.
We talked about how she hates thatI always have to say that we have
to come in with the topic,and instead we started drinking and then decided
we were going to open up themicrophones and just start talking oh yeah,

so fun. Can we do thatpossibly with the more Mojo podcast, the
one that that we're going to remacYeah, absolutely, I could be the
drinking podcast yea, before we gohome. It brought me so it brought
me so much anxiety doing this becauseI like to know where we're going with
things, and I like to alsoknow that there's going to be an end

because I don't like podcasts that gotwo hours long or three hours long.
I think they're hard to listen tobecause who's got an hour to two hours
to three hours? I really?Okay, you like those podcasts. I
like podcasts that are less than anhour, especially if it's something that you
know is on a weekly basis anddoesn't have like a crapload of commercials in

it, like when they have whenthey're the longer they are, guess what,
the longer the amount of commercials aregoing to be in there, because
they're gonna put a bunch of commercialsin it. So I like to know
that there's gonna be an end toit. But we talked about different topics
on this particular podcast, and herewere the topics, and I want to
specifically highlight one of them. Oneof the topics that we talked about is

is it okay for a couple tostay together if they aren't in love?
So we discussed that. The nextone was is it fair for one partner
to have significantly more power than theother? And that power could be in
all kinds of different ways. Thatpower could be financial power because maybe they

have the job that is supporting thefamily, or it could be the sexual
power. It could be also thekids and raising the kids power. You
know who makes the call on that. And then, last, but not
least, was is it appropriate togo through your partner's belongings without their permission?

I loved that one because I revealedthat I did that for Chelsea and
I went through for her. Wey, what'd you go through? Well?
I was looking for money because Iknew that she stashed money, and I
went through her stuff and she wasnot happy about it. But she did
admit to me that she does hidemoney and there's only two people that know
about it. One is one ofour children. I'm assuming Jacob, because

she shares so much with them.If it was Luke, the money would
be gone by now. And thenshe said one of her best friends are
the only people that know where themoney is she had it for. Does
she talk about that she does well. We talked about that that whole thing
was the reason why she started doingit. We also talked about what I
found and how she was pissed atme for my assumption of something. So

you can go check that out.But the topic that I wanted to bring
up was is it okay for acouple to stay together if they aren't in
love? And I know we don'thave a ton of time right now to
get into this in full fledged indepth and play for you our comments.
But Chelsea's comment on this was waydifferent than mine. My comment was I

believe, yes, it's okay aslong as you're doing it to protect your
children if you have kids. Herswas way different than mine, and I
won't I won't tell you if shesaid yes or no to it, but
I will say this that she surprisedme with the with what she said the
reason of is it okay to staytogether if you aren't in love? But

I want to ask you guys thatquestion if you're in a relationship with somebody,
if you're in a marriage, okay, so not just a relationship like
a commitment marriage where you, youknow, committed to that other person and
said I do in the eyes ofGod, or you know, a fake
god pastor like you had, likenot a pastor, but like a like

a fake person whatever that was there, you know, like a minister like
I do, or not minister.I don't have an officient looking for.
Yeah, I don't know what itwas. I was thinking of. This
is why I always got to havea plan with somebody. Yes, is
it okay to stay together even ifyou aren't in love? What do you

guys think? So my answer tothat would be, actually, I think
surprising to you. I would sayyes, if you are good partners,
if there's no like animosity or fightingor violence or anything like that, whether
it be for kids or not forkids. If you are just truly like

you like doing life together but you'renot in love, I would say it's
sad. I wouldn't want that tobe me, But I think it's okay.
Yeah. I feel like if thefirst two reasons why it would make
sense in my mind were either forfinancial reasons or for the kids. Outside

of that, I don't really knowwhy we would still be together because I
think inevitably it would get weird,especially if we plan on dating, like
I could am I where am Igoing to bring this person home to?
Or like, why do I haveto explain that you can't come over?
Like? I think it just getstoo muddied and too confusing at that point.
Yeah. Have you ever been ina relationship with somebody that you were
not in love with and held on? Yeah? I think I, at

moments in my life have felt thisthough that how do I want to work
this? I don't believe that Iwas strong enough to let the person go?
Yeah, and I think I wasvery wrong for that by holding on
to this person knowing that I wasn'tfully committed to that relationship. I was
committed, but I was my heartwasn't fully there for that person. Yeah,

and I felt bad about that.I've done that. I think,
well, once in my life.What about you, Megan? What do
you think? There so many followup questions and caveats I would take Kevin,
No, like the general idea,OK, right, I think there's
the I think it's pretty normal tofall in and out of love during a

relationship. I think that you canbe out of love and be working towards
being back into it. And Ithink at a certain point in some relationships,
even if it's not falling back inlove kind of like what Shannon said,
if your partners and you're comfortable togetherand you're still choosing each other and
only each other every day, whichdoesn't mean intimacy, but maybe that's just

a life partner that you now liveand spend time with and whatever. As
long as everybody's happy, yeah,why not. But I think I think
if anybody's unhappy, that's when itbecomes unfair. And if you're not willing
I know of your relationship has unhappiness, but if you're not willing to work
towards a solution to that, thenit's not fair to your partner. I

will venture to guess that it's apretty large amount of people that are in
a relationship where they're not in loveright now. I would agree, And
I think that in some cases,and Chelsea brings us up on the podcast,
one of the reasons why a lotof times you stay in it is
because of sure laziness of the complicationsof what it's going to take and how
much legwork it takes to get outof it, and and you know,

all the stuff that you have togo through. But when she gave me
her explanation of what her feelings wereor whether or not you should stay together,
I actually was kind of shocked byit because it was different than mine,
actually considerably different than mine. AndI think the in love part is
the big thing. And you cango check it out on the We Don't
podcast and listen to it. What'sgoing on, Michelle? How you doing

good? How are you good?What do you have to say about that?
Is it okay to stay together withsomeone that you're not in love with?
Absolutely not? Absolutely not. EspeciallyI totally disagree with you as the
kid thing, Mojo. Uh,if you stay together for the kids and
you're not in love, you're teachingyour children that that should be their goal

for their relationship in the future.You got to listen to the podcast because
I didn't say I didn't say it'sspecific. Go listen to that We Don't
podcast because I'm going to tell youthis. I didn't say that, And
now you talk about this because Iknow what you're going to say, that
that's their example of what a relationshipis supposed to be, right right,
Yeah, here's what I said.I think that couples should stay together if

their kids are at a vulnerable agefor a divorce. And I know that
there's some people that say every ageis vulnerable, but I think there are
I think there are more times thatare more vulnerable than others. I think
preteen teen times are some of theworst times in a kid's life, if
you're talking like middle schoolish times wereto me the worst times ever that my

kids dealt with. And I thinkthat there are certain times you almost have
to you have to put your happinessaside for your kid's own sustainability. I
will agree with you on the ageit is. It is a little rough.
I have done through divorce myself,and that was actually the age my
kids were at. So but Idon't know, I don't know. I

will have to listen to the podcast. It's a very sumpy situation. So
are you in it right now?Right again? No? Better now?
I came back home to Michigan andmarried my high school sweetheart seven years ago.
By the way, I've got somany friends that are doing that.
They divorced their first marriage and they'renow going back home to their person that

they were with when they were eitherin middle school or high school. Great
because my high school is Yeah,yeah, Megan, what's going on?
Hell? Hi, So I believethat it absolutely couldn't work. I originally
fell I've been with my husband nowfor over eight years originally, so I

haven't had over heels as in inlove with them for probably about a good
three years. In the middle there, I absolutely loved and cared for him,
but you could tell that we bothwere just like in that very much
like roommate stage. We were notcompatible, we were not conversing, we
weren't doing anything. We both workedon things that we need to work on,
And now I am more in lovewith him than I've ever been.

Wow, that's not so you can'tpull it together even after having a struggle.
I think really it depends on ifeverybody, both parties want to address
why, like why do you fellout of love in the first place?
Yeah, well, and I thinka lot of it is honestly, you
nurture everything but your own relationship.You know, you water, you water

plants, you change the oil inyour car in a lot of cases,
you feed you know yourself, foodin your children food and you know,
you make sure that they're nourished,but you don't nourish your own relationship.
That's usually the thing that goes lastin a lot of people's lives. That
was our thing is I put everythinginto the kids, and he was more
worried about the financial provider part ofit, and we were not doing things

together and that's where it started tofall apart. And the once we realize
that we need to work on usprimarily and put everything else in with it
at the same time, it's comeback full forth. And I, like
I said, I'm more in lovewith that man that I've ever been and
I know that I can feel itfrom him ten times more than he ever
books. That's awesome, great tohear. Go check out all of our

podcasts. So the more Mojo podcastplatform you can go more Mojo, or
if you're searching specifically for any ofthe podcasts, you can search them basically
by using the keyword mode and thenthe name of the of the podcast are
available on the iHeartRadio app. Isuggest that you go to the iHeart Radio
app because it's a lot easier thansearching sometimes some of the other services like

Apple and Spotify and stuff. AllRight, that does it for today.
Tomorrow. We will see you formore Mojo in the Morning. I feel
like today was like an exhausting day. It went so fast, though today
we didn't even get to half ofthe topics that we talked about in our
meeting to talk about though. Iknow it's crazy. Make sure you're listening
tomorrow because if I look at ourtopic board, because we had such a

busy day, we didn't get toany topic that was not scheduled after eight
thirty in the morning. Isn't thatYeah, that's true. That's a show
twenty in the morning, A twentyOh my god. All right, well
we'll stay on for another couple hours. Say come on, all right,
I knew you'd love it. Allright, we'll see you tomorrow. By
twenty plus years of idiocy and stillgoing in Detroit, Toledo, in West

Michigan, it's Mojo in the Morning,
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