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May 21, 2024 12 mins
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It's time now on Mojo in themorning for am I the A hole?
Don't say the swear word. We'vebeen good today. We have not had
to dump anybody. Yesterday was likea twelve dumper day. We don't need
any dumps today. We don't needto have to hit the you know,
the potty mouth button on the phonewith us right now is an alias.

We'll call him Austin because it's justa cool name. Am I the A
hole? Austin wants to know ifhe's the A hole? Because and we'll
title this one, I liked herbetter fat Austin? Are you there?
Good morning? Your voice disguised?What's going on, buddy? So my

girlfriend lost a whole bunch of weight. She's on this whole ozempic kick,
and you know she's she's really proudof her new body. You know,
she's posting pictures, you know,half naked on Instagram. And she stopped
taking the shots, and she's stilltrying to eat. You know, she's
still taking a shot. She's alwayshungry, she's pissed easily, she's easily

aggravated. And you know I'm askingam I die hole? Because I just
want her normal again? I likedmy girlfriend on the heavier side. You
know, I'm not going to callher fat, but I prefer a voluptious
woman. And I miss my oldgirlfriend. She's not the same. You
miss her the way that she looked, or you missed her the way that

she acted. In love with her, Yeah, I mean I fell in
love with her body. I thoughther body is beautiful. She always had
issues where you know, she didn'tthink she knew he was right, and
she was too heavy. And Ihighly disagree. And I tell her all
the time how good luck she is. And you know, she she did
this without my consent, you know, not that she needs it. I
just I was against it. Andnow she's different. I mean she's always

grumpy and you know, hungry,and I listen, I just want them
older. Okay, the posting picturestoo, that's is that? Is that
a big deal for you? Yeah, she's something she never did. I
mean, I'm not like against that. I don't think it's necessary at her
age, our age. I mean, you know, if she's not twenty

five anymore, I don't think it'snecessary for everybody to see her body that.
You know. That's whatever? Allright, Here, here's the question.
But she doesn't feel good. She'sshe's a she's a beast, and
you know it's true, she's she'sa beast. You don't mean size wise,
you mean just her personality. Crumpy, Yeah, crumpy and angry and
it's you know, thrown her allout of whack and is alias Austin an

a hole because he likes his oldgirl compared to his new girl. His
uh, his girl that is uhon on a diet and watching out for
herself and losing weight, and shedid it through she what did you say,
throw zampeg we you oh that?But you are fat? That long?

All right? Eight four four MojoLive eight four four sixty six five
sixty five four eight. I rememberthere was a time when Chelse would say
that she liked me, when I, you know, not would be beside
wise, But she said that Iwas Ah had an attitude, complaining and
angry and kind of a jerk.But I don't know. In this case

here, I think he's handled itpretty well. First off, he's used
the right words. He said,not not that I liked her fat,
I liked her before she did thediet. Well, he liked her as
the girl that he fell in lovewith yes, and I think that that's
sweet that he'd fell in love withthat. But what do you think,
am I the A hole is inahole? I would say no. I
think that it's amazing that she is, you know, on a health journey

and she is doing that for herself. But I could totally see your point
of like, I miss this womanthat I fell in love with. I
miss her personality. I miss whenshe didn't care so much about, you
know, counting calories. And Idon't know, I don't think you're an
ehole. I actually want to goaround the room and just grab a quick

ahole, no a whole from everybodyand get your opinions on this one.
But Megan, your thoughts on thisone? Oh, he makes me massively
angry. I think he's a hugeahole because I don't like the way he
approached all the topics that he's satwith. I think that if somebody is

changing the way that they look forthemselves, because let's be honest, whoever
you marry is not going to bethe person that you die with. If
you'll live to be old and staytogether, your bodies are going to change.
Your personalities are going to change,you've decided to make that commitment to
stick with that person and support them, and you don't sound supportive at all.
I really really hated the whole postingthe photos up online because when you

are bigger and you lose a lotof weight, you receive so much hate
for so many different reasons. Andif you're finally confident and happy in who
you are and that brings you joy, and then the person you're supposed to
be closest with says, I don'tlike this about you. It's wrong.
It's I don't like that you havefound this happiness and I don't want you

to have that joy. I wonderif you, and maybe you would will
answer this, but I wonder ifyou feel that you're worried about your relationship
because she is posting those pictures.Austin, Am I worried about mine?
Yeah? Yeah, I'm sure ifI sat down and thought long enough about

it, I probably am that.A she's changed and now this knew her
is going to want somebody else.Yeah, I wouldn't disagree with that at
all. All Right, keV amI the a hole. I don't think
he's in a whole. I thinkhis heart is in the right place.
He wants to be with the personhe fell in love with, and he

doesn't feel that that is who sheis now, regardless of everything else.
On top of that, I thinkat the core of his concern, that's
what it is, and I don'tthink he's an a hole for that.
Mike, am I the A hole? I think half in, half out.
I think that he kind of isbecause if he was doing this the
other way around, and it washe wants her to get skinny, he

likes her better when she's skinny,he would be a huge a hole.
So I think the other way aroundmakes him just as big of an a
hole. Like it's her body,Let her do whatever she wants, whatever
makes her, whatever makes her happyreally at the end of the day.
But I don't think I agree withKevin that it sounds like his heart is
trying to be in the right place. Misty, am I the A hole?
What are your thoughts? Misty?Sorry? I think he's somewhat of

an a whole, But at thesame time, it kind of sounds like
he's concerned for her if she likeshe might be having side effects she needs
to talk to her doctor about ifshe is noticing she's so different, you
know, grumpy and not who shewas before. She might not notice it
and just think, oh hey Ilook good. Okay, all right,
so he's health wise concerned for her. Uh amar am I the a hale.

What do you think? Yeah,well, Joe, good morning.
I don't think he's in an ahall. Because my girl said those ones,
which is exactly like those six sundollar ones, which is exactly like
the ones the or zembic one edwill effect. Her personality is very bad.
She's angry sometimes she does when she'ssitting by herself, climb and mad

and you know, so that's whathe's So that's been the side effect that
your girl has from from doing thesethings. Huh Yeah, she's always gonna,
she's always mad. She you know, she had a very bad editude.
Sometimes she cried by herself. AndI noticed when she's taking those shots,
that's what keeps happening. So Itook them all and I threw him

in the garbage. Wait a second, now, wait we got to do
with you? That's an a wholemove. Yeah, yeah, Because I
to be honest, I got tothe points, which is I called her
mom and I told her She's keepstaking those shots and that's what it keeps
doing for her, and that's notgood. Wow, you know. And

I'm like, she's like her mom. You know, I just threw him
away. He's not even listening tome, and I'm like, okay,
oh boy, was at you?Oh yeah, so bad. And by
the way, if you got himstill in the garbage, go grab him
for me. I'll take him.It's hard. Those are hard shots to
get. William Am I the ahole? What are your thoughts? Oh,

first thing, first, first time, long time Williams. Thank you.
I don't think he's a whole I'mgoing through my own weight loss journey.
I've switched a lot of just mydaily intake of food and everything else.
And my girlfriend has noticed that mymood and stuff is changing, and

you know, it's just I thinkit's just the fact that she's going through
such a change with her body.Yeah, that he just has to stick
around. And I mean, Imean, obviously, if it gets abduced
or anything like that, you know, then you know, then something needs
to change. But I think heneeds to stick it out and understand what
she's going through. So in away, sort of kind of he's a
little bit of an able, butI don't think I think his mind's and

his heart's in the right place.I just think he needs to stick it
out and see where it goes.Okay, well, listen, I wish
you well in your journey, andI think that that's awesome that you're doing
this, because the truth of thewhole deal is, and this is something
for Austin too. It's not aboutjust looks. It's about health too.

It's not healthy. You know,if a person was over drinking, we
wouldn't say, well, I likethem drunk, they were better drunk,
you know, or they were,you know, abusing drugs. We wouldn't
say, oh, well, theguy was better when he was like,
you know, strung out like that. So we got to look at that
too and say, hey, we'retrying to keep people healthy too. What's

up Kelly high him? Good?Am I a hole and not me?
But yeah, no, I don'tthink you're a heal I don't think anybody's
in a hole in this situation.It sounds like I mean, I guess,
you know, we don't know allof the details and how their relationship
is normally, but it sounds likethat you know, maybe she's not treating

him as well anymore, being grumpyand stuff like that, and I think
that's okay to be like, hey, you know, I'm not happy with
the way that I'm being treated nowthat this change has occurred. Whatever the
reason is, maybe it's not somuch that, you know, she lost
the weight, but maybe she's treatinghim badly now or something. I mean,
I'm not really sure. Well,let me ask that question, Austin.

Is it because is she not niceto you? I wouldn't say she's
not nice. I would say,you know, there are moments where I'll
say, sixty forty not nice,if that makes sense, sixty not nice,
forty nice? Yeah, sixty notnice? Yea. And before she
was what, oh, eighty twentynice, twenty not nice? I mean,

yeah, listen, we're all human. We go through our sure day
where we have tough times and stuff. But she just more things are irritating
her that never did before. Interesting. All right, what's up, Marie?
What's going on? Am I thea hole? I say partially just
because being supportive about like the medicationjourney in the beginning, I feel like

that should have been like a saying, hey, I want you to be
happy. But she's also changing onhim personality wise, and I feel like
that's making it not the not theA hole when it comes to that,
and with her not eating properly accordingto him, that's very concerning in dangerous

and can also cause a lot ofthe side effects, like when I don't
eat, I become very angry.Right, your blood sugar is different.
Yeah, it's natural. It's naturalthat you would be that way. Listen.
I think that there's a lot ofpeople that are looking at Austin in
the way that he was as Okay. I don't know if I like what
he's saying about her, but Ithink he says it all in a good

way. Now, the guy thatthrew out the meds, I don't know,
that might have been pushed over theedge. So maybe I'm judging him
off of that. But am Ithe A hole? On the mojo in
the Morning Show, you can commentwith us text nine five five zero zero
or hit us up in a DMmojo in the morning
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