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May 21, 2024 6 mins
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Well, in the morning's Dirty onthe thirty, Shannon with what's trending in
the Dirty on the thirty. Guys, remember who Cameron is? Yes,
hem hem Okay. So last nighthe was invited to speak on the show
CNN Newsnight with Abbie and Philip totalk about that horrific video of Ditty and
Cassie that went around the internet,and Abby Philip, you know, asked

him do you recognize the man inthis video, to which Cameron was very
talkative and said, yes, it'sDiddy, you know. He mentioned that
he finds everything Diddy is accused ofto be egregious, to be things that
he does not support, saying heknows him, you know, but I
was definitely not friends with him.However, when Abby asked him a similar

question later in the interview, thisis how Cameron responded, is there something
known in the industry about how didhe treated his artists? So I'm going
to get some cheeks after this Horsepowersjoint? What about the industry in general?
I mean, so many people havepointed out that did he couldn't get

away with this stuff if there weren'ta lot of people protecting him. Do
you think that's the case, whothe talent agent for this joint? Like
you think I'll be sitting around watchingwhat did he do? And all this?
I didn't know this was a Diddyjoint that was invited me to yo
yo who booked me for this joint? All right? Thanks, thanks for

joining us, Thanks for a suddenI just wanted nothing to do with it.
Afterwards, he wrote on Instagram ifthey invite me on CNN for why
would he even think anybody would wantto talk to him other than that?
Well, because his co host isMace, who was signed to Diddy and
signed to bad Boy, I thinkthat would understand that what he did say
during the interview ask me, don'task me. But it's interesting though he

does the podcast talking about Diddy onhis podcast, Why would he not think?
What does CNN want to talk toCameron about? Right? I don't
know. He used it as aneye for sending you to his horse power,
which is his act. What hewas? You heard him drinking so
loudly? I think, is itlike the pills that you get at speedway?
I guess I've never had it.But really, allegedly ben Affleck has

quote unquote come to his senses,about his marriage to Jennifer Lopez and knows
in his gut they are headed fordivorce. So so I was telling me
if there was a way to divorceon the grounds of temporary insanity, he
would do it ouch. He feelslike the last two years has just been
like a fever dream, and he'scome to his senses now and understands there
is no way this relationship is goingto work. We've told you he's been

house hunting around La while living separatelyfrom j Lo. She was doing the
same, though. Somebody told meshe's actually looking for an investment property,
not for new home for handling.They start Johansson and say this is can
we get up DJ four fingers jetsyou have been out and I can't do

it. I can't do it.I cannot to support somebody like j Loo,
who should have turned in Diddy yearsago. You literally just said,
I can't turn this song. It'sso good. I like the song,
and I'm, by the way kidding. I'm just not wanting to do a
j Loo. She can't sell outher concert. Why would I want to
do? She has records, Yes, this is one of them. The

only good thing that Jlo has everdone in her career. Is the movie
Enough? That was my favorite.Now I've seen that, Oh God,
which is perfect for this particular situation. All right, now back to Shannon.
All right. Scarlet Johansen says sheturned down open AI's request for her

to lend her voice to chat gptto one of chat GPT's functions, but
said she was shocked that the companywent ahead and essentially used a voice that
is hers. Anyway, this morning, open ai is pausing the use of
one of its chat GPT voice afteractress Scarlett Johansson said the voice sounded eerily
similar to her own. Johansson saidshe was approached by open ai CEO Sam

Altman about doing voice work for thechatbot, but that she declined after hearing
the release demo. She wrote,I was shocked, angered, and in
disbelief, adding my closest friends andnews outlets could not tell the difference.
The Oscar nominated actress hired lawyers toinquire about the process of generating the voice
Hi, Hi, how you doing. Johansson famously starred in twenty thirteen's Her,

but that was from her voice assistant, much like chat GPT's product.
It seems like I'm having so manynew feelings that I don't think I've ever
been felt before. That was heractual voice from the movie. And this
is a sample of chat GPT's AIgenerated chatbot Sky. You've got me on
the edge of my well, Idon't really have a seat, but you

get the idea. Fans called outsimilar elements from that YouTube video shared by
open Ai. The company disputed thecomparison in a blog post, writing a
I should not deliberately mimic a celebrity'sdistinctive voice, and that the voice of
Sky belongs to a different professional actresswho they say was cast for the voice
before they reached out to Johansson.Okay, so come out. Well that's

interesting. If that's the case,there's no lawsuit, right because it's just
a sound alike and not AI generated. Why not name? Yeah, I
don't know. Maybe they will,Maybe she'll come out, They might go
they might have to yeh. Andlastly, Harry Styles is a single man
again legan He and his actress girlfriendTaylor Russell have called it quiz seftter dating
for about fourteen months. She's oneof the stars of Netflix's Lost in Space.

In case you don't know who sheis, but apparently they've been broken
up for a couple of weeks.They broke up after a trip to Japan
that last month. The relationship's beenstrained, so now they are taking some
time apart. Why did I justfe like Cone? For Hario card.
For all of Today's Dirty, youcan catch up on the podcast on the
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