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May 21, 2024 5 mins
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Jordan the Morning's Dirty on the thirty, Shannon with what's trending in the Dirty
on the thirty and congratulations to Eminemin a beautiful wedding. It looked like
for his daughter Haley, huh Haileylooked so stunning everything about her and her
dress and oh my gosh, shemarried her longtime boyfriend Evan McClintock, surrounded

by their loved ones at a venuein Battle Creek, Michigan. It looked
like it was Green Crest manner tome. But everything about the wedding was
just absolutely gorgeous. And yes,she did a dad daughter dance with Marshall
and you can see those folks.We know the song that they danced to.
I don't know the song would beinteresting. They know what songs Butterfly

Kiss. I know Elena. Iwill die if it was Butterfly Kiss.
It's Oscar Lena because she is afan of the show. And we'll see
you. What about that song Eminemhad that song beautiful? Was that that
was a good song? Wasn't it? Wasn't it? I never know if
any of the Eminem songs are actuallylike songs that you could actually want to
dance to your daughter too. ButI used to love that song beautiful.
Wow, it was this one,MACKI no, you know what. He

hated this song. I think aftera while anger he didn't want this one.
And Cleaning Out My Closet played onthe radio for a while. Yeah.
We used to get record label peoplewho were would always ask us to
stop playing certain certain songs. CleanOut Your Closet was one of those ones
where he was praying that that songwould just go away after a while.
But I would be curious to knowwhat song it was. I know.

So let's move on to Diddy.Lots of Diddy and the Dirty again.
Today, he was dragged over hisvideo apology apology in Quotations for not mentioning
Cassie by name. We talked aboutthis yesterday. However that was on purpose,
I'm told. Diddy and Cassie reacheda settlement a day after she filed
her sexual assault lawsuit against him inNovember, and it includes a very strict

NDA which prevents both of them fromspeaking about the other in public. So
Diddy's attorneys very closely reviewed his videoapology before it was posted to Instagram for
a couple of reasons. One theyneeded to make sure it was in compliance
with the NDA, meaning absolutely nomention of Cassie by name, so that

was strategic. Also, Diddy's formerbodyguard, Roger Bond sitting down with Piers
Morgan yesterday to talk about that videowe all saw over the weekend. It
didn't surprise me when I saw itbecause I've seen things to this nature before.
I've gotten in between things of thisnature before, and this was back

in twenty twelve. So that's whyI was so adamant on what I said
yesterday after he posted that apology,because it comes a time where it's like
you can't just say anything you wantto say and think that people going to
accept it. And again, hewas not surprised by that video because he

said he saw a lot. Howmany times did you personally witness him be
violent towards women? Around four orfive times? And was that all with
Cassie or was it Cassie and otherwomen. I've seen him with Cassie,
and I've seen him with Kim Porter, his kid's mother. Right, he's

now sadly no longer with us,But what did you see him do?
I've seen him get physical, I'veseen him get really physical, grab him
up. It was one time thatCassie mentioned inside her lawsuit where she said
she had to go over to theLondon Hotel. I was the one that
was checking on her every day atthe London Hotel. I have more from

that interview. Next hour. GymnistSimone Viles calling out social media for criticizing
her husband NFL star Jonathan Owens,who claimed in an interview that he didn't
know who she was before they starteddating. He also called himself the catch
in their relationship and then got slammedfor saying that. On her Instagram story,
Simone said, I'm going to quicklyaddress this. The joke was never

a joke. Y'all are blatantly beingdisrespectful to my relationship and my husband.
So I'm going to go ahead andsay this one time respectfully, f off
and if you keep commenting or tweetingat me, I'm just going to block
you, simple as that. Andalso on social media, Jason Momoa seemingly
confirming he has a new lady inhis life. He is eating a Puerto

Rican actress named Adria Arcigona that camefrom an Instagram post yesterday. So they
are now Instagram official. He calledher Mia more and he hangs out here
in Ferndale all the time with hisbest friends in the world. So on
his story story, Motty want,I don't know. I don't know.

I saw the photo. I don'tknow if it was on his story or
it was on Instagram. Is itgone now, guys, I'm trying to
find her hang out. I'll showit too. I'll show because maybe it's
not that official. If he putsit on, if you put it on
only on your story, then that'snot a real relationship. That's just that's
true. That is true. It'snot. Listen, no, yes,

don't bow on to these people whothink just because you post them on social
that that makes your relationship. That'sit. It's crazy. For all of
today's dirty cuts up on the podcaston the iHeartRadio app or mot You in
the Morning dot com celebrities Dirty directlyfrom the stores. It's Motive in New
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