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May 21, 2024 7 mins
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Mojo in the Morning's Dirty on thethirty eight four to four Mojo Live,
ninety fifth, Collar Wins twenty oneSavage Tickets. What's going on in this
dirty So I think we're going tosee this happening more and more, particularly
when it comes to celebrities and theirlikeness and their voices. Scarlett Johansson said
she turned down open AI's request forher to lend her voice to one of

chat GPT's programs, thought about it, ultimately decided she wasn't going to do
it, but was shocked that thecompany went ahead and I think essentially did
it. Anyway, listen to thisthis morning. Open ai is pausing the
use of one of its chat gptvoices after actress Scarlett Johansson said the voice
sounded eerily similar to her own.Johansson said she was approached by open ai

CEO Sam Altman about doing voice workfor the chatbot, but that she declined
after hearing the release demo. Shewrote, I was shocked, angered,
and in disbelief, adding my closestfriends and news outlets could not tell the
difference. The Oscar nominated actress hiredlawyer to inquire about the process of generating
the voice Hi, Hi, howyou doing. Johansson famously starred in twenty

thirteen's her playing an AI voice assistantmuch like chat GPT's product. It seems
like I'm having so many new feelingsthat I don't think I've ever been felt
before. That was her actual voicefrom the movie, and this is a
sample of chat GPT's AI generated chatbotSky. You've got me on the edge
of my well. I don't reallyhave a set, but you get the

idea. Fans called out the similarityin comments on that YouTube video shared by
Open Ai. The company disputed thecomparison in a blog post, writing AI
should not deliberately mimic a celebrity's distinctivevoice, and that the voice of Sky
belongs to a different professional actress,who they say was cast for the voice
before they reached out to Johansson.Altman writing in a statement, we are
sorry to miss Johansson that we didn'tcommunicate better. By the way, how

do you dispute the comparison? IfScarlett Johanson is saying that sounds like me,
you can't say no, it doesn'tright. But remember this is also
what their strike was about. Theirunion strike was about this future specifically and
how this would drive them out ofwork. Yes, but if you use
a voice actor to sound like them, I think that they're going to win

at lawsuit. But I'm wondering,because they didn't name that voice actor what
they actually sound like. Did thatvoice actor record all of their lines?
And then did they use AI tomake them sound more like Harlot? And
then they'd But they are saying,but we hired an actor, that's not
our problem. They would have toprovide the actor then, right, They

didn't for sure. But what I'malso saying is they're disputing Scargo's claim that
it sounds like her. I'm like, you can't, Yes, I can't
tell somebody that it doesn't sound likethem when they think it sounds like them.
It's crazy. Fanatics CEO Michael Rubinhosted a luncheon I always love what.
It's a luncheon, not just alunch, It's a luncheon a little

bit fancier with sixth first round NFLdraft picks from April and Tom Brady alongside
Jay Z was there and gave alittle advice for these guys heading into their
new professional lives. You have fiftythree guys on the team, and you
think it's about you and about you. It's about us. And the biggest
problem I see with a lot ofthe young players today, you guys are
making it too much about buying meor because of social media, because of

branding and all that. It's fine, you're not gonna win. There was
a difference between being a star andbeing a champion. I treated a preseason
game, I treated a REGA teamlike it was a super Bowl. So
when I got to the super Bowl, it was just another day for me.
There should be nobody in your lifethat should have higher expectations for you
than you are. You're going toevolve, well you not, You're going

to keep evolving or not. Andif you're not, the world steel spins.
If you're forever curious, you'll alwayskeep getting better. Great advice,
all that. Yeah, Peloton saysit will no longer use Diddy's music in
any of its programming, so nomusic for any of the classes or rides
you're taking. The company made thatdecision to take Ditty's material out of their

playlist after that Cassie video made therounds over the weekend. Peloton statement part
of it said, we take thisissue very seriously and can confirm Peloton has
paused the use of Sean Combs's music, as well as removed the Bad Boy
Entertainment Artist series on our platform.I think I think Diddy is done.
I don't think that there's anybody.I bet you that you'll see radio stations

like us never playing Diddy again.Like R Kelly was a while. Everybody
always goes back, but we haven'tgone back to R Kelly. I've not
heard any well Chris Brown again.Yes, Paramount announcing that yellow ruin Paris

artists. I'm going country. Ijust want an artists that throw things out
of hotel windows. That's what Iwant. It was a bar, but
or a bar whatever it was.Yellowstone has started production in Montana. The
new episodes are slated to come outin November. If you've been waiting and
waiting and waiting, it's been along hiatus filled with behind the scenes drama

and feud allegations involving the show's star, Kevin Kostner. But it's happening.
This will be the second half ofseason five and will also include the series
finale. Show is not going tobe as good without Kevin Bosser. It's
not gonna be the same shows abouthim. You can't get rid of him.
It'll be like way back when theSopranos getting rid of Tony, you
can't do that. Or House ofCards Roseanne getting rid of Roseanne. Remember

they did that. The show's stillon those seventh or eighth season The Conners,
Yeah yes. And lastly, anemergency trip to the vet busted a
cheater for one couple. This isa crazy story. So this happened in
the UK and according to this vet, who was on her first day on
the job. By the way,this week puppy was brought into the clinic

was really really ill. When hearrived. X ray showed he had an
obstruction in his tummy, so theyput him under. They had to do
surgery, and in doing so,they removed a woman's song that was causing
blockage in the dog. Said songdid not belong to the wife in this
situation. How did she know?She doesn't wear thongs? Whoops. So

when they called and said, oh, we found what it was, it
was a you know, women's song, dad, she starts screaming at her
husband because when her turns out hehad been cheating. That was a great
potential War of the roses. Huh. Anybody's dogs ever catch somebody cheating?

If they have, you got totext cheater to zero zero and tells tell
us the story. Text cheater ninetyfive five zero zero, and then tell
us the story if your animal everbusted a cheater. For all of Today's
Dirty, listen to those podcasts onthe free iHeartRadio app in the morning.
By the way, the podcast thismorning are on fire, you guys.
I don't know what the story is, but I'm already looking at the War

of the Roses from last hour,and the downloads on that War of the
Roses are as big as we've everhad. Almost. Thank you for listening.
We appreciate you, guys. Wasn'tme honey? Right? And it's

in the morning thirty on the Dirty
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