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May 21, 2024 5 mins
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In the mornings Dirty on the thirty, or are the roses in just a
little bed in a few moments hereCarly and the stripper bust the cheating boyfriend
that's on the way in just afew moments. First though, let's get
a look at what's trending in theDirty on the thirty. Well, Hailey
Dad, the gorgeous daughter of Eminemand his ex Kim Scott, is a

married lady. You become a ladyafter you get married, not a girl,
just a lady. She married herlongtime boyfriend Evan McClintock, surrounded by
their loved ones at a venue inBattle Creek, Michigan. I think it's
Green Crest Wanner. But it wasjust the most stunning wedding, a stunning
bride, and yes she did adad daughter dance with Marshall. You can

check out those photos on her socialmedia. This was the beautiful song that
I was talking about. Do youguys remember she danced too? But what
is this? This was a songthat emmin I put out that bo Bo
the jam our former music director,the probably one of the greatest people I've
ever worked with in radios. Thiswas his first that was the dirty version,

but the song is called Beautiful andif you've never heard that before,
that is a great song. SoI want to know what Marshall danced to
do too, I really do.Do you think he danced to what if?
Hayley's favorites artists where people that Eminemshouted out in a negative way and
his songs like Christina Aguilera and BritneySpears. Yeah, Britney Spears did.

He is former bodyguard. His nameis Roger Bond, sitting down yesterday for
an interview with Piers Morgan to talkabout that horrific video that we saw of
him and Cassie that went around theinternet over the weekend. It didn't surprise
me when I saw it because I'veseen things to this nature before. I've

gotten in between things of this naturebefore, and this was back in twenty
twelve. So that's why I wasso adamant on what I said yesterday after
he posted that apology, because itcomes a time where it's like you can't
just say anything you want to sayand think that people are gonna accept it.

Yeah, And he said, Imean he saw a lot, a
lot more than we got a glimpseof on that video. How many times
did you personally witness him be violenttowards women? Around four or five times?
And was that all with Cassie orwas it Cassie and other women.

I've seen him with Cassie and I'veseen him with Kim Porter, his kid's
mother. Right, he's now sadlyno longer with us. But what did
you see him do? I've seenhim get physical. I've seen him get
really physical, grab him up.It was one time that Cassie mentioned inside

her lawsuit where she says he hadto go over to the London Hotel.
I was the one that was checkingon every day at the London Hotel.
Yeah. J Low solo at thepremiere of her movie Atlas at the Egyptian
Theater in Hollywood last night, NoBen walking the red carpet by her side,

and mid rumors that there is massivetrouble in paradise. And this is
what I keep hearing from pretty muchof recingle source I talked to. They've
hit a rough patch in their marriage. They're living in separate homes. Ben
is renting a place in Brentwood,while Jen is staying at their sixty million
dollar Beverly Hills mansion that they purchasedtogether, and friends are saying Ben has

finally come to his senses. Heknows they're headed for divorce. He feels
like the last two years have beenokay, but he understands very fully that
there's no way this is going towork. Do we think Jennifer Garner is
just tackling? I don't know.I love her. I don't want to
even bring her into this. Ilove her. Lastly, Happy Gilmore to

a sequel to the nineteen ninety sixclassic movie Happy Gilmore, is on the
way. We told you that.Yeah. Adam Sandler dropping a couple of
more tidbits yesterday. He said thatlegendary golfers Tiger Woods and John Daly will
potentially be included in the film.He's trying his heart both for all the

Today storry to take out the podcaston the iHeartRadio app or Motive in the
Morning dot com. Out of allthe Adam Sandler movies, I know,
Megan, you're a super fan ofHeavy Gilmore. Specifically, it's probably know
what is your favorite Adam Sandler movieall time? Probably Happy Gilmore, but
Billy Madison is close. I loveBilly Madison. Billy Madison. I love
the wedding. That's a great one. I thought, I think one big

Daddy. Crazy nights, E crazynights. I mean, listen, Adam
Sandler doing anything is great, youknow, as long as it's not another
one of like I don't like likepart fives and stuff of movies. I
don't know what that is. Likewhen they do, you know, when
it's he and uh, David Spadeand Chris Rock and John Lovett and all
the rest of those guys. Ilike nostalgic throwbacks. Though this is a

nostalgic We're gonna pull out your heartstringsbecause you love the movie throwback. And
if we uh get another great movielike Happy Gillmore, that's just a win.
There is nothing better than the BobBarker scene and Happy gil Yes.
Yeah, you're listening to Mojo inthe Morning. Mojo in the Morning on

social media. Chris, it's Mojoin the Morning. He's dirty. On the thirty
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