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May 20, 2024 195 mins
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W k qu I Detroit, wU s n X, Mosque and Green
Rabbids Dots, Toledo. This isMojo in the Morning Mojo. He's amazing
live Mojo. What you think oneGod, let me take that back to

the beginning. This is alright.You ready you're listening to Mojo in the
Morning. You're a do you hecked? We don't, We don't down shoot
time. Good morning and welcome tothe Mojo in the Morning Show. Start

of a new week. Here,I believe if I'm not mistaken, and
I think that this is actually true. If we all are good this week
and perform for the listeners, givethem the absolute best shows possible, we
get a three day weekend coming uphere. Guys love that? Okay,

sparked, I got your attention.So that means we gotta work our butts
off and then we can get aday off a week from today, Memorial
Day. So let's make sure thatwe do that. Let's make sure that
we we are on fire today.Maybe today could be like a mediocre day,
but tomorrow through the rest of theweek has gotta be good. Good

morning, Welcome to the show.How's everybody feeling today? Everbody feeling tired
from the heat. I'm feeling great, man. I stayed up last night
to watch the Timberwolves game glad Ideabecause they won. But other than that,
we were you rooting for Minnesota.I was. I really think Anthony
Edwards is the future of the NBA. So I was Michael Jordan's son exactly.

The rumor that I don't know Shannonyof you ever have heard this.
I'm sure it's been like posed insome of the dirty stuff, but that
I guess Michael had some affairs backin the day, around the time of
the conception of Anthony Edwards. AndI guess Anthony Edwards doesn't know his father
or something. And so there's talkbecause there's talk because he plays like Mike.

He looks like Mike. I'm showingher image right now. Split He's
on the left, Jordan's on theright hand. At that although Mike's Mike's
other kids were not very good basketballplayers, he got all the tally.
It's like a space jam. Heput his hand on the right ball.

If I am, if I amhim, I am if I'm And when
I say him, I mean Michael, I claim him. You know what
I mean? Like like I claim, because listen, he's rich, he
doesn't need any money. There's noback child support probably right, and you
have had kids of mediocrity, youknow what I mean. So this will
give you an opportunity, uh,Michael, to finally have you know,

the the offspring that brings you allthe love and support. Oh, here
you go, here's a reference.Do this other kids. Take Scottie Pippens's
wife. That's the only other thingthey've done. But that's a proud moment
though for Mike, because he andScotty hate each other. Right, Yeah,
I don't know, but it's okay. So just just to continue the

talk and wrap it up. Minnesotabeat Denver, so there will be no
repeat. And then Kevin's very upsetand salty because he hates former Pistons coach
Rick Carlisle. When you put itlike that, it provides a context I'm
not okay with. Okay, theonly reason Indiana won is because the Knicks
had injuries and they shot sixty ninepercent from the field. Anytime we talk

about how Hall of Fame numbers inbaseball, you only gotta be you only
got to hit three out of tenpitches. Yeah, it three out of
ten heads. If you hit sixout of ten, I mean, who
are you at that point? Yes, And that's what it is. Amazing.
So in basketball, it's Boston versusIndiana, which is going to be
interesting. So all right, thereyou go. There's your sports talk for

today, Shannon. No shopping.You can't shop this early in the morning.
I literally just placed this Sephora order. While when you do this,
your credit card company acts differently.You cannot order before six thirty. I'm
not a two dollars boot. Yeah, it's a lucky two dollar bills.

It's very it's crisp too, it'sactually ironed it this morning. You keep
that right there next to your creditcards. I really do. That's cute.
I had an uncle that used todo that all the time. You'd
give us two dollars bills, Andas a kid, you thought it was
cute until you got to be likenineteen and you realize you can't buy anything
with twos. I don't know whyit's looking. And you also realize that

every time you try to even usea two dollar bill, people look at
it like it's a fake bill,don't they. That's a fact. Yeah,
it's like it's like using the Usaka Jowea coin or whatever. People
always look at it like that ain'ta coin. I don't know what that
thing is. Okay, I gotto bring something up, you guys.
So this weekend, if I looklike I'm wobbly a little bit, I

walked thirty six holes of golf.Are you serious? So I did the
parent child golf tournament with Joe,and we entered this tournament as a Okay,
you know what, you and Ihave never really done anything like this
together. Let's do this before youknow, I croak or Joe finds out

that I'm not a real father.And so wait, so in this situation,
you're claiming you were the parent kindof although I do look good.
I've got boat tax so I kindof like that. So so you have
to walk eighteen holes and you knowhow miserably hot it is, Well,

it was miserably hot in Michigan.It was also miserably hot into Tampa.
And so that's where we were andthat's where I am still today. I'll
come home on a flight later today. And one of the things that I
learned is that there are some interestingthings that parents and kids have with each
other. Like relationships, and I'lldiscuss one of them later this morning,

but one particularly I would like totalk. There is an age limit to
doing this with your parent. Okay. There was a mom and a daughter,
very attractive, might I add,golfing with each other. Mom probably
fifty, daughter probably twenty six,twenty seven years old. Okay. The

daughter every five seconds was calling hermom mommy. No, I'm sorry,
but if Joey called me daddy,I would probably punch him in the nose.
Were they Hispanic Noma mommy? Wasit like mommy? No, it

was not mommy, poppy or anyof that. No, it was no
Hispanic. They were I'm guessing theywere Italian or something. I don't know
they were. They were very goodlooking. I mean seriously, it was
one of those ones where I lookedat joe at one point. This just
shows you the relationship that we haveand I said, which one would you

do? I mean they both.Honestly, I think the mom was hotter
than the daughter, but that Iwant to take away from the topic here.
I'd call the mom mommy, yes, mom, So, so it
was very awkward at times when Ikept hearing mommy come out and I wanted

to throw this out there, andI wanted to ask our audience. And
I know it's early in the morningand you don't want to offend anybody.
I might be offending you. Areyou a person that calls your mom mommy?
I mean, do we not ordad daddy? Like once? At
what age do you stop doing that? I feel like a really young I
feel like you don't do mommy daddyany after like first grade? Right,

yeah, I really do. Ilike you. I don't know Mom,
I guess. I guess sometimes Isign my stuff for her, like Mommy,
I don't know, but she justit's mom. I feel like it
goes to mom and dad, butthen it loops back as a joking thing
to some sort of other nickname,like I called my dad dad for yours
And it's funny because I do callhim by his first name legitimately in real

life most of the time. Butyou guys know the musical Fiddler on the
Roof, Yeah, there used tobe a son, Papa, can you
hear me? So then I turnedinto like me calling my dad because you
wouldn't respond to me in the house. I would go, Papa, can
you hear me? And it turnedinto Papa as an adult, like but
only because of that, Like himignoring me in front of the television.
Yeah, so it wasn't like aloving adoration thing. It was like,

could you please pay attention? Iknow the game is on, but I
need something. Smith will call meMama. I still every once in a
while will call my mom mama,but I feel like mama also is mommy
is real different? It is okay, but Mama, Mama? For you
calling your mom is I got asunacceptable? Smith is still your little one.

But Mama, I mean, seriously, you're a grown ass woman.
Calls me and I answered the phone'llsay, hey Mama, Oh Christ,
are you serious? Yes, that'skind of close. Yeah I do.
That would be like then I'm guiltyme calling my kids. I've never called
her mommy ever, Like Mama islike do you think that, Zach?

It's weird when you say me weird, you know, I mean, I
think I was well into my teenageyears when I was still referring to my
mother is mama. And I distinctlyremember I was in the kitchen one day
and I was like, mama,and then my sister came in to do
something else. She was like,ma, and I was like, we
can do that. From that wenton, but even even Mama is that

weird? Is weird to me?As mommy, mommy, mommy, Daddy?
That still lips. I don't wantto be shocking, but I don't.
I don't call my mama, soyou don't tell her mom I call
it. I don't call her bitch. Yeah, Alex, what's going on?

It's Mojo in the morning. Howare you not too bad? You
know, the only time you're allowedto use daddy at this age is if
you're using it in bed, rightexactly. That's it is weird, daddy.
When and when I hear like girlscall their dad daddy, and the
girls and the dad don't look likethey're that far off age wise. I

think they're dating and they live inBirmingham. I mean, you know,
by the way, and I knewsomebody who called her husband daddy. Oh,
Daddy came home from Daddy proposed todaydaddy. I'm like, that is
a thing. It's weird. It'sweird. Yeah, Melissa, what's up?
It's Mojo in the morning. Goodmorning, multiple time her a long
time. Listen, you welcome back. You get a welcome. So I

am fifty and I still I don'tintroduce him to people as this is my
daddy, but I do call mydad daddy, and like, hi,
daddy, how are you still whenyou guys have the conversation about kissing your
parents on the lips and I stillkissing just a quick. But my granddaughter's
eight and she calls her daddada,but she would introduce them to her friends

as this is my dad, buther personal name for him is dada.
Yeah. Yeah. By the way, I'm taken by the fact that when
you said that, you go,you have kind of a raspier voice,
and so I'm going daddy. Yeah. This voice has been told that it
could be used for multiple things.So like you, So I love you

guys, We love you too.In the endearing you let them call you
whatever they want. Yeah, itwas. It was funny because this was
a this was a golf tournament wherethe parents in the the you know,
kids were very competitive and later thismorning, I'll tell you about how some

of the kids were calling their dadsand moms a holes. I was shocked
at how people we were with eachother. It was just absolutely insane.
All right, It's Mojo in themorning, Just Mojo in the mornings,
back in the day, Get backin the day. This stuff happened.
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designer called Aiden Maddox. We actuallyjust we just got it from the mall.
The I love it. Nobody gaveit to her and she got it
from the mall. The movie thephotograph. I've never seen this movie,
but is it's a romantic movie.Really. I just really like her love.

Don't get involved too quickly, sodon't. I don't think that photograph
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don't sound like a mad scientist.Does not have to and big song,
adore you. Let's go to Elena. What's up? And Lena? What
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my Instagram. She is not badto live to nor look at. But
we have a chance for you towin all this week jo in the mornings
Dirty on the thirty. You knowwho else kept showing up in my my
feed this weekend? I know whothat bleach blonde bad built butch body lady,

Oh the bleach prid bad That No, that was not that. Marjorie
Taylor Green and U n KP wantto wish Shannon, if you want to
do that story later, you cando that story later. I know it
came out on Thursday, so Thursdaynight and Friday morning we didn't get to
it. But yeah, if youwant to do that, that was not
But Diddy came up a lot,am I that video? Man? If

you but finally we saw it,Thank god we saw it right yeah,
no denying, No, yes,absolutely, And yesterday Diddy apologizing for the
behavior that we saw on that twentysixteen surveillance video that was released two days
prior. Was him physically attacking CassieVentura, who was his girlfriend at the

time. Behavior on that video,it's inexcusable. I take full responsibility for
my actions in that video. I'mdisgusted. I was disgusted then when I
did it. I'm disgusted now goingand I sought our professional help now to

go into therapy. We're going torehab. Had asked God for his mercy
and grace. He actually makes nomention. He does not mention Cassie by
name in that statement. I'm sosorry. I'm committed to be a better

managin every day. I'm not askingfor forgiveness. I'm truth sorry. Isn't
this the same guy who said shewas lying and just wanted his money.
Yeah, Elie County prosecutor said onFriday they could not bring a criminal case
against Diddy because the statute of limitationson the charges that were in that the
relevant charges in that video has expired. Now, Cassie responding via her attorneys

in a statement that reads in part, Combe's most recent statement is more about
himself than the many people he hashurt. When Cassie and multiple other women
came forward, he denied everything andsuggested that his victims were looking for a
payday. That he was only compelledto apologize once his repeated denials were proven
false shows his pathetic desperation, andno one will be swayed by his disingenuous

words. Now, sources are tellingme that Diddy is worried that even more
videos like this one will emerge.I mean I already saw another one over
the weekend. Did you guys seethe one of Cassie hiding under the blanket
from him as he is just beratingher. So so another thing he paid
fifty thousand dollars to the Intercontinental Hotelto have in that next hour? Okay,

but and well then I'll bring upmy point next hour. But I
think they are that's shameful if theysaw that as as secure. You know,
yes, yes, there were manypeople that were paid to dispose of
those sorts of videos, and wenow are seeing actually kept copies of them.
I know you mentioned that. Didyou say criminal charges can't be brought

up? Do we know if theycan pursue civil Oh? Sure did she
did? Yeah? The ohch hepaid her off a big lump sum to
hopefully have this go away. Andsome are saying that because he had an
NDA against her. Some are sayingthat he may try to use that NDA
that he had to keep the videofrom coming out because they don't know who

it was that really least the videoto see ends. They probably found it
in his house during the raid.Well that's that's It's not the Feds,
it's somebody. It's somebody that isclose to Cassie's camp on this one,
because the FEDS have been covering upfor him, and there's there's a lot
of people that are saying that thereason why Diddy, who a lot of

people knew was a bad guy,was able to go for as long as
he's gone is because he was closeto some very very uh big politicians.
Yeah, we'll talk about that.Yeah. Donald Trump is calling for President
Joe Biden to do this before theirupcoming debates. I just want to debate
this guy, but you know,and I'm gonna I'm going to demand a

drug test too. By the way, I am, no, I really
am. I don't want him comingin like the State of the Union.
He was high as a kite,he said, is that Joe up there?
A beautiful row And by the endof the evening he's like it was
exhausted. Right now, we're goingto demand a drug chest the upcoming debates.

We'll have some new rules, includingno studio audience. They're going to
cut the mic of the candidate whois not speaking. President Biden, by
the way, intown last night forthe NAACP Detroit Branches Annual Fight for Freedom
Fund, Dinner Inside of Huntington Placeand enjoytravel dot Com just ranked the top
fifty sexiest accents in the United States. Can you guess which accent again in

the US was number one on thislist? Ah, the number one accent
is the sexiest accent Italian Louisiana inthe Yes, yeah, none our accents,
yeah, Southern accents, Yes,Louisiana Creole. So you're closed.
The Texan accent topped the list,followed by Boston, New York, Maine,

and Chicago. The Long Island accentwas at the bottom of the list,
along with New Jersey and minnesot didn'tWhat do you think? Do you
agree? How do people from Mainetalk? I don't. I didn't.
I don't know. That's a greatquestion. When I lived in Georgia,
I thought Georgia people like Georgians hada really cute Southern drawl. It wasn't

like so twangy. I love thatNew Orleans accent, Yeah, I like.
I like like Shannon's the southern accent. I think that New Yorkers and
don't be offended if you're listening tous in New York sound like they're kind
of dumb. The sound dumb tome, you know, for all Today's

Dirty and catch up on the podcastson the iHeartRadio. We're number one in
New York, number one in NewYork right now, come on, yeah,
yeah, it's in the Morning's Dirtyon the Dirty. Yes, I'd

be better on Saturn too, becauseit's not gonna be ninety degrees today on
Saturn. It's gonna be close tothat here though, it's gonna be very,
very hot again today, will jointhe mornings. Five is six fifty
five five, six fifty five fivesix to fifty five. Do now,
except for in the studio, whereI understand the Marcus set the temperature at

minus ninety degrees. It's frigid there. We have a five or six fifty
five this morning with Billy back withus. Billy won all five games last
week. Billy, Hi, Billy, Hey, good morning, Good morning,
Billy going for six today. Yourchallenger from Toledo, so not that
far from you, Kimmy. What'sgoing on, Kimmy? Not much,

Kimmy. It says here that youyou are an elementary school teacher. You're
also a University of Toledo, Isthat right? Yeah, I'm We're got
my degree. Good for you gorockets, as Megan says, and yeah,
what school? What do we dotoo? You're also a server?

Gosh, how many jobs do youhave? You're Ryan Seacrest. I've pretty
much done everything. Well, we'regoing to have you see if you can
do five of six fifty five?Are you ready? Yeah, We're going
to lock you up, Billy ina soundproof area, and we're going to
begin this contest. Five pop culturetrivia questions. Whoever gets the most right
wins. I always goes to thechampion. Question number one for Kimmy American

Idol crowned it's season twenty two winnerLast Night name one of the three current
judges, Katie Perry. Question numbertwo Sean Combs is apologizing for his behavior
seen in a new video from twentysixteen with his then girlfriend Cassie. What

was one of Sean Combe's nicknames?Right? So many of them? Really?
Oh my god, that's amazing?What it's like an Oprah? Question
number three, This see you Againrapper says he goes to strip clubs with

his mom. Who is he remember? Okay? Question number that good?
Question number four Country Stars Zach Brownfiled a temporary restraining order from his estranged
wife, finished the lyric to thisfamous Zach Brown song and a little bit

of chicken fried cold beer on aFriday night. All right, And question
number five, This pro golfer warmedup for the PGA Championship in Louisville,
Kentucky, in a jail cell onFriday morning after being arrested by police.
Who is he? Oh, you'rean elementary school teacher. Okay, the

children are listening. Ah, youknow what I want to say that too?
I love I'm so sorry. Whatis the golfer's name? Three seconds?
Have no idea and it is notwhat the app Let's bring the champ
back from a soundproof area. Ohmy god, hey got an FM and
three five Jimmy Harry go Billy Ready, Billy versus Kimmy Kimmy the potty mouth.

Question number one, American Idol crownedit's season twenty two winner last night.
Name one of the three current judges. Oh, Katy Harry, Yeah,
both of you guys said that youcould have said Luke Bryant or Lionel
Richie. Question number two. Shehad tough time with this one. Sean
Combs is apologizing for the behavior scenein a video from twenty sixteen with his

then girlfriend Cassie, named one ofSean Combe's nicknames, there you go.
You could have also said Diddy,Puffy puff Daddy. Question number three,
This see you Again rapper says thathe goes to strip clubs with his mom.
Who is he? Three seconds?See you again? What? Just

after the buzzer, just after thebuzzer? All right, you gotta get
at least one more of these rightto win. I think you'll get him
both, right, Let's see Questionnumber four Country, was that another one?
Oh my god, are you kiddingme? Kimmy, Kimmy, put
her on hold. You don't evenneed to talk to her anymore. Country.

By the way, if she winsthis thing, Billy, we're coming
after you because we're gonna We're gonnahave potty mouth all week. Country Stars.
Zach Brown filed a temporary restraining orderfrom his estranged wife finished the lyric
to this famous Zach Brown song anda little bit of Chicken Fried Friday Night.

Yes, and question five. Thispro golfer warmed up for the PGA
Championship in Las veig Or in Louisvillein a jail cell on Friday morning after
being arrested by police. Who ishe? Oh? Three seconds? Three?
It doesn't matter because you went witha time. But Scottie Scheffler,

we got a camp you still He'swon in six in a row wings with
a tie. Could you imagine ifKimmy would have won, we would have
had to go three delays. Okay, pick her back up for a second,
just so I can just quickly tellher what she won. Kimmy,

Yeah, a bar of soap.Congratulations too, Yeah, definitely need it,
all right, hang on the phonefor just one second. By the
way, that's my girl from Toledoright there. I love you, We
love you Toledo. We love ourgirls from Toledo. You sound you could
be Megan's like, uh dappelganger mouthsister. I don't know. Yes,

we're gonna we're gonna set you upwith Megan. This is your favorite place.
We're gonna set you up with agift card to Cheebo Love Chibo.
Oh, you're gonna love it.It's inside of the Cambria Hotel in downtown
Detroit. It has been voted thebest restaurant in the city of Detroit.
Cheebo, congratulations, thank you.It's not I wouldn't say crazy fancy,

but it's fancier than going throwing downf bomb. So don't go in there
and embarrass us. Okay, soap, All right, Hey, we need
contestants. If you want to playtext I want to play to nine five
five zero zero text. I wantto play to nine five five zero zero
standard text in data rates do apply. It's Mojo in the Morning's five is
six fifty five eight is Mojo inthe Morning. Paying bills today, Also

giving away concert tickets this morning.We have a bunch of tickets to give
away Chris Brown this hour, thatshow sold out, and twenty one Savage
next hour, plus Tate McCray ticketsfor the sold out Tate McCray concert before
ten o'clock. We'll do that atnine thirty Mojo in the Morning, Mojo,
Shannon, Meghan, Mike, keVkp Lydia Zach with us this morning.

And we got a lot of stuffto talk about today, Shannon,
and the thing that you have tobe careful of saying when somebody comes up
to you in a bar and askyou what chance are you single? So
if somebody came up to those ofus on the show who are in a
relationship, and you were like,you know, talking to somebody at a

bar, restaurant or just out ingeneral. And then somewhere in the conversation
they said, hey, hey,keV, are you single? What would
be your response? I got growokay, so Wes asked me, and
now you gotta girl. Wes askedme that question. He's like, somebody
comes up to you, you're talking, you know whatever, is making conversation
and then they said, wait,wait a second, are you single?

What would you say, Shan?And I was like, I think I
would say, oh gosh, no, I'm so sorry, I'm flattered,
but I'm married. And he watchedthis video. I think he watched it
on TikTok and he's like, you'rewrong, that's not that's not what you
say. You are supposed to veryfirmly answer with one word no. And
the reason is if your response isnot a simple note, you're opening yourself

up to a threat. And thisvideo and he was trying to find it
last night for me because we weretalking about this and he couldn't find it.
But the video said something like mostpeople start their response by saying I'm
sorry, which I would because Iapologize for everything. I don't know why.
It's the worst habit, like I'msorry i'm married, or i'm sorry

I have a you know, aboyfriend or a husband or whatever. And
you should never have to apologize forbeing in a relationship. Anything other than
no, including i'm sorry opens discussionup for a follow up question and then
more decision and then followed questions supposedto be no. And that's it interesting,
very interesting because because now I'm thinkingabout what I just said, No,
I got a girl. That allowsthe question that you could start asking

questions, how long have you beentogether? Why is she just your girl?
What? Like you want to guy? I know all those things.
I never even realized this. AndI was talking to I think I can't
remember Mike. I think it wasyou and Ali at the hotel hookup and
we were talking about this because that'swhen I had just you know, he
had just started talking to me aboutthis video, and I said to Ali,

I was like, just test it, asks are you single? He
has gotten so crazy about it.He's like, no back up from it.
He's going to I did this toWes and the way he screamed in
my face. I was like,I feel like I have enough of your
DNA from Yeah, but it's notlike you don't think about that, and

especially like I feel like a lotof women do the oh thank you,
but no, I'm sorry, I'mmarried. Why do we do that?
I don't know. I thought itwas really funny that on one of your
Instagram posts, because I knew thetwo of you did this, I commented,
oh damn girl, you single,and our listeners were like, that

is so disrespectful, and I wasjust waiting for Shandon to put it all
caps. No. I always askwhen somebody says are you single? I
say, who's asking? And thenthen I know. But it is interesting
that we apologize for being in arelationship, which is kind of weird that

that's like our first psychological thing todo, like like we're supposed to be
ashamed of that. But I thoughtit was apologizing for making the person feel
like like like they put themselves outthere and you're apologizing because they're taken or
whatever. Yeah, I guess no, I can think you're right. I
think that might be why why wedo it. Yeah. But the other
one too, is it seems reallyaggressive to go no, I don't.

That makes me feel like I needto apologize after my no, right,
you know, right? Yes,absolutely, And as far as the whole
follow up question thing, like,the follow up question thing only gets followed
up if it looks like your bodylanguage shows that you're not happy being in
a relationship. Agree, like ifyou say, like if keV says,

no, I got a girl,but he says, you know, no,
I got a girl, Like no, I got a girl and yeah,
I'm very happy, or no,I got a girl, and but
hey, she ain't here, sheain't here right now, you know what
I mean? I got it,I got a girl. I got a
girl. Eight four four Mojo Liveeight four four six six five six five

four eight The text is nine fivefive zero zero. Just with this in
mind, I'd like to to askyou guys to call us up and tell
us if you've ever been put ina position like this where you've been out
and somebody will come up to youand ask you if you were uh single
or if you're in a relationship anduh and see if that this has ever

been something that has ever gotten youin trouble or in your trouble. I
look, I'll tell you a story. This wasn't sure you want to tell
the story? Yeah, this isthis is older kid, this is this
is years ago. It is prepre Cherrell's pre Chill. And this this
wasn't like. This isn't like afun story. Like an attractive woman came

up and asked me, and that'sit. This is a story where I,
like the person I was with,was so embarrassed. So this lady
wanted me to m see her wedding. And she had a circus theme like
wedding, and she wanted me tobe like her ring master. She it
was crazy. It was somewhere inPontiac. They had like twirly ladies from
a sky, fire breathers, swallowswords. It was wild. It was

crazy. So she wants to takeme out to dinner with my girlfriend quote
unquote on girlfriend and with her futurehusband so they can meet us and we
can talk. The lady says,well, how long have you guys been
together? And I'm like, you'renot together. It literally crushed her.

She did, I don't even knowyou were together. I guess, but
I really wasn't in it for real. Like, but at the point we
had been together quote unquot for liketwo years. It was the worst thing
I've ever done in my life.It was. It was after that we
still by the way that I Iliked. I like Cashirell to know that

he's always been a fool like this. Yes, Hayley, what's going on?
It's Mojo in the morning. Howare you? Hi? So,
my now husband and I were ata bar and he was getting us drinks
and a guy walked up to meand asked if I, you know,
was with that guy? And Iwas like, yeah, you know that's
my husband. He goes, oh, well, was it serious? I

was off put and I was like, ah, yeah, is being married?
I guess you can't pause on thatthough. You can't give an awe
to that. What a bold fall? Is it serious? Are you happy?
Jody? What's up? It's Mojoin the morning. How are you?
Yeah? If you just meet someoneand you've had a conversation and they're

asking you are you single? Imean that's pretty pretentious to believe that it's
because they're interested in you. Whywould they ask that question? Though?
Why does it matter just as amatter of uh, you know, getting
to know you? I mean thatthat'd be like them saying do you have

a good job? Like as youknow, I mean, usually if they're
asking you are you single, they'reinquisitive of what your relationship status is.
It just seems it just seems weirdthat if if someone asked you you single,
you go, oh, no,I'm sorry. If you're single,
you are. If you're not,you're not. You wouldn't have to like

apologize. But if you're in abar and you're just hanging out, why
would that even be one of thequestions that they would care for unless it
was that you were being answer yeahfor a reason, Yeah, yeah,
I guess. By the way,question for you, Jody, Yes,

are you single? Who? Who'sthat? Aaron? What's up? It's
Mojo in the morning? Hi,Erin, Hey, Mojoe, Good morning
everybody. What's going on? Aron? It is a normal human response to

apologize after saying no, because Iget hit on in the bathroom all the
time by gay men, and really, okay, it's kind of Is it
flattering to get hit on in thebathroom by gay men? Oh yeah,
it's not flattering at all. It'svery awkward. What it means they saw

your joke, right, They're likeI'd like to see that closer. Oh
yeah, unless for you, unlessyou're duty and then you wonder how they
saw your joke. Thank you,erin appreciate all right, it is Mojo
in the morning. By the way, you got to go see the Instagram

and Facebook and all the social mediapost of cav this weekend going out to
Kensington Metro Park and visiting the alligator, or at least trying to sight see
with the alligator and the funny thingthat keV brought with him. Did you
you didn't see the gator, didyou? I didn't. I think he
was scared of mine. I didnot know that you owned pink, not

black, not brown, pink gatorshoes. Stink pink gatis. This is
the ones Bakie was talking about inthe song Man. That's right, pink
stink gators my Detroit players. Hey, by the way, I would like
to borrow those. My pimp isgetting out of jail this week and I

would I would like to pick himup in the uh at the Detroit Police
Department jail lock up that those areamazing. So you also saw another crazy
animal sighting too, huh? Itwas it was an animal weekend for me.
So I go to the post officeand I don't know if I'm just

attracting weird things, if this islike my Mercury retrograde area where things are
being attracted to. Oh my god, yeah, weird stuff. So yeah.
So I'm in the post office andfilling out some stuff, shipping some
boxes, and I see a ladywith this very very large backpack on and
it's not like a normal backpack.It kind of looks like a hiker's backpack

where you can put different stuff init. She's got like pockets, she's
got compartments. I'm like, thatis this thing? So I finished my
business and I'm starting to walk outand I notice and she's like turned around,
like putting something inside of some boxes. And I look at her backpack
and there's a cat inside of it. And never, I don't know,

never in my life have I heardthat song. But never in my life
have I seen a cat in abackpack. Yeah, they have the bubble.
I have a bubble. Let mesay it. I took a picture
because nobody in my life will believeme unless I have video evidence. But
it did not have a bubble.It was just in a bag. Oh,
it's like a like a trouble cat. Yeah. I didn't even know

they made these things. Yeah,back, this is a real thing.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I don'tknow many cat people. I wouldn't say
it's normal, but it's really it'sfunny because we see people with purse puppies
and stuff like that, people thatput their purses, you know, their

puppies and ever. I think thosepeople look a little, you know,
I don't know, weird doing that. But the cat seems like even weird.
The backpack. Yeah, cats justdon't seem like cat. Cat just
don't seem like they want to bein those you know, right, But
sometimes you just want to make surethat they understand what the world is like
without losing them. But don't youfeel like, don't you feel like they

hate every moment of it in thosethings. I think there's two kinds of
cats. There's the cats that absolutelylove it and the cats that wish that
they could destroy your soul. Still, nothing is weirder to me than the
strollers, truly, like the peoplepushing the stroller with any animal in it.
I just it wasn't my idea,I know, I honestly wasn't because

I brought it up so many times, but I know, I like,
I saw a lady doing it overthe weekend and Smith stopped her because he
wanted to pet the dog. AndI'm like, doesn't your dog need Like,
isn't the point of walking your dogsthe dog gets exercised. I always
wonder is that dog eight million yearsold? And You're just like, is
this the last day on earth?Do we need some don't? I mean,
my dog is eight million years oldand I still at least take them

around the block. Not for along walk anymore, but around the block.
I have a neighbor that gets madat me anytime that I point out
that her dog is in a strollerbecause she says that her her animal is
not doing well, which I getit, you know, it's yeah,
But with the whole idea of bringingyour cat, where was the cab the
post office? Does the Does thecat really want to go to the post

office? The cat want to stayat home and enjoy the home without the
person there. You know, postoffice was just one of many stops for
the day, and so want toleave the kitty at home? And what
is it too hot to stay inthe car then, or what was,
yeah, I can not believe indefending. Here's something weirder than a purse

puppy and a cat cat pack.Becky, are you there? Hello?
I beg you, Yeah, Iput. I have two smaller parrots and
I have one of those cat bubblebackpacks, and we put them in the
backpack for walks. No, that'sthat's that's cruel and unusual punishment for a
bird like you could be out there, but you're not. I tried to

harness train them and it didn't work, so that's the next best thing to
get them outside. Do you thinkyour your parents really wanted to go on
a walk or do you think theywould rather just be at home in the
living room on their perch. Idon't know. It might be a little
scared sometimes, but yeah, trucker. Aaron just sent in and said that

if anybody gets KP in the companyChristmas pool that we have at the end
of the year, that we gotgot to get her one of these from
Bubba. Yeah. These cat people. Cat people don't like our show until
KP started and we got a catperson that disrespect of you, ignoring the

fact. Why does everything have tobe about you? Megan? I just
made a point that was to moveon to the next call. But go
ahead, tell everybody about your deadcat. Man, go ahead, tell
everybody, go ahead, tell everybody. God rest her soul. I'm her
name. Her name was So shewas twenty. Hello, Sophie. We

had we had we had the deathPsyechick in studio with us and couldn't pick
up on anybody. And she goes, I got a Sophie here, and
Megan jumps up right away. Thatwas my cat. All right, let's
talk to so Jessica. What's goingon, Jessica? What's up? So?

I went camping at Luddington State Parkthis weekend and our camping neighbors had
a hammock and they were keeping acat in it. Oh, wamick,
that's amazing that the cat actually iscalm in a hammock. Yeah. It
had like a little bug nutting overit, so it couldn't escape. It
wasn't closed, but it kept fallinginto like the bottom part of the nettings

and it was all like sprawled outand its owners had to go help it
back up. And in the middleof the night there was a bunch of
owls all over and our camping neighborshad to leave because the cat was so
freaked out. But just strange.I've never seen a cat in any situation
like that before. You know what'samazing about that is that I always thought
cats never wanted to actually be confinedto anything, And here you are talking

that cats seem like they're very calmanimals. I don't happy there. I
guess I like the people that havelike pet snakes and things like that.
And I wonder if any of thesepeople with pet snakes, or maybe the
guy that had the alligator that keVwent to go out and try to see

it Kensington Metro Park, that probablylet it go. Like do they bring
those on walks? You know,that would be some of them. I've
wanted Our boss, Tony lives ona farm, like he and his family
have a farm, and I wantedto see if Tony would ever let us
just go taking his animals, takehis animals for walks like I would love
to. Yeah, you would wantto walk the goats? Yeah, what

was there? There was a storylast week that I saw about a person
that had a goat as like anemotional support animal. Yeah, an emotional
support animal. And there was arestaurant that was fighting them, saying that
they didn't want them to bring inthe goat. I do think we're getting
a little crazy with the emotional supportanimals. Mind you, I love that
there that animals do provide emotional supportfor some people, But sometimes I'm like

a goat. How for a while, for a while they were doing goat
yoga. Yeah, yeah, andit made it seem like you helped.
Yeah, Hey, Jennifer, what'sup? Good morning, Hey, good
morning morning. I just wanted tosay, Mojo Jesus, Mary, that
was so wrong of you to saythat about Megan's cat. So yes,

I just dumped in my car.What did I say that was so wrong
about it? I bring up thatMegan never had the cat since she has
been on our show with us.Okay, she had it prior. But
when I say that we have anofficial cat person on the show that she
it's offended that I don't call hera cat lady. I've never known any
woman that wants to be called thecat lady. I know, but I'm

on the side girl. Jeffer,I appreciate you. He won't ever change
his waist. You just got tooexcept the wild things he says, while
not taking responsibility. Here's what I'mgonna say. I'm gonna say this.
This is the only morning show becauseI know Allison down the Hall is a
cat lady. This is the onlymorning show that has two cat ladies on

it. Are we happy now?Sure? Yeah, we have a cat
dad too. Don't forget about Mikestop it. Oh my god, I
know we can forget about it.Don't miss this in Mojo in the Morning's
Dirty on the thirty minutes, Guys, Taylor's got a haiky we'll talk about

that. Who paid a lot ofmoney to make sure that Diddy video we
all saw over the weekend wasn't seenfor almost a decade. Lots to talk
about coming up in the Dirty thewhole but the second date update, This
is Mojo in the Morning. Allthis week we're giving you tickets to see

Chris Brown at seven point thirty.The sold out show is happening. And
what a couple of weeks three weekI don't know, yeah, actually yeah,
June the fifth, So a coupleof weeks eight four to four Mojo
Live eight four four sixty six'five six five four eight The ninety fifth

caller is going to win mojo Inthe morning's Dirty on the thirty, Shannon
with what's trending in the Dirty onthe thirty and the Diddy story just keeps
going. There's reaction coming in aswe speak right now. What's going on,
Shannon. Do you guys remember thatblogger named Perez Hilton. Yeah,
it was like super popular before TMSwas popular. Well, he is the

one coming forward with claims that Diddypaid the Intercontinental Hotel in Studio City,
California, which doesn't exist anymore,but paid the hotel fifty thousand dollars to
prevent the release of the footage thatwe all saw over the weekend, footage
showing him abusing Cassie in one ofthe hallways of that hotel. He suspects

that the footage was acquired during thatfederal raid on Diddy's home like a month
or two ago. And he hisquestion, and again this is pres Hilton
said, did or His question wasdid the FBI leak this video to the
media to prevent even worse footage ofDitty and other celebrities from being seen?

So is this just tip of theiceberg? But why would it prevent it?
Maybe this instead of that I don'tknow. That's a great question,
but that's the question that he wasasking. Did he, by the way,
making an apology for his behavior inthat video yesterday? So sorry,
but I'm committed to be a bettermanagent every day, not asking for forgiveness.

I'm truly sorry. Aubrey O'Day,who was part of Ditty's all girl
group Danity Kine back in the dayand has always been a very outspoken critic
of him, slammed his apology video, writing did he did not apologize to
Cassie? He apologized to the worldfor seeing what he did? Fifty cent
also chiming in, writing this isnot going to work. Who is advising

him right now? Bad move?By the way, the person who talked
about this well before anybody else butwe all said was crazy was Kanye.
Kanye. Well, there were alot of people who did. He's A's
girlfriend talked about it as well,well listen, but Kanye was one.
It was what five years ago orso, and Diddy was the one that

was throwing him, you know,under the bus and saying that he was
not stable in all of his comments. I think that there's also I think
that people that came out against Diddyand said things. You know, Kanye
kat All had smear campaigns put againstthem through Diddy's powerfulness and through the people

that he hung out with, Likelike, I feel like there was some
of that that was going on there, and it wasn't until you saw video
of it over the weekend that youstarted going, Okay, this is legit
and if I can't National Domestic ViolenceHotline number eight hundred and seventy nine nine
seven two three three or text beganto eight eight seven eight eight, which,

by the way, over the weekendafter that video was released, they
said that they were having trouble keepingup with calls, but please do not
stop calling because they had so manycalls come in. I think the Hotel
Intercontinental should be brought under scrutiny forthis, the fact that you, as
a celebrity could pay them off tonot let a security footage of a criminal

act. This is a criminal act, and they let that. They let
a high powered person be able topay them off for that security. That
doesn't happen if you or I areyou know in that video as the victim
or the victimizer. That only happenswhen powerful people are involved. And I
think that that hotel chain is shamefulwhat they did in other dirty this morning,

Taylor Swift's got a hickey. Itwas real obvious to Swifties. During
her show in Sweden over the weekend, several fans noticed the big red mark
on her neck and posted it tosocial media. She was seated at her
piano and performing her Evermore Era songswhen people were taking photos. And it
makes sense because Taylor and Travis Kelseyspent a few very romantic days together in

link Colmo, Italy prior to thoseSweden shows, so I'm sure there was
some stuff happening something else. Fromher final show in Stockholm, she actually
paused toward the end of this showto check on some of her fans.
Listen to this, do you havethe clip? Hold on? Oh,
I didn't put it in there.Let me hold on, give me give
me one second. It's coming up. This is happening a lot of these

and it was a heat that we'regetting. Yeah, people were flashing their
flashlights and so she stopped someone inthe part rocking baby talk, tell me
yes or no to this question.When you guys are putting a bunch of
flashlights up in a group. Doesthat mean the people need help? So
yes, it would be okay.So we're at the end of the night,
so if I see that again,I'm gonna try to point it out.

I just didn't know if you wereso actually, what was happening.
People were passing out and several ofthe audience members had to be taken to
the medical area of the arena,and then they were hanging out cups of
water throughout the arena as well toaudience members. Kentucky prosecutors expected to drop
the charges against pro golfer Scotti Schefflerfollowing his arrest on Friday prior to the

second round of the PGA Championship.Remember, he drove around a fatal accident
scene, wasn't listening to the directionsof a police officer. Plus he like
hit and dragged one of those officerswhen making a move around that accident.
That got him slapped with charges ofsecond degree felony, assaults of a police
officer, reckless driving, disregarding signalsfrom an officer, and criminal mischief.

You know, it's amazing you havethe body clip. Oh God, I
didn't see that. I'm sorry.I'm like, I only read half of
your your text, like I,uh, some time stretching in a jail
cell. That was the first forme. You know, I was a
part of my warm up. Iwas just sitting there waiting, and then
you know, I started going throughmy warm up. I felt like there
was a chance I maybe be ableto still come out here and play,
and so I started going through myroutine. I tried to get my heart

rate down as much as I couldtoday. But like I said, you
know, I still feel like myhead spinning a little bit. But yeah,
I was fortunate to be able tomake it back out. Okay,
so charges are probably going to bedropped because the officer that made contact with
his vehicle didn't have his body cam. Oh convenient, didn't have it activated,
wasn't wearing it. You know whatwas amazing. You know. Scotti

Scheffler, by the way, isknown as the nicest man in sports.
Like people all talk about how he'she's a world number one in his game,
and people don't even know who heis because he's too nice. You
know, he has got no noswagger to him. Scotty Scheffler got arrested,
handcuffed, put in the back ofa cop car. Did you know
that? They did not know thathe was a professional golfer until they were

halfway to the lock up when thecop that was driving him said, what
were you doing? Were you goingto watch the event or work there?
And then he goes, I'm ScottyScheffler. I'm actually a golfer. They
like, the guy could have donea don't you know who I am?
Like everybody does nowadays, and hedidn't do it. That's to me,

that's the most amazing thing about thisentire story. But look, if there
were there's any sport where if I'man officer and I don't give a damn
who you are because you told meI'm a pro golfer, it's probably golf.
But you're working a pro golf event, keV. So this is the
only event going on in Louisville,Kentucky. You know it's that weekend.

So it's not because I'm a fan, It's because I'm gonna take it overtime.
But how did he do that?Did he shoot well? Or I
he came out to see five Hewas five hundred part the first day.
His second day, he kind ofspit the bed a little bit and then
yesterday he shot way under par twoand I think ended either eleven or thirteen
under power. He had a greatround. Can I tell you something,

as far as golf is concerned,this guy is the nicest guy in golf.
During the Masters, they asked himif he was going to because his
wife was pregnant. If he's leadingthe Masters and his wife calls and says,
I'm going into labor, what areyou going to do? And he
already told the Masters, I'm leaving. He had no intention of staying till
the very very end. He wantedto be there for his wife's delivery of

the baby beautiful. Lastly, ZachBrown has released a statement regarding this restraining
order he filed against his estranged wife, Kelly. They've only been married for
four months, by the way,but he wrote, I took the steps
necessary to enforce an agreement between us, to maintain personal and business affairs and
confidence, and to protect my familyfrom online harassment and speculation. So what

I did do happened from the courtdocuments I read there was an Instagram post
on Kelly's feed. I don't knowwhat it was. I don't know what
it said, but it had acaption that talked about their relationship, and
it violated a confidentiality agreement that shesigned with Zach, so that restraining order
that he filed for forced her toremove it. So that's what that was

all about. For all of Today'sDirty, check out the podcast on the
iHeartRadio app or Mojo in the Morningdot com. What a bad song for
me to pick Christmas song? YouMake Love Me Easy? Not at all?
Yeah, had Mojo in the Morningon social media. Late christ It's

Moju in the Morning's Dirty on thethirty. All right, we're giving away
some Chris Brown tickets and Aaron foughther way through the phone lines this morning
all the way from Taylor to win. Congratulations to thank you. Thank you
guys. Hey, we're gonna setyou up with a pair of tickets.
You're gonna go see Chris Brown onJune the fifth. Thank you so much.

My birthday June night, Happy Gemini, I'm I'm June eleventh. Let's
have a dual party. Okay,sounds good. Congratulations to you. Enjoy
Chris Brown, Thank you so much. Lots of hit songs there, so
congrats, thank you, thank you. All right, Uh we are commercial

free now. For over an hour. That deserves a little bit of either
air horn or maybe or how aboutcav horn. Let's not do air horn,
Let's do cav horn. All right, you don't hit the same as
the other one. We're gonna haveto get the I don't know. Maybe
I think my birthday might be thenext birthday. And I already told Lydia

if she plans on celebrating it all, I'm gonna be pissed. Let's I
want no, no, no,I said that I want I want it
to be one of those days wherenobody even recognizes my birthday. That's how
I want to celebrate my birthday witha non celebration. You know that's not
going to happen, right, Itis going to happen. She promised me
that. I told I told herthat if it, If it happens,

I have a special appearance by Sophie, Right, Meghan, there's no line
here. We are going for yourbirthday. Yeah, we're not. We're
not. Then I'm taking the dayoff. I'll call in sick that morning
with a COVID cough. I'll havea COVID cough that day, all right,

Phone number eight four four Mojo Livethe phones are open, so we
do have open phones for you to, you know, call and comment if
you would like to. Megan sawa celebrity this weekend in downtown Detroit and
is asking a question of what doyou do when you see a celebrity?
What happened the famous people were indowntown Detroit over the weekend. It was

kind of crazy. But at onepoint I was crossing Woodward with my brother
and we saw a group of peoplecrossing the opposite direction. And as I
was about to touch shoulders with thisguy, I realize and I didn't know
that he was here all the timeapparently, but Tony Hawk was like right
next to me, and I waslike, oh my god, my brother

was My poor brother was mid sentenceand I caught him off and I was
like, and he immediately was like, we have to turn around and we
have to go talk to him,and he and I started fighting because I
said, no, we have toleave him alone. Like when you run
into people, they don't want tobe stopped, especially when they're with their

family. Every couple of steps,especially in a populated area like downtown Detroit
was this weekend, like I justleave him alone. Let him enjoy his
time with his loved ones. Leavehim alone. It's not that big of
a deal. He's please, canwe please go back? Tonk. I
love that man, And I waslike, no, we have to just
give him his time, give himhis space. And my brother and I

got into like a legit argument overwhether or not you bother celebrities when you
run into them. Interesting, SoI wouldn't know what that is. I
I get excited when I see certaincelebrities and I almost wanted to just walk
up to them and go, hey, big fan, and that's it.
I think it depends on the situationof where you are, you know what

I mean. If you're sitting ina restaurant and they're sitting and eating with
their family, there's no chance,I hope that you're going over and asking
for a selfie. But if he'slike out on the street, just crossing
the street, you can probably couldhave said hi. Although it depends in
the night, the time of day, if it's middle of the night.
Ignored the man at a bad moment. Once I was at the Fountain Blue

down in Miami and I see anice car pull up outside of the lobby.
Floyd Mayweather pop out. This islike twenty twelve. He's still fighting
Floyd this point. Not exhibition match, It's like championship Floyd. He on
the phone. He got two guysbehind him, like Floyd, Floyd,
you don't hear me. He keepwalking in the lobby. I'm like,

bro, I'm about to go seeFloyd. I'm walking him down. At
this point we get it. I'mlike Floyd. He's like, can't you
see him on the phone. Iwas like, well, damn. Then
I just back there. Honestly,I guess it was what do you do

Rose? If Shannon, I'm sorry, Meghan saw Tony Hawk, Oh,
I would go up and talk tohim. For one. He's used to
it. He's been in the businessa long time. Everybody knows who he
is. I would not miss mychance not to go talk to him.
Yeah, it'd be the moment ofmoments to be able to walk up to
the guy the best, best skateboarderin the world. Right. The only

thing would have been better is ifMeghan and her brother had Healey's on right
over they still say, do theystill make yes? That would be the
greatest I've had a couple of thesemoments. Megan I've had a couple of
moments that were good. I've hada couple of moments that were bad.
And I'm going to tell you thateach time I walked up to the celebrity

and said something to them, pleasegive me a bad moment. Okay,
bad moment was walked up to RosiO'Donnell in Las Vegas and walked up to
her to say hello to Rosi o'donnaldand she barked back at me. Like
when I say barked back at me, she literally like growled and was like,
I'm on vacation. One of thosetype of things that had that moment

happened. Had another bad moment areal housewife, Lisa vander Pump. I
walked up to her to explain toher that Norm Shrut or Shannon and I's
old agent, who by the way, was like eighty eight years old or
something like that, had a hugecrush on her. And I walked up
to her and I said, Isaid, Lisa, I said, I

just wanted to say that this guyover here has a huge crush on you,
and she goes, who doesn't,And then she kind of gave me
a look, and then I andthen I said to her, I go,
I met you before at your restaurantwith Jeff Lewis and Jeff who's also
had a show on Bravo has agreat radio show on Sirius as friends with
Chelsea. And then she kind ofwas nice to me and took a picture

with Nora, because you know,somebody in our circle. Yeah, and
then I've met I've met like orrun into huge celebrities. Aretha Franklin.
Actually people have always said was nota nice person. Aretha was great when
I saw her, and I youknow, I said, the Queen of
Soul, and I said I wasMojo. And she looked at me like
I was crazy because she knew ofMojo, me and the electrifying Mojo,

and she was like, you're notblack. Like I'm like, I stole
his name. But hold on,we got some people here. Mike.
What's up, Mike, how youdoing? Good morning, everybody, long
long time. Last week I wascelebrating my sixtieth birthday and we were sat

in Mazooni in the Wind Resort,which is a lovely Japanese restaurant, and
installed mister Jagger who had recently completedhis gig, and he came and he
sat down at the table next tous. Mick Jag, Yeah, Mick
Dagger. Everybody at our table waslike, go something, go say something.
I'm like, no, leave myalone. He's just finished a gig,

you know, he's having he's havingsomething to eat after work. To
go and hassle it. Well,of course cousin Katie couldn't resist, so
she went off and she had agood old chat with him. Apparently he
was very nice, but he didn'tjoin in when everybody sang Happy Birthday.
So I was a little bit thatI think the British guy definitely has to

go see Mick Jagger. You know. Yeah, that was that was that
was, that was part of it. But I did I did think,
you know, I should just leave, leave to do the load. He
just just finished work the same.I just said. The nicest person I
ever met with Robert Redford, andI ended up chatting to him for two

hours on a yacht in the Bayand Cannon in the south of France,
and he was on a yacht withwith also Martha Stewart. She wouldn't let
anybody near her. That was liketrying to approach the death Star Mike who
are you that you're hanging out ona hand? Who are you? I'm
I'm self famous. I'm famous,but nobody knows about it. This is

Piers Morgan. Morgan, mister,that's deep end. I'm sorry, he
keeps He keeps interrupting mic every timeMike tries to pose that one question.
What was the question? I wasjust going to say the same way British
Mike gets excited about these super famouspeople. I got excited over McK lovin.

There you go. He he metMick Jagger. You met Mick Lovin?
My head, Mike, we appreciateyou. Can we call you Mick?
He dropped, Oh, he dropped. Goodbye, my British friend Sam.
How you doing? Are you guysgood? Who'd you run into?
Well? I didn't run into anyone, but if I ever do, I'm

gonna take my sweet time talking tothem. You know, they make all
this money off their fans. I'mgoing to be their fan that day,
and I'm gonna take my sweet people. And these are people that are with
their family. I don't want tobe famous people, so I to making
sure that they know they're always famous. You know what, I agree with

you, and I think that ninetynine percent of celebrity agrees with you that
they're nice to their fans. Ifthey're not being recognized there, that's that's
when they know it's all over withuh. At the Royal Low Comedy Club
though, And he is fantastic,sick, He's so funniest and he's still
nice. Carlin Williams, Carl Williams, all of the williams Is are the

best people in the entire world.Who are Who's who are they? Harlyn
Williams, Williams, Williams. Ithink, said Williams. Is that the
dude from Half Baked Coln Williams.Okay, all right, I wouldn't recognize
him if I saw him. Ijust say, that's a good looking man,
all right. Haley met a RedWing superstar or former Red Wing superstar?

Who'd you? Who'd you meet?H Haley? Yeah, So,
I'm a huge Red Wings fan,and I actually had season tickets his last
season with the Redving. But Imet Tyler Bertucci at the Zoo with his
family and I recognized him right away. Told my fian he told me I
was crazy. So he literally walkedup to him and asked him if he
was Tyler Bertuzzi, And this waslike right after he got traded to Boston,

and we talked to him for likefor an a half hour or so.
And I had actually gotten a selfiewith him at one of the games
right before he got injured his lastseason with us, and he remembered my
selfie because I made a sign thatsaid I bought season tickets to get a
selfie with you. So it waspretty cool. That's my whole life.
And by the by the way,he actually uh uh was the reason why

I remember Dylan cried. Dylan Larkincried when he got traded. It was
one of the coolest moments in sportsto see a teammate get very tearful over
another teammate and traded. Amy.Who did you run into the first time?
Long time? Yeah, the phone. Well, my friend actually he

was in he was in Vegas andhe was on an elevator and the doors
opening, George Foreman gets on theelevator with one of his security guards,
and so the whole elevator ride,my friend is going, oh my god,
I got to say something. Igot it. What am I going
to say? It's George Foreman,you know, he's freaking out. So
elevator doors open, George starts toget off, and my friend says,

I like your grill, and Georgetowns and looks at him and goes,
thanks, And that's awesome. Whodid Jenny run into? Jenny? You
were a flight attendant that ran intoan A list celebrity on a flight.

Yeah, so I used to bea fight attendant, and I had to
tell you the most famous one alocal. Diane Lewis was my favorite.
Leis, Yeah nice, her daughteris the greatest too. Yes. But

I also had when he Houston onmy plane right before she died, and
she was Whitney Houston. Yeah shewas. She took her sungresses down.
She was just like, where's theparty? I was like, wow,
was she sitting next to Kevin Costner? No, she had her little girlfriend
was there. But she was very, very pleasant, nothing like I thought

she was. I can't tell youthe worst, worst, worst one I've
ever had was not only judged,she's wicked. Really yeah, oh god,
yes, oh god, yess isthat not amazing that Whitney Houston and
Winona and all these they fly commercial. I kind of like that. Yeah,

And then I had I was tellingI had Montel Williams, and I
think cans down. He was mymost nicest, wholesome, down to earth
person. I like the talk show. Wow. Yeah, I mean I
had like tons, but like Ididn't recognize a lot of people. I
just kind of recognized the oh schoolpeople the most people, Like that's this
first nap person. I'm like,okay, but it was fun. But

yeah, and I only was theworst, too, nasty, misfit Stephen.
I like getting you on Stephen.We haven't talked to you about what's
going on. So you know,Mardel, you've been on the radio for
like over twenty years, right,so yes, like I met you like
ten years ago and then I justmade it to you again another ten years

later. And still even when Icome to you and talk to you,
I still don't know how to likehave a conversation with you because I'm like
nervous because you're still a celebrity inmy eyes. Oh you're sweet that knows
people every day and change people livesand all this kind of stuff. So
oh, you know, but canI be honest with you? My wife

will tell me when I will meetlisteners, because there's not a listener in
this world that I don't love meeting. When that goes away, it's usually
because our ratings have gone away,probably too, or we're not on the
air and stuff. But can Itell you I love it when people come
up and say hi, And Chelseawill say, I wonder if they dread
coming up to say hi to youbecause you won't stop talking to them,

like talking to even come up tosay something to you, because you don't
know how you're going to react,like you out with your wife, and
how is that going to be?If Megan came up to me and started
talking to me, I would instantly, uh say please get away. We
work together all you How would youhave been nice to me? Yes?

Absolutely absolutely? You come over.You come over to me, and you
can get me sick any day ofthe week. Steven, I love you,
Yeah, I mean I love you, biddy. What are you gonna
go ahead? What are we gonnasay? You met? What? How
was he nervous? Father? AndI was just scared to walk up to

him too, because I thought he'sgonna tell a lot to box out on
the spot machine. Interesting. Allright, Well, thank you, buddy,
I appreciate your call. Take careof yourself. Do we want to
talk to somebody that ran into GeorgeClooney in an elevator, Kate Upton up
at mckinaw Will Ferrell and they lookedtotally different. They didn't think it was
Will Ferrell. These are all goodones. You got all these people,

Polly d eminem eminem, which onedo you want you want to hear from?
Next? I could go on,I want to the girl who worked
out with Will Ferrell. Go gosh, Nicole, you there, Nicole Hi,
you worked you worked out with withWill Ferrell? Okay, so I
didn't work out with him, butI was living in Los Angeles at the

time and I was on a treadmilland my trainer at Equinoca had to tell
me. He's like, did youknow who you were working out next to
you? And I was like,I have no who, and he's like,
it was Will Ferrell and he doesnot look like he does. You
had the gray, bushy hair andoversized gray T shirt. He was wearing
a mask like for COVID. Butthat was why I would I probably would

never talked to a celebrity just becausethey to do their own things. But
yeah, it was that's cool.He's not it's in the I only I
met him one time on a pressjunked for the movie Anchorman, and he's
not very funny when he doesn't havesomething funny to say, like he's one
of he was kind of like almostawkward when you were talking to him.
This is Will Ferrell and you're wastingtime with Mojo. Yeah, how about

this one? Brian touched Kate Upton. I want to know what you touched
of Kate Upton. Brian, Hey, how's it going guys? In morning?
Good morning? What's going on?I was just saying. My wife
and I at the time, wejust got married. We went into one
of the fund shops there and therewas you know, five workers, but
only two other people. And Ilooked at them and ended up being Justin

Berlander and Kate Upton so beautiful,and you you touched Kate? What did
you touch of Kate? I justtook hands with them and said Hi.
I didn't want to make a youknow, real awkward for them because they're,
you know, having a moment.But after they lost, none of
the workers were like, who arethose people? And I was like,
those justin Bernland are the tigers?And Kate Upton Wow, they had no

clue up up in Macanaw. Theydon't get anything other than fudge. That
right, And Larry the cable concussionfor you when they're having a moment.
What kind of moment are you havingin a fudge shop in mackinac Oh?
I mean there were the sign betweenchocolate or peanut butter decision. I gotta

grab one last one because this isa big one. Annie, who did
you meet? Hi? So wemy girlfriend and I went to Vegas for
our twenty fifth birthdays and we wereclubbing all night and we saw Mike Tyson.
We were leaving one club and sawmy taste and going into another one,
so we hopped in mind for thatone and ended up being seated like

gout of booths, like right behindhim. And I don't even know if
I can say this on the radio, but girlfriend walked up to him and
asked him if he wanted to godo some sort of drug with him party
favors in the bathroom, and uhwait a second, your girlfriend did drugs

with Mike Tyson? Uh? Yeah, he actually responded with I've been doing
so much of that, I'm tappedout for the night. So he didn't
actually do it with her, butshe did proposition him and we asked for
a picture, but he didn't wantto take a picture. But I do
have a picture of sitting like rightbehind him in the back of his head.

That's amazing. Hey, real quick, Mike Tyson's in our studio right,
I don't know if you know that, and actually in studio doing drugs
with us at this particular mall.Wow, time ago. Hold on,
say hi to Mike. Mike's gota message for you. Kids. Don't
do drugs. Mike, what kindof anymore? What kind of what's not

that funny anymore? What kind ofpets do we have these days? Mike?
Pigeons? Pigeons? Are you excitedabout? Uh? Boxing? Jake
Paul? Are you gonna knock hishead off? I hate takes. I
think I think it was funny.Pull harder on your tongue, Pull harder

on your tongue, And it's funnierwhen you pull harder at the time.
Detroit Moto, he's amazing live Mojo. Hold on, he prank you got.

Let me take that back to theMginner. This is it alrighty ready,
you're listening to Mojo in the morning. You're a do ahead. Let's
go Frank. A guy Frank justcalled us up and said that he worked
out his wife worked out with JoeBiden literally over the weekend. Like I

want to know what kind of workoutthey did exactly. That's that would be
yes at Equinox given president working outat the uh Equinox or the Planet Fitness.
And I think he was staying indowntown Detroit, so maybe he was
hanging out there. All right,it's Mojoe in the Morning Show. Got

a lot to get to coming upthis hour. The second date update?
Why is she getting ghosted? Absolutelybeautiful said, the date went great.
We're going to tell her what thestory is when her date finally talks to
her after not answering her calls ortext. That's at eight twenty just before
that, Why do you hate yourparent? Oh my god, I was

involved in a thing this weekend wheremy son, Joe and I golfed with
a bunch of like moms and dadsthat were golfing with their kids. I
have never seen more people fighting eachother and arguing with each other over something
as fun as, you know,being out with their child. That's on
the way and Mike's Big beach Fight. I want to get to that first

before we do anything. We're goingto be paying bills in about an hour
from now, so don't go anywhereand get ready. We'll give you a
word to enter and win one thousanddollars starting at nine ten. Hold on,
Frank is back with us. Itwas actually Frank's sister in law and
his wife. Frank, your sisterin law worked out next to Joe Biden
this weekend, but the president,not Joe Biden, but his wife,

the first Lady, Joe. Shedid, I realized why there was so
much security when she was leaving,and then they told her, Hey,
you were riding right next to you, the first Lady. The whole entire
time, she had no idea wherewas this royal oak they were here over
the weekend that yes, and whatwere they doing? Like a at a

gym? Yeah, I think itwas like like a Pilates clash or something.
You know, Well, is that, oh my gosh, doctor Jill
Biden and your sister. Yeah.She she said that she didn't realize it
was her, but she did noticeshe had a really cute uh nail nail
polished color on that's the only thingshe knew. Isn't that crazy? That's

wild. It's like you're wondering,like, why is there non turage of
people around this person? That's thefirst lady exactly right, thank you.
She even said that some of hersecurity were in the class because she didn't
realize, like some of the faceswere unfamiliar, but probably for a protection,
right, but they were all strugglingto get the workout done. I
guess it's pretty funny. Yeah,amazing. All right, it's Mojo in

the morning show. Thank you forthe call. I appreciate it. Uh,
what is that noise? Isn't thatcrazy? I was I'm like listening,
I'm broadcasting from the Florida Studios inTampa, and either that noise is
that noise coming from my side oryour side? Yea, I think that
the cleaning people are like vacuuming orsomething. Always always the what computer is

that apiece that she works on?You know how that overheating alway? Is
that what it is? It juststarts making crazy noises. I thought the
vacuum was going. I'm like,that is the loudest noise, Like,
why are they vacuuming while we're onthe air. Oh there it is again.
That's the computer. Oh it mightbe, it might be. Is
it gone now? No? Istill hear it a little bit. Yeah,

okay, I'm yeah, I don'thear anything. I'm hearing noises.
I'm hearing noises. What are theysaying to you? They're saying we're commercial
free. Mojo in the Morning.Number one for podcasts, number one for
radio. The show, by theway, just had another great week of
podcast listenership. So if you haven'tlistened to the show in a while Live,

don't worry about it. We don'tcare. We want you to listen
to it on the podcast. Howeveryou listen to it, consume it.
But listening to Live is actually agood way for you to be able to
be part of the show and communicatewith us. All right, Mike and
the Dad fight. What happened?Mike? I went to Misskeiganto Piermarkette Beach
this weekend and a big shout outto I had a few listeners walk up

to me. Summer her name wasSummer walked up and just gave me a
big congratulations. A few of themthis weekend, which is really really nice.
But while I was on the beachwe're playing or whatever. There's a
lot of people there, and Idon't know if you keep track of your
buckets, like I keep track ofour buckets, but I keep track of
our beach buckets very closely. Itwas wondering the buckets. I'm like,

what bucket like bucket list, likelike the sand castle buckets. Oh yeah,
yeah, what do you What iseverything that you bring out when you
go to a beach. I gotone of those beach carts, so those
little ones that you can take onthe sand, and then it's got we
have a yellow basket full of likebuckets full of shovels and footballs and all

kinds of stuff to keep the kidsoccupied, right yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah. And so we're playing orwhatever. Milo's playing. He finds a
friend to play with by the wallare in they're building a sand castle,
and I, you know, yougot to do that thing where you wave
to the other person's parents so youknow that you know that we're right there
too, and we wave and thenthey go about do the thing. We
do our thing, and then theygo to leave and her kid takes the

bucket and I'm like, okay,well, well we'll just walk over and
you see my little kind of lookat the kid and it's like, mmmm,
that's my bucket. And so Igo, okay, I'll walk over
and say something. But the momhas taken the other kids up, and
it's the dad now who's standing thereat this point. And I'm like,
hey, that's that's our bucket,and he go he kind of looks at

me, looks at the bucket,looks at his kid who's now still standing
there holding the bucket, and it'slike, no, I'm pretty sure that's
ours. Nah nah na, AndI know how this works, Like most
dads don't pay attention to their tothe sand toys or whatever. It's usually
the mom that gets it all together. And the dad's just kind of go
and I'm like, no, no, I promise you that's ours. Just

kind of take a look at thebottom or whatever. And he's like,
Cause, what I didn't tell youis that with all my toe, with
all our sand toys, I liketoy story. I put my name at
the bottom of it. Absolutely absolutely, I do, because you know,
because you know this is gonna happen. And he we went back and forth
for like like he thought I waslying, like Why would I try to
take your kid's toy. Why wouldI go out of my way to be

like, that is mine? Giveit to me if I didn't know that
that was mine, you know whatI'm saying. So he goes back and
forth with me, what did yousay, bucket thiefs? Now what I
thought you said? Either way,I agree with you, but that's not
what what I thought you said.Uh yeah, And so I'm like,
all right, dude, come on, and my wife's like, my wife's

like Mike, Mike, and I'mlike, I look around, she's just
she gives me that look like dropit, like it's not that big of
a deal. And I'm like,no, no, that's that's our bucket.
Like, just give it back tome and we'll be done. And
then I remember, because at thispoint I'm getting heated. I'm like,
just give me the bucket back.Milo doesn't care, like Milo could give
a crap less, but I amfurious at the point because you've taken that

from me. You've blatantly taken thatfrom me. And I go, hey,
we he checked the bottom of thatbucket, and he goes, I
don't need to do anything. Checkthe bottom of the bucket man, So
he grabs the b oh man,it was almost that, so he flips
it over and then boom, Mikeaguila right on the bottom of that bucket

his face. He threw it tothe ground. He didn't even hand it
to me. Over a bucket?Are you serious? He got upset over
a bucket, like like I reallyat the end of the day, it's
a fifty cent bucket, but it'sprincipal, you know, it's principal of
it. All that was mine.You knew it was mine, and whether
you wanted to admit it or not, your kid accidentally took it. Did

you scream at him, you motherbucket? No, Because I'm always I'm
always, especially when I'm running intotwo listeners, you know and saying hi
or whatever. I'm always worried thatthat in that situation, that's what people
are going to see. They're notgoing to see the thing that led up
to that. They're going to seethat moment and it's going to be all
over the internet. They're not goingto see the man stealing your bucket,
which, by the way, Ijust wish that this was on video.

I was like, I want tosee Mike and what kind of By the
way, what kind of bathing suitwere you wearing at the time. Were
you wearing your that's not going tomake the story better. Your chubbies or
whatever they wear, the pink oneswith the last summer. That's my bucket.

By the way, it was thisguy taller than you to know he
was. Come on, you couldbe average height. Yes, you're looking
right up at him. Give memy budget back, Yeah, come on,
sir. This is one of thosetimes too, with having your name
on It was the smartest thing everbecause you had something to prove, uh,
and you could actually have it.If you didn't have your name on

there, would you have fought sohard for that bucket? You can't at
that point. You can't because it'sit's there's no way to prove that you
can. Yeah, Why why isit? Why is it that when you're
out in a public place like this, like at a public pool or in
this case, out at the beachand you're there right on the on the
water, why is it that adollar ninety nine bucket that you can get

at the you know, the dollarstore is such a it's like your car.
You fought harder for that than youwould have some guy got in your
car and started robbing your car,because it's honestly, it's the principal all
and you're taking from my kid.Like if it was me, maybe I
let it go, but either way, it's the principal, Like, you
know what you did. You knowthat you took it. You're looking at
me square in the eyes and tellingme that you didn't do that, and

then you stole it and walked awaylike or you were going to. I
didn't let you. Kelly, what'shappening is Mojo in the morning. Aren't
you proud of Mike? Nobody messeswith this man's buckets. Hey, don't
mess what the kid's toy. RightWhen I was bowling with my husband a
couple of years ago, we hadour own bowling balls, and you know
how you're sharlene with other people inthe same ball return. We were with

a bunch of college kids, afew of them, and one of the
girls took my bowling ball and sheused it once was fine, but then
she held it afterwards and I waslike, dude, that's my bowling bomb.
She was like, no, I'musing this when everybody's drinking. But
yeah, we had a pretty muchfight over a ball. Isn't that ridiculous?
I hate you hate that right?And the ball return, It's like,
that's that's mine, your own personalone that you bring with you.

Yeah. And it wasn't orange oryellow or green. It was it was
like a detailed bowling ball. Yeah. Not cool. See, thank you?
What's up, Melissa? How youdoing? How are you hi?
How are you guys? Good?What's going on? First off, I
just want to say that when Mikemade the announcement that he was leaving,
I was crying in my car andmy husband said, I was being ridiculous.

Oh tell him, I'm really happyfor him. But I was like,
no, he can't leave, babNo. But I was going to
say, I was like, whydoes the guy just look at the bottom
to see your name was there?This would have been squashed within like twenty
seconds. Uh. Well, hiskid was holding in at the time,
and honestly, he the look onhis kid's face was like holding on to
it for dear life, like hethat's his bucket. He's not giving it

up. And it might have alsobeen too. You know this with kids,
if you pull it away from thekid, the kids starts crying.
The guy's got to deal with thekid crying. You know, that was
the biggest thing I bet. Bythe way, I have two boys,
so it would happen. Brother,So Melissa. For those that don't know,
Mike is going to be going overto BE ninety three and Grand Rapids

is going to be co host inthe morning show with Ali over there,
who's on B ninety three and isa legend over there. Don't you think
this is a good moment for him. He's transitioned now to a country like
personality because he's stuck up for hisbucket. That's what I actually love country
music. I mean, I listento you guys in the morning, but

just give me another reason to listento other radio stations. Love that's good.
See that? And then I Andif Mike went over there without an
incident like this, like where hefought for his bucket, he'd just be
Mike from Mojo in the Morning,Like like on EIR, Mike from Mojo
in the Morning would have been like, yes, sir, take my bucket.
By the way, take my kidsyou can. I'm going to actually

give out free buckets today. Please. I don't want to bother you,
but that's my bucket, please,sir. Now it's like, hey,
y'all take my bucket. Did yousay y'all? No? No, I'm
not gonna talk to be me sameMike's gonna have a cowboy hat within six

weeks of being on being ninety three, I have cowboy hats already. Really
I can't. All Right, here'sthe deal. This is Mike's last week
and we're doing a big farewell.I'm back in studio tomorrow. I guess
some plans. I want you wearinga cowboy hat every day this week.
No more, No more Mike wearinghis baseball hats. It's not like it's
not like just a bunch of cowboysover there, like I know, but

it's just fun. I'll do itfor you. I'll wear one too.
If anybody's got one, I canborrow. What's up Amber High. So
I'm on the other end. Ithis situation. I was pretty much at
sorority party and we were all drinking. I went and grabbed the cup and
they got so mad at me.They thought that I was trying to steal,

like the cup had the sorority signon it. I didn't know I
was drinking. They got so madat me. It was a whole thing.
But I didn't need to be athief really, so it was it
was just a case of mistaken thething. Huh. Yeah. They thought
that I was like trying to stealthe cup and it's and it's crazy because
I wanted to play for that sorority, but that after that, they just

they didn't like to because they thoughtyou were a thief. That's yeah,
Like come on, guys, wewere drinking, you know. Do you
try to defend yourself at that pointor do you just go? I was,
I was a fresh man. Iwas super scared. No, absolutely
not not to send myself. Ileft Heather, what's up? It's mocho
on the morning. This is actuallya big crime that's going on right now.

What did somebody try to do?They tried to see my dog and
say it was that. Now.I went on vacation. I didn't even
go far, and I want agone that long. I went up north
for five days and I had myfriend watch my dog, a little chuaa
named HERMANI and I get back andshe's and I went to her house and
she's like, this is my dog, and I'm like, no, that's

not that's my dog. You're watchingmy dog. She got him fixed while
I was gone so that she wouldhave paperwork that it was her dog.
Oh my god, she wanted thatdog so bad. Yeah. I was
like, no, that I havepaperwork that I bought him and all his
vaccinations about that's my dog. Sothat her mom, because she lived with
her mom, started saying she wasgoing to call a police on me because

that was her dog and I wastrying to steal her dog. Hey,
here's a like a consumer crimes alert. And I saw this recently on one
of the big TV stations where theydid a story about people and their dogs
getting stolen right out of their frontyard yards or backyards of their homes.
In the same situation happens, theytake them to a vet right away to
get looked at, and the thatthen has record of you bringing that in.

So you've got to be very verycareful when it comes to that.
A lot of times they're saying thatyou should have a chip in your your
dog for that particular reason. That'swhy I have all my dogs chip now,
because people are crazy. Mike's goingto be chipping his buckets. It
was a big redwood I liked that. I just I really just wish there

was video of this thing. Iwant to see you just with this guy
that Mike, anytime Mike's in aconfrontation, because he's not a confrontational guy.
He's like the sweetest guy in theworld. But you got to stand
up for your kids. Like,like, maybe you might get this voice
for me if I'm talking just aboutme, But like if it's my kids
and you're stealing from my kids,then that's different. Yeah, you want

to hear it, like, accuseus of stealing the bucket. The subscription
fees are out of freaking control.Second date Update, change Me is getting
ghosted. Jamie, how did youguys meet? Hope you got to pick

up the line there, Jamie,Hey, good morning, Good morning.
How did you guys meet? Wemet online? Okay, on like the
typical app bumble, And so youguys met. You guys went out and
you thought things were good. Imean they were so good that you guys.
Did you guys have sex or wereyou guys? Yeah, So we

went out a couple of times beforeI was willing to have sex with him,
and then all of a sudden,he's gone, He's not around and
not returning to any calls or anything. Yeah, no, he's gone,
which I feel like is almost typicaland to be expected. But still I
thought we had fun, typical becausewhy guys do this? Yeah? Usually?

Unfortunately, have you had guys dothis in the past to you?
I have, Yeah, And that'spart of the reason. Like I was
husband, but we went out acouple of times. I figured everything was
great. Yeh, a really goodconnection, And now I'm sort of laught,
like, what the hell? Allright, what's the story? We're
gonna find out, Jamie. Iwant you to hang on for a second.
We're gonna conference call Marshall. Areyou okay Marshall with your voice on

the radio? Uh yeah, Marshall, say hello to Jamie, who is
on with us. Hey. Hi. It's always awkward when one is not
calling the other back. Marshall.What's the story? Why are you not

calling Jamie back? Yeah? Imean, uh, you know, she's
cool. It has a good time, but you know, it's just,
uh, I just didn't want tomove forward. And what was the reason?
Like what spark that after seeing hera couple of times? Uh,

I mean, things just got kindof a little a little weird for me,
I guess also, uh, Imean she's just you know, a
little much of like a it's kindof kind of freak like some people might

like it, but I wasn't intowhat she was doing. She's kind of
a freak. When you say that, what you explain in do you mind
if we ask him, Jamie,do you have any idea what he's talking
about? I don't need to laugh, but like this is hilarious. Yeah,
you can ask him, go aheadto say why? Why is Jamie

a freak? Yes? So she? I mean, okay, so she
hit me with a paddle when wewere having sex, and I wasn't really
into that actually, you know kindof yeah, kind of didn't really turn

it most like that. That hasliterally never been an issue for me.
So that's the reason that you justgo like, that's the reason I got
ghosted. That's the reason you're ghostingme for me? Yeah, that that
was Yeah, so I'm just notinto that for me. With most grids

like that, then I guess I'mnot like them. I don't know,
did you give her a four warningor ask? I mean, she didn't
ask if she could hit me?Yeah? Yeah, yeah, Okay,
it's never been an issue, soI sort of just assumed she would find

it sexy. Now, where doyou keep your paddle? By the way
that you had your paddle ready,like it's my nightstand, So I just
like opened a drawer and took Now, stay ready, that's amazing. Okay
you yeah, you too? That'sthat? Would that would startle me?
Would you like to be paddled?Would be a nice thing? Okay,

So she's kind of freaky, soshe'd so that's her freakiness. Yeah,
I mean that just that didn't doit for me. I don't know.
So that's why I just stopped answeringcalls. Okay, I mean that seems
honestly a legitimate reason why. Idon't know if you'd want another day with
a girl if you're not used tobeing paddled, I don't know, Tom,

uh your thoughts on this? Tom? It's eight four four Mojo Live
eight four four six six five sixfive four eight h Jamie was getting ghosted
by Marshall. He says she's kindof a freak and he said that she
paddled him without his permission? What'sgoing on? Tom? Oh? Is

it me? Yeah? That you'reTom? Right? Hey? Tom?
This is Oh damn, I apologize. That's why I wouldn't aswer Doane like
you're gonna be a dombin matrix consumption. No, I just I've never had
a problem with it, so whynot pull it out? Like, I

don't know, try how many guyshave you done this too? Well?
I don't want to go out andgive my head count, but like,
you know, a few, acouple enough to know that it's well received.
Have you ever had a guy notcall you back after you paddled him?
Like marciall no, if you didn'tlike it, he would say I

don't like this, and I wouldsay, all right, no problems,
Yeah, all right, but they'veall at least spoken up to you about
the paddling. Yes, okay,Alison, what's up? How you doing
this? Is insane? How doyou just paddle somebody out of nowhere?

You know? Yeah, I'm tryingto imagine during sex, at what point
you'd be like, oh, yeah, I'm gonna paddle him right now.
We were we were getting like hotand heavy, and I was like,
you know what, I'm into it, Let's just do it, Let's go
for it. I'm glad you're intoit, and I'm not here to yuck.
You're young, but you got tomake sure all participating parties are.

But yes, when there are toys, would you consider a pedal of toy?
Everybody's got to be on board.Have any of them, like any
of us, ever been paddled before, because I've never been paddled before,
nor have I paddled. No,I just use my hands. I dated
somebody who was super into that andI was not into that. Yeah that

it was how many times before yousaid stuff? One? Okay, what's
going on, Chris? How youdoing? Chris? Hi? Hi?
Chris? Hello? Hello? Howare you fantastic? Chris? We're talking

to Jamie who likes to paddle,and Marshall, who would like to not
be paddled. Yeah. I justwant to say that that's called kin and
I would love to take Jamie out. By the way, I think we
have to be really careful with that. Just because she doesn't like it doesn't

mean that she's shaming. She issimply saying him. Sorry. I keep
getting confused. It's not his thing. Yes, you know, there's no
shame in I don't like for me. Yeah, thank you for the call.
Hold on a second, Phil wouldlike to comment here he's also a
pro paddler. What's up? Well, honestly, she just he just needs

to embrace it and he should havejust run it back to it, to
be honest and a little like afterit happened, say hey, give me
that. I'm getting you back now. Shield. You like to be paddled,
yeah, sometimes, you know,as a big brawley guy, you
know, sometimes you want to getpaddled. You know, I'm bringing the
pickleball paddles in next to the bed. So next time Chelsea and I are

That's right. The mojo in themorning one it says pickle deck. That's
what it says. Hey, what'sthank you? Jay? Jay? You
there? Jay Man Marshall, I'mcurious, like you didn't see that paddle

man, Like, did you sneakup on you or what? Yeah?
I mean like I kind of sawher going over the night stand, but
I was, you know, Iwas pretty interested. Like you said,
I'm heavy and then all of asudden I get hit with this paddle and
I'm like, you know, Idon't know what was happening. Wait,
so what position were you in?Did you just like face all the way.

It was a backhand she was usinga back hand on the paddle.
The Oh my god, oh god, you guys have a good morning.
You take care of yourself. Oh. Then, by the way, Andrew
actually brings up an interesting thing here, Andrew, there's a time and a
place for paddling. This was notthe time or place. Is that what
you're saying. Oh no, yeah, I mean it's time and place.
But as being a relationship first,yes, So wait until you're dating for

a little bit longer than two dates, well understand that the person's king.
Don't bring the paddle and start theguy. I think that's fair. I
think that uh you know, wait, waiting maybe the third or fourth date,
or when you guys start calling eachother boyfriend, girlfriend, then the
paddling can come out. Yeah.Yeah, And Kayla actually, to end

this point, Kayla, what doyou want to say about out Jamie paddling
Marshall without his permission? I wasjust gonna say that, I don't really
think it matters how many people ifshe's done with that liked it. She
should have gotten consent from him firstbefore she tried that, And I would
make them sign a consent for himon that one too, just to make

sign the paddle. By the way, that would be priceless if every guy
that has ever been paddled by Jamieyou have him sign the paddle. I
think that until you're the guy who'slike trying to find us spot on the
paddle but there's no room. You'relike, I don't know about this.
I can tell you this. Jamie'svery popular because there are more tax asking

for Jamie's number and what dating appsyou're on, so we gotta take you.
That's good. That's a whole dirtyon the thirty, go back Froda,
a second date update and more ofthe roses. This is Mojo in
the Morning, Mojo in the Morning'sDirty on the thirty, Shannon's got the
Dirty on the Right Now. Yesterdaydid he apologizing for the behavior on a

twenty sixteen hotel surveillance tape that wasreleased two days prior. It shows him
just physically attacking and kicking Cassie,who was his girlfriend at the time.
My behavior on that video is inexcusable. I take full responsibility for my actions

in that video. I'm disgusted.I was disgusted then when I did it.
I'm disgusted now and when and Isought our professional help now to go
into therapy. You're going to rehab, had asked God for his mercy and

grace. He does not mention Cassieby name anywhere in that statement. I'm
so sorry, but I'm committed tobe a better managent every day. No,
I'm not asking for forgive, youknow, I'm truly sorry. This
is interesting because he goes on andsays that, like Shannon just said,
he said he was getting help andcounseling and all that stuff. I call

bs on that. I don't buythat for a second that he was.
If he was becoming a better manevery day, he never would have lied
and said that I didn't do anything. And these women just want my money.
And there are a lot of womenwho this is with. I spoke
to somebody who is very very veryvery close to this situation. This is

tip of the iceberg. And everythingthat I spoke to them about was off
the record. This is tip ofthe iceberg. And I think that you
know, we've heard that there aregoing to be more videos, more damaging
videos that will most likely emerge.And again going back to the video that
we all saw this weekend, LACounty prosecutor said they couldn't bring a criminal

case against Ditty because the statute oflimitations has expired, which just makes me
shake my head. But yeah,so I am told that Diddy's team is
briefing for the release of more videos. They are now aware of some of
the people who were supposed to disposeof said videos but may have kept copies
of them. They say there's onecomedian that's trending this morning that says that

if this was Jennifer Lopez and saidof Cassie, he would be in jail
because of j Lo's high profile missyou know, when they were together in
a relationships always they were together fora long time too. And then there's
people that are saying that if youlook at Ditty's friends, they're all some
of the bigger names in the politicalworld, that Diddy has been protected for

a long long time from being ableto to do this. I mean,
I talked to you guys in atext message over the weekend. I read
a story that Diddy was like thisclose to getting a professional NFL team,
that they were they were about toliterally sell. I think it might have
been the Raiders or something commanders forthe commanders, the Washington commander. Yeah,

and he was this close, andhe had people in his corner that
were backing him, former presidents andstuff that were backing him. And it
was this here that the background thatthe NFL did on him that said,
all right, we can't touch thisguy. Eight nine nine seven two three
three texts began to eight eight seveneight eight. That's the National Domestic Violence

Outline. Speaking of Jennifer Lopez,Ben Affleck and j Lo spotted leaving an
event for one of Ben's kids inLa together yesterday, despite arriving separately and
allegedly living in separate homeless for weeksnow. Remember we talked about this last
week. Ben's been living in somehouse in like Bentwood and spending the night
there as well. But both hadtheir wedding rings on. He was not

wearing his wedding ring on Friday andSaturday, we noticed in paparazzi photos,
but he did have his wedding ringon yesterday. Yeah. During American Idols
Season twenty two finale, singers JackBlocker, Abby Carter, and Will mostly

competed for the top spot. Butof course there's only one winner. The
winner of American Idol four is AbbyCarr? I love when he does that?

The finale also Markeaty Perry's last episodeas an Idol judge, alongside Lionel
Richie and Luke Brian. Still noword on who's going to be replacing her.
Ryan Seacrest has the pro mastered theart of the pause for dramatic purposes?
Is that not fantastic? That guy'sbeen doing it for twenty How many
seasons? Well, this was twentytwo seasons on What Nowork? Is it
on? Right now? It's onABC? It was not Fox? Been

on Abc? Was Ryan? It'slonger than twenty two seasons? Actually,
see Crushed Out I know for allof today's dirty cuts on the podcast on
the iHeartRadio app It's free or Mojiin the Morning dot com. Hey,
it's right Seacrest from American Idol.Yes, the highlighted host, and you
are listening to Mojo in the Morningcelebrity directly from the source Mojo in the

Morning. It's dirty on the thirtyyou're called me the monitor or all right,
let's get a winner? Hair?Uh? Christy? Is it?
Christiana? Am I right in sayingthat? Yes? How are you?
Christiana? We're gonna set you upwith tickets. You're gonna go see twenty

one savage. We got a pairof tickets and flowers. Yes on the
phone, para tickets. The showis May the twenty eighth. We will
set you up with those if youjust do us a favorite, hang on
the phone and we'll get some informationfrom you. All right, awesome,
Thank you so much. We loveyou for listening. Thanks so much.
Where are you from? All right, love you? Thanks, Hold on

one second, okay, all right, all right, we were gonna come
back here in just a little bit. It was supposed to be fun for
all. It was a parent childouting where people got to go out and
hang with their parents. I thinkJoe, my son, and I,
who competed in this, were theonly two that didn't fight with each other
at the end of it. It'samazing stories to tell you about that.

Coming up here in just a littlebit, and more to come on the
Mojo in the Morning Show. Don'tgo anywhere. I got to go to
the bathroom. We'll be right back. Don't go anywhere in the morning.
More Mojo next, next, Mojoin the Morning Show. Thank you for
being here with us. Broadcasting liveon Channel ninety five to five in Detroit

one oh four point five Grand Rapidsand ninety two point five I Kiss FM
and Toledo and all three cities kicking, but so thank you to all our
listeners. We just got ratings andinto all three cities. Were very very
happy with that, from from eastto west, from north to south,

from the middle to the tittle.Yeah. Yeah, By the way,
it's nice to be good at something, and radio is it. Because this
weekend I wasn't very good at golf. So I golfed with my son,
Joe, my eldest son Joe,in a parent child golf tournament. And

it was something that we both gotreached out to and asked, Hey,
would you guys do this? AndI always turned down anything like this because,
as you guys know, I liketo sit on my couch all weekend
long. I don't like to goand do things. But I thought,
you know what, this is sucha great opportunity to make a memory with
my child. And so Joe andI golfed in this thing. And there

were a ton of people that golfedin it too. They had forty six
or forty five teams. Can youguys, guess where Joe and I finished
out of forty five. I believeteams nine forty four. I'm gonna go
twenty. By the way you wouldlike, I would just like to say,
Shannon, thank you for being sokind to me. And I wasn't

going to give you last place.But the way that you're saying it,
you were very very close. Dareyou think that Joe and I are that
non competitively strong to be able tobeat other out of shape dads? And
mind you, I was probably medianage in this thing because there were some
dads that were there that were likeseventy years old with their forty year old

kids. Oh and I didn't sayyou were the bad one. Joe's obviously
the bad one. Listen. Heactually has only been golfing for six months
and I was shocked at how goodhe is. But with that said,
we finished four first, that's right, Ricky Bobby, So so we're not

very good at this. But thereis one thing to be said about this
golf thing that we did. Wetalked to each other, we loved each
other, we hugged each other becausethere were parents and there were daughters with
you know, their dads, andtheir moms too, So there was a
lot of you know, in momswith their sons that were not talking to
each other at the end of thisthing. It was the most uncomfortable thing

to see. And I'm not sayingevery one of them, but the foursomes
that I had, because we hadtwo days of this. The first day
it was Barry and Matt were thefours that we had. They were two
you know, really awesome people.They were having just as much fun as
we were having. And then thesecond day we golfed with Alan and his

son Doug, and they were awesometoo. But we would get done with
the golf and you would, youknow, get off, you know,
into the golf the whatever the hellthey call the thing, the clubhouse,
and you would walk in there andyou would hear the dads and you know
kids of muttering to each other,stupid son of a bitch. You know.

You know, this is why Momnever should have stayed with you,
you know, stuff like that.Like it was crazy how competitive these these
parents and kids got with each other. And it made me wonder. And
it's funny because I just was onJoe's show here in Tampa that he does
the Joe Show, and he broughtup a really good topic and we could

do a dueling topic with him onthis one. Who is listening to the
show that cannot do anything competitive withtheir parents. I would love for you
to call us up and talk tous, because Joe just brought up the
fact that Joe's best buddy in theworld and his producer of his show and
everybody knows and love on our show. Jed cannot do anything with his dad

without his dad in him arguing witheach other. Really, they have one
of these relationships. And his dad, you know, he's got a brother
that's a professional baseball player, andhis dad played baseball, you know,
d one baseball at Eastern Michigan andstuff, and Jed is just Jed.
And so we've gone golfing before whereJed's dad and I are in the same

golf cart and Joe and Jed areand the other one, and the whole
time, Jed's Dad's like, goddamnJed, you know, and I'm like,
going, this is like the coolestthing ever. We're hanging together,
Like I get my kid has mefor four hours with no cell phone.
I thought it was the greatest thingever. But I don't know. I'm

say some people just get so competitivethey don't even care that it's quality time
or making a memory. Like yousaid, they just want to be number
one. That's all they care about. Kevin, when you played Josiah in
a game on you know, PSfour, do you ever let him just

win? No? Not one time? Never, Thanks Joe Jackson. It
turns out to be Michael. Thenthey worked nearly. There have been moments,
I mean maybe I remember one momentwhere Joe started to cry because we
were playing UFC and I was beatingthis spit out of his character. But
it builds character because I want thegoal of it. Listen, have fun,

But how amazing does it feel whenyou actually beat the person that's been
kicking your asses the entire time playedgames with you before. Uh, you
didn't make it fun. When peopleare losing. You are so mean about
it that it's not fun. SoI don't know the character versus just mocking

your child them. He's beat mebefore and he's good now. Because I
think that I take it to aHall of Fame level, I'm not going
to keep it on rookie playing withrookies, Like if you're gonna beat me,
it's because you earned it. That'scrazy. I used to play one.
I'd play one on one with mykids and they would be much smaller
than I was. And it wasn'tuntil they got into like high school and

started playing varsity sports where they legitimatelycould beat me, that they started beating
me like I was, or thatthey started legitimately beating me. I let
them win all the time. What'swrong with that? Because Kevin, I
don't care spending time with your kid. Yeah, we're still spending time with

each other. Yeah, but Ithink I can remember times where I did
things with my dad, and Ilove my dad very much, but there
are certain things I won't do withhim, like working on cars, because
it's not fun. I'm still spendingtime with him, but it's such an
unenjoyable experience that it's not fun.I would rather spend time with you and
enjoy it than spend time with youand learn a lesson about losing. Then

don't play games with me. Likefor Josiah, if he wants to draw,
which is something that he loves todo. If he wants to animate
characters, let's have fun like that. I'll meet you where you are you're
willing to not play games with himanymore. No, it's not that deep
for him. Well, he'll stillplay. But if you if you just
want to spend time together, thenlet's spend time together. If you want
to play a competitive game, thenbe ready to compete. They also get

to an age though, where theyknow that you're letting them win, and
then they don't want to play anymorebecause they know that you're being easy on
them and letting them win. ButShannon, at that point, that's when
you make it more legit. Butyou can't. You can't start off like
this guy, I'm gonna tell youwith Kevin. Kevin is Megan's right,
not even fun to compete with,and so somebody has to win. Why

should I do my best to makesure I'm that person? And people understand
how serious he is about throwback thrownout on Friday. It's not a joke.
Did your dad or mom do thisto you? Kevin? I feel
like my dad. He used toplay. We used to play horse like
in the background. It used tobe called four corners, even though it
was like five. Oh yeah,I don't ever remember. Tom. He

used to let me win to haveyou beat him one time I'm in the
driveway, So are kind of takingthat approach like Cassasu's ten now, so
let her beat me at like gameslike gay, I don't care about sorry
or connect for or any of thatstuff. But this year we've started this
thing on our birthday which is comingup, where we're gonna race each other

every birthday, and I'm gonna reallyrace her. And so then when she
genuinely beats me in a race downthe road, like because she will because
she's getting pretty fast, then atthat point she can have that feeling that
you're talking about, uh keV whereit's like I beat my dad like legitimately,
but like games, I don't care. I just can't believe, like
here are guys that are not competingagainst their kids. They are actually competing

with their kids, and they areyelling at their kids for letting them down
or the kids are yelling at Icouldn't believe like dads are being disrespector or
getting disrespected by their kids. Lisa, what's up. It's Mojo in the
morning. How you doing. Goodmorning, Mojo. So I've been listening
to you since you first got here, and I have to tell you.

There's always always two sides of thestory. So you have to get Joe
on the phone. We have tohear exactly what happens. Okay, called
Lydia, call Joe, called theJoe Show, and they're right down the
hall. I could walk down there, but the only technically, I don't
know how I would do it,but we will. We'll get him on
Joe and I. It was sofunny. We sat down with one dad
or one dad and son and thedad's dad's was a doctor, and so

I just kept calling him doc.I don't even know what his kid's name
is. His kid looked like hewas like, I cannot wait to go
home and not have to be withthis man. Like they just looked at
each other like they didn't want tobe around each other. Valerie, we're
going to voice the Sky's Valerie,Valerie, what's going on? We're talking
about? I can't get competitive withmy parents? Are my kids? Kenny

guys ever played Mario party and likethe Week team that literally ended in bloodshed
for us. I'm so serious.They yet so pissed. My daughter with
the controller at my son and greatsquare in the head because she said he

cheated, like on the shaking nameor something. Yeah, that sounds like
a happy family. That's what Iwant. I want my I want my
kids and I all go into theemergency room together because we were playing Mario
Party. Casey, what's happening?It's Mojo in the morning. Hey,

good morning, Hi am I rape? Yeah? Long go ahead and say
it, oh no, long time. Don't you say that I'm your father?
Your dad will be proud. What'sgoing on? So my son when
he was little, I would literallybeat him and everything. We're talking peanut

butter and jelly game. If youremember the peanut Burt and jelly game where
you have to spin and make peanutbutter. Sa I loved that game,
Monopoly Eddie video game. And hewould get so pissed because everybody would let
him win. But he was littleand I never let him win anything.
But I mean, as he's oldernow, he's so competitive in sports and

he hates you. And if Italk to him right now with him not
knowing you're on the phone and say, my dad was the biggest dick I've
ever met in my life. ProbablyI love you, buddy. Take care
of yourself, all right, allright, we'll see you. Gosh,
it's you know, it's it's wildalso to at times, I thought,

because Joe looked at me at onepoint because he had a couple of shots
that weren't that great. The firstday that we were golfing, he goes,
Dad, I feel like I've letyou down. I looked at him
and I said, Joe, ifyou don't get good ratings on your show
in Tampa, then you let medown. Like there is one thing in
my life I am competitive with,and it's this right here, right like

I will destroy even my kids ifI was going up against them, because
I do not want to lose inradio, but in golf not so much,
you know what I mean, LikeI don't I don't necessarily need it.
I really, you know, itdoesn't pay the bills, right if
I was a professional golfer. Youknow Tiger Woods. You know what's Tiger's
kid's name, the Little Tiger,Tiger, Little little Tiger Walter. By

the way, you think Tiger Woodsis naming a kid Walter? Sam Close?
All right, Tigers, Harley,Charlie, Actually Charlie didn't Charlie beat
his dad or they or they golftogether like something similar to that, and
they actually had a couple get there'sa viral video out there of him talking
about the first time his son outdrovehim. That's the only thing I scene.

I think Tiger Tiger would let Charliewin. Uh. I think Tiger,
because his dad was so abusive tohim, probably is a little lighter
on because remember Tiger's dad used toif you watch the thing that was on
ESPN, Tiger's dad would sit inhis RV banging checks while Tiger was hitting
like an eight thousand shots. Doyou remember that? Did you ever see

that his dad was to his dad? His dad was like having affairs and
stuff. But then he would alsocome out of the r V and yell
at him that wasn't right. Doit again? All right, honey,
come on back in. You knowdo you remember did you ever see that
special? Seriously, if you wantto watch something good, watch the Tiger
Wood story. It was just unbelievableto think that this kid doesn't have or

this guy doesn't have, you know, crazy mental issues because of that.
So all right, Detroit Whiskey,which member of the Mojo in the Morning
show clogged the public restroom? Ithought you were gonna make people guess.

No, I just wanted to seeif they would speak up day it was
me. This was yesterday too,so it's fresh. We went out to
breakfast West and I went out tobreakfast yesterday and we walked to this place.
And this is a place that Igo to a lot, like they're

known for their coffee, but theyalso have food as well, And no,
it wasn't Starbucks. But so wewalked there and we sat down at
our table and my stomach started hurting, and I thought, I better go
to the bathroom here because there's noway if this becomes an emergency situation,
there's no way that I'm going tobe able to make it home walking.
So like, okay, So Igot up, excuse myself. I went

to the restroom, did my thing. I did like a courtesy flush just
to make flushed, then wiped againand went to flush again, and nothing
happened. The toilet was clogged.Now I absolutely panic because this is just

a single restroom. Like you openthe door, it's just one toilet.
That's what everybody uses. So there'slike a little cabinet in the restroom.
I look in there and see,Please God, please let them have a
plunger in here. Nothing, Theydon't have a toilet, they have no
toilet brush, no, nothing thatwould help me in this situation. So
I thought to myself, I eitherneed to tell somebody who's working here that

the toilet is clogged and they needto fix it, or I need to
run and make sure nobody knows thatit was me. Did I choose A
or did I choose b pee?A million percent a million person. I
got back to the table and Iand then I was like, do I
tell Wes, you know? Andso he goes, it's everything okay,

and I go, yeah, whatand he's like you look, you know,
like like you're upset. And Isaid, whoa, there's a small
issue. I go, actually itwas a really really big issue. And
he's like, what, I like, clogged the toilet And I lent out
of the bathroom and he's like,do I need to get up and go
in there and see if I canfix it? And I said, please
don't, Please don't. They willfigure it out, you know what.

It's the word, especially when it'snot a bathroom that has more than one
toilet, And yeah, you know, you know what, Channon, They
never think it's you anyway, Theythey see you walking out of there,
and they think you leave little duties, uh, little nuggets like a bunny.
And then somebody, somebody went inthere later that's like my size,

and they're like that big fat sonof a bitch. Do they have security
cameras at the place, because Iwant to call them and ask them to
see if we can get it.I don't know, but you would see
me walk out of the bathroom verycalm, cool and collect it, because
I wanted to pretend that it wasnot me. Right, What the hell
did you eat the night before allthat? I mean, who knows?

That could have been from ever?You might have had a colonoscope right on
their toilet ever, I don't know. But have you ever clogged a public
toilet? It's the worst feeling,is it? Yeah? And is there
anybody listening that has ever clogged apublic toilet and was so embarrassed they tried
to unclog it themselves. Eight fourfour Mojo Live eight four four six six

five six five four eight And likeShannon just said, what do you do?
Do you run and hide? Itwasn't me, By the way.
I hate when you're at any kindof a festival or things, and you're
in a uh a porta potty andyou're you're you just got And I never

pooped into porta potty ever in mylife. I want you to know that.
But I've gone into porta potty thatlooked like it was destroyed by the
guy before me. I hate walkingout because they I know that, people
see how destroyed it is and theygo, ah, that guy, you
know hate. I don't think I'veever duty ever anywhere, but like nice

bathrooms. Oh no, I didknow. No, the shell station by
my house I went. I wenton a walk with Chelsea and it was
the in the gas station had thehubcap on the key, and the poor
guys that own that place. Idootied it and I walked in there.
I go, guys, I amso sorry, but I can't get your
thing to work the flusher. Ican't tell your body no sometimes like your

body will tell you it's time,bro. And if you don't sit out
on the toilet, then you haveto clean up your jaws because I'm coming
out no matter what. Yeah.But also at the same time, shin
and if I was you like,this is not a situation to feel guilty
over, because if you don't supplythe proper tools for somebody to take care
of it, that's not my fault, that's your fault. There was one

thing in this cabinet that I contemplatedfor about two seconds, and it was
the role of of bags for thetrash. And I was like, I
could use this, This might helpme out a little bit. But I
didn't. I know, but Ithought. I mean like, I was
that embarrassed that I didn't want towalk out of there with it remaining clogged.
But I did. Uh, Haley, what's happening? How are you

good? How are you good?Haley? Have you ever just destroyed a
toilet? I was in Chicago withmy friend's family and we were staying at
a hotel and I the bathroom wasin her parents' bedroom for the hotel,
so I was I was in there, I clogged the toilet, and I

panicked because I didn't want her familyto know that I had clogged the toilet.
I didn't want, you know,the hotel to know that I had
clogged the toilet. So then I'mfrantically trying to unclog it. There's no
plunger, so I'm like, Idon't know what to do. So finally
I had to fax up and theycalled the hotel maintenance guy and this young
kid, just a little bit olderthan me, had to come in and

unclogged the and I was so embarrassedand I afered to do it myself,
and he was like, nope,I'll do it, don't worry about it.
Was he cute, Yeah, andthat was a problem. That cute
guy. Your spit done snacks tohim, right. So now my fiance

makes fun of me because I won'tpoop in a bathroom without a plunger because
of that situation. Steph, yourvoice disguised. What's going on? Staff?
How are you good? Steph?What's going on? So similar to
your last collar Osawa hotel story,staying with my husband in the hotel and

did go number two clogged the toiletslightly paniced because they were staying there a
couple of days, there was noway to avoid it. It had to
be taken care of. So Iwent to the front desk and I asked
for a plunger, which was embarrassingenough, and they radioed over the to
the maintenance guy and said, youhave a code too. So he came

running with a plunger with a codetoo and runs the toilet, refused to
let me do it as well,and very soon enough that that has never
left my relationship. Every time youknow he is done, it's a code
too. So the poop is gettinga little thicken here today. Yeah,

uh, Maria voices guys too,Maria, what's up? Yes, my
husband and I were driving west toeast across the top of Michigan from Traverse
City, and there's a point therewhere there is absolutely nowhere to go to
the bathroom. So I have togo really bad. And we finally hit
a gas station and I jump outof the car, go in the back.

I go and completely clog it up. There's nothing to do, there's
no chudge or anything, so flushing, I don't know what to do.
So finally I get out and there'ssomebody behave me by the way. I
run out to the car, Ijump in and I scream up my eyes.
I'm like, god, if youjust rob the bank. And every

time I drive by that gas stationnow I look at it and I'm like,
we can't stop there ever. Holdon a second, I know your
voice this, guys, I thinkI recognize your voice. Okay, I'm
just kidding. I just want Ijust want to have her freak out for

it is a moment going. Idon't want anybody to know it was me.
You did me out. I loveyou, Thanks Alias Marie. Christian.
This is this is when you knowyou have clogged the toilet. What
happened? Christian? Hey you guys, So I was that my fister's house
in Florida, and they their systemfor you know, the toilet is weird

and all that. So I cloggedit so bad that, uh, when
they had to unclog it, itall came out through the baptub sold the
weird I jumped back. Yep,there is no other way to handle that.

Yeah, it was mad at mefor sure. Oh that's awesome.
That's a great one. By theway, Uh, Mojo in the Morning,
misfit Victor just texting. Wasn't itlast week that Shannon said that the
waitress was rude to her? Nowwe know why. It's Mojo in the

Morning, dirty the way in justa little bit where you're home of the
War, the Roses, the secondDate update, and a whole bunch of
other shenanigans that we like to talkabout here on the radio. I don't
know how you accidentally get drunk,but somebody accidentally got drunk and it was

Megan. How do you accidentally getdrunk? So I ended up at the
Hudson Cafe this weekend, and Ilove them, so shout out to them.
God is so good. It's soeasy to entertain people there too,
because this fancy and it is delicious. But I ran in there and I
don't know if you guys had noticed, but it was about eight and a
half million degrees this past weekend,and as I was running in, I

sat down and our really wonderful serverhad come up pretty quickly and was like,
hey, there's our drink many youdo you want anything? And I
saw something with orange jues. Itsounded really good. It's breakfast. I'm
like, I'll take the second oneyou know on the list, I'll take
the second one down. And shebrought the drink out and I had forgotten
that the menus and I was lookingat was cocktails. And it was so

delicious and so good, and Iwas so hot and so thirsty. I
accidentally, not very accidentally chugged theentire thing like it hit me right after
I had finished it about three minuteslater, and I was like, oh,
I think I'm accidentally a little drunkright now during breakfast. And at

that point I thought you might aswell commit. You're still thirsty, let's
grab another one. And I justkind of went overboard after that point.
But the first one I completely chuggedin about five minutes later, was like,
oh, you're you're drunk. You'relike, actually drunk right now at
this bar, and you don't drinkvery much normally, and you've lost weight,

so your tolerance is probably even alot less. So low. It
was so low, it was sohot. I was so thirsty. I
just started drinking it and was like, oh, what have you done?
Wit? Everybody sober, everybody's withtheir kids, everybody's having a great time.
And I just looked at my brotherand I was like, don't let
me get off the stool right now, because if I tried to walk away,

I don't think I'll be able towalk in the street line to the
door. What was it that youwere drinking again? What was it?
I looked at it after I hadchucked the first one, because I was
like, well, I'll have another, and it was some sort of like
sunshine margarita. It was tequila andorange juice and it was delicious. Tequila's
unras there. Yes, Wow,look at Megan. God, I want

to see drunk Megan so bad.That's a fun day though then, because
then you're day drinking it started,you just go with it. Yeah,
I committed at that point, andI was like, well, looks like
it's going to be a Sunday thunder. Megan's in her fun aunt era Like
that's what it feels like it isright now. Yeah. Do you guys
want to know what Megan drunk soundslike? Yes? I got it for

you have had margaritas as I have? Question? Is this a good topic
or a bad topic? I amwhat are we saying? Oh? Comfortably
poor? Is it ok to saythat I am comfortable spending a small limits
amounts of random money, but notlarge amounts because I still need a savings

account. Comfortably? Are you payingbills and for nothing else? I like
drunk Megan. I'm telling you weshould all have We should have a let's
do a new feature on this radioprogram to join the War of the Roses,
A second date update, throwback,throw it Down, I'll be drunk
Megan. Yes, yeah, drunk, actually drunk. Uh. You know,

we do Megan's minute. Maybe oneof the Megan's minute should be her
drunk doing a Megan's minute, likeafter going to the Hudson Cafe. Yes,
I like it all right, putit in books. We're going to
be doing it right now. It'sfunny that you talk about how you quenched
your thirst by doing this, becauseI find myself thinking that I can get

my thirst quenched by drinks that havealcohol in them, like a vacca,
lemonade or any kind of like,and it never quenches your thirst. You
just keep drinking more and you becomemore dehydrated by drinking it. Yeah,
yeah, I mean that's how drinkit works. Yes, I don't understand

people who say that they drink likecold milk or whatever, you know,
like they do you drink the hotmilk? No? Did they use that
as their way to quench their thirst? Like darity doesn't quench Dairy does not
quench my thirst at all. Ifyou drink dairy, because you're so hot,
you just feel like you're going toshrivel up and die if you don't

get a liquid quickly. I assumethat you've killed people or beer is another
one too. Has anybody ever hadtheir thirst quenched by a beer? I
think a lot of people would sayyes to that one. I don't get
that one really about like the firstcouple of drinks, especially of a beer.
Yeah, it's ice ice summer.Yeah. I just feel like,

if you're drinking like your fourth one, you're an alcoholic and we just don't
know, you know, And that'sjust your excuse that you're just thirsty and
you're trying to quench your ear thirtlike you're not putting your beer in your
Stanley. Yeah, you know whatI mean. It's like carry to whatever,
right. Eight four four Mojo liveyfour four six six five six five

four eight is our telephone number whenwe come back here next Shannon with the
Dirty and a chance for you towin sold out Tate McCrae tickets. If
it's hot, Thank god, wehave a pick of the tempt from your
dash to prove it. This isMojo in the Morning. Mojo in the
Morning's Dirty on the thirty. It'sa good weekend. A lot of graduations

happened over the weekend and there wasalso some cool things happening Friday morning on
our show when uh Ashton from AllenPark High School won our grad party giveaway
and special thanks again to the peopleover at Papa Romanos for that. She's
gonna have her grad party in July, complete with all the tents, the

chairs, the tables, everything fortheir family. We're gonna fill up their
Allan Park House with tons of foodfrom Papa Romanos Catering, and then the
Mojo on the Morning Show is goingto broadcast live there on Channel nine five
five in Detroit. Plus give hera thousand dollars check so that she can
go off to Grand Valley and havea little bit of cushion for her freshman

year at Grand Valley. So we'revery very happy for Ashton. She's a
sweetheart and you can see all thatup on our Instagram. Right now,
we're gonna get a look at what'strending with the Dirty on the Thirty with
Shannon, gossip blogger for Rez Hiltonis making claims that Diddy paid the Intercontinental
Hotel in Studio City, California,fifty grand to prevent the release of that

video showing him abusing and kicking andjust beating Cassie at went around the internet
over the weekend. Now the hotelisn't around anymore, but this, Perez
Hilton says happened, and he suspectsthat the footage was acquired during that recent
federal raid on Ditty's home. Andhis question is, did the FBI lead

this video to the media to preventeven worse footage of Ditty and other celebrities
from being seen, because I amtold by a lot of people that it
does exist. Again, did hemaking an apology for his behavior in a
video yesterday? I'm so sorry,but I'm committed to be a better manage

and every day I'm not asking forforgiveness. I'm truly sorry. Aubry O
Dat, who was part of Ditty'sall girl group Dannity Kane back in the
day and a very outspoken critic ofhim, slammed that apology video, writing,
Diddy did not apologize to Cassie,apologized to the world for seeing what
he did. Fifty Cent also chimingin, writing, this is not going

to work. Who is advising himright now? Bad move? Taylor Swift
got a big old red hickey onher neck and it was obvious to Swifties
during her show in Sweden over theweekend, Several fans who were watching one
of her Stockholm shows noticed that markon her neck while she was seated at
her piano singing songs from the everMore era. And it makes total sense

to me in terms of timing andhow she got the hickey, because she's
been spending a couple of days orshe did spend a couple of days I
should say, with Travis Kelcey inLake Como, Italy, prior to traveling
to Sweden for those shows. Sosomething else. From her final show in
Stockholm, she paused that one point, she totally stopped the show to check

on some fans when she saw agroup of them all shining. They're flashlights
around each other. Just someone inthe front road can maybe talk tell me
yes or no to this question.When you guys are putting a bunch of
flashlights up in a group, doesthat mean the people need help? So
yes, it would. Okay,So we're at the end of the night,

So if I see that again,I'm gonna try to point it out.
I just didn't know if you were. I don't know if it was
in that instance in particular, butthere were people who were passing out in
the crowd, and so I hadto be taken to the medical area of
the arena. They were handing outfree water to the fans as well.
Kentucky prosecutors expected to drop those chargesagainst pro golfer Scotti Scheffler following his arrest

on Friday prior to the second roundof the PGA Championship. I did spend
some time stretching in a jail cell. That was the first for me.
You know, I was part ofmy warm up. I was just sitting
there waiting, and you know,I started going through my warm up.
I felt like there was a chanceI may be able to still come out
here and play, and so Istarted going through my routine. I try
to get my heart rate down asmuch as I could today. But like
I said, you know, Istill feel like my head spinned a little

bit. But yeah, I wasfortunate to be able to make it back
out and play some golf. Itturns out the officer who was bumped and
dragged by Scotty's vehicle wasn't wearing abody camera or didn't have it activated.
They say that the governor was thereat the thing the governor of Kentucky,
and they asked him, They said, hey, can't you get him out
of this thing? And the governorsaid, as governor, you can only

pardon somebody after a judge does alltheir legal stuff. But you are sure
to see that Scotty Scheffler is goingto not be faced with going to prison
for this because I was starting tomorrow. Is that right? Yeah? And
lastly, Whiskalifa opening up about hisvery close relationship with his mom on the

Jennifer Hudson Show. He says,they do just about everything together. Man,
me and my mom do everything together. We go to strip club together.
We went to Mexico. Yeah,we went to Coachella together. Ye,
we do everything. That's amazing.Absolute favor thing to do is just

stay at home with his mom andhis son. That's his favorite. Thias
too, if you could choose anything, I don't know if I want to
go to a strip club with mymom for all of today's threat, he
took out the podcast on the iHeartRadioapp or Mojo in the Morning dot com.
On a second, Hold on asecond, let me get that song.
I like that? Okay, putthat up ready, get more urted

Mojo in the Morning dot com Mojoin the Morning's dirty on the thirty.
It's a good weekend. It wasalso an exhausting weekend with how hot it
was. I mean there was agood I mean getting out is nice to
be out of the house. Itwas nice to be, you know,
getting out in the sun. Ihave the worst golfer's son tan ever.

You get a golfer's tan is uh, Usually you see it on your legs
when you see like that your sockyour legs are really tan, but then
you have the sock marks from whereyour your shoes were. I was so
mad when I opened up myuff onthe side of picture your legs, you
sent it a group chat. Iwas like, I did not need this.
I didn't need this today. Doyou have a problem with seeing a

man's feet and stuff? Are wehaving some issues with us seeing uh,
the sexiness of legs. I thinkthe legs that I have are very sexy.
I've been told by women that mylegs are nice. I have a
problem seeing your legs not all.What's wrong with that? I did not
want to open up my phone toa picture your leg whereast are you laying

on the couch. All right,what's wrong with that? Listen for me,
there's many times where I see Shannonand Meghan and KP. Listen,
that's my first picture, my thirsttrap photo. Gods, but wait,
waite, why is it? KP? I want to post today with my
legs because we no, no,no, we post Megan's sexiness, that

she has the beautiful. We postShannon and her beauty. We post KP
and her beauty, Lydia and theirbeauty. Hell, we post even Kevin
Mike with their beauty. I getno beauty. No, no, no,
don't don't anybody come down on me, because I'm going to say that
you're shaming me, and I'm goingto human resources. I want, I

want people to know this. Ihave, I have. You give it
to the listeners. Let listeners decidewhether or not they find my thirsty legs
to look good, because I thinkthey look good. It's a great tan
I got going on there. Wehave to if you get a certain number
of lakes, you show up more. Okay, keep the toes. Okay,

here's the KP and Lydia and youguys work on this. If we
get five thousand plus likes, Iwill go further up my leg. Okay,
I will get I will give youfurther on a shirtless photo of you
right on this show. I've neverdone the shirtless and I've worked with you

for fifteen years, even like goingto Vegas and like the pool and stuff,
I wear shirt I'm taking I'm ashirt in the pool, kid,
I've always worn a shirt in thepool. But I but I will say
this to you. It is comingup on Memorial Day weekend. Yeah,
Chelsea and I are going to bewith some friends who invited us for a
boat day. I will go shirtlessif I can get five thousand plus likes.

Oh my gosh, five. Butit's got to be at least five
thousand because I think that huh.And we're not like, no, no,
we're not combining. Why do youthink I have to buy likes?
No, I'm going to buy likes. No, no, oh, you're
gonna buy likes. Stay, Zack, thanks, Zack's encouraging. He's the

only one encouraging. Cav Yeah,look at your thing. I've worked.
I've looked at this kid's baby everyfreaking week, you know, to every
other day. Charrelle's posting the babypictures every other day, Kevin's posting his
you know pistons bs. I can'tpost my legs, no, bro,

not safe for work? Uh KPwill you posted? Just add like trigger
warning in the caption. Why dowe got to do that like that?
I think that's safe for work.I think those legs are beautiful. And
by the way, I want thatperson that said that they're called human resources

on Megan. I want you tocall human resources on me. I want
you to. I want I wantthe human resources lady from iHeart to get
a phone call and go, Mojoin the morning's at it again? Oh
Megan, no Mojo. Yeah,it's about time somebody else gets the heat.
And by the way, those legslook so good. I'm not gonna

lie to you guys. I don'thave very many parts of my body that
look Gooduriously, I know you guysmight find that weird. These actually are
not bad looking. So when youwere like, what are you laying on?
What is that that's laying on?U? A couch? Yeah,
so when you were laying on thecouch with your legs up in the air
on the edge of this couch,you said, look at me. You

thought that you would just take apicture and send it to us. No,
what I said was I have agolfers tan. I was trying to
prove that I had a golfers tan. That's what golfers call it, their
golfers tan, and I thought itlooked good. I'm serious. I got
a girl who will help you.Yes, I destroyed a bathroom, I

hope. Honestly, I can't believethat came out of me. I'm quite
proud of myself, So you cango ahead and shame me. It's fine,
miss uh. I want to.By the way, I'm calling every
breakfast place in burning hand and tellingthem to not allow you any What's going
on, Mike? What's happened toMike Mordan? How are you doing?
First time? A long time?Legs? What's going on, buddy?

Yeah? I just want to knowif there's any way I can remove likes.
There's a lot of that. Iprobably don't want to see that.
You know, it's not fair thatyou would be like that. What are
what do we got an issue withseeing another man's legs? Well, you
know, listen, I promise youyou will look at me in a totally
different light. If you see theselegs, they look great. I don't

know about that. People have saidthat in times of skinniness that I kind
of resemble Ryan Reynolds from the neckup, from the legs down. Is
that when he was playing Deadpool fromyou know, you're getting too comfortable at

this job. He used to beso nice to me. It's amazing to
me. It's true that you arewhat you eat. Mojo must have been
eating sixteen beasts this morning. Thankyou. I'm hard to pay a suscription
fees. Mojo has no fees.Listen for free to the live show streaming

on Channel IVE five to five onour free Iheardwadio app, then download the
podcast for free free. Every soundit is so good? All right.
It is the Mojo in the Morningshow. Phone number eight four to four.
Mojo Live Text is nine to fivefive zero zero. And if by
chance you are texting the show,you may get a call from us,

because we would love for you tocomment on the show, so you may
actually get a call from us.So if you see like a number pop
up, may it may say iHeart. In some cases, depending on what
line we dial out on, sometimesit says unidentified though don't pick up please,
Okay. So it might be uscalling you right after you just sent
that text and go on the radiowith us and say hi. And if
you're a first time long time,give us a shout out so that we

know that we're talking to somebody thatwe're very happy finally picked up the phone.
Or let us call them and getyou on the radio. All right,
Kevin, you did something over theweekend that I'm very very proud of
you for. But I want toget a recap from the listeners on this.
You took your baby journey out ofthe house completely by yourself. Give

this guy applause. He became adad this week Now that's a that's not
that's laughter. He became a fullfledged dad this weekend. Was this the
very so this is the very firsttime you've ever done it solo. And
I want Shannon, I want you. I feel like it's different for women,
though, and that's just me beinghonest. I feel like y'all.

I don't want to say care abouty'all keys more, but I feel like
y'all maybe that too, But I'mjust I don't even know what I want
to say. So I'm not tryingto beat Mike and Mojo. I wanted
you guys to think about. Iwant you how to think about the first
time that y'all took y'all you know, firstborn whatever, to keep it out

of the house by yourself health.I remember it, well, do you
remember yours? Mike? I absolutelydo. See, so I'm six months
in now. To my defense,we had journey in November, so the
weather was cooler than it is now, so nobody likes to do anything,
I feel like for the most partin the wintertime, so definitely not taking
a newborn outside. So Charrell hadto go do his wedding season. We

got so many weddings coming up,and for the first time, I'm actually
excited because I just got some loafersday fired and I'm buying Sue jackets and
I'm on tip right now. That'sa whole another thing. So Scharrelle is
out getting ready for a wedding,and I have to drop some packages off
at the post office. I'm gonnagoing to post office a lot, and
I'm like, at first, Iwas gonna call a babysitter, just being

honest, because I think a portionof my being has been nervous and scared
to have journey alone. And takeoutside of the house. And if I'm
just being completely honest, it's justeasier not to have kids when you got
stuff to do. So my firstthought was like, bet, let me
call my mom or my cousins whodon't live too far and see if they
can come over. And then Iwas like, you know what, then,

Charille, she was really on someno you can do it, like
you should take your daughter out andspend some time with your daughter. And
I was like all right, Bet, like yeah, yeah, let's take
Journey out. Let's do it.Where's the car seat? So I got
the car seat in there. Atfirst off, Charille was pissed because I
left Journey upstairs in the in theplace while I was downstairs playing with the
car seat. And I'm like,she's fine, she's on the couch.

Oh my god, No, youcan take the baby monitor outside like she's
fine. So I got to runupstairs and show Cheryl on face hime the
journey's good. She fall over hitherself, so that was the whole thing.
So I get the car seat inthere. The hardest part of this
whole day that car seat. Itwas difficult. This is home. Almost
gave up. It was like,I'll just go tomorrow. There you don't.

You don't have your own car seatin your car? Like you you?
Why why do you not have yourown dad car seat? I do?
But again, this is my firsttime having to take Journey, so
I've never said months we just alwaystake sharial car. Months. We always
take sharreal car. The car seatis always in there, and there we

go. But now I'm in myrich baby daddy face rockn just have my
own car seat and I can takeJourney places. So I set up the
car seat, I get Journey inthere. It's a nice day. We
got the sun roof open, andI'm like, no, it's too hot
for Journey. I don't have likethe little window shade. So we're gonna
go AC got the AC on Journey, got a little thing pulled up so
the sun don't blind her eyes.And then we get outside, everybody checking

me out as I got my bagsin one hand, I'm pushing the stroller
in the other hand. I'm feelinglike the man, I'm not that lot
going off with the baby. Allthe little ladies like smiling that. I'm
like, oh, this is thisis nice. We're not just gonna go
to the post office. We're gonnamake a day out of this. I
get to the car and realize I'veonly brought journey. I don't have diapers.

Oh, I don't have toys.She don't even have shoes. It's
the fastest trip you've ever gone oninfants with shoes. That is a pointless
thing. They're not walking. Justyeah, not even so yesterday, thank

you? Yeah, so that wasmy day. I was. That's how
I'm believed that forgot everything. Blowout, dude. I mean I would have
just had to deal with it.I guess, thank god none of that
happened. But you know what,you hurpped up the band aid and now
you're comfortable doing it. Yeah,so you can do it? Or are

you? Are you comfortable doing I'mexcited for more. Okay, you know,
I won't forget next time. Everyday, maybe I forget. He'll
bring they'll bring the diaper bag.I'd love to know from our listeners,
the moms that listen to the show, call out the dad that he had
the first time out with the babyand what did he do. I found

my first time out Mike was atthe mall. I remember taking Joey to
the mall and it was on aSaturday, and Chelsea had like a shower,
one of her friends had a weddingshower or something, and she went
to the shower and I like,all right, I'm going to go to
the mall. It was the moststressful but greatest thing ever. And Joey

was he was probably less than sixmonths old. Man. I don't know
if you know this, but Iwas a parent before six months of the
baby's life. And let me tellyou that, you get so much action
at a mall full of listener womenthat were coming up to me and they

were like, Oh, it's justthe baby you were talking about on the
radio. I'm like, yes,well you watch them. I'm gonna go
over here. It was vild I'mtelling you, keV. You take that
baby to Somerset Collection and you walkaround there and people know Cav. They'll
see Cav out there, and thatbaby is so beautiful. You will have
every girl going. You know,Mike, where was your first where'd you

go? So? I remember itwas a few weeks after she was born,
and I remember I don't remember wherewe were going because of what happened.
I we start driving or whatever,I got her strapped in. I
got the bag, so I thought, I you know, I thought I
was doing pretty well at that point. And we pulled an intersection and I
go to turn the corner and Ihadn't strapped in the car seat fully,

so the car seat rolled on itsside, and she was sitting sideways.
But I was mid traffic and she'sstrapped in like she's in ah, like
she's in a like a spaceship.So she's strapped in tight, but she's
laying sideways and I can't do anythingor pull over, like driving with her
sideways. I ended up going home. I like, we got gas and
went back and I'm I'm done.I've done. That's good. Uh,

misfit Billy, what's happening? Cavtook Journey out for the first time.
Yeah, for the first time.He's saying six months? What about his
other kid? Did you ever takehim out by himsel? Oh? Yeah,
I mean Joe grown now, sookay, okay, well that's fine.
But then he uses a little babyDirney as a puppy. Oh yeah,
check me out, girls, Yeah, I'm walking the puppy. I

didn't ask for I didn't ask forthe attention. It just comes with the
dude, it just came with it. Are you misfit Billy? Are you
a a dad? Are you afather? Yeah? I got three kids.
And do you remember the first timeyou took your first one out?
Where'd you guys go? You tookhim out of honey Jesus at that point,

So I guess that's good. Washe or she in a dear blind
or something? Was it? Yeah? Yeah, de yeah, we both.
I had the gun, she didn'tshoot or anything. Dear, You're
that's amazing. I take all mykids out in the woods. I love

it. Oh my god. Howto wrestle animals? Yeah, of course.
By the way, remember this isgator uh wrangler misfit Billy who called
us up saying that if we everencounter that gator out at Kensington that what
do we gotta do again? It'seasy to find them. All you gotta
do is look for bubbles. That'sall you gotta do. He'll go across

the bombs of the three and he'llbubble every once in a while. Come
up and we and we got it. Like what, we gotta wrestle it
down to the ground. Get Kevin, Get Kevin Chicken. A couple of
times. Yeah, thank you,that's fine. Appreciate you, buddy.

Miranda. Let's go to Miranda next. Miranda. You there, yep,
I'm here. What does your husbanddo, Marina? So he shok sipers
and wife and suff in a Walmartbag. When I take the Piper bag
and so like left in my car, I make two. I mean,
yeah, whatever we can. Ye, it's all contained. It's you walking

in with it. You know whatmy wife did. My wife bought the
most non masculine diaper bag ever asmy own personal diaper bag when I was
taking the kids out. So Iwould go out and I had a bag
that made it very apparent that Iwas a parent, you know what I
mean? And and so and nowadaysdo they such cool ones? They have

like acts, they have like dudemessenger bags that are diaper bags nowadays.
These things look like what guys arewalking around with nowadays, you know what
I mean? Yeah? Yeah,mine looked literally like it was like pink
and had laurels all over the place. I mean, it was. It
was definitely something that was making itpossible that I was never going to have
a chance to get laid. Itsweird with yeah, I know, it's

so crazy, destroyed her body togive me a child? How dare she?
Kevin? Another outing soon? Maybewhat we need to do? How
about this, Let's get the KevinDad club and let's get a group of
guys all to meet up somewhere wherethey have their kids, their babies stripping

guys, we love you with allour bucks. Thanks for being Kevin biting
our days. This is Mojo inthe Morning, Home with a Judgment Free
Zone, w DETROITSNX, Whists,Toledo, three Great Stations, One stupid

show, Mojo in the Morning.Lie, Oh, give me something money,
Give me a little money, money, money, money, money,
all right, I guy had itone. Here, here we go.
We're gonna give out the word.Uh yes. The word that could win
you one thousand dollars to pay yourbills is fun. F you n don't

enter that word right now up onour website at Mojo on Themorning dot com.
Enter fun up on Mojo on theMorning dot com for a chance to
get a thousand dollars to pay yourbills and pick up your phone if you
get a call from a number youdon't recognize. That's how we tell you
you won. Good like you.What's second? Boo? Great that sucker

up there, Zach, get thatthing up there, loud as. It's
hag those meters, Mom look evenbetter with me, and it's going me
and tell. This weekend for MovementMovement Festival in Detroit, Ludacris is going
to be performing. Is ready thisweekend? Yes, it's more crazy.

Yeah, we got a three dayweekend, Mike, three day weekend.
We're going to be all trying tosteal Mike's buckets this weekend. I swear
to on the beach. Are yougoing to be camping? Are you gonna
go out on the This is alsoa big week for you because of Mike
is going to be starting on anothermorning show. He's actually going to be

co hosting with Ali on B ninetythree The Uh Breakfast Club. It's the
ninety three Morning show with Mike.The B ninety three Morning Show with Ali
and Mike. You lost top billing? How did that happened? I don't
think that's what. I need tobe your agent. I swear to God,

this thing has turned. This thinghas turned into a freaking fiasca.
I need to be your agent.You want me to, You want me
to be your What's what's that guy'sname that represents all the football players?
The h the guy who on thatfootball agent. He was in town and
everybody was saying that he was.He was like the party guy all the
all over the place. Uh,here you go, football agent to the

stars. What the hell's the guy'sname? He's like, I got a
notorious name. You'll know when Isay his name name the guy from the
Jets, like the Jets quarterback.But I don't even remember his name.
Oh god, what is the guy'sname that was the big is the big
football agent? Who's Drew Rosenhause?That's the guy. I think Drew Rosenhaus
might have been. What the JerryMcGuire movie. I think he was the

guy that was stealing people. Yeah, you remember how there was the there
was the agent that stole people fromJerry maguire, And I think Drew Rose
that was based on Drew Rosenhause ifI'm not mistaken. But I am the
Drew Rosenhouse of radio agents, andI'm gonna represent and we're gonna we're gonna

have some some deals going on hereright now. Did you didn't sign anything
yet? Did you? So?Anyways, I'm going camping this weekend?
Am I making it up more andmore uncomfortable every day every day? Why
are people taking this stuff so goshdarn serious? This is radio for gods

nothing nobody he doesn't want to talkabout it. I'm not joking. I
hear through the grapevine. This isthe thing. I hear through the grapevine
because nobody wants to tell me anythingbecause they know I got a big fat
mouth, Like what you're doing rightnow? Well, it's not the case,
though, Mike is. This isa huge first off. I think
this is the smartest thing that ourprogramming departments in any of the cities that

we broadcast in have done in avery, very long time. The fact
that Mike has always wanted to bepart of a morning show where he was
you know, hosting or one ofthe main players of a show, and
to take on this role is like, to me, one of the smartest
moves that these guys have done.That they have said, Hey, you

know what, the mojo on themorning show has got a great, you
know, listenership. Mike has beenin West Michigan for a long time.
He's been successful. He's been numberone at night, number one in now
mornings. Why not give this guyan opportunity, you know, to do
this? And so B ninety three, which is a legendary station, has

probably the most talented female host onthere, and they put Mike with her.
And then for some reason, Idon't know what the story is.
Have people call me today. Myflight is at two o'clock. I'll be
on a flight at two o'clock.Mike, don't sign anything until I talk.
So Silver Lake is where I'm goingcamping. It's gonna be I'm very

you're not camping this weekend. We'regetting into the Four Seasons in Chicago.
We're working it out. You tellthem, you tell them talk to your
agent. When they say, well, who's your agent, say it's Mojo
m o j O, Mojo Rosein the house. That's the thing you
need to have. I've often saidthis. You need to have an agent,

an agent that you know that takesthings seriously. What do they always
say? What did Norm always sayto us, Shannon, you gotta be
willing to walk out? Oh,I don't remember, remember he said,
But I don't remember that. OneNorm told me one of the greatest things
in my agent. Norm told meone time and I was in a dispute

back way way back when he toldme to pack up my office, clean
it out, and go home.I swear to God I did it.
And I said to him, I'min the car driving home because he says,
you got to make them understand thatyou're serious about this, that you
don't need them right. And Iremember him saying to me, I'm in
my car and I'm driving home fromthe radio station, and he said,

did you pack up your all yourstuff in a box? I go,
norm all I had was a coach. He goes, that's all you got.
They're not even gonna know you're gone. And I said, I don't
have an office. I don't knowwhat you're talking about here. But God
rest his soul, Norman trust hewas. He was the man of men.
So I loved that guy so much. So So next week Mike is

going to be did you start onTuesday then the day after Memorial Day?
Yeah? I'm joining. You knowwhat I don't. Can we have Alli
on the show this week with us? Yeah? Absolutely? Not not just
your alley I love. I'd loveto have your Alley on, but i'd
love to get your new co hostAli on. Let me talk to her

today and see what she could.Yeah, just talk to talk to her
and see what's going on. Ithink this would be great. And I
think the coolest part about this wholething happening is is that Mike's not leaving
the show. He's not going tobe a you know, daily contributor,
but he's still going to be onthe show. He's still going to do
stuff with us. He's going todo a throwback throwdown, and there'll be
other things that Mike throughout the youknow, the year will be part of

and he'll still You'll still come toevents and things like that. Right,
it's all hang out. Yeah,I mean if I'm allowed to, Yes,
if you're a who's telling you you'renot allowed to, I know,
you call Tony get Tony Travado onthe phone, tell him that Mike's agents
on there were sister station, Likethis is the thing. If you were

if you were leaving to go workfor uh Jeff luck Off over at the
competitor town Square, then I understandI would be like, you know what
this is. We're in radio,you have noncompete and things like that.
You're going to work for our samesister station. Brother station across the hall.
I think this is a wonderful thing. I hope advertisers, if you

advertise on Mojo in the morning,I hope you go and advertise on B
ninety three, and vice versa,advertise on all of our stations. We're
one big, happy family. Andknow this. People cried when we said
that Mike was leaving the show,and that's how it shows you how big
of a personality Mike has been inWest Michigan and Detroit and Toledo, that

listeners love him that much that theywill literally A woman called us earlier this
morning said her husband thought she wascrazy because she was crying. Mike is
a great human being and great personality, and I'm telling you, guys,
he is going to be an amazingaddition to that radio show over there.

And I'm telling you the advertisers this, some bitch works better and harder than
anybody else that I know of,harder than I do. And I think
that that is amazing. Tony Travado, It's it's Mojo Shrut on the phone
here, Tony. I just wantyou to know that Mike has just attained

the services of Mojo as his agent, just as you said whatever you said,
the phone went dead, so you'regonna have yeh. The norm Shrut
was upset that I used his lastname. Uh, I am now Mike's
agent. I would like everybody toknow that. I want to know why

Mike is Mike is very uh squirrelyabout wanting to talk about leaving and going
across the whole. I want Miketo be comfortable. This is tony.
Is this not a wonderful thing happening? Like? This is a legendary radio
station. So what's what's funny isI grew up listening to the station.

I grew up on the Mike andI are actually from the same city.
We grew up in Belding, bothof us and I grew up listening to
this radio station. It is aniconic radio station. Mike and have been
like what three morning shows? Yeah, in the history of the station,
there's only been three morning shows.Yes, like three, it's Neil and

who who's it been? Neil andReese, uh, Matt and Alley and
then and then the next show rightor other shows somewhere other shows in there.
No, that's it. Wow,that's it. That's okay. You
could do this for the next twentyyears. Wow, well, we Ilie,

you can only do it for twentyyears if they talk to his agent
and I agree upon it. Ilisten. I want this to be I
thought, this is one of thecoolest things ever because on our show we've
had Mike is uh. I thinkthe third person that has been part of
the show that go lead another radioshow. And so I think this is

wonderful when this happens, you knowwhat I mean, Like I, I
don't want to see people get outof radio when they leave the show.
I want to see them continue andcarry the ball to other great things.
So I think this is awesome.So please, Mike, enjoy this week.
It's going to be full of tearsfor all of us and you because
I'm sure you're gonna miss all ofus on a daily basis. I hope.

Yes, ye moment's right here,but yes, the rest of the
Oh jeez, Tony, make sureyour agents send you something really good as
you transition to the Hey, yeah, I got a bottle of Don Piernon
four. You ain't getting that.You got to be a long term client

to get that. That's a bigone you do. I'll tell you what
Mike, you attain number one ratings, we will get you some Hennessy.
We will hennessy it out for you. So no, we're very very happy
for you. And please tell allthe people and you tell them to call
me if they have any issues.Tony. This is a happy moment.
Bob Pittman would be happy about this, right, it's a happy moment.

And by the way, there's anotherhappy moment. Not to transition from that
to another. But today is theday the Radio Hall of Fame ballast are
sent out. No, I didnot know that it went out this morning.
Let's go, did you vote forme? Let's go? Did you

vote? Tony? I haven't votedyet. Part of that depends on how
the rest of this call goes.I do love you, Tony. I
just want you to know that.All right, all right, we'll talk
to you later. This is goingto be a cool week. This is
gonna be cool. So here's thedeal, Mike. You're moving to a
new morning show and I'm gonna losefor the third time in a row in

the Radio Hall of Fame. No, I think you got it this year.
I know you haven't. And youbetter be there with us when we
do this thing because or as biga part of that, you know,
is take a morning off on beingninety three. It would be an honor.
I would love to. All right, Second date update, it's the
second date update. Mojo in themorning. Second date update. Jamie is

getting ghosted. Jamie. How didyou guys meet? Ope, you got
to pick up the line there,Jamie. Hey, good morning, Good
morning. How did you guys meet? We met online? Okay, on
like the typical app bumble, Andso you guys met, you guys went
out and you thought things were good. I mean they were so good that

you guys. Did you guys havesex or were you guys? Yeah?
So we went out a couple oftimes before I was willing to have sex
with him, and then all ofa sudden he's gone. He's not around
and not returning to any calls oranything. Yeah, No, he's gone,
which I feel like is almost typicaland to be expected it. But

so I thought we had fun,typical because why guys do this? Yeah?
Usually? Unfortunately, have you hadguys do this in the past to
you? I have, Yeah,And that's part of the reason. Like
I was husban, but we wentout a couple of times. I figured
everything was great, had a reallygood connection, and now I'm sort of
left, like, what the hell? All right, what's the story?

We're gonna find out, Jamie.I want you to hang on for a
second. We're gonna conference call Marshall. Are you okay, Marshall with your
voice on the radio? Uh yeah, Marshall, say hello to Jamie who
is on with us? Hey?Hi, it's always awkward when one is

not calling the other back. Marshall, what's the story? Why are you
not calling Jamie back? Yeah?I mean, uh yeah, she's cool.
We had a good time, butyou know, it's just, uh,
I just didn't want to move forward. And what was the reason?

Like what sparked that? After seeingher a couple of times? Uh,
I mean, things just got kindof a little a little weird for me.
I guess how so? Uh?I mean she's just you know,

a little much of like a kindof kind of freak like some people might
like it, but I wasn't intowhat she was doing. She's kind of
a freak. When you say that, what you explained in do you mind

if we ask him, Jamie,do you have any idea what he's talking
about? I don't need to laugh, but like it's just hilarious. Yeah,
you can ask him. Go ahead, let's see what I have to
say. Why Why is Jamie afreak? Yeah? So she? I

mean, okay, so she hitme with a paddle when we were having
sex, and I wasn't really intothat actually, you know kind of yeah,
I kind of didn't really turn it. Most like that. That has
literally never been an issue for me. So that's the reason that you just

go like, that's the reason Igot ghosted. That's the reason you're ghosting
me. That for me? Yeah, that that was Yeah, So I'm
just not into that. Most grislike that. Then I guess I'm not
like them. I don't know,did you give her a four warning or
ask? I mean she didn't hitme? Yeah, yeah, yeah,

okay, It's never been an issue, so I sort of just assumed she
would find it sexy. You know, where do you keep your paddle?
By the way that you had yourpaddle ready, like it's my nightstand,
So I just like opened a drawerand took Now, stay ready, that's
amazing. Okay, you have toyeah, that's that? Would that would

startle me? Would you like tobe paddled would be a nice thing.
Okay. So she's kind of freaky. So she so that's her freakingness.
Yeah, I mean that just thatdidn't do it for me. I don't
know, So that's why I juststopped answering calls. Okay, I mean
that seems honestly a legitimate reason why. I don't know if you'd want another

day with a girl if you're notused to being paddled. I don't know,
tom, Uh, your thoughts onthis? Tom? It's eight four
four Mojo Live eight four four sixsix five six five four eight Uh.
Jamie was getting ghosted by Marshall.He says she's kind of a freak,
and he said that she paddled himwithout his permission? What's going on?

Tom Oh? Is it me?Yeah? That you're Tom right? Hey?
Tom Oh? Damnb, I apologize. That's why I wouldn't answer like
you trying to be a dombin majorconfunction. No, I just I've never
had a problem with it, sowhy not pull it out? Like,

I don't know, how try?How many guys have you done this too?
Well? I don't want to goout and give my head count,
but like you know, a fewa couple enough to know that it's well
received. Have you ever had aguy not call you back after you paddled
him like Marshall, No, ifhe didn't like it, he would say

I don't like this, and Iwould say, all right, no problems,
Yeah, all right. But they'veall at least spoken up to you
about the paddling. Yeah, okay, Alison, what's up? How you
doing this is insane? How doyou just paddle somebody out of nowhere?

You know? Yeah, I'm tryingto imagine during sex, at what point
you'd be like, oh, yeah, I'm gonna paddle him right now.
We were, we were getting likehot and heavy, and I was like,
you know what, I'm into it. Let's just do it. Let's
go for it. I'm glad you'reinto it, and I'm not here to
yuck. You're young, but yougot to make sure all participating parties are.

But yes, when there are toys, would you consider a peddle of
toy? When there are everybody's gotto be on board, right, Have
any of them, any of us, ever been paddled before, because I've
never been paddled before, nor haveI paddled. No, I just use
my hands I dated somebody who wassuper into that and I was not into

that paddling him. Yeah that itwas how many times before you said stuff?
One? Okay, Uh, what'sgoing on, Chris? How you
doing Chris? Hi? Chris?Hello? Hello? How are you fantastic?

Chris? We're talking to Jamie wholikes to paddle, and Marshall,
who would like to not be paddled. Yeah. I just want to say
that that's called king and I wouldlove to take Jamie out. By the
way, I think we have tobe really careful with that. Just because
she doesn't like it doesn't mean thatshe's shaming. She is simply saying,

sorry, keep getting confused. It'snot his thing. Yes, you know,
there's no shame in I don't likeme slept. Yeah, thank you
for the call. Hold on asecond. Phil would like to comment here.
He's also a pro paddler. What'sup? Well, honestly, she
just he just needs to embrace it, and he should have just done it

back to her to be honest,like after it happens, say hey,
give me that, I'm getting youback now. Shield you like to be
paddled? Yeah, sometimes you know, as a big, browdy guy,
you know, sometimes you want toget paddles. You know, I'm bringing
the pickleball paddles in next to thebed, so next time Chelsea and I

are That's right. The mojo inthe morning one, it says pickled dick.
That's what it says. Hey,what's up? Thank you? Jay?
Jay? You there, Jay ManMarshall. I'm curious, like you

didn't see that paddle? Man,Like, did you sneak up on your
what? Yeah, I mean likeI kind of saw her going over the
night stand, but I was,you know, I was pretty like you
said it heavy, and then allof a sudden, I get hit with
this paddle and I'm like, youknow, I don't know what was happening.
Wait, so what position were youin? Did you just like face

all the way? It was abackhand. She was using her backhand on
the paddle. The Oh my god, oh god, you guys have a
good morning. You take care ofyourself. All that. By the way,
Andrew actually brings up an interesting thinghere, Andrew, there's a time
and a place for paddling. Thiswas not the time or place. Is

that what you're saying. Oh no, yeah, I mean it's time and
place. But being a relationship first. Yes, so wait until you're dating
for a little bit longer than twodates. Well understand that the person's kings.
Don't bring the paddle and start theguy. I think that's fair.
I think that uh, you know, waiting, waiting maybe the third or

fourth date, or when you guysstart calling each other boyfriend, girlfriend,
then the paddling can come out.Yeah. Yeah, And Kayla, actually,
to end this point, Kayla,what do you want to say about
Jamie paddling Marshall without his permission?I was just gonna say that, I
don't really think it matters how manypeople if she's done with that liked it.

She should have gotten consent from himfirst before she tried that. And
I would make them sign a consentfor him on that one too, just
to sign the paddle. By theway, that would be priceless. If
every guy that has ever been paddledby Jamie you have him sign the paddle.

I think that until you're the guywho's like trying to find a spot
on the paddle but there's no roomand you're like, I can tell you
this. Jamie's very popular because thereare more texts asking for Jamie's number,
and what dating apps you're on,so we gotta take you. That's good
as the whole with the dirty onthe thirty, throw back throw down,
a second date update, and moreof the roses. This is Mojo in

the morning. All right, thatdoes it for today. If you miss
any portion of the show, gocheck out the podcast. They're available right
now on the iHeartRadio app. Acouple of the things that you should probably
go see on that podcast obviously,share second date update and what was going

on this morning? Share some ofthe conversations that we had, like when
are you too old to call yourmom mommy? That was real early this
morning. The streak is still alivein the five at six fifty five for
Billy. You can check that outas well as when somebody comes up to

you if you're in a relationship,whether you're married or dating, and they
say, hey, are you ina relationship? What you should and should
not say to them? And I'mtrying to think of a some of the
other stuff. Oh you're now,But you know that's the feed pick by
the way, right now, Ijust want you to know it's not the
feed pick, it's the leg pickstoo. Likes on that photo really no.

By the way, Jackie Page fromWWJ commented on it. She said,
oh boy, here comes some footfetish peeps. I love you,
Jackie, big fan of hers.All right, have a great day.
We will see you tomorrow for moreMojo in the morning. Don't go anywhere
this week because we're gonna work ourbutts off, and then all of us
have a nice Memorial Day weekend.By twenty plus years of idiocy and still

going in Detroit, Toledo, inWest Michigan, it's Mojo in the morning.
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